Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Escape From The Bronx KILLCOUNT

Ahhh! Good ol "Escape From The Bronx"! aka "Bronx Warriors 2" the follow up to 1982's "1990: The Bronx Warriors! I was very excited to see this killcount tribute to Escape From The Bronx.. the bodycount for the movie is pretty high.. the only bad part about this killcount is that it is not every one in the movie as the dudes in the silver suits, aka the "Disinfestation Annihilation Squad" led by Henry Silva ran up a pretty high bodycount on their own while they were disposing of all the remaining citizens of the run down Bronx...

Anyone remember Henry Silva being on Buck Rogers? 

I would still love to know what the heck happened to Mark Gregory? Oh well...

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Things I Learned From Watching "Death Wish 3"

1) Dramatic scenes are drowned out with Jimmy Page
2) Rocket Launchers are only good on enemies who are in groups..

3) Doing crimes in private means witnessing public executions
4) A zip gun has the range and accuracy of a hundred or more feet
5) Backgroud checks aren't needed to secure a postal address
6) Getting high before a night of crime always is productive
7) Chicken is good and likeable
8) Stuffed Cabbage smells wonderful
9) A firearm is illegal within city limits
10) It's okay to violate constitutional rights
11) Due Process doesn't exist when it comes to gang members
12) The unidentified shooter was a "good shot"
13) And he was better than anyone in the department
14) Sometimes you can't have both
15) An elephant gun leaves a big mess
16) When constitutional rights are violated, you can sue.
17) Grand Theft Auto is capital offense
18) When someone has a nail go through their foot, they are "hurt man"
19) You can die from a broken arm
20) When faced with a riot, instead of using a gun,bat,or knife, a plunger is a suitable weapon
21) Gang leaders have a Gangs R Us. They can call up another gang and get more "guys" whenever they feel like it.
22) Kersey can get any women after a total of dull conversation for 3 minutes. He can also be 30 years her senior too.

23) Harassing a man and his wife for 5 dollars doesn't always net you 5 dollars
24) They had no business in killing the Giggler. None at all.
25) When falling from a 6 story building one flails their arms behind their body. (obvious dummy)
26)  a lady should never get involved with Kersey because they always end up dead.

27)  If you have an apartment window next to a fire escape, leave it open so people can walk through it. In addition, leave the front door to your apartment open, so not to inconvenience them with having to open it.
28)  Tire Irons show up magically in the most desperate of situations.
29)  A .38 caliber revolver never runs out of ammo.
30)  Eating Ice Cream and swinging your camera around nets you a free kill.

31)  When one lone man stands alone against the local creeps, the local populace will fight back with guns that they could have put to use before but didn't.
32)  You avoid being shot when running down a street with no cover to speak of, while gunning down people on rooftops or fire escapes.
33)  When your Wildy .475 Mangum handgun runs out of ammo and you know you had only two clips and you used both...search your pockets frantically for a 3rd clip.
34)  People at that rathole of an apartment building just continue to lay in bed reading as Kersey, and then a creep, enter bedroom windows and walk through apartments.
35) Bulletproof vests protect you from knives -- who would have guessed?
36)  A wildy .475 Magnum, a 35 Cal. Machine Gun and a Rocket Launcher...one Sniper Rifle - a bullet to the head of fraker from long range under the cloak of darkness. Priceless.

37)  It is humanly possible to ram a guys head through jail cell bars
38)  Gang members can sense when they're leader just bought the bullet. They respond 1/2 a second later by screaming bloody murder.
39)  When shot with a zip gun, windows explode OUTWARDS.
40)  Kersey is a man that doesn't run.

Monday, February 04, 2013

When I Was 13...

I saw a friend of mine over on Facebook has a set of questions called "When I Was 13". Old Man Robb figured he would take a crack at it over here on good ol RobbBlogs.. the long running blog of Old Man Robb that NOBODY ever reads... or that i think NOBODY ever reads.. if they do.. they sure don't leave any comments eh?

Here we go...


When I was 13....the year was 1984

I was engaged to: Phoebe Cates... loved her in "Fast Times at Ridgemount High, Private School and Gremlins has just come out and me and my brother took the bus to the Penhorn Mall to go see at on Saturday afternoon matinees.. twice...

I lived in: Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia

I listened to: That damn heavy metal as my Momma put it 

I drove: My bike to Lloyd's and the Dairy Bar to rent VHS movies and buy pepperoni.. sometimes ice cream .. sometimes the store across the street from the white school

My biggest fear: Some of that gang that used to sit on the steps at the white school

I am now: 41

I am: Waiting for my chance to teach.. preferably in a Canadian classroom

My biggest fear: Not getting what i want... being able to teach in a Canadian classroom

I now live in: Middleton 

Have a good one folks! 


Friday, February 01, 2013

Old School Movie Collage

Just wondering if anyone... well anyone at all who might just read this blog by accident has stopped to notice the new cover that i just put up... a good ol fashioned tribute to VHS tapes.. remember those kids? No? Well they have kinda joined the 8-track and the cassette tape as a thing of the past. You can still get them at Rainbow's End in WolfVegas and at flea markets the Valley over... Andrew's got rid of them back in 2005.. the last VHS we had was "The Longest Yard" (Sadly not Burt... Adam Sandler) Anyways this is the collage i made the other day.. have a peek....

Can anyone out there name these flicks? Here we go...

Drumroll if you will...

Dawn of the Dead/ Jaws/ Orca: The Killer Whale/ Slumber Party Massacre II/ Pray For Death/ The Evil Dead/ First Blood/ Sleepaway Camp/ Warriors of the Wasteland/ Return of the Living Dead/ Shogun Assassin/ Kiss Meets The Phantom of the Park/ Black Belt Jones/ Scarface/ Texas Chainsaw Massacre/ 1990: The Bronx Warriors/ Gymkata/ Terror on Tour/ Mother's Day/ Dr Butcher MD/ Flesh Gordon/ A Nightmare on Elm Street/ Graduation Day/ Attack of the Killer Tomatoes/ Metalstorm/ King Frat/ Mad Max/ Yor: The Hunter From The Future/ Friday The 13th/ Death Wish 3



Dammit i forgot Megaforce! WTF?!?!?!

I have to admit... sometimes i miss the old VHS... sometimes.. sure i don't miss the ol hack and scan transfers. but there is something nostalgic about the old VHS covers.. memories of afternoons in the Passage walking down to the Dairy Bar or when i moved to Greenwood how i would walk to the old "ABC Video" or "10 To 10 Video" in Kingston.. even memories of good ol' Andrews here in Middleton... RIP.. days that are gone.. but still fresh in the mind.. they say don't let the past overrule your present.. but sometimes it is good to reminisce of times past where we didn't have an internet... everyone didn't have a cell phone and texting.. a simpler time indeed...

Heck! I still miss cassettes!

You too eight tracks... ya i admitted it... jeesh..

Have a good one folks!
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