Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Confined Angry Nerd

Hello true belivers! Yep i did not make it to the Axe tonight, a lack of funds, plus taking Saturday off a few weeks ago to go to Homecoming put a dent in tonights plans, so i worked from 10-6 in Middleton and just simply came home and did homework, i worked read about Argentina and citizen uprisings for my Seminar Class. Plus i was really disappointed with the advertising for the festivities for the Axe and the McKeen Room for tonight, i think it was cool to have posters with the ONLY Batman, Sir Adam West, but then in SMALL print at the bottom, no full-facial masks allowed!!!!!?????!?!?!?! Sorry old chum, but i worked on me outfit fer a while and i was a little down and pissy...i mean, hell this CORPORATE bull**** i see everywhere is getting to me, this again, attitude....i dunno, i sometimes feel like this is NOT my Acadia anymore, man i am starting to think that i left behind a good bunch of guys & gals at Mount A, sure i thought the teaching sucked, well for my classes anyways, as long as Sir Limp D*** is in charge and he will be until he retires at the age of 100,000 and i missed the Acadia Advantage...well...the Dells also SUCK OUT LOUD!!! But if not for the classes themselves and probably a move to the basement to get somemore study time in, i am sorry but i think i would have stayed, but with mr Vader refusing to let someone lemmie see, approachable, non-boring, geuine, look out for others best interests instead of his own...ugh! Could go on and on, i dunno why KFC didn't hire this donkyhonker to be there new spokesperson with the poor Col being dead now for some 20 yrs, man those in charge of PETA would run from the sight of this old PruneF***er.....anyways in other news, I recieved my Theory midterm back on Friday and made a B, not too shabby, but man i think i am turning greedy eh? I remember back in the day, if i gots a C, i jumped up and down, grabbed a bottle of something and through a party! Nope, i am now having delusions of something, thinking i am a legitimate good student or something, which in reality is something that i do not think that i am. I really have to work at studying and writing papers, i have even taken papers i thought were going to be decent and chucked them into the trash thinking that they were complete and utter crap. How's about the Football Axemen getting that big victory on Friday night? Hooray! About time SMU lost, and lost at home, i have alot of respect for success, but man, even the great ones have to lose sometime...ok, nothing is as bad as Buckner and the ball between his legs, or Steve Smith shooting the puck in his own net...ouch...A busy week coming up, i have my midterm in Qualitative Methods on Tuesday morning and i have to hand in a 3 page outline for my Seminar Class on Thursday, i hope my British Imperialism in India paper goes well...man i have never been this broke, i honestly was emptying me Montreal Canadiens piggybank this week, i guess i am still S***ty at handling money after all of these yrs, thank God i have a job! Anyways, lets call it a night boys and girls, hope the beers are still flowing at the MASKLESS Axe and hope the Axemen are still celebrating their victory...i am off to bed to dream of ummmm...whoever...i do like the lyrics of a song by the Ataris called, "That Special Girl"
"I need a girl who like to go to shows
I need a girl that won't make fun of my clothes.
i'm looking for a special girl who wants to go all over the world, if you're my special girl won't you let me know?
Do you have a boyfriend? or possibly a girlfriend? cause! i'm lonely all the time and i wish that it would end.
I need a girl that likes to stay out late, we'd share a cocktail, wouldn't it be great? if only this were true then i would fall in love with you,
I'm looking for a special girl... could it be you? i could write a stupid love song, and sing it all across the world but it wouldn't mean a thing. until i find my special girl. when will i find my special girl?"
Good tune...night boys and girls...

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Almost Time For a Bender

Another just glorious Wednesday eh? I recieved me Reseach and Methodology Midterm back last night...not exactly the mark i wanted...matter of fact, i was downright pissy aboot it...did alot of jumping up and down and wanted to FREAK!!! ...ok i am fine now...maybe..i mean i'll take it....all i have to say is THANK GOD we have the analytical bibliography assignment to do, i would be Up The Creek! Well it is closer to the weekend..can't wait for Saturday...anybody else getting dressed up? i am invited over to Richie's...but i know that the AXE is calling my name... I completed my Qualitative Assignment #3 last night at the Vaughn, i was there till about 12 last night. Man, another midterm next week, thankfully, tonight the question for the midterm was put online, so hopefully all will be good. I have a Pizza-Pizza date tomorrow with my buddy Lindy at 4:00...hot supper date to the SUB! Man i have alot of work to be done, my proposal for Seminar, more and more homework all of the time! Acutally i have been listening to my favorite song that i played on CHMA last year by the now-defunct Canadian band, "Punchbuggy" and it is called, "The Great Divide" it actually is a great song that summed up alot of my feelings about last year, decipher the the lyrics and you shall find the truth. Anyways lots to do, so everyone go have a Colt and a Smile! Lates...rock on! ....and do your homework...or else!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Little Things...Due Dates and other Stuff...

