Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Endless Bummer

Hey there y'all! Wow Robbblogs is almost a year old eh? Well it is strange seeing that September is around the corner and i am not going to actively be on a university campus. There are friends, or people that i think are friends who are making active bets as we speak, like it is Vegas or something that ol' Robbo is going to crack and be back on campus by January. We shall have to see, depends on whether or not i want to see someone make some cash. Well i went to Berwick and passed in both my resume and my curriculum virtae to the Education office which is located in the old Berwick Hospital (kinda spooky- the mental health ward is next door) It was for that position of teaching english to foreign students in the area, probably up at the community college, so we shall have to wait and see what happens. I took my nephew to see the Mainstream Wrestling show down in Bridgetown at Bill's Pizza or whatever it is called, not the greatest wrestling i had even seen for it was all skinny guys who looked like they need to gain a good 30-40 pounds, the pizza was ok, had better..had worse. Worked alot this weekend, including a doozy on Sunday, i worked from 3-11 and it was warm in that store, probably becuase the air conidtioner is up the front of the store and only hits the front racks, so i have to crack a window in the back and use this little mini fan that was left behind by one of our old employees. Did recive a golden oldie in at work as in National Lampoon's Class Reunion from 1982 on DVD...only $8.99, besides Stephen Furst as a pervert named Hubert, the rest of it was nowhere near as funny as i remember it when we rented it on Beta around 1983. I did see that the boys up at Harper have a brand new webpage, an old friend from there popped into the videostore the other day and said that i should come up for a visit again, we shall have to see as i am trying to save cash for that trip to Maine. A good friend of mine from Maine has finally made contact with me and says i should definitly come there, and go to the Portland campus of the University of Southern Maine, but i was trying to avoid the big city scene as i find that would provide way too many distractions to me, we shall have to see what happens...anyways i am working tonight and tomorrow morning here in the big city of Middleton and then it is payday on Friday YAy! Anyways have a good one webslingeroonies!
PS- Grand Prix Wrestling's SPIDERMAN!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAAH!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Acadia Men's Basketball Schedule 2005-06!!!!

Here are the home games for Axemen basketball 2005-06!

Sat. Nov. 19- Cape Breton @ Acadia 8:00pm
Sun. Nov. 20- Memorial @ Acadia 3:00pm
Sun. Nov. 27- StFX @ Acadia 3:00pm
Sun. Jan. 8- Dalhousie @ Acadia 3:00pm
Sun. Jan. 15- Memorial @ Acadia 3:00pm
Sun. Jan. 22- Saint Mary's @ Acadia 3:00pm
Sat. Jan. 28- UPEI @ Acadia 3:00pm
Sun. Jan. 29- UNB @ Acadia 3:00pm
Thu. Feb. 16- StFX @ Acadia 8:00pm
Sun. Feb. 19- Saint Mary's @ Acadia 6:00pm

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hoax to Live For

Hey there webslingeroonies! How is life? Not too too bad i guess, the pounds keep dropping so that is good, i do have a good buddy of mine who said that she will miss my child-bearing hips if i am to lose them, but i wanna lose them! Damn lovehandles! Well i took my nephew out to see the new Deuce Bigelow movie at the Zedex and damn...aside from Eddie Griffin as Deuce's pimp buddy that everyone thinks is gay, this was one of the worst sequels to a funny movie that i have ever seen! Just the jokes and stuff fall on their faces and Rob Schnider looks totally lost, i read a review that called Schneider a "Short, smelly version of Steve Guttenburg!" Besides i am sure people will just love "Chernobyl" jokes...
Oh Robb...only a movie...still a crappy one, at least i can still get me nephew in for $4.50!!!
PS- For unaware readers, a history of what exactly Chernobyl was:

The Chernobyl accident occurred on April 26, 1986, at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine (then part of the Soviet Union). It is regarded as the worst nuclear accident in the history of nuclear power, producing a plume of radioactive debris that drifted over parts of the western Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, UK, and eastern USA. Large areas of Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia were badly contaminated, resulting in the evacuation and resettlement of roughly 200,000 people. About 60% of radioactive fallout landed in Belarus.

