Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rock & Roll Hall of Shame

Wrote this one on Facebook an hour or so ago...thought i would share it here as well...

I noticed that the R n R Hall of Fame Concert is on the boob tube tonight (watching Grey Cup...sorry..) Anyways i never really keep up with the RnR Hall of Fame until i decided to look up good ol Wilkepedia and i noticed the inductees over the years..and well i really have some mixed emotions i got to say and so the words that may come out of Old Man Robb's mouth might become kind of confusing..and no im only drinking a medium double double from Tim Hornys and not any Colt 45 or anything else...well not tonight anyways......

First of all let's get something straight...i really like the Ramones, Clash, Sex Pistols (Who infamously snubbed the Hall of Fame and declared "Next to the SEX PISTOLS rock and roll and that hall of fame is a piss stain," the statement read. "Your museum. Urine in wine. Were not coming. Were not your monkey and so what?", Blondie (Where the original band argued on stage at the ceremony), Talking Heads (Who somehow put their differences aside with David Byrne for the evening and performed..), REM and a few others...now there are other bands that are no-brainers- The Stones, Beatles and The BEach Boys (If you can find Mike Love's speech from 1987..please do..got to be his most hall of shame moment ever...) However i am noticing a few things here..a couple of glaring omissions if i must say so myself, and remember kids, this is just Old Man Robb's opinion here...

Alice Cooper and KISS are not in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame...


This bewilders me like nothing else, ALOT of bands have borrowed from there two...and i mean ALOT...Johnny Rotten even sang "Im Eighteen" on his audition for the Sex Pistols...Gene Simmons produced Van Halen's (Class of 2007) first demo tape...Metallica was inducted just this year in 2009 and while their success while in many ways eclipsing Alice's and KISS's, the fact remains that they are a band from the 80s getting in before two of the biggest acts from the 1970s and beyond.

Alice himself has even stated, "I hear of bands being in the Hall of Fame that I've never heard of. And then there are a lot of bands that were Alice disciples that are in the Hall of Fame that I've sold more records than." and KISS? Really before KISS NO ONE in rock and roll took advantage of merchandising more so than KISS- action figures, lunchboxes, pinball machines, COFFINS etc etc... MANY rock artists have been influenced by KISS and many got their start by opening for KISS, as well as Alice on the road.

Gene Simmons has, like ALice stated, "“There are disco bands, rap bands, Yiddish folk song bands in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but not Kiss,” Gene Simmons said last year. “I believe we have more gold records in America than any other group, but it’s OK.” Just last year many KISS Army members showed up outside the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in Clevland to voice their support for KISS being inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

ALice and KISS were NEVER critical darlings, music snobs have always sang the praises of Elvis Costello, The Talking HEads, The Police, The Clash and others on the list, heck they even loved the Ramones although early album reviews were doozies and Joey died the year before the band got in and according to Tommy Ramone, Joey wanted that induction more than anything to show the Ramones finally getting the recognition they deserved.

As i speak this evening, KISS has been nominated for the Class of 2010 for the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, Alice had not. It would be an interesting evening for sure to see which version of KISS gets to go into the RnR Hall of Fame. Gene and Paul for sure...what about Peter? Ace? Bruce Kulick? Eric Singer? Does Eric Carr get a mention? Vinnie Vincent? They better have the ten second delay on when Gene Simmons finally gets up to the mike...Alice is another story, will Alice even accept the nomination? Maybe he will snub the hall and play golf that day, after his battle with alcoholism and other demons, a fitting finale to Alice's career (Which won't be over anytime soon, both his and KISS) would be an induction to the Hall of Fame...

Personally i can't wait for the year Guns N'Roses gets a nomination and goes in...yes it will happen music snobs, Appititie for Destruction is still the #1 selling debut album of all time by an American band and was also the fastest-selling debut album in history...will be something if they can lure Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven onto the same stage again...never say never...if Paul, Gene, Ace and Peter can reunite in 1996 and break attendance records, so can the original GN'R...money talks...bullshit walks..or walks to the Rock N Roll HAll of Fame...

