Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Anything for Now

Wowsers! A whole week and no no bloogo Webslingers!!!! Well i have been a busy boy, well off and on busy anyways, still handing out resumes, sending a few in the mail to other areas in hopes of someone noticing my great skills...ya all stop laughing now! Well i have a major announcement...


The BEACH BOYS are playing an outdoor concert at STFX in Antigonish on Sunday, August 7th with an estimated 4 p.m start time!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


The organizers are expecting some 10,000 people to show up to the show, i am so there! I have to get into contact with that sleazy Bullen and Old Man Russel to see if i can come crash at their places, to think we can have an actual Tower reunion in the backyard of one of our schools greatest opponents, and what an occasion for this to happen! i mean could you imagine if you had told me a couple of years ago that i could possibly be reuniting with some Tower buddies at STFX for the purpose of seeing The BEACH BOYS?!?!?!?!?!?!? The fricking BEACH BOYS!!!! Ok so there will be no Wilson's there and many people say that the BEACH BOYS without Wilsons is like water without waves, but still there is something to be said about the atmosphere of corwd-surfin, beach balls flying and people both young and old wearing Hawiian shirts, hopefully without any of this crappy rain putting a damper on stuff, i mean it is an experience, i have had the BEACH BOY experience many times and now i shall plan on having it again...which leads me to...

Hello Acadia...

If..no when the Beach Boys draw 10,000-15,000 to STFX, you can thank me...why is Old Man Robb saying this? Because i have been saying for years that the Beach Boys would draw a crowd at Raymond Field, asking why don't we get the Beach Boys to kick off the start of a new school year? However when they see how good this is going to go over, they will try and some dumbass who thinks he is the be all end all...ASU?...more like ASSU...anywho far be it for us to have origniality eh? I will be checking out STFX and comparing it to Acadia, i mean i attended Mount A for a year and then i will calcualte my own picture as to why we are getting our ass whupped in the McLeans poll (as useless as it may seem) every year.
Umm yeah, the weekend was pretty uneventful, my nephew visited and stuff, plus i worked on Saturday night in Middleton. I had a pretty irate customer, actually he's usually a pain in the ass so i was happy that he was mr pissy pants again, he accused me of not selling him one of his movies that he had brought to the counter on Thursday when i worked from 10-6 at the store formerly known as Town & Country, the only problem was that he did NOT bring said movie to the counter, therefore i did not sell this particular video to him, well he huffed and puffed and bitched and moaned to my co-worker on Saturday and said he was going to phone me Sat night at work and totally bitch me out...well i waited and waited and waited...and ummmmmmmmmmm...no call... oh well... plus i visited Wal-Mart and made a few purchases out of the $6.99 bin, "Sleepaway Camp" and "Johnny B Goode" Sleepaway is a cult classic, me and my ol pal Richie used to call a girl in Tower Sleepaway because we saw her go to the men's bathroom over and over again and we figured that she had something extra between her legs like the chickie...i mean guy err the it from Sleepaway Camp...and Johnny B Goode was me and old pal Barry's fav flick from around 1992-93, Anthony Micheal Hall...i mean could you have imagined back around the time of Sixteen Candles this twirp all of a sudden playing football? I mean in Johnny B Goode it looks like he has been eating trees or Lou Ferrigno or something... fun flick, with the principal from the Breakfest Club, Paul Gleason (Who also was in Van Wilder, another awesome Robbo flick!) steals the show as Hall's prick of a football coach, i remember for years whenever i had a few wobblepops and was in the vicinity of a piano i would start frigging around and yelling out, "Sweet Lucy Brown" like Gleason did early on in the flick....
Well today i applied for more jobs and actually went to the G-Wood Mall, which is kinda like going to an everyday bad high school reunion, seeing girls from my day pushing carriages with 4-5 kids, classmates who are prematurely going bald and stuff...weird..
Well an old school mate did stop me in the mall long enough to invite me to his bachlor party which is taking place in July at Doolies, so i shall be up for that...haven't ruined a good bachlor party in a long time...I have still been talking to that special someone, she asked me on the weekend if i would come by her place and help her pack this week and has said all kinds of stuff like how i am going to have to finally meet her Dad, she is moving to Halifax early so i think i am going to have to do something when i go visit her....nothing drastic, but just be upfront with stuff ya know, how i feel and all that kinda stuff...then again i could just let it slide, i mean the girl is moving away, what is the worst that i could do? Then again, do i want to sit around all summer pining becuase of one nice moment...or damning myself for not doing anything at all...kinda like last summer eh? You know who you are from last summer, all you do if hide behind excuses like your parents and other stupid excuses when you should be accountable for your own actions, telling me stuff in an e-mail, the easiest way out instead of maybe showing some initiative and saying it face to face, some of my ex's...they may be total wankers and yes i wish shit on them, but at least when they dumped me (what a mistake!!! i mean ...jeesh!) they did it face to face, not coping out with the excuse that their parents made them do it when they are into their mid 20s and stuff...you said you were disgusted with yourself? You SO were not disgusted during the stops on our trips, when we got out and stretched...you were NOT disgusted at all... no fake mind games folks, honesty is the best policy that one can have, if you do not have honesty, then you are cast into a sea of doubting one's self... however sometimes when you do not have doubt about things, this has the tendency to make other's look bad...like when i was not doing oh so awesome in a course and the instructor made a point of saying that i could not do upper level courses becuase his/hers course was required before i took those other courses and he/her implied of how bad i would do at those courses...well you should have seen the look of suprise and astonishment when i told he/she/it that i already had those courses and had made an A and a B+ in them, which i was supposedly not able to do without he/she/ it's whatever it was a useless class.... even if there are no long term benifits sometimes, just to show somebody up once in awhile feels DAMN FUCKING GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well..i went to the bookstore and finally, now that it is in softcover, picked up, "To Be The Man" by Ric Flair, i brought it home and spent the evening reading all 459 pages of it...and wow! This has to be the best autobiography of a professional wrestler i have ever read in my life, Flair was an adopted child, his parents adopted him through the Tennessee Children's Home Society, to those who do not know, The Tennessee Children's Society home was involved in a nation-wide adoption scandal selling children that were appropriated through the court system and a corrupt judge, Camiel Kelly in Memphis, Tennessee. This scandal has been documented in several magazine and news paper articles. This Tennessee Children's Society was operated by Georgia Tann and the background is that Tann organized Tennessee Children's home Society in Memphis to remove children from the slums and put them into the hands of the rich, who would educate them. She took children out of hospitals, homes, parks, anywhere she could find a poorly dressed or dirty child. Her system started doing what it was intended to do, but the huge profits blinded her and turned the system into outright baby trafficking with little regard to what kind of person the purchaser was. She left behind a legacy of hate that would have put her in prison if she hadn't died before the Tennessee Attorney General could finish the investigation. In 1950, the Governor of Tennessee called for an investigation of the Tennessee Children's Home black market baby operations, said to have grossed $1 million for Georgia Tann, the superintendent of the local branch of the home. Tann was accused of fraudulently persuading pregnant mothers to relinquish their children. A number of Hollywood celebrities adopted children through the home. During the investigation, local attorneys and justices were found to be part of the scandalous network of adoption that allowed adoptive parents to be out-of-state residents. The Tennessee Children's Home Society is a sad story, it is dramatic and shows southern politics at its worst--congenial, respected public figures running shady deals in the back room. As for the rest, i always knew that Flair hated Eric Bischoff and that in March of 2003 he actually attacked Bischoff backstage during a WWE Raw show, Bischoff was an ass kisser of the highest magnatude who degraded Flair during his time with WCW so badly that Flair lost his confidence in himself and wanted to retire, seeing as Bischoff was no longer an executive in WWE, Flair attacked him and was stopped before he could do any real damage.. anyways, pick it up, it is at an affordable price now at $11.99 and is a good read for anybody, not just wrestling diehards...
Oh before i forget, here are the tour dates for this summer's Grand Prix Wrestling tour!!!

