Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

MY Favorite Frickin Albums of All Time!!!!

Keep reading down below for details slingers!

#2 Ramones (Self-Titled) 1976

One hell of a debut album eh? I was turned onto this album some 13 yrs after its release, buying it at Sam The Record Man in Halifax in 1989. This album more than any other introduced the world to 2-cord rock, that rock and roll didn't have to be corporate and have 15 minute gutair solos or any of that. As a matter of fact the first time the band played England, half of the audience in attendance went home and started a band. For the unknowing, this is the album that kicked off the punk rock movement. And its impact is everlasting, try and go to a hockey game (besides the Axemen who never seem to play it!) and or watch one on tv and not hear Blitzkrieg Bop (HEY HO! LET's GO!) and think of all the bands that copied their style, not just punk, but also hard rock, metal, speed metal, black metal, thrash music and the list goes on and on.Posted by Picasa

#1 The Beach Boys- Pet Sounds (1966)

Wow! All i have to say is wow everytime i listen to this album. I finally picked it up in 1999 while going on a major Beach Boys binge while living in Tower where me and my pal Richie Ramone would watch a taped off VHS of The Beach Boys: An American Family like almost every day! Anyways this album is Brian Wilson's masterpiece. By then Wilson was done with touring with the band (Bruce Johnson replaced him in 1964) and instead concentrated on his "teenage symphony to God" aka: Pet Sounds which is radically different from any other Beach Boys album that came before it and any Beach Boys album that came after it... the beautiful arrangements, the French horns on "God Only Knows" (Which i heard was Paul Mccartney's favorite song) "Wouldn't It Be Nice" which is my favorite Beach Boys song to blast in the Tracker...ahhh..such an album..could play it over and over again. Posted by Picasa

#3 Sloan- Twice Removed (1994)

Canada's band...that is my opinion of Sloan. A staple of my old college radio show; "Assume The Position" which ran on both Radio Acadia in 2000-01 and CHMA at MTA in 2003-04. Why did i always go back to this album? Because it is a perfect blend of pop and hard rock tendencies. songs that could be played on a summer trip, as a matter of fact it is one of the few cd's that i would play over and over again on a long trip from say the South Shore or Cape Breton and it would never..ever get old! And my devotion to this group never gets old as well, having seen them in 2000, 2003, and in 2004. Songs like Coax Me, People of the Sky and I Can Feel it should be staples of Canadian radio. Posted by Picasa

#5 Black Sabbath- Paranoid (1970)

I remember the 6th grade, i was in EPJH (Eastern Passage Junior High) and i was with my parents at the Sears Bargain Basement in HFX when i saw a deal saying 3 tapes for $20! So i begged my dad for some cash and he let me purchase, Aerosmith- Rock in a Hard Place, Van Halen- Van Halen II and this gem, Black Sabbath- Paranoid. I was in heavy metal heaven taking this three treasures home, however it would be Paranoid that would stick with me the most. Paranoid, War Pigs, Iron Man (theme song of wrestling's Road Warriors!) i had a fellow come into work telling me that he would love to get into Black Sabbath and told me of this CD he had purchased and he thought it sucked..when he named it as Paranoid, i gave him a blank stare and point blank told him, "Your no metal fan" and recommended he buy an Air Supply album. Posted by Picasa

#4 Buzzcocks- Singles Going Steady (1979)

Hey now this is a steller collection of punk-pop from Britain's Buzzcocks who never rised above cult status in North America. My introduction to this band is really weird too...back in the ol Passage days..probably around the 7th grade i rented this movie called, "The Party Animal" which was about a student (who looked to be in his 30's) that tries and tries to lose his virginity. Anyways the soundtrack featured Dream 6, REM and a whole lotta songs by the Buzzcocks including the movie's theme song "Why Can't I Touch It?" which should have become a national anthem for virginal men everywhere. Anyways i was in a pawn shop in Greenwood in 1995 and WHAMMO! I found this album after years of looking and i still have a cassette somewhere..awesome album..do yourself a favor and seek it out.
PS- my old buddy Eli from MTA used to borrow the Party Animal every week along with Shogun Assassin..seek those out as well! Posted by Picasa

#6- The Sex Pistols- Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols!

