Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

How Soon Is Now?

Hello all you webslingers! Hope everyone had an ok Merry X-miss...or something like that. Me marks came in and the first batch made me feel all chummy and stuff....i saw an A-, B+ and a B...then i saw my mark for Quanitative Methods...well let's just say that old Robbo is getting a tutor ASAP!!! Like i said before, i cannot do this math crap! Save future generations of Acadia sociologists and combine quanitative and qualitative methods or you will lose some potentially good students. Well, i have been working lots over the holidays and i am now off till Saturday and Sunday. I am not back in school till the 10th of October, i wish i knew who was teaching Sociology of Education!?!?!?!?!?!?! There is still no prof posted as of yet. Well, what did i get for X-mass? I recieved lots of clothes, an MP3 player! It is cool on so many levels! It can record too! I might get all Nixon and start recording everything! My brother bought me a Freddy Kruger bobblehead and a Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake....i will always prefer the 1974 original though....Mostly i have been relaxing and watching Team Canada at the World Junior Tournament, although it was hard to be entertained by them beating Germany 9-0 last night. I love my home country, but there is nothing entertaining about watching a pummeling...i would much prefer a 4-3 or 5-4 score...it is entertaining and stuff...and throw away that F***ing shootout!!!! Yeah yeah you naysayers think it is cool and stuff, but wait until the NHL has all of those unmotivated millionare superstars back on the ice and then the Stanley Cup is going to be decided on a shootout and your hometown team loses due to a shoot out...then watch the bitching...it would be the worst thing to happen to hockey since that fricking instigator rule...or Gary Bettman...My Dad had bad gas the last few days and had to go to the hospital to find out that he had food poisoning!?!?!?!? it was from the food that he had eaten at the truck stop in New Minas, at least he is ok now. I had to work Monday in that damn storm, my usual 10 minute walk to work took 40 minutes, i stopped at our Needs to pick up some snacks and the girls there looked like they wanted to freak out, Timmy's was closed, it was hysterical watching all of the cars driving around their parking lot like vultures waiting to see if they were magically about to open. For all of my old-school wrestling buddies, the new "Legends of Wrestling: Showdown" for PS2 rocked!!! You can also choose what kind of arena you wanted to wrestle in! Maple Leaf Gardens, The Boston Garden, MSG! It was fun stuff indeedy! By the way, this rules! Anyways i am off to bed and then ...well...whatever...lates!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Napoleon Dynamite Posted by Hello
"I'm Rex, founder of the Rex Kwan Do self-defense system! After one week with me in my dojo, you'll be prepared to defend yourself with the strength of a grizzly, the reflexes of a puma, and the wisdom of a man."
HAHAHAHA!!! Whatta frickin awesome film!!!

