Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey there kiddies! Where the hell did January go eh? Well i went to see the Axemen play UPEI on Friday night at Acadia Arena , i had a ticket but i mostly sat in the Alumni room and enjoyed the game from there, wish Keith's was the sponsor instead of Molson, but hey a cold brew so we should take what we can get! Anyways we won both on Friday and Saturday so that is good as playoff time is approaching steadily! After the game i went to Legend's Lounge and it was hysterical as the place was full of barflys, an old co-worker of mine was there and we hung out for awhile, man there were lots of scantily clad women there that was for sure! But i bet if i went all of the time, then it would get boring rather quickly.... i saw that one that was an aquantance of mine...lame..totally lame. Never would she come over and say hi, she was sitting with a group of friends and no i was not walking over and embaressing myself in public, so i waited and waited and waited...nope she would not work up the courage to walk over and say hi and collect her drink that i had promised her. So too bad for her...now was Old Man Robb playing hard to get on Friday night? Usually i play hard to want, but after lots of teasing on a couple of different sites, i figured that she wanted to chat...well honey is it more like see ya later, you have just become a spectator! Maybe she wanted to be pursued, who knows? But it was more to me like she couldn't dare to get away from her friends for like five minutes, you know what i mean...do something outside of the group that would possibly incure their wraith for daring to be different, i used to find that when i was younger that friends would get pissed off if one was not to follow the status quo and just be one of the gang instead of being an individual.

What exactly is an individual kiddies?

Individualism is a moral, political, and social philosophy, which emphasizes individual liberty, belief in the primary importance of the individual, and in the "virtues of self-reliance" and "personal independence". "Individualism" embraces opposition to authority, and to all manner of controls over the individual, especially when exercised by the political state or "society." It is thus, directly-opposed to collectivism which advocates subordination of the individual to the will of the society or community. It is often confused with "egoism," but an individualist need not be an egoist.
It is somebody doing their own thing, no matter what it is, being by themselves, going somewhere by themselves, listening to music or dressing the way that they choose, rather than what a group of people like to dictate.
Maybe i am more of a rugged individual? Who the hell knows?
Anywho gang, January is over pretty much and i am working tonight and tomorrow in Middleton, so i will check back in later!

PSssssssssst- Enjoy the Huntingtons! I Wanna Be A Ramone!!!!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Small, But Fiesty!

Hello my bloggeronies!!! Old Man Robb is in the computer room!!! Well what is a happening? Tonight i am going to see my alma mater, the Axemen take on UPEI at 7:30!!! We are in second place as we speak and have clinched a playoff birth!!! What a week huh? We have a new Prime Minister and Mario retires! I guess those wheeling stealing Libreals are out of power for the next four years eh? Unless Harper screws up big time or pulls a Joe Clark and calls an election..we shall have to see eh? Lots of neglect, esp to military, only one doctor in four and a lack of jobs and an astronomical high cost of living and many people coming out of university find that the only jobs that they are getting are those of delivering pizzas and working in convienience stores, no not me, i am heading back to school next September come hell or high water. At least Harper told the US to mind its business as far as Canadian affairs go, but that may not stop the huge tiger known as America, The US is in desperate shape due to initiating the conflict in Iraq and some believe that we are without peace in this crazy old world due to the morals of the American government. Someone told me that the Americans should stop sticking its nose into other people's business and instead focus on their own internal problems at home. Besides, Iraq is becoming another Vietnam War, something that does not seem winnable at all.