What an influential album this is! While the Ramones invented punk becuase of their boredom with the music of the day (and because Johnny Ramone couldn't play a gutair to save his life!) The Sex Pistols brought forth the attitude. They raised hell wherever they went, they fired their original bass player after he admitted to liking the Beatles, swore on British television and were banned everywhere. They broke up and reunited in 1996 where Johnny Rotten would tell the audience after every performence "Thank You for the Money!" even now in 2006 some 29 years after their only real album the Pistols again raised controversey for not wanting to be a part of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, telling them where to stick their award...now that is punk rock! Posted by Picasa

#7 AC/DC- High Voltage (1976)

I'll raise some controversy...Bon Scott was the heart of AC/DC..not to pee off Brian Johnson fans... this album was AC/DC's North American debut and is my favorite of the lot. it is stripped down, very heavy rock n roll at its best...cuts like TNT (another hockey anthem never played by the Axemen) The Jack (which my old pally Craig loves to sing out loud) and even songs like Can I Sit Next To Your Girl which i still play in the jeep driving all the hell all over the place. Just a classic debut which i believe was another that i purchased out of Sear's Bargain Basement circa 1984-85..who would have thought that the Sear's Bargain Basement would be the home of heavy metal?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? Posted by Picasa

#8 KISS- Creatures of the Night (1982)

The last album KISS made before discarding the make-up in 1983. I was most displeased as a 6th grader hearing that the famous make-up would be gone..but i grinned and beared it and told everyone and anyone who would listen that the make-up would return someday (it did in 1996!) anyways i used to watch a show called, "All Hit Videos" which came on station WVII from Maine in the early 80s and the video for "I Love It LOUD" was a staple of the show..i wore out that poor Beta tape (Beta??!?!?!) playing this one and headbanging to it an awesome tune indeedy, the rest of the album is great esp the title track and War Machine which is an awesome song for road trips! Posted by Picasa

#8 The Descendents- Milo Goes to College

My last year of West Kings a friend of mine wanted a lend of some Ramones tapes and lent me this cd...totally blown away by this awesome collection of tunes that were so short, so angry..esp songs like Jean is Dead and I'm Not a Loser, songs that showed total teenage angst and this album was in 1982! a total of some nine years before the grunge movement in North America...it should have been the Descendents getting the recognition, because i personally found their albums more nasty, straight to the point (but probably not as radio friendly) When they reunited in 1995, i smiled lots...now the kids can hear some real punk rock. Posted by Picasa

#9 Alice Cooper- Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits

Now this is an album that should be in every hard rock/ heavy metal fans collection. It is an artifact that shows the greatness of the original Alice Cooper band which lasted from 1969-1975. Before Alice Cooper was a solo act, he and his original buddies from Detroit were the outrage of every parent, and teenagers relished in the rebellion brought forth on this collection. I'm Eighteen should be the national anthem of every teenager from the 70s, School's Out should be played at the end of every school year in place of the national anthem...and Muscle of Love...well every man should have something in common with that song. With Alice coming in May, i shall have this one out of the CD collection and listening..don't worry no dust on this puppy, still gets lots of play...long live Alice! Posted by Picasa

World War Me

Hey slingers! What is a happening? Well tonight marked something that has not happened to me since 1990, the year we moved to Greenwood. I went to New Minas to see the movie "Stay Alive" at the Empire and guess what? I was the ONLY person in the theatre!?!?!?!?!!!!! My god i could have shaved my head and walked backwards in there! Oh whatta cheese fest this flick was..bad CGI (hate that crap..only works in small doses) only gaming nerds are really gonna like this one. ...so what was the other infamous movie? Well i have a friend who loves ol Chuck Norris and he is going to hate me for this for dissin his idol, but the other flick to which i was the only one in attendance was Delta Force 2 at the Zedex in Greenwood way way back in 1990..hey better not pick on ol Chuck...why?

- The US did not boycott the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow due to political reasons: Chuck Norris killed the entire US team with a single round-house kick during TaeKwonDo practice.
- Chuck Norris once kicked a horse in the chin. Its decendants are known today as Giraffes.
- "Brokeback Mountain" is not just a movie. It's also what Chuck Norris calls the pile of dead ninjas in his front yard.

...So what else is new? I have to get in contact with Acadia tomorrow because my income tax still hasn't arrived from them yet and April is like right around the corner. And yes as i stated earlier, Friday is my first trip to the fabulous Forum in Halifax since last years Motorhead concert (which like ruled like mad!) and i am going to do a little shopping before the game starts. On April 12th i actually have to represent our store. I have the honor of working with a gentleman who volunteers with our store every Saturday and i have to see his employers as a once a year thing. One of my former co-workers represented us last year and this year it is Old Man Robb getting the honors instead. Hey the Habs won again tonight! This time it was a 2-0 victory over the Islanders. Now we are tied with the Tampa Bay Lightning and the New Jersey Devils with 81 points. Hey there was some more free advertising for the MMA show in Halifax that is taking place on April 29th...........boys some 2,500 tickets have been sold and that is without the benefit of one single advertisement that i have yet to see and i read both papers in the morning usually around 8:00 am (8:30 in Nfld..) talk about being behind the times eh? Me and Dad actually discussed ordering Wrestlemania 22 for Sunday, i am off work at 6:00 and i believe that the show starts to 7, so i would be home right in time. Man i am getting old as hell eh? Jeesh i can still remember Wrestlemania III being at the forum on the big screen for heck's sakes! Saturday mornings full of WWF Superstars and that once a month when Saturday Night's Main Event would pre-empt SNL...so weird eh? Anywho i am off to bed as another day is over and i am pooped...have a good one eh!

