Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Destination: No Where Near Here

Hey all those out in bloggo land! It is Old Man Robb here with another edition of Robbblogs! Well now i was up to the old homestead as in Acadia University right dab smack in the middle of good ol good ol Wolfville (ode to the Dunker!) and i went to see a few people here and there, esp an old advisor of mine who sent me straight up to the employment office at Acadia, where i seen something that could be my job, something so perfect, so right...yeah...
Well anyways i went to Workopolis and applied from there, it is the sort of job where i had to provide my resume, a cover letter and my unofficial transcript...yikes...esp on the unofficial transcript part, but the secretary was really nice so maybe that is a good thing eh? I visited up at the history dept and saw a few familiar faces, man am i just getting that damn old or are the kids getting younger? As i made my way around the campus i noticed some faces of people i liked saying hi to and others...well they can just go to hell as far as i am concerned, damn brownnosers, sure i would go get help from profs and others when i had a problem, but to do it 24/7? Brownosing helps people step on other people, step on toes, but to me it is a problem that puts other more deserving people down. If a person has looks or something, than they can get ahead of other, more deserving people who actually had to work for what they achieved. It is something that is ruining the moral fabric of doing business in North America today as we speak. I question those very people, how do you live with yourself? All they care about is the cash value, but do they care about the prestige? Are they prepared to work for what they now have?
A definition i found on the net of brownnosing:

Brownnosing can best be described as the implication that servility is equivalent to kissing the hinder parts of the person from whom advancement is sought.

Nuff said

Anyways i think it went well

I work Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this week, it is going to be so strange going to see the Axemen game on Saturday, it will be the first Moncton Blue Eagles game since the unfortunate incident last Saturday and reports say that the team is really shook up, they cancelled their game against Dalhousie this week. It shall be an emotional night. The Associated Alumni of Acadia keeps sending me notices that they want biographical information to be included in their Associated Alumni of Acadia University Directory, i know some info for them......


Well i have tonight off and i have to go back over to the Middleton Library to return me books, but first how's about some more random trivia?

1) The First Player to be penalized 400 Penalty Minutes in One Season:
Answer: David Shultz, Philedelphia, 1974-75
Schultz's fans at the Philadelphia Spectrum wore Nazi helmets, which was rather fitting as he was the closest thing to a war criminal that the NHL ever produced. The Hammer pounded out 472 ugly minutes in 1974-75, a record that looks as far out of reach as Wayne Gretzky's 93 goal season.

Betcha the author won't call the Hammer a war criminal to his face! The Broad Street Bullies would have his ass!

Anyone see the Trudeau movie the other night? I was asked the other day about what was one of his most memorable moments in office and so after going through some textbooks, this is what i found.