Monday, December 20, 2004

Believe In What You Want

Hello webslingers, naysayers...whatever, i am back sooooooooooooo long time no blog eh? Well, tomorrow me first term marks are gonna be posted on the Acadia Website. Why fret now? Well, i already know the marks for Social Theory and Seminar and i figured out the mark for Qualitative Methods, it is the mark for Quanitative that worries me some. Yes the examination for Quanitative Methods was on the 9th of December and it was well...stinky to say the very least, and i had a 68% going into the examination, mostly on the strength of my Annotated Bibliography that earned me a B+, i had hoped for at least an A-, so i calculated and it gave me 40.2/60, so in reality i had to make 19.8/40 to earn a 60% for the term. The good news is that this term is worth 40% of our mark, leaving 60% of the work to be done this upcoming term. The bad news is that it is now going to be almost all exclusively MATH...read that boys and girls...MATH!!!! My arch-enemy, my Kriptomite...jeesh...Well, i shall check the marks sometime over the holiday....Well...last night was our staff x-mass party at my manager's house and it was a fun time...a drunken time...but nonethless a fun time...i was really wasted and hit on all the women there, it was all in fun though, i remember blacking out on the floor and waking up on the couch all tucked in and stuff, i recieved my secret Santa gift...it was a doll of a perverted old man who masterbated to the theme from the Lone Ranger...don't ask...but it was damn hysterical stuff indeedy.... i came home and crashed and then worked the afternoon shift in Greenwood...i am off for the next four days and will be doing alot of x-mass shopping...i chatted quite a bit with our staff that still atttends high school and i was told that they are stuck in school until the 23rd of December...i mean come on! They don't do examinations until after x-mass anyways! What are they teaching kids really? I heard that kids still have to sign out in order to leave the school grounds and that teachers waste inorderate amounts of time chasing people around, yelling at kids in the hallways to get to class, etc etc...i mean are they really getting these young fellows ready for university? There is more to this life than pencils, pens and notepads, students must be taught that if they are going to go the university route that they are going to have freedom, and many will be away from the anal-retentive clutches of their parents, teachers etc for like the first time and have no damn idea what they are getting into! Listen to me...professors, nice people, but for the most part i have to break it to ya laddy...THEY DO NOT CARE!!!..i must F***ing repeat myself, THEY DO NOT CARE!!!!! There! I said it! Little Johnny A Student is just a number in Mr, Mrs or Miss Professor's class and do not care that you were an A+++ student from Deliverance County, Nova Scotia, plus if you are going to live in Res, you will, in the exception of a potentially anal retentive RA, have your freedom! No parents, brothers, sisters...nothing! Maybe that is why so many students go with friends from high school, i was different, i worked, went to community college, studied under the B***H of the Baskervilles for a whole waste of a year, but i finally got into res and i was sooooooooooo happy to not see anyone from high school there, why? Well i went to school with all of them for so long, i am not being hateful, but i wanted to meet new people, hang out with new people, grow a little ya know? I found those people that went to university with people they went to high school with in many cases, did not grow...they just stayed redunant, doing the same old, same old, they might as well not went to school and stayed home and went to hang at the mall with all the other losers....hey..what the hell is going on with the letting go of Tim Darling as Acadia's basketball coach? He had a record of 3 and 2 at the time, i guess it was an internal matter or something, i feel not all is well with Acadia sports ..i finally viewed both Shaun of the Dead and Napoleon Dynamite this weekend...both were awesomely done, independent films, a good break from the usual in-door Bullstuff that Hollywood has been turning out as of late. Anyways, it is 11:45 or so, i am NOT looking at my grades and stuff this week, so have a good one and i will report me findings later captain...lates!

Monday, December 06, 2004

Molly's Reach Posted by Hello
Good ol' Molly's Reach in Gibbons, BC. I have never been there (i plan on it though...i am weird eh?) but it has been part of me life ever since...well...i was like 2-3 yrs of age. Plus, it is something i can bug me ol' buddy Grover aboot..well..he's not from Gibbons...but close enough..hehehehehe.

Not Fade Away

Hello webslingers and all others...Well how are things? Well i made 75% on my British-India Paper and 77%, a B+ on the term overall for my Seminar Class. Not too bad, i have yet to recieve a mark for Qualitative Method, but my average was an A- before the final paper, so hopefully all is well in that department. However, my one and only examination is on Thursday night...that is Qualitative Methods and i cannot remember anything!!! I try and try and try again...still it all turns to S***!!! Now stuff like Milgram’s obedience study and the Zimbardo Prison Experiment i can remember...but then the numbers and rules start and i confuse them all...i mean i did history and sociology for a damn reason...to NOT do math...we discussed this in qualitative methods the other day and someone nailed it right on the head when they stated, "If i wanted to do math, i would have taken business." There is the problem that the soc department is going to have next yr cause my qualitative prof is going on sabbatical and so there will not be a, as of this writing, qualitative methods course available for students next year. The other problem that they have is if they give soc students a choice between qualitative and quantitative methods, you will have 60 students in one class (qualitative) and 15 in the other (quantitative) well...got news for ya all...not all soc students want to go into crunching numbers and become a statistician or something like that. I just want this class over with....i mean i get this stuff all mixed the hell up...dependent and independent variables, The five characteristics of causal hypothesis, Tautology, Teleology, grounded theory, Triangulation of methods, theory, observers, measures, First, second and third order interpretation...etc..etc...etc...all can go straight to F***ing hell!!! C'mon dudes, what is wrong with this picture? I just passed seminar, social theory and qualitative methods!!! It is like Kingstec where you did not have your choice of either radio or television, you had to take both...and we wonder why the radio is bleak...Anyways me buddy Linders had me crash her history seminar party at Paddy's last Thursday...it was ok, i only knew a few of the kids, some where annoying as frickin hell, especially this one Micheal Moore wannabe, who came off as an elitest P****!!! One kid, a nice little fellow stated that i was a Tower legend...that is a name i hear quite a bit, said many of the residents there now would not know me if they fell over me...i hate to tell him, but one move back in and they would all know the Legend...man listen to myself!!! Nice to see the Campus D****bag continue to dig a hole with his constantly sad editorials, esp the recent one on tuition...nice views, from a brat with a silver spoon stuck in his yam, go away and take Micheal Moore Jr with you...plus tell Jr that none of the girls he was working on at Paddy's loked like they would rather be at a funeral home being embalmed than listening to any of his sad sounding BS...love them emo, sooky wannabe's...off to Alcatraz with em i say... I worked 17 hrs this weekend and we are having our staff party at our managers house and it is a sleepover/ BYOB party, comeplete w/ Secret Santa...our Middleton manager, who actually dated me for a spell in grade 11 (lucky her eh?) is refusing to take part, but then again she was not a party girl...ever...whatever, it shall be fun times....Anyways me parents are gone to Hfx today, my Dad is having his annual check-up with the cancer doctor, all signs point to all being well, but this is a good percaution...they are not comin home till Wednesday, there is a Beachcombers reunion movie on tonight..i remember watching the first reunion movie on 3rd with Deuce Bigelow and Greg and the gang...lots of fun...anyways love to stay and be all chatty and stuff...but i has to go webslingers, gotta get some gas, some doggie food and then study till i drop...lates!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Last Place You Look...