Nuff Said, im out...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

1975 - AC/DC - Love Song

A true rarity...a ballad by AC/DC besides "Ride on" and wasn't released in North America until just this month on the boxset, "Backtracks".

Just Thinkin....

“A loser doesn't know what he'll do if he loses, but talks about what he'll do if he wins, and a winner doesn't talk about what he'll do if he wins, but knows what he'll do if he loses.”- Unknown

Hey peeps out there! What is new with Old Man Robb? Well yesterday my book finally arrived at the Acadia Bookstore!!! Methodology in Language Teaching is here and as of mid December the course is finally going to start. The goals of the book are as follows:
1) To provide a comprehensive overview of the field of second and foreign language teaching, with a particular focus on issues related to the teaching of English.
2) To provide a source of teaching principals and classroom activities which teachers can refer to in their work.
3) To provide a source of readings and activities that can be used in TESOL (Teachers of English to speakers of other language) teacer-education programs, for both preservice and in-service courses.
At 422 pages, i think Robbo has lots of reading to do....i better look something like this by the time im done reading this...

What else is new? Well last night i went to see the Axemen play SMU at Acadia, Acadia won 4-3 in OT and are now ranked # 7 by the CIS. I might sound like a broken record, but Acadia Arena can hold 2100 fans and according to the website, 1359 fans attended the game...that is 741 empty seats...im done babbling about it, but its what now? 7- 8 game winning streak? Just boggles my mind that's all.

Before the game i checked out The Mudcreek Grill and Lounge in Wolfville, i guess they have been there for a year or so, but i liked the atmosphere, was kind of decorated up like the Hard Rock Cafe with albums on the wall and stuff... maybe a teeny weeny bit artsy fartsy....but i wanna go back and try their "Acadia Burger" see if it is on par with the Axemen Burger from the Vil or the Axemen Sub from Joe's....

And just to let people know there is also a new used store in Wolfville and the dude has everything from CD's to Atari games!!! Intellivision too!

Most of the stuff was only like $4-5 bucks...most expensive was around $10..lots of fun junk, really liked pokin around in there, bought Aerosmith's Classics Live on CD for like $4..back before they became AeroSupply and used outside writers ugh...bring back Toys in the Attic...hell bring back "Rock in a Hard Place"!!!
Personally i would love to own a bar, esp in a place like Wolfville.....if i had the $$$..what would i name it? Hoosers? McBoozers? Hawleys? Robbos? Would definitly have to have something, a sports bar would be cool...make it old school like the Rocky Mountain Tavern was in S Korea...would definitly get a jukebox and if i had $$$ a KISS pinball machine! LOL! Colt 45 on tap...ahh would be fun times...

Anyways folks that is all for now! Have a good one!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Road Leads to Nowhere....

The title of this blog is a lyric from the main theme of the 1972 cult classic Last House on the Left, which i first rented in 1988 at the Dairy Bar in the Passage...creepy as heck old movie which pulls no punches and seemed damn real, the killers Krug, Sadie and Weasel didn't seem like Jason, Freddy and Micheal Myers..the remake from this year didn't have the same effect...much too Hollywood...The 1972 film's bleak, documentary-style presentation of senseless, sadistic violence adds to the unrelenting nature of this film about two hippie teenage girls kidnapped by a four escaped convicts, by all means track down a copy and watch it...first time i watched it the first thing i did afterwards was go take a shower...that is how grimy i felt...

Hey folks how are things? Well it is Wednesday and how is Old Man Robb's week going? Well i am now told that my course, EDUC 4673:Teaching English as a Second Language  is now not going to start till mid December. I phoned Open Acadia and they misplaced my application....lovely eh? Nothing like waiting since like oooo lemmie see around the middle of October, phoning near the end of Novemeber, wondering how the process is going and voilia! It didn't even leave the desk! I wanna get this thing started so that i can throw myself into the ESL job market here at home, i can understand technical difficulties because they have never done the course online before, but to not even have processed the application? Ugh!

