Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Final Curtain...

My note that i wrote on Facebook today...just thought i would bring it over here for your reading pleasure...or displeasure...anyways enjoy!

Well folks tonight is it...the final wrestling show ever at the famous Berwick (Berk) Arena..have to work tonight at the Store Formerly Known as Andrew's so on one hand i wish i was going..on the other hand i went to the Windsor War Memorial Community Centre on Thursday night in and watched UCW there instead to make up for it. It's going to be a historic night as the greatest wrestler to ever come from the Maritimes, Leo Burke will be on hand to say goodbye to the fans who have been showing up for the last six decades to watch wrestling in Berk.

That is what im getting at as i write this...the fans who bother to show up...one of my BIGGEST pet peeves must be the people who say something that they like no matter what it is- wrestling, hockey, football, knitting classes, lawnbowling, fooseball tournament and just never get off their asses and come out and support something, esp local and events at the local level like high school hockey or the hockey that is being played at the university level. I have been watching some great hockey up at Acadia U for the last twenty or more years since we moved from the Passage and despite TWO national championships and scores of first place finishes, i see rows and rows of empty seats...

Why? Is it the generation? A generation too dependent on this great technology? Is there a generation too caught up in texting, twitters, Wii games and generally not leaving the house and enjoying what is out there? I love technology as well, don't get me wrong but as you can tell by my photo albums that i like getting out as well and lots of people when i tell them there was a fun wrestling show up in Windsor, Berwick, Canning etc etc they say ohhhh man im going to the next one! And what happens? Zilch...never see them there...Why? Its just something i would like to know..

Like i said this doesn't apply just to something people might laugh at like wrestling, it applies to local bands playing their hearts out in the bars and pubs around the Valley, the great museums we have in town like the McDonald Museum and the Train Station Museum, if we do not go support these things, we will not have these things...could you imagine the Axemen going because of poor attendance? Maybe not at football, but at hockey? Look at all the universities that cut sports programs and one of the main reasons is POOR attendance...you miss out on many things too...for WWE fans, many might not know this but sometimes you see wrestlers starting out, im glad to say i saw Edge & Christian at the start of their wrestling careers back in 1997 at the Berwick Arena wrestling the legendary Rick Martel and his partner Don Callus (Who was also in WWE as "The Jackyl")

Who trained Edge & Christian? Leo Burke the Maritime Legend making his last appearance at the Berwick Arena tonight, if anyone is looking for something to do tonight, go see a living legend say goodbye to the fans...grab some donair egg rolls at the Pizza place down by the arena (Getting old...cannot remember the name of the place...jeesh) be lots to do around here soon enough with Axemen football and then hockey starting up...what i would love to see are the places packed...don't know what it would take...99 cent beer night? (Yeah right..against the law now) Anyways Old Man Robb is done babbling for now...have a good one...

Friday, August 27, 2010

BAY CITY ROLLERS Coming to Halifax!!!!

Yes that is not a misprint peeps...but there is a certain something missing in the advirtising...it is Les McKeown's BCRs coming to Casino Nova Scotia on October 2nd..not the original BCR's...so don't expect to see Eric, Woody, Derek and Alan..what do you think? Should some groups continue in this fashion? Look at the Beach Boys with just Mike and Bruce or Guns n Roses with Axl and umm Dizzy...The Stones and the Who have retained the main players...would the Beatles legacy be so big if the group toured today with just Paul and Ringo? Its how you remember the Beatles...being young and broken up (Thanks Yoko you ingrate...)

When i was young the Rollers were everywhere...like the Monkees they were a manufactured hit machine..then the fame died and the Rollers tried to go legit, Les left and the Rollers changed their name to the Rollers and actually put out three decent rocking albums with new singer Duncan Faure...but the fans had grown up and left the group behind and because of whom they had been, no one gave them a chance...what is funny is that they released Ricochet in 1981 in Canada in a brown paper bag with no credits on the album...sales were good until people found out it was the former Rollers and the backlash was insane...no one ever heard of listen to the music...it was the image and in 1981 the Bay City Rollers were poison...

Whatever the case Mr McKewon's BCR's might be a blast from the 70s past or it might be a chance to watch a real carwreck, what the heck, for only some $30 plus dollars it might give dudes a chance to see the most cougar's wearing tartan you have ever seen....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The ABC's of Robert Reid Hawley...

These are the ABC's about me....