June 7 Souris, PEI
June 8 O'Leary, PEI
June 9 Sunny Corner, NB
June 10 Lamèque, NB
June 11 Grand Anse, NB
June 12 Petit-Rocher, NB
June 13 Cocagne, NB
June 14 Petitcodiac, NB
June 15 Tagamagouche, NS
June 16 Barrington Passage, NS
June 17 Bridgewater, NS
June 18 Berwick, NS
June 19 Borden-Carleton, PEI
June 20 Cocagne, NB
Possible locations down the road: Florenceville, Nackawic, Springhill, and bigger cities like Halifax, Moncton, Saint John and Sydney.

Anyhow i am off to bed, not working till Saturday night in Middleton, so some more job hunting and stuff will be happening this week...so till whenever..lates!
PS..Some More BEACH BOYS!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Look To Your Orb For The Warning

Good late evening Webslingers! How the hell goes the battle? Well, it took some convincing but the Dunker by virtue of already having purchased tickets twisted me arm into going to see Star Wars: Episode III...well, i will admit that it was better than the other two messes that make up the newer Star Wars trilogy, but enough already ok Georgy ol boy? What is next? Anyways the final 30 or so minutes of the film with the wrap up ending with baby Luke being delivered to his aunt and uncle was good for the retro crowd...plus ol Anakin SkyKiller ended up being pretty Kentucky Fried eh? Anyways it was kinda fun minus the first ohhh 30 or some minutes, love the prices in New Minas at the theatre eh? What is it again ummm $2.50 for a pop and $3 something for popcorn? No wonder all the kind folks of the Valley bring their own grub to the theatre! Oh well what has been happening with our old buddy Robbo? Well i worked this weekend, broke the vacuum cleaner in our Middleton store...actually it has been on the road to ruin for quite some time, i also became quite upset with a little loser who was for some odd reason banging his umbrella on our racks, which contrary to what others may believe, actually do cost a fair bit of change, man i haven't seen a guy with an umbrilla in a long time...plus there was another guy that came in wearing a pink baseball cap surrounded by a mob of jailbait.. one of the faithful came out of the back and commented about what an ugly girl, the one with the pink baseball cap..OUCH!!!! Recently i have been making mixed CD's on my computer in my room...lotsa good stuff too! Like Ramones, Ataris, The Hanson Brothers, Chixdiggit, Beach Boys, No Means No, Flaming Lips...just a bunch of real good mixes for the Tracker, why all of these mixes all of a sudden? Well i have spied a CD player for the car for about $100 and while it does not play Mp3's, it does play mixed discs, that and i have continued my fetish of making Hockey Fight discs which are for my own personal usage...oh why oh why does the NHL keep shutting down the cool hockey fight sites? C'mon morons! Read the message boards on these sites and you will see the real fans of the game, the ones who have suffered through the last decade of the dreaded trap, decreased scoring, stupid and idiotic expansions into the United States where except for some cities, no one gives a RATS ASS about professional hockey!!!!?!?!?!?! Drop the instigator rule, decrease the size of goaltending equipment, eliminate the red line, drop a good 5-7 teams and maybe...and i do mean maybe you shall recieve some fans back to watch the game.... plus i am trying to convince Dad to purchase a video card for the computer so that i can go through the old recordable VHS and oh my dear god...BETA tapes that we have so that i can find and locate material that i want to save on disc like old hockey games and wrestling as well as old movies and television shows that i have not seen on video in any shape or form and then i can get rid of the old tapes because they are just taking up room in the spare bedroom in the basement... plus i am going to check into Ebay as Dad has a membership with them, but has never sold anything on there...actually the only things i have bought off Ebay has been a Jason X figure and a VHS tape containing 8 hrs of old school hockey fights!!! Anyways what i plan on doing is boxing up old movies that i have that i have re-purchased on DVD, stuff like the Friday The 13th series, A Nightmare on Elm Street , My Bloody Valentine (Maritime horror!!!) as well as about some ohhhhh 40 titles that i have taken the liberty of replacing the old pan and scan VHS with...i figured if i box them up and sell them as a package deal, then maybe i can get some bids on them, esp if i start the bids low and maybe throw some extra stuff in on top to maybe entice some interest.........Oh well, i was up to the mighty AcadiaU today with another resume, this time for the position of Archive Assistant... it looks good and it help in adding to my previously mentioned curriculum vitae, so that after i work for a couple of years (if one was to get said job first that is!) then i could possibly apply for the educational program at AcadiaU, i actually went into Cajuns for the first time this summer and there was a pretty girl working there, my kinda girl, pigtails (not that pigtails are a fetish...Princess Leia's hair...now that could be a fetish!!!!) and she was reading a novel, didn't catch the title, but it made her look like there was more to her than just looks..looks and intelligence, i mean intellivision...i mean yeah...intelligence- WHAT A CONCEPT!!! Call Les Blinn!!! (Editors Note- Where the hell is BLINN?!?!?!?!?!???) ... We finished wrecking..i mean redecorating our basement tomorrow in preparation for the upcoming year, my parents are already being beseiged with phone calls from students about the availability of the downstairs apartments, my brother got into it with me again about my textbooks and term papers, he thinks that i should either burn them or sell them.......HELLO MCFLY!!! HELLO!!! (Biff knocks on McFLy's head...fricking classic!!!) I need that stuff! Ummm lemmie see, yeah that other job at the library that i applied for, well ummmmmmm they required a termpaper as part of the application, a marked term paper that was at least an 80% or as they say an A- or an A...hello...some people just cannot think outside of the box huh? You don't know the box? Well i describe the box as the everyday situations that people find themselves in, like a girl i know that was dumped lately, she did not even know where Acadia was.. (I know...I know..i feel for her) anyways she had been with the same guy since high school and lo and behold she has discovered a whole new world out there...why is that? Becuase she came out of that invisiable box that she found herself in, a sheld that was blocking her path of discovery, like taking summer courses at Acadia (which she is now doing) she would never be doing this if she was still with this guy on the Road to Ruin (second Ramones reference this blog! Go team!)
Oh yeah... for people that were asking, the SUB's official hours for the summer are:

