Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Alice Cooper- He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)

An 80s cheese classic...in the summer of 1986 due to demands from fans, Jason Voorhees came back to life in Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives after being absent for well almost all of Friday The 13th A New Beginning... this single also helped to re-launch the career of one Alice Cooper in the mid 80s... the perfect mix of Alice and Jason. It also reminds me of old times at EPJH..how me and my friend Ronnie won the talent contest singing this song dresses as Alice (Ronnie) and Jason (Old Man Robb)..made me feel popular...for a day..LOL! Anyways those are good times...thanks Alice and i guess..ummm Jason... ch ch ch ch...some folks have a strange idea of entertainment eh?

Happy Hawleyween!!!

Good day bloggeronies! What is a happening on this rainy Sunday? Well it is Halloween and Old Man Robb is stuck working at the store formerly known as Andrew's this evening..looks to be a pretty uneventful one although i am sure Mr Montalban will keep me quite entertained...

Well the Axemen are in the AUS playoffs...but that game yesterday..oh my my my...its a disappointment in that our season at one time looked so promising but sure enough as if there was a script SMU came back this season to finish 5-3 on the season and have first place overall in the AUS..which means they have a bye next week while the Axemen travel to Mount A to take on the Mounties...which also means that the Axemen will have had to play an extra game and if and that is a big IF we get past the Mounties, then the Huskies will be nicely rested and waiting for us or the Mounties...a big ol week off...i agree with the ideas for AUS expansion, why get the rest? I think with Moncton having a nice new football stadium that they should be looked at for entry into the AUS..who else? Who's about UNB? Perhaps Dalhousie who played in the AFL this season with UNB and Moncton and won their first football game since 1976-77...i think it is time for an AUS football expansion...

Well i am still waiting for my mark on my first major assignment for Education 4683- Linguistics for Teachers...it was handed in on Monday. The next big step for my class is chapter four and it deals with Morphology...what is morphology? Morphology is the study of the formation and the internal structure of words. When we look at words and their structure, we are looking at morphology. The parts of these words are called morphemes which is an element rather than a word; while some morphemes may actually be complete words, other morphemes are not words at all. A morpheme is the smallest meanigful unit in language and the meaning of a morpheme with a given form may vary, depending on its immediate environment.

And of course Wednesday is my first online class for Education 4683. I did the same thing for last years class which involves going to a link and using my headphones with a microphone and a webcam to communicate with my professor and some of my fellow students. During Wednesday night's class we will be discussing the first assignment and i guess my prof will be answering any questions i have.. i always feel like a goof on cam and what im always afraid of i guess is messing up in front of a group of people, saying something stupid so i will always do all this research like two days before a cam session with an online classs and come to find out i didn't need to do any of that at all becasue the sessions usually last about maybe an hours time.

Its been an interesting week...had a friend who didn't know whom the Great Pumpkin was...had the Great Ring theif message me and tell me all kinds of BS about having lie detector tests given to him and basically asking me for a favor or two...hmmmm..must be getting close to Christmas time..what is there for the Great Ring Theif? NOTHING!!! Well we all know that the Quaid's are crazy and i thought that Randy was playing a role on those Vacation movies! Love the one about how him and his wife think that there is a Hollywood conspiracy to kill him and other stars to take control of their millions...they should party with Charlie Sheen... naked, drunk and trashing your hotel room is no way to go through life son..

I also cannot believe that it costs $60 for a 20 inch pizza in the luxury boxes at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium..oh ya and that is just a plain pizza too..no toppings...the rich will spend for it too..that is the sad thing..the day will come where the average fan cannot go to the stadiums to watch football because of the sorry shape that the Amercian (as well as Canadian) economy is...the rich get richer and the poor well..get poorer..i know luxury boxes draw big name money from big corporations and stuff like that..but man.. get a grip..i heard it is $40 for parking there too.. sad state of affairs..while Jerry Jones laughs and counts his millions...

