Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Deep Purple Canadian Tour Dates 2012!!!!

FINALLY a frickin ROCK show is coming to Halifax...to the Halifax Metro Centre...ladies and gentlemen...wormslime of all ages...frickin DEEP PURPLE is FINALLY booked to play Halifax...
Old Man Robb remembers around 1984 when Deep Purple reformed..however his first real Purple listening experience was borrowing his old pal Jason's "24 Carot Purple" album...yes kiddies i know i know..VINYL...that he had bought at Tracks and Paperbacks in Dartmouth...now how many of you rememember Tracks and Paperbacks and whatever happened to them?!?!?!? Ol Jay's record was kinda scratched up but what can you expect for being bought in the 99 cent section?!?!?!

Yes after listening and well thinking the band was pretty happening Old Man Robb remembers recieving "Perfect Strangers" for Christmas that year along with Helix, Ratt and Twisted Sister and well i think it was a cassette that was worn out by Old Man Robb...then realizing that Ian Gillan dude was the same dude that was in Sabbath the year before for the awesome Born Again album...i always heard that Gillan threw up when he saw the infamous baby devil cover of the Born Again album...and so Mr Ian Gillan finally comes to Halifax just like he should have back in 83 with the Sabs...i heard the story about the Stonehenge stage and about how it was too big for the Metro Centre and how it inspired the same story in "This is Spinal Tap"

Anywho come Saturday Old Man Robb shall be purchasing his Deep Purple tickets...can't wait..even the Newfys get to see themselves some Deep Purple...i kinda like that collage im posting below... ever wonder about all the Deep Purple/ Black Sabbath/ Dio/ Rainbow/ Whitesnake connections? Weird isn't it? Blackmore and Glover in Rainbow, Dio in Rainbow and Sabbath/ Gillan takes over for Dio with Sabbath/ Paice and Lord play with Coverndale in Whitesnake...Cozy Powell played with Sabbath/ Rainbow/ Whitesnake...it could go on and on and on....

Oh ya...the tour including Halifax is as follows...

Feb. 2: St. John’s, NL at Mile One Centre
Feb. 3: Corner Brook, NL at Pepsi Centre
Feb. 5: Halifax, NS at Halifax Metro Centre
Feb. 6: Moncton, NB at The Centre
Feb. 8: Ottawa, ON at Civic Centre Theatre
Feb. 9: Kingston, ON at K-Rock Centre
Feb. 11: London, ON at RBC Theatre at the John Labatt Centre
Feb. 12: Toronto, ON at Massey Hall
Feb. 13: Hamilton, ON at Hamilton Place
Feb. 15: Winnipeg, MB at RBC Theatre at MTS Centre
Feb. 16: Regina, SK at Brandt Centre
Feb. 17: Saskatoon, SK at TCU Place
Feb. 19: Calgary, AB at Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
Feb. 21: Edmonton, AB at Rexall Place
Feb. 23: Prince George, BC at CN Centre
Feb. 25: Victoria, BC at Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre
Feb. 26: Vancouver, BC at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Have a good one folks!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Scratch Cornerbrook, Nfld off the list dude...canceled...

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