PS- MXPX- Wrecking Hotel Rooms (Love this f'n Song!!!!)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Seasick, Yet Still Docked

Hey there webslingers! Long time..no blog..So what is up? Well the Axemen are done for this season, they lost to Lakehead on Friday and are headed home tomorrow. Should they have a victory parade in Wolfville? Absolutely! A reward for a season well done.. they are going to lose a few regulars, but i imagine recruitment will start ASAP. So i was up at ol Acadia the other day to chat with my former mentor about possibly taking library tech through NSCC and i went down to the employment centre at Acadia and i found a job opportunity titled: Entry-Level Caseworkers "At-Risk" Youth which are available in Central and Western Massachusetts and the South Coastal area on the Massachusetts-Rhode Island border. It carries a salary of $24,000 + per year, there is housing assistance to help you find a place and it carries a $1000.00 relocation bonus! I am going to call tomorrow and see what is going on with this position as there are going to be face to face interviews scheduled for Eastern Provinces such as Fredricton and Halifax. I have to find out because it sounds too good to pass up, having working experience and dual citizenship. So MMA (mixed martial arts) is coming to Halifax with a card in May at the Halifax Forum. Basically it is UFC style fights (which a customer tried to tell me were staged...riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight) And ol Alex J as well as every newspaper writer in Hfx has been giving them all the free publicity they could ever hope for! Man if you don't want people to know, do not tell people all about it, because now people that did not know or had no interest in knowing will now go check it out. Alex J said it is one sporting event he will not be checking out...who cares! Now lots of people are going to be at the famous Forum thanks to him and his contemporaries free advertising. At speaking of the old Forum, i shall be there this Friday watching the Juno Cup and getting some autographs. i really wanna see Paul Coffey and to see if he still has some of that old magic. I was thinking of going to New Minas tonight to see Stay Alive at the Empire, but i feel pooped and a friend wants to call me at 9:00...so i shall stay home, maybe during the week i'll see if Dunker wants to go check it out...looks bad... I love going to the Empire and playing their old video games like Mrs Pacman, Lethal Enforcers (which i used to play all the time when Acadia had an arcade in the SUB...yes as late as 2000-01 we had an arcade!!!!) and there is a Star Wars videogame there that i swear is from the 80s... a friend has asked me to make him a couple of mixed discs tonight...of COUNTRY MUSIC...UUUUUuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Besides Rap, there is no species of music alive that i HATE more.....I guess it was my steady diet of punk, punk and more punk and metal, metal and more metal and pure ol fashioned rock n roll growing up... sigh

I stole this comment about Country music from a website...

Country music is the most retarded thing anyone does in the world. first of all, its always about how sad the guy is that his girlfriend left him. well maybe if you didnt spend your entire life on such shitty music, she would still be going out with you DUMBASS. instead of going "oh yeah i got screwed cuz i have bad luck and god doesnt like me and my dog bites me and my momma fights me" (or some other bad rhyme like that), maybe you could blame it on the fact that YOU SUCK AND YOU SPEND ALL YOUR TIME WRITING MUSIC ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU SUCK (AND IT DOESNT SOUND VERY GOOD EITHER). and then the fashion sense. all country music stars wear cowboy hats and boots. excuse me, but you dont ride around in the desert with a horse, you have no need to protect your face and neck from the sun, so TAKE OFF THE FUCKIN COWBOY HAT AND BOOTS. YOU LIVE IN HOLLYWOOD. you wearing cowboy hats and boots in hollywood would be like if i wore a scuba diving suit in the desert. IT MAKES NO SENSE, IT JUST MAKES YOU LOOK GAY. now if there was a country singer with a baseball hat and sneakers and a machine gun and he sang about how he flies around in space and shoots aliens and dogs and shit, THAT WOULD BE GOOD MUSIC. oh and then theres the fake country music, like shania twain. this is the most retarded thing ive ever heard of. not only do they choose to label themselves under the worst genre of music in the world, BUT THEY ARENT EVEN THAT GENRE. WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!? while your doing that, why dont you run for president under the nazi party. its the same concept. and also, garth brooks. what the fuck kind of name is that. it reminds me of something that you are supposed to piss on.

