Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, February 28, 2005

You've Got So Far To Go and You Looked Away

Ah...hello to the webslingers, if there is any weblingers that is... Well, Dad seems to be out of trouble right now, he is probably going under the knife again, shortly after me school yr is over, that is good. He had his appointment today and i just phoned him with me calling card here at the SUB, he is in good spirits and needs to gain some weight again from his last operation, personally if it were me, there would be a truck stop having its damned ass being sued off!!!! Me Quanitative Mid-term well......sucked royally, i was read the riot act by me prof and i was told that there is only one more real chance to do ok in the course and that of course being me final examination in April, me other class only went aboot an hour, we were supposed to be there till 4:00, but he was not up to teaching and promptly let us go... I have me Sociology of Education class at 7, seems like i have not had that class since 1000 BC, i have me chapter report to be handed in tonight and it is done, i find it quite hysterical watching all of the people who didn't bother to write it over the break having a freak attack...people...people...it is only a 3- 5 page paper, even though if it were me, i would have just given a big essay instead of 3 or 4 of the stupid things.....A girl i know sent me a picture of her topless with just her bra on this weekend over MSN, just a friend i am afraid...too bad eh? Ahhhh young lust and stuff! I do like her, i do admit it....but she insists i am not her type and what are you to do about that? Nothing, if someone has decided that what you can bring to the table is not to there liking, then it is you that has to live with that, even if the guys that she wants all look past her, dunno why...i think she is pretty, but other guys do not seem to see that i guess...ahhhhhhh to be a guy in lust, i should really skip this class and ...and...and go drink a dozen Keiths and yell to anyone that who gives a ratsass about how she is missing out...like all angst driven guys do..or should do...or something like zat...getting down about some silly girl and damn well letting everyone around them have it...or we can just be Chicken**** aboot it and not say a darned word otherwise.... Yet, feelings of clarity still remain.A transparent truthThat I know must be real...i dunno...what a rant eh? The Axemen open their series at home against Moncton on Wednesday nite, i think i will listen to it at home, spending time with the folks, like in the 30s eh? All sitting around the radio listening to the hockey game, my nephew thinks it is weird, but in this era of video games, MP3 players and this chotic thingy called computers, something so simplistic probably does seem a trifle bit strange to a younger fellow. Ohhh! Almost forgot something, i was walking by the Acadia Cinema and i took a looky looky at their upcoming flicks and lo and behold...NAPOLEON FRICKIN DYNAMITE is playing on the 16th of March!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! I am so there dude! I do have to say something, hopefully this will change and stuff, but should not the Acadia Cinema so have the most college of college films, the indy of the indy advertised on their website?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? And another thing, i know that Napoleon Dynamite will draw a crowd...but i might digress...what is what of the flicks that play at the cinema? I Heart Huckabees and that other one staring Robert Duvall and Micheal Caine, nice flicks...but ummmmmmmm...i work in the movie business kinda sorta and them there two flicks are renting like total and utter S***...no i know what the artsy fartsy fakers will say..."you don't have any culture you redneck!!!" Hello people...go put on a Cure record and you fake lenses back in yer glasses...they don't bring in the green...i dunno how many people i had to tell this to, but there has always been a small crowd that would ask ask ask.."Where are the foreign films?" Well in smalltown Nova Scotia...foreign films are like poison...like Widescreen...some dude even brought Star Wars back because it was widescreen on DVD...frickin loser.... whatever eh? Anyways...foreign films...subtitles...drama...nope...small town Valley doesn't want any... i don't mind the odd foreign film...look at "Shaun of the Dead" !!!! Rents like damn crazy!!!! (Still roar me ass off when the Harry Potter wannabe gets hauled out the window!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!) Anyways who should the Acadia Cinema take some lessons from? Welllllll...one day i was looking at horror movie websites...(this one's good for finding out newer stuff...) and i found this link...and if i lived in this town...wow...i would be there all the time as much as i could ASAP!!!! It is called Exhumed Films and their shows are at the Broadway Theatre in Pitman, New Jersey...i guess they have been there for yrs...right now i cannot remember which university they are close to, but man...they must be doing awesome...look at some of the flicks that have played there!!! Evil Dead, Friday The 13th (Including Part III in glorious 3-D!!!!) the original (And only) Texas Chainsaw MAssacre and Dawn of the Dead...man...would so be there and the crowds would be FRICKIN enormous...if anyone from the cinema should see this...bring the horror and the cult films...and watch the crowds...gots to throw people a bone...cause i am not going to pay around 8- 9 bucks to watch the Huckabess and the other fartsy stuff...i know...judging flicks i have never seen...why people why... i dunno.... anywho webslingers, got me a class in a good 20 minutes and i leavve you with a song by Darlington that i thought was by the Huntingtons...titled Judy Jetson...later boys and girls!!!!