MONDAY: 8:00AM- 10:00PM
TUESDAY: 8:00AM-10:00PM
THURSDAY- 8:00AM- 1:00PM
FRIDAY- 8:00AM- 1:00PM
SATURDAY- 11:30AM- 1:00PM

Well tomorrow i am going to drop another resume off for a job right here in.............drum roll..........Alex Van Halen style.............Middleton! The Annapolis Valley Macdonald Museum. which is almost right across the street from my brother's house is looking to hire a Research assistant for the upcoming year, so the deadline is June 3rd, but i figure i can put on my best sportscoat and turtleneck, look all snazzy and stuff and go over and try to make somewhat of an impression, this way i could stay at home, not that i really want to, but it would help somewhat with the payment of my good money to our lovely government for their loans. Well payday is on Friday and my nephew from Darthmouth is coming for a visit, i was thinking of taking him to see "The Longest Yard" on Saturday afternoon, but i now understand that his father has Saturday off so there goes that...i want to ask my crush (boy do i sound grade 5 eh?) to go, but i dunno....after some of the revelations that i have made to her, even though she finds it somewhat "hot", i cannot see her going anywhere with me in fear that i am going to let out this crazy manwhore of a man that i have suddenly become...you know you just elave something bottled up all this time and eventually you are going to snap..ok now psycho killer style of anything like that, but you are eventually going to come out of your shell and start admitting stuff that you never thought that you would say and either you get a good reaction for this brave attempt...or you recieve contempt in a "Ohhhhh no! We're just friends!" or the everpopular "EWWWWWWWWWW!!!" as i usually seem to recieve... anyways i am going to go down to Tim's grab a coffee and then maybe do some MSN or something..thinking of pretty Miss whatsherface, here are some Atari lyrics with a ring of truth to them.....

"I.O.U. One Galaxy"

"Stars are out tonight
and you're the brightest one shining in my sky.
it's like every wish I ever made came true.
the day I woke up lying next to you.
will you be my best friend
if I offer you my heart?
'cause it's already yours.
we could hang out every night
and watch the sun go down.
as long as we could watch it rise again.
gave me a valentine.
it's these little things that stand the test of time.
I've saved the tickets from the shows that we've been to.
and a thousand other memories of you.
will you be my best friend
if I offer you my heart?
'cause it's already yours.
gave you this i.o.u. today.
it said good for one galaxy.
once I build my rocket to the stars.
we'll fly away just you and me."

Pssssssssst- Watch some classic NWA Wrestling action!!! Ric Flair Vs Terry Funk from the 1989 Great American Bash!!!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Almost There, Going Nowhere

Hey there Webslingers!?!?!??!!!!!!! The last few days have been...well...kinda here and stuff. Nope no callbacks on any jobs, so nothing new to report on that front, so i am working tonight in the store formerly known as Town & Country while the rest of North America is out watching the latest abomination from George Lucas, well geeks and dweebs are, along with kids who sucker their parents into taking them. Now not to contradict myself, but i used to brag my father into taking me to see the original trilogy of Star Wars back in the day, but today seems different, now we have geeks and collectors who will go into Wal-Mart and other notorious places where all kinds of zombie wormslime gather on a daily basis and bowl innocent kids over so that they can buy up all of the toys and stuff, make them into collectiables and then seel them at jacked-up prices on Ebay and elsewhere...it all boils down to the mighty dollar..then George puts the original trilogy out on Dvd...but not as we remember it...Noooooooooooooo! He has to put out those crappy CGI laden special editions that he unleashed on the public in 1997. I will wait to see the new one, the last two have been nothing to write home about and so i shall wait...it is still funny to see the dorks lined up, they need lives besides drinking Diet Dr Pepper and making crappy HTML pages on computers in their parents basements. Wait!!! I am in my parents basement!!! Damn... anyways i feel the latest craze over this latest installment- last one George? You money W****!?!?!?!?! YEAHHHHHHHHHHH RIGHT!!! Something tells me that ol Georgy Porgy isn't done yet, not when he sees some $300 million that this puppy is gonna make... then again i have never seen so many people so excited to see a movie where EVERYONE knows what is going to happen at the end. My brother is always like, "Oh the special effects...oh the CGI...ohhh the special effects!!" So what? It was so much better back in the day when they built little dinky modelships of the ol' X-Wing Fighters and did it day that...models looked so much more realistic than computer technology to Old Man Robb...something a little strange bout that eh? Oh Well...i'll always have my burned off copies of Japanese laserdics on CD-Rom and the STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL!!!!!- (Mention that one to ol' Georgy fanboys!!!!) Anyways i was at career resources today at the Middleton Community College and i noticed another ad for the Acadia Library, except this one was for a Special Collections Research Assistant whom must have an interest in library archival research and Atlantic Canadian History, oh and they must be a History Major...well...hows about a History Graduate? Look folks, they always say at many of these places that you have a lack of experience, however they fail to realize that you must get this experience in order to obtain the experience that they ae indeed looking for. All i am looking for is a chance to get my foot in the door, make my mark. This way i will then have the experience that maybe future employers, if i then decided to leave are looking for. Plus it will also be appealing if i decide to down the road pursue getting into education at AcadiaU. This job is asking for lots of things that i have learned how to do while pursuing my degrees such as conducting historical research using primary and secondary sources, assisting in the production of a digital archive and doing some work with the internet making a web-based interface for project information. I know i can do all of this, so i am going to between now and tomorrow tweak my resume just a little more, leave on my curriculum vitae and see if i can make it up to Acadia on Monday. Oh well...i guess i can become a professional video clerk if nothing else.......... So i phoned that girl the other night, well...we spoke for like 4 hrs about stuff and she noticed that i was interested in her, damn i must be obvious! She claimed that even her friend noticed! It is strange because i have known this girl an awfully long time and she is moving in a month to Halifax to go pursue more education. Only now i am opening my mouth and admitting stuff...what a loser i can be sometimes eh? Hope my parents don't kill me about the long distance bill... Anyways i have to wrap things up and get working on that revised resume, take my wash out of the dryer and make supper..it looks like a Din Din De Le Kraft night..WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (Ric Flair style!!!) Oh well in the meantime and in-between time, have a good one webslingers!!!!

