Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Everything Has Its Point

Well well bloggeronies! What is a happening? Well through thick and thin my passport finally arrived!!! Well it is interesting as my pic makes me ummmm...look like a frickin terrorist! Anyways now i have to photocopy it and send it off to NOVA which i shall take care of tomorrow. So anything else? Our staff party is tonight up at the shore, well in Margaretsville... should be good, there are a few more people that i wish were coming, but a fun time is there loss for not going! I am so bringing my bottle of Jack Daniels, might as well bring that and some Coke and share some drinks with my old pals...Four months and i am going to be in Japan!!! Isn't that weird? Well i was chatting to my old buddy Grover from Mount Allison and he wants to see me come up fvor a visit before i go to Japan, because i was not to MTA all of last year and there are quite a few of the guys left, well not in Harper as Grove is pretty much the last of the old gang that is still in res, however he was roaring as he believes that he is older than the new Don that is taking over the building. Yes, MTA has Don's, like the Godfather. ....oh yeah Grover..congrats on being named the new Student Manager at the PUB!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey!! The Axemen are going to play the New York Islanders rookie squad in Yarmouth at the Mariner Center on September 23rd! Well the STFX X-Men are playing the Islander rookies on September 21st at 7 PM...if i can make the time, i would love to go watch the game, should be kinda neato!!! Well Saturday was a wee bit of a disappointment i must say, listen up ladies (well dudes too...i am not interested in dudes, but take some advice anyways) if you are going to say something to a person for months on end, at least mean it ok? Saturday was like a severe kick in the nuts and i really do not want to waste my time doing something like that again...very very annoying i must say so myself, especially when you were the 2nd choice to hang out with, nothing like being told that you are second place eh? No..Old Man Robb so does not people like this in his life, i do not need people that are going to waste my time, just to say that it was all a joke...don't worry Old Man Robb, don't start believing that every female is the same, lots more snakes in the sand! Ever see the original ending of Jaws: The Revenge????? I didn't know Sharks could roar or stand on their fins!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?Well last Friday night me and my nephew went to see Mainstream Wrestling over here at the Middleton Arena and it was hysterical, why? Because my nephew made no disticntions between the good guys and the bad guys and instead just started booing the daylights out of everyone in sight! One of the good guys came out, he must have only weighed about 150 pounds and my nephew stands up and yells, "Who the F*** are you?!?!?!?" OMG! Along with "Nice Dollar Store Belt!" it was a fun show, a guy dressed as Freddy Kruger wrestled and it was funny..pathetic, but yet hysterical. Ever jump to conclusions about something? Well there is one thing i was right about in that a working relationship would not last and well it didn't, one thing to be young and eager and another thing to be young and egotistical because it is a long way to the top and yet the fall on the way down is short and quite nasty as all those that you opposed and were hard assed to on the way up are gonna remember you on the bottom. Man I finally have found on Youtube ...............The Queen Haters!!!!!!!!!! What the hell are the Queen Haters? Well it was a punk parody on SCTV and when my pal Jason stayed with us in 1991 he had a whole VHS tape (VHS? WOW! It is like saying BETA!!!!!!!) full of old school SCTV and this was on Mel's Rock Pile hosted by Eugene Levy...very awesome...just hit replay after replay!!!!!!!!!!
Oh yeah, here are the lyrics...

"I've Always Had a Dream
I'd Like to Meet The Queen
I'd Punch Her In The Face
Yeah, That Would Make Me Laugh
I'd Like to Kick Her in the Teeth
And Then I'd Make a Picture of It
In Lovely Ektachrome
And Then I'd Give it to the Prince
I Hate The Bloody Queen
She Made Me Go To School
I Hate The Bloody Queen
And All of Her Bloody Rules
I'd Like To Drown The Queen
Off the Coast of Argentine
Throw Her Off a Battleship
With Her Falkland War Machine
She Taxes Me To Death
I Can't Afford Me Dope
I'd Like To Get Her High
Yeah, That Would Make Me Laugh
I Hate The Bloody Queen
She Made Me Go To School
I Hate The Bloody Queen
And All of Her Bloody Rules
I Hate The Bloody Queen
I Hate The Bloody Queen
I Hate The Bloody Queen
I Feel Sorry For You Lady Di
Having a Mother-In-Law Like That!"

Awesome stuff indeedy!!! Be applicable to the B***H of the Baskervilles as well!
Anyways gang, gotta go...i have a staff party to get ready for...have a good one!