Friday, February 25, 2005

Reoccurring Dreams

"Victory belongs to the most persevering."- Napoleon Bonaparte

An early good mornin Webslingers and Webslingerettes!!!! Well...The Axemen swept the Varsity Reds!!!! (I referred to them as the Redmen the other day...my bad) i sat home here in Middleton and listened on the radio, i attended game one the other night in Wolfville and i has to say i was quite impressed...now that i am coming off like a total homer, but that it ok. One thing i has to get off me chest, there were alot more people at the home game than previously in the season, but does this not conjure up images of bandwagon hopping? One of the greatest things, or maybe not so greatest thing to me about being a fan of the hockey Axemen is the viewing of the highlights and lowlights of following the team through rough times, as much as i could while working and going to a different school altogether last year (Mount Allison), but all the while there, listening to as many games as i could on the radio. Anyways, a true fan sticks with his or hers team until the end. As i sat amongst the crowd on Wednesday night, i could overhear people, "Man, haven't been here in so long"...."I wasn't coming back till there was a winner" etc etc....this kinda talk pissed me off, a true fan of the team does not stop allegiances to the team because of losing, it is hard to cheer for a team when they are getting the s***ty end of the stick, but that is the cost of supporting a college team, you has to stick together through the rough times....well, Wednesday was also kinda a first for me, the first time i have ever been in the alumni room as an alumni, it was kind of like the Gordie Howe/ Mario Lemieux/ Guy Lafleur syndrome, being an alumni (retired more or less) and still playing, as in still attending Acadia U..... weird eh? I had to abort me plans for more library research on Thursday, me sister in law gots me to move the Suzuki the other night and WHAMMO!!!! The frickin thing would not turn over at all!!!! Yesterday me parents come to visit, the old man takes the keys and the fricking thing starts like a damn charm! However on the way home, the radio gives out, the windshield wipers go seriously slow, we thought it was the battery, however the fan belt was quite loose, so i am taking it over tomorrow to Greenwood to have it checked out. Well, yesterday i escorted me father to Leon's in Kentville, where he purchased a 52 inch television!!! This sucker is BIG!!!!! We could have waited till Monday to have the darned thing shipped to Middleton, but we decided in all of our wisdom to put the monster on the back of the truck, well...we had just gotten onto the 101 (My favorite stretch of road....really....you can smell the sarcasm...) and almost lost the fricking thing!!!! We tightened it, gots back on the old number one highway and drove about 65 clicks all the way home...all the while, there were aboot 10 cars in back of us, never saw so much finger pointing in all of me life, all the while they all soooooooooooooooo could have passed us...guess it was too much finger pointing to give up on..sad people..truly sad.... Almost done me two assignments for Monday to be handed in, including my review of chapter three for my Sociology of Education class, it is called, "Historical and Organizational Dimensions of Canadian Education" and i stated about how subconsciously we are encountering the hidden curriculum and in many current cases, another stigma which is the “glass ceiling”, meaning you can only come so far in a working environment and then your rising through the ranks just comes to a sudden stop, no matter who you are this glass ceiling occurs, most of the victims of this stigma are women and non-whites, even though they are well educated, they still encounter hidden rules that still persist despite a system that on paper, is deemed free and open for everyone and how people should instead concentrate on leveling the playing field, if it were a fair world, taking the best person for a position, whether that person be a female, male, white, black and whatever this person would be. Anyways boyz and foxy ladies of the nighttime world, i should be getting up, cleaning up and having some breaky eh? I gots alot of work this weekend in addition to homework, i has to work tonight from 6-11, tomorrow 6-12 and a short shift on Sunday from 1-4...sigh...oh well now the day begins lates! However i leave you with the lyrics to an underappreciated Ramones tune from the early 80s penned by the immortal Dee Dee Ramone, entitled "Highest Trails Above"

"Sinking into the stars
Diving in for a swim
Soaring like a superheroPast the end of Disneyland
Through dragon mist
Above alpine peaks
To the cloudy laceT
o the highest trails above
I feel so safe, I feel content
Send you all my love
Southern winds, shining rays
Are all I need for fight
Flying way past zero
Paradise is just in sight
Through the distant blue
Above the highest stars
To the silent dark
Send you all my love
I feel so safe
Flying an a ray, On the highest trails above
Sinking into the stars
Diving in for a swim
Soaring like a superhero...Past the edge of Disneyland
Every wish comes true
Most desired dreams, Happy endings too
Finally you find loveI
feel so safe....Flying an a ray
On the highest trails above."