Hello! Another day in the lovely SUB, lots of stuff happening, got a 5 page paper due on Thursday for Qualitative Methods that i forgot ALL about, trying to finish my chapter on Qualitative & Quanitative Methods for my Research & Methodology Class tonight and as well as changing my topic around for my Seminar Class, i am now doing British Imperialism in India as my BIG paper (24 pages....yikes!!!) At least i now have a topic that is both historic and relevant to the classroom material. So i spent my night at the Vaughn Library from roughly 5:00 last night to just over 10:00 doing my three page proposal for class. Then i went back to Kentville and fell asleep watching WWE RAW...it sure isn't like it was in the old days...some six or seven years ago...if that can be referred to as old days, then again i am old...kinda quiet here at the SUB, well at Perkins it is anyways, if i had a phone...i would be soundboarding like you would not believe! My presentation on Cod went ok, we had to present on Left and Right Wing politics and that true believers is a tough old topic...somehow it got onto the topic of mailorder brides...from Russia! Plus it is very confusing with the definitions and stuff...George W Bush- should be Far Right, but yet is tagged as conservative and Tony Blair and Bill Clinton were tagged as being “Centre-Left”- even though they slashed welfare programs and promoted financial speculation. I guess Right Policies include privatization of public enterprises, cutbacks in public sector services, weakening of the labor unions, undermining of job security and social welfare and support for past and future imperial wars, while Left politics is the traditional terminology used to describe the two ideological poles of a political spectrum in a society, especially in a democracy. Wheww...that was a toughie! Anyways this is so not getting my homework done, so to a few hrs of homework i go and then to go home, make supper and then back for me night class and then tomorrow...just one class.....listen to my new favorite song on the way home...it is by a group called Woolworthy and it is titled, "Wallflower", actually the tune is about two years old, but it sums up the feelings and angst felt by us guys (well...me) who think we are never going to have another girlfriend...later gators and don't forget to study.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Halfway to Sanity

Good day true believers! Man this weekend was work...work ...work, both at the job and with the school work as well. Well, the Red Sox are leading 2-0, i do not care, my Yanks are gone (Insert insult here!) The Axemen split in NB this weekend and well...more work...work...work. I am trying to do several projects at once, my American-British Imperialism paper for Seminar, my participant observation for Qualitative Methods, waiting for my two midterms to come back...ugh! At work on Saturday the phones were not working, our store is about 10,000 yrs old (Middleton location) and well..it needs work. Anyways, the phone lines severed and MT & T were only going today to fix the problem, this means we will have a late list that is out of this universe! I hate the late list, if you cannot bring it back on time...DO NOT rent the F***ing movie! That is my feeling on that topic...plus i had to kick a bunch of goofy kids off the steps on Saturday night...why do people sit out there? Somebody told me that it gives a good view of the downtown area, but so does the bench out in front of the Save Easy. They moved the picnic tables out from in front of our Tim Hortons the other summer because all of the townies were sitting there and drinking/ litering/ loitering all night...and day. It was peaceful though with no phone, but the Interact was out and peolpe were FREAKING out....more complaints than the debate between FOOLSCREEN and WIDESCREEN!!! i cannot remember who said it, but anybody who wants to watch their favorite movies with the sides hacked off should have their licence to operate a DVD player revoked....Lives are over, can't dig $4.50 out of the pocket...but dammit we got these stupid cards...they use em to buy chocate bars, Pepsi, ice cream...ugh! Anyways my first class is over with...actually it was my only class of the day...i don't think my prof has marked my paper yet...he was wayyyyyyyy too happy. I have to pick up Richie from work at 4:30 and then i have to meet with my partners for my presentation on Cod tomorrow in Seminar Class and then the library...the overheated library for more and more and more homework...my mommy bought me one of those cooler/ lunchboxes so i don't have to drive back to Kentville just to eat...technology eh? Anyways, hockey is still on strike and i has to do some work is i wanna party this weekend...later gators!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Smile...im in Middleton