Well ...ummmm...ok

Hey the Habs beat the Leafs last night! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Someone near and dear (well...not that near and dear) to me said a few years ago that he likes both the Habs and the Leafs..How the hell is that possible?!?!?!?! I told this to a friend and he told me that was like swinging both ways. Have to like one or the other, can't be liking both now...
Oh well that is all for me tonight folks...have a good one!

PS- Cheap Trick: Surrender ...Now that i own "Mad Magazine Presents: Up The Academy" on DVD...i cannot get this song out of me head!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Arrows To The Action

Hey there slingers! Well another b-day is in the books and thanks to all of those giving shouts (Thanx Sonya!) What did i do? I went to Acadia in search of some answers to some questions, got some, didn't get others, so i am back to the drawing board this coming week. Me and Dunker went and saw The Hills Have Eyes in New Minas, it was a pretty bloody ol movie i'll tell ya. And it was another remake...ahhh good ol Hollyweird, when one is out of original ideas, thou shall remake awesome old horror flicks from the 70s..why? Well silly bean the answer is all too obvious...MONEY MONEY MONEY!!! I have a fellow who comes into work and says the same thing over and over and over again like an old pull string doll about how Hollywood takes good (in his opinion) tv shows and makes them into comedies...well genius i could not imagine trying to market Starsky and Hutch and or the Dukes of Hazzard as serious flicks (someone forgot to tell him that the Dukes was a comedy...and Tom Wopat to watch that reckless driving!!! ) Oh well.. I went to Halifax the other day..not a Shamrock Shake in sight!?!?!?!?! I did go for coffee with a friend in Sackville and then i went to Cleve's and bought a McFarlene Don Cherry (W/ Blue) figurine for display when i eventually build a bar in my basement. I also purchased a few flicks the other day, including my old fave UP The Academy (in 2:35 widescreen..finally!!!) Hell of the Living Dead (atrocious...but hysterical) and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II (Hysterical 1986 sequel to the 1974 classic)
So that was pretty much me birthday in a nutshell
What next? Well this week i am off to Acadia to continue what it was that i am up to and then on Tuesday night is the meeting about the West Kings Reunion and i am going to attend that to see what all of the fuss is about. My Dad bought a Cadallac yesterday and could be seen by everyone beaming as he drove it across Middleton..maybe i will compete, buy a Hummer...hahaah..
Anyways i am working tomorrow at 12, have a good one folks!

PS- The Knack: Good Girls Don't

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Beach Boys Tour Dates 2006-07!!!!!!

Hey! As a birthday treat i thought i would list the Beach Boys tour dates for this coming summer, no Nova Scotia dates mentioned (yet!) but however maybe a date will be added (C'mon Acadia, get Raymond Field ready!)

March 30 -- Kamloops, BC (Interior Savings Center)*
March 31 & April 1 -- Vancouver, BC (River Rock Casino)*
April 2 -- Red Deer, AB*
April 15 -- Winter Haven, FL (Cypress Gardens, 7 p.m.)*
April 20 -- Reading, PA (Sovereign Performing Arts Center, 7:30 p.m.)*
April 21 -- Collingswood, NJ (Scottish Rite Auditorium, 6 p.m. & 9 p.m.)*
April 22 -- West Point, NY (Eisenhower Hall, 8 p.m.)*
May 5 -- Galveston, TX (Opera House, 8 p.m.)*
May 6 -- Galveston, TX (Opera House, 3 p.m. & 8 p.m.)*
July 1 -- Fullerton, CA (California State University)*
July 8 -- Honolulu, HI (Shell)*
June 9 -- Albuquerque, NM (Casino)*
June 10 -- Salt Lake, UT (Galvin Center)*
June 30 -- Temecula, CA (Pechanga Resort & Casino)*
July 1 -- Fullerton, CA (Cal State, 10 p.m.)*
July 2 -- Las Vegas, NV (Mandalay Bay)*
July 8 -- Honolulu, HI (Shell)*
July 14 -- Portland, OR (Esther Short Park)*
July 15 -- Alhambra, CA (City Show, free)*
July 16 -- Palmdale, CA (Amphitheater)*
July 18-19 -- San Diego, CA (Humphrey's, 8 p.m.)*
July 21 -- Sacramento, CA (Country Club)*
July 22 -- Saratoga, CA (Mountain Winery, 8 p.m.)*
July 23 -- Livermore, CA (Winery, 6 p.m.)*
July 25 -- Chicago, IL (Ravinia)*
July 26 -- Atlanta, GA (Chastain Park Amphitheatre)*
July 28 -- Norfolk, VA (Military Base, 7 p.m.)*
July 29 -- Washington, DC (Wolftrap, 2 p.m. & 8 p.m.)*
Aug. 4 -- Reno, NV (Silver Legacy)*
Aug. 5 -- Reno, NV (Hot August Nights)*
Aug. 9 -- Uncasville, CT (Mohegan Sun)*
Aug. 10 -- Beverly, MA (North Shore Music Theater)*
Aug. 11 -- Cohasset, MA (South Shore Music Circus)*
Aug. 12 -- Hyannis, MA (Cape Cod Melody Tent)*
Aug. 17 -- Cleveland, OH (Cain Park)*
Aug. 20 -- Rochester, NY*
Aug. 21 -- Wellington, OH (Lorain County Fair)*
Aug. 23-24 -- Toronto, ON (Casino Rama)*
Aug. 25 -- Chautauqua, NY (Institute Amphitheater)*
Aug. 26 -- Westbury, NY (North Fork Theater)*
Aug. 27 -- Jackson, NJ (Six Flags, afternoon)*
Aug. 28 -- Marlton, NJ (Lenape Regional Performing Arts Center)*
Aug. 31 -- Canfield, OH (Canfield Fair)*
Sept. 15 -- Pierre, SD (State Capitol, free)*
Sept. 16 -- Las Vegas, NV (Charity)*
Sept. 17 -- Marin, CA (Marin Center, 3 p.m.)*
Sept. 22 -- Seattle, WA (Puyallup)*
Sept. 23 -- Spokane, WA (Casino)*

