Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Perhaps I Suppose........

Hey there slingers! Well what is a happening? Well the Stones are officially coming to town, been there, done that got the t-shirt so i do not need to go again. Why Halifax why? All we are doing is copying Moncton from last year, i know i sound like a broken record, like most of the Stones output since Tattoo You in 1981, but c'mon. Hfx needs a CFL team because they need an excuse to build a brand new stadium that can accomodate these big events, the Commons is just not going to cut it, wait till you see the over-turned port-a-potties and the mud and crap that used to be the grounds of the Commons. What else is new? Well i sent off my Passport on Monday morning, man the staff at the post office was in one hell of a crappy ol mood, they asked me for the price on sending away a passport...what the hell?!?!??! You figure they would have a price list, like ummmmmmmmmmmmm...every place i have ever worked! The other night i hung out at my old buddy Blair's place till like 3:00 in the morning, drinking the rest of my Keith's Red's and watching my new WWE World's Greatest Managers DVD (Blair spit Crown Royal everywhere during Jim Cornette's part!) and my immortal Smokey and the Bandit 3 DVD (aka: Smokey is the Bandit: Yes yes..this mess was originally titled "Smokey *is* the Bandit," with 'Gleason, Jackie' playing both the sheriff and the bandit. Test audiences were confused, however, and parts of the film were re-shot with Jerry Reed as the bandit, replacing Gleason.) Blair was bombed off Crown Royal and proclaiming it the worst movie he had ever........ever seen.. but yet there is much one can learn from watching Jerry Reed take the reigns of the Bandit:

1. Sometime between the second and third film Snowman sustained massive brain damage.
2. Snowman has secretly always wanted to be the Bandit. He even has a spare set of "Bandit clothes".
3. Snowman thinks that putting a pink bow on a dog's head automatically makes it a female. (Watch for this in the sad full frame VHS of this flick!)
4. Snowman has his own Trans Am hidden in his barn. (Same 82 Trans Am as Knight Rider!!)
5. Snowman must have robbed another bank, because he is living alone in a nice little shack; with no family around.
6. In car shots, Snowman looks like Jackie Gleason.
7. When stopped at a bar frequented by ill-tempered bikers, it is customary to leave your female companion alone in the car to be more easily ravaged while you get some burgers.
8. Tackleberry's wife has a nice ass. (She was in Police Academy 2: Their First Asssignment)
9. Who needs ramps? The cars jump all by themselves!
10. If you stand too close to an orgy there is a risk of "getting a herpes on you".
11. Cledus sleeps fully dressed. Boots included.
12.Colleen Camp is just one plain hottie! (So why does she do stuff like Game of Death? Screwball Academy? Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol?)
13. Jerry Reed learned how to scrap between 1977 and 1983
14. Jerry Reed can morph into Burt Reynolds when approached by a member of the law

ok...ok...too much on one bad bad bad..but hysterical in its crapyness movie
Well i almost made my brother cry when i bought the latest Stuff magazine! He used to own The Incredible Hulk: Issue # 181 from 1974... what is the big deal Robbo? Well.........it was the first appearance of Wolverine in a comic book and is now presently sitting at a whopping $1,450.00!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!!? He sold it i swear for a big of peanuts when we were posted to Edmonton in like 1980! The issue also shows the Mego action figures of Captain Kirk and Mr Spock and they are worth $130 each! According to the magazine, not many of these survived our childhood with their limbs attached! My copy of Shogun Assassin finally showed up! I remember up at Mount A, we watched it and watched it..memorized the dialogue and watched it again! Now i can watch it in awesome widescreen! My pal Shauna was telling me about her going to CBU (Formally known as UCCB) this year and having to wait in line to register for classes..weird eh? I felt bad when i told her about how Acadia did all that stuff online, Acadia is an awesome place, but man it can spoil its poor students when they take and go to other learning institutions. Like when i had my first tour of Mount Allison and i was taken aback when i saw a computer lab! I was like.......far out! A frickin computer lab! And they were everywhere!!?!?!?!?!?!?! If we had that many at Acadia, they would be viewed as being a waste of space, like the way they probably look at Tower now... oh well, you can't stop progress! The New York Rangers are going to play an exhibition game against the Florida Panthers in Puerto Rico in September...do they even have a rink? Man if the van was working at all today i would head to the Empire Cinema in New Minas to go see Clerks 2...looks funny as ol hell! Anyways that is all for me, i have a lawn to mow!

