Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Acadia Axemen Football Schedule 2013-14!!!!!

Here we go Axemen Football fans.. the moment we have been waiting for since like ummm... November.. read on!

Friday, September 6 - Acadia at Saint Mary's, 7:00pm

 Saturday, September 14 - Laval at Acadia, 2:00pm

 Friday, September 20 - Acadia at STFX, 7:00pm

 Saturday, September 28 - Mount Allison at Acadia, 2:00pm

 Saturday, October 5 - Acadia at Saint Mary's, 2:00pm

 Friday, October 11 - Saint Mary's at Acadia, 7:00pm

 Saturday, October 19 - StFX at Acadia, 2:00pm

 Saturday, October 26 - Acadia at Mount Allison, 2:00pm

AUS Semi-Final: 
Saturday, November 2 - Third Place at Second Place, 1:00pm

 AUS Championship (Subway Loney Bowl)
Saturday, November 9 - Semifinal Winner at First Place, 1:00pm

Uteck Bowl (Location TBD)
Saturday, November 16 - RSEQ Champion at AUS Champion, TBA

 Vanier Cup (Quebec City, Que.)
Saturday, November 23 – Mitchell Bowl Winner vs. Uteck Bowl Winner, TBA

If you will notice, Friday October 11th game against SMU is Friday Night Lights at Raymond Field.. that has not been any nighttime games at Raymond Field in a few yrs. Also if you go back earlier in the schedule you will see that the Axemen will be taking on Laval in Wolfville/ WolfVegas.. a regular season game.. interleague play against the team w/ the 5 MILLION dollar budget and has spring training in Florida.. i won't say too much.. but sometimes i must wonder about even playing field and i wish Axemen Football had a crazy budget like that.. sometimes it takes the right organization/ group/ person w/ deep pockets to come along... esp when we want championships...

I also noticed in the Chronicle Herald today that the Uteck Bowl is set to hit the road.. esp after the disaster in Moncton and instead of returning to the decaying Huskie Stadium, the Bowl will be offered to the winner of the AUS to take on their opponent from the Quebec Conference (More than likely it will be Laval) Excuse me for offering my opinion on the topic, but i think this is the right thing to do.. why have it at Huskie Stadium every year? Make it an extra incentive to win for the teams in the AUS.. if you win.. you get national coverage in your town.. even though you will get those TSN announcers who screw up everyone's name, you get the Uteck Bowl.. i said it yrs ago.. why have a host city? Give it to those who deserve it.. the yr Moncton had it stunk because Moncton has no AUS football team, thus no attachment to the game.. no personal reason to go watch two strange teams.. and it was on a Friday instead of a Saturday.. students couldn't get away from classes to make it up in time.. dummy dummy dummy decisions.. Anyways let the best team win...

Perhaps the "Three-peat" for the Axemen... perhaps...

Anyways folks rejoice and let the AUS football season start on September 6th!

Have a good one folks...


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