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's My BIRTHDAY!!!!..........Almost...

Hello there webslingers! Well tomorrow is like ummm..my birthday and stuff..what am i doing? Not too much i guess, i have to go up to the old stompin grounds at Acadia to check on some stuff and then tomorrow night at 9:40 in New Minas at the Empire, me and the Dunker are going to go see The Hills Have Eyes, it looks to be fun, didn't really light up the box office this weekend, but it shall be worth a peak...perhaps my b-day will consist of the search for Shamrock Shakes!!! There must be a Raunchy Ron's that has the frickin things somewhere around these parts!!!!! Ever see the Japanese SPIDERMAN?!?!?!?!? Bullen check this out!!! Maybe i need to take a trip to Truro..just curious... There is a West Kings Reunion meeting on Tuesday night, the 21st for those who want to assist in the preperation of the 50th Anniversary. The meeting is in the old library, which i spent more time being kicked out of than actually in. It wasn't till i went to Acadia that i spent any meaningful time in the library at all. Other libraries just seem to have everything else but subjects that i would be looking for and or just random books that have nothing to do with what is being taught there. I was talking to an associate of mine the other day and they suggested that if i wanted to break into research to go take Library Tech. Which through NSCC seems to be offered online. I shall have to check into it. So what else is happening? Well The hockey Axemen are going to be taking on the Saskchewan Huskies on Thursday, March 23 at 4:00 pm our time..i will have the ol trusty radio by my side to listen in. I know if i was darn rich i would so be out in Edmonton to watch....or fighting over stupid Tim Horton's coffee cups in Quebec...anyways here is the rundown of the CIS-Telus Cup Finals:

1. University of Alberta
2. Acadia University
3. Lakehead University
4. McGill University
5. University of Saskatchewan
6. Wilfrid Laurier

UniversityPool A
1. Alberta
4. McGill
6. Wilfrid Laurier

Pool B
2. Acadia
3. Lakehead
5. Saskatchewan

Thursday, March 23
1:00 pm Acadia vs. Saskatchewan (Clare Drake)
7:00 pm McGill vs. Wilfrid Laurier (Clare Drake)

Friday, March 24
1:00 pm Lakehead vs. Loser Game 1 (Clare Drake)
7:00 pm Alberta vs. Loser Game 2 (Clare Drake)

Saturday, March 25
11:00 am Lakehead vs. Winner of Game 1 (Clare Drake)
4:00 pm Alberta vs. Winner of Game 2 (Clare Drake) (Live on TSN)

Sunday, March 26 7:00 pm Gold Medal Game (Rexall Place)

Personally, Rexall Place will always be the Edmonton Coliseum to me (stupid sponsorship nicknames...jeesh!) Who knows, maybe if i wanted to make money, i would have invented the DOUGHNUT BURGER!?!?!?!??!?!?!? I found the news about the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony the other night pretty funny, the Sex Pistols refused their award and did not show up and Blondie's internal band feud that has been going on since the 80's spilled over onto the stage....what was needed to top it all off would have been Mike Love coming out and giving another acceptance speech.. Debbie Harry's still kinda hot at her age and let's not forget that Clem Burke drummed for the Ramones for two shows in 1987 and was going to be known as Elvis Ramone?!?!?!? However he could not keep up with the band's legendary live pace and was sacked after those two shows...
Anyways that is all from me for tonight, i have tomorrow off and i am going to be keeping busy, and i am possibly off to Hfx on Friday, maybe ..maybe not..we shall have to see! Bye for now

