Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, January 31, 2005

West Kings District High School in Auburn, Nova Scotia. This is where i attended high school with some good times and some bad times from September 1990 to June of 1993.
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Wearing Thin...

How are the Webslingers? Well.....my father was operated on around 3:00 PM on Friday and i am told that he is in good spirits, he was up adn walking with the assistance of a nurse and as of yesterday was sitting up on his own. The doctors have cleared the stomach, but there is still the problem of a little growth that needs to be operated on and taken out. If worse comes to worse, maybe the entire bowel will end up having to be removed...that is only speculation at best, i am just so tired of every year something new happening and having to spend December/ January around a hospital. So, tomorrow i am taking the day off from classes and spending most of the morning/ afternoon visiting with my father. Well, i will be back for what is it now? Only my second class of Sociology of Education this semester? That is due to two straight snowstorms wiping out two straight Mondays of classes at Acadiau.... I am just really happy that my father right now is ok, all i am really concerned about really, it is weird not having him around here, i had to sleep upstaris in my parents bedroom cause our two dogs have gone completely loony without me parents around, it is strange to see stuff like old t-shirts my DAd has ceremoniously "borrowed" from me, like me old Axemen, 1999-00 Kelly Division Champions t-shirt, stuff that normally i used to throw hissys about him borrowing, yet still i would do anyting to see him back in it, wearing that and his GORILLA slippers, watching the tube and bitchin about there being no hockey on..... I still have yet to complete my report for Sociology of Education, that is being read tonight and tomorrow when i am back from the city, i will be printing the report off at the Vaughn cause there is no working printer currently in this house. Well, i did attend the Acadia- Dalhousie hockey game on Wednesday night...man how the once not so-bad have fallen eh? We smoked Dal 5-0 and i actually think that the Axemen let up in the 3rd period! I really do think that score could have easily been 12-0 or something totally drastic, the Axemen went through this, all major university teams at one time or another go through this, it is called the rebuilding process, ya know....you hang on to all the 4th and 5th yr players with the hopes of winning the big one, well...even if you do not win it you might have to look forward to the fact that your team is gonna...well...suck the next upcoming season. Some teams never seem to get over it at all, Mount A had a really good football team, national finalists as a matter of fact, but players leave, Eric Lapointe and others left...well graduated and recruitment wasn't there like it was in the past, i mean...that game against SMU a couple of uyrs ago...ouch! But let's face it, DAl was outshot by something like 40 shots the other night...these teams will have to take their time, but the Mounties have a good new head coach in Steve LaLonde and time will tell the story there...the hockey Axemen continue to win with a tie and a major 7-1 pounding of St Thomas Tommies last night...oh by the way..........in the playoffs for the first time in FOUR FRICKIN YEARS!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! Ok...now that i gots that out of me system...Is it a return to glory for the Axemen? Well, time will tell... Last night i basically took a trip back in time...i attended a West Kings- Middleton high school hockey game...why? Well, in a past life, i was the PA announcer for the West Kings Kings (WAsn't that a ridiculous name or what? Kings Kings??!?!?!?!?!?! Well...we could have had LA's old uniforms...anyways the team, since the 90s has been called the Wolverines...(An improvement over Kings Kings....jeesh.....) Anywho, West Kings won 2-1 in what was a decent game, the old Kingston Rink, i had forgotten about how frickin cold that old joint could really be! The coffee still tastes like old brown crayons as well...and it was nowhere near as packed as i thought it would be! Seriously...West Kings- Middelton!?!?! Rivalry in the old days meant a packed house, even at times there would be scrapping in the stands, it was so packed back in the day that the only tickets would be left would be standing room only! Kinda like the Axemen back when i first started at Acadia in 98, 99...i remember going with some pals to an Axemen game and we had to stand and watch...that is when you know you have a good product, when people will stand for three hours in order to watch you play..........Oh well, i did work some 16 hrs this weekend in both Greenwood and in Middleton today, i love the Middleton store...even though it was probably built during the dark ages, around the same time as the Kingston rink... i grabbed lunch today at the new Subway in Middleton..man we actually have a place to eat now from 7 in the morning till 2:00 AM...whoooooooo! In Middleton!??!?!?!?, where anything is possible!?!?!?! It has got to be the biggest Subway i have ever been in as well, you could have a double-header roller derby going on in there, it is that damn huge! I thought it wouldn't be so spacey...well, i hope it does not have a negative impact on the other restaurants in town, i would hate to see local businesses suffer because of a major chain moving into the area... I sent Grover another e-mail today about a possible visit to MTA around the start of March, that is all tenative depending on what is going on with Dad and how he is feeling around that point in time. I also sent brother Grove me favorite new videoclip, all i have to say is move over Tattoo!?!?!?!?!?! Anyways, sitting here and chatting with all of the wormslime is not getting me homework done eh? I shall chitty chat later all, hopefully with good news i hope when i go to visit the Papa tomorrow in Halifax and then journey back for me second night class of 2005, later ya all!!