PSSSSSSSSSST- Found another on-line classic (or not so classic)............BRUCE LI IN NEW GUINEA!!!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Institutionalized Misogyny

Hello there Webslingers of all shapes, sizes and measurements! Well how have a i been since the letdown of the days past? Well...not as organized and as progressive as i had previously hoped, however there is some signs of life, today i went to hand in a resume at good ol' AcadiaU! The position open is that of an Archival Records Assistant in the Watson Kirkconnell Room which is located in the basement of the Vaughn, the Kirkconnell Room is the reading room for Archives and Special Collections at Acadia University and opened in 1979-80. Anyways, the job resume required a few things like some knowledge of archival material and some university..(Ol' Robbo? Some university? hahahha!!!!) Plus according to the print out of the job description, they will provide training. Now i had to supply a few things in order to apply for this position, i had to give a resume, a sample of a major paper done as a course requirement and three references. Well my resume had to be edited of course by the lovely lady up at the community college and it is now top notch looking, not saying what is on the paper is topnotch, but the layout is. As for a term paper, i gave one that i did for Social Theory on different social theorists like Karl Marx, Max Weber and Emile Durkheim. I made 81% on this paper (An A- for those of you who do not know...) and being as it was part of a course requirement and from this past year at Acadia, i felt that this was the paper to present. Two of my three references came from professors at the university and from my local MLA, whom i have known since 1990-91, when i came to West Kings, so that is good and finally i did my first ever curriculum vitae..Many of you are asking yourselves the same nitty gritty question right now i betcha...what in the living hell is a curriculum vitae?!?!?!?!?!?!??? WEllllllllllllll...by quote unquote "borrowing" a little, i shall try to explain as best as possible...

A curriculum vitae is also called a CV or just Vita for short. It's similar to a resume, in that it's a summary of one's qualifications. But it typically includes more information than a resume. In fact, it's more like a career biography: Curriculum vitae means "course of life" in Latin.
Below is a list of typical elements that go into a curriculum vitae. Which elements you'd include depends on the purpose of your curriculum vitae, the recipient's requirements, your qualifications, and the country in which you are submitting it.
Complete contact information
Brief biography with personal details such as age, place of birth and family status
Professional, career or research objective
Study abroad
Thesis or dissertation title and advisor
Graduate fieldwork
Awards, honors and patents
Grants and fellowships
Research experience
Work experience
Publications and presentations
Professional licenses and certifications
Language skills
Professional memberships
Related extracurricular activities

So yesterday and today i wrote my very first Curriculum Vitae...down below is some of it, i know mine is kinda amateur, but here it is anyways:

Curriculum Vitae:

(Address Withheld)

Degrees Held:

B.A.- Acadia University (2002-03)

Major Areas of Scholary Competence and Concern:

Historical Research
Social Theory
Social Movements

Memberships in Associations:

Acadia University Acadia History Society, Charter Member: 2001-02
Acadia University Crowell Tower 3rd Floor Representative: 1999-00 and 2000-01

Service to Acadia University:

Acadia University Campus Tour Guide: 2001-02
Acadia University Crowell Tower Welcome Week Leader: 2001-02
Acadia University Radio Acadia: Campus Radio Station: 2000-01

Service to the Academic Community Outside of Acadia University:

Mount Allison University CHMA: Campus Radio Station: 2003-04
Kingstec Community College Weekly In-house Radio Show 1995-96

Selected Service to the Broader Community:
Kingston Arena, Kingston, Nova Scotia: September 1991 to September 1996
Position: Hockey Announcer and Statistician.
Bragg Communications, Aylesford, Nova Scotia: June 1991 to September 1996
Position: Camera Operator and On-Air Personality.

Ok so it is not too much there when compared to my professors, but then again we all have to start somewhere eh? Well...last night was historic..ok maybe marginal in the grand scheme of things, but a special someone in my life well...pretty much found out how i care about her, physcially as i chatted with this special friend till like ummmmmmmmm 5:00 in the morning on MSN and i basically told her EVERYTHING!!! Well..she always kinda beats around the bush when i tell her stuff with responses like, "lmao" "awwwwwwwwww" and "Your Funny" and "Your Cute" and the ever popular "lol"... well she knows, but we're just friends, as Aerosmith sang once, "The Same Old Song and Dance" ...you know girls though right guys? You like a certain one, they only like you as a friend and any fooling around is a gigantic NO-NO cause they never look at it as just fooling around, plus they are always looking for something better out there, whatever that something is i do not know, they want those anorexic looking guys, or ones with a nice car and cash and or the guy who treats them like total and utter S*** and the girls always have to make excuses for them like, "You don't know him like i do" yeah right honey bunny... maybe girls are insecure about themselves, that is why they like these jackasses that are in reality poor excuses for boyfriends and once a jerk of a boyfriend has control of an individual, he then can go do whatever he wants, go hang out with other toss off's that are his friends and or cheat to death on the poor girl that he is dating....why? Becuase they usually have no respect for the poor girl, are power tripping cause they control the girl's emotions and feel that they can do as they please, and one of the first orders of business for jerks who usually come with the nice car and play loud and shitty crap music, with their spoilers and subwoofers and usually looking like quite the ass****s... usually they pick up what one of my ex's likes to refer to as "Prostitots"...basically jailbait that hangs around the burbs or malls that will take off in a sec with a jerky older guy with a hot car... disgusting isn't it? This is a good poem i found on the net about relationships..dunno who wrote it as to give credit...but it is a good one:

Relationships Suck (author unknown)

Relationships suck...period
That's all there is to it
They can be going great, and still, something sucks about them
They really suck when they go bad, or don't go at all
Some feel complete, till you realize they're sucking you in and ruining your life
Some just flat out feel incomplete from the start, something necessary is missing
Some feel like over-rated friendships and not anything more
Some don't go, no matter how much you'd like them to
The reason they all suck is they all have down sides
Having to care about someone else
Having to make compromises and sacrifices
Having to be there for someone
Having to feel good because you're in a relationship
But when you think about it, these aren't really bad things at all
They just seem like it when things don't work out
I guess the real reason relationships suck is this:
We can't life without them

Ok..enough about the relationship stuff already! Me and her are just friends and that is that! Ahh all of this work for a job and stuff, none of which may be coming my way, but it is all good toi be hopeful anyways eh? My brother and other people, including my mother have told me that it was a waste of time for me to go to college, that i should have gone to community college...well i did and it was a drastic waste of time as it was nothing more than a glorified high school with a nasty BITCH of the Baskervilles who was designed to weed people out, not teach. At least university set me straight on how to get ahead in the world and that the hidden curriculum and glass ceiling are always going to exist whether we like it or not.