"Resentment against francophone militancy reached new heights during the October Crisis, which erupted in the fall of 1970. On October 5, 1970, James Cross, the British trade commissioner in Montreal was kidnapped by members of the FLQ- the Front de liberation du Quebec. Five days later on October 10, 1970, Pierre Laporte, the Quebec minister of labor and immigration was abducted by another cell of the FLQ.
Since 1963, the militant FLQ had carried out over 200 violent crimes, including several bombings that resulted in the death of people. The most serious attack was a blast at the Montreal Stock Exchange on February 13, 1969, which had injured 27 people. FLQ members also had stolen several tons of dynamite from military and industrial sites. After many of these acts, they warned the public that more attacks were to come through their official communication organ, known as La Cognée. The FLQ funded their activities with bank robberies.
By 1970, 23 members of the FLQ were in jail, including four members convicted of murder. On February 26, 1970, two men in a panel truck were arrested in Montreal when they were discovered to be in possession of a sawed-off shotgun and a communiqué announcing the kidnapping of the Israeli consul. One of them was a man named Jacques Lanctôt. In June, police raided a home in the small community of Prévost north of Montreal in the Laurentian mountains and found firearms, ammunition, 300 pounds (136 kg) of dynamite, detonators, and the draft of a ransom note to be used in the kidnapping of the American consul.
By daring to seize a represenative of the British Crown and a Liberal cabinet minister, the FLQ was hitting at the heart of the establishment.
When asked how far he was willing to go to stop the FLQ, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau stated, "Just watch me". Three days later he invoked the War Measures Act at the request of the Premier of Quebec, Robert Bourassa, and the Mayor of Montreal, Jean Drapeau. At the time, opinion polls in Quebec and the rest of Canada showed overwhelming support for the War Measures Act. Politician and future Parti Quebecois Premier René Levesque wrote that he agreed it was necessary under the circumstances. Since then, however, the government's use of the War Measures Act in peacetime has been a subject of debate in Canada as it gives police sweeping powers of arrest and detention.
Simultaneously, under provisions quite separate from the War Measures Act and much more commonly used, the Solicitor-General of Quebec requisitioned the deployment of the military from the Chief of the Defence Staff in accordance with the National Defence Act. Troops from Quebec bases and elsewhere in the country were dispatched, under the direction of the Sûreté du Québec (Quebec's provincial police force), to guard vulnerable points as well as prominent individuals at risk. This freed the police to pursue more proactive tasks in dealing with the crisis.
Outside Quebec, mainly in the Ottawa area, the federal government deployed troops under its own authority to guard federal offices and employees. The combination of the increased powers of arrest granted by the War Measures Act and the military deployment requisitioned and controlled by the government of Québec, gave every appearance that martial law had been imposed. A significant difference, however, is that the military remained in a support role to the civil authorities (in this case, Quebec authorities) and never had a judicial role. Nevertheless, the sight of tanks on the lawns of the federal parliament was disconcerting to many Canadians.
Once the War Measures Act was in place, arrangements were made for all detainees to see legal counsel. In addition, the Quebec Ombudsman, Louis Marceau, was instructed to hear complaints of detainees and the Quebec Government agreed to pay damages to any person unjustly arrested. On February 3, 1971, John Turner, Minister of Justice of Canada, reported that 497 persons had been arrested under the War Measures Act, of whom 435 had already been released. The other 62 were charged, of which 32 were crimes of such seriousness that a Quebec Superior Court judge refused them bail.
Pierre Laporte was eventually found murdered by his captors while James Cross was freed after 60 days as a result of negotiations with the kidnappers who requested exile to Cuba rather than face trial in Quebec. The cell members responsible for Laporte were arrested and charged with kidnapping and murder.
Ironically, the use of the act to detain over 450 people, most of whom were never charged with any offence, became another example for Quebec nationalists of the injustice imposed by an English-dominated Parliament. In reality, all the francophone members of Parliament voted for the War Measured Act. The sixteen MPs who voted against it- fifteen Democrats and one Conservative- were all anglophones.
This incident proved to be the most serious terrorist attack on Canadian soil in modern times and the response by the federal and provincial governments still sparks controversy. However, at the time, opinion polls showed overwhelming support in Quebec for the War Measures Act. A few critics (most notably Tommy Douglas and the New Democratic Party) believed that Prime Minister Trudeau was being excessive in using the War Measures Act to suspend civil liberties and that the precedent set by this incident was dangerous.

Heavy stuff eh?

Anyways here is the home hockey schedule for my alma mater West Kings! This is so alumni will stop asking me when games are

Tuesday, November 15th 4:00- CK Vs West Kings
Friday, November 18th 7:30- NKEC Vs West Kings
Friday, November 25th 7:30- AHS Vs West Kings
Friday, December 9th 7:30- BRHS Vs West Kings
Friday, December 16th 7:30- MRHS Vs West Kings
Tuesday, January 10th 4:00- MRHS Vs West Kings
Friday, January 20th 7:30- MRHS Vs West Kings
Friday, January 27th 7:30- CK Vs West Kings
Friday, February 17th 7:30 HHS Vs West Kings

Anyways Webslingeroonies this is Old Man Robb over and out!!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Things Happen All The Time