Monday, January 24, 2005


Hello there precious webslingers and other kinds of wormslime! What kinda F***in weather is this?!?!?!?!?! I have gained an extra 7 & a half hrs the last two days filling in people's shifts...6 & a half hrs is not too bad when going to an expensive university like Acadia...who suprisingly have now cancelled three days of classes in the last three weeks...when was the last time that happened? The Franco-Prussian War? I have only had one Sociology of Education class since the term started...count em...one...the snow was so bad last night that i had to stay at my brothers place which is like right behind our store in Middleton. We watched "Alien Vs Predator" last night...not a bad flick, me and Dunker saw it last summer in New Minas, but i dunno...i was wanting an old school blood and guts flick, like the way these ones were in the 1980s...it seemed like it was toned down for a kiddie, mouth breathing crowd who wouldn't know a good flick like the original "Alien" or even better (my opinion) "Predator" if it fell out of their damn ass. Then me brother made a cake of all things at around 9:00 last night...i woke up at 6:45 this morning, cleaned my brothers driveway and tried to go home...unfortunately the plow guy was not by at all and the snow was up to me head, so i went back to my brother's..showered and went to work for 10:00 this morning, i went to Needs and bought of all things, a "Rick's Fine Foods Sub"....that was a lunch that i will never get back...again...who buys those damn things? An old friend of mine used to call them, "Drunk Subs"...food only to be consumed when you are totally S***faced!?!?!? Somebody must be buying them to keep the company in business for so darned long...besides the fact that Needs charges a good $3.95?!?!?!? for the darned things...... One of my biggggggggggest pet peeves in the world is those frickin snowplows, last week at my brothers and today...ummm...everywhere they do their thing, plowing the roads and WHAMMM! They trudge all the snow, slush and crap off the road into everybody's frickin driveway, where decent people who cannot afford a snowplow of their own now have to do an additional frickin 3 hrs of shovelling just to get rid of the S*** that you dumped on their damned driveway...why hasn't anybody gone out and made their personal fortune by inventing plows for public usage that does not throw snow around everywhere?!?!?!?! It is a goldmine just waiting to happen! Look at hockey?!?!? They have those zamboni's or whatever the hell they are called and they don't go throwing snow and crap all over the audience do they? Noooooooo...hell no! They trudge it out back and dispense of it i dunno...somewhere out back.... Well, i only have two classes left this week, my Dad is going on the Hospital shuttle tommorrow to have a check-up before they operate on him this Friday, i don't have to leave until sometime in the afternoon...then i will head to Quanitative Methods (ugggh) and then my one class on Wednesday (Modern Theory) and then Wednesday night i will take in the Hockey Axemen- Dalhousie Tigers match-up before heading home on Thursday morning...i might head to Halifax on Saturday to visit Dad after his operation...i have not decided yet.. i have to work Thursday, Friday and Sunday at work because my younger co-workers have high school examinations...imagine that eh? The bastards now do it after Christmas...it is like welcome back to school kids...now here's some S*** to go roll in....jeesh.... anyways i have to head down to Needs and pick up some milk and stuff and them it is some more reading and then to bed...nite kids