PS- Dropkick Murphys- Fields of Athenry

Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Curse of Old Man Robb

Hey there bloggeronies! Well it is a Saturday Night and Old Man Robb is in the house in good ol good ol Middleton (ode to the Dunker on that one!) Well the hockey Axemen did it as they swept UNB to win the AUS championship!!! Now they are off to the CIS Championships in Edmonton that it taking place from March 23-26th at the University of Alberta! I will have my trusty radio by my side as to cheer on my alma mater! So it is my big ol B-DAY coming up on March 15th and what better way to celebrate me birthday? How's about a ticket to see the Juno Cup on Friday, March 31st at 7:30 pm at the famous Halifax Forum!!! Yes i took the liberty of taking the day off to see the Canadian Rockers (comprised of members of Great Big Sea, Sloan, Our Lady Peace and others) VS the NHL All-Stars (comprised of Paul Coffey, Kirk Muller, Russ Courtnall and others).. also cast members of Trailer Park Boys will be on hand, man i so wanna see Bubbles on skates! Tickets are only $15 and the proceeds are going towards charity, so it looks to be lots of fun! Man am i getting old or what? Ahhh to be young again....oh well...Maybe you need a dose of Walker: Texas Ranger to wake me up!!! I was going to go see the new remake of the Hills Have Eyes (I lent my copy of the 1977 original to a good buddy...i best be getting that back!!!) however i wanted to spend time at home tonight so i shall wait till sometime throughout the week. I have Wednesday off for my Bday and Friday off because...well i have Friday off, well at least it is payweek eh? Isn't it funny how some people make such fake ol promises? It is ok, i am a growing boy, even in my old age, so i can take it... maybe i can attract ladies by growing a cool stache or something... Well i have been doing lots of reading lately...why? Well Monday i have an appointment, a hunch of sorts that i am not about to share on here, but hopefully it will turn into something for good ol me... i am not revealing because i do not wanna reveal my source and i also do not wanna look sillier than i already usually do for giving out false information on something that may not happen. And why reading? To prepare myself, digging out old textbooks and helping myself and sharing the wisdom of my readings with other people. What other better way is there to help spread some knowledge? I have been reading an older textbook called, The Sociologically Examined Life and hear is a passage from chapter 11 called, "Differences and Inequalities":

An inequality exisits when a difference between people or not between groups benefits one person or one group relative to one another. That seems clear enough. But it is still a slippery idea, since it does not say what counts as a benefit. Perhaps, then, it would help to be more concrete about the forms that inequality can take in the United States. In what ways can individuals and groups be unequal, and how do these inequalities matter? Here are some possibilities.

- To start with the obvious, some people have more wealth (stocks, bonds, property) and more income (salaries, wages, interest) than others. Money is a universal resource because it can be used to acquire all kinds of things that make life more comfortable, enjoyable and stimulating. Money does not guarantee happiness, of course, but it is very useful for acquiring the things and experience that foster happiness.

- Some people have more and better education than do others. Education can help people make sense of the world, solve problems, avoid mistakes, articulate their ideas, appreciate history, and enjoy art, literature, music and other cultural products. It can also be used to make connections and to get jobs.

- Some people have more access to art, films, theatre, concerts, and other cultural events than do others. Not everyone wants to go to the opera or to browse in art galleries. Even so, many people who may enjoy such activities never get a chance to take them in.

- Some people can afford to travel widely, while others cannot. Seeing other countries, meeting different kinds of people, and experiencing other cultures can be enjoyable and stimulating. Many people cannot afford such luxuries.

Anywho folks that is all for tonight i am afraid, i am going to go unwind, maybe chat a bit and hit the hay, at least i have better things to do then fight over a frickin stupid Tim Horton's coffee cup!?!?!?!?!?! I so remember i bought my old pal Barry a Timmy's in the early 90s while we were under the employ of the pizza Nazi and he rolled up the rim and won a bike..i let him have it, no arguments, his coffee, his bike...people barked at me for being too soft, but i am a fair man (although others may not agree...but they know what they can do!) soooooooooooooo..i am working at 12 noon tomorrow in good ol Middleton..have a good one!

