Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Acadia Axemen Hockey Schedule 2005-06

Hey there gang! Here is the official home schedule for Acadia Axemen Hockey 2005-06

Friday October 14th- Dalhousie Vs Acadia 7:30
Friday October 28th- St. Thomas Vs Acadia 7:30
Saturday October 29th- University of Moncton Vs Acadia 7:30
Friday November 4th- SMU Vs Acadia 7:30
Friday November 11th- UNB Vs Acadia 7:30
Saturday November 12th- UPEI Vs Acadia 7:30
Friday November 25th- SMU Vs Acadia 7:30
Saturday November 26th- STFX Vs Acadia 7:30
Friday January 6th- University of Moncton Vs Acadia 7:30
Saturday January 7th- St Thomas Vs Acadia 7:30
Wednesday January 18th- STFX Vs Acadia 7:30
Friday January 27th- UPEI Vs Acadia 7:30
Saturday January 28th- UNB Vs Acadia 7:30
Friday February 10th- Dalhousie Vs Acadia 7:30
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Monday, July 25, 2005

Old Man Robb Tour 2005-06

Hellooooooooooooooo Webslingers and all of those not paying attention...ummmm that is ALL of you! I am here to make a grand announcement so listen up jerky...

Old Man Robb Tour 2005-06

Is coming to the Cape Breton and Antigonish area on August 6th and August 7th!!?!?!?!?!?!!!! Well the second piece of business is that i am seeing the Beach Boys on the 7th at Oland Field on the STFX University campus, with the doors opening at 11:00 am...i will be in the nosebleeds as usual and it should be good times seeing the Mike Love Show...so it is not the REAL Beach Boys (Missing the Wilsons and Al Jardine..) but it is a vacation nonetheless...
The First Piece of business is a trip to Cape Breton itself, i want to see where they filmed My Bloody Valentine AKA, The Syndey Mines and the surrounding area...does the bar in the film still exist today? And i am taking a side trip outside of Sydney...why? Just curiousity as to something....someone...just curiousity...plus while i am in Cape Breton i will probably pick up a Cape Breton Screaming Eagles shirt or hat or something...

Hey is, Lick A Chick still in business on the way to Cape Breton?

I took my nephew to see the new Bad News Bears movie, it was a good time as it was a showcase for Billy Bob Thorton and the kids were funny, esp the little fella who played Tanner...he was no Chris Barnes (What the hell ever happened to that kid? I thought he was a riot in the first two Bears classics!) but a good impression nonetheless...the movie was pretty un-PC, like the first and i think Greg Kinnear was esp good as the prick coach of the Yankees. One thing that Thorton did was make the role his own, and plus he is a man who should never wear his shirt unbuttoned (like Robbo) Sadly the Bears did not light up the boxoffice this weekend as it only took in around 15 million, i guess alot of people were taking their brats to see Willy Wanger or whatever it is called...is there a more overrated actor in the world than Johnny Depp? The only thing i have ever liked him in was A Nightmare on Elm Street and that is because of what me and me ol pal Barry called affectionately, "The Kool-Aid Scene" hahahahahahah!
Man actually last Thursday kinda sucked, well me and my nephew were all hyped for the PWU Wrestling show that was supposed to happen at the Berwick Arena and guess what? NO SHOW!!! I guess the promoter bailed after their show in Trenton and tried to hop a bus back to Halifax when he met an angry mob of wrestlers at the bus station. Also he abandoned the ring back in Trenton, which the wrestlers tried to retrieve and just couldn't deliever it on time for the Berwick show...man local wrestling has fallen on hard times eh? And how do you tell a kid that was so looking forward to it? Oh well i do hear that there may be another Grand Prix Wrestling tour come August so it may be all good after all....
The diet is going really well, i am down to 216 pounds and going to the gym here in Middleton as often as possible, what is my goal? To be around 190...who knows? Maybe get er down to around 180 pounds...look good and skinny for all the hoochie mommas that i can find eh?
So Sidney Crosby is a Pittsburgh Penguin!?!?!?!? Well now maybe they will get their new arena and stuff eh? Unless Mario goes down in the first 10 games with injury number 999...but nonetheless, Crosby-Mario andRecchi on the first line cannot be all that bad? Maybe Mark-Andre Fleury will be ready to take on the load and the Penguins will be on their way back towards the playoffs...i am glad that the NHL strike is officially toast and that all of the teams have a salary cap of 39 million a team, the Philedelphia Flyers are already buying out players like John Leclair and others...what this cap means is that it is the end of the million dollar penalty killer...give the big bucks to the stars and everyone else just fall back in line already ok?
Well the expected e-mail came from u know who... i cannot handle a casual relationship.. i guess i am not into sharing with others, it really didn't tickle, but i am fine as it is in the past and that is where it is staying.
So i am working on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday...lotsa hours as one of our staff has left and that means more hours for Old Man Robb. Our first ever Sidewalk Sale in Middleton is taking place on Friday and that means i have to be there early, my parents are taking off for the weekend on Thursday morning (ok Old Man Robb that is like technically before the weekend..hello McFLy!) so it just me and the doggies for a few days. Actually last night i went for a long drive in the tracker and i went to Annapolis Royal and visited Fort Anne (really creepy in the dark!) and cheated on my diet (Brownies on the Moon Ice Cream....) and on the way back i saw a mini-putt golf course, ok so that is not so exciting but right next to it was a GO-KART TRACK!!!! Me and my nephew are SO going there! I do not know how much it is, but it looks like a hell of a lotta fun! I wonder if you can play Smach-Up Derby with the damned things? When i was a brat i LOVED Bumper cars at like the fairs and stuff
anyways that is enough babbling for one night for Old Man Robb! nite