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The More You Think, The Less i Hear...Or Something Like That....

Helloooooooooooooo there webslingers! .........and webslingerettes!!!! Gotcha with a new one eh? Well i am here in Les Sub, just finished a couple of Keith's at Les Axe and i am ready to see us ...the hockey Axemen take on the California Golden Seals...i mean the Syracuse Bulldogs...i mean the UNB Redmen (Is that a racial slur?...just kidding!!!!...actually alot of folks take that rather seriously...seriously) at 7:30...i had a few and i am feeling all wound up or something....well gots lots done today!!! Finished up me proposal for my Theories of Development and Revolution class on that Andre Gunder Frank dude that i talked aboot a few blogs ago, i actually only need to have a title page, a few lines aboot what i am gonna do and a bibliography...not exactly brain surgury kiddies...wow...what a hottie i just saw!!! You see lots of em when you sit out in the SUB, but i know i am older than the Rolling Stones, so it is a game of look, but do not fondle...or something like zat...ohhhhhh yeah as Macho Man Savage would say back in the day, back to the topic at hand...yeah...Frank...he chatted alot aboot underdevelopment and dependency for countries like Latin America and those evil Americans who would come to their country, get in really good with the bourgeoisie who were running things and would proceed to S*** all over the poor folks that actually had to work for a living...same S***, different shovel kiddies... Actually a good quote from Frank sums it all up, “Ecologically, the rich pollute and the poor suffer the consequences, so much so that they are themselves obliged to add to the pollution. The greatest polluter of all has probably been the war machine and war itself.” I could not have said it any better than that i am afraid!!! Wow that girl had big B***S!!!! See her all the time working at the coffee shop n stuff... probably 16 yrs of age also...big perv Robb...big perv... So i spent some good time at the Vaughn and lo and behold there is a S***load of books on ol' Andre so that is not a bad thingy at all eh? So me bibliography is complete and i has to come up with something to say in the proposal... me Dad had to go down to the hospital to get a shot yesterday, i am told that he will have bad re-occuring gas due to the last operation and that to expect these pains to come... i actually phoned home today a couple of times to make sure that he was doin ok and stuff............., from the library basement, we have a kid that worked in our Middleton store who i teased last summer, he was going off to SMU and i told him to join the secret fraction on campus called the library club... that it was the opposite of the mile high club and all the lovely vixens would be waiting for him when he applied for his membership...told him it was better than the D&D club he had been a member of all the way through high school... (Is there such a monstrosity??!?!?!?! ............NERDS!!!!) I actually worked last night and i am going to recieve quite a few hrs of work this weekend... i cannot remember if the girls at work have written their high school examinations or not, but anyways it looks like i am working on Friday, Sat and Sunday of this week and as well the next week...including a rare Saturday opening in Greenwood??!?!?!?!?!?! Anywho, the game is at 7:30 and Wolfville is havin a wild ol case of playoff fever boyz and hot foxy mommas...so i am off to have some pizza and then enjoy the game and let the best team win (yeah F***ing right...GO AXEMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Monday, February 21, 2005