Hey there webslingeroonies! Long time eh? Well i have been a busy little Maritimer, fighting off the wormslime known as student loans, working working working and doing all sorts of stuff. Went to Hfx last Wednesday and had interviews at Mount St Vincent, Dalhousie and SMU, as well as dropping stuff off at Kingstec of all places, acutally the new front enterance at K-tech looks really good, time to be out of the 1970s and into at least 2000, however as i walked further through the building, past the new enterance it seemed like a demented trip back into time...back to 1995, even thought the decor screams 1975-76, old lockers and classrooms, i peaked in and thought, good friends...even though some said things about me..always about me, not to my face eh? Some people... some good memories marred by one cold callus moron whom did not see true talent when it was presented right in front of its face...ugh... anyways, i did have a stroll around the city, saw an awesome Jason Voorhees bust at one of the comic book stores downtown, however they wanted $69 dollars for it, when i could get it off Ebay for at least half that if i really wanted it that damned bad...new rumor is out that Jason Vs Freddy Vs Micheal Myers (From Halloween) are going to team up in a new sequel...believe it when i see it... Pigged out that day too, ate at Pizza Corner in Hfx and in Sackville i had Mary Brown's, which i had not aten since we lived in Edmonton back in like 1983, i'll wait another 20 yrs on that one ok? Some sad news about the Axemen game the other night, i guess one of the Blue Eagles was really hurt on Sat night as i listened on the radio. Hope he is ok, he had to be stretchered off the ice. Strange about McGill and their hazing incidents that has cancelled the whole football season. Can you imagine what their fans are like right now? Probably besides themselves! What about the players not involved? Scouts and people from the pros who were going to attend, i imagine there are some very nasty people there right now. Hazing is getting a bad name, look at the Windsor Spitfires this week, their head coach is suspended for 40 games, that is pretty stiff as well... they say that hazing is supposed to draw a team closer together, but i dunno...i figured it would do more psychological damage to a player and isolate them alltogether more than anything else it could possibly do. An old friend of mine Craig wrote to me on my MSN Hotmail and gave me the lowdown on all that is happening in the ol Passage, we haven't chatted for over a year, i figured i probably would be grating his nerves if i was bugging him all the time, you know..too much Robb can be a bad thing...i have the knack to get on people's nerves really damn quick...i should have taken a spin over the the Passage on Wednesday of last week, but i did not... a few doors that i would love to knock on, you know...people you have not seen in a long time, you wonder if they will open you with welcome arms, or give ya a smack on the nose... i just don't know sometimes... So i have a meeting at Acadia tomorrow at 10:30 in the morning. Meeting with an old friend who can give me a boost in the right direction about something that Old Man Robb is pursuing right now, gonna remain tight lipped on this one folks ok? Oh i will probably be up at Acadia again on Saturday as we are taking on The Blue Eagles at Acadia Arena, hopefully i will have more news about that player by then, hope for the best. Anyways i am going to go get ready for work and chitty chat again soon enough... lates!

PS- For ol' Craigger, an ol video from the olden days- The Clash: Rock The Casbah!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