1- Available: Maybe
2- Age: 39
3- Annoyance: Cell phones, texting, smoking, women smoking, country music, rap music, generally music that sucks
4- Animal: Gizzy and Maggie

5- Beer: Colt 45..if its good and cold.....warm Colt= death...Keith's for sure..
6- Believe in God: Who?
7- Best Friend: Lots of good friends.
8- Best Black Sabbath Album: Born Again..needs to be on CD in North America..badly
9- Best feeling(s): When i finally finish my ESL and have that certificate in my little hands...
10- Blind or Deaf: Im starting to wonder if i am a bit deaf..maybe selective hearing..
11- Best weather: Fall..college football season
12- Been in Love: Maybe..maybe not
13- Been on stage: During Scaryokee
14- Believe in Magic: Sure do..just add alcohol..she looked like Heather Locklear after Nine Corona's...
15- Believe in Santa: Does he believe in me?

16- Candy: Bridge Mixture
17- Color: Black
18- Chocolate/Vanilla: I like them swirl ice creams used to get at Mic Mac Mall
19- Chinese/Mexican: Taco Bell
20- Cake or pie: Poontang Pie
21- Continent to visit: Visited Asia...it was ok..
22- Cheese: Provalone...wanna go to Philly and get a REAL steak n cheese..heard they use Cheese Whiz

23- Day or Night: Night time is the right time
24- Dance in the rain?: Just like John Travolta

25- Eyes: Green
26- Everyone's got: A mouth...some should shut theirs...
27- Ever failed a class? Yeah..stats...then a year later Acadia brings in the Math Center..just like how i had to repeat grade 12 at WK and they bring in the semister system ONE year later...its like life is a cruel prank on Old Man Robb...

28- Full name: Robert Reid Hawley..esquire
29- Flower: Guy Lafleur
30- First thoughts waking up: I want to go back to bed...
31- Frank or Reticent?: I read Frank Magazine at the grocery store if it is a big line-up..

32- Greatest Fears: Getting old..ahh shit
33- Goals: To have my teaching certification
34- Gum: Chew it in the car
35- Get along with your parents?: Most of the time..miss Dad alot though  :(
36- Good luck charm: My good looks...lol

37- Hair Color: Blonde
38- Height: 5'9
39- Happy: I think so
40- Holiday: Halloween
41- How do you want to die: Peacefully

42- Ice Cream: Rocky Road is pretty good
43- Instrument: Guitar love playing in Musicstop..

44- Jewelry: My grad ring till some skid stole it
45- Job: I've had many...some really sucked..

46- Kids: WTF?
47- Kick boxing or karate: Jean Claude Trans-Am
48- Keep a journal?: Im writing in it...right now

49- Love: Mike Love...Not War...
50- Letter: R
51- Laughed so hard you cried: Everytime i worked for the Pizza Nazi

52- Milk flavor: White
53- Movies: B flicks..action, horror, comedy
54- Motion sickness?: Once after a boat tour in Lunenburg
55- McD’s or BK: Wendys

56- Number: 666: The Number of the Beast..great album

57- One wish: That damn teaching certificate by June...will celebrate...

58- Perfect Pizza: Donair Pizza
59- Pepsi/Coke: Cherry Coke

60- Quail: Huh? Dan Quayle? Spell Potato...

61- Reason to cry: Listening to Barry Manilow...that makes me so sick i cry...same with country music
62- Reality T.V: They all suck
63- Radio Station: C98 is pretty good..the one from Saint John, NB
64- Roll your tongue in a circle?: Cmon now
65- Ring size: Dunno...boot size is 10...should be stuck in some punk's rear end...for stealing my grad ring

66- Song: Listening to Alice Cooper's DADA Album right now...so underrated..
67- Shoe size: 10
68- Salad Dressing: Cesar
69 -Sushi: Tried it in Japan...take it or leave it
70- Slept outside: Not lately
71- Smoked?: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..its a loser thing to do
72- Sing well? Based on opinion
73- Sing In the shower?: Was singing "Bark at the Moon" in the shower yesterday...sing in the car too...
74- Strawberries/Blueberries: Hmmm...cannnot decide

75- Tattoos?: I should
76- Time for bed: Never
77- Thunderstorms: I don't mind...Gizzy hates them though

78- Unpredictable: uhmmmmm yeah


79- Vacation spot: Montreal...someday..Look what you did to the FORUM!?!?!?!?!??!!!! It's a frickin mall now...nothing is sacred...nothing...

80- Weakness: Colt 45...sports..good tunes..
81- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: None...im quite unique
82- Who makes you laugh the most: Mr Montalban
83- Worst feeling: Not doing anything
84- Wanted to be a model: Could you imagine?
85- Where do we go when we die?: Heaven or hell...great Sabbath album
86- Worst Weather?: June or July

87- X-Rays: Yeah...i wish i had those see thru x-ray glasses they advirtised in comics as a kid...
88- Ex's: Not going there...