Depressing Isn't it?

Anyways after i dropped off my resume for the job of Archive Records Assistant at Acadiau, i went to my basement apartment and cleared out the washroom of my personal belongings and then went down to Econo Entertainment in New Minas and bought the special edition DVD of Burt Reynolds classic, "The Longest Yard" for $6.95!!!! Can't beat that price eh? I am going to go see the Adam Sandler remake when it comes out on May 27th of this month. Wonder if Sandler is going to get a Stone-Cold Stunner from Steve Austin in the movie? Oh well...i am going to go to ol Tim Horny's and get a large triple-triple and then phone someone...she told me that i could so i may as well..it is nice to dream eh? oh well.................anyways webslingers stay outta the mall, have a Colt 45 and smile!!! Lates!

Psssssssssst...Bored tonight? Watch Bruce Lee in the Chinese Connection!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

"New" Jason Goes To Hell Action Figure!!!

I think ol' Robbo is going to bet checking Ebay for this new figure of his main man Jason Voorhees dressed in his Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday (circa 1993) get-up!!! Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Obsolete and Blind

Hello there webslingeroos! Its been a few days eh? Well ol Robbo has not done too much in them there days, i recieved word on that one troubling mark and there is nothing that can be done about it. The person who gave me this news was basically the be all and end all of people in authority, so i am done with it. Sad isn't it?
What am i mired in as it pertains to one small little incy wincy bit of academia?


1) The state or quality of being mediocre.
2) Mediocre ability, achievement, or performance.
3) One that displays mediocre qualities.

It is like being told that an assist is nowhere as meaningful as a goal (Wayne Gretzky would agree when referencing the 1979-80 NHL season)
No matter that one did not have a mark below B (read that webslingers...a B...not a B-) it all hinges on something that to myself is very trivial, it is not fair, but there is little that can be done about it eh? No matter that one has his 4th year seminar class and has gone from just below a 2.00 to just below a 3.00...that was alot of work, a lot of hardships and fighting alot of demons, it was a hard old semester with stuff in the family and to have something to me that was and still is so miniscule and disgusting wipe all of that out? Who is to blame? Me for not confronting old demons and where to turn for help? The prof did all of what he or she could do, there is not the greatest tutorial system set up in this school, to find a tutor means that you are going to be out a good $20 an hour, sure they are making money and using this means to pay their way through university, but was it worth it for me? NO! It was not worth it for me at all. It is as if rejection has taken over everything and anything. I am not one of the Richie Rich kids with daddy's car and everything done for me at the drop of a hat. I am a blue collar student and it is always the hard way...always... it is like that’s the way it is and i don’t know why anything is the way it is. Anyways...that is the end of that chapter for now...my father tells me to go see the Dean of Arts, work my way up the ladder...but i know that it is useless and that will get me nowhere, it is not like back in 1998-99 when my Intro to Political Science paper on capital punishment in Canada up and vanished into thin air when i was the 3rd person to be done the examination (boy i really sucked as a student then...) and passed in my paper, i even remember putting it under the two other papers in hopes that it would vanish...well it literally did vanish, i recieved an F and right away that afternoon i was in the office of my advisor and looking at alternatives...well to make a long story short, we finally convinced them to do a re-write and i recieved the credit...but this is different then losing a paper...this is a case of mediocre ability, achievement, or performance on the part of myself and only myself to blame. I just know that if was a prof (yeah right, just take that old pipe dream and fling it to the outerreaches of HELL!!!!) i would feel bad...yeah i know, professors are supposed to be ice cold killing machines, only they use their pens to kill you in print instead of a sub-machine gun.....actually many like to rip your heart out of your ass and stand there and laugh maniacally while you croak and ask why, then again they have tenure and can do as they please in many instances..right Ward Churchill? Why would i feel bad if it was me as a prof? How could i sleep at night knowing some student without my class which he or she outright flopped would have around a 3.2 or even higher for an average for the school year? I would wonder why i never got through to the student or how come i could not get this person to learn, how come they never took the time to ask a fellow student to please work with this student and help he or she through the course. Am i going back? As of this moment in time, the answer to that very question would have to be a rather astute, NO! Let me hear that again, NO! HELL NO!!! Then again i should wait to cool down a bit eh?

Face it...i suck

Friday The 13th is 25 years old...so when is the next one coming out?

Well today me and my brother boxed up and moved the rest of my stuff out of my basement apartment to my parents basement for the remainder of the summer. He of course made one of his many silly comments when he asked, "Why don't you get rid of these books? Go get a job!" Well Orvile the Redneck... Why doesn't George Foreman just throw away all of his grills? Why doesn't Mario Lemieux just give up after fighting cancer and how many other obsticles in his way? Or how's about Pete Rose giving up trying to get into the Baseball Hall of Fame or John Rocker all of a sudden becoming a nice guy along with Bobby Knight? People just don't quit
Sure i have had a setback, but am i going to out and out quit? Hell No! Why quit when you have come so far? One must learn how to lose before learning how to play... The rest of the weekend? Well i did yard work for the folks and worked in Middleton and in Greenwood for the rest of the time, we are having a staff party sometime in June, love staff parties..prob cause all we do is get sloshed and rip each other the hell apart, but it is usually in good fun. It was funny on saturday as i worked a nine hour shift and had to wonder if people just had nothing else to do, it is like the original "Dawn of the Dead" where the female lead wondered why the zombies were returning to the mall and Peter (the black lead) tells her that it is something that they remember doing when they were alive...the mall is almost zombie like as well...unless i am going to buy some clothes or a Dvd or need a quick Tim Horton's i almost never go there, now other people i know, they spend their entire day at the mall, aimlessly walking around, even when i was at Wasted Kings i never went there too too much, cause it was boring...i was always looking for something more..don't know what it was, but it was something more than a life sentance of spending every waking minute at the local mall walking like a zombie.... i remember a good friend of mine, see him every once in a while, me and him one whole summer went to Legend's Lounge in Coldbrook...it was fun, but guess what? It got BORING!!! Boring becuase it was the same thing week in and week out... oh well what to do eh? Hey today was graduation at Acadia, i had forgotten all about it until the Dunker phoned to tell me all about it! Congrats...but remember it can be a cloudy and most confusing world out there grads, it is like you are the flavor of the moment at the time of graduation, but once your gone from our fine institution, it is like well.......don't let the door hit your ass on the way out! Oh and in six months, unless you have done the smart thing and just continued on with your education, the oh so wonderful student loans peoples will be harassing you and asking you for cash that many of us that are not in the rich people of Canada club do not realistically have.... oh well..to prove people wrong will be most rewarding, once i am not angry with myself anymore that is. Well tomorrow i am handing out more resumes and stuff, going up once again to career resources at the community college and then more yard work as i do not work again until the weekend, oh well webslingers have a good one and maybe things will be better later.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Third Time Today!!!!