Psssssssst- Enemy You: Hopes and Dreams!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

You Probably Couldn't See The Lights But You Were Looking Straight At Me!

Well bloggeronies it has been a long time eh? What is a happening? Well i went to Digby last Saturday, straight up to the Digby Ferry and guess what?

Drum roll.............

No one there

Well the story of Old Man Robb's life eh? However unlike others i sucked it up, had Dad's old Caddy and went for a drive, since i was already in Digby i had to have some Digby Clams and then i went for a drive to Yarmouth, it had been since like 1994 and it has changed quite a bit and looks the same. I drove through Clare on the way back and thought about stopping in to see if my old buddy Blinn was in, but i didn't...i did find a nice beach there that had some sharp looking babes. It was weird going to Yarmouth and all the rest because of seeing the sign saying "101 Ends Here" weird eh? There was a girl, wella woman now that i used to like there, but i never talked to her hardly at all her last year she atteded Acadia..why? Because i didn't think we had anything to talk about anymore...did you ever feel like you were left out in the cold, like that someone was getting closer and then just gave up on you? Well that is the way that i felt and i am allowed to feel that way, it is like someone couldn't take that one step, that what they managed to do was take two steps back...bizarre i know i am... I actually went to a video store in Digby i always wanted to stop in at and man! What a shitstore that was! The dude behind the counter looked like a roadie from Motorhead and he was watching American Wedding in the store!!!! With families and kids walking around, downstairs in his basement he had tons of old VHS and he would not sell me a single one of them!!! He even had a copy of the elusive
King Frat!!!!!!!!!!! There is a new bookstore in the town of Middleton!!!!! I stopped off the other day and picked up 3 Maxim's for a dollar each and a Sports Illustrated from 1975! So what else is new and exciting? Well Nova Japan phoned the other day and i had to re-fill out my resume for Visa Application just to enter the country! So that is being done today. Plus yesterday i had to go and 10 in the morning and get my tetanus shot as well as a hepatitis shot, which they have to do three more times before i leave for Japan. Me and my old buddy Blair went drinking the other night and watched a couple of flicks at his place, namely 1990: The Bronx Warriors and
Friday the 13th Part 3! I picked up The Bronx Warriors in a boxset that came along with Warriors of the Wasteland and After The Fall of New York. I love cheap ass Italian knock-off flicks with cheesy dubbing! My old buddy Glynn moved back to town and came into the store on the weekend to say hello, he has a new band and that is doing well, he roared because his old membership at the store proclaims him as #1 Krokus bass player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well i went to the Zedex Theatre last night and i saw Snakes on a Plane!!! It was not too too bad, did it live up to the hype? Probably not, but it did provide a few good chuckles despite some very very bad looking CGI snakes that were there. You should see the massive Black Sabbath CD's i have been making..oh Old Man Robb..your so you!!!I did get an awesome e-mail from Acadia Alumni the other day to help out with Welcome Week, the only problem is that i am already scheduled to work on September 2nd and therefore i am not available at that time. I wish i was because it would be an awesome opportunity to give back, chat it up with people and offer some stories about when i went to Acadia and to see some jaws drop if i was able to get away with telling some of the ones that i would wanna tell. Well this whole going to Japan thing folks, why? Well because i cannot land a good position here in North America and when i do chat with people i always hear the same ol bullshit everytime about how you have to have experience to get experience but there is really for lots of people no where to turn, others just give up...look at Kingstec..how many of those people that i went to school with there are doing what they really wanna do? What they originally intended to do? Well...you can count em on one hand!!! Listen to that Old Man Robb rant eh? Well a friend of mine is coming to the Valley this weekend. Am i interested? Well not really, why? Well she is coming to meet some other dude when the whole time i would have thought that it was me that she really wanted to meet and plus she has too many rules and hang-ups about this and that and so i don't think i really am going to bother. Besides tomorrow night at the good ol Middleton Arena is the last Valley tour of the summer for Mainstream Wrestling! It was fun last time despite the broken down ring, however i enjoyed the show they put on.......wonder if Spiderman is coming this time? HAHAHAHA!!!
Anyways folks that is all for another Robbblog..have a good one!