PS- The Stooges: Search and Destroy!!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Try Again

Hey hey! Bloggeronies! Hope your still enjoying the new look of Robbblogs! Well it is good and new, besides the ol green look was getting old with my adventures on the Acadia campus, which of course is done and over with. (Acadia finally went smoke free on July 1st!!!) So i have a new laptop, my Mother purchased my number one must have for Japan! It is a Toshiba and i now have my first ever DVD burner/ripper and all the other good stuff too! I went to see Mainstream Wrestling with my nephew on Thursday night and during the first match the ring broke!!! Not too much of a crowd there, but then again there was hardly any advertising done for it at all...Well i think i am rejoining Fitness Experience tomorrow, the student rate for one month is only $28 so that is a good deal, maybe i will take in some tanning as well..LOL! Anyone want to lose weight should read these old school diet cards from 1974!!! Hung out with a friend last night and watched the original Bad News Bears from 1976 and PCU! I bought a copy of WWF: World's Greatest Managers the other day, it was a hoot watching Bobby The Brain and others, including Fuji Vice which me and my friend Jason back in the Passage roared at back in the day! So there was another Extreme Cage Combat card in Halifax at the Fabulous Forum and not one stick of advertising (Probably due to those like Alex J!) still it drew around 2500 people on word of mouth alone. Well tomorrow i am going to send off my Passport papers, a lady just the other day told me to write out a money order instead of using a credit card, see i screwed up with the credit card last time, so a money order means they will get the payment for sure! Thank someone that there will have to be no more stupid passport pics taken! Well this coming Saturday at the store formerly known as Andrew's there will be the 2nd annual sidewalk sale! Please someone come buy all of our VHS!!! I remember last year for the wild ol tan i got! (More like a burn!) So i found this awesome new website (Bullen will love this one!) called Every Video Game located at http://www.everyvideogame.com/
Where you can find all kinds of Nintendo and Sega games and play em online!!! Games like Blades of Steel (One of Robbo's first Nintendo games!!!) and one of my all time favorites..
WCW World Championship Wrestling!!! (Which me and all my pals used to play after our family trip to the States in 1992!!!!) Darn site is as addictive as YouTube!!! (Devo is still touring!?!?!?!)
Anyways gang that is all for Old Man Robb for now...have a good one!

PS- Black Sabbath: Paranoid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New Look! Same Old Man Robb...sigh