Believe it or not...and some of you are gonna not believe it...but Old Man Robb is actually a real go-getter..and what is a go-getter? Glad you asked, a go-getter is someone whose career progresses rapidly, ok so maybe mine is not rapid, more like biding time like sand in the hour glass, but I like to think that i am a  person who acts and gets things done; "he's a principal actor in this affair"; "when you want something done get a doer"; "he's a miracle worker" there are two kinds of people in this world, there are talkers who talk and babble a good game, and then there are doer's, those who actually go out and get things done. A doer is someone who does something, not someone who sits on his ass thinking about it for 200 years.

However today is hump day, well i wish it was hump day and on Friday im going to be checking out the Axemen taking on SMU at 7:00 at Acadia Arena..the hockey Axemen are now 8-3-0...perhaps my book will be at the bookstore and i can kill two birds with one stone so to speak. Not too much else happening on this rainy Wednesday...have a good one folks!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time Seems To Be All I Have.....

Hello there people...what is going on in Old Man Robb's world? Still waiting on my book from Acadia U.. "Methodology in Language Teaching: An Anthology of Current Practice." has still not arrived, i know it has to come from the States...but i guess im just impatient..a friend of mine who went to NSCC told me that she thought her transcripts had been sent and waited two weeks to find out they had not been sent. Lazy people? Not too sure, i just know that it is no fun playing the waiting game, especially when you want to get started on something, get finished and then be able to put myself out there in the job market, there seems to be a glut of ESL jobs right here in Nova Scotia, and i would like to have my TESOL training so i can join in the hunt so to speak.

Besides the course im waiting on, EDUC 4673:Teaching English as a Second Language. The other two parts of Acadia's TESOL program are called EDUC 4683: Linguistics for Teachers and EDUC 4863: Acquisition of Language. I plan on doing them one after the other and i am in good standing so that i can do this financially as well...maybe not Richie Rich, but able to scrounge enough do that i can acquire these three courses, plus they are also Education courses and that i like because it gives me a chance to show waht i can do after being turned down by Acadia's Bachelor of Education program back in 2008.

What else happened this week? Well Friday i made a trip up to Kentville to pay off my first speeding ticket since 1995. Yes Yes Old Man Robb had a frickin speeding ticket that he picked up on Thanksgiving going for a drive to Halifax/ Passage...only to find out Hooters was closed...LOL... just my luck was that the Olympic Parade was happening right in front of the Kentville law building and i was in the right place for this opportunistic shot...

Yes Friday was a great day...i also got to pick up a LONG OVERDUE DVD by the way also...

Ever since i rented this one back in the Passage days, it's been a Robb favorite.. basically a rip-off of Porky's and made in Canada for like $9.99...definitly a DVD to check out...with Blackbelt Jones arriving on DVD, all i need is for Up The Creek to come out and my life will be complete!

I capped my week off yesterday by watching my nieces and watching the SMU-Calgary game ..was weird to see their former coach and star quarterback wearing the colors of the Calgary Dinos. Then after that i went to Acadia and caught some Axemen basketball.. The Axemen beat UNB 88-79 and extended their winning streak to 4 games. Still the place wasn't full...back in the days before internet, texting, Ipods and all the rest, the athletic events were the place to be seen on campus, it is part of the lazy generation i guess, as in technology has made us lazy... we are all victims of it. Still would love to see attendance pick up, esp with basketball and hockey (7 game winnng streak!) on such a roll. Me? Well i will continue to attend the games as usual. :)

Anyways folks, that is all from here..gotta work at 2:00..yes Old Man Robb is Working For The Weekend...even though its almost done and over..have a good one folks...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

BLACK BELT JONES is finally coming to DVD!!!!!!

On January 12 2010, Warner Brothers is FINALLY releasing BLACK BELT JONES w/ the legendary Jim Kelly on DVD along with four other classics- Hot Potato, Three The Hard Way and Black Sampson...finally one of Old Man Robb's favorites is coming to DVD..time to retire that ancient VHS!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Waiting to Start...

What is happening peeps? Well Old Man Robert Reid Hawley is a week removed from re-joining Acadia U and well im waiting for my textbooks to arrive. Good things come to those who wait i've been told, the textbook is arriving from the States so its just a matter of playing the waiting game..i've waited for things before...so i don't mind so much..i just wanna do all three parts to this course and then be able to apply for jobs, there seems to be all kinds of places looking for ESL teachers who have this TESL training and i would love nothing better than to be teaching right here at home in the Great White North.