Endless Vacation

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."
- Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Hellllllllloooo webslingers and other wormslime too worthless to mention!!!?!?!?!?! How the hell are ya? Well...i was going to go to Acadia today to work on me homework, but me father talked to me and well...economics folks, why make two frickin trips? Waste of gasoline, go Wednesday, put the touches on two papers, actually one is a paper proposal and then i can go about handing out resumes, and then go at 7:30 with me AWESOME STANDING ROOM TICKET to see the Axemen take on UNB at Acadia Arena! Playoff action for the first time in what is it now? Four years! Four long yrs since the Axemen have seen playoff action and i hope it is going to be a good one... Man i worked a good shift at work yesterday and i did the one thing that i really....really hate to do to people...charge late charges, but me boss does not like us letting them go and being the nice guys on the block...not since competition moved in across the street something like a yr ago... anywho i did a late list at what was it? 10:08 in the morning yesterday, now a lotta people were sleeping in yesterday after getting hammered off their rocker on Sat night at one of the local dives or probably winter carnaval and i caught em all by suprise by phoning good and early...so why do that? Well... people deserve it i thinks, i mean there are simple rules that are layed out for the customers, return times- 6:00 on weekdays and 2:00 in the afternoon for Saturday and Sunday.... simple eh? Nope! People wanna dictate their own rules, i often would as a kid break the video rules, i remember this dude came to town, cannot remember where in the hell he was from, we are talking early 90's here, anyways he had a huge honkin fro and hair all over his body, always wore a undershirt...he looked kinda like a Monchici, he had lots of good ol school crappy movies, like Jim Kelly flicks and stuff and LOTS of old school WWF Coliseum Home Video stuff (The best!!! Me and my old buddy Jason from the Passage lived on this stuff!!!!) Anyhow, i rented Universal Soldier and promptly forgot about it the next day and went with some pals to Upper Clemons Park... (The water ride is about the best part...the rollercoaster is an accident waiting to happen...just me opinion) now i gets home at 5:00 and return the movie to Monchichi... i go back to the shelves and grab me another one of his flicks and he looks at me and tells me that i cannot rent there anymore...why? Because i was a whole two hrs late with Universal Soldier! Well... i offer to pay a late fee, i drag out about five bucks out of me pocket, about two dollars more than he charged to rent the lame flick and he promptly shows me the door! What a complete and utter A**hole!!! Anyways i was delivering pizza that summer (lame eh?!?!?!????) and i told EVERYONE i could not to rent from the Monchchi!!!!!...Well.... the doors were boarded up by November and no more MONCHICHI!!!! First rule of business, give the customers some leniency, i mean they are after all paying yer damn wages...and late charges should always be if the flick is a full date late... 24 hrs after renting the stupid flick.... i find customers are usually astonished because of me recent lack of moviewatching, however there are quite a few people that do not realize that after all these yrs that i have been living a double life of working at the stores in Greenwood and in Middleton and the whole time i have been attending university... i missed out on a lot coming home to work, i never attended a Snowball Formal, made it to ONE....count em...ONE pubcrawl in HFX, i never made it to a Tower Formal until my fourth and fifth yrs (went stag both times....sad eh? Losers anonymous...first card carrying member- Robb!!!) Hell webslingers! I never even made it to Christmas Dinner at Wheelock until me 3rd yr!!!! Not to mention all the various Axemen basketball, football and hockey games missed on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays unless i specificaly took those days off and covered them at a later date.... no wonder i drank down all that good Colt 45 eh?...ok so i am not as smooth as Billy Dee... Last yr at Harper Hall, i was actually able to enjoy weekends, but at a cost...i had only limited funds to go on, no weekend job to go to where i could scrounge up extra moolah...not that MOOLAH...uuuuugggghhhh!!?!?!?!?!? I did apply for a few jobs while there, but it was like every other job, unless you know someone or are related to somebody like an important alumni or such and such, you are not getting in....with applying for university jobs, you need to have an in, or an extraordinary resume with lots of experience in the field you are applying for, it is that old saying that employers never listen to, you have to get experience in order to have experience...all i am saying is someone has to start somewhere...i couldn't even get on working at the campus call center, telling me that i am not what they are looking for.... well, even in a job where someone cannot see your homely old face, you have to look like Brad Pitt or something...anyways if i would have had a steady income flow it would have helped...esp once Darth Vader started his reign of terror... but i was left out of quite a few events, went to the Christmas Formal (again...no date!....) but had no money for drinks, and i did not want to turn to the folks ever two seconds begging for change.... So working at the store has its advantages, i get to work with alot of cool girls, enjoy banter with alot of good clientele and i am relatively close too home, the disadvantages are the lost weekends...plus i always wondered what marks would be if i had no work on the weekends...well...i found out that marks are about the same (well...except for when Darth Vader uses the dark side of the force...) My father had one of his rough days today...i guess i am a complete amateur when it comes to medical stuff, i thought with this operation that his gas would be gone, but from this afternoon on it was pretty bad and he went to bed around 9 tonight.... hope for the best, it is all that i can do i guess. Its frustriating too since we were both up around 7 this morning and he was roaring at breakfast over little things and both of us were chatting it up aboot the Axemen and Wednesday and how pathetic the NHL strike really is, even though Gretzky and Mario have both tried to help ending the dispute....maybe Bob Probert can be called in, bring David Shultz with em and they can take Bettman and Bob whatshisface outside and give em a little lesson.... i dunno.... I was thinking (careful Robb...thinking can be bad....) About Wednesday, i will probably spend the night in me basement apartment at my brothers and then i do not have to work on Thursday...what am i getting at? Well, there is a girl i would like to ask over...either she is oblivious to the fact that i am into her, or knows i am and is ignoring it...anyways i wouldn't mind asking her over to watch a flick or two.. she likes old school slasher flicks and has never seen My Bloody Valentine or Sleepaway Camp and keeps saying yes to watching them, but we never set a date... i have no couch in my room, so i would have to give her the one chair i have and i would probably sit on the floor or something.... i dunno, i thinks i will give er a call and see what happens eh? Anywho, i thinks i should be going...head up to bed and have pleasant dreams...not wet dreams hopefully ...UGgggggggggggghhh too tired!!! Nite webslingers!!!!!!