Wonder if anyone is handing out KISS M&Ms tonight? Anything for a buck eh Gene Simmons? Then again this is the man who had ideas for a KISS KASKET!?!?!?!?!!?!?

On a more serious note..im glad that perv Graham James was picked up at the airport by Canadian authorities this week...put this perv in the pen where he belongs as a matter of fact i hope they ship him off to Kingston..the boys up there will know what to do with him..good riddance to trash. I think everything's just gone to hell in a handbasket..I mean we have a gal from Cow Bay where i used to live as a youngin killing her boyfriend and dumping him in a quarry in Mount Uniake..i don't know what is wrong with people.. then again do we really know the whole story yet? Pizza drivers in Halifax getting shot and killed, hookers getting killed...no wonder im getting afraid to go to the Halifax area these days...

Did hear about a rock n roll urban legend this week that i had no idea was true..i guess in 1980 some sleazy promoter thought it would be a good idea to put Deep Purple back on the road..except there was no one from the mark II Deep Purple line-up or even Deep Purple mark III in the band...just the lead singer, Rod Evans of the band from 1967-70 before they became big...well acccording to legend, fans immediately flipped out when the band hit the stage and almost every stop of the tour the band was booed off the stage, had beer bottles thrown at them or worse at a show in Quebec City, the audiences were tearing seats out of the ground and hurling them at the band....soon the real Deep Purple sued and the charade was stopped... and no one seems to know where Rod Evans has been since 1980...strange...

On a side note, i listened to Deep Purple's Last Concert in Japan CD off and on during the week...hard to get used to a Deep Purple without Richie Blackmore or Ian Gillan...so imagine what the fake Deep Purple reunion of 1980 was like...of course before their reformation in 1984, Gillan did record and tour with one of my favorite Black Sabbath guilty pleasures..Born Again...would love to see this line-up of Sabbath reform...

Went to Barry and Michelle's Halloween party on Friday night...it was fun, i got out the Jason costume which i have worn on Halloween every year since like ummmm..1983 and it was good times, i was going to go to the Capital Pub and check out the samples of Keiths and the Keith's Girls, but time contraints did not allow for that..Barry was dressed as the devil and Michelle was Betty Boop..but i kept referring to her as Joan Collins and Barry was referring to her as Jamie Lee Curtis everytime her wig was off...hehe..of course they got some incriminating footage of yours truly which has yet to surface...my my my...it was good times had by all..

Oh yeah...there is a campaign underway to immortalize rock legends Lemmy and Slash in their native city of Stroke-On-Trent. A Staffordshire University graduate wants to erect statues of the two legends. I knew that ol Lemmy was from over there somewhere but I had no idea Slash was from the UK! Anyways this would be quite cool to see if this happens...wonder what ol Axl would think of his former buddy Slash getting a statue? Alot of people, including myself have joined the ol Facebook campaign, so like i said if it didn't happen, i would not be suprised..if it did..that would be all kinds of awesomeness now..

Anyways folks..going to have a power nap, walk the doggies and get ready for my BIG shift at the store formerly known as Andrew's...have a good one!

Oh yeah kids...always remember...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Kiss Meets The Phantom of the Park

On this date in 1978...the premiere of Kiss Meets The Phantom of the Park..ya know something which i never understood at all? Kiss at that moment in time is undeniably the biggest band in rock and rolland yet they're willing to play in the parking lot of a lame assed..theme park?..at the height of their popularity to boot..omg Kiss dolls, lunchboxes, four solo albums released on the same day...im just wondering what was in the water in 78...what were movie and television producers smoking???...Kiss Meets The Phantom...The Bad News Bears Go to Japan, Game of Death w/ 20 minutes of Bruce Lee footage and 60-70 minutes of three imposters who loo NOTHING like Bruce...that Sgt Pepper movie with the Bee Gees and the Frampton Comes Alive kid and The Star Wars Holiday Special....whatta year!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Worst Halloween Costumes of all time....