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Nothing Gets Crossed Out

What a time we are having eh? Hello webslingers, it has been a few days and well...it is frickin COLD outside! Who needs to use a fridge? My good buddy Eli up at Mount A used to put beers in the snow so that when he was coming home from the bar he could then pick up a few more wobblepops on the way, i am beyond happy that Grover, the Harper bossman responded to me request for March, and i'll look to see if i can put a few bucks away to make it a possibility. Well i have worked a good 14 hrs the last few days and i need a break, but it looks like we may be getting the snowstorm from hell tomorrow, oh and i have been placed on stand-by to work in Middleton tomorrow if the occassion should arise. How's about those Hockey Axemen? We are on another mini winning streak as we defeated the St Thomas Tommies (Tommy who? Tommy F'n Hunter?) 3-1 tonight at Acadia and back on Friday night at Acadia Arena we defeated U of M 4-3...too bad i had to work eh? Listen to the usual, "What if it storms tomorrow? All copies of Napoleon Dynamite are gone? What about those movies with the black bars at the top and bottom...who wants those? Are You open tomorrow? GOD people...get a new hobby eh?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!...like maybe some...You know, like nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills etc etc etc...................) Anyways the Axemen are now 5-1-1 in 2005. Went to the Career Fair at the SUB on Friday, not as good as i had hoped it would be....i mean if i was a younger student it would have been great stuff indeedy, but let's face it, it is just not going to cut it working at meal hall or scrapping crap off Chipman/ Tower's walls or something. I think i am at the point right now where working for the university would be a benificial thing for both parties. I am experienced with dealing with the public, if they want a resume, i have one that is flowing, as a matter of fact, it was flowing so well that i had to trim it down in size, do they want recommendations or cover letters, then those can be provided. I just have to wonder if it is all about public image...i mean do i have to look the part as well? I remember when i was at community college we filmed a commercial, never mind that they never even asked me to be on the filming crew, it was the fact that they had already picked the two people they wanted to star in the commercial without having auditions for the role!?!?!?!?! I mean, at least be democratic, but that is the problem nowadays with decieving the public, the people at the top want to promote the beautiful people, the one's who do not have a hair out of place, a real Oily Bowhunk or some pretty girl who weighs in at 15 pounds and looks like she is on a starvation diet. Ok, so i have to lose a few pounds, but it is back to the status quo, the interviewer will state a lack of experience in a chosen field, but how is one to get that experience if the one in power constantly denies access to it? The Subway is now opened in Middleton, i cannot believe that we actually have a restuarant in Middleton that is now open at 2:00 in the morning! Wholly jumping monkey on a pogo stick!...by the way....that thing McDonalds is passing off as a sandwhich...SUCKS!!! Had one a while ago...ever eat something and think, hell i could make that at home!?!?!?! Well...they are wayyyyyy over hyped and another example of McDonalds advertising, i mean look at the one that the dork with the sanwhich board is eating away at? That f'n thing is huge! Go order one...Greenwood location...thing is about 2 and a half bites....i am talking White Castle welfare burgers small..... I think i want to go to the Superbowl party at the Axe, i was in for one (count em...ONE) wobblepop on Friday afternoon and i noticed there is a nice Budwiser leather chair/ comforter up for draw on SuperBowl Sunday...i think i shall be there dude.... there was a really pretty girl at the Career Fair on Friday that i noticed was looking at me (Ok...she probably thought i was kind of a freak...probably) I was dressed to the nines, had my suit pants and jacket on...and my Johnny Cash Shirt (My Dad calls it my Johnny Cash shirt) She is a really pretty girl, nice smile..kinda short...ummmmmm...ok so my descriptions to the blog reading audiences really suck...ok? Anyways she was in my Sociology of Work class that i dropped first semister...ummm...yeah i suck...think i am definitly going to attend the Axemen's game Vs Dalhousie Wednesday night at the Arena...what the hell happened to the hockey Tiger's this yr? I think they are dead last in the Atlantic...oh well, it does happen. I did pick up one of my favorite horror movies of all time on Friday, i was at Econo (I think that is the name of the place ....) Entertainment on Friday and picked up the original "Exorcist" on DVD for $4.95! What a steal! It is the infamous "Version You Have Never Seen" with Reagan going down the steps on her hands backwards...freaky stuff indeedy...we are getting the new Exorcist movie from last summer, me and Duncan went to see it, it was alright, but it cannot hold a candle to the original, don't get me wrong, i love a fun, cheesy, old school gory movie like anyone else...well kool kool people anyways...old Friday The 13th, Texas Chainsaw stuff..., but the new one was i dunno...bad CGI effects (worst thing ever to happen to movies....EVER!) bad...bad...bad...anybody when effects were good? Like in the 80s??!?!?!?!.., i haven't seen Electra yet, but friends are telling me that it too is really bad, many are comparing it to Catwoman...way to mess around with formula's these Hollyweird types..not everybody can be kool and Canadian.....Anyways that is enough ranting and raving like damned looney tunes for one day eh?!?!?!?!? It is time for some late night reading for the upcoming week ahead and then bed with a possible Middleton shift at Andrews...lates!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