This Business is Killing Me

Hey Yo (Rocky Balboa style) Weblingeroonies! Well just watched the Habs lose to Toronto on the telly...i know Habs fans..live to fight another day! Man do the ol Habs fans boo ol' daddy's boy Lindros or what? Well he deserves it for refusing to play for the Nordiques (Or No Dicks as Dick Irvin Jr used to pronounce) Well i did get some awesome news today! My old friend Barry is getting married next summer and asked me to be one of the three that stands for him at the altar! I was shocked as we really had not hung around in years, what times we used to have! Going to bars, driving around, going to bad movies with the express intent of ripping the poor picture apart, just mocking everything in plain sight! What times! We grew apart over time, he met girls, hung out with other people while i went to Acadia and did other stuff, i am touched and quite a bit shocked that he would remember me, that he would think of me that much to let me stand for him...weird eh? Took me nephew to the Axemen hockey game last night against Dal, we won 3-2..but Dal's goalie played exception, the Axemen fired like some 45 shots his way and he made 42 saves. Saw alot of familiar faces last night, many very welcome and others, well could care less if i saw their faces or not...u know all who u are u buncha wormslime..no one can stay smarmy forever and what comes around goes around. However i was again honored as my old pal Corey came up to me and wanted me to sit with him and a buncha Tower kids, i had my nephew with me and really my time had passed as far as Tower goes...i know maybe three people there now...but it is funny, still invited to Tower stuff some three years after living there... it is different i guess with Harper, i love Acadia, frown on my academic Mount A experience, but yet really for the most part loved residence life there...so laid back, being able to walk around with your beer good and open and no Dudley Do-Right idiotic RA telling u to put it in a foamy and or even worse...take your hard-earned booze away, i saw it happen once with one particular RA and man..guy always deserved a good ol tumble down the Tower steps..would have loved to have been the Tower legend that did it! Well the student loan people are after me now, got the letter of doom the other day, so i have to apply for interest relief...wish somebody would hire me as i am getting back on the resume warpath... my Dad hit it on the proverbial head the other day, he stroked my ego somewhat by saying, "You know why someone like up there at one of those cushy desk jobs won't hire you son? Cause your the guy that will be sitting in their chair given a year and a chance to show your stuff, cause you are a go-getter!" I will admit when i do have focus, have a clear track of what it is that i do want, then i do not stop...look at me and the store! I open at 10:00 and i am there at 9:20 getting ready for my day, making sure everything is just right, what kinda boss would not want that? Someone who would not want applecarts upset that is what they do not want, the status quo to take a severe kick in the ass! Ranting lunatic that is what i am becoming eh? Well i see that SMU has carried on its winning ways at football with a victory over STFX last night in Halifax. Today we beat Mount A, i had to work so Dad watched the game, man i do feel bad for the Mounties, someday soon they can get it together. I was going to go to the Mainstream Wrestling show next Friday in Windsor at the Community Center...then i read something that changed my mind, seems the promoter of the company will not take the students of a fellow wrestler who trains them due to bad blood between the two... jeesh anything to not make some money eh? Oh well i might go out with some of the girls from work next weekend on Friday, we all have not been out for a drink since the summer so maybe we shall relax for one sooner than later, besides it is good to see people outside of work, let down the old hair..drink a kegger..just kidding! See the news James Bondage? i mean Bond? Dude looking dirt thin...like a corpse or something! Oh well, some people have been quick to knock, but lets see the guy in action before we bury him deeper than that Geore whats-his-name guy that replaced Connery as Bond and they had to bring Bond back before this hack drove the series into the grave...we had one guy who came into work saying that he is not going to watch the new Dukes of Hazzard movie because the Dukes have beards...whatever (i used to think all guys from the South had beards...too many older siblings southern rock records) actually the movie did a good job of making fun of the Dukes, something alot of people got pissy with,...again...whatever... then again some whino tried to tell me one day that the new Bond was going to be a woman..who the B***ch of the Baskervilles?!?!?!?! Oh yeah almost forgot you! Sorry to hear your gone...don't let the door hit yer ass on the way out honey bunny!
Oh for my old buddy Eli up at Mount A..the trailer to the movie he always borrowed the most...next to Shogun Assassin...The PARTY ANIMAL!!!!
Anyways i am gonna go watch the Oilers-Flames game, finish off the rest of my Appleton Rum and rest up...have a good one Slingers!

PS- classic Ramones from the 80s- Bonzo Goes To Bitburg (My Brain is Hanging Upside Down)

PS Part II- What is that song about? In May of 1985, U.S. President Ronald Reagan visits the Bitburg cemetery, site of Waffen-SS graves, in West Germany at the behest of Chancellor Helmut Kohl. The visit touches off an international controversy, inciting worldwide protests because 49 of Adolf Hitler's dreaded Waffen SS troops are buried there.

PS Part III- Bonzo Goes To Bitburg lyrics:

(Dee Dee Ramone/ Jean Beauvoir)
You've got to pick up the pieces
C'mon, sort your trash
You better pull yourself back together
Maybe you've got too much cash
Better call, call the law
When you gonna turn yourself in?
Yeah...You're a politician
Don't become one of Hitler's children
Bonzo goes to bitburg then goes out for a cup of tea
As I watched it on TV somehow it really bothered me
Drank in all the bars in town for an extended foreign policy
Pick up the pieces
My brain is hanging upside down I need something to slow me down
My brain is hanging upside down I need something to slow me down
Shouldn't wish you happiness, wish her the very best
Fifty thousand dollar dress
Shaking hands with your highness
See through you like cellophane
You watch the world complain, but you do it anyway
Who am I, am I to say
Bonzo goes to bitburg then goes out for a cup of tea
As I watched it on TV somehow it really bothered me
Drank in all the bars in town for an extended foreign policy
Pick up the pieces
My brain is hanging upside down I need something to slow me down
My brain is hanging upside down I need something to slow me down
If there's one thing that makes me sick
It's when someone tries to hide behind politics
I wish that time could go by fast
Somehow they manage to make it last
My brain is hanging upside down
I need something to slow me down

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bobby Hull of the Winnipeg Jets

Today while bored i was reading more of my NHL trivia book entitled, "The Unofficial Guide to the Best and Worse of Hockey Firsts" by Don Weekes & Kerry Banks..on page 90, a trivia question went something like this:

The Only Team To Go Winless in 30 Consecutive Games, One Season:
Answer: Winnipeg Jets from October 18th to December 20th, 1980
The NHL was a reality check for the Winnipeg Jets after dominating the rival WHA. In their second NHL season, the Jets won only nine games and suffered the longest winless streak ever, losing 23 and tying 7 in a nine week ride of desperation.