The accident raised concerns about the safety of the Soviet nuclear power industry, slowing its expansion for a number of years, while forcing the Soviet government to become less secretive. The now-separate countries of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus have been burdened with continuing and substantial costs for decontamination and health care because of the Chernobyl accident. It is difficult to tally accurately the number of deaths caused by the events at Chernobyl — estimates range from hundreds to hundreds of thousands. The issue is still heavily disputed, and the long-term effects are not yet completely understood.

Well i inquired again into that possible teaching position that is to do with teaching english to foreign students, called the education board in Berwick, but again i recieved nothing more than an answering machine. Oh well, hope to get through soon, it would be so nice to add it to my resume and i am sure that it would look good to like the some eight to ten colleges and universities that i am going to be applying to for September of 2006.
My brother has a blind date on Saturday night...doesn't want my advice for some reason...hmmmmmmmmm...If it were me, i would be taking advice from Mr T!!!
Well nothing else much happening, i am still pissy about the blind date stood up thingy, but it is all cool, if someone doesn't want to show up, oh well...they are missing out on a real nice guy here
Anyways i am heading to the shower and then down for a workout, then working 4-11 in Middleton...later slingers!!!

PS- I'll leave you with some of Mike Tyson's greatest hits!!!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Course of Human Life

Hey there crazy webslingeroonies and uninvited guests! Well yesterday was supposed to be alot of fun, i was to meet a blind date at Tim Horton's in Coldbrook and guess what the hell happened? I got stood up!?!?!?!?!? Man that was just cold! But what the hell do you expect when it is someone that you meet on the frickin internet? And Old Man Robb is getting old and senile becuase she was just all talk..like alot of things in this day and age, nothing but talk. Is there anyone real out there? I did meet a real nice girl recently, but she lives all the way down in Ohio, but she is a hockey nut! Has a Detroit Red Wings tattoo on her back, now the Wings are not my team (loved Probert and Kocur's antics back in the day though!) but a beautiful hockey woman? Oh well, always good to make new friends. There is the one however, i wish i knew how she was doing cause i really really miss her. Man... So i went down to the Exhibition in Lawerencetown to go see Ruby Tuesday last week, man did the guy ever look like ol' Jagger...well maybe Jagger around 1970 or so, he hot on soem wild ol pink pants! (size nine he told the audience!) The only downfall was that there were some kids that should have been removed because they were hassling the band down front. Man i have been working alot the last few days and i went to renew my membership over at the gym when i was told that i had won a prize in a draw that i have entered for 10 free trips to the gym! So i saved some cash that way. I have been saving money like a madman for my possible trip to Maine in late October, we have a new girl hired here in Middleton and so that means we have enough staff so that makes the trip even that more possible. Been downloading alot of good stuff off Limewire recently, i got the Dukes of Hazzard, The Bad News Bears and i am working on the Fantastic Four... Yesterday i was to a BBQ in Wolfville, but it was rained out. A friend told me that i should be working for Acadia in some capacity, but i do not fit their image at all... (read tall, slim and skinny) telling me that if i weighed a good 175 pounds, i would be in no problem...hmmmmmmmmm... Alumni Affairs at Acadia keeps calling me all of the time, wonder what they want? Probably think i am a rich man and want me cash! Unless it is a job offer boys, nothing from me i am afraid. Man this weekend, dead at work! Beacause of the Exhibition and stuff. However a gentleman came into work on Friday night playing a flute! He wanted to know if he could stand in front of the store and play for coin, i said no and so he went over to the post office and played Ruby Tuesday (de ja vu!) and then the cops stopped him. Man...only in Middleton eh? Well folks it is my day off so i am gonna take the doggies for a walk, work on me tan and then head for the gym, after that...hmmmmmm...maybe go see the new Deuce Bigelow movie at the base (i hear it is bad...only 5 people were at the matinee of it yesterday i am told!) Anyways...have a good one!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Acadia Homecoming Schedule!!!

Here is the Acadia University Homecoming Schedule for 2005-06!!!

Thursday Oct 13th, 2005- Career Choices Convention

Friday Oct 14th, 2005:
Varsity Athletics Golf Classic - Ken Wo Country Club
10:30 registration, 11:30 shot-gun start

Bulmer Race
2:30 registration, 4:30 start

Women's Rugby vs. Saint Mary's- 4:00 p.m.

Men's Hockey vs. Dalhousie- 7:30 p.m. Alumni Reception- 7:00 p.m.

Saturday, Oct 15th, 2005

AAAU Board Meeting- 9:00 a.m.