89-Year it is now?: 2010
90-Yellow: LA Kings...got an old school t-shirt

91- Zoo animal: Gizzy and Maggie

Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn in 3D

Remember when 3D movies weren't every movie that came out? Sure it was cheese...but oh what cheese it was...at one time Friday The 13th Part 3  from 1982 was at one time the most profitable 3D movie that ever came out..the year after...1983...wow..just wow...Space Hunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone...in 3D, Jaws 3D (Mine and Blair's favorite drunk movie..or one of them...Lou Glosset Jr when he said, "The Shark...is the baby's MUTHA?" LOL! Amityville 3D and this one...oh smell the fromage...METALSTORM! I swear all of these played at the old Casino Theatre in Halifax...all the grindhouse days...now get some Pop Shoppe and some Jiffy Pop and don't forget your 3D glasses!!! Enjoy peeps!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Everything is Now...

iWhew! Long time eh peeps and various wormslime....which only means one thing and one thing only..Where the HELL do i start? Well today i sealed the deal with the bank and therefore i am headed back to good ol ACADIA U!!! Yes Old Man Robb is back for his 900th year with AU and taking EDUC 4683: Linguistics For Teachers and eventually later on this year i shall be taking EDUC 4863: Aquisition of Language. So Friday i will be hitting the register's office like old times and then wait for the course to go online. Who ever thought going into it that Old Man Robb's CURRENT GPA would be a 4.0...that my GPA for 2009-00 would be 4.0??!?!?! WTF?!?!?! Yes it does my heart good to see those magical numbers...but can Old Man Robb keep it up? To be continued true believers....

What else has been happening? Besides being back at the Store Formerly Known as Andrew's? Well let's have a peek shall we? Starting almost two weeks ago i played Laser-Tag for the first time in me life..what do i think? I Think the people to Roody Poo's or whatever its called better get their Laser-Tag game fixed! I shot Justin some 30 times and never got a single point...its a conspiracy against Old Man Robb i tells ya! That and everything in their arcade was OUT of ORDER and i do mean EVERYTHING...

Meanwhile there was this lovely game to remind us of probably the most famous sinking in history and the most annoying movie in history which i NEVER saw till i was stuck at a friend's house one night and the most annoying movie theme song in history which embaressingly was sung by a Canadian...

To think...SEGA profited off this...sick...

It was a fun evening topped off by hot sauce browsing and donair egg rolls in Berk!

The next night was MSW in Lawerencetown on the eve of the Exhibition...i kinda think that the card should have been held during the Exhibition myself, alot of people just didn't have the $10 to spare, however one thing that MSW didn't really play up was the fact that kids under 12 got to see the show for free..so the crowd was not what it could have been...the kids enjoyed it and that was the main thing, im glad they wrapped it up a little early though because the sun was starting to go down and you can't darn well wrassle in the dark...

I will say that this has been quite the week for odd happenings and see things that come around, go around, some real scumbags in the world..including that lady who claimed she was dying of cancer, but yet the whole thing turned out to be a hoax..what the hell?!?!? She doesn't deserve jail, she deserves 100 hours community service in a terminal cancer ward working with terminally ill cancer patients, maybe that would beat some humanity back into her..jail is too good a punishment for some people, like some who are out and walking again around town...talk about being a glutton for punishment...then again Old Man Robb recently thought he was in big trouble...what was it a case of? Karma my friend..karma has a way of coming back and biting some people square in the ass...yes some do deserve what they get, most of the time they get away with being the losers that they are while the rest of us suffer through life....

I could go on and on you know...how many years have i been at the education game? I sound like a broken record, but cmon now...years at Acadia U, Mount A, teaching in Japan and S Korea...time and time again applying for jobs, getting turned down and basically right back where i started from, but with one thing that is different and that is knowing that the ability is there to make the grade, but sometimes the grade gets ignored...i was told point blank that there are really no bursuries or scholarships for part-time students like myself and i could have made an A++++++++++!!!??!?!?!? And when i do look every one of them has an excuse, a crutch of some sort..you have to be this and you have to be that in order to qualify for one of our bursuries and or scholarships...now i don't want to put down anyone or anything, but what happens when im not female, a minority or related to someone who graduated in 1900?!?!?!? Im sorry that is just the way it is and it is easy...very easy to get disgusted with the way it is and maybe that is the reason why you have so many people going postal now and flipping out....i look around and i see my contemporaries being rewarded, maybe some of them were in the right spot, right time or just knew the right person's ass to sniff...what happens when you don't kiss ass? And yet there are other people who you know were basically the Darth Vader of teaching, not a teacher but a weeder to weed people out who did not fit...people of authority who took that authority and misused it time and time again and what do they get? Promotions....its enough to make a decent person sick...
And that my friends...is a rant...