Pssssssssst- Dropkick Murphys: Forever!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Spiderman 3

I thought this was a pretty badass looking pic promoting the new Spiderman movie that comes out next summer! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Straightest Jacket

Hey hey Bloggeronies! Long time no blog eh? What have i been up to? Well work, work and more frickin work! What else is happening? Well not to sound like a broken record but my passport came back again and this time i forgot to fill in my Mother's maiden name! I know i know..i am dunny..get the dunce cap ready eh? I am thinking more and more that maybe what the grand plan for Old Man Robb Hawley's future will be is to go to Japan, spend a year and a half (Or in my case, a year and eight months!) and then maybe go somewhere like Fort Kent and pursue my education degree, which i believe can still be done there is something like a year. I thought i had done something rotten to my Acadia account, i went on it one day last week and lots of stuff was wiped out, they took is off till i pay them the $5.65 i owe them.........hear that folks? The $5.65!?!??!?!?! Man some places are greedy to the last drop eh? Anyways i contacted the folks at NOVA and they were good to me, they told me that whenever my passport was ready, then that was good enough for them. Well me and the Dunker got together last week and we went to go see Will Farrel's new flick, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and it was hysterical! Love where he is praying at the table and blesses his two sons, Ricky Bobby is playing at the Valley Drive-in located in Coldbrook this weekend with one of those crappy Wayans brothers movies....

Hey! the Chickenburger in Bedford has its own website!!!! Who would have thought!

Hear about that professor at CBU? Now he was posting on his own blog on his own personal time his views of gay relationships, it had nothing to do with anything that he teaches in class and well, some student disagreed with his views and emailed him, well this professor made the emails public for everyone to see on his website. Now if one has their own opinion, well this is a free country and he should frickin well have the right to say as he feels as long as it does not affect anything that is happening within his classroom and his teachings. Opinions are like asses, everybody had one. The part i didn't care for was making the emails public for all to see, an email should be treated as a private thing, like a phone call. Oh well he was only suspended two weeks, i am sure that he will survive.
So a friend of mine is coming to Digby, well hopefully still coming to Digby on Saturday, if so then we will hang out, if not, then i guess we won't! Well the last Mainstream Wrestling card of the summer is coming to Middleton on August 25th, i'll see what i can do about having the night off, the last one was fun except for the broken down wrestling ring. So who doesn't think that Evgeni Malkin is not on the way to Pittsburgh ever since he disappeared last week on his Russian team in Helsinki, Finland. Supposedly this kid is one of the best hockey players in the world that is not playing in the NHL. We shall see what he has if the kid is where i think he is. Anyways folks, that is about it for me today, i am off to work and i am not off work till Friday...have a good one!

Psssssssssssst- MXPX: Responsibility!!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Acadia Axemen Men's Basketball 2006-07!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday November 10th- SMU VS Acadia 8:00 PM
Sunday November 12th- Acadia Vs Dalhousie 3:00 PM
Saturday November 18th- UPEI Vs Acadia 8:00 PM
Sunday November 19th- UNB Vs Acadia 3:00 PM
Friday November 24th- Acadia Vs Cape Breton 8:00 PM
Saturday November 25th- Acadia Vs STFX 4:00 PM
Friday January 5th- Acadia Vs SMU 8:00 PM
Sunday January 7th- Memorial Vs Acadia 3:00 PM
Friday January 12th- Acadia Vs UNB 8:00 PM
Saturday January 13th- Acadia Vs UPEI 8:00 PM
Wednesday January 17th- STFX Vs Acadia 8:00 PM
Friday January 26th- STFX Vs Acadia 8:00 PM
Saturday January 27th- Memorial Vs Acadia 8:00 PM
Friday Febuary 2nd- Cape Breton Vs Acadia 8:00 PM
Saturday Febuary 3rd- Cape Breton Vs Acadia 3:00 PM
Saturday Febuary 10th- UPEI Vs Acadia 5:00 PM
Friday Febuary 16th- Acadia Vs Cape Breton 8:00 PM
Sunday Febuary 25th- Acadia Vs UPEI 3:00 PM
Saturday March 3rd- Dalhousie Vs Acadia 2:00 PM