"Indeed, more US troops have died in Iraq in the eight months since the US war began than were killed during the first three years of the US war in Vietnam, which the Pentagon says officially began on December 11, 1961.
A November 13 Reuters analysis of US defence department statistics showed that in Vietnam the US military had suffered 392 fatal casualties from 1962 through 1964, when US troop levels stood at just over 17,000. As of December 1, 437 US troops have died in Iraq since March 20, when the US invasion began. Of these, 79 died in November, the highest monthly casualty rate so far.
Estimates of total US casualties since the invasion of Iraq began vary, but according to Florida's Orlando Sentinel, almost 10,000 US soldiers have either been killed, wounded, injured in accidents or become ill enough to be evacuated. Pentagon numbers reported by the newspaper showed 9675 casualties as of November 28. This amounts to almost an entire army division having been put out of action.
It has also taken much less time for US public opinion to turn against the war in Iraq than it took to turn against the Vietnam War.
Taking the Pentagon's official date of December 1961 for the start of the US war in Vietnam, it was more than six years into the war before a majority — 53% — of US voters said the war was a mistake. It has taken only seven months of war in Iraq for a similar percentage to reach this conclusion, according to USA Today/CNN/Gallup polls."

It is sad eh?

Ok. let's cheer up!
A female aquantence of mine told me to show up at Legend's Lounge in Coldbrook tonight after the game, but she will be there with a large amount of people. Hmmm..doesn't sound too fun huh? I told her i would buy her a drink, she said that if i could find her, i could. I offered to buy her two drinks and she said ok. Ummm folks, i am not going to beg someone buy feeding them alcohol.. if a person really wanted to meet with me, they would do so alone, not meet at some place that i got bored of back in 1995-96! Anyways that is a rant huh?
Oh!!! I bought Sloan's greatest hits CD the other day in New Minas, called "A Side Wins" of course everyone will complain where is this song and where is that song? But for a novice looking for essential Sloan, this is a good place as any to start, plus it comes with a bonus DVd with videos and live performences, and a live performance of "The Rest of My Life" comes straight from their performence last year at Acadia, wish i had been there! :(
Oh well saw the band in 2000-01 in the SUB and at Mount A in 2003-02 and definitly would again!
Betcha i show up anyways, she is a cutie
Anyhow i have to get a move on, told a friend i would meet them for a Tim Horny's downtown, so i shall chat later gators!!!

I finally found The Dishrags- Past is Past!!!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Still Life

Hello there Bloggeroonies! How the hell is everyone on this not so snowy at all in the Valley day? Well i braved quite the freezing rain storm last Wednesday to go and see the Axemen mangle STFX 8-3, it has been a better rivalry in recent years, but now STFX is in a rebuilding stage, much like we were a few years ago. Listened to the weekend games on the radio and i am so glad that we clinched a playoff birth. I actually went to the movies this weekend and went and seen Hostel ummmmmmmm...It's not for the squeamish, but in my opinion, WHAT A KICK ASS FILM!!! It is funny cause the film starts off as if it is like Euro Trip or any number of teenage American films like American Pie or Road Trip, but then WHAMMO!! It turns into quite a nasty, piece of work, we're talking a severed head, a bloody headshot, mucho human limbs, a open chest mess, nasty scalpel cuts and an eye ball “thing” that had me laughing out loud at how gross it was were on the menu, anyways it is worth checking out, just don't eat any spaghetti or anything beforehand. So my nephew had his first basketball game this weekend and while they lost, he has another game at Annapolis on Friday and i am going to go watch him play since i have the day off on Friday. I found a new website called PlentyofFish and it is a free website where one can go on and meet lots of girls and it says what it is that they are looking for, i put my picture on there and i scored like a 3/10...oh well there is more to life then good looks, it is the person, not how they look..oh someday i shall find her, that one that shall like me for whom i am, not what i can do for her or how much (or how little) money that i have...someday i shall find her...ohhhhh well, and plus so many of the women on there want this and want that also, and sometimes that in itself is a big turnoff.. i think that people should just let things flow naturally, just relax, have a couple of pops and see where it goes from there...
Anyways folks, i am working at 6 in Middleton, time to go walk the dogs have a good one!

Check out this clip from the new KISS DVD "Rock The Nation"- Tears Are Falling

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Here are the date's for the Coop's 2006-07 Canadian tour!!!