Hello true believers and naysayers! Just a Saturday afternoon full of good o' homework and well...shopping at the Price Chomper and stuff, actually quite proud of myself over getting alot of homework done, especially after those two midterms last week that were ummmmmmm....scary....Speaking of scary, Halloween is this week!!! Now i can lay the rumor to rest that i WILL be at the AXE HALLOWEEN PARTY on Saturday, October 30th...maybe around 10:00...10:30 in Newfoundland...i have a class presentation on Newfoundland for my Seminar class on Tuesday, actually it is on the collapse of the cod industry, it is with two other people so it should be ok. I was working on my qualitative methods this morning, actually doing some field research in Middleton, but i shall not reveal the results of this work until later on...by the way...Brian Wilson hit #13 on the Billboard Album Charts with his re-working of the album, SMILE....Betcha this speeds up work on that eventual, much ballyhooed MIKE LOVE SOLO ALBUM!!!! hahahahahaha...i mean MIKE MONEY...i mean LOVE...does anybody know the score of the Football Axemen/ Shearbrooke game being played today in Quebec? The Hockey Axemen pulled out a 5-4 victory over U de M last night...i am taking my 1970s transistor radio to work tonight to listen to the other stop on the NB tour as they are playing UNB at 7:30 tonight...oh well...got a recipie today for DEEP FRIED OREOS! Don't ask, i guess these things are all the rage at the State Fairs this year. Man who is this Georg Simmel guy i am studying anyways? ZZZZZZZZ...i mean it is interesting...or something...i think i saw a girl checking me out today, maybe...probably just my imagination playing tricks on me sad head, anyways...me supper is ready....Bangers & Mash tonight! Hot Times in the Maritimes Daddy! Whoooooooooooooo! Lates!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Well...it is getting closer to the weekend...somewhat...

Well hello there true believers! Man ...that midterm SUCKED!!! I think if i make a C...i am lucky...maybe i just hallucinating or something...hopefully, cause all of these other people found it easy. Man i am a professional university student, i should be able to do good at 2nd yr classes, not sit there halfway through it scratching my head. Anyways, it is over, done with and well...it was worth 30% so that is somewhat hard to swallow, but i have the annotated bibliography, which is to be done with sociological abstracts assignment to do, so that is where i shall try and make up the points. Man is there to be no Radio Station here or what? I haven't heard a word back from anybody despite leaving an e-mail address, contact, phone with whoever the hell is in charge upstairs!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! Typcial eh? The one thing that Acadia has never, in my time here, has ever been able to get right is a college radio station, we have the advancements, we have the laptops, wired classrooms, but no station....what a crock of S***! Oh...by the way i joined "Thunacme: The Unofficial Acadia Messageboard" last night (thanx to Lovely Linsay) It was fun and i did a few posts last night, look for me as Old Acadia on there. Man it did bring up the ever so-absent online Ath, you know i wanted to submit a story, i wanted to do a comparison piece between Acadia and Mount Allison and the Campus D****bag told me i could not, that it would be ripping into other schools, i wanted to rip into the difference in teaching man, not in the difference of schools, like always, a popularity contest or stupidity contest with everything. Somebody even said that on the website last night about ASU elections being like high elections, a popularity contest, i mean when i travelled to other universities, i used to get very defensive because you know what i heard? That we were a bunch of SNOBS! That is right, that Acadia was nothing but a bunch of White collar, Daddy's car driving, rich a-holes who made people felt alienated when they came to visit, i took offence to this, i was a campus tour guide during the 2001-02 school year here and those visitors only looked too happy to be here, mind you on my tours i also showed potential students where the Axe was, where this was and fed them with facts about when the then mini-mart closed, stuff the other guides didn't do, why? Because i wanted them to have a fuller picture of Acadia, that we were not a bunch of Richie Riches, i am not a Richie Rich (Or a Richie Ramone either!) I had to work to get here, pump gas, clean floors, work as a clerk, a manager of a videostore. Alot of students arrived here over the years, i know this because i stayed in Tower for 5 yrs and saw students who never ever picked up a gas pump in their lives, didn't know how to work the washer and dryers in Tower....etc etc...Acadia needs to be a place of opportunity, not a closed kliq of people. Someday i'll do an entire entry on here of do's and don'ts of university, maybe they can give me the special job of writing the student handbook, instead of publishing ones with pictures on them from five yrs ago......hey Bullen!!! this damn thing still exists!!!!. Anyways, i have one more question to do for my take-home examination for Social Theory and then i can finally go to bed....talk to you later webheads! We Want The Airwaves!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Monday Night Robb