Hey hey bloggeronies! Well last night i thought it was time for a change eh? Well what do you think? Check out the links and stuff at the bottom now if you want a life! Just kidding! Well i visited the Windsor Hockey Hall of Fame the other day, i had not been up there in awhile and it was still pretty cool. Visited the big Frenchy's antique store they had too, it was ok but really nothing to lose sleep over, although they had a big ol Throne that i could have seen me back in the day in Tower, drinking a 40 of Colt 45, wearing a Burger King Crown and screaming "Hail Tower King!!!". Well tomorrow is the big night in Middleton, a night of some Mainstream Wrestling action! I really hope the flaming tables match takes place! What is with the New York Islanders? Garth Show? Well i could be suprised, but i fully expect Milbury to be back in the middle of the year in the GM office. Went out to Alyesford Lake/ Beach the other day in the van with lots of heavy metal tunage in tow in the CD player in the van aka: The Mystery Machine! Not too too crowded out there, i never made it out last year i do not believe and i still have no tan!!! No real hotties to look at either! My nephews summer school grade is coming in the mail today, have to see how he did. I remember having a tough time at school as well, going to schools i did not like (CHDHS) and not falling into a groove till West Kings, losing that groove at Kingstec (With damn good reason) and then 2nd year of Acadia finding it again! Then Mount A was kinda iffy, followed by a decent year last year. Here is the question....do i go back to Acadia first semister and take a course? Why should i do that? Well i have those that tell me with my year out of schooling, that i am going to be very out of practice. Now i know that when i go to teach in Japan, i am going to not use alot of what i have learned. Actually i would check to see what courses were available in Sociology, but the timetable keeps saying 2005-06. I just would like to keep fresh for when i go in January. Well our yearly sidewalk sale is coming up at work and i heard through the grapevine that the boss wants someone to wear a costume for the sale, why do i have the gut feeling it is going to be me?!?!?!?! Hope it is something cool...like a Superman costume or something funny. Anyways, i am done mowing, took out the garbage for Friday and now i am waiting for my laundry to be done and then take a shower! Should see me with my old school LA Kings t-shirt on!!! (YEllow and Purple with the BIG ASS CROWN!!!!) and my NHL boxers and my Axemen cap i bought waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy back in 2000-01!!!! Have a good one folks!

Psssssssssssst- Randy: Razorblade!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Make it Through

Hey hey bloggeronies! Old Man Robb is here and what is a happening? Well this morning i went over to Greenwood bright and early and had the rest of my Passport papers signed by my Gurantor for my trip to Japan. This included hauling out those ever so nasty looking mugshots which a friend says makes me look like i am heading to Dorchester! Thanks buddy! So what else is new? Well i did make it to the city on Friday, unfortunately i did not get to see my friend who was up from North Sydney for the weekend, so i went over to Banook Lake, or is it Lake Banook? Anyways i spent most of the afternoon tanning (I got me a farmers tan!) and checking out the ladies on the beach! I also went to Mic Mac Mall and strolled around for a bit, had some New York Fries (Heart attack in a cup!) and bought PCU for $6.99!!! Since i cannot get the Frat Boy Collection in Canada due to the rights of Porky's, that was the next best thing to do! Plus i wanna go back to Mic Mac sometime soon because this was the second time in a row where i forgot all about that cool sports stand in the middle of the mall that sells sports stuff for all the major league teams in all the major leagues! NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL!!!! Obscure stuff i wanted from the Minnesota Vikings and New York Islanders of all teams! Plus where else can you find an LA Clippers hat!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? All this chatter about the Rolling Stones coming here to Halifax, which while i travelled to see the Stones the other year, it would turn the Commons into nothing more than a cesspool of garbage and tax payers money will be wasted, sure NB got lots of stuff done to the property, like power and water installed, but it ended up costing the province some $60,000 or something like that, they lost money and that is never ever a good thing. Besides...why are we just copying Moncton anyways? Sure the Stones will draw a crowd, but why don't we have a different act come, just to be ummmm...different? Something like Ozzfest or something like it. Besides Moncton did it first, but remember NB is ahead of us, after all they do have LEGAL Sunday shopping, that was one of the best things about going to Mount A, waking up on Sunday and being able to go grocery shopping a good 5 minute walk up the hill! Mind you i could not eat breakfest on campus till 11:30 on Sundays (Or Saturdays!) but i could go grocery shopping..... For some reason it's fine for me to buy liquor, adult material and gamble, but having grocery stores open is crossing the line..... anyways they really should have the concert at the Shearwater base in the field or something..where on the Commons are they going to put 20,000 Johnny on the spots? Jeesh! It is a mess waiting to happen...did nothing much after work on Saturday except watch Saturday Nights Main Event!?!?!?!?..that show in the 80s was basically the reason for many a sleepover at my place in the Passage..nostalgia! Well this week there is the return of wrestling to the Middleton Arena for the first time since the summer of 2001!!! Cannot wait! Payday is this week also and that is good because i owe this and that and i need to have stuff done! Anyways that is all for now folks! Have a good one!