Greetings webslingers! Well today has been most productive so far, i went to my final Social Theory class and recieved my second essay examination back...i made 84%...i was happy as a clam!!! This left me with a B+ for the term, for my permanent record...take that Mount A Crapmaster...i should definitly be sending the winner of the Col Sanders look a like contest a newly revised grad picy at the end of this school year. However i am not completely out of the Camp Crystal Lake woods yet....tommorrow i recieve back my project on British-India for Seminar as well as my Participant Observation paper for Qualitative Methods. Last night i passed in my Annotated Bibliography paper for Quantitative...i hope it is ok, i did not so hot on the midterm and i would really like a nice mark...i have alot of review to do for my examination which is on Thursday of next week from 7:00-10:00 in the gym....The format of the examination is 40% for multiple choice and fill in the blanks as well as 60% for problem solving and short answer questions. The girl who sits next to me in class made 94% on the midterm, i should soooooooooooooo contact her and see if she shall help me with getting the math stuff downpat in order for me to even have half a hope in hell...i mean i am going to have to really bear down and study just all the definitions and other concepts... i mean stuff like deductive and inductive reasoning, causality and temporal order, conceptualization and operationalization...what the hell is all this bullstuff????!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? I really ...really have to hit thy books...and yet before i gots back me 82% this morning, i was fretting like you would not believe...i even drank a Budwiser cause it was the only kind of booze left in the apartment...a frickin Budwiser?!?!!??! i had a pal named Eli last yr, and i swore it was the only think he drank! Man...watered down worm medicine would be a much better name, On Monday i grew som frustriated with studying that i went for a drive and actually ended up in Hantsport, where i went to Tim Horny's and called me old pally Lindy up on me celly...actually i only use my celly when i absolutely have to...hate them drivers who have em stuck in their ears permanently, wish they had em stuck in their gladiolus maximums .....oh..i almost forggot..watch out for good ol' Hantsport, they do not have a gas station...i had to go to a nearby Native reservation last summer and i thought i was going to lose my head...eek...last night after class i was in the Vaughn till aboot 12 midnight and i wrote a girl that lived in Harper last yr...dunno if she would respond, i was looking for something else, me buddy Captain Russell's actual address and came across her picy quite by accident. Hope she responds, if not...oh well....Today is the first of December and for the first time all term...i ran into Gorgeous Glen right here at Perkins...he has been off doing road work for Acadia, going to all the high schools all over NS, NB, PEI and even Nfld to talk to kids and convince them to come here...Glen was my RA my last year in Tower, so it was kind of strange when he turned around and saw me here...he marked out badly, became speechless like a McNutt, wonder if George Bush is dodging rocks as we speak right now in Hfx? ....Anyways i have to gets going, got me some studying to do, then i have to pick up Richie Ramone at 4:30 and then more studying at the ol' Vaughn tonight...all ladies are encouraged to drop me a line...yeah whatever Old Man Robb! So in the meantime and in-between time...lates!
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