Convocation- 10:00 a.m.

Homecoming Parade- 1:00 p.m.

Football vs. Mt.Allison- 2:00 p.m.

Alumni Reception- 2:00 p.m.

Football Dinner- 6:00 reception, 7:00 dinner

Sunday, Oct 16th, 2005

Soccer vs. Memorial University- 5:00 p.m.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Slap Shot aka: The Greatest Sports Film EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember being a kid living in Edmonton when one night my parents were watching a movie and continuously roaring, i went in to check out what all of the fuss was about and there was this movie from 1977 about a struggling 3rd rate minor league hockey team called, "Slap Shot" on (In all of it's edited for television glory!) So when we purchased a Beta machine in 1982, it was one of my first rentals (You can only imagine my shock upon hearing the language not present on television!) If u are any sort of a hockey fan whatsoever, you have this movie on DVD, VHS, Beta or you have seen it..many times. Even Don Cherry himself said everything in this motion picture is real, the bus trips, the flea bag motels, the rundown arenas..everything. This movie in my opinion was one of Paul Newman's greatest performences and shot the Hanson Brothers to cult status! A sequel came out in 2002...not really good, stick with the original...one with the universe...nothing matters...Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hazy Shade of Wednesday

Hello Bloggos!!! How the hell is everyone that bothers to listen to my pathetic blabbering anymore? Well tomorrow night i have decided that i am indeed going down to the Lawerncetown Exhibition to see Ruby Tuesday, the Rolling Stones tribute band that hits the stage around 8:30, with $6 for a pass and the concert, that is not such a bad deal i guess. So i have to work all weekend, including Sunday, which sucks cause i had a "Special" offer from a friend and also i had another group of people who were going to go to Cape Split for a hike, last time i was there was in 2001-02 on a Tower hike, so i was kinda curious. Oh well... next week's schedule sees me getting 29 hrs, so there are some good paychecks on the way. I am trying to save some dough for my proposed field trip to Maine come October, probably on the Yarmouth Ferry..isn't it sad how people at work seem to think i am leaving as everyone keeps asking me what i am doing this year. The answer? A sabbatical, a one year sabbatical from university/ college/ post-secondary education, even though i have to get off my ass and try and get some distance courses so that i can tie up some loose ends. Found an ad in yesterday's Chronically Horrid about looking for social workers in Connecticut, a job paying around $40,000 a year American, so i sent off a resume this morning. Plus today i have another old friend checking into something for me while he is doing business today in Halifax. Still have not heard back from the Board of Education office in Berwick about those job openings looking for teachers for foreign students. So maybe i will have some answers as of tomorrow. The New York Islanders will be playing two inter-squad games while they are holding their training camp down in Yarmouth in September at the Mariners Centre! I should so make my way down to at least see one of them....maybe pay my respects to the Red Knight!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Hey Senior Bullen! I so dare you to make that one phone call! I double-double dare ya! Believe it or not Webslingers i actually applied for a job with the Islanders earlier this summer! Maybe i should drop off a resume to Mr Milbury in person eh? Well shall have to wait and see... Actually there is a FREE Wrestling show in Bridgetown on August 27th at 2:00 in the parking lot of Bill & Lee's Pizza!!! Ok local fans may put down Mainstream Wrestling, but at least they do not cancel their shows...right Emile?
Anyways..working at 6 in Middleton, looks to be boring...have a good one eh?