Folks...i forgot all about this article i saw over on Retrocrush and i thought i would share the link here...these hands down are the WORST Halloween Costumes EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! Click Retrocrush and just get ready to shake your head as to why were some of these even produced... whose bright idea was it...and why would any kid wanna dress up that way for Halloween??!?!?!?!?
PS...i do agree that the Mr Kotter costume would be great...if you wanted to dress up like RON JEREMY for Halloween!!!! haha

Monday Mumblings...

Hello folks and assorted wormslime...what is Old Man Robb up to? Well first thing is first...today i completed my first assignment for Education 4683- Linguistics for Teachers and well...kind of a ball of nerves as it is the first assignment and im wondering all kinds of things...did i quote everything? How hard of a marker is my prof? Did i get to the point on my two questions? Did i say too little? Did i say too much? Now it is the part where i kinda sit back and wait..see how it went..i did re-tink around with my responses quite a bit before handing my work in... especially when it came to having my own definition for the word
"language"..here is a small example..

There are many ways in which the word language can be defined and in Module One it was interpreted in many different ways in the material according to the work of Chomsky, Lyons, Curzan and Adams and others. Personally, i would define the term language as something that comes natural to us as humans with everyday living. Language is a necessity and we need language in order to communicate with other humans and it is a world phenomenon, there are many different dialects and languages worldwide, but they all reach the same means to an end and that is communication between one or more people. Perhaps it is not entirely who we are, but language does play a major role in our lives and it plays an important factor in our need for survival in everyday living.

So what did Old Man Robb do on the weekend? Well i did attend the Middleton-WK game in Kingston as part of the 20th Annual West Kings Tournament.. it is hard to believe that some nineteen years ago in 1991 i was the announcer for the West Kings Kings as they were called back then and i announced the games at the 2nd, 3rd and 6th West Kings Tournament..i did like the fact that the game was fast paced, those 15 minute periods with no ice flooding between the 1st and 2nd periods added to the speed of the game...the only disappointment was with the 2-2 tie...would have loved to have seen an overtime period take place..i did pick up a Growl Towel..old school WK students would know what i meant and of course being Old Man Robb i could not resist a photo op...kinda reminds me of Teen Wolf...

Of course Saturday continued the smiles as the Axemen rolled over STFX by a score of score of 34-0.....sat home on Sat and watched it on Eastlink...now the Axemen will play SMU at Raymond Field in a battle for first place in the AUS on Saturday..damn glad to see that the Axemen have clinched a playoff birth, it is this coming Saturday's game that will determine pretty much who plays who in the AUS playoffs this season. Im hoping i can make it up to the game, might be difficult seeing as the Bickel will have the car and trying to come up with alternate means of transportation might prove to be a tad difficult...

Of course besides the rap crap that was played i am liking the general improvement in the music at the games this year...i noticed Sabbath's NIB has been played on several occasions and one that has probably flown over everyone's heads at the game is the fact that not one..not two ...but THREE songs written by 70's British rockers Slade were played at the game- Cum on Feel the Noize and Mama Weer All Crazee Now by Quiet Riot and Run Runaway by Great Big Sea...would love to hear the Slade versions of these songs get played instead..esp Run Runaway which was one of the awesome vids i used to see in the mid 80s on All Hit Videos on WVII out of Maine...

In other news the Sony Walkman has finally been put out to pasture..the last shipment to Japan has been sent out..i remember my first getting it for Christmas in the Passage around 1987 or so...took alot of walks up and down Ocean Lee Drive, for walks to the store across from the white school while headbanging to some Iron Maiden or Twisted Sister or whatever i could get my hands on that week... a relic of the past that is finally joining its friends the 8-track and the reel to reel player in retirement...