Hi Webslingers....a real long time this time eh? Well it would have been a shorter time if Blogger would get their F***ing act together and stop my posts from stopping in midsteam for like the 3rd time today...then when i go to recover my post, i can only recover part of it...anywho.... Well...i recieved my marks and for the most part i am ok with it, with the exception of one mark and if one was previously reading these Robbblogs, well they would then have no trouble wahtsoever at figuring out which mark it was indeedy. I went to see someone in power about it on Tuesday afternoon and rest assured something will come out of it. My avererage for the year slipped down to a 2.67 because of it (around a B-...yeah thanks a lot dude!) and my overall average for Soc is around 2.66, so yeah i am a B- kinda guy i guess. What i am left with it called a "Fat Major" however it still kinda sticks in me craw if you know what i mean. So anyways i am awaiting word back on that front. So i am still looking for work, i heard back on the recruitment job and it looks as if i am S*** out of luck on that front as well, they had stopped accepting resumes before i had applied, well it would have been nice for the job bank to state this or something of the sort, even the e-mail that i had received said nothing about a cut off date, they did say that theyb are going to keep my resume on file for the time being in case things don't work out with one of the potential hirees. I have applied for several jobs now this summer, including one resume i mailed last Friday to Windsor in reference to a job at the Windsor Museum and the West Hants Historical Society. Maybe i'll get a call on that one and maybe not. I also mailed a resume into the base yesterday as they are looking for someone to help at the Family and Children Resource Center in Greenwood and finally i am applying to the Vaughn Library of all places where they are looking for a research asssistant, one of the job criteria's asks if you can carry 40 pounds, so that is what i am looking to do here folks, score a decent job, pay back some of this absurd student loan that i have and then maybe in some two years time i can go back to school, preferably Acadia and then go for my education degree. Having a decent mark in your major can go along ways in helping the powers may be in deciding that you can be a good addition to the educational ranks, that is why if i can find steady employment that is not the video store, then i can pay back my student loan. Then i can formally apply to get into education at Acadia. Also i am told that it is a good idea to have lots and lots of volunteer experience when trying to get into education at Acadia, the lovely (and i do mean lovely) lady up at Middleton Community College explained to me that i had wayyyyyyyyy too much volunteer stuff on my resume and we had to shave some stuff off. Well...i went to see ECPW Wrestling at the Kentville Arena last Wednesday, i was told that it was the largest crowd (800 + people) to see an independent wrestling show in the Maritimes in years. Also the show was being taped for a new reality television series entitled, "Wrestling With Reality" which looks to be interesting as well. However the biggest news of the night that i recieved from my sources is the return to the Maritimes of GRAND PRIX WRESTLING!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Whooooooooooo!!! When my nephew comes down from Dartmouth to visit this summer, i will take him to the Berwick Arena so that he can have a taste of the Grand Prix experience. AS long as he discontinues dressing like Enimem or whoever that talentless hack is.. ahh can't stand rap at all. Here's a little something i stole off the net that sums everything up in perspective.........

"Ah..Yes. Wiggers..The whitest men to turn black that we all hate..and if you don't hate them,you will die.It's a fact. They talk like the hippest black people you know yet look like a white man that had gotten ran over by the soul train.Or there is the wiggers who speak very poor "jive"talk and dress like they shop at the big and tall stores..Those are the real ones that piss me off..when I see them I think "Wonder if I socked him in the face if his posse of white gangsters will come at me with plastic guns from the 99 cent store yelling 'Yo,Dawg lay off my homie"..But many can see through these poor white gangsters..the true sweater vest-wearing tennis players that live within them..Maybe they hope if they have a gangster persona they will become famous like eminem or Jamie Kennedy who happened to make a movie about a wigger...Okay,listen Jamie..DON'T MAKE MOVIES ABOUT WIGGERS..We have enough of the damn bastards..we don't want them copying off white-black people after they pretty much ruined the slick black-man style..don't ruin us aswell! By the way..to my viewers out there..these comments are no way racial towards black people..I love black people. Just not white morons who act black!..So for now on..everytime you see a wigger,please go ahead and proceed to kick them in their testicles until they turn black aswell. Thank you and goodnight!"--

Alex Rantsalot"If only I had the patience to read all that"

I had colored friends who lived in res with me for all of these years and they think wiggers are hysterical.
I finally got to see the Dukes of Hazzard trailer the other day, this could be the sleeper of the summer...ok i've been wrong before, of course my brother thinks it is a waste of film, but since they are not wearing capes, masks and not enhanced by a ton of crappy CGI effects, he won't og see it...to be shallow...i mean Jessica Simpson may look plastic and all and dumb as a log, but i don't think my brother would chase her out of the house screaming "Out ugly!" It looks like Seann William Scott and Johnny Knoxville have their parts nailed, so it remains to be seen how it will do. Alot of people love to judge movies before they come out, i remember alot of people saying how Freddy Vs Jason was going to tank in the summer of 2003, but wasn't it movies like the Hulk which sucked royally..bad CGI, bad acting everything... it didn't deliver the goods, like Godzilla 98 (Never let Matthew Brodrick carry an action film....ever) i remember people at the theatre being disappointed cause he sure didn't look like Godzilla, he looked like some 5th rate Jurassic Park straight to video bullcrap up on the screen. I am back on Limewire this summer and i have been downloading some good stuff including the Hanson Brothers classic, "I Never Will Forget Her" from their now out of print album, " Sudden Death"
Last night i told a girl on MSN that i have had a thing for her...acutally that is a lie, i out and out told her about my fetish for her, yeah foot in mouth time...which she did not have a problem with at all (weird) However she is moving to Halifax at the end of the summer and i am still here...roaming around the Acadia campus with no purpose other than it is home, like Jason and Camp Crystal Lake..ok i am not murdering people..although there are some who need to be put in their proper place. I was talking to the oh-so lovely girl at the info desk in the SUB and we were chatting about Radio Acadia. I know there are some guys who are working on bringing it back, but are they doing it for the proper reasons? Are they doing it for the better good of the students and are about to give an equal opportunity for students to go on the air and have some fun? Or are they in it for what they think is going to be some glory, in it for themselves and are only going to include their friends in their little clique's in on. If that is the case, then it will fail. Remember 2001-02? No? Becuase that is what happened! Radio Acadia got a new manager and a new program director and they proceeded to hire all of their friends and the station did not last the year. There are lots of people who say that college radio sucks and that all they ever play is weirdo music.. that is why alot of college radio stations hire outside managers and program directors, to make sure all of the shows do not sound the same. For example if you have a punk rock show or two, then you do not need three. If you have a couple of shows centered around different languages and cultures, then you only need a few, in other words speciality shows have to be spread out and do not forget about the Candian content ruling as laid out by the CRTC, that you must play 30% Canadian Content and 30% New material. I always got around it by playing fast new punk from underground bands, this was to give these bands some exposure and to go get to playing stuff that i wanted to play like old school punk lik the Ramones, Sex Pistols and the Clash. ....... Hopefully "Assume The Position" will return...someday....