PS- The Ataris- Summer Wind Was Always Our Song

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Rocky Balboa AKA Rocky VI

'Rocky Balboa' examines one of America's greatest icons at a vulnerable period in his life--middle age. A former heavyweight boxing champion, known and renown throughout the world for going the distance, Rocky finds a new venture: giving back to his community. This is where he, once more, finds himself at the opposing side of opportunity, not unlike the one he has seen decades ago. Heavyweight champ Mason Dixon and his representation offer Rocky a shot for the title. The movie will focus on an aging, widowed Rocky who is reluctant to get back in the ring but ends up doing it. For Balboa, it'll be one last hurrah he'll never forget.....but with his glory days far behind him can he withstand the inevitabilities of what's to come? A look at going full circle and wanting more, when life turns out how you least expect it and then some. The movie is set for release in North America on Februar-9- 2007
PS-Check out the new ROCKY action figures!!!
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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Save Me from Me

Hey there people! Well yesterday was my trip up to Kingstec for my "Test Drive" it was interesting to say the least, lots of babes there! But seriously it is a hard course with what i am told is alot of assignments and they do try to weed people out after the first term because there are some who are just not cut out for this line of work. We spent time learning about terms like, Chaos Theory and other addictions terms. Is it for Robb? I do not know, then again i was sitting in on a class that is seven months into its year and people stressed out because they are going out on work placement in a week or so. So i will think about it... It was a bit of a blast from the past as i encountered my two radio/ television instructors from all those years ago (1995-96) man it is so good to see the B***h gone, that last graduating class from Kingstec has got it so good. Too bad it did not happen some ten years ago, i wonder how many awesome potential careers she ruined just by being the moron she is? And how many are not in the industry today because of her doing? However i had my ever so sweetest revenge during my Acadia graduation in 2003 with my buddy having a good ol front row seat for the proceedings...hahahahahahaha! I must say the new addition to the building is really good and i like the new cafeteria as well.
Hey! The Axemen can wrap up their best of five series against UNB tonight! I will have my trusty radio down to work with me. I was thinking of maybe tomorrow night heading up to Kentville and watching the Valley Wildcats playoff game there, see! I am having live hockey withdrawls!...withdrawls call for LOUD music!!!! The local drugstore was held up last night! I briefly worked there in 1996 before gaining my current place of employment. (I think i have worked in Middleton the longest!) Me and my mother were driving back from the hospital and i had never seen so many cop cars in Middleton..like ever! Well my b-day is in eight big ol days! I am a year older, but not wiser and i need to find something to do for next September, nothing left to do at Acadia and i know if i applied for education i would get laughed out the ol door, so maybe Kingstec is looking right now as the best option of the bunch. Hey St Patrick's Day is right after my b-day, i wonder if the Axe still makes green beer for the occasion? Actually the holy grail for Old Man Robb of all things St Patty's day had to be McDonalds infamous SHAMROCK SHAKES!!!! MMMMMMMMMmmm..would love to taste some of that good ol minty goodness!!! I took the liberty of borrowing this from a website i found...
To get you through these confusing times, we’ve included a recipe for a homemade Shamrock Shake.
In a blender, mix:2 cups vanilla ice cream
1 1/4 cups milk
1/4 teaspoon mint extract
8 drops green food coloring
Blend until smooth, pour into glasses and dream of a day when Shamrock Shakes are available year ‘round!
Anyways folks that is all for now, i have to shave, shower, walk the doggies and see where the day takes me (to work at 6:00!) have a good one!

PS- Dead Kennedys- I Fought The LAW!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Remember Tomorrow

Hello gang! Well it has been a trying and upside down time for Old Man Robb. My father had his surgery, his colostomy and came home yestersday and now tonight he is back down to the hospital. He needs fluids and cannot drink enough to sustain. Everyone was pretty upset, including old friends who told me that their son had to stay in the hospital two weeks on a Jello diet before he was allowed to come home. So the official story is that Dad was allowed home way too early... Tomorrow is my official "Test Drive" as they call it up at Kingstec in the Addictions Counselling course. I am to be there for 8:15 at the new main doors to meet my guide and lunch is free. So i need to set the alarm clock and be up for 6:00 or something like that. How's about the hockey Axemen? They are now up 2-0 on UNB and Game 3 is on Tuesday night in Fredricton. I will be working, but i shall have my trusty radio that i was given at Zellers in New Minas many moons ago. If the Axemen win, they are off to Edmonton for the university finals.
My sister wanted to know about the upcoming West Kings 50th Anniversary so this is what i found out for sure:
On June 30th July 1st and July 2nd, West Kings will hold a 50th anniversary reunion to celebrate 50 yrs of excellence in education. The reunion committee extends an invitation and welcome to ANY former student who walked the halls over the last 50 yrs.