Took a trip to  Wolfville and to the Famous Joe's Food Emporium to see my friend Lyndsay and her Hubby who were down from Ontario and to meet their two twins...nothing like sitting with some Acadia Alumni in Wolfville's most famous spot to grab some grub..and i say that in all due respect to the Anvil w/ their famous Anvil Burgers.. had to grab an Axemen Sub and chat for awhile about old times and friends...they want me to come up to Ottawa because there is a sci-fi convention coming up and Sir ADAM WEST aka THE REAL BATMAN is going to be there in person...very tempting, but with my $$$ tight and my focus on my ESL, i might have to decline :(

Then it was onto Exhibition week and well April Wine which drew the largest crowd ever in the history of the Lawerencetown Exhibition, some even had the size of the crowd to be around 10,000 which means there is still quite the following for April Wine..which some people did not believe..i kind of got the idea one day when a dude with a New Jersey license plate asked me where the exhibition was so he could go see the show... a good show that started late, i felt kinda bad for the sound dude at the end when the speaker blew and well Brian Greenway blew his stack at the sound dude by throwing his pick at him and mockingly playing air guitair to the crowd...also heard Myles Goodwin was his usual self too....anyways they played the songs i came to hear, "Sign of the Gypsy Queen" "Tonight is a Wonderful Time to Fall in Love" "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnitte" or whatever its called...a good show nonetheless...

Plus i got to see Obama being given away by a carnie as a prize...only at the EX i tells ya..

I did get out to see Piranha 3D the other night in New Minas at the Empire...OMG did that bomb its first week or what at the box office? A combination of all the dudes still going to see Sly and company in the Expendables and plus being a hard core R probably didn't do it any favors and lots of people probably saw it as being a B flick..which means it was right up Old Man Robb's alley...lots of old school actors in it too like Christoper Lloyd and Richard Dreyfuss..well blink and you will probably miss Richard Dreyfuss...Jerry Connell stole the show...never thought i would ever see a movie with a severed CGI penis....ever...however the effects were fun, lots of practical effects too...check it out...and check out the 1978 original if you ever get the chance...cheese central...but such good cheese at the same time...

This of course was followed up by a solo Sunday drive to Wolfville and Windsor...what is it with Old Man Robb and Wolfville lately? Just cannot see to stay away lately..for some odd reason.. anywho..was a late afternoon drive and finally went in the Tangled Garden on the outskirts of Wolfville..worth the $3 to go in, lots of weird stuff made out of wood, wooden men and rock displays.. they sell jam in the front, but a little too expensive at around $10...no matter how good it is homemade.. but worth it for the jaunt around the garden..

Of course in Windsor both Dill's Farm and The Hockey Hall of Fame were both closed, but i took a peak...im pretty sure Mr Dill's farm is not open to the public when it is closed at 5:30, but yet there were no no tresspassing signs, however Old Man Robb was not taking any chances and calling home to say im in the Windsor clink just because i wanted to see some pond that they say MIGHT be the first place hockey was played...and well im always used to the hockey hall downtown being closed...

So what is in store for Old Man Robb this week? Well all weekend should is pretty much gone with three straight night shifts at the Store Formerly Known as Andrew's with Mr Montaban there to entertain me about shows from 30 years ago like Matt Houston, The Dukes and TJ Hooker..blab blab blab... however tomrrow night i shall be at the War Memorial in Windsor and watching some UCW Wrestling, Leo Burke is going to be there in person as well as some Pint Size Brawlers from Spike TV...should be good times and the action is awesome there at the War Memorial, always right in front of you...

One last thing before i end this long winded blog is that recently there has been the steroids issue with the Waterloo football team and recently a player from The University of Windsor and The Axemen being banned from playing because of testing positive for roids. Mixed emotions on this one...Esp with Roger Clemons and what is happening with roids in the States...Has the sports world become as corrupted as the business world with a win at all costs attitude? So much that one has to do this to compete? How many more are out there on the juice? Vince McMahon and the WWE and pro wrestling in general have gotten away with steroid use for years...as long as professional athletes are paid these out of control salaries, alot of young people will continue to pump themselves up on these roids to become bigger and get their shot at the pros, no matter if it is pro football, baseball and or even professional wrestling and who is to say there are guys in UFC and stuff that are not on them? The NHL? NBA? Something has got to give...perhaps Clemons and his lying to Congress about his steroid usage will shed even more light on this nonesense....maybe someone can step in and do something about it once and for all...

Now and not least the Axemen will be taking in the field in how many more days? Drumroll...17 more days after tonight and it is the home opener against SMU and after last years 2-8 season im quite ready to see some improvement happening..i already have the day booked off and the bbq is coming with me this year to Raymond Field...is Tailgaiting banned? I never see anyone doing it and it is the tradition of all traditions at football games...hell will it be another year with NO KEITHs at the Acadia games either? No Keiths? The Pride of Nova Scotia? SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!! Anyways folks, im quite tired and i've ranted enough tonight i thinks...have a good one...

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