Monday, August 15, 2005

Dr Feelgood

Hello all those out there is bloggerville! I have been so busy lately thatit is cutting into my precious blogging time! We have had two people leave work, so i have been working a good 30 hrs a week! It is Exhibition week in Lawerencetown, but i have to work. There is a Rolling Stones tribute band called, Ruby Tuesday playing, but i have to work in Middleton. What a weird week at work huh? The other night this man who looked like Krusty The Klown and smelled like a brewery came into our store...stared at me for a good ten minutes and then i asked him what he wanted and he said nothing...mmk... he asked to use our phone..10 minutes...20 minutes... i remind him it is a business phone...40 minutes...i hear him dial 11 digits and i went and grabbed the phone out of his hands and promptly threw him out of the store! I swear ol Middleton is going for the world record to see how many weirodos we can have in town! That same night i walked home and some moron threw a lit lighter at the gas station next door...with all those fumes on the ground from all those morons who cannot pour gas. ....town is getting worse...
Well i went to see the Dukes of Hazzard on Saturday night at the Zedex in Greenwood! First off, movie critics are idiots and so are these people who said the movie was going to suck, including the guy who played Cooter, who must be still drinking lots of hooch since he got out of politics, but he does run that Burt! Big Burt as me and Blair used to say at work was awesome as the Hog man and Jessica Simpson needs acting lessions, but she was ok as Daisy...roscoe didn't do his laugh! But Flash was there so that made everything ok... the place was packed as i had to sit down front, but it was still only $6.50 to go see the flick so that was not too bad at all...met a few ladies online lately, but one of them is never on at all...hope she is doing ok.... What the heck are the Maple Laughs doing signing Eric Lindros to a contract? How the hell are Carl and Pat Quinn going to co-exist ...jeesh...i heard some guys have a pool going to see who gets hurt first, Eric or Mario... I know people who have been against Lindros from the start of his career...not going with the Nordiques (Or No-Dicks as ol Dick Irvin seemed to pronounce it!) Then again they traded his ass to Philly and then won a cup with the players that they got for him...good luck Leafs...you are going to need it!!!
Oh and someone tell the new expansions Dartmouth Destroyers that having tickets simular in price to the Mooseheads is suicide...I hope that this hockey is simular to the Quebec senior league, then the league will find an audience amongst the blood thirsty diehards...if not, nice knowing ya...
I am still waiting to hear back on a possible second job... it seems that there is a program looking for teachers to teach English to foreign students who are older possibly in their late teens or early twenties who want to go to university, but do not have a handle yet on the basics of the english language.. if i can help out, then that would be good as it would be something good that i could put on my resume and maybe that would look good as well to the administrators of the different universities that i have been sending feelers to
I found out that the University of Southern Maine is actually three different campuses...doh!
Anyways i have to get a shower, go to the gym and work today at 4:00 in Greenwood...later!!!

PS- Most hysterical video ever!!!!!!!!!!! Mr T- Mother!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Back in the Saddle..Sort Of..

Hey there Webslingeroonies!!! Long time no blog eh? Well I WAS down to Antigonish for the Beach Boys and it was a blast!!! Remember how burned i was? Now i am flame broiled! Well it was quite a wait to get in as the doors opened at 11:00 and there were ALOT of senior citizens there, there was a girl from Cape Breton by the last name of Ludlow who opened the show with some ol' fashioned Cape Bretion fiddle music, i am not the world's largest Maritime music fan, but she was really good, doing kicks in the air and stuff. Then there was a Beatles tribute bacn called, Abbey Road...not too bad, thoise boys wore their suts and ties out in some brutal weather. They sure looked like the real thing from where i was sitting up in the stands. Minglewood played, again not really my thing, but i suppose the Cape Bretner's love em. Then there was a good hour wait and the Beach Boys took the stage. Looking old? Yes...good show? Absolutely! They performed 11 straight songs starting with California Girls to Do You Wanna Dance before stopping to say hello to the audience. They also did some stuff that i did not expect to ehar like Getcha Back and Duke of Earl!!!! Duke Duke Duke.. ok i better stop cause that one gets stuck in the ol head pretty quick. Anyways the stadium was jammed with a good 6,000 people there. Ok Acadia, are we now going to get the Beach Boys? They are a proven draw in the Maritimes! What a drive down! It took a good three hours to get to Antigonish and then in my infinite wisdom, i decided to take a trip to Syndey, meaning another three hours on the road...why is this? I wanted to see where, My Bloody Valentine was actuially filmed, so i stopped at the Miner's Museum, but it was closed, so i went to a corner store that was right next door and he pointed to the rubble that used to be the mine as it was torn down some few years ago. Then he told me some production stories about the American camera crews that were there and pointed out to me where the laundrymat was in the film (all boarded up now) and where the bar was, which was dressed up for the film and looks nothing inside like the film, i was looking for the giant Moosehead!!! I took a walk around the rubble and i was kinda creeped out as there was an old, dirty pick laying on the ground...i figured Harry Warden must be cloise by, so i left. Oh yeah i did eat at AK lick A Chick! Good ol faschioned, down home fried chicken!!! And i drove by the North Sydney Forum where there was an advirtisement up for Grand Prix Wrestling...featuring the FABULOUS MIDGETS!!!!!! Not just Midgets...but theyb are also FABULOUS!!! I also took in the Irish Descendents show down by the wharf in Sydney, not too bad...i wish it was the Descendents!!! hahah! I went over to the biggest bar in Sydney called, Steeltown or Steelcity, it was ok. For parking the next day, i used the Antigonish Arena and man, i so should have waited, went to Tim Hortons or something after the concert to leave, because that was the most disorganized parking lot i had ever seen in my life!!!! At least at Acadia when we have an event, we have organized parking with either security or the cops directing traffic! Nope no such thing here and it was a hell of a time getting out! Oh and i hate RV's and driving behind them on the damned highway...oh and getting off in Truro and taking the Rawdon Hills or whatever...i got lost and ended up on a dirt road with my gas almost on the E...as in empty! I was never so happy to come out and see the Windsor 101 sign...i gots to Wollfville and put $10 in and made it home by 12:30... I did nothing yesterday at all, dropped into work to see how things were and stuff...i was too tired, my legs was like jello from driving and so there was no gym workout for me, i have to go today and at least i re-started my diet yesterday as i am now 215 pounds, which is a relief to be from 240 a few years ago.....lately i have been being courted by the University of Southern Maine!!! of all places!!! Me and my friend Jamie (With apologies about not seeing you and the gang over the weekend, i didn't think you guys were going to the concert!) because there is a place there called Dickey Wood Hall that we swore was the alternate universe Crowell Tower!!! So what does all of this talk mean? Well it looks like another road trip for Old Man Robb!!!! However i think i will be taking the ferry over instead of driving straight thru New Brunswick to Maine and probably staying in a motel...oh well more about all of that stuff when the time comes...the Dukes of Hazzard is the number #1 movie in North America right now, taking in some $35 million its first weekend, it is coming to Greenwood this week so i am probably going to go over to the Zedex to see it and probably take my nephew with me... i am still chatting with someone online, but i have not seen her lately, hopefully she is doing fine. Anyways i have to start my day, have breaky and head to the gym.. which it properly titled, The Fitness Experience Health Centre for those whom wanted to know.. anyways that is all for now folks!!!
PS- Here are the Grand Prix Wrestling tour dates!!!