All We Have is Now...

Hello there webslingers! It has been a day, first off my craptop decided to break down last yesterday during our big ol honkin storm we had. Actually, i first spent a good part of my morning cleaning out my brother's drive way where i live in my oh-so- awesome basement apartment. He was at work, and since my sister-in-law's pregnant, it was just me and me alone cleaning the drive way the old fashioned way....with a shovel, it was surreal in a way, seeing all the folks with snow-blowers and ploughs, and me being so out of date, on the verge of a heart attack/ broken back...spending hrs cleaning out the driveway...my brother has boarders who live in his garage, but none of them lifted one red frickin finger to come help with the cleaning...so i promptly buried their car in snow...it looked like Mt F'n Everest by the time i was done...i could have added the faces, but i did not have the time. I came into the campus in some pretty crappy weather, the campus convienience store was open, the library was open...even my precious AXE was open....however...the Useless Support Centre was not....typical eh? I love the AXE n' all, but where are the priorities eh? There was no way that place was losing the Monday Night Football crowed, it is usually a good and profitable night for all parties involved....I went ot visit Richie Ramone and his girlfriend and we ripped some DVD's, including the Beach Boys at Knebworth: 1980. My old buddy Grover responded to my idea yesterday with a big thumbs up yesterday! If all goes well, including academics and my Dad's operation, then i will indeed hop the bus and head up for a visit with the Harper boys during the first weekend in March. I met my tutor today for the first time, she seems like a nice lady. The only drawbaack is that she charges $20 an hr for tutoring sessions. I guess i was not up to date with the going rates for tutors. I was told by a mutual friend that there is academic tutoring available through the ASU, i shall have to see...i do not really need the help with the math until March according to the class syllabus, i think our prof probably wants to raise the class average, i mean it was a brutal...and i do mean BRUTAL examination. He still wants me to pop in to see him sometime, but i image the meeting would prove to be more of the same stuff, different prof....i mean this mark is the only one holding me back now, perhaps if we keep on like the schedule promises to do alot of Qualitative Methods (which i scored an A in first term!) then perhaps i can score some good ol marks and raise that collective GPA up a little wee bit. Career Day is this Friday and i think i am going to dress-up tomorrow, ya know...dress to impress eh? Ok...a zillion comedians out of work and i am trying to be one... Mom and Dad are visiting my brothers this afternoon, they brought my niece some McDonalds. It is sad to see my Dad all doped out and sleepy like from his pre-operation medication, but if it is to keep him good until the surgeon can take that thing out of him, than i am all for it i guess. Anyways, i have some 50 minutes before me night class so i shall chitty chat later Webslingers.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Suddenly Everything Has Changed...