Yes that is the Axemen football game as it appeared on Mama's 60 inch tv down in the ol dungeon on Saturday, armed with Buffalo wings i watched the Axemen blow a lead to STFX, but yet we led for most of the game, eventually to lose to STFX 33-30 and now STFX will be playing SMU on Saturday for the Loney Bowl at Huskie Stadium. It was not the best season for the Axemen as we finished the season 2-5...ohh well there is always next season.

And what else may be the biggest news of all this week besides the fact it was my Mama's BDay and my books haven't arrived yet and the Acadia football season being over?


Yes yes yes...Im going to go see GUNS N' Frickin ROSES?!?!!??! I mean AXL's Roses!!! Me and Craig will be going..should be interesting..Sebastian Bach is opening the show as well. Saw this in 2006 and damn it too them a long time to come on the stage..sitting through one opening act, then those strippers and then the Trews and finally like around midnight hearing Welcome to The Jungle...the only thing that could make it better would be to see Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff and Steven all on the same stage together one more time even if just for one tour, one album or the hell with it...just one show...some promoter out there must have some serious $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ they can throw at them and make this happen...would be fun to watch them co-exist..or try to....

Was supposed to be watching Acadia Vs Dal last night, but the flu scare cancelled the game, don't know what this does to this weekends games against Moncton & St. Thomas...if they are cancelled there is always the Basketball game against UPEI on Friday night..which is the 13th....quite a night for a game eh?

Friday The 13th indeed......

Well folks that is all for now...later...

Humongous (1982) Trailer

Saw this along with Friday The 13th Part 3 on HBO in a motel somewhere while travelling with my family in the States in the summer of 1983..would love to see it again. Definitly a slice of slasher cheese from the 80s....and Canadian too from the director of the original (and only) Prom Night.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Get to Know Me Part II

I do these on the ol Facebook all the time...here are some more...

Do you have freckles?: YEah

Do you have cute feet?: Im Bigfoot

Favorite color shirt to wear?: Black

describe your favorite pjs?: Old t-shirt and flannel jammie pants

Thanksgiving pie?: Poontang

Have you Ever cooked a turkey all ...by yourself?: Yes

gone to a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner?: The Rocky Mountain Tavern in S Korea last year

been sick and went to work anyway?: Yes

been fired for not showing up to work?: No

had road rage?: You go up the 101 and some a-hole gets in front of you going 80 in a 100 zone

forgive people easily or hold a grudge?: I have a long memory

have a problem with body odor?: Yes...hate smelling people that smell like shit

your favorite dessert?: Namino Bars

your Thanksgiving like at your house?: Chaotic

likely to happen if you didn't have your cell phone for one day?: I don't have one...thank God

Walmart or Target?: Both are greedy

I have never had a....: trip to California

When I go to a 7-11 its usually for.....: We don't have 7-11's and the ones in Japan and S Korea do not have SLUSHIES!!!

First Christmas on your own?: Last year in S Korea

Traffic ticket?: 1995

Last time you ate pizza?: Made a MCcain's one a few days ago....Hawiian

time you went to the beach?: Aylesford Lake this summer

time you went swimming?: See the beach question

What color are your eyes?: Green

What color do you wish your eyes were?: Green

Favorite Cartoon Character?: Mr Magoo

Cereal?: Honeynut Cheerios

Chef?: The one on South Park

Have You Ever had to put a beloved pet to sleep?: Yeah......sucked...i didn't know about the pet aging when i was a kid

What is your biggest fear?: Not being myself anymore...

your bedtime?: Anytime

your biggest regret?: A few things

something you are most proud of?: My degree...teaching overseas...actually going to university and passing...

How long does it take you to get to work?: 15 minutes

What do you do when you are bored at work?: Dream

What do you do when you are bored at home?: Stuff

Have You...ever played a video game all night long?: As a kid...long live the Atari 2600

ever driven all night long?: oh yeah

ever missed someone so much it hurt?: Still do...RIP Dad..

What do you do with your spare time?: Make evil plans...