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Outside of the Norm

Hellooooooooooooo there webslingeroonies and other assorted wormslime...well yesterday was quite the experience, went on my little excusrsion to the South Shore of Nova Scotia and what did i find? Well it was way too foggy for good ol Risser's and so with relatives not being home in Blockhouse Hill, i ventured over to our Venus affiliate in Bridgewater and visited with the manager for a few hrs, i must say that walking into that particular store, which was formerly known as Wild Bill's (Wish we had kept that moniker!!!) is like really cool and scary at the same time for it is an almost exact replica of our store in Greenwood! Really freaky i must say! Anyways i had not seen the manager in three years due to beyond my control circumstances, ok the general public must understand that these circumstances were dreamed up by Old Man Robbo himself and they have to do with our photo album at work that has many many incriminating photos lurking around of Old Man Robb............... one regret was that i saw an old classmate of mine in the parking lot of where K-Mart used to be and i did not bother running out in the warm South Shore sun to say hello... we both survived the B***h of the Baskervilles and lived to tell the horrid tale, well he had it bad because of his accent (well she should really have listened to herself!!!!) Anways i am told that he is still in charge of karioke at the local bar there so i shall have to make a return visit again sometime... and i told my friend that if she ever wanted to come to one of our staff parties i would come down and pick her up myself and drive her to the next event...whenever it shall be and she told me that i have to party with her sometime... i get the gut feeling me and her working together would be like Chucky and Tiffiney of Child's Play fame working a shift together... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh and the Wal-Mart outside of Bridgewater has DVD's that the one in New Minas does not, like a whole rack of Captain Harlock DVD's that are going for $9.99 each!!!?!?!?!?! Me and my brother used to watch episdoes of Captain Harlock on CBC French channel when we were little rats living in the Passage, i remember they never bothered editing their episodes so we would see like extreme Japanese violence on out tubes and we never understood a damned thing that they were saying ....jeesh!!! Yeah so i cheated...on my diet!!!! I drove past New Germany...into Cookesville, as i think it is spelled and there stood the holy grail of eating...the one...the only ...the legend..the man...the myth... THE TURKEY BURGER!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i was a complete wuss! Acutally i messed up ordering cause i did not sit down and order so they made my order in a take-out container and so i sat down eating something called a George Burger out of a container and i missed my chance at seeing the rest of the menu and i could have been a man...for once and ordered the Fork-Lift Burger...just to see if i could have completed the sucker! Oh well there is always next time i guess... in New Germany there was a place i passed called the Critter Burger!?!?!?!?!? I shall have to try that place out next time as well... lots of places that have been closed down on my drive down to the South Shore that are all boarded up and stuff...creepy... oh and on the way back i stopped to check out a lake where it says kayaks and conoe's only and man it was one nice spot, about halfway there past Trout Lake a little bit and you can park and sit on this HUGE rock, really nice...
No...i have still not talked to her
Man i e-mailed someone today to see if there is a wrestling show tomorrow night in Berwick as my nephew who had a great time at the Grand Prix Wrestling show the other month is all hyped and wants to see more, a couple of the shows were cancelled so i am being extra cautious as to whether there is going to be a show or not...oh well the Fantastic Four is at the Base Theatre and i would not mind seeing that one twice...Scotty from Star Trek passed away, that is sad news as i was never really a Trekkie (get outside people!) but i didn't mind the original show and the movies, oh well the movies after Star Trek the Motion Sickness...Dad took me to see that at the Penhorn Mall in Dartmouth when it was still just had three screens and man...it was the first movie that i ever fell asleep watching! and i had to wake my Dad up! hahahahaha...good times...
Well i worked out for like an hour today in the Middleton gym, had to make up for the lost day of being caught in the Turkey Burger tractor beam...the scenery was nice in there today and they are playing less and less of the crappy rap music that they used to play while i worked out, and plus i had spaghetti tonight for supper and of course could not resist grabbing a handfull of Mom's homemade onion rings...ahhhhhhhhhh..no control...
Anywho..that is all from here...have a good one