Hello Webslingers...nope the snow has not come down yet eh? Well it was a week of news that i just knew that i was going to hear eventually...my father went to the hospital again because of his food poisoning, which medically takes 30-45 days to leave your system, this was last Thursday night, his C-scan came in and he has another growth...in the exact same spot as last yr, except this time it is alot smaller, about the size of a Smartie and it is now contained and it will be removed on the 28th of this month. I can breathe a sense of relief that it was not in the lungs or anywhere else for that matter, Dad has been good to me in recent yrs, actually we always get along good, we have alot of the same character traits actually, he cannot stand seeing ketchup on anything except burgers, hot dogs and fries...my Mom puts it on her Kraft Dinner and he cannot stay in the same room...i mean he looks physically sick when people do this in front of him, same with eggs..now my sister in law puts it on her teabuscuits...what the hell is that all about?!?!?!?!?! Plus me and Dad are the only two people in the house to agree with what to watch on the telly...nothing made after 1985 i think, yup...how many times we watched movies with Bronson, Eastwood, Lee Marvin, Lee, Chan, Van Dam, Segal, Norris and every other macho actor you can think of...hell i even watched a Hulk Hogan double-feature with that man of No Holds Barred (renamed "No Profits Allowed") and Suburban Commando (Which i saw with an ex along with Teenage Ninja Turtles II at the old Dodge Road Drive-In) . I was going to go to see the WWE at the Halifax Forum, but i elected to spend time at home until this afternoon when i came back to the campus. I instead went to the Axeman basketball game Vs SMU, which we won 70-66! Plus last night i sat at work in Middleton and listened to my brother's play by play of the Hockey Axemen absolutely crushing UPEI 8-2, we had a busy weekend at work...alot of people, mainly adults are still pissed that we do not have a popcorn machine...if the return of a damned popcorn machine would solve the world's problems, then i would have life by the ass eh? Well...i finally have a tutor for my Quanitative Methods class! I am meeting with this mystery person tomorrow at 1:00, hopefully i can get better at this math stuff and up my average, my average for last term, without this silly class, would have easily been an A-, now it is a silly B...not bad for a person like me whom was written off by MANY MANY MANY MANY people coming up through what we loosely called the educational system here in Nova Scotia, as well as formative yrs in Ontario and Alberta. I can still remember my kindergarden teacher in Trenton, Ontario sitting me behind the stupid piano cause i did not feel like participating in the pathetic games they make us play, like i dunno...i think pattycake was one of them, i was punished for wanting to sit in a corner and read for S***sakes! I remember reading editions of the Hockey News and other magazines, i remember just wanting to read..absord information, no other kids i knew watched the news...here i was, a nerd...well, i thought i was a nenerd anyways, who played hockey till he was about 15 (another story, another time) played lacrosse (terribly i might add) and was on the wrestling team in junior high (better than lacrosse... not much...but a bit better) and i was the only one who watched the news out of all my friends...i remember last summer when the Kobe Bryant thing happened my own brother (the middle one who does not like sports) did not have any clue who Kobe or Shaq were....then again i remember when the Americans invaded Afghanastan after 9-11 and i told my brother to come to the television and witness the green screens of death...he was not interested in the least and told me i was disturbing his computer time...(probably looking at porn...) I still think the educational system, going by what my co-workers who are in high school tell me needs an overhaul, someone last week told me that there are courses, non-credit courses at universities that first yrs can take to prep them for university...HELLO!?!?!?!?!?! Should not they be taking that at the high school level ASAP!?!?! Well maybe ASAP at their grade 12 yr starts...teach em about the fact they are not going to be babied anymore, and that they will need to learn to meet new people, except for those ones who cannot let go, still wear their high school jackets and run home every waking chance they get to relive their memories of hanging around in the McDonalds parking lots...ugh...i come from smalltown Nova Scotia, people...live your college/ university yrs while ya got em!!! Believe me....Friday is career day here at Acadia, i think it is being held in the SUB, so i will come home Wednesday after class, pick up me paycheck and come back up here for Career Day with a dress shirt, tie and dress pants on...think i will look good? No...ok...I have been trying to contact some of the old boys up at Mount A...i think i might go up the first week of March for a visit, if it is ok with the boys, just cause the teaching was the worst that i have ever had outside of a couple of phys ed instructors back in the day, it does not mean that i did not have a partying good time, you see it is all about trying to make the best of the situation that is given to you...like i said before, if all had went well, i would have stayed, moved to the basement and done the walk across the stage at Mount A in May...but it was not to be...oh well...i did e-mail Grover, party man extrodinare up at Harper, i even said that i will bring the booze...anyways it is getting up there in hrs, no snow yet...hope the Tower alumnus that are currently taking in the WWE Show can get home safe if it is already snowing, anyways i am going to check me email one last time and then i am gone home to New Minas for the night...check back with y'all later....