August 16th - Baie-Sainte-Anne, NB
August 17th - Sunny Corner, NB
August 18th - Sherbrooke, NS
August 19th - Antigonish, NS - Antigonish Arena
August 20th - North Sydney, NS - North Sydney Forum
August 21st - Minto, NB - Minto Centennial Arena
August 22nd - Cocagne, NB - Cocagne Arena
August 23rd - Souris, PEI
August 24th - O'Leary, PEI
August 25th - Neguac, NB
August 26th - Petit Rocher, NB
August 27th - New Carlisle, Quebec
August 28th - Borden, PEI
August 29th - Cocagne, NB - Cocagne Arena
August 30th - Liverpool, NS
August 31st - Canning, NS (not confirmed yet)
September 1st - Truro, NS (not confirmed yet)

Monday, August 01, 2005

By The Way...It's August!

Hello webslingers! How the hell is everyone? Well not much has been going on in Robboland right now, the weekend came and went. My Parents are home now, from their cruise and from Cape Breton. They went to a reunion in Port Morien and cam home telling me about more cousins etc etc that i had no idea that i had. Oh yeah and on Saturday of this week, what is happening again? A reminder....

I leave for my tour of Cape Breton!

Along with seeing the Beach Boys on August 7th at Oland Stadium at 4:00!!!!!!