Well, back again! My day has gone fine, i completed two of my assigned four questions for my take-home Social Theory Examination. Well, i need to add quotes to the two questions, but they are done. Tomorrow is my Research & Methodology Mid-term at 7:00 (at night, not morning silly bean) I am nervous, but ok. I found out today that my buddy Aaron left MTA for STFX and is working there now, i had two former Tower alumnus on MSN today, him and my old pal Jamie. I think it is time for a ROAD TRIP to WolfVegas boys! Or a trip to STFX...or something...I traded in my bareboned Friday The 13th DVD's today because of my new Friday The 13th Boxset. Picked up my buddy Richie (another Tower alumnus...you already knew that) from his work experience place, we have plans for Halloween...shhhhhhhh! Wanted to get the car washed in Coldbrook, some bird pooped on me passenger window...but the car wash was broken down...how ironic, i break down and so does the car wash...some girl started babbling on and on and on about Sunday shopping, no sympathy from Ol' Robbo as i have been working Sundays for oh...some 8 or so yrs....Hot damn i couldn't believe i paid $11.50 to eat at mealhall on Saturday!!!! What the hell is up with that price Marriots?!?!?!?! Way to treat the old Alumni...$11.50 for ol' TatorTot Casserole!!!!The search continues for Georgeous Glen, he will have to meet Robbo for the title soon....actually i asked one half of the PEI Connection on Saturday, before the night became a complete haze about another former Tower alumnus by the name of Nathan, who always wore a toque, drank alot of Molson and had the same damn WAyne Gretzky Titan Hockey Stick in his volvo all yr long! I remember this damn stick clocked me in the head about 1000 times that yr....Oh well, this week is going to get worse, midterm tomorrow night and take-home at the end of the week, go home, work....come back Sunday and then next week, more of the same old, same old. Anyways that is enough ranting by me, tell tomorrow Rock On!!!

Maniac Monday....

Well Robfans, or whoever the hell is reading, it is another distant Monday morning here at Perkin's coffee shop here on the AcadiaU campus. Well, the hockey Axemen lost yestersay 5-2 to STFX. I was there, but had to go because of the enormous amount of homework that i missed out on due to Homecoming. Oh well, Halloween is on the way and i am off that night, which also happens to be on a Saturday this year, who will show up this year? Man this take-home examination is killing me! What my prof calls, "The Boring Old Guys"....Comte, Durkheim, Marx etc etc.... Man, truer word were never spoken, but at least it will be in the proper sociological format... Plus we have to make our own arguments..ugh...plus my Research & Methodology mid-term is tomorrow night and i spent last night in the SUB until about 11:00 trying to get that right, most of the stuff- Post-Modernism, Feminism and other forms of research are starting to stay in the head, stuff like Positivism, Interpretive Social Science and Critical Social Science is hard stuff...mostly written by more Boring Old Guys...oh well, till next time, this is Old Man Robb going to go do some studying... :(

Sunday, October 17, 2004

My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down

Well, true believers it has been a few days... Homecoming was ummmm ok, saw a few friends that i haven't seen for awhile, the PEI Connection and a few others, although every homecoming there seems to be less and less people. The Football Axemen won yesterday over STFX and the Hockey Axemen are of this moment leading STFX 2-1 going into the third period. I wanted to go to the beer tent at the football game yesterday, but i was denied because i did not have my Acadia Alumni Card, actually alot of people who were grads as far back at the 60s and 70s didn't have their Alumni Cards either and were denied access to the beer tent, nice set-up guys! The guy who won Cdn Idol sang yesterday at the football game, i haven't heard a worse O' Canada since Tom Cochrane butched it years ago at a Toronto Bluejays game.....i really hate that Life is a Biway song too.....or whatever the hell it is called. Stayed the night in Tower, curtesy of my old drinking buddy Greg who is the RA on 9th floor, i caught up with him around 1:00 in the morning outside the Axe, he gave the hot dog lady a $20.00 bill and asked her how many hot dogs it would net him. I went out to the Axe and then the Vil, the Axe was not bad, there was a bouncer who thought he was all that and a bag of potato chips, at least i think he is a bouncer. I was pretty intoxicated, i just can't stand tough-guy wanna-be's, there was alot of them last night who needed Mike Tyson circa 1985-86 to come over and clock em in the damn head. Love them new $16.00 pictcher's of beer. Still a few people i haven't seen this year, i think some are in hiding or then again, who want's to hang around with an old man? Yesterday did have a cool moment where i saw a floormate of mine from Mount A at the football game, he was in town playing in a basketball tournament and was on his way to playing down at the War Memorial, like i said before i enjoyed the people up at the Mount and at Harper, it was a combination of the little things that bothered me, things like bad teaching and in general, disorganization, or what i saw as disorganization, a Meal Hall that did not open on the weekends until almost 12:00, a campus coffee shop that closed at 4:00, just little things that seemed to peeve me off....then again we are not perfect here at Acadia either, how many people i can see (I am at the SUB by the way) walking by Perkins and wanting to go in and have a cup of coffee, you can go to Momo's and have a cup of java, but it is not the same things...the greatest mystery of all that NOBODY has ever informed me about is the AXE itself on Sundays, why is it never open? I used to only see it open on Sunday's for Superbowl, but that was about it...i see alot of people going by the doors there on Sundays, warm day, wanting a beer, plus the Sunday Night Football crowd, the WWE PPV crowd, the Sunday specials, i could imagine it now, an Axeman Sunday Morning Breakfest Brunch AKA Denny's....oh well, i do not know the answer, so everybody can still ask me and ask me and ask me, but in the meantime, i know where to go to watch my BIG SCREEN Sunday Football...(VIL) Well Friday morning i dropped a class, i really only need some 12 more credit hrs in Sociology to achieve my double major and i really did not need this class...plus the midterm was Monday night and i was going to so FLUNK the midterm, the review for the midterm was not well done and plus the prof is off doing her field work all week, so if i had a question, she was not going to be present in order to answer it, let alone have any office hours. I still have a bottle of Appleton's Jamaican Rum back home in my room, it may go down really well with these two midterms coming up, projects that i have yet to start and all kinds of S*** that i have to do. Anyways it is running later and later into the afternoon and i need to get a cracking at the homework, later to all and no, i am not an Animal Boy...