Monday, July 18, 2005

Jessica Simpson in the Dukes of Hazzard!!!!!!!!!!

The Dukes of Hazzard movie is out in August and man i have never heard so many people crap on a movie before it is even out! For godsakes even the dude who played Cooter is complaining about how it wrecks the family values that the original show had! What F***ing family values? Buncha bootlegging moonshining beer swilling, skirt chasing rednecks running from the corrupt police force which was ran by a fat, white guy who dressed like a New York pimp? No family values here dude, try the Waltons or Walnuts or whatever the hell they were called, anywho...look at that picy and you tell me there is not a straight male alive who is not going to go see this flick?!?!?!?!? YA WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Waiting for...

Hello there webslingers! Wow! Another weekend is over and another year where i had nothing to do with Heart of the Valley Days here in Middleton! Well, maybe if i was 13 like my nephew who didn't come home for supper the other night and his dad had to pay $2 admission to go get him around 8:00 on the fairgrounds! HAHAHAHAHH! Oh well...what else is happening? Well i haven't spoke to her all weekend, not on MSN, not on the phone, no acadiau webmail...nothing...like everyone has told me though, it is for the best if maybe i do not converse with her, probably doesn't notice i am not around anyways...
Well i have counted me money out of my Montreal Canadiens piggybank and there is a whole $48 Canadian in nickels, pennies, quarters etc etc and what is Old Man Robb going to do with it all? Well i was thinking of taking a little trip actually, I work tomorrow night in Greenwood and then i do not work again until Saturday night in Middleton i believe and so i was actually thinking about hitting the South Shore, probably on Tuesday morning and spending the day there... maybe hitting Risser's Beach or something, dropping into the Venus affiliate in Bridgewater, maybe going elsewhere and having some questions answered while visiting, you know secret stuff that you have always wondered about...maybe Bridgewater still has their Arby's... wait Robbo! You are dieting remember! Plus i like to head to Blockhouse Hill, drop in on relatives, Mahone Bay and finally Lunenburg itself, always loved it there, maybe go to the Fisheries Museum, see my grandfather's boat the Cape North or what is left of it, just a go day far away but not so far away, just a chance to be away from it all for a little while....
Just to get off topic, why do people lie? Someone i know...no not the one mentioned up top, but another a male i know who is older than me...(and i am old) tells the worst lies in the world, some that i will tell someday when i feel like it told another person that i know that i hate them...make heads or tales of that one eh? Anywho i do not HATE really anybody, now i am no shrinking violet, but i do not think i HATE anyone, just some strong dislikes maybe, but yeah and said that i wrote a big long note to someone else i know about how much i hate them...thank god a good friend of mine was there to right the situation and set this supposed hated person straight...
Then with my left over change me and my nephew are probably headed up to Berwick on Thursday to check out some good ol Maritime Wrestling action, a few of the names that had been scheduled for Thursday night have cancelled like Matt Hardy and Lance Storm, but wrestling in Berwick always delivers and so it should be fun times... Then Friday is payday and it could be a day of sacrilege...well even though i have been looking forward to it, the remake of the Bad News Bears is out and i hope New Minas has it because i asked my nephew if he would like to go see it, i just watched the original the other day and well...it is an unfair compairison because nobody else is Walter Mattheau...Pondo Sinatra maybe.... but it should be good. Man me and my friend Richie Ramone (Who i have yet to drop in on this summer up in Wolfville....) watched the original ALOT in Tower, as a matter of fact when i purchased the DVD of the Bears, i gave Ritchie my original VHS copy...
Well the NHL strike is pretty much almost over... man Gerry Buttman sucks..and thanks to this mess and the mess old brother Gerry has made of hockey the NHL will be half its size due to overburdened franchises and loss of interest from the fans.......but now everyone is on a budget so the days of the free wheeling spending Rangers and Red Wings is all over, me Habs seem to be sitting pretty with almost everyone all signed up and so hopefully the season will start and me and the old man will be sitting and watching on Saturday nights and during the first intermission we will be revisiting Ron and Don...
Anyways, silly sad me is out...lates!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Go Figure