Was nice to see justice prevail and see that disgraced Commander given two life sentences with no parole for 25 yrs...it is scumbags like this that make me upset that in 1976 Canada abolished the death penalty...i know the doogooders say stuff about wrongful convictions...they should put themselves in the position of the families and friends of the murder victims, imagine they have to live the rest of their lives with this....we have a nation that is disgusted by the acts of Col Russell Williams...of Paul Bernardo...the three McDonald murderers from Sydney, Cape Breton..so the cash from the taxpayers can keep these people in jail...what about the 25 years? Karla Homolka was let go and her and Bernardo killed her own sister for crying out loud! One of those McDonald killers has been having unescorted temporary absences for some time now...oh that is right they struck deals, they are no longer a threat to the public at large and are model prisoners....im sorry my mind boggles over this...makes me sick...

Well i did catch the highlights of the UFC showdown the other night between Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez...poor Brock was mauled pretty bad in defeat, but what is of serious interest to wrestling fans was the staredown after the match-up between Brock and the Undertaker..what was that all about? Would be something to see Lesnar return to WWE for a one shot deal at Wrestlemania against the Taker..but Dana White was quick to shoot those rumours down...now Dana if Vinny Mac comes with the cash i just wonder if he would listen to reason...UFC and WWE could become pretty good pals in a you scratch my back, i scratch yours kinda way i thinks...

Come on..tell me you wouldn't line up to see this flick...

So the Edmonton Oilers are about to become the first Canadian team to have cheerleaders and people are up in arms aboot this...of course there are those do gooders who are out protesting this because they think it is sexist and that it is breaking the traditions of the game in Canada blab blab blab...i mean the game is ruined in some ways as it is...over expansion...Buttman who phoned that assclown fan that got the Canucks Ryan Kessler suspended this week...lucky he didn't hit ya pally! The Americanization of the game..too many cities that don't give a rats ass that they have a team and you have Hamilton, Quebec City and Winnipeg just longing for a team in their respective cities..let em have their cheerleaders, the game as i knew it is gone as it is anyways...

So Sat night i will be attending my friend Barry's and his wife's Halloween party...gots to say i love Halloween like Christmas (Which in itself is exactly 2 months away today...ick) love getting dressed up..serving or i should say scaring kids at the door, playing some flicks on the ol big screen telly..the more cheese the better.. and a party shall be fun..but before i go down i might check into the Capital Pub in town because on Friday night there is going to be some free testing of Keith's new Harvest Ale from 6:30-8:00 and there will be no charge at the door! Sounds good eh?  I was thinking of heading to Windsor after the Axemen game Sat night, but since i heard AC/DC coverband Dirty Deeds won't be playing due to a personal issue.. i figured might as well just head for home that night...on a side note i would not mind seeing the Capital book Dirty Deeds for a show..cmon Middleton needs some more rockin i thinks...

Before i end this ol long winded blog of mine for the time being tonight i have one piece of unfinished business..i have finally after all these years found proof..actual documented proof that SMOKEY IS THE BANDIT aka the original version of Smokey and The Bandit Part 3 finally exists...or did exist at one time...in the original version of SITB Jackie Gleason was to take on the role of both the Bandit and Smokey..i guess when preview audiences saw this they were confused as heck and so the film was re-shot with Jerry Reed filling in for Burt... now over the yrs i have gotten a hoot out of watching Smokey 3 with friends and roaring at how badly edited the film is...but to see what they originally intended would be nothing less of awe inspiring i would imagine folks...cmon Universal..dig in the vault and lets see this monstrosity!

Anyways folks..that is all for now..have a good one!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Diablo Sandwich Recipe

Ever since seeing Smokey and the Bandit as a kid i've always wondered what the heck a Diablo Sandwich is...now there is the recipe or shall i say A recipe for the fabled Diablo Sandwich...

So...how to make a Diablo Sandwich...

1 lb lean ground beef, browned
1 (1 ounce) packet taco seasoning mix (follow directions as to adding water)
1 cup whole kernel corn (frozen or canned)
1 cup diced tomato
sour cream
4 burger type buns, toasted

1) Combine all ingredients except lettuce and sour cream in a pan for 15 minutes to an hour, the longer the better.
2) Lay out lettuce on bottom of toasted buns, scoop out even amounts of meat mixture onto buns, follow with a dollop of sour cream.
3) Best served with Dr. Pepper.