Friday, October 15, 2004

Johnny Ramone Posted by Hello
One month ago brought bad news- the death of Ramones co-founder Johnny Ramone. Many bands in the world have gone on to call themselves punk, but no one can ever come close to matching the Ramones – the punkiest punks of them all.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Distant Early Friday Morning...

Hello there true believers...it is late! All i did all day was study and try to get ready for midterms next week. About two weeks ago the ol' Craptop crashed and i had to get it fixed, anyways i have been playing catch-up and man, it is hard. I i took my Research & Methodlology book and started from scratch starting at around 3:15 this afternoon. We have to know the first five chapters from the book and i got to half-way through chapter 3 before calling it a night at around 9:40 tonight, it may sound like alot, but i also went to KFC at 7:00 and then hit the books again at 8:00, plus i also drank alot of coffee in-between. Man, in my Seminar Class today things were a little tough, i had to present the last chapter in my text, it was basically on George W Bush and his reasons for invading Iraq, it also dipicted the Bush Cabinet as waiting for a Pearl Harbor, as in 9-11. That kind of appalled me that they would be waiting for a catastrophie in order to gain public support for future endevors and that the Bush Cabinet had to sustain momentum after Afghanistan, therefore they turned their attention to Iraq, with a keen eye on Iran and North Korea and what is lurking behind them, the figure of China. The text made it sound like the Americans want to be in a strategic position to control the world militarily and through oil, economically. What is even sadder is that there was a part on one of the pages where Jerry Falwell expressed the view that 9-11 happened because of God's anger at a society that tolerated abortion and homosexuality. Man, like i was disgusted with reading this....anyways, other than that, my day was ok, i recieved an A- on my Observation paper for my Qualitative Methods class and i went to both the Axe and the Vil tonight, big ol' WolfVegas Pubcrawl eh? Met alot of ol' buddies at the Axe as it was the, "Crave for the Shave" and all proceeds were going to cancer research and down at the Vil was the Rugby Team party, so there were lots of women there, lots who didn't bother checking me out and stuff (Check out those pics of me...YIKES!!!) Anyways i am off to the sack as it is work tomorrow in Middleton from 6-11 and then Homecoming, oif which i have now heard there is a BEER TENT!!!! Yay! Anyways this is Rock & RoBb Radio signing off...stay tuned over the weekend for more Robb & Roll.....

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Oh So Wonderful Wednesday...

Hello again true believers! Yet another afternoon here at Perkin's enjoying a coffee, listening to tunes... only two stamps away from my free coffee! Lots of lovely ladies around, too bad they all brought their boyfriends n stuff. I have to drop off me parents Van at 2:30 as my brother has been elected to pick them up at the airport, i guess i am not cool enough to pick em up...sigh...my only class of the day was spent talking about Emile Durkheim and my take-home examination for my Social Theory class. I had to send notes to a foreign exchange student today via way of e-mail, but she has been to every class...very strange. Now the rest of the week is study...study...study...A good ol' friend of mine, Old Man Russell has added me to MSN, he works at Mount A now and went to Kingstec and lived in Tower with me for about close to four years. He remembers many of my exploits including my Clothesline from hell to a pumpkin in Seminary House back in 2001-02. Anyways, it is a shot blog today as i have to down this now-cold coffee, go get some groceries, go to Kentville, meet the folks, go home to Middleton, get the Jeep and then head to the library at 9:00 tonight in order to prep for my class presentation tomorrow at 12:00...whew! Later on gang...