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Harper Hall at Mount Allison University is where i, one Robert Reid Hawley spent my 2003-04 university season spanning from September 2003- April 2004.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

All These Things

Another day eh webslingers? It is hard to get used to only having one class on Tuesday night...it is the dreaded Quanitative Methods: Part II. The one class that i would have had a better mark in if i had stepped in front of an 18 wheeler via "mistake" and had procured a doctors note that i could not have written the examination. However, the damage was done and i now had to get on with finding a tutor to assist me if i am going to be able to pass this course. Last night the mystery teacher was revealed for Sociology of Education....it was my prof from my Sociology of Work class that i dropped fist term. Why did i drop this particular class? Becuase it was BORING with a capital B!!!!! Nice lady, but there is more to teaching than just showing us overheads and then rambling on and on and on and on about what the overheads already say...and then to do it from 7:00-10:00?!?!?!? On the upside, there are only 4 assignments in addition to the midterm and the final examination, so that is a good thing i guess. If this lady, who is basically a rookie prof can get it together (Who the F*** am i to tell someone to get it together?!?!?!) Then it can be a very interesting class, i mean we talked about the history of the educational system in North America, First Nations and their difficulties with Residential Schools and The result of three centuries of total control has been the destruction of families, culture, language, traditions and ways of knowing and survival. Other topics included how elementary schools are used as systems of respect, students are told what to do from an early age and it is a system that sees how good youngsters are at taking orders from others and how they respond to pressure via writing of papers, quizes and tests and responding to bells to move to other classes, personally i feel the youth of today learn well in the early yrs, but the system keeps up this militant BS all the way into the high school system and the students are not being prepped properly for university life, one of the girls who was quiet in my Qualitative Methods class first term introduced herself after class and said that she would exchange MSN numbers with me for next class...my my my.... My other class, Theory of Devolution and Revolution went really well, i have taken courses from this particular prof before and i have always scored in the B+ to B range. We talked about how the majority of the world does not the status quo, the way of life that we enjoy presently in North America and thus, they cannot make changes. They cannot take a dictator to task, because those brave/ stupid (depending upon how you look at it....) individuals have a tendancy to disappear...there were some lovelies in that class too! I caught one girl who i did a presentation with once staring my way...maybe she was looking out the window.... Again in his class we have only a paper, presentation and one take-home midterm to complete... No FINAL EXAMINATION!!!!!! More classes should take that step, i mean at what time of the year are students more on edge??!?!? Stressed, going completely F***ing nuts?!?!? Examinations can kill marks, ask anyone! I have had 70s- 80s going into final exams and seen those marks go GOODBYE!!! Oh well, no wonder the Axe/ Vil's business picks up so much around examination time! After class last night i ran into Gorgeous Glen and i gave him a lift up to Tower where we reunited with the boys to watch RAW, all of the old gang, well the gang from my 4th and 5th yrs in Tower are going to the Smackdown house show in HFX. (Personally i think we should all go to the Axe where we can truly live in the past...and i can become the old me...well maybe...) I cannot believe that we were watching RAW on a NON-DRINKING FLOOR IN THE CROWELL TOWER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? I never imagined the placed becoming almost all co-ed (except for 4th, 3rd and 2nd....) but there was a non-drinking floor inaugurated a few yrs ago, weird eh? Then again, i remember talking to a few old Eaton House alumni's who frown on the fact that Eaton and the other half of Eaton, whatever the hell it is called, it now totally co-ed...they actually do frown on this! Well, them and Chipman did have quite the rivalry back in the day, Fight Nights at Chipman and the Cheat'n Cup Hockey Game which is still being played for even today...when the new brass came to power in the mid nineties, they wanted to re-organize the place, i remember at my grad dinner back in 2003 they referred to the campus as "Alcatraz" in reference to its appearence around 94-95. I remember the campus having its own flavor of sorts during my frosh week, but then again, the Tower lawn where i was initiated into campus life and where a few yrs later, i was myself a Frosh Boss (sorry Kathy...tradition rules!) is now a big ol, honkin parking lot!?!?!?!?!?! Anyways, yesterday while doing some good ol' lazy boy net surfin, i came across an article called, "Ode to the Nice Guys" This was an awesome piece of writing aboout what is known across high school-university circles as the "Guy Friend" Well...i am one to talk, i have been a victim many times of the "Guy Friend Syndrome" with many many many many many many different weird and wonderful girls.... and i felt terrible and felt like blowing up Anartica many times while caught in this sad situation, but.....while i have noticed here, back in high school and while at work, girls come and go with these guys who treat them as if they were a possession and nothing else, i have to take issue with the so-called genre of guy friends.... well, there was a girl that i liked my second yr, a good old fashioned down home Maritime girl, a South Shore girl as a matter of fact...anyways she sat behind me in American History Class, and i could not stop turning around, talking to her, she was seeing someone at the time, but that did not stop me from tossing and turning, anyways, she was single eventually and of couse i was way too ChickenS*** to do anything about it and she had the most annoying guy friend that i ever...i mean EVER!!!! met in my life, he would state at me in meal hole.. a la Marr-rot, i mean stare at me as if he was going to haul out a Magnum 45 or something, he stared so much that the 3rd Floor Boys thought that he had a crush on me or something, and he was with her EVERYWHERE!!!! Coffee Merchant? Check! Subway? Check! I could not talk to her at all! When there was a party once at Tower? Check! UGGGGGGGGGGGGH!!!! Anyways while the article was an awesome read, i cannot totally agree when the situation is on the other foot, i could start in on the VERY annoying situation of the sweet girls who have A**H*** boyfriends at home who treat them like total and utter S***, but that would be another blog for another time. Anyways i need to get some reading done, pick up Senior Richie from work and then head to me nighttime class (ugh) lates!!!

