Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sometime to Return

Hey people! My Dad's surgery went well yesterday up in Kentville and if this crazy Nova Scotia weather would clear up some i would go and visit him. Well it is my day off and the only thing i really have to do today is take my nephew for his doctors appointment at 2:00 right here in Middleton. Well the NHL resumes tonight, good enough about the Olympics, Canada lost so everyone should just get over it. I agree with comments made by the late Herb Brooks about so-called Dream Teams being sent to the Olympics that now that we have dream teams, some never get to dream. I am in the minority here but maybe they should give olympic hockey back to the amateurs. All isn't it all about money now? My Habs are back in action against the Florida Panthers on Thursday..betcha Theodore does not start! Ol Hardy Theodore with his roided out mullet. I saw some distubing news that the next Rockstar competion like the one INXS did is going to feature Van Halen...hey Eddie! You know the fans are gonna hate this just like when you recruited that kid from Extreme (More Than Words...ick!) Remember that album? It sucked! Just make up with Diamond Dave or Sammy (Van Hagar) ....my other brother was a big Van Hagar fan, but then again he thought you could still buy vinyl albums as late as 2000 in stores. ...i know...i know..doesn't get out much...
Oh i found something awesome the other day...

Chuck Norris Facts:

1) Guns don't kill people. Chuck Norris kills People.
2) There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of animals Chuck Norris allows to live.
3) Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits.
4) The chief export of Chuck Norris is Pain.
5) There is no chin under Chuck Norris' Beard. There is only another fist.
6) Chuck Norris has two speeds. Walk, and Kill.
7) The leading causes of death in the United States are: 1. Heart Disease 2. Chuck Norris.
8) Chuck Norris drives an ice cream truck covered in human skulls.
9) Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding.
10) Chuck Norris doesn't go hunting.... CHUCK NORRIS GOES KILLING

Well..i thought it was funny...
Anyways the Axemen are in action tomorrow night and i will be listening in on the radio, that is all for me this morning folks as i now have some housework to do..have a good one!

PS- The Donnas: You Don't Wanna Call

Monday, February 27, 2006

Time & Confusion

Hello slingers! Well today is the day, my Dad was transported up to Kentville earlier today and he is having his operation. Hope all goes well and that he will be home here in good ol Middleton to recoup in a few short days. So how is the rest of the free world? Well the Axemen swept SMU 5-2 on Friday night as i listened in the computer room in the basement. Am i suprised? Well we have learned from last year i think as we go on to meet UNB in the AUAA Finals , and as i will be working on Wednesday it is a safe bet that i will be taking the radio with me to work and listening in on all the action. What happened this weekend? Not too hell of a lot with the family occupied with my Father and the weather has been terrible lately too. Met up with a friend yesterday and we had some coffee at old Tim Horton's in New Minas. I bugged her that this one old guy that looked like Charles Bronson at age 100 was checking her out from behind his mustache. Went for a drive behind WAl Mart and saw this trail that i never knew was there before, i imagine it is a haven for guys on ATV's and all the rest. I have tomorrow and Friday off, payday is this week too so i will be able to renew my driver's licence and i have an appointment to get my hair cut in town Friday at 1:00 so i can look all pretty for all the ladies (hahahahaha!) I have an invite to head up to Saint John's NB sometime, well maybe when the snow clears and the weather is a wee bit better i shall head up that way. And remember next Monday is my student for a day at Kingstec, i told an old friend about it and she said "what are you gonna do? Go sit in on Radio & Television?" ahahahah ummmm..no.. she said she should go just to get the free lunch. Don Knotts aka Mr Furley passed away this weekend, it is funny becuase a good friend of mine wants to lend me his Three's Company boxset and we were chatting about how hysterical Furley was in his swinging 70s outfits that he used to wear and how he thought Jack was gay, when Furley was wearing some awefully flaming outfits himself. Oh well it is time i guess for me to clean up a bit, do some housework and get to work...have a good one people!!!