Christopher Reeve..RIP Posted by Hello

Back to the drawing board...

Well, here i am...another night sitting here at AcadiaU in the Vaughn...holy S*** this place is humid! Every since my first year this place has been like sitting inside Mount St Helen's! Well, we had a non-marked quiz tonight in my Research and Methodology Class and well, i need work! Off the record, i made something like 12/25. THANK GOD IT DIDN'T FRICKIN COUNT!!! However i saw my prof afterwards and he gave me the lowdown on what to do in order to prep for next Tuesday. Next week is drawing closer and it will be a hell week of monsterous proportions! Tonight's class may as well have only lasted an hour, we had this real nice lady give us a presentation on how to use the library, however, i was in the mood for an examination review, not a lecture on how to use something that i learned while most of my classmates were in the seventh grade and being wallflowers at the school dance, much like i was actually. Tomorrrow i go to Halifax to pick up the folks and then i have to scoot back here to the Vaughn because i have a presentation for my Seminar class on Imperialism & Capitalism and i have to meet my partner here at 9 tomorrow night. Hopefully, Homecoming will be fantastic and then hell week will go real...real quick...Well, at least i get paid on Friday and only have to work Friday nite in Middleton from 6-11, this will of course make for a real S***ty pay on the 29th. Man people are loud on this floor! These two doorknobs with hats on sideways are rapping ...well...i think they are rapping,and whattya know, there are three girls over there just hanging off them and thinking they are cool magoos....whatta buncha horse hockey this is eh? Betcha their pimp mobiles do that shock thing like all those stupid rap videos/ Eddie Gurrerro's lowrider etc..etc.. i remember that i actually saw this Lebanese guy that we used to call, "Homey G" walking around using his laptop or in Dell's case, CRAPTOP, as a ghettoblaster! Hysterical, he played his crap late..late...late in the night and had a girlie attack because i played, The Beach Boys at like 12:00 in the afternoon..thank God it wasn't some Motorhead or something....i hope he is now rapping in the pen with some Swedish gay porn stars or something...oh well, another night and no women noticed me...well, then again look at those pictures! Gizzy is better looking than i am! Jean Chretian is better looking than i am! Dick Irvin! Bruno Gerussi! Anybody! The dork next to me at the library with an orange cut-off shirt and major BO is better looking than me!!!! UUUUUUUUUUGH...maybe i'll take up midget yoga or some hobby...this calls for some emotional punk rock.... Anyways, i have to get my reading done for Thursday, print off my report for my Qualitative Methods class and call it a night true believers! Tell then, see ya at the races...