May 1st 2006 - St. John's, NF Mile One Stadium
May 3rd 2006 - Halifax, NS Metro Centre
May 4th 2006 - Saint John, NB Harbour Station
May 6th 2006 - Ottawa, ON Civic Centre
May 7th 2006 - Hamilton, ON Place Theatre
May 9th 2006 - Kitchener, ON Centre in The Square
May 10th 2006 - Oshawa, ON Civic Centre
May 11th 2006 - Barrie, ON Molson Centre
May 13th 2006 - Thunder Bay, ON Community Aud.
May 16th 2006 - Brandon, MB Keystone Centre
May 17th 2006 - Winnipeg, MB Concert Hall

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My My My

Hello there bloggeronies! Old Man Robb is here and well...he is here, i have today and tomorrow off work and i have been a busy little man..what the hell is with this weather eh? Beautiful on Saturday and then BOOM! The ol Valley was hit with an ol storm! I went to Kingstec the other day and i am looking into maybe taking one of their Human Services programs next year, if i take the basic Human Services i may be bumped up into second year because of my Sociology from Acadia/Mount A. There are also other aspects of Human Services offered such as Addictions Counseling Concentration, Child & Youth Concentration, Correctional Services Concentration, Educational Support Concentration as well as three or four others. Addications Counseling sounds interesting, i was only a C+ student when i took Sociology of Addictions at Acadia, but my writing especially with term papers has improved greatly since that time. So this would be offered up at the Kentville campus and i would probably be moving back to my brothers place if i was to be going. Only difference is that now his garage was reconstructed into apartments back around 2002-03 and i would like to have that as my living quarters, why? Well because it would be my own private spot, i have furniture now that i would be moving into there like a couch and i would be looking at getting a nice chair for the mini living room that is there, it just needs a good clean up and volia! It would be good and set for living in. How's about those Habs? They fire Claude Julien, Bob Gainey goes behind the bench and Carbo power is back in Montreal! Of course two wins in a row does not mean that the Stanley Cup is coming home to La belle province... the Axemen lost two in a row this weekend and i hope that they get back on track on Wednesday night, i am possibly heading to the game amongst fears of freezing rain..ahhh this lovely Valley weather eh? Anyways i have things to do, places to go...have a good one slingers!

PS- Since we do not have White Castle in Canada, i have done the next best thing and posted this recipie so that we can have the closest thing!

1/4 Cup Hot Water
1/4 Cup Dry Minced Onion
1 lb Lean Ground Beef
2/3 Cup Beef Broth
1 pkg Hot Dog Buns- buns are to be cut into thirds
-Combine water and onion in small bowl and allow to soak for 10 minutes
-Knead together beef and broth in a bowl
-Form meat mixture into patties
-Keep patties uniform using 1/4 cup meat mixture for each patty, flattened to 1/4"
-Make 3 or 4 holes in patties while frying
-In skillet over medium heat, fry patties and onions together until brown on both sides
-Serve patties on section of bun and top with onions, 2 dill pickle , mustard and Heinz ketchup

PS Part II- A classic from Quiet Riot, CUM ON FEEL THE NOIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Old Man Robb Returns

Hello folks! Long time eh? Well we have had some trying days, my Dad was in the hospital for a few days in early January and that took up most of my attention. He is home now and in good spirits and that is really all one can ask for eh? Well me and my nephew went last Saturday to see Acadia defeat St Thomas by a score of 2-1. It was hysterical as the scoreboard broke down for a good five minutes which was followed by lots of booing and cat calls when the Jepordy theme came over the loudspeaker and everyone started roaring, my nephew was confused as to what everyone was laughing at, making everyone around us start roaring even louder...man the generation gap eh? I think the boy needs to get out more, he had his first basketball game the other day and since he was not playing, he thought he could just go home instead of just staying there and watching the game. His coach was not impressed, could you imagine players in the NHL or NBA or something just leaving the arena instead of cheering on their teammates..some kids. The new rules for watching Acadia sports really suck...i think that is why i saw so many blue seats at the game on Saturday. I know we should not do personal attacks on opposition coaches and players, but with the team only losing one game at home this season, not seeing a sold out crowd to me would be cause for concern. Today is Friday The 13th!!! Maybe i should pull out one of the old Jason movies from the collection and watch one for old times sakes!!! I am actually giving thought to moving back to Kentville next year and going back to NSCC...maybe go into social work or something. Some people i mention this to support me and other people tell me that i should go into teaching or go do my masters in history, but my marks while decent will not convince the powers that be at Acadia or elsewhere to do such a thing. Anyways i need to go back to school, i was impressed when i dropped off a resume at Kingstec last November that the school is getting away from that high school mentality of having lockers and all that BS, when i was there in 1995-96, i felt like i was attending a glorified high school with almost the same mentality....i often wonder what kind of student i really was somedays... So today is my day off, i already picked up a newspaper and filled the Jeep with gas and now i am going to go walk the dogs...have a good one folks!!!