Well we had our first ever sidewalk sale in Middleton on Saturday and it was a rousing success!!! But man oh man...i am BURNED!!! I am talking a frickin Big Mac! Lots of stuff was sold and really there were no better deals for DVD's around as we have lowered our prices on alot of our old DVD's to $10.00! Actually there is a place in New Minas called, Econo Entertainment that has really awesome prices on DVD's, as low as $6.99, that is where i bought, Spiderman the other day and for that price, it is a real steal! Oh and i found a real bad one at ou sidewlk sale called, "War of the Gargantuans!?!?!?!?" It is from Toho, so it looks to be a good one!!! Actually when i was a little tyke, my oldest brother used to take me to see movies that played in the cafeteria at Eastern Passage Junior High, and one of those flicks was, "King Kong Escapes"!!!!!! I would so love to find that puppy again....I went out to Alyesford Lake the other day, i tanned there...i waited till the sidewalk sale to turn into the Human Torch! I remember i used to go up to Alyesford Lake alot around 1995-96 with my pals Barry and Terry (Who me and my old friend Frankie used to call "The F***ked Brothers!") I still remember us up there babesearching and i shall never ever forget the time that Terry was absoltutely knocked ass over teakettle by some girl throwing a football!!!!! We were just sitting there, eating lunch and looking for babes as usual when ...WHAMMMOO!! Terry gets nailed right in the head with the football!!! Priceless...absoltuely priceless...
I have been being stranger than usual lately, i decided for yuks recently to join up with Adult FriendFinder and with Sexyads. Why? Well a little lonley and stuff and there was not really much happening when i would get online adn then on a dare i decided to post my grad picture and see what happens...well i was suprised at the amount of responses that i recieved! However after installing Yahoo Messenger to talk to one really nice lady who is never ever on there, i decided to go into the Yahoo chatrooms and look around there awhile, what i did find was alot of really frickin annoying popups and girls with webcams who wanted you to view them...for a price.... however this one sweet lady came on and wanted to chat and i added her to my list, too good to be true, about my age, my height, same intestests...who knows eh?
Well the NHL Draft is over and done with and as of today, alot of overpriced NHL talent is going out on the free-agent market...Hey boys! Good luck with signing new contracts cause some of you boys are oh so going to need it! And the Crosby hype machine continues adn continues...there seems to not be a newspaper in sight where i cannot help but see this gifted young man, the first ever Maritimer ever taken first overall in the NHL entry draft, but beware Mr Crosby, you come with alot of hype, like Mario did back in 1984...beware that this is not the Q, this is the big leagues and there are some HUGE defencemen out there and alof of wily veterns, like Scott Stevens if he is over his concussions and re-signed with New Jersey, who would take great pleasure in putting you out....think Stevens won't do it? Ask Eric Lindros or Paul Karya (Who did come back later in the same game and score a beautiful goal) He would not hesitate to wait for you to come over the blueline and put you out into next week... i hope this does not happen, but i am just stating proceed with caution. Remember Alexander Daigle?
Well there is something that i do feel bad about Webslingers... there is a girl that i met awhile ago whom i fooled around with and stuff...even made it perfectly clear that we were just fooling around and guess what? She likes me and was pretty sad when she found out that i just wanted to be friends... am i a jerk? Well i really feel like one right now...she is just not my type...actually i really do not know what my type is, but she had alot of baggage and lives quite a distance away and i really do not want to be in a relationship with her because i just have that feeling that it would end up really hurting...doesn't it feel weird for me to be the one saying that i am the one not interested? Well she really doesn't want to talk to me and for that i cannot blame her at all.... Oh and in case anyone was wondering, here is a definition that i pulled off the net.....

Friends with benefits is a term used to describe the physical and emotional relationship between two unmarried people who engage in uncommitted sex acts. The intent is generally to relieve sexual frustrations through an alternative to masturbation, and is not intended as a romantic relationship. Both parties are free to date and engage in sex acts with other parties.
Many people are critical of the nature of these relationships, alleging that it is impossible to engage in sexual behaviours without any kind of emotions at all.

By the way i was down to Digby a few days ago and Club 98 is an absolute gas! It was good to see an alternative to the bars around here....and i really loved the pictures that the bar has up of old hockey players like Gump Worsley and alot of the other illuminaries that have come through Digby over the years, playing in the annual golf classic. There was even a picture of Marty Jannetty of the Rockers!!! The dj was not too bad as he played some classics by Cheap Trick and the Knack before playing that damned dance music that people love to get up and boogie down to... and their bouncers are FRICKIN HUGE!!!! So dudes don't go there with the intention of starting something cause these boys look like they could turn almost anyone into an accordion!
Hey the Red Raven is gone!!! I used to tease my old RA Shane that was where he spent his summers... like other people i know in Yarmouth that spend all of their time at the Red Knight, i used to love the term that my old friend Jamie used to call the place, "Old Man Bars!!?!?!?!!!"
Plus the waitresses were damn fine!!!
Anyways that is enough for now eh? I am off to grab some lunchie munchies, wash Dad's van and go to the gym and work out for a little...later webslingeroonies!!!!
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