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

A very non-turkey day

Merry Thanksgiving...sort of...well the folks are still in Ontario, and my brothers are off doing their thing and here i am, still sitting in the metropolis of Middleton, doing my stacks and stacks of homework, i have a quiz tomorrow night and a seminar class tomorrow of which i still have yet to read the chapter....lazy me. Man, it poured today! Nope, it was just me, the dogs and Hamburger Helper for lunch and supper. Man did the Axemen lay a beating on Mount Allison or was that just me? Ouch! I feel for the boys at Mount A, i was there last year and the atmosphere at the games was one of excitement, despite the beatings the team took. Next week is the week from hell, two Sociology midterms and one take-home to do...the take-home is hard because it is about the theorists- Marx, Weber, Durkheim and the like and it is 500 word responses to the questions. Plus Thursday i have to hand in my Essay Topic to my prof, i want to do a paper on British Imperialism as compared to American Imperialism, i just need it not to be so broad and therefore it needs work before it is to be handed in on Thursday, add to this the fact that i worked 20 hrs this weekend, therefore much of my homework is pressed to the last minute and also i have to pick up me parents at the airport at 4:00 on Wednesday afternoon. Hopefully this weekend as stated before, Homecoming will make up for all of this worrying, scurrying and just plain crazy homework. Man i would love to see some of the old boys come back for Homecoming, it can be hard to see everyone, if they show that is. Maybe some old flames or wanna-be flames will show up, i hope to still hang out with ol' Richie and maybe we will down some wobblepop's or as me old buddy Duncan calls them, "Good Ol' Horns" One flame in particular i would love to see show up, i dunno if i would hug her or tell her to F*** off though. Me and a girl, who shall remain nameless had a fling, it lasted off and on, mostly through phone and internet after i graduated from Acadia, we had a falling out as we were very different despite our attraction for one another, one thing is that she is very religious and i am not. I do believe that there is someone up there watching over us, but it ends there, i do not force religion on my friends and i do not try to change their beliefs, many have tried to change mine over the years, tried to get me to attend church with them and join their Christian Fellowship and stuff and i repeatedly declined. Ok, anyways back to this girl, we finally get together one day in July, i pick her up at 3 in the afternoon, we go for a drive all over the province pretty much, hang out, nothing too much to tell, except a nice time with each others company, i drop her off at 7:30 PM and two days later, she e-mails me, tells me she made a mistake and blah blah blah and ends our friendship/relationship. What the F***? Her parents were mad at her? She is like what? 23? 24 yrs old now? And she sprung her beliefs on me again during the e-mail, i never responded, she challenged me to, to tell her off, call her names, write her hate mail...but i figured i was above doing that, that i was a better man, and friends of mine begged me to tell her off, or to let them tell her off. I am the one who is better off, without her. All kinds of piranhas out there waiting for my ugly ass...besides, wasn't that picy i posted below just frickin FUGLY or what? Ugh! Does anyone out there think i can find a g-friend with a face like THAT? Even Ron Jeremy is better looking that me! Oh well, enough of my ranting and raving, i am sure there is someone out there, probably on another planet, waiting to call me Yor and go drinking Colt 45. Anyways true believers i am out cause i have homework to do and Monday Night Football/ WWE Raw to watch.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Distant Early Saturday Morning in Middleton

Well, another night working in the metropolis of Greenwood and i somehow survived! Actually i have been working at the same part-time/ full-time job off and on since June of 1997. Another late night till 12:00 and i survived computer breakdowns, irate customers and buncha brats. One girl even flashed me last night...it was like...yikes! ...not much to look at...only one class yesterday and that went well, learned about Emile Durkheim, which is good becuase my take-home midterm is in another week, along with almost all of the rest of my midterms. Jeesh, even a preliminary Christmas examination schedule is up now! I have the new, "Friday The 13th Boxset" home, it is really stocked with good stuff, including deleated scenes. The hockey Axemen lost last night in McGill 4-2, i will be most pleased to be able to attend Homecoming in the next week...actually check out this poll on the Axemen website...most interesting result. I work again tonight at 6:00 in Middleton, so today is an all-out study day. My average is actually good so far with only two marks back, makes me think of a certain individual back in the day from say...1995-96 who told me that i had no talent..nadda..zero, then when i came to Acadia and this certain individual was always downtown, would never acknowledge me. When i was a frosh leader in 2001-02 and she came out of the Save-Easy as lines of Tower Frosh were singing, "We Got Spirit" at 7:00 on a rainy Wolfville morning, she came face to face with me and would not speak.... it was sooooooo nice to have this individual present by coincidence at my graduation from Acadia back in 2002-03, it was such a nice way of saying, IN YOUR FACE B***H!!! Anyways it is now time for some breaky and homework, later mates!

Friday, October 08, 2004

Boring Thursday Night in Wolfville

Man oh man, it almost seems like another day and what have i done except drink a dozen coffees at Perkins and Timmys and seemingly accomplished nothing scholastically. Although one good thing i guess was that my prof seemed to like my paper proposal for my qualitative methods class and well, my senior seminar was going well but melted down into a class argument/ discussion from everything from George W to sexual orientation to the Road Warrior W/ Mel Gibson!?!?!?! Did see another interesting movie in class called the, "Milgram Obedience Study" which was done sometime in the 1950s and was an investigation of how people are influenced by authority, it involved one subject reading a series of questions to another subject, and when the subject answered incorrectly, he recieved an electric shock. This had the class in hysterics, but the film, like the Stranford Prison film, showed that once people are in authority, they will do some strange things. Well, i was bored tonight and decided since the creative juices were at a standstill, i would go walking around Wolfvegas and see what i could see, besides a cutie from my Research Methods class, nothing else was there to see, lots of people gone home for the long weekend, went to the Vil, there were a group of five girls there, but none came and chatted....their loss. Went to the Edge in Kentville on the way home...it was...different. There was this...ummm..i guess he was a guy on my floor my second year, he practically lived at the Edge, he was a big liar, told us he drank 24 beers in one night and wasn't sick and that he beat up football players, mind you this guy was maybe 4'11 and he whole family lived in his back room in Tower, including his father? He told us he played football at his high school, turns out they never had a football program...lies will get you nowhere, maybe mealhall, but nowhere real fast, especially in res where people can smell a lie like a S*** in a car. The best part of the other night was that my old buddy Grover from Mount A finally got in touch with me! He is a DOM like i am (A Dirty Old Man) Glad to hear back from ya old dirty one! Anyways, i am off to bed, got a 10:30 tomorrow, so it is time to call it a day, later Gators!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Another Day...