Oh my how soon they forget eh? Or is it something that they wanna forget?
What the hell am i talking about? Quote this from the above passage:
"The NHL was a reality check for the Winnipeg Jets after dominating the rival WHA."
Ummm hell authors, yup these are two marks for the NHL, happy to make such a foolish statement, now for those of you who were born too late or have been busy eating Granny Goose Potato Chips, the WHA merged with the NHL in 1979-80, ending a seven year war between the two rival leagues, but there was a catch to Edmonton, Hartford, Quebec and Winnipeg joining the NHL..ah ha! A player dispersal draft which meant the four new teams could only protect four players each, all of their players were to go back to their former NHL teams that drafted them.
What a crock of shit
This ruined any dreams of inter-league play, something fans had been dreaming about for the final few years of the WHA existance
The NHL saved its ass
The last thing it wanted was the talented, three-time WHA champs to upset the Habs or Islanders in the finals to take home the Stanley Cup, the NHL had spent seven yrs telling everyone how the WHA sucked, how it was inferior to the NHL
I guess if it was not for the WHA, we would never have seen the birth of the careers of superstars like Gretzky and Messier
And the excitement the Oilers would bring us in becoming the five-time Stanley Cup Champions during the 1980s
And we wonder why the NHL is so backwards, such decisions make the league look bush
And two authors who should think before they talk
But who does that? Nuff saidPosted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

And All I Hear Is Rain

Hey there webslingeroonies!!! How goes the battle? Well it is still pouring here in good ol Middleton Nova Scotia where we don't welcome jailbirds like Windsor does (Sorry Dunker!) Well i have been recieving more stuff from interested universities like...drumroll... a invitation to go to an open house at the University of Maine at Presque Isle on Monday, November 14, 2005. They must like me, they even sent me a brocure for "Should I Live in a Residence Hall?" Which comes complete with a pic of some floormates chowing down on some pizza and a pic of some students with a moose head..well at least it looks like they know how to party down there eh? And the University of Southern Maine sent me an invite to an information session at their USM College of Education and Human Development. It all looks rather interesting and good, although Washington seems to be the forerunner as of right now.
Well the regular season for university hockey is starting up tomorrow night, so it looks like i will be taking the ol portable radio to work to listen to Acadia take on SMU at the famous Forum in Halifax, wish i had the night off so that i could go, but oh well. Friday night will see the homeopener for the hockey Axemen and i plan to be there, i asked my nephew if he wanted to go, but he may be going back to the city for the weekend, or so he says. I told him that if he goes i will also treat him to supper, maybe go to Joe's Food Emporium right on the main drag in Wolfville, i remember the guys in Tower ordered Scott's Skins from Joe's every Monday night while watching WWF RAW, they also used to have something called an "Old English Sub" as well as i believe an "Axemen's Sub" I think he would be most impressed, lots of memories there..including the time way back in 1990-91 that my family attended an NHL oldtimers game at Acadia Arena and Billy Smith, Terry O'Reilly, Steve Shutt and Reggie Leach were amongst the NHL greats playing and they all were at Joe's that night. Lots of autographs, which i all still have to this day. Last night i downloaded "Shogun Assassin" an old sword flick that was released in North America in 1980, but was actually two old Japanese films re-edited together and dubbed over. This film is the very essence of a revenge flick. A lot of this film was inspiration for Quentin Tarantino in the making of Kill Bill. In Vol. 1, there is a lot of over the top blood squirting when a limb is hacked off. That comes from this movie, probablly the most violent in the genre. If you watch Kill Bill Vol. 2 , you will notice not only the mention of this movie, but the The Bride and her daughter actually watch it.I found it in Sackville while attending Mount A and it was a real hit with everyone on my floor, including my old buddy Eli who must have borrowed it some 1000 times and everyone wanted to watch it. We would recite the dialouge every few seconds, "We are the Masters of Death" or "Soooooooooooooo..we have a reunion" classic stuff indeedy....
Anyways gang, i am going to get showered, get dressed, head out to the library to return me books and then veg a little..oh yeah..and go to work! Lates!

PS- Cool song by the Manges- Summer's Gone!!!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Me!!!