PS...what are hushpuppies?

Ramones- 7-11

I met her at the 7-11
Now I'm in 7th heaven
Tell me, tell me
Can this be true
I never thought I'd ever
meet a girl like you

She was standing by the Space Invaders
So I said can I see you later
Yeah we went for a little spin
Down to the Holiday Inn

We was young and in love
We was young and in love
And you're the only girl
I'm ever thinking of

We went down to the record swap
The kids were dancing
to the blitzkrieg bop
Bop-shoo-wop shoo-wop shoo-wop
Bop-shoo-wop shoo-wop shoo-wop
What ever happend to the radio
And where did all the fun songs go
Summer fun, with the Beach Boys on
But we all know what went wrong


We was young and in love
We was young and in love
And you're the only girl
I'm ever dreaming of

And so we went down to the dance
Which turned into a whole romance
And after just one night
I never knew that things could be so right

I kissed her and hugged her
And I said good-bye
Last thing I knew
She wouldn't make it alive
Oncoming car went out of control
It crushed my baby
And it crushed my soul
Now all I've got is sorrow and pain
Standing out here in the rain
The crash, shattering glass
The sirens, and pain
Is driving me insane oh-yeah

We was young and in love
We was young and in love
And you're the only girl
I'm ever thinking of
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thinking...Mumbling and stuff...

How are things peeps and assorted wormslime?!?!?! Well Homecoming at Acadia U came and went this past weekend, went up..went to Joe's for an Axemen Sub and then over to exclusive VIP seats to see the Axemen take on the Mounties...well...we lost 20-7 and are not in first place anymore...these things happen as now we sit deadlocked with SMU and Mount A and the Axemen are back on the road this weekend to STFX to take on the last place X-Men... hopefully we can pull the fat out of the fire before we really get in a pickle...

     I've been burning the old oil on my first assignment for Education 4683: Introduction to Linguistics and one of my questions for my first assignment is "Have you ever made a “slip of the tongue?” And my response was that there are many examples of slip of the tongue, the one that i recall that i made was back in junior high school when i had to make a class presentation in front of my entire English class, nerves were setting in and when i started my speech i addressed the class as best i can recollect like this, “Hello my fellow students and Miss McCloud.” The biggest problem with this is that my teacher was married and therefore she should have been referred to as Mrs McCloud, who promptly corrected my mistake in front of the entire classroom.

    What happened in this case was a very accidental mistake in speaking, i will be the first to admit that nerves played a major role in this misstep on my behalf as this was one of my first ever presentations to a classroom by myself. I knew that my teacher was married and she thought this was a case of me trying to be humorous to my fellow classmates who laughed at my mistake. Perhaps it was a case of the mouth moving before the brain could react. It was a small mistake that could have been made by anyone who was nervous talking to a crowd of people.

   My mistake with my classroom speech harkens back to the phonological rules, it was something that just happened rather than something that should happen. According to my hidden knowledge, i knew my teacher was a Mrs, not a Miss. This much i knew, however being nervous about speaking in front of some thirty people in a classroom and having my teacher grading me brought on a psychological effect and caused me to make a quite accidental slip of the tongue, while not as entertaining as maybe a “Spoonerism”, it seemed to cause unintended humour amongst my fellow classmates. By the way, Spoonerisms are words or phrases in which letters or syllables get swapped. This often happens accidentally in slips of the tongue. The pic below is an example of a spoonerism:

Now the big reason for me taking these courses is to eventually find a job with a decent school and teach ESL..or TESOL..it mostly means the same thing. I did contact one such school or i should say recruitment organization and they provide English language programs for corporations, residents and public schools of Japan...yes Old Man Robb would like to go back to Japan...this corporation offers terms that run from September to December/January and April/May to July..of course one would have to pay their own way over, but there is reimbursement for up to $1000.00... and locations include Tokyo, Saitama (Where i lived before..) Chiba, Kanagawa, Shizuoka, Aichi, Fukushima, Tochigi and Yamanashi. The BIG catch is that i need to have to TESOL Certification by the time i apply...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...decisions..decisions...