Friday June 30th: Registration, School tours, Meet and Greet, Opening Ceremonies at West Kings.
SAturday July 1st: Community Canada Day Events, Softball and Golf tournaments, Arena Dance at Western Kings Arena, Social Dance at the Annapolis Mess.
Sunday July 2nd: Picnic and BBQ at the Western Kings Arena Grounds.
Could be fun times in the Maritimes...
What the heck was Paul McCartney and his wife doing here? On one hand i don't like seeing the poor seals being clubbed, but on the other hand we are talking about people's livelyhoods here, food on the table for their families. Was the premier of Nfld right? Do the McCartney's just see this as a photo op? A change to draw on sympathy? Sir Paul there are lots of inhumane causes in this world, people- women and children are being exploited everyday, murdered, sexual assaults, what about victims of Hurricane Katrina? Those poor kids sent over by Bush to die in the Middle East (aka Vietnam II) Leave the people of Nfld alone. Let the flaming of Old Man Robb begin...
Actually if you want to hear some bad back-up singing courtesy of Linda McCartney (boy i feel bad making fun of this..but you should have heard my old pal Richard when he heard this one...) just click HERE and scroll down... actually enjoy all of the clips on this page cause in the right frame of mind (bottle of Colt 45) they are all pretty frickin hyterical!!!
Wish my old friend Craig was here to see THIS!!I was up to the Middleton NSCC cmapus the other day and bought a sociology book called, Sociology in Our Time: The Essentials as published in 2001. It is a good general book for students wanting to break into sociology. Here is an example.

The French philosopher Auguste Comte coined the term Sociology from the Latin socius (social, being with others) and the Greek logos (study of) to describe a new science that would engage in the study of society. Comte is considered by many to be the "founder of sociology." Comte's theory that societies contain social statics (forces for social order and stability) and social dynamics (forces for conflict, and for change) continues to be used, although not in these exact terms, in contemportary sociology.
Comte's works were made accessible for a wide variety of scholars through the efforts of British sociologist Harriet Martineau. Until recently, Martineau recieved no recognition in the field of sociology because she was a woman in a male-dominated discipline and society. Not only did Maritineau translate and condense Comte's work, but she was also an active sociologist in her own right. Martineau studied the social customs of Britain and the United States and analyzed the consequences of industrialization and capitalism. In Society in America (1962/ 1837), she examined religion, politics, child rearing, slavery and immigration in the United States, paying special attention to social distinctions based on class, race and gender.
British social theorist Herbert Spencer used an evoluntionary perspective to explain social order and social change. Spencer believed that society, like a biological organism, has various interdependent parts (such as the family, the economy and the government) that work to ensure the stability and survival of the entire society. According to Spencer, societies developed through a process of "struggle" (for existance) and "fitness" (for survival), which he referred to as the "survival of the fittest" Spencer equated this process of natural selection with progress, because only the "fittest" members of society would succeed. As a result of these ideas, he strongly opposed attempts at social reform that might interfere with the natural selection process and, thus, damage society by favoring its least worthy members.
French sociologist Emile Durkheim disagreed with many of Spencer's views. Durkheim stressed that people are the product of their social environment and that behaviour cannot be understood fully in terms of individual biologiocal and psychological traits. Durkheim believed that the limits of human potential are socially, not biologically, based.
In his work, The Rules of Sociological Method (1964/ 1895), Durkheim set forth one of his most important contributions to sociology: the idea that societies are built on social facts. Social facts are patterned ways of acting, thinking, and feeling that exist outside any one individual but that exert social control over each person. Durkheim believed that social facts must be explained by other social facts- by reference to the social structure rather than to individual attributes.
Durkheim was concerned with the social order and social stability because he lived during the period of rapid social changes in Europe resulting from industrialization and urbanization. Durkheim observed that rapid social change and a more specialized division of labor produce strains in society. These strains lead to breakdowns in traditional organization, values, and authority and to a dramatic increase in anomie- a condition in which social control becomes ineffective as a result of the loss of shared values and a sense of purpose in society.
According to Durkheim, anomie is most likely to occur during a period of rapid social changes. In "Suicide" (1964/ 1897) Durkheim explored the relationship between anomic social conditions and suicide.

Wow! It is a good read.
Anyways time to go....i wish it was to Yarmouth (No Bullen not to visit old man bars!) but for something definitly worth going for!
I am off for now, have a good one!
PS- Descendents: Cool To Be You

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A "NEW" Friday The 13th on October 13th 2006?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

As reported on the Variety.com website:

"Bay boards next 'Friday' - Jason returns for New Line
Michael Bay's
Platinum Dunes shingle is coming aboard to produce the 11th outing in the sturdy Friday the 13th franchise for New Line. [...] New Line's hired Mark Wheaton to pen the script. Studio [president] Toby Emmerich is overseeing along with execs Cale Boyter and Jeff Katz."
So what exactly will the "New" Friday be about? I've heard this new film is going to be a "re-imagining" of the earlier films - basically it's going to be a remake of Parts 2, 3 and 4 combined, and that Jason will definitely have the hockey mask in this new film and the setting will be that of the first movie, Camp Crystal Lake Posted by Picasa
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