PSSSSSSSSSSSSSST- I finally found them this week!!! Here are the MP3's for the coolest two songs from the Up The Academy soundtrack by the impossible to find BLOW-UP!!!

1) "Kickin Up A Fuss"

2) "Beat The Devil"

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Acadia Axemen Hockey Home Schedule For Rest of 2005-06!!!!!!!!

Fri. Jan. 6 UdeM VS Acadia 7:30pm
Sat. Jan. 7 St. Thomas Vs Acadia 7:30pm
Wed. Jan. 18 StFX Vs Acadia 7:30pm
Fri. Jan. 27 UPEI Vs Acadia 7:30pm
Sat. Jan. 28 UNB Vs Acadia 7:30pm
Fri. Feb. 10 Dalhousie Vs Acadia 7:30pm

Welcome to 2006-07!!!!!

Hello there bloggers!!! Well how did i spend my New Year's? Doing squat, i worked 10-6 in good ol good ol Middleton and i came home. That was that, had a beer ...well actually a few Kokanee's...and watched the Leafs-Devils and Oilers-Flames...oh and i assembled my new computer chair and it is awesome!! Finally a chair i can lean back in after all these years!!! My brother just came back from Edmonton where we lived from November 1981 to the summer of 1983. Was an awesome place to grow up and man was i disappointed as hell when we were posted back to Shearwater and moved back to the Passage. Childhood memories eh? Well i made a resolution of sorts, i am going back to the gym tomorrow and going to try and lose some of this fat i have gained the last little while. Gotta do it! Oh and by the way, the Axemen tied their two game series with The Alberta Golden Bears 1-1. No i have been working everyday and there is no way i wanna stay a professional videostore clerk for the rest of my days fine and thank you. I finally recieved my Washington Huskies T-shirt on Thursday in the mail from my sister in Seattle, Washington..it is looking good!! I recieved a note from the Job Resource Centre up at the community college that there is a Career Crusing Session taking place from 1:30-4:00 this Thursday .sounds interesting so i may head that way. Man what to do huh? Wish Johnny Knoxville's The Ringer was playing at the Empire in New Minas right now..jeesh..My nephew arrived home for Christmas a bit late and he was really happy as he finally recieved an Acadia t-shirt from his old Uncle Robb...he is glad to be back and really has no desire to go back to Dartmouth...Went to Wal-Mart the other day and bought the original "Dawn of the Dead" on Dvd for ten bucks, a classic flick that is way way better than the 2004 remake...I am tempted to take another trip down to ol Cape Breton, just something of interest that Old Man Robb just wants to go and check out...no real details, let's just say something has my curiousity. I do have to say one thing about people though, if you say that you are going to do something, or make a statement that you are going to do something or what have you, then do your best to stick by it eh? No false advertising, no silly talk..no matter what the obsticle is, just go do it...i listened to someone talk for like the last two weeks and if they are not what they claim they are, then they should not advertise themselves as such. I swear some people just sometimes do not want to break the status quo and take a friggin chance, they are afraid they might just like what they see or what they hear. Jeesh... Oh well i have to get on with my day, have a shower, take the dogs for a walk..do stufff..have a good one webslingers!!!

PS- I really wanna see Benchwarmers when it comes out on April 7th, 2006!!!! Check out Jon Heder!!! Napoleon fans will flock to this one!!!
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