How much tv do you watch?: A little bit of Sports Desk...HNIC...not much on the boob tube

Do you watch sports?: Ummmm...Yes

Favorite NFL team?: Minnesota Vikings

Thanksgivin...g food?: Turkey

kind of sandwich?: Spam

Have you Ever fallen asleep in class or at work?: both

had to wash your clothes at a laundromat?: in Japan

changed a diaper?: YEah

Do you care what other people think of you?: Not really...

save money each month?: I try

What is the most irritating group of people to you?: Where do i start?

something that is bugging you right now?: A few things...

directly to your right?: My Grandmother's picture

early to bed or stay up late?: Up all nite baby

Finish...My mom is.....: Herself

If I had ten kids I'd....: Run away

Are you adventurous?: Always

Are you allergic to anything?: Pollen

Do you have many pets?: Gizzy et Maggie

Do you have fish?: Some Captain Highliner in the fridge...

Do you have a sense of humor?: I think so

Have you Ever had a ...tooth knocked out?: Hockey

Do you cry when famous people die?: Felt bad when Joey Ramone passed on (RIP)

feel like you know people on tv?: Don Cherry reminds me of one of my uncles

take naps?: Might have one today

have a routine that you follow every day?: Long as it involves morning coffee we are good

maintain your own lawn or have a landscaper?: I maintain baby

the one disease you wish they could find a cure for today?: Cancer

a soothing song for you?: Anything off Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys

something about the world you wish you could change?: Too much to mention

your most unique talent?: The ability to annoy...

steak or lobster?: Steak

Halloween or Christmas?: Halloween

I remember Patrick Swayze in.....: Youngblood

My favorite Patrick Swayze movie is.....: Point Break

I would give up everything I own for....: Have Dad back....

One thing I couldn't live without is....: Tim Hortons

If I were stranded on an island I would want....: Tattoo and Mr Rourke and some babes....

First sport you played?: Hockey

memory of your dad?: Going for car drives

memory of your mom?: Shopping

time you were in the hospital?: Tonsils out...early 70s...tried to escape

Last last time you brushed your teeth?: 10 minutes ago

last time you took a shower?: Eventually

last time you ate?: Toast and pb

last time you drank something?: Coffee

last time you hung out with friends?: Saw a few the other day...gots to make more time. :)

Do you take a lot of pictures?: Just check this site...

Have you ever had really long hair?: Not really

What do you do for fun?: Just be myself..

How many pets do you have?: Gizzy et Maggie

Favorite kind of weather?: Fall

beach ...activity?: Checking out chicks...

snow activity?: Same....

thing to do in Autumn?: See above....

Have You Ever moved far away from the city you were born in?: Yes...far far away

What is your favorite type of movie?: Scary...

something you are worried about?: What's next...

something you've done in the last week that you wish you could take back?: Spend $$$

Have You...ever trusted the wrong person?: Oh hell yeah...

ever found more than a dollar?: Yes...

ever bought anything from a street vendor?: Well Japan and Korea

Shoe Size?: Size 10

Where do you buy your clothes?: Everywhere...

Favorite Restaurant?: Turkey Burger RIP :(

Beach?: Rockaway Beach

Have you Ever jumped into a pile of leaves?: As a kid

been to an aquarium?: In S Korea- Seaworld...

been in a car accident?: Yes in 1999-00 in S Berwick...icy roads, took out a telephone pole

Do you eat a lot of vegetables?: I try to

cut your own hair or go to a salon?: Saloooooooooooooooon

wear a baseball cap?: Yes...wearing a NY Yankees one right now

What is the least amount of money you've made at a job?: This one...LOL

the best way to show someone you love them?: Give them Robert Hawley for a present...LOL

Leader or a Follower?: Leader of the pack

Hot Dogs or Hamburgers?: Whoppers

I just ate....: Toast

Tonight I'm going to....: Work

I really need to stop...: Thinking too much

My worst habit is....: Thinking too much

horrible thing to happen in your life?: Dad passing away

holiday away from home?: Too far back to remember...family went somewhere every year

Lasts time you were lied to?: Too many to remember

time you wore a bathing suit?: This summer

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