PS- Dramarama: Anything Anything

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

Hey there slingers! Well how's about those Axemen!!! We routed SMU 8-4 last night in the first of the best of three series at Acadia. I listened in me basement on the radio. It would have been even sweeter if Dad had been home from the hosptial listening right alongside me, however it is back to Kentville tomorrow and hopefully surgery to follow. I would go along but i have to work in Middleton the next two mornings in a row. I was actually in Wolfville yesterday afternoon for coffee at Timmy McHortons with a friend and then over to the legendary Anvil Bar & Beverage Room for a couple games of pool. Man i saw the same exact people that i saw in there playing VLT's back in like 1998-99 my first year of living in Tower. Hey Bullen! It was just like those OLD MAN BARS in Yarmouth!!! I am headed off to Kingstec on March 6th (A Monday) to take what they call a "test drive" see if you like a course before taking it, it is like a window meaning that if you do not like it, then you have enough time to go register for something else for next year. The course that i want is Addictions Counseling Concentration via the Human Services programme that is offered at the Kentville campus. However if i decide that is the route that i want to take, then i have to get my transcripts from Acadia and send them to Kingstec and their staff will decide if i should go straight into second year or not. They may also need some letters of recommendation which hopefully would not be too hard to find. So strange to think that i would possibly seeing so much of the future/ the past next academic year starting in September. I would be going back to a place where some of the past memories that i had of it are all not fond ones. A place where i first started my professional academic career. And to be living in the same apartment where i lived in 2004-05 during my last full year at Acadia. Weird, it must have been on my mind too much because i dreamed that i was wondering around the streets of i don't know either Wolfville or Middleton and a friend that i have not seen in eons came and grabbed me as i was late for a 9:00 AM final examination. He hauled me to this exam and my old criminology professor from Acadia was in charge of the exam and the room was full of people that i had gone to Acadia, Kingstec and West Kings with...and i didn't know anything and left the examination five minutes into it and she was trying to get me back as i walked towards Tower of all places and my brother was a security back and threatened to give me the taser if i did not come back to write the rest of my examination..........weird weird weird...
Hey! I picked up my copy of the Smokey and the Bandit Pursuit pack today, which consists of Smokey I, II and III on one widescreen DVD...awesome for like only $15!!!!!!! What is funny about the Burt-less Smokey III is that it was originally titled "Smokey *is* the Bandit," with 'Gleason, Jackie' playing both the sheriff and the bandit. Test audiences were confused, however, and parts of the film were re-shot with Jerry Reed as the bandit, replacing Gleason...now that would have been hysterical!!! I helped my nephew with his American Southern history project yesterday...i think he would have been better off if he knew where the south was!?!?!?!?
So how's about Team Canada? Well they were eliminated and now they are cannon fodder for the media. Team USA is gone also so no Miracle on Ice this year eh? Canada has to realize that the rest of the world has caught up to us as far as hockey is concerned and that maybe some new blood is needed with management, maybe Wayne and Patty O' Quinn should step back and let someone else do the picking and choosing for the team, instead of hanging on to guys from the 2002 games. They played bad and now they deserve to be sitting on the sidelines.
Anywho folks that is all for me, have a good one!

PS--- Dropkick Murphys- The Spicy McHaggis Jig

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Everything We Were Has Become What We Are

Hey people! How are things? I am sitting home while my father is going under the knife for some minor surgery up in Hfx this morning, if all goes well, then the folks should be home on Thursday or so. Good god Dad deserves some peace after this last little while eh? Well there is the Team Canada match-up Vs the Czech Republic today at 11:30 this morning, what the heck is gonna happen? People are just a crapping all over Team Canada as it was thought that we would run roughshed over everyone, the Women's team won gold, but they outscored their opponents something like 1000-2 and that makes for some boring ol hockey, however i had a class up at Mount A called Canadian Sport History and my professor said something to the effect of that 10-0 hockey games are boring for crowds, i agreed to an extent, unless it is a rivalry that is...i was there at the football finals between the Axemen and STFX and we blew them out, however a great deal of the fans stayed and cheered every touchdown, but like if the Habs blew out the Bruins and vice versa, their fans would stay and cheer every goal! I am going to phone Kingstec today and see if i can get an appointment to see who is in charge of the Human Services programme and see if i can get placed into second year. If not, then it is time for plan 2...which will be revealed at a date to be named later. I would love to have a ticket for tomorrow night's game between the Axemen and SMU, but i am told that tickets will be hard to come by, actually there is playoff hockey here in Middleton with the high school teams, so i may wander over and check that out, but bring my headphones so i can listen to the Axemen game at the same time. I actually agree with Alex J on something he wrote, he had an article about the high school basketball games being played in gyms with no seating, i can remember when i was the team mascot for West Kings basketball back in 1991-92 (yes i was the Lion...laughing yet? ) and there was absolutely no place for fans to sit! And fans were always in danger of being smoked by the frickin ball too! I am glad they have a new gym which has places for people to sit and enjoy the game. Teams need a showcase, maybe it would not have been asking much to have one of the universities open up their facilities, but people always scream for homefield advantage too! Hey Bullen? Did you guys really have the ol Tator-Tot Casserole? yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! Oh well, time for me to get the day started, i am shaved, but i need to shower, walk the mutts and get going on me day...have a good one slingers!