I think that "Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave" will be heralded as a cult classic...someday...

So i have a few things to do, i have to work tomorrow at the store formally known as Town & Country, then Saturday in Greenwood and then Sunday me and my brother are moving me out from my basement apartment to home in Middleton for the summer. Hopefully i find some employment of a good paying nature soon, that is why i am heading back to human resources this afternoon to continue the search

Psst- Ramones- Pet Semetary!!!!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Slow To Fade

Hello there Webslingers!!! First things first...


Hard to believe that at 60 yrs of age that Lemmy still has the energy of a 30 yr old! The three piece put on a 90 minute show capped by the Ace of Spades!!! A good crowd of ohhh about 2000- 2500 people were on hand and there looked to be an equal number on the outside looking in...i think the show should have been held at the Forum itself. I hope they come back again, it would be oh so cool to see them do a show at the SUB or something eh? I dunno all the naysayers would have something to say about that i am sure. Still haven't checked my marks, what a chicken**** i am eh? I dunno, it has been a decent week with Motorhead and ECPW Wrestling tonight in Kentville, (Plus i will be listening to this awesome tune i found by a band called "Teenage Bottlerocket" called, "Bloodbath at BURGER KING!!!?!?!?!?!?!!??!!!!!!!!!!!............So, yeah back to what it was that i was thinking about checking the marks on Friday or something like that, that sounds cool to me, besides, we all know that there is no way in hell that i made that C- in Quanitative Methods, no way...the first hint was my prof on the day i returned my laptop to useless support, when he said i didn't think i was going to hit that 60, however at that time he had only marked the first part of the examination and proceeded to tell that there are some things that i had done well, really well and others that had been done ummmmmmm really badly. Right now i do not care at all...i am still looking at doing the education thing in a few years, i used to dream of doing a Masters in Sociology, but now i am disillusioned with the whole thing, i would have to encounter stats once again, my kryptonite, and i really do not want to see a stats problem for a long...long time. Remember that getting into education is based on your overall GPA, not just one silly unnecessary course that manages to mangle your GPA... actually getting into education is either through your combined GPA or the GPA of your major, the lady also mentioned having alot of volunteer work on your resume when applying for education. ..holy S*** look at that frickin HAMBURGER!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Well... i handed in my new and improved resume for the position of recruitment officer at AU, do i have a chance? I do not know, there are lots of other people applying and if they look at their academic record and compare it to mine, then the chance for me is between nill and none..... however i have alot more experience than many of those applicants, many who are about ohhhh a good 10 or so years younger than i am and not to really stick my foot in my mouth, but haven't really, outside of academics paid their dues, Mommy and Daddy have done alot for those students, passing the buck instead of saying go earn it on your own kid, they were the kind of kids that drove by blasting rap from the speakers of their parents Ferrari's while i was up in the trees in 100 degree temperature's picking apples for scab wages, not all kids were like that of course, but alot were whether they realize it or not.... anyways i wore my best suit for the dropping off of the resume and people looked impressed, i was a bit disappointed that the coordinator was still in New England, ...i miss my families trips to the New England states...i remember in Maine when i would always find silly little shops like THIS ONE!!!!...anyways..yeah the resume, they put it in a folder and left it in a pile saying priority, hopefully that means something good will come out of it. I hope to at least land a formal interview out of it anyways. I had to run from up the hill back to uhall when i discovered that i had forgotten to sign my cover letter...i must have looked like a dunce as the secretary looked at me as if i was a madman, running back into the office with hair (what's left of it after my recent haircut) and suit jacket blowing in the wind... crazy Robbo..crazy...what you will see below is the body of my new cover letter...wonder how it sounds?

Dear (name withheld)

I am applying for the position of Recruitment Officer at Acadia University for the forthcoming 2005-06 academic year.

As a Recruitment Officer, I will bring you over ten years of customer service experience, excellent written and verbal communication skills and phenomenal leadership qualities. I am organized, punctual and I can easily adjust to a changing, fast pace working environment. I am mature, honest and I thrive on an environment in which I can work independently as well as being a team player. I am confident in my public speaking abilities in front of a wide range of audiences.

As a recent graduate and alumni member of Acadia University I feel the need for Acadia's needs and expectations and I could lend my experiences to incoming students to Acadia University.
I have enclosed my resume for your consideration, given both my education and background, I am sure that you will unanimously choose me for this position. I look forward to representing Acadia University. Thank you for your consideration; I look forward to hearing from you in the future.


Old Man Robb (ok...that part is a joke!)

Sound good? Sound crappy? Well...i hope it is enough to help me land this position... it would be good, it would boost the resume. Man i was pissed earlier this year when the campus D*****bag published that editorial about people resume building, this from the biggest brownnoser i had ever had the disgust of laying my freaking eyes on!!! I was hoping that administration would not stop short because his guy had his head so far up their collective asses that he would know what they had for fricking breakfest!!!!! Ok..enought about that and what about the new girl at the help desk?!?!?!?!?! Man the girl at the help desk in the SUB is an absolute BABE!!! I seen her working at the hockey games this year, i am sure she must have a better half, the nice ones who are pretty and a nice person at the same time usually have a boyfriend of some sort... oh well.... weird to see the SUB and stuff all deserted......Gymkata was one of my ex's favorite movies, she wanted to buy it a few years ago and my boss just gave it to her, it had sat on the shelf that fricking long!!!! Why that is not on DVD i dunno...glad to see it get trashed though.......... can't wait for tonight, something about going to see local wrestling, i dunno if it is the crowds (must be seen to be believed!!!) or the wrestling (almost must be seen to be believed!!!) At least i heard some promotion on the radio yesterday, giving away tickets to the Maritime Cup II that is taking place tonight, bell time is at 7:00 so i shall have an early supper and head up...too bad they don't allow tailgating parties eh? Could you imagine a wrestling tailgaiting party? Oh well, anyways i should get dressed, been up since 8, walked the mutts and this afternoon i shall have some lunch...i remember when me and Craigger used to listen to one of his rocking K-Tel albums called, "Blockbuster!?!?!?!?!" when we were little brats in the Passage, we honestly thought that the words to KC & The Sunshine Band's "Get Down Tonight" was "Do a little dance, make a little lunch, get down tonight!" oh well...to be old eh?
Anyways a little lunch, wash the jeep, maybe check in at human Resources up at the Community College to keep that lovely (and i do mean LOVELY) lady informed of how the job hunt is going and then off tonight to the Maritime Cup II...have a good one ya all!!!!