Hey Webslingers, well it happened...but without much said in the way of words, once again my exclusive company is not good enough for someone else. Me and her was not supposed to be serious, but all of a sudden she is not on MSN, not talking to me..........and she has a crush on someone else....
Well i guess i did not hold up my end of the bargain well, it was not supposed to be serious and i ended up liking her, last night i wrote her an e-mail telling her that she can chat about whoever she wants, then today i go on MSN, stupid, blind ol me and there it is for all to see, her MSN message about her crush...
Why Robb Why?
Why do you get so wrapped up in girls? You should have learned your lesson years ago back at Wasted Kings and even beforehand when living in the Passage, your just not compatiable with any women whatsoever, your too slow, problematic and just not any good. You don't have it, whatever it is, you don't have it.
I have given thought to dumping her off my MSN list, i just don't feel like logging in and looking at her message.
Many people over the years think that i need help when it comes to relationships, go seek professional help, i fall too quick, too fast....
Oh well, another one bites the dust...what can i do?
Well i am back at the gym in Middleton, doing 40 minute workouts, trying to lose some of my belly, i currently weigh in at 222 pounds, a few years ago i was down to 200 on the button, i lost that in one summer, i weighed in at 240 pounds before i took off for Mount Allison. Well then i got in on the party scene and volia! Instant weight gain, besides my doctor wants me to keep the weight off, keep in off my heart and stuff.
So with that in mind i have started a diet, not a bad first week either for dieting as here is an example of my first two days of dieting.
Day One:

1/2 Cup Orange Juice
3/4 Cup Cereal
Turkey Sandwich
1/2 Pita- Turkey- 1 tbsp mayo
Salad- Lettuce, celery, 2 tbsp dressing
1/2 Apple
2 Chicken Breasts
2 cup frozen veggies
1 cup cooked noodles
1 slice toast

Day Two:

1/2 Cup Orange Juice
1/2 Bagel
3/4 Special K
1/2 Bagel with 1 tbsp P Butter
1/2 Banana
1/2 Yogurt
Baked Fish
1/2 Cup Potato
1/2 Veggies
Salad W/ 2 tbsp dressing
1/2 banana
I think it is like a starvation diet or something...
Me and Dunker went to see the Fantastic Four last night in New Minas, at the Empire, it was not too bad for a comic book flick, of course the purists are all up in arms for all the changes that the producers made to the characters, but c'mon it is a movie and certain things have to change in order to please the public...and yes the Thing looks alot better than that CGI crappy Hulk from a few yrs ago....
Anyways enough of my lovesick ass for now, i have to work at 6:00...nite slingers!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Take It In