Black Flag- Nervous Breakdown (Live 84)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Oh Canada?

Hellooooooooo Webslingers! Well i came home from work today and i see that Canada lost...again! What the hell is happening? Did they take the Swiss and Finns too lightly? Is Janet Gretzky over there making bets? My my my...the boys better get their act together! Well on Wednesday night i went to the storied Berwick Arena to watch a team of local media starts and hockey players take on the famed Flying Fathers, it was a good time and i really enjoyed myself. The Fathers are kinda like the Harlem Globetrottiers of hockey, always splashing water on people, pies in people's faces, plus a guy dressed as a clown that loved tying himself to the zamboni... i was only a few numbers off winnning the 50/50 draw too! I went to Luigi's Pizza before the game too! Awesome pizza that we used to get at West Kings every Friday, but there was a catch to that, you had to fill out an order sheet for a pizza slice...good ol' West Kings, always the hard way eh? Actually West Kings's 50th Anniversary is happening and my sister wanted some info..hopefully it will be an interesting affair... No wonder when i gave a presentation for Sociology of Education and talking at length about my old high school did people look like they were going to die of laughter! At least now they have that long sought after cafeteria...HEy! Check out this frickin sandwhich!!!!! I went to Halifax on Friday and drove to the MicMac Mall, walked around for an hour or so, then i drove home and went to check on a girl i had been chatting with, went back to the ol' Suzuki Tracker and WHAMMO!!! It would not start! And Kentville is kinda well.....creepy after 9:00 lemmie tell you, some dudes that looked like roadies for Motorhead walked by and were looking me over and so i went to the firehall and a gentleman gave me a boost, then i drove home in like the worst wind imaginable and the tracker has sat in the driveway since Friday night. Tomorrow i am going to boost the jeep and drive it up to be fixed...i was going to go to Wolfville tomorrow for 9:00 AM when the ticket booth opens to snatch up an Axemen playoff ticket for Wednesday night (I am off Wednesday and Sunday this week!!!) However that all depends on what is happening with the tracker and my Dad is having day surgery on Tuesday, so i will wait to see what is going on with that, he is feeling a little under the weather tonight, but seems ok.
Anyways folks...i am off! Have a good one!

The Buzzcocks- What Do I Get?

Monday, February 13, 2006

My Bloody Valentine

What better way for a single person to spend Valentine Day alone then to spend it watching a Canadian cult classic! Shot in Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia in 1980 and released on February 14, 1981, this horror flick was heavily cut by the MPAA and just now there is word that a sequel is being worked on to be called, My Bloody Valentine II: The Return of the Miner. Of course i was in Sydney Mines last August and the mine is no more, however i did see alot of places where the movie was indeed shot around town. I hope that when and if the cameras roll on Part II that maybe a trip back to Nova Scotia for the production would be in the works. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 11, 2006

14 Reasons To Allow Drinking On The Job!!!

Found this one today while surfing the net! Enjoy!

1. It's an incentive to show up.
2. It reduces stress.
3. It leads to more honest communications.
4. It reduces complaints about low pay.
5. It cuts down on time off because you can work with a hangover.
6. Employees tell management what they think, not what management wants to hear.
7. It helps save on heating costs in the winter.
8. It encourages carpooling.
9. Increases job satisfaction because if you have a bad job you don't care.
10. It eliminates vacations because people would rather come to work.
11. It makes fellow employees look better.
12. It makes the cafeteria food taste better.
13. Bosses are more likely to hand out raises when they have had a couple of drinks.
14. Salary negotiations are a lot more profitable.

