Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Charles Bronson/ Death Wish Drinking Game...

If you have seen any of the Death Wish movies (there are five of them) with Charles Bronson than you already know that they are the most violent movies with corny acting. Well we turned it into a drinking game. Basically if you have a Death Wish the you must play the Death Wish Challenge.

The Rules:
1. One Drink every time Charles Bronson Kills someone.
2. Two Drinks when anyone else kills someone
3. Three drinks every time a rape occurs (it would be 4 drinks if they get raped then killed)
4. If Charles Bronson sleeps with someone then they get killed its four drinks (Don't add 1 because someone other than Charles Bronson killed her its only 4)
5. Five drinks anytime the person killed is clearly a manakin
6. Finish your drink anytime Charles Bronson blows someone up
7. If the killing is done by a machine gun or any automatic weapon its a waterfall (drink til the killing stops)

Special Rules if you really want to get wasted (add one drink when these happen):
1. Double kills add one drink
2. When Charles Bronson says a cheezy line (viewers discretion)
3. Whenever Charles Bronson eats ice cream
4. Whenever Charles Bronson shoots an unarmed person that is begging for mercy or looking right at him. Basically when its execution style.
5. Whenever someone falls from a building
6. When you see an actor you recognize from a different movie ex: Bill from Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure, Lawrence Fishburne or Jeff Goldblum
7. Whenever a theft occurs

PS. some of the movies start out very slow don't get discouraged the killing will be rampant at least at the end. The first two are also the most panzy the third and following movies are the hardcore ones.

***ADDED BONUS!!!***

Charles Bronson Drink Recipe

Combine all whiskeys together in a 24 oz. mug glass with about 4-5 ice cubes. Fill the glass with any brand of birch beer, and serve.


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