Hello there fellow Webheads...guess what? I forgot me frickin own ol bloggo anniversary!?!?!!?!? What the hell eh? The kid on the block with his head made of rock forgot that the 5th of October marked Robbblogs being exactly one year old!!! Well this is actually me first post all of October as i have been quite busy, i made contact with the offices of Education at Washington and well they are sending out more pamphlets and contact information...lemmie run this one by you slingers and tell ol man Robb whatcha think mmmmmmmk? Hows about i go to Washington next September win, lose or draw? Even if i am not accepted..here is the plan.. if i get accepted into their education program, then go...if not..go anyways, go to school there, raise my GPA to the point where they do take me! Then i can sit back like Hannibal Smith, gleam and tell the entire world, "I love it when a plan comes together!" I can live at my sister's, fulfill my dream of going to see the Huskies play, pick up my long-overdue to buy Huskies T-shirt to replace the one that i washed the Tracker with recently and the rest is swiss cheese please.
Well i went to see the hockey Axemen play on Wednesday night, well it was an exhibition game against Dalhousie as alot of regulars sat out as well it was the first night of NHL hockey on the tube so there was sparse attendance as well. Even the announcer sat out, still i gotta love the Axemen crowd at the arena, yelling stuff like, "Whatcha doing? Givin the guy a F'n kiss?" or "MY god, they didn't even dress the announcer!" Too bad there was no bar open at the arena, maybe they are saving that for homecoming which is this weekend i do believe at Acadia, which reminds me that i have to get back to old man Russell about what kinda activities are happening, if any i am only going to be present on Friday night at the Axemen game as they take on Dal and it is their regular season home opener, anyways i have to work both Saturday and Sunday, so no homecoming football for me. Anyways yeah, beer served at games would be good, not trying to turn into a big boozer or anything, just a cold old Keith's or something... hey i do have my Alumni card so maybe i can finally get into the beer tent this year! Oh wait..gots to work so there goes that idea. Stopped in at the Library Pub in Wolfville the other week, not a bad place, but man what the hell kinda price was that anyways, like $7 or something for a Heniken???? Good god man...that was after the game where we FINALLY beat SMU in football and the line-ups outside the Axe and Vil were ummmmm..staggering to say the very least. Still running into people who think they are all that and a bag of potato chips whenever i go to these things, give people some power or basically the job that i know in my heart that i know i could do just as well, but politics and the knowledge that i would never change enough to suit other people keeps me out, plus i am not rich which is always the invisible factor in everything, especially at the university level, however it was always at the professional job level as well. However i have applied and applied to Acadia as well as Mount A for jobs and there are those both friend and foe who tell me that maybe i am not good enough for one of those jobs, well i think i am good enough, maybe that is experience, maybe that is ego. However old Man Robb has never been that great of a crowd follower nor brownoser to even recieve an opportunity. However i have been making an unofficial career of proving my greatest critics wrong, it is karma, karma will bite people in the ass when they are not looking. I was told i was not good enough for radio and television broadcasting, however i had radio shows at two different college campuses in Atlantic Canada and both of them were ratings winners! Look at the records, it speaks for itself, i was told i was not good enough to graduate high school, to quit and look for a job, well i graduated high school and university- two times over in the latter case. I was told that i could not hold a job, well i have been holding the same one for the last ohhhh what is it now..ummm... nine summers? Why don't you have a girlfriend is the other question, ummm well i went out with a few real lulu's and i got turned off, now i have not turned to the other side, with all due respect guys, do what you want, but it is not for me.... when find the one, i will let you all know..she better be damned special... and appreciate me..someone please appreciate me for once, not how entertaining i can be or what i can do for you, like me for me. Whatta rant eh? Oh by the way...the Habs are 3 and 0 thus far this season... I wished i was home yesterday to watch the Axemen- STFX play in the muck down in Antigonish! Oh well what is done is done. Picked up the "Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior" Dvd on Friday...what a rip apart job done by WWE...must be fun to rip apart a wrestler who has not wrestled for you in over some nine years, Bobby Heenan was in fine form about the Warrior's name change, "What kinda idiot changes his name to Warrior? Maybe i should change mine to Weasel." And probably told the truth when he stated, "This is the one guy in this industry that nobody likes!" It was a good purchase. Well i must turn in for the night, worked 16 hrs this weekend in the miserable old rain and i have to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights...have a good one webslingeroonies!!!!

PS- Classic Misfits video- Skulls (Live early 80s)
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