Friday, February 10, 2006

False Fiction

Hello there Bloggeroonies? How are things? Well we still have Operation Slapshot happening in the States where sources now say that Wayner is involved, i wonder if people are taking bets on who the other players are that were involved in this whole thing? Now that would be something to bet on! Locally...well we have this Marsh fella at SMU that posted the controversial drawings of the Prophet Muhammad on his office door, ok ok freedom of speech? Yes, at the cost of hurting the feelings of lots of students? Yes..but you see this Peter Marsh has different aspirations you see, i was reading the Daily News yesterday and on the inside, one of their writers called him an A**hole..why? Well because Marsh called the paper to tell them that he had put up these pictures on his door, this was not freedom of speech at all! This was someone looking to draw attention to himself, make a name for himself at the expense of others. He did take the pictures down off his door (Only at the request of the university) but then just the other day according to sources where he delivered a classroom lecture to 60 students that focused on his belief that all religions are odious. Plus the student paper at UPEI, "The Cadre" was recalled after it had went ahead and published the cartoons for all to see. Like someone else wrote, freedom of speech is good, but maybe it should be kept for positive classroom discussion, not put on office doors, not published in newpapers and that is the angle that i agree with.
I really hope Marsh's 15 minutes of fame are up soon...
Well the Ramones didn't get their Grammy folks...oh well the music industry in America is backwards, however it feels just like the Ramones eh? Always the underdog, always unrecognized by the masses, i had a friend of mine that said the award went to Johnny Cash because he was now dead...hello! Almost all of the Ramones are dead! Anyways like i said it would have went against the grain i thinks...could you imagine Johnny Ramone accepting a Grammy? Imagine the speeches? Wonder if they would have anything on Mike Love's speech when the Beach Boys were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
Well tonight is the Axemen's last home game of the regular season against Dalhousie, i would go but i have to work, however me radio will be coming with me so do not fret as i shall be listening, let's just hope that our recent good fortune continues into the playoffs! Today is my Father's B-day and i bought him a $14 dollar lobster from the Superstore bright and early today. If anyone deserves a good b-day it is my Father..besides he has to put up with me eh?
Anywho that is my rant for now..have a good one!

PS- Dayglo Abortions: Proud To Be A Canadian!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

If It Feels Good Do It Even If You Shouldn't

Hello there bloggeroonies! Well how are ya all today? How's about the NHL? Rick Tocchet? Janet Gretzky? Kenny Rodgers? The Gambler? Hey Betman! Now you have your mainstream publicity that you wanted within the United States! Somehow i bet that this is not the way that you wanted it eh? With you distraced, does that mean that the instigator rule is going to make its way back? Remember it was Gary Bettman who was responsible for the “glowing puck”; possibly the stupidest idea in hockey to date....jeesh! And poor Janet, i remember when Wayne was traded to the Kings in 1988 how people were referring to her as the Yoko Ono of hockey..ha ha..can you imagine if Wayne is involved? How can the two of the closest people to wayne - his wife & his assistant coach be involved & he not? there was a report tonite that an nhl owner & management apparently are also under investigation for their involvement - certainly gretzky fits that description. Maybe all those years with Bruce McNall paid off! Wonder if they know Pete Rose? Well everyone this looks like something that Wayne and the league may not recover from as its reputation has been quite tarnished! Well my Axemen have clinched first place, but the playoffs are an entirely different story ya know, i remember last year was a heartbreaker as the Axemen lost in double OT to the Moncton Blue Eagles in last year's conference finals. However, let's be optimistic as the Axemen head into this weekend with a 18-6-1 record, now i will have to get on the horn before the weekend is even finished and see about grabbing some playoff tickets!!! Hey i should have printed this the other day, but i have found some reasons why non-football fans (like my other brother who doesn't even like sports at all...WTF?!?!?!?!) could have enjoyed the Super Bowl!!!

1) SEX-Crazed: Its a win-win for oglers of both sexes there is cheesecake (cheerleaders) and beefcake (dudes in tight pants)

2) Nerds: Football is chess on a large field with large men. There is an amazing amount of strategy involved.

3) Food Lovers: Here's the one time a year where the required food is chips, chilli dogs and everything else meaty and good (Fire up the BBQ!!!)

4) Marketers: The greatest trick the Super Bowl ever did was getting people to watch for the commericals, something people do not do another 364 days of the year!

5) Gamblers: The Super Bowl is gambling Christmas!