Pssssssssssst-Rocking tune from the now late great, Get-Up Kids (final tour this summer...sniff) Martyr Me

Monday, May 02, 2005

Killer Karl Krupp!!!!

As a kid growing up in Eastern Passage, one of my first wrestling heroes was a Nazi sympathizer by the name of Killer Karl Krupp!!! (I always loved the bad guys!) He will always be remembered for calling announcer Bill Mcullugh, "Mister Mcluck-Cluck!!!" and referring to popular wrestler The Great Malumba as "That Malumba-Wumba" Krupp was a popular attraction from Cape Breton to Yarmouth in the 1970s and 80s and had to retire in the late 80s, here's to you Killer! Thanks for helping me become such a damned demented little kid! Posted by Hello

Hold On Tight

Hellooooooooo Webslingers!!!! Well i see Blogger has been having some ummmmmmm technical difficulties again, that is all fine and just a dandy, except i lost an entire post...but i am fine now...


There..got that out of my system, not too shabby eh? Hell that is tomorrow night at the Halifax Civic Arena, doors open at 7:00 to see the original thrash band, their first time back in Haliafax since 1988 when they were here with Alice Cooper!!! Without Motorhead and the Ramones, how many bands would we not have? Not just that, but on Wednesday night at the Kentville Arena, it is the return of some real wrestling to the Maritimes!!!! ECPW with the doors open at 7:00 to see the Maritime Cup II. My only complaint is not really a complaint, but advertising, alot of people that i told this to had no idea that there is going to be a show on Wednesday night, and as i drove to my last examination i could see that there was alot of advertising in Kentville itself, but no advertisements before and or after i passed into New Minas, man you have to advertise those shows! Not one flyer up in Wolfville...a college town! Or in Berwick, which to me has always been the hotbed for wrestling in the Maritimes, well except for the good ol Forum, but all in all, i hope there is a good turn out on Wednesday night. Tomorrow i head up to good ol' Acadia U to hand in my resume for the Recruitment Officer job opening, the lady who is in charge of recruitment was in New England this week, so i waited until tomorrow to hopefullt make a good impression on her, so i told a little white lie to my Momma and said i had an interview, i do not have an interview, i want to make an impression, so that means putting on a nice dress shirt and pants and shoes and seeing what happens. I took my resume to the Human Resources Center at the Middleton Community College and this very lovely lady took the time, when she really didn't have to and we totally re-did my resume, i mean i still had volunteer work from high school on there! Stuff like being a member of the Winter Carnaval Committee in 1991-92 and the Outdoors Club (we learned to shoot bows and arrows) is fine and dandy for nostalgia's sakes, but in the major scheme of things, i means squat!!! Plus we removed things like working for the Pizza Nazi and pumping gas in Shearwater at age sixteen and Smitty's Panckae House (More like S***cake House) when was that job? 1988? 1989? Man the years are slipping by people, the lady that helped me roared at all of the volunteering that i have done over the years, i always thought it would have helped me to better myself, all a learning experience, that is life. Went to my niece's birthday party the other day, man i am never ever having kids, first i have to meet the right woman, has not happened yet, usually they fall for and leave me for Meatloaf, they are loafers named Moolah, they change their religion and become a total PSYCHO making Anthony Perkins roll over in his grave...who knows? I am the master at getting DUMPED...always the dumped, never a dumper... I mean who the hell can put up with me? A guy who loves his B-Movies, Acadiau Sports, just being a moron... Frat Boy till i die... jeesh... Went to the Capital Lounge the other night after work with me ol' pal Blair who is moving to Middleton and wants me to party with him ASAP, man there was alot of people shakng their rump on the dance floor and alot of scantily clad ladies, of course none paying attention to me and more to the Rico Sauve losers who wore their bling bling and open shirts, ladies its all about the quantity, not the quality... plus, some advice, if ol' Robbo can't wear it, you can't wear it...understando? Hungry? Man look at this frickin SANDWHICH!!!!! (and click the links looking at other dude's sandwhiches!!!! I am talking death on a plate!!!) All i did was work Thurs, Fri, Sat and today (Sunday for the date impaired) Well, hopefully i can score with this job, pay back alot of that ol student loan and then ummmm...well one thing that i want to do is if i can recieve this position of recruitment officer is take as many Sociology correspondence courses as i can..why is that Old Man Robb? Well... one of the ways to getting into the education program is through your major GPA, if my Soc GPA is around a 3.0, then i stand a better than average chance of getting in, the only problem that one of my old advisors told me the other day is the comfort zone, that is simply say i get a job as a recruitment officer (man i am ahead of myself here, remember getting the job is iffy, i will have competition) and i pay off my loan give or take- two to two and a half years, then what happens when the loan is payed off? My brother said i can live at his place as long as i like, and because i am single and not at all attached to anyone or anything, i will have at my disposal a decent amount of income and i can enjoy luxuries of life, ok not richie rich or anything like that, but enough money to do things, buy things, go places and take little trips- basically the old money equals freedom of enjoyment, the chains and constraints that one is used to is removed, of course money cannot buy happiness, but it can make things for oneself a lot easier to swallow, lots of room to maneuver. I watched "Meet The Fockers" with the folks tonight, it was good to see Dad relaxed and enjoying a good flick, actually i brought out "Mad Max" the other day and me and Dad watched a nice, clean, remastered in stereo and WIDESCREEN DVD of Mel Gibson's greatest role....I cannot remember who said it, ummm..lemmie see...ahhh yes, it was Roger Ebert, who of all people (i am sorry, but those guys love alot of S***ty movies!!) However ol' jolly Rog commented and i quote...

"My opinion is that (a) anyone who actually works in a video store and does not understand letterboxing has given up on life, and (b) any customer who prefers to have the sides of a movie hacked off should not be licensed to operate a video player."-- Roger Ebert"

Ahh..good ol' Rog...i could not have said it better myself, but c'mon wait till the ignorant and the unwilling to accept proper aspect ratios see that TV's in a few yrs are not being made square, instead they will all be made WIDESCREEN...get used to it folks, its a fact of life.
Anyways, it is off to Wolftown tomorrow, then off to see MOTORHEAD!!! and to all, Pleasant Dreams as i am off to bed, nite webslingers!
Motorhead doing KISS!!!- "Shout It Out Loud"!!!!!
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