PS - (Borrowed from Acadia Sports Site) - 1 days, 19 hours, 15 minutes, and 20 seconds left until THE PUCK IS DROPPED AND IT'S TIME TO STAND UP AND CHEER FOR YOUR AXEMEN HOCKEY TEAM AS THEY TAKE ON THE UNB VARSITY REDS IN GAME #1 OF THE AUS SEMI-FINALS!!!!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Acadia Axemen 2004-05 Posted by Hello
What a Cinderella season eh? The playoffs for the Axemen start on Wednesday against UNB...can't wait.

To Here Knows When

Good mid afternoon webslingers and wormslime alike! Well, been doing not much but working the grind down at the ol store, mostly in Middelton at the store formerly known as "Andrews".......since 1812...just kidding! Actually gots me two Greenwood shifts coming up tonight and opening tomorrow from 10:00-6:00...somebody told me it is supposed to snow a good one this week and i am holding out (not for a hero....a vixen maybe...but not a hero) in hopes that it is not true...like the lockout...I am headed to Wolfville to work on some of me projects at the Vaughn and them there coffee shops best be open cause i am not a leaving until the projects are near completion or devil may care, the damned things be finished!!!!! Last night was so quiet in our Middleton location that i read ahead quite a bit in my sociology of education text, so much so that the next scheduled chapter is not until March 21st!!!?!?!?!?!?!?! I did read the latest chapter entitled, "The Politics of Teaching" and it was decent reading in that it got to the point right out of the starting gate when it stated that, "The teachers represent the school to students and teachers, but must answer to principals and supervisors." See? Everyone has someone they have to answer to, no matter how bad a teacher, or in the case of a university student, a professor screws you around, there is always someone above them to answer to...it is when they have a locked position, usually tenure- which is what some profs hide behind, there is a good quote that i stole once, i cannot remember for the life of me where i got it, (Sorry to whoever) but it went something like, "Tenured professors become like those nasty ticks you used to find on the family dog, dug so deep into the skin that it is virtually impossible to remove them." Could you imagine the international incident that would occur at Canadian universities if they were to do away with the tenure system?!?!?!?!?! There are some profs who keep teaching because that is what brought them to the big dance in the first place, then there are others who shall remain nameless that over the yrs all they did was roll their carcass into the classroom ohhhhhhh lemmie see some twice a week, ramble on about god knows what and then disappear....and you best be making bets on who has the B***s to go see them during their office hrs, just like back in the day when you would go to the User Support and bug some poor person who was sitting there playing Doom and looks at you in astonishment... oh the old school Acadia culture eh? Me old buddy Bullen is down at STFX and he sees more Tower alumni than Acadia and aboot 5 other schools put together, wants me to visit sometimes...is it a party campus? Their team is now out of the AUAA playoffs so i dunno if any parties are happening now or not...i used to data a girl many moons ago who lived in res at STFX, except her res was ran by Nuns....believe it or not...nuns.... and i guess it was hellfire and brimstone if you wanted to get past the purley gates to visit, even if you were a Dad or a brother or something...wake up! It is after 1955 ya know...sheesh.... they are probably in league with PTC...hell...all of em...... what was i talking aboot again? Ohhhhhhhhh yeah, me Sociology of Education class, i started another dictionary for terms from that class as well, words like Feminization, Intensification, Moral regulation, professionalizatin and Proletarianization. Our midterm is on March 7th, so i am starting stuff good and early... So i did take the liberty of doing some good ol calling around this moring and lo and behold....i gots me a ticket for Wednesday nights playoff game at Acadia Arena!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Us and UNB....what will happen? I dunno, i could say cliches like...ummmmmmmmmmm...let the best team win?!?!?!?!??? HELL NO!!! Ok...that was the homer in me... a homer you ask? Well, we aint talking bout no Bart Simpson here, a homer is when the announcer is paid by his bosses to do the following: The home team can do no wrong. The other team can do no right. The referees are always against the “Good Guys” and any penalties incurred by the boys are totally uncalled for. “Our” boys are always lily pure and can do no wrong....that heroes and villians is what a homer is.... Anywho, i think we are making Le Din Din de Kraft for supper and i will be out being tortured... i mean working in Greenwood till 12:00 and then back there again till 6:00 tomorrow night...soooooooooooooo in the meantime and in between time...lates!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Learn to Listen, Listen to Learn

Helllllloooooooooooooo Webslingers!!?!?!?! Long timo, