Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

And Then...

Hey there webslingers! How are things today? Well after lunch here i am going to be calling about that teaching English job on the base here at CFB Greenwood, they are looking for French language instructors as well, but it is the English that i am after, their ad in the paper was pretty unclear if they wanted both or seperate. So last night my old buddy Grover contacted me from Mount A, still living in Harper and wanting to know when i am coming for my yearly visit. I told him i have to wait on whether or not i make a trip stateside to Maine to go visit those campuses, if me and the folks go, depending whether or not they feel up to it, then maybe there is a chance, this time take the Tracker and go, rather than driving on the Acadian Lines again. He told me Homecoming was not fun at all this year, that is too bad..i was always too hammered to remember Homecoming back in the day! HAHAHA...we shall have to wait and see what happens, Grove said if we did do it again, we would do the same routine and not tell a soul...better suprise that way. Oh yeah Dalhousie is having an open house on the 14th of October (A Wednesday) Maybe i should book that day off to go up and have a look at what they have to offer to interested students...could be interesting and informative..funny that my Mom would try to discourage me from visiting them, but wants to go to Maine to look at universities as well as push me out the door to Seattle to go to the University of Washington...only Maritimers huh? Oh yeah Dal is providing free refreshments and lunches to all of those who register for open house... Actually i was asked if i would be attending Acadia's Homecoming weekend at all, again it is a have to wait and see situation there as well, see if i can get time off work n stuff. Well the critics are at it again, blasting the ol AUFC for their scheduling while the Quebec teams were whomping us...well all four Maritime based university football teams last weekend. They seem to have this idea that the CFL is going to come here, but Hfx doesn't really like to support things, let alone their university and football teams...they never supported anything until the Mooseheads came to town in the mid 90s and that is because it was actually affordable...never did Hfx support the AHL, oh they would the first season or so, like when the Citidells were here their first season in 1988-89, people were going, then as the seasons went on, fan support dwindled, plus the do-gooders were plain idiots sticking that Metro Centre dab smack in the middle of Hfx with no parking and it is a pain in the ass to get in and out of...should have stuck the thing in Burnside before the industrial park was expanded...lotsa parking and concessions. If we do get a CFL team, that is the area to build with lots of room for renovations and expansion. Oh yeah, the Axemen got blamed for the lowly attendance up in Hfx for the SMU-Laval game...jeesh...but the article did leave me with a genuine question...one of those old questions that has bothered me for years, like whose bright idea it was to close the Axe on Sundays when they could draw the Sunday afternoon and night football crowd... what does the AUFC have against having the teams playing on Sunday? I have seen Hockey Axemen games on Sunday afternoons and stuff, but never football? It would take care of some of these scheduling arguments that many have right now. 3,000 fans to watch football is not going to draw the attention of the CFL...

Nothing like listening to the Ramones during rainy weather eh?

Went to return my library books the other day and i took out some new ones, including a book by the title of "The Unofficial Guide: The Best & Worst of Hockey Firsts" by Don Weeks....it has alot of stuff i knew about and other bits of trivia i did not...here are some samples.

1) Last team to put player names on uniforms:
Answer: The Toronto Maple Leafs, 1978-79
In February 1978, the NHL passed a rule that teams must put their players names on the backs of both home and road jerseys. But tight-wad Leafs owner Harold Ballard did not want to put names on the Leafs home attire as he felt it would hurt program sales. Ballard was able to resist the change until he following season, due to a contract with the manufactuer of the Leafs program that stipulated no names on the backs of home jerseys in 1977-78.

2) The first hockey game to draw 70,000 fans:
Answer: Michigan State Vs Michigan, October 6, 2001
The largest crowd ever assembled for a hockey game convened at Spartan Stadium, where an artificial rink was set on the football stadium field in front of 74, 554 fans. The Michigan State Spartans and the Michigan Wolverines played to a 3-3 tie. The game broke the previous attendance record of 55,000, which was set on an outdoor rink in Moscow when the USSR hosted Sweden at the 1957 World Championships.

Imagine the hockey Axemen playing an outdoor game at Raymond Field? Awesome

Anyways peeps..think i am going to relax n watch Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave....that is all for now! Have a good one!

PS..Relax and watch Quintin Tarintino's Star Wars!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

University of Washington

So should Old Man Robb be making the University of Washington his next stop amongst his educational travels Webslingers? Well i have a place to stay and the reputation of their College of Education program at the Seattle campus is top notch. Their mission statement as copied from their website:

"The College of Education at the University of Washington believes that an effective public education system for a diverse citizenry is the cornerstone of a democratic society."

Well put...anyways money is being saved and negotiations are in the primitive stages with Washington and with about ohhhh...some 12 other universities, many Stateside, keep you informed my little Slingers, Same Robb Time...Same Robbblog
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Monday, September 26, 2005

Keep Sleeping

Hey webslingeroonies!!! Wrestling in Berwick was a blast last Friday night! Well it was MSW, but fun nonetheless, got there good n early and lo and behold..the Honkytonk Man was there sitting by his lonesome at the merchandise table!!! So i took it amongst myself to get an autograph and make chit chat with the greatest Intercontinental Champ of all time! The show itself was so-so...there was an hysterical jobber by the name of the Maritime Menace that was killing me though...not not much else happening on this end, a girl asked me out for coffee the other day, but she was so not my type, what is my type? I dunno..but when i do know i shall tell everyone ok? Spent Sat watching the 52 inch big screen at the house as the Axemen lost to Montreal, as a matter of fact all four Maritime football teams lost to Quebec teams on Saturday...of course the Chronically Horrid had a grand ol time slamming all four of them for losing. Poor MTA takes a terrible beating ...esp from Alex J Walling whose school he was running was almost attended by yours truly in 1994-95, but i was talked out of it and told to go to K-Tech or K-Tel or wherver the hell it was in 1995-96...where would i have better off Slingers? In Hfx or with the B***H of the Baskervilles? Actually the Axemen played a decent game of trying to catch up after spotting an early lead to Montreal, but it was to no avail, weird to see Sonny Wolfe on the other side after so many years with the Axemen. Actually MTA didn't lose that badly to Sherbooke and finally got on the scoreboard...i would attend the Axemen game on Saturday, but i have to work...i have tomorrow off and Sunday, but no games on either of those days i am afraid. Actually i took the 5th of October off, next Wednesday to go up and see the Axemen play Dalhousie at 7:30..it is exhibtion i believe, the same as when the hockey Axemen travel to Bridgewater this Saturday to play Dalhousie there as well... I cannot believe the hazing controversy that came out of McGill Football this week...i guess some five to six players have been suspended...now there are those that say that hazing rituals will bring a sports team closer together, in res during frosh week i remember being a frosh boss, but we didn't sodomize aybody with a blunt object either, even though maybe i have met some people over time that i wouldn't have minded seeing something like that happen to, but is hazing a sign of being accepted by your peers, those who it is happening to become embaressed and humiliated by all of it and then the net year, remember what happened to themselves, and instead of setting an example, they just forget any anger management lessons that they were taught and take it out on rookie teammates... look at frat houses as well, always embaressing new pledges.. All teenagers want to fit in and be accepted socially by their peers, even if it means running around naked with nothing on but a nylon over one's head...i dunno...maybe i am getting old huh?

Found a hazing list on the internet:
The following activities are all examples of HAZING
Being yelled, cursed or sworn at
Being publicly embarassed
Having to act as a personal servant to an older group member
Being told to eat or forced to eat disgusting things such as cat food, tobasco sauce, raw eggs
Being trown or forced to go into a pond, ocean, toilet or other body of water
Pressured to be tattooed, body pierced or shaven
Participating in drinking contests
Drink, exercise or smoke drugs until you pass out
Making prank phone calls or harassing others
Destroying or vandalizing property
Inflicting pain on yourself or others
Being tied up or "duct taped"
Pressured to disobey family or school rules
Being paddled with oars, bread boards or sticks
Having pain inflicted in your private parts
Being egged or smeared/coated with food items
Dressing in any manner which is offensive to gender, ethnic origin, etc.

Me and the folks have been chatting more and more about next year and where i may be attending school, Dad says that if he is feeling up to it, than me, him and my Mother should take a road trip to Maine and check out potential schools, in particular the campuses at Presque-Isle, Farmington and up at Fort Kent, which i believe is somewhere near the New Brunswick border...i knew someone that had been attending Fort Kent, but we parted ways quite a while ago and if i never see this person ever again, than perhaps i can die a happy man...that much of a piss off, believe me swingers, never let somebody use you...ever... it may have been the summer of 2004 and i am quite past that as i feel i am a better person, but it makes one weary of other people. Anyways forget it, she is the past and in my mind, non-existent. Anyways it would be a fun trip if the folks are up to it , but we would have to go quick because the ferries stop running at the end of October and if we drove all the way through New Brunswick, it would make for a longer trip and we would be realyl bushed and stuff, why not just spend the time on the ferry....and i am becoming more sour on Maine and maybe looking towards Washington, it is further away from Nova Scotia than i could ever imagine, but my sister lives in Seattle and i do need a new Huskies shirt anyways, plus it would be a place to stay...who knows eh?
Oh i recently purchased "Orca: The Killer Whale" on DVD...no extra features, but it does contain the film in WIDESCREEN!!! Finally!! Me and my ol buddy Blair used to rip this film mercilessly at work..ol Richard Harris should have won a golden razzie for this one eh? "If i could just tell the Whale how i feel.." immortal dialogue...anyways love the rip job that the gang at Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension did on poor ol Orca which was filmed in Nfld by the way in the mid 70s//
Anyways time to sit back, reflect..wonder what to do tomorrow eh? I do have to return my books to the library, including the book, "It's Good To Be The King...Sometimes" by King Jerry Lawler, a wrestler i was introduced to via way of the old video store by LLoyd's Store in Eastern Passage, me and my pals watched this tape showing bloody wrestling matches called, "Madmen, Maniacs and Lunatics" which i can NEVER find on Ebay! Featuring Kamala, The Moondogs, Terry Funk and the King himself! Anyways we must have rented this tape some 5-6 times and i dubbed it and lost it...anyways the book is not bad, telling about Lawler's early years and how he was a college DJ (Like ME!!! Take that B***H of the Baskervilles!!!) and how he controlled wrestling in Memphis and his awecome feud with Andy Kaufman...there is a funny story about the King and some of the people he made fun of over the years

"I've insulted all sorts of people for the WWE. John Wayne Bobbit. That was a classic. He was an easy target. He'd say something and i'd say, "Hold it John, I don't want to cut you off, but let me say this." I was talking about tv clips and cutaways. And i was glad that they found what his wife had cut off and thrown out the window because i didn't wanna see that on the side of a milk carton! I gave his a full five minutes of this. He must have felt about five inches tall when he left, but he should be used to that."

Good stuff...nite slingers!

PS- Lyrics to a great Ataris song, "In Spite Of The World"

I woke up from this dream to find that I was sleeping
So I went back to sleep and I dreamed I was awake.
I locked myself inside but you were on the outside
I stood outside and watched but I couldn't let you in.
If only you could see that you that is a part of me,Maybe you could see inside yourself.
Wrote a letter to myself, but I couldn't bare to send it.
So I tore it up and wrote a letter to a friend.
If only you could know that growing up means letting go
Maybe then you'd grow up by yourself.
I'm growing up again...I'm learning to accept that all good things must come to an end.
I'm growing up again...I'm trying to understand what it's likeTo let go of a friend.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

You Should Do It Now While It's On Your Mind

Helloooooo fellow bloggeroonies! Well i went out to my old high school yesterday and well, they did a really nice job with the renovations and putting in a new gym. Yesterday was all business and i was asking questions about how does one break into guidance councilling. One has to have their BA, then their education and then they have to do a masters in councilling and then it can be a hard nut to crack as far as getting your foot in the door. Oh well i had to know. I recieved yet another pamphlet, this time from the University of Maine at Presque Isle. It does seem hard to get into the teacher education programme there as well. You have to have math, so that seems to make everything go to hell in a handbasket, however not all is lost. My father made a suggestion that i start to check out universities in Washington. My sister lives there and i can finally replace my Huskies t-shirt that i bought back in the summer of 1995!!! HAHAHA! The best part would be that my shelter would be taken care of, instead of going back to res and having to adapt to another batch of new people, i am getting way too old for that! I applied for a job at the base in Greenwood, they are looking for an English tutor to teach non-English personnel, so it stated that i could apply via e-mail so i sent them my resume and my curriculum vitaie both last night. We shall just have to wait and see what happens eh?



Just thought i would remind everyone

Well the Axemen beat Mount Allison 48-0, wrecking the homecoming party at Mount A. If i had been there i would have been torn, my heart lies with cheering for the Axemen, while my pals at Harper would have been most dismayed at my show of Acadia loyalty. I just wish the Mounties one win...just one, are they playing a team from Quebec this year? It would rule the world to see the Mounties beat SMU, just to get them back for that defeat a few years ago.
Oh well, i have to get dressed, do some around the house stuff and then work at 6:00 tonight...later slingers!

PS- Ramones: Blitzkreg Bop
PS Part II: I sooooooooooooooooooo want the hockey Axemen to add this one to the songlist for the games this year!

Monday, September 19, 2005

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Mark Messier: 1978-2005
Last week the inevitable happened, but oh well it had to happen sometime, Mark Messier retired from the NHL. The Moose was one of the game's greatest leaders and was the last remaining player from the now defunct WHA which ran from 1972-1979. He was the last of the championship Edmonton Oilers and led the Rangers to their first cup in some 55 or so years. I remember feeling lowly, i was out of school in 1993-1994, working and delivering pizzas for Tony Montana and just not with it. Want to know something that inspired me? Messier going on national television and claiming outright that the Rangers would beat New Jersey. Now why is that an inspiration, cause Messier was dead serious, a natural leader that made good on his promises. He is one of the fiercest, most determined, and most emotional leaders the sports world has ever seen, establishing a larger-than-life persona for himself with jaw-dropping clutch performances. He holds the distinction of being the only man ever to captain two different franchises to Stanley Cup championships; he won 6 championships in total. Mark Messier was the prototype for a franchise player. And he'll continue to be the prototype. Today, tomorrow and a hundred years from now."

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Let it Enfold You

Hey there webslingeroonies! Well things are ok on this end as well, just got home from a night of working here in good ol' Middleton and enjoying an ice cold Keith's..back on the diet/ hitting the gym on Monday..speaking of Monday it will be kind of a homecoming for me...well around 11:00 Monday morning i am heading to my old high school, now i know that i have been hard on it over the years, calling it Waste Kings and all kinds of mean ol stuff, but let's face some cold hard facts here dudes, those days are over, dead and buried and those people are ghosts...Montreal had the Ghosts of the Forum..but the Forum is gone and is replaced by this corporate structure...was it the Molson Centre, Bell Centre, Irving Centre...i cannot remember right now... but yeah, like the home of the Habs, it is not exactly the school that i remember because alot of the old staff is gone, some of that is too bad and for some of the others? Ummmm...good riddance, i will not name names because next thing i know i would be in a lot of hot water, but there are some individuals whom if i never see them again, it will not burden me one bit. I go to seek advice form an individual whom was always good to me, wrote letters of recommendation...i was thinking that maybe i am not the best suited for the classroom...it brings me back to being intereviewed for the position of RA a few years ago and being asked what do you do in certain situations...now i am not saying that i need anger management or something, but i find that when dealing with kids at the store and the way that they behave first in high school and in university, well i find that they are not being very well prepared for life...well i am no great example, writing this, working for minimum wage and telling people how to live their lives, but i find if i can be a mediator of sorts as an example of someone who was told by everyone not to go to university and somehow making it all the way, then maybe i can rub off on someone else. That is why i was thinking of becoming maybe a guidance counciller or something simular to that. I am also going to inquire about a nagging question i have ...about who decides whom represents our fine educational institutions when they go to visit the individual high schools around the province. I have always wanted to go back to my alma mater and speak to the current students about university and university life. About how to adapt and what to do when one cannot adapt to a new way of life, such as the rapid pace of a university campus. However most high schools i think have no say in the matter and many students have told me that they usually send students whom have the proverbial silver spoon in their mouths, you know...one of my pet peeves... they will send some student and he or she cannot relate to the students they are attempting to communicate with at these speeches because most of the students sent are from wealthy backgrounds, and went to private schools...not that i have anything against kids from private schools (Great movie by the way!..Private School... Me and my pals Barry and Jimbo watched it all the time!) and i had friends that went to private school...but sometimes it is like i have stated many times before, i think kids in high school sometimes need people that they can relate to, maybe someone like me...i don't know guys, the ball is in your court.
Been going to the Annapolis Valley Regional Library lately, signed out a book called, "Heroes & Villains: The True Story of The Beach Boys" by Steven Gaines. It has been in interesting read, a little naughty as it does not spare the reader anything, like how Dennis Wilson impregnated Mike Love's daughter Shawn out of hatred, because he despised Love so much that he wanted to make him a grandfather...and about how Carl Wilson became a drunk, that Mike Love used to abuse his wives, while spouting about who he championed peace and meditation...and Brian Wilson..my dear God...how he unraveled and became a nutbar...having a sandbox in his house so that he could "Feel The Beach" and went to bed for like three years in the early 1970s, eventually ballooning to 300 pounds after eating a tub of ice cream and five steaks a day... want an example of Brian's weirdness from the book?

"Brian's psychological state had deteriorated further into what was unmistakably mental illness. however, it was hard to tell how much of his behavior was out of true craziness and how much was Brian's clever faking to control the band and keep them away from him. He had periods of deep depression when he became suicidal. One day he dug a grave in his backyard and fantasized about jumping off his roof into it. On another occasion he threatened to drive his Rolls-Royce off the Santa Monica Pier and once he actually did jump off the pier but luckily Dennis was nearby and pulled him to safety. Brian said that killing himself was the best way to kill off the Beach Boys, because by now be hated the idea of the group-- the Beach Boys was a monster that Brian had created, and the unrelenting symbol of the demands and pressures weighing in on him."

Heavy huh?

Oh well slingers it is nappy time, have a good one!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Someday Not Soon

Hello my little bloggo people! Well tonight in New Minas i ran into some of the Tower guys at Dairy Queen, kids that were in their first year when i was finishing up and i recieved some depressing news, i guess that Tower is being phased out and is not part of any real rebuilding plans, after all it is an old building ... i guess there is nobody on second floor (Which we used to call the stabilizer my first year...long story) and some floors do not even have RA's and they didn't have that much in the way of frosh, something like 45 frosh. None of my business and yes this is my third year not living there, but i still feel a fondness for the old place i guess...some habits die hard, somedays even I don’t know why anything is the way it is.
Recieved my first batch of material from the University of Maine at Farmington, not a bad looking place, however it is not exactly the kind of education program that i was after, what they offer is a four year education program that readies students to be teachers, it is a general BA degree..now we could probably look at doing some of the same ol tricks like sending marks and seeing what classes they will take, for example Mount Allison took 60 of my 120 credits, actually they messed up and took 66 of my 120 credits, meaning if i would have stayed for two years there i would have had to get 54 credits, actually i was on my way by gaining 24 of those credits, but there was too much Vader for me there...if he had switched places with one or two of the GOOD professors i had at Acadia and i had gotten myself a decent part time job there last year, then the answer is yes, i would have definitly stayed another year at Harper, however there is no use droning on spilled milk, what is done is done...past is past and now i must look forward to what is coming down the line....more appropriately, next year.
My nephew's first week at Middleton school is past and he really likes it here, as a matter of fact he has joined boxing and is taking lessons...now he will be remembering our scraps and be kicking me arse all over the house. I would so go to the New York Islanders exhibition blue Vs white game this weekend in Yarmouth at the Mariner Centre, but i have to work and i was lucky enough to get next Friday off so that i could take my nephew to see Mainstream Wrestling next weekend at the famous Berwick Arena! I told him that we have to go for supper at the Driftwood Restaurant before the matches, always a ritual ...or well it used to be...me and my ol buddy Jim used to love going there and eating, awesome fish and chips.. plus the Honkytonk Man is coming!!! Hope he brings his gutair and plays some of Honky's Greatest Hits. I brought home the remake of The Longest Yard on DVD today for me and Dad, it was pretty humorous, thought it was classy having Burt Reynolds back and for sticking somewhat close to the original classic.. There was a guy in the store the other night and i was going through posters to put up in the store and i saw one of Adolf Hitler for some new movie made about the war and i stated i wasn't going to hang that one up and he said, "Why not?" and i added that if i had hung that up at home, my old man would have murdered me! And he stated that it would make no difference if it was hung up at his house...wow... i know it has been some 60 plus years since the war, but man i still think some things are taboo! And for those who cannot remember here is a mini bio i found on the web:

HITLER, leader of the German Nazi party and, from 1933 until his death, dictator of Germany. He rose from the bottom of society to conquer first Germany and then most of Europe. Riding on a wave of European fascism after World War I and favored by traditional defects in German society, especially its lack of cohesion, he built a Fascist regime unparalleled for barbarism and terror. His rule resulted in the destruction of the German nation-state and its society, in the ruin of much of Europe's traditional structure, and in the extermination of about 6 million Jews. He was eventually defeated, but his temporary success demonstrated frighteningly, at the brink of the atomic age, the vulnerability of civilization. On June 6, 1944, the Allies invaded France; later, the Russians broke through in the east, forcing Hitler to move his headquarters to Berlin. He showed increasing signs of physical and mental disintegration, intensified by an illness that had not been properly treated by his physician, a quack doctor, upon whom Hitler had become dependent for injections. With the Allies crossing the Rhine River and the Russians closing in on Berlin, he at last acknowledged defeat and decided to commit suicide; but he wanted Germany to follow suit. Germany, he argued, had proved itself unworthy of his genius and had failed to prevail in the struggle for life. With the Russians rapidly approaching his bunker in Berlin, Hitler and Eva Braun, whom he now married, committed suicide on April 30, 1945.

Ok, i am sure you can find a better bio than that on the web...oh and my nephew asked me a question that i am asked alot.

What is Sociology?

Sociology is the scientific study of human social behavior. As the study of humans in their collective aspect, sociology is concerned with all group activities–economic, social, political, and religious. Sociologists study such areas as bureaucracy, community, deviant behavior, family, public opinion, social change, social mobility, social stratification, and such specific problems as crime, divorce, child abuse, and substance addiction. Sociology tries to determine the laws governing human behavior in social contexts; it is sometimes distinguished as a general social science from the special social sciences, such as economics and political science, which confine themselves to a selected group of social facts or relations.

I hope that makes some kind of sense

Anyways i must go play some more NHL 2005 for the Gamecube (We just got NHL 2006 in at work...looks good, must play this weekend!) And then it is bed and tomorrow is payday!!! Me and the girls from work were talking about going to the Top Hat in G-Wood or doing something sometime... but for now, i have to work all weekend, i may be in Kentville Sat night at a Windsor Royals game at the Kentville Arena, but folks for right now in the meantime and in between time...have a good one!

Yes Senior Bullen...a trip to the legendary Red Knight would be most interesting..esp now eh?

PS- Enjoy some classic Van Halen (not Van Hagar!) Oh Pretty Woman!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Any Other Sunday Eh?

Hello all of those out there in Robbo Bloggo land! Well webslingers the first Axeman game of the season is past, not excactly the start we all wanted, but it was only the first game of the year, however when you only play some seven games, every loss hurts. And poor Mount A...i don't really know what to say, kinda sad cause even though i only spent a year there and Darth Vader did his best to ruin things, i did over time find myself growing a bit of fondness for the place and Harper and i was hoping deep down inside that things would get better for the boys there, i remember seeing quite a few of them around Harper, friendly guys, in fact my neighbor across the hall was a rookie for them that year so i was hoping that they would pull one out, i mean one win in some five years. I just feel sorry for them. And no i do not prefer one university to the other, even though a good friend of mine called me "An Acadia boy" So my heart does belong with the Axemen, but being a Mountie for a year was a learning experience and now that i have had a year to think back on it, it was kinda fun and i would love to do another trip up there, maybe this time in the ol Tracker instead of Acadian Lines (Whadda long trip that was!)
So what else? Well still planning on a trip to Maine to see universities for next year, hopefully i can stay at my friend's house so that way i can save on cash and i do not really want to sleep in the van or the tracker if i can have a nice roof over my head. All of the proposed universities are pretty close, except for Fort Kent which is a good four hours away from my friend's place.
Last night i went for a drive to Wolfville, nothing much going on except seeing line-ups to theVil and to the Axe, memories i tell ya. I remember i got so smashed at the Axe once that i ate a menu, or tried to....oh yeah i tried to pick up a lesbian there once my first year...that was interesting as i was freshly on the market after being dumped by the Fabulous one and i noticed this girl sitting by here lonesome having a Keith's...cute, i remember she did have kinda a Leonard Nemoy haircut, but that was all cool n stuff so i went over and made some chatter and lo and behold this...ummmmm...i think it was a girl came over, she was wearing a bandana and construction boots and hauled her away by the arm, i went back to the bar and a friend of mine was working, patted me on the back and said, "Oh Robb man, you've been had! That's her girlfriend!" So it was nice to know that the bar staff at our fine institution was laughing at me as well....jeesh... Before i left for Wolfville i stopped into G-wood where a fine pillar of the community who i could definitly see had once again set aside this special time to humiliate himself in public, took a potshot at me, calling me a bum and overeducated...well at least i try good sir, sure i cannot do stats and i have my own weaknesses, but what the hell have you ever done in the last zillion years huh? Some people should. to use an old phrase, not throw stones at glass houses...am i that darn good? No, but maybe i'll try being nicer if you'll try being smarter when it comes to opening your mouth and letting a bunch of verbal dierrea that no one wants to hear come out. In the meantime, why don't you just open your mind and shut your mouth, both are empty anyway...
Anyways, i am done my yard work, washed the cars and now it is time for some lunchy munchies...have a good one slingers!

PS- Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live on SNL 1991)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I Don't Know What It Is...

Hello there webslingeroonies! Well what a beautiful day in good ol' Middleton! Well tomorrow is the first Football Axemen game of the season against SMU! Wish i was going to be there in person, in fact Acadia is having a season -opening pep rally for all interested alumni, current students and faculty tomorrow between 5 and 7 o' clock at the Halifax Grammar School across from the Tower at SMU. I would go if gas was not so wild, but i am going to settle for Eastlink i guess, i finally have an Alumni card so i guess i can get into the beer tent at Homecoming this year... you know, get drunk and tell stories to people that you will have no recollection of talk to before and then the next day when u wake up from your hangover, i remember last year because i stayed overnight at ol' Crowell curtesy of my old friend Greg, the then-RA of 9th floor. I remember it because the night before he bought like 20 hotdogs from the soccer girls outside the Axe. It looks like an interesting season for the Axemen, they lost quite a few 5th year seniors, but 17/24 starters from last year are returning, what is interesting is that the Axemen are turning to a 34 year old to do the place kicking!!!! Now let's not hear anymore criticism about Oldman Robb's age!!!! And what makes it more interesting is that this guy is a rubgy player with no football experience whatsoever! I am more than just a little interested in seeing how things are going to turn out! I read in the Chronically Horrid today that MTA is now something like winless in their last 24 games?!? Man that is so tough, seeing as how the team was so good back around 1997-98. Their opening game is this Saturday at 2 against PEI, wish i could be there with the ol gang from Harper, taking in the game. Still have memories of watching the boys in a drunken stupor taking a couch from the Harper lounge and marching to the football game...sigh, to think i was part of the last ever all boys floor in Harper! Oh well, like i would have protested having ladies around! I guess according to the bartender at the Axe the other night that even good ol good ol 3rd Floor in Tower is co-ed this year! WOW! It used to be an event just seeing a girl on our floor! Now i have an old friend who had a trip attack when he heard his ol Eaton House was now co-ed, called it sacrilige...yeah right dude, if you were still there i am sure you would be so protesting the idea...
Picked up the Corsicon Brothers on DVD and starring the legendary Cheech and Chong at Zellers the other night, great flick, me and my old buddy Blair at work used to rip the daylights out of it while playing it in the store, we used to call them Tony and Geezer (Black Sabbath to those not in the know...jeesh!) and their arch-enemy, Vukaire (or something like that...) was Ronnie James Dio (Awesome singer who had the task of filling in for Ozzy when he left Sabbath or was kicked out....depending on who u believe) Oh well cannot wait till next week at the good ol Berwick Arena when Mainstream Wrestling pulls into town at 7:30 with the legendary Honkytonk Man!!! Probably take my nephew with me to see the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time! Been playing lots of NHL 2005 for the Gamecube lately, love changing the uniforms from Colorado to the Quebec Nordiques, LA back to their yellow & purple look...fun to play anyways.....Re-joined the Middleton Library today, lots of good soc and history books there, so there will be good reading for the winter months at least...and to answer the question, yes as it stands right now if i get into either Farmington or the Portland Campus of the University of Maine system, i will probably have a place to stay, which is really good news, something we need more of around here....oh well i am working at 6:00, gonna take a book, one of the five that i took out, maybe write a review, maybe go for a drive, maybe go to Claire, maybe to the Red Knight (Eh Buddy Bullen?) maybe, maybe not...have a good one webslingers!!!

PS- AC/DC's Nervous Shakedown!!!!!!!!!!! from Flick of the Switch back in 1983!!! I remember being a brat back in the ol Passage and my friend Jason would not stop rewinding and playing this one on my friend Craig's old ghettoblaster some 1001 times...over and over and probably killing the tape! Oh memories...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Coy and Vance Duke!!!
Could it really have been that long ago? Two country cousins at the dawn of the Reagan era, roaming the faux-Georgia countryside in a muscle car dubbed the General Lee, their shirts half-buttoned and the wind whipping through their blonde and brunette hair.

Indeed, for a time, Coy and Vance Duke ruled the world.

Oh...you were expecting someone else?
The legend of Coy and Vance — the Duke "cousins" brought in to replace Tom Wopat and John Schneider when the original Duke duo pressed producers for bigger paydays before the series' fifth season — has become one of the most noteworthy "switcheroos" in Hollywood history.
Producers, convinced the car was the real star of the show, sent Bo and Luke onto the NASCAR circuit and brought in Byron Cherry and Christopher Mayer — survivors of an "American Idol"-worthy casting call of thousands — to fill the original Dukes' shoes… and car… and clothing.
The gravy train lasted 18 episodes, until Wopat and Schneider settled up and Coy and Vance were hurriedly rushed off to tend to a — ahem — "sick relative," never to return.
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Monday, September 05, 2005

Old Man Robb is Like a Rolling Stone...But Still Much Younger..or Something Like That...

Hello all those out there in webslingeroonie land! Well peeps the Stones were great! What a drive! What crowds! Crowd control? hah! $4 water! $40 t-shirt? Babes? Of all ages! Great to see the Hip (Who i have not seen since 1991 at Acadia Arena!) and for the first time ever, Mick and the boys, a little long in the tooth and really Mick does oversell on Ruby Tuesday and how the hell is Keith Richards even still alive! Man Mick really gotta slow down on that dancing!
Anyways glad to be back!
An old friend e-mailed me the other day and asked me how does it feel not to be at frosh week for like the first time since the 70s...

It sucks

There it is out of my system! Is Acadia missing out? Sure they are! I think with my long standing knowledge of university politics and connections, i would make a great addition to the alumni office or campus affairs, but we know the hidden agenda, and this is nothing about grades, it is who you are, what you look like and connections...now when earlier i said connections i meant people that i have met over the years and my ways of being associatied with others that i could bring those relationships to the table if i was ot have one of those positions, i know people, bringing them onboard would help shape the Acadia product. What connections am i missing? Well if i had a famous last name, i think i would be in like yesterday. Or if i had money, or if i was a famous alumni, or yet related to one. What students need is someone blue collar that they can talk to, help them. It would be good for relations with others and with the people that matter. Hello Mcleans? Hello #1 university in Canada. Could i get us there? Well i would try, i would not be someone who came to work just to look pretty and or comb my hair, i want us to be number one, however i guess satisfying the needs of the high class takes precidence, so blue collar can go take a leap into a lake or something...oh well folks i tried.
It is a sin what is happening in New Orleans, that is all i really have to say on the subject.
I am still in negotiations with schools amongst the eastern coast, the most recent of which is Farmington at the University of Maine. However i had an offer just today that i could have a room available if i was to attend the Portland Campus. Decisions, Decisions. Well many pamphlets are on the way so i have to sit and decide what is best for me.
Me and Dunker went to see the 40 Year Old Virgin the other night, hysterical stuff...some of it gross and unnecessary, like the drunk driving scene, however the two foreign guys were killing me, could not believe it when he made the Al-Qaeda comment! Anyways, very highly recommended!
Well i cannot believe i am going to say this, but i have Friday night off and i am staying the heck home! Why is that Old Man Robb? Well it is the first meeting between the Axemen and SMU at Huskie Stadium this season at 7:00 on Eastlink and i am going to sit in my newly renovated room and watch it on the telly, i would upstairs on our 60 incher, but because of the dish being connected, i have to settle for watching down in the depths of the dungeon like old times. And i may add that i am proud to see that the football Axemen are going to wear black stripes to honour their late teammate Kristin Pipe
Well i have tomorrow off and i am going to go to the gym while the Tracker is being fixed (Hole in the exhaust) dunno what else the rest of the day, washed the cars and mowed the lawn the other day, so most of the household stuff is taken care of...anyways webheads i am off for now! Have a good one!

Friday, September 02, 2005

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