Pssssssssst- Me First & The Gimmie Gimmies: The Longest Time!!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

From Now To Never

Hello there! Old Man Robb is here and what is happening? Well i have a new Gurantor for my trip to Japan in January and i am headed on Monday to Greenwood at 8:00 in the morning to have the papers signed. Kinda hush hush as the signature is coming from a very good source who is also one of two recommendors on my paperwork for my passport. So what have i been doing? Well work, work and more work. However i am off today and well possibly headed out for a drive. I was going to go to Bedford to meet up with a friend for a cup of coffee, however my friend will be arriving too late and therefore because i have to work tomorrow at 10 in the morning it is not looking all that good for us meeting up and therefore we are postponing that until another time. All this talk lately about tuition hikes in universities across the Maritimes, these huge tuition hikes and sharp increases in student debt will further shut low- and middle-income Nova Scotians out of the system. I just find it funny to see the government bitchin about students that are seeking out other universities elsewhere in Canada because the Maritimes has become the most expensive place to go and recieve an education. To paraphrase a quote a saw recently, "If current trends continue, professional schools are in danger of once again becoming the preserve of the elite only," So what else is happening? Mainstream Wrestling is this Thursday from the good ol Middleton Arena and i plan on being there! I heard they have been doing some ECW style burning tables matches..be cool to see (New ECW sucks! Isn't it funny how Vince McMahon sucks at everything else he has ever tried out of WWF?) Not too too much else happening, a friend may be coming down from Saint John in August and so we may meet up in Digby on the soon to be gone Digby-Saint John Ferry. Well lack of tourism will do it every time. Well the Habs finally made a move this offseason signing Sergei Samsonov, i think the theme from the Smurfs should accompany the Habs as they hit the ice, when is that frickin team going to get into the new millenium and have some big players? Where is the Axemen hockey schedule?!?!!?!?!?Anyways enough ranting from me for one day, gonna get showered and enjoy me day off! Have a good one!

Pssst- The Travoltas: Do It Again!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

All These Guys Can Kick Your Ass!!!

I found this cool pic on the net the other day, lots of holy coolness is contained in the little pic!How cool? Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool....tried to have something for very cool person in the pic...it is late and i am a sad little man..sigh Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

In The Margins

Hey there bloggers! Long time eh? Well what have i been up to? Well my passport application came back and i forgot to fill in one of the lines and my Gurantor from West Kings forgot to address what his/ her (Won't say names) position was! Anywho i was kinda poed about the whole thing and i shall re-fill it back out, have to find a different Gurantor and i have to get another appointment with my doctor, they sent back the sheets i sent in, but they were photocopied versions of what i had sent, they kept the originals for some silly reason. What else is up? Well i worked all weekend and Sunday night after working at the store formerly known as Andrew's me and a friend hung out all night in the city, actually we went for most of it to my former home in Eastern Passage. A couple of funny things there, my former house on Ocean Lee Drive where we resided between 1983-1989 still has the Q-104 stickers in my former bedroom! I picked those up when me and my older brother went on a tour of the Q-104 studio around 1985-86 when it was still located down by the Dartmouth waterfront. I showed my friend my old house on Sydney Crecent where we lived from 1976-1980 and it is acutally now for sale! If i had the money i would buy it for old times sakes! And finally i showed off our house on Harvard Lane in Shearwater where we lived from i believe 1969-70 to 1976. Funny name Harvard eh? When i was first accepted to Acadia, my Dad used to refer to me as Harvard! We went down to the boardwalk in the Passage, if anyone had ever told me back in the day that the Passage was going to be built up like that i would told them they were crazier than chicken ice cream! Oh yeah...no more Burger King breakfests for me ever ever ever again.... I won't be to get a new DVD set i ordered called the Frat Boy Collection featuring Porky's, Bachlor Party and PCU because there is still no distribution rights for Porky's in Canada, funny too as it was a Canadian movie to begin with! Someday there will be a DVD three pack with all three Porky's movies... by the way according to some calculations, Porky's is the highest-grossing Canadian film of all time!!! And some dofus asked me if Porky's was a GAY movie?!?!?!?!!? WTF!??!?!?!?!!? Is there a manlier movie? Another pal wants me to meet up for coffee in Bedford on Friday, but i have to check my finances before making any crazy decisions like that. I actually had a friend mad at me for not being home on the computer at all this weekend! Well my dear old friend, i have a life, i have things to do, a job that i do 5 or even 6 some nights out of the week with openings on the weekend, i have Japan that i am trying and trying to make a reality, i have a house to look after, a van and jeep to look after, the lawn, the garbage, the laundry, groceries etc etc etc and sometimes i seem to get no help from others who should be earning their keep instead of moaning and dripping about their lives. So with a full plate, i have no time for spending all day chatting away on the internet..rant Old Man Robb..rant away! The Rocky VI trailer looks frickin awesome!!!! Lots better than old Rocky V for sure! Anyways i have work to do around the ol house, so chat to ya all later!