Anyways folks, i am heading to the gym, gotta walk the dogs and oh yeah, tomorrow i head to the community college for that seminar on resumes and cover letters at 9:30-12:30...have a good one!

Psssssssst!!!- Ramones- Beat on the BRAT!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Daze of the Week

Hello there bloggos! Well it has been awhile eh? Not too too much happening, listened to the Axemen on the radio claiming sole possession of first place with wins this weekend over UPEI and UNB!!! Now on to the playoffs! Well a few games left in the regular season and then on to the playoffs! Worked all weekend Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday till 6:00 and today till 6, so i did not have much time for much else, paid for my new exhaust for the Jeep and towards my days birthday present which is a Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop and Mouse, we moved out 60 inch television back out into the living room and enjoyed back to back Habs victories as well as the Superbowl tonight which was won by Pittsburgh 21-10. I did enjoy the MacGyver Mastercard commerical that i saw tonight! So tomorrow i am to keep a couple of promises to meself, first i am going over to Excalibur Gym here in Middleton and signing back up, i have Barry's wedding to go to in July and i cannot go looking like the Michelin Man now can i? Plus i have to go to the bank tomorrow because we are going to look into RSVP's, you imagine if for as low as $25 a pay and i cannot touch it till i am 65 yrs of age! I could have quite a good chunk of change saved up eh? Let's do the math... hmmmmmmmmmmm .....okay about $19,000 so which means that when i get a better paying job, i put into it a bit more than $50 a month eh? Well i finally got in touch with my old friend Craig from Eastern Passage and we chatted on the ol phone for over an hour, chatting about stuff ranging from the upcoming Alice Cooper concert (he is going to see Motley Crue instead) to old times in the Passage like the window breaking incident at Talahassie School to old Eastern Passage Junior High memories! Man it was fun to get back in contact again... he remembers this old reggae album that he found by this dude named Dillinger ..... we would put this holy vinyl coolness on his record player (Not his Mickey Mouse record player!!!!!!) and this guy sang stuff titled "Cocaine in my Brain" and "Funky Punk" and it was hysterical!!! We would sing along to this crap for hours...i need some mp3's ...time to look on Limewire!!!
I was up at the Middleton branch of NSCC the other day and i got a new schedule for the Job Resource Centre based at the school and this Thursday they are having two sessions for preparing resume/cover letters from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm, i think i am going to phone ahead and make a reservation. ...plus when i was there i visited their library which i believe is quite newer and has alot more stuff then i imagined and they have a whole section of books on sale for 25 cents...yes that is right webslingers...a whole frickin 25 cents!!!! And i bought get this... The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Sociology: Third Edition from 1986..old book? Yes..does the information inside change at all? Ummmmm...not really as one glance through this book brought back lots of memories for myself and my years with sociology at Acadia and Mount A and maybe one more, really good year possibly in Kentville this coming year, which we have to see about in quick fashion. What kind of defintions are here before my eyes? Well let's see shall we?

Participant Observation: A technique by which an investigator attempts to develop theory through exploration or confirm hypothesis through direct participation in and observation of the community, tribe or other social grouping being studied. This approach unstructured and direct, and often only a few of the members of the group under study serve as informants in interviews, wheras the others are simply observed.

Collectivism: Collectivism stresses the idea of a group or "collective" of people working together in a common cause for the benefit of the whole, as opposed to individualism and or competition. There may be collectives within a nation, state, or other form of political unit, such as the collective farms in the former USSR or the kibbutzim in Israel. Although the state may own the collectivized farm or factory, the workers may be paid or in some fashion remunerated on the basis of the production of their particular collective. Although collective organizations are most often based on economic activity, their purposes are likely to be defined broadly enough to emcompass all aspects of individual and social life.

White-Collar Crime: Casual criminal acts by middle-class people, particularly administrative and professional personnel, who abuse their positions for private gain. Examples are falsified expense accounts, embezzlement of company funds and or fraudulent tax returns.

And that was just a few sociological definitions! As time allows, i such type out more, if i can help someone that happens to stroll by Robbblogs, then it will all be worth it eh?
Anywho, i have to sleep cause i am waking up early, walking the doggies and heading to the gym! Have a good one slingers!!!

PSSSSSSSsst!!!- Sex Pistols- Anarchy in the UK!!!!
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