Monday, January 10, 2005

For Sure

Good noontime webslingers! Well i am back at Perkins and another term is underway! Well, it is underway at 2:30 when i have Sociology 3043 X2: aka- Theory of Devoultion and Revolution in room 138 in the BAC. Tonight i have Sociology 3613 X2: aka- Sociology of Education in room 142 in the BAC, there is still no professor announced for this particular course. Last Thursday i went to see the Basketball Axemen lose to Dalhousie and it was a hell of a storm, so bad that i had to stay at my brothers in Kentville for the night before making it home to Middleton. How's about the Hockey Axemen? Counting the two exhibition games against U of T, they are undefeated in four games! Me and old Duncan went to see "Meet The Fockers" last night, it is like the number one movie in North America for the 3rd week in a row! It was quite hysterical, especially the RV Robbert DeNero drove and Hoffman-Streisand's sex drive (more disturbing than Reynolds and Shirly Macleane in Cannonball Run II)...our popcocrn machine is broken at work, you should have seen all of the people who bitched about having no free popcorn to eat, it is always the employees fault according to would-be customers...i think many should just get out of the house...i dunno, do something other than be a damn couch potato...and don't whine to me about money and stuff, free skating at 3-4 different rinks this weekend, all within driving distance, plus the ponds were frozen over....it is like people who crawl the mall all day long, the Greenwood Mall to me is like a bad high school reunion with all of the people that i do not want to see. It is too bad that i have class tonight because the documentary made about the Ramones, "End of the Century" is playing tonight in Halifax, oh well...i guess i could do a major league skip, but it is the first class, so an appearance is highly recommended, i should see if the Acadia Cinema can get it in because i know alot of people would come in just to see it. I bought two of me books this morning for Sociology 3043 X2- "Che Guevara, Paulo Friere, and the Pedeology of Revolution" and "Development in Theory and Practice: Latin Perspectives in the Classroom" I checked again this morning to see if my student loan was in yet, we sent it off last Tuesday and last time it came in really quick, something like a week to five working days. I will buy my book for Sociology of Education, but like a little brat, i wanted to have money so that i could attend the WWE Smackdown house show at the Halifax Forum. I know...school first, but i want to see this, so i am saving a little bit and then hitting the road to Halifax next Sunday, the show is at 5:00. I may have to purchase a ticket at the Metro Centre as it looks like the Forum boxoffice will not be open prior to the start of the show, is that ridiculous or what? And they wonder why people are not pleased with the service provided by the major entertainment outlets in Halifax, first none of the good concerts seem to come here anymore and sadly the least expensive tickets to the WWE show is $29.00? $29.00?!?!?!?!? Has it occured to them that not many people are watching either of their shows anymore? This may be exhibit A! Imagine having four or five kids and taking them to this travelling in from the Annapolis Valley? Let's see, easily out of about $200....easily...i think they should remember who watches their shows and stuff....Anyways this is enough bitching for one day, i have class is about roughly an hour and a half and i have to pick up Richie Ramone from work at 4:30 and then back for my 7:00 mystery class at the BAC...later on webslingers and do not forget to honk...twice at strangers...