Well another day is almost over as i sit in the SUB on the Acadia U campus. It is weird to sit here after having gone here from September 1998 to April of 2003 and then again starting in September 2004 and i hardly recognize anybody! There are some that walk by, but either they do recognize me...or don't want to recognize me, man i remember being their frosh leader meeting them at the door when they were entering res with their heads down and reaching out for their mommies when they drove away, leaving them in a strange place. It's just funny how they seemed to appreciate it then and not now. Oh well, you know university, the place where the training wheels are off and you are pretty much on your own. Man, look at the way people are dressed around here, white guys with their hats on sideways, baggy pants like they just took a S*** in them, and there are the girls flocking to them. It is cause i am fat and ugly, gotta be it. I picked up my fellow Tower alumnus Richie from work the other day and we saw this one little white dude who was no older than 12 and we swore that he had more chains on than Mr F'n T!!!Oh well, enough of my bitchin for one night. In other news, i actually have a Saturday off, the 16th to be exact and i am heading up to Acadia for Homecoming so that i can watch the Football Axemen take on STFX, whom we BEAT last weekend in Antigonish. Plus on the 17th, the Hockey AXEMEN take on STFX in a matinee match-up. A strange coinscidence yesterday happened in that in two of my classes, first my Qualitative Applications Class at 10:00 Am and then my Research and Methodology Class at 7:00 both showed the same exact film! It was titled, "Quiet Rage: The Stanford Prison Experiment" and it was about an prison experiment at Stamford University in 1971, it is available at the Vaughn Memorial Library and worth checking out. I have so many midterms coming up and i am sooooooooooo not ready for any of them, i am just lucky enough to keep up with my readings, even if some of the books are long, maybe not boring...but just longer than a novice singing "Stairway to Heaven" on karioke night in some hick bar in Nowhere, Nova Scotia. The best part of yesterday was my trip to the Wallmart $6.99 DVD Bargin Bin, where i found a copy of GODZILLA 2000!!! Better than that Americanized GINO (Godzilla In Name Only) piece of S*** that came out back in 98, even my then 7 yr old nephew yelled at the screen, "That ain't Godzilla! That's that stoopid Jurassic Park!!!" Anyways it is time to go home before the Bea Arthur lookalike sitting across the room starts to look like pick-up material, well good night and ADIOS AMIGOS!!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Crowell Tower: AKA- "The Leaning Tower of Wolfville" is convienently located at the top of the Acadia University campus and was proudly my home away from home for five years on the 3rd floor in room 305 from September of 1998 to April of 2003.
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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

One Year Later...

What a weird feeling to be back at good ol' Acadia U after a one year leave of absence, i am coming to you from the Axe Lounge, located on the Acadia campus. Actually i am not supposed to be back, in May of 2003, i graduated from Acadia with a BA in history and i left to attend Mount Allison University. Unfortunately, i ran into the rudest, biggest, jerk for a prof, a disgrace to the teaching profession and when offered the chance to come back to Acadia, i grabbed the chance with two greedy paws. Sadly, i made alot of friends at Mount A and i felt bad to leave them behind, if Darth Vader was not hogging his position (do everyone a favor a retire already eh?) i would have come back. One month into the year and i really miss being on the air, where is the radio station around here? I occupied two timeslots last year on CHMA Radio at MT A, my show was called, "Assume The Position", actually, the show originated on Radio Acadia during the 2000-01 year. Me and my friend Ghislain were the original hosts and it was a blast, unfortunately, the next season, we ran into some self-important people who hired all their friends, the station tanked badly and the was gone, good riddance, to those who destroyed the station, it is more like see ya later, you are now a spectator. I had heard the station was back last year, i inquired about the station and some guy who had a tie so thin that he looked like he should have been playing, "Louie Louie" at a 1963 high school prom looked at me like i was an alien transexual or something. Anyways, i would love to be back on the air and doing whatever it was i do. Anyways, i have a night class at 7:00 in the BAC and i shall finish my Keith's draft (his b-day today!) and be off. Stay tuned true believers, Same Robb time, Same Robb Blog! Hey! Ho! Moralists beware!
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