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Headlights on Dark Roads

Hey there bloggeronies! What is a happening? Well this is the last night of me being home all alone with the rest of the crew, meaning my Mom, Brother and my Nephew all being gone back to the merry land of Cape Breton! Well it is good for all involved to be away for awhile, or well in their case, three days. What have i been doing in the meantime? Well i have been working, working and working. My brother got me a car for a weekend and the minute i pulled out of the yard with it, the mirror fell off! Jeesh! Anyways i went to New Minas for a drive last night, feel a bit bad cause i told a friend that i wasn't going out last night and well, i did anyways, i think Old Man Robb just wanted to be by himself for a bit eh? It has been good god, two months since Dad passed away and i am wondering if i have accepted it or not, Mom is always saying she finds it really hard to phantom that Dad is not in this world, this house as a matter of fact this whole town has Dad written all over it as do alot of places, lots of memories cause wherever i seem to go, there is a Dad memory that comes along with it, even when i went to WalMart last night, there was a memory of my last year in Tower, me having the worst hang-over of all time because i so ruined my last Tower formal by being in the bathroom sick almost the whole night. Why did i do that anyways? Well long story, but i liked a girl ...well woman and i thought something was going to happen, well a friend of mine set her up with another guy, something i never forgave that friend for the rest of that entire year as he knew full well that i liked her but did nothing about it opting to instead help this other guy, i had this almost frat-like mentality when it came to living in res that friends help friends, not the other way around. Anyways my parents siad they were coming at 10...well they showed up at 7:45 in the morning and Dad was just a grinning and they went to Walmart...for like 2 and a half hours!!! I sat in the McDonalds section of the restuarant becuase i could not move whatsoever! Dad kept walking by with his car giggling at me cause he knew i was hungover and sick as a frickin dog! Anyways was it a pleasant memory? No because i was sick as hell! But a good Dad memory? You betcha! Anyways i finally got another New York Yankees hat, well back about six years ago, my Mom washed my other Yankees hat and it shrunk, then she tried to tell me that i had bought a kids hat...jeesh! Plus i bought some clothes, the day before i went shopping with me Mother and i bought clothes, including some much-needed new pairs of shorts and some KISS boxer shorts!!!! Plus i bought Mom some dinner at the Zellers cafe, i almost said K-Cafe in honor of the old K-Mart that was last there when....in the early 90s?!?!?!? Mom always flips out when i play with the jukebox in the cafe, always putting on some old Elvis or the Beach Boys... so what else did i do? I picked up an awesome punk compilation called, AMP Magazine Presents Volume 4: Pop Punk featuring the likes of The Manges, The Travoltas, The Huntingtons, The Groovie Ghoulies, The Queers, The Mr T Experience and one of my favorite names on the whole CD, The John Stamos Project!?!?!?!?!?!? Well i heard another tidbit about the Stones concert the other day, i guess Sloan and Alice Cooper have been added to the bill along with some crappy rapper...ugh i hate rap so frickin much!!! I find it both ironic and as well as really funny to see White people listen to rap music because a lot of rap music is says an awful amount of stuff about White people in general. It's also real funny knowing that the White people who listen to this music style come from Upper Middle Class/Rich homes. I always see rappers on tv in some crappy videos, always driving some fancy pimpmobile with gold on every finger and gold chains rapping about how frickin hard they have it, look idiot, your probably some rich kid loser who went to Harvard or something...hahaha...Well what is happening in Cuba anyways? Is Castro on his last legs? Who the heck is his brother anyways? Anyone else think Bush is just lickin his lips to get into Cuba, to grab those resources, i tell ya man if Castro passes on, the fight for Cuba is going to be on. The United States says that it wants to help Cubans prepare for democracy but is not contemplating an invasion of the island in the wake of Castro's illness....hmmmmmmmmmm...the US has this interest in Cuba, but why? What business of it is theirs? Oh well....anyways tomorrow is the start of a new week and i only have one full day off being Wednesday, so tomorrow i will mow and all the rest, have a good one folks!

PS- Check out the re-cut of Scarface!!!!!!!!!!!
PS #2- The Vandals cover Ramones- Sheena is a Punk Rocker!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Holy August 1st Batman!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Hey there bloggeronies! What is a happening? Well it is hot out for one thing and still no Acadia Axemen hockey schedule up! C'mon people are pestering me now for when the first game is and stuff! Well SMU's game with the Montreal Carabins had to be moved from the 23rd to the 22nd because of the Rolling Stones concert in Halifax, even worse the Carabins had to take hotel accomodations alongside the Bedford Basin because of everything in the city being booked up! Man that ol Mel Gibson should keep his ol trap shut eh? Sometimes it is best not to babble while lapping up the ol booze...or driving some 85 miles in a 45 zone..tsk tsk...
Oh and for those who did not know what Anti-Seitism is, i took the liberty of borrowing this from Wilkpedia:

Anti-Semitism (alternatively spelled antisemitism) is hostility toward or prejudice against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group, which can range from individual hatred to institutionalized, violent persecution. The highly explicit ideology of Adolf Hitler's Nazism was the most extreme example of this phenomenon, leading to a genocide of the European Jewry.
Though the general definition of anti-Semitism is hostility or prejudice towards Jews, a number of authorities have developed more formal definitions. Holocaust scholar and City University of New York professor Helen Fein's definition has been particularly influential. She defines anti-Semitism as "a persisting latent structure of hostile beliefs towards Jews as a collective manifested in individuals as attitudes, and in culture as myth, ideology, folklore and imagery, and in actions – social or legal discrimination, political mobilisation against the Jews, and collective or state violence – which results in and/or is designed to distance, displace, or destroy Jews as Jews."
Professor Dietz Bering of the University of Cologne further expanded on Professor Fein's definition by describing the structure of anti-Semitic beliefs. To anti-Semites, "Jews are not only partially but totally bad by nature, that is, their bad traits are incorrigible. Because of this bad nature: (1) Jews have to be seen not as individuals but as a collective. (2) Jews remain essentially alien in the surrounding societies. (3) Jews bring disaster on their 'host societies' or on the whole world, they are doing it secretly, therefore the anti-Semites feel obliged to unmask the conspiratorial, bad Jewish character."
There have been a number of efforts by international and governmental bodies to formally define anti-Semitism. The United States Department of State defines anti-Semitism in its 2005 Report on Global Anti-Semitism as "hatred toward Jews — individually and as a group — that can be attributed to the Jewish religion and/or ethnicity."[9]
In 2005, the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC), a body of the European Union, developed a more detailed working definition: "Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities. In addition, such manifestations could also target the state of Israel, conceived as a Jewish collectivity. Antisemitism frequently charges Jews with conspiring to harm humanity, and it is often used to blame Jews for 'why things go wrong'."

Whew...Mr Gibson..this is not good.

Wait...hold the phone...

I can piece together a 2006-07 Acadia hockey schedule from the AUS Homepage...here we go!!!

Friday, October 13th: Acadia VS UNB 7:00 PM
Sat, October 14th: Acadia VS Moncton 7:00 PM
Friday, October 20th: Acadia VS SMU 7:00 PM
Sat, October 21st: STFX Vs Acadia 7:30 PM
Friday, October 27th: UNB Vs Acadia 7:30 PM
Sat, October 28th: Moncton Vs Acadia 7:30 PM
Wed, November 1st: Acadia Vs Dalbousie 7:00 PM
Sat, November 4th: UPEI Vs Acadia 7:30 PM
Sat, November 11th: Dalhousie Vs Acadia 7:30 PM
Friday, November 17th: Acadia Vs St Thomas 7:00 PM
Sat, November 18th: Acadia Vs UPEI 7:00 PM
Friday, November 24th: SMU Vs Acadia 7:30 PM
Sat, November 25th: Acadia Vs STFX 7:00 PM
Wed, November 29th: Acadia Vs SMU 7:00 PM
*** Be in Japan...listening on Internet for Rest of Season!!!***
Friday, January 5th: Acadia Vs Moncton 7:00 PM
Sat, January 6th: Acadia Vs UNB 7:00 PM
Wed, January 10th: Dalhousie Vs Acadia 7:30 PM
Sat, January 13th: STFX Vs Acadia 7:30 PM
Friday, January 19th: Moncton Vs Acadia 7:30 PM
Sat, January 20th: UNB Vs Acadia 7:30 PM
Friday, Febuary 2nd: UPEI Vs Acadia 7:30 PM
Sat, Febuary 3rd: St. Thomas Vs Acadia 7:30 PM
Friday, Febuary 9th: Acadia Vs UPEI 7:00 PM
Sat, Febuary 10th: Acadia Vs St. Thomas 7:00 PM
Friday, Febuary 16th: SMU Vs Acadia 7:30 PM
Saturday, Febuary 17th: Acadia Vs STFX 7:00
If you want to see the rest of the schedule for all the other teams, click HERE!!!

Well i worked all of last weekend, worked the sidewalk sale, picked up a copy of Ong Bak (kickass flick!) Then i went and hung out with a friend and went to the Drive in in Coldbrook! Actually we went to Harvey's in New Minas first, my friend ordered a veggie burger and did the staff ever look pissed off to have to make it! Anyways we went to see You, Me and Dupree which was hysterical! I was laughing at the guy from the 40 Year Old Virgin that was stealing Matt Dillon's porn collection from his garbage! My Mom and my brother are going away for the weekend to Cape Breton, i would go but i have to work (Tomorrow is my only day off!) so not parties here this weekend! Nuts! Anyways Tuesday i am putting the Mystery Machine into the shop, so no long distances for me anyways, well i need to finish off the backyard, shower and then go from there! Have a good one!

PS: No Use For a Name- Fiona!!!
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