But Old Man Robb...why Japan? Well because it did not end the way Robb wanted it to that is why..i feel like i have something to prove and besides i was kind of a hermit the first time and there is lots left that i wanna see in Japan. Get a teaching job here? Well there are a lack of teaching jobs and some of the ones i see online i think "Buyer Beware" would be a term i would use for some of the ESL jobs that i see available in BC and Ontario...of course getting a teaching job here is probably not in the cards..as with any job here there is the glass ceiling, where i may be qualified or beyond qualified for that job, i am stopped because of hidden politics.. alot of other places suffer from the politics of the old boys club, or you are so and so's brother or sister so you must have talent...suffering from a serious case of nepotism, favors given to people with no regards to any merit... there are always hidden factors keeping one from a job...then again some factors are probably as obvious as anything...

Despite the Axemen losing, the weekend wasn't too too bad...before Saturday's game we got to go to the new arena in Berwick, The Appledome..i know they are calling it the Kings Mutual Centre...blah...doesn't that sound boring??!?! Appledome sounds way cooler, of course me friend Blair thought it was going to be in the shape of a dome or ...an apple..LOL..anyways we had a mini tour of the facility and got to meet Bruins legend Rick Middleton who was very kind and posed for some pictures with us..he made mention of coming back with the Bruins Alumni to Hfx and i mentioned and he gave a nod of approval that the Bruins oldtimers should play a game against some locals in this nice new facility that we are standing in...i guarantee the place would be packed! From there on in we went to Joe's and i promised a friend that i would not have Scotsskins cause she would be jealous..so i didn't and oh yeah..stopped into the legendary Market as well and after the game headed up Kentville way to see some Pumpkin People...of course Old Man Robb's camera died on him...just as he was about to pose with Pumpkin People KISS!!!!?!??!?! :(

And i knew i should have attended Friday night's game...WK vs CK at the Appledome drew some 1300 people to the game..first game in the new arena..that has to be some sort of record for Valley high school hockey..im just wondering if Kingston and Middleton are going to want new arenas next...by the way CK beat WK 5-4 via way of the shootout so it sounds like a good time was had by all and this weekend is the 20th Annual West Kings Hockey Tournament by the way too...WK Vs arch rivals Middleton at 3:00 on Friday afternoon...

Of course when i saw this news a couple of nights ago i thought time had frozen...over in London..Axl Rose and Duff McKegan renuited and were on stage together for the first time in oh some seventeen years or so!!! Can a Guns n Roses reunion happen? Well Axl said he will never share the stage again with Slash in this lifetime and i hear the feeling is mutual..but man oh man..this gave a glimmar of hope! I mean Izzy was on stage with Axl in 2006 and Steve Adler chatted with Axl that same summer, supposedly burying the hatchet...cmon boys..get together..the fans would love to see it..and i GUARNATEE the $$$ from a world tour would be out of this world...

And yes Shannen looks HOT in a GnR t-shirt...VA VA VOOM!!!

Finally a funny sign i saw the other day..i do not know which country this originated in, but i picture describing a MacGuyver Barber Shop!!! This would not have looked at all out of place in S Korea when  was there..of course when i was there i never saw the infamous HITLER bar either...i was suprised to see this, but then again i don't think the owners nor some of the would be patrons would have much of an idea Hitler and the Nazis were or the atrocities that they inflected on many..i think they saw an idea for a bar and ran with it...I don't think there is a big attraction in S Korea to Nazi politics, but a facination with the fashion so to speak..personally i think they need a new interior decorator....

Anywho that is all for now..working in a few hours at the store formerly known as Andrews! Have a good one folks!

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