Hey yo Webslingeroonies! Well I went to the stag party the other night after work, it was fun as it was in the blue room at Doolies where everyone played free pool and the first drink was free. I had quite a bit to drink as i got caught up with some people from high school i hadn't seen in a dog's age, including one fella who i hadn't seen since the summer of 1993! I finally came home around 3 in the morning and well...slept in really good on Sunday. Yesterday i went to Acadia to the Continuing Education Centre which is located in Willet House, which used to be an all guys residence on the Acadia Campus. Did i find a suitable replacement for Sociology 2006? No i did not, am i giving up? No i am not. The next logical step is looking at other universities and seeing what they have to offer in the way of correspondence courses and seeing if there is something that would be recognized as being equivalent to 2006 at Acadia, that is what the new head of the department suggested as a starting point. Correspondence would be good as it would allow me to work at a course at my own pace and i am told that the professors that administer these courses usually give alot of feedback. The continuing & distance education guide has quite a few neat Soc courses that i would like to take in order to beef up my academic resume so that it would look good to the people in education. Getting into the education programme itself is competitive and a less than stellar mark does not help, but if they were to look at my overall sociological programme GPA, it may help as they told me that my overall marks are what are seen as being important and my record is not bad, not honors mind you, but not bad.
I took my nephew for a bit of an initiation yesterday as we went to the Anvil for lunch, and nto just any lunch, but we ordered Anvil Burgers!!! Basically they are simular to the burgers served at the Turkey Burger in New Germany. Six pound burgers and my nephew ate the whole thing! By the wait...the waitress was cute and i noticed my nephew checking her out! He was quite enthralled with the campus as it was hard to get him out of the bookstore where they sell quite a bit of Acadia merchandise, acutally i like their prices better than the arena version of the campus store...Cajuns, i just remembered what they called it! And the one in the SUB.
I need to get that boy some Acadia threads!
I recieved a notice in the mail from the Human Resource Center which is located at the Community College which is just up the street from my house, telling job advice and a free workshop calander including Resume building and job search tips and on Friday July 22nd, Michelin is hosting a seminar at 1:00 and Convergys is holding another at 2:30.
As far as the woman goes, we haven't talked too much lately, she has been ill and not feeling well, i want to see her again, i really actually do miss her (Yes...cue the Air Supply) Does she miss me? Only time will tell as she has not been on MSN much lately...Ohhhh ol Robbo is used to when the ladies don't want him around, it was a year ago around this time that i was used by someone, someone who is a LIAR and a USER and i don't care to think much of her as she knows what she can go do.....ok so i am not being much of a gentleman.... but many of my past mates really did not deserve me, not that i am much of a handsome, wheeling and dealing son of a gun, but for the fact that there was usually someone better out there that i usually passed up to go out with these...ummmm...twits...
Anyways...i hope to talk to her soon.
Anyways i have to go, already had lunch, walked the dogs, mowed the grass and the day is young...sigh

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Don't Think...Feel

Well well well Webslingeroonies!!! How are things? Well tonight i am heading to a STAG party!?!?!?!? An old friend of mine as i have probably previously blogged is tying the proverbial knot next week...i have to work, but just as good tonight is the Stag Party at Doolies, of course i have to work till 11:00 in Middleton tonight, but after work i am changing into me best looking like a stud clothing and heading over, there is a suprise supposedly waiting as they are either dressing him up as a woman or they are dressing him as a wigger with a big ass clock around his neck like Public Enemy used to wear back in the day.
Me copy of the long lost, never thought it would see the light of day on DVD, the one the only - THE PARTY ANIMAL!!!! And i took the liberty of letting me 14 year old nephew watch the adventures of Pondo Sinatra, Studley and Elbow The Janitor...it was around the same age i was when i rented it while living out my formative years in Eastern Passage, man ...what a while ago eh? And so nice to finally see it in its original 1:85 WIDESCREEN format!!! Man i was missing all kinds of picture off the old VHS which i now can finally retire.
PS- I do agree with the article in that we should post signs on the subject of widescreen to help educate our customers......
Nahh...they wouldn't get it....although this would be a good article for people to read...
Think i am heading up to Acadia on Monday to head over to Continuing Education and see if i can find a course equivelent to that oh so lovely stats course, the best thing about take home courses is that you can take your sweet assed time doing them, then i may stop into the Soc dept and thank the new head of the department for actually taking the time to make contact with me, it is nice to see staff that actually cares about their students and why certain things are not working, unlike ol Darth Vader in never never land, thought i forgot about ya old boy? Well i wish i was a fly on the wall there this year to watch the impending return of somebody a little higher in stature and to see the demise of your days thinking that you are such an untouchable when really your nothing more than an old pompus egotistical ass whose day is coming, bank on that.
I'll probably take my nephew with me on Monday, give him something to do, you know open his eyes a little bit as opposed to him listening to those older punks that he refers to as his friends up in the city, why he would listen to them for advice on how the world seemingly works over a mature, professional student is beyond me, but hey who ever said that the world ever makes sense eh? Anyways i just remember last December when he was amazed at how the Vaughn was twice the size of his high school, it is amazing what a visual aid can do to a child eh? I remember being a child and seeing the Montreal Forum in person as opposed to seeing it as a child on television every Saturday night, it is the awe of seeing something up close and personal as opposed to viewings and old stories. I like seeing positive things rub off on young people like my nephew, taking that as truth over a bunch of wanna be street thugs who only think that they have it tough, even though their parents live like in the burbs. Pretty pathetic stuff if you ask me...anyways i'll take him on a tour of the campus and then maybe we will go somewhere like the Vil for lunch.
As for the woman, we chatted yesterday and she is home for the weekend, but i am working and going to the stag party tonight so there is no chance for me to see her this weekend, she said she is probably heading back to the city on the bus later today, i imagine it is most likely boring for her to be home, with none of her friends around and with her most prized possession her computer i think being back at her aprtment, i really wish i could see her, i had a decent check this week so maybe sometime after today, cause the Jeep is finally being taken over and the hole finally being covered so that i can take off that frigging rejected sticker maybe i can pay her a suprise visit, i dunno...just wanna see her again as it has now been about three weeks too long.
What a shocker about England and the bombing eh? Well they were soon going to strike again, even if it was not the terrorists that actually did it, you know full well that al-Qaeda is going to take responsibilty for the attacks, although a friend said i betcha it was France to which i quickly admonished him that losing the Olympic Games to England does not warrant the death of some 50 or more people. What about Osama? How can the States with their zillions of dollars invested in this war on terrorism not catch this man? Maybe he is dead...who knows? Oh this crazy world...