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Different but the Same

Hello cool guys and foxy ladies and welcome to 2005!! Man i am glad that Acadia is starting back up on the 10th!?!?!?! These damn breaks are too long! When was i done examinations? It was the 9th of December or something like that, i have been home some five weeks. My Dad is still suffering the effects of food poisoning, courtesy of whatever the hell he ate in New Minas that day. My brothers roommate told me that the last time she ate there, the food poisoning lasted a good five weeks, lovely.... I took my nephew to see the hockey Axeman defeat U of T 4-2 at Acadia Arena last Thursday! The Axeman defeated the Varsity Blues twice actually, with the first game being played down in Yarmouth. I remember i actually liked a girl once from there, but it did not last long, i heard she still lives down there working at K-Mart or Zellers or something. I feel bad cause i stopped talking to her just because she started seeing someone during the summer of 2001, plus the fact that EVERYONE made fun of me for liking her, she was dating a bricklayer and i heard enough bricklayer jokes to last me a lifetime, i was a jerk...oh well... i am going to travel to Wolfville tomorrow night to see the basketball Axemen take on Dalhousie at 8:00, they won their first game under their new coach, Jeff Cummings, so it should be interesting to see how things go. I sent off me student loan papers yesterday, damn things! I know i am going to have to beg for a job at somewhere like Acadia when all is said and done come April in order to pay back the roughly $74,000 i am going to owe our lovely government for all the years of damage that i have caused at both Acadia and Mount Allison. Did anyone else watch Team Canada's clobbering of the Russians last night? Somewhere, Donald S Cherry is smiling...I cannot wait for the WWF Smackdown house show (Not WWE...i will never call it that!!! F***king animal tree hugging hippies!!! Rot with the Peta idiots!!!) Show at the fabulous Forum in Halifax! Kurt Angle, RVD and a bunch of others are going to be there... i has to admit i am really in love with me portable MP3 player, i have been listening as of right now to the Ramones, Damned, Hanoi Rocks, The Travolta's, Sloan, The Ataris and the Get-Up Kids to name but a few...i can vary quite a lot in me old musical tastes....actually a great song by the Get-Up Kids is called, "Martyr Me" and an awesome sample of the Travolta's is a song called, "Endless Summer"... well more and more people are asking me if i am heading up to MTA for a reunion with the Harper boys...well well well...if all goes according to plan, i may be able to swing it for the last week of February, i shall have to see if any of the boys are going to be around for my visit if it comes to fruition. Anyways i am going to watch a bit of the Wayne & Shuster special on CBC and then turn in for the night...have a good one webslingers!!! In the meantime, here are some of my favorite lyrics from one of my favorite bands, the song is "Enchantment Under The Sea" by the "Huntingtons" Enjoy!

"Last night Darth Vader came to me
And told me that he would melt my brain
If I didn't catch my destiny
Before Biff snatched it away from me
I can't have that so I'm asking you, Lorraine
8:55 where you gonna be?
Under the sea
Do you wanna dance with me?
Do you wanna hold my hand?
Are you scared like I am?
I don't wanna miss my favorite TV show
No daddy-o not for some blind dateB
ut if fate has brought me to you now
I'll row with it but I don't know how
Science fiction theatre can wait
Do you really think I oughta swear?
Would it show her how much I care?
Well that's great but I'm not that kind of guy
So hey you get your darn hands off her
Oh yeah cause she's got a better offerS
he's the earth angel of my eye."
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