Psssssssssst- The Huntingtons- I Just Wanna Feel Alive!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Robb's New VISA PIC...YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey there bloggeronies! I thought i would share my new ID pic with you that was taken at the Greenwood Mall the other day! Don't i look like i am on death row? Anyways that is the pic that will appear on my VISA for Japan in January. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Secret's in the Telling

Hey bloggeronies! Welcome to Old Man Robb's corner of the blogging world! Well Sunday night i went to go see Superman Returns and the Robbo Movie Award for best Christopher Reeve impression goes to Brandon Whatshisname! Wow! There were parts of the flick where i swear Reeve was standing right in front of the screen! The biggest markout moments for me was hearing the Superman music over the retro 3-d credits from the original series. That and seeing the new guy fly over the earth like Reeve did at the conclusion of the original. Lots of good stuff about the flick, Lois was hot and they also didn't make her boyfriend played by Cyclops from the X-Men movies a complete ass like most boyfriends in movies (or real life) Is this flick the reason Cyclops was offed so early in X3? Oh well it was my first time in the new Zedex, i will miss the old one with its retro screen telling us "Feature Presentation!" with the big acid drop background. They also used to have a cool screen with Clint Eastwood, Bruce Lee and Charles Bronson and other 70s icons telling us what is coming to the theatre... Well i got in contact with NOVA and i need a b&w picture and to redo my Visa application, so i went to the mall at 9 yesterday morning, but the photo booth was out of order and so i waited and for $6.50 i believe they took one b&w picture of me. My nephew is up at Central Kings and in summer school for the next two weeks! I had to go to summer school back in the 80s for four weeks back in the day. Our summer school teacher was a phys ed teacher who so did not wanna be there and i still remember the first day we had him and he stated to the class that he did not want to see writing on the desks, "NO AC/DC and OZZY POZZY!!!" What the frick is OZZY POZZY?!?!?!?!?!!?
I missed the West Kings reunion on the weekend, but my old buddy Tasha told me that she hardly recognized anyone and that it was all elderly students there. Someday the reunion will happen. So i am off today and tomorrow, well i am kinda broke but tomorrow is good ol GST day!!! I had a person come in the store the other day and complain about the GST and the pennies drops in prices and says we should have no taxes and i told him well then get ready for no roads and no medicare and have fun paying up when you break an arm eh? Well some people, but then again i do consider the source. Hey Stevie Y retired! One hell off a career he had eh? He was a rookie with the Red Wings when i was like in the 7th grade! Where have all the good times gone eh? How's about those NHL free agents? How's about the Habs not doing anything! C'mon Bob Gainey! Stop vacationing in Europe, stop sigining Ex-Habs to be coaches and whatever else and use that Theodore money and get in the thick of things..gosh! Anways folks it is much too too nice out, i am taking the dogs to the shore and enjoying some sun! HAve a good one!

PS- Real Mckenzies: Bastards
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