Oh yeah...
Here is Acadia Football's Home Schedule for 2005-06!!!!!!!!! Check out the Rest of the schedule here

Sat. Sept. 24: Montreal Vs Acadia 2:00pm
Sat. Oct. 1: Saint Mary's Vs Acadia 2:00pm
Sat. Oct. 15: Mount Allison Vs Acadia (HC) 2:00pm
Sat. Oct. 29: StFX Vs Acadia 2:00pm

Anyways i am working at six, so it is off with the Jeep to be fixed and then working from 6-11 in Middleton and then Stag Party time...then recovery...sigh
Have a good one....

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I'm Only Happy When It Rains

Helllo there Webslingeroonies!!!!! Long time eh? Well how are things? Well not too too bad i suppose, lately it has been a reign of ups and downs, i passed in my resume to Michelin yesterday, driving all the way to Waterville with a rejected sticker on me Jeep, yep a rejected sticker... it is supposed to be fixed...this week. Anyways it was a complicated resume to fill out, aksing questions about levels of skills in team situations and team management and levels of education. Maybe they will stick me in a desk job..ha! So Monday i recieved a phone call from the Soc Dept at Acadia wondering if i was heading back this year...man ol ' Acadia never tires of recieving any of me cash that i don't have eh? Actually he was really nice, the man whom i assume is the new head of the dept and he has pointed me in the direction of some answers that i have been seeking for some time now...it is all a matter of finding out...also the human services dept of the Middleton Community College called me yesterday at work asking questions about if i am satisfied with their services that they provide, if i had found new employment and asking if i would be interested in attending a job seminar on the 22nd of this month around one in the afternoon... all these phone calls eh? Some sad news in the Acadia communiuty this week as a member of the Acadia Football team passed away in Ottawa at the age of twenty-six, it is so sad to think that someone's young life could be over so soon, so quickly without the chance to grow old or experience more living, what it must be like for his poor family.... a shame.... But he did live so much and contributed so much with all of the bad brakes that he recieved, he still held his head high... unlike others in life who just float around and wait for opportunity and do nothing, this young man really lived.
My nephew is down for the summer and he is staying at my brothers place. It is so boring for him being here, but better than in the city where one can get in trouble hanging around with older teenagers and stuff. My Dad wouldn't allow us to hang out at malls like a bunch of losers, loiterers. It is hard to tell my nephew that what he is doing is loitering....but kids are tough to talk to anyways... Actually it was funny as yesterday after mowing the yard i was preparing a Ploughman's Lunch and me nephew had no idea what in the hell i was talking about...for the uninitiated...

A ploughman's lunch is a midday meal often served in an English pub (as distinct from a Scottish pub). A ploughman's lunch usually consists of a lump of cheese (usually Cheddar or Stilton), pickle and salad, accompanied by crusty bread and butter.

As for the love life? Well we talk almost every night on MSN, planning on our next date, the first one almost two weeks ago was so awesome, that i would love to date her all the time...ahhhh Old Man Robb is turning into a mushy old man...jeeesh ...maybe i am just getting too soft in me old age... oh well i have to head to Halifax again soo because she has moved and well..just see her again.. any date ideas?

Well Webslingeroonies...i have to cash me big $65 GST Check and prep to work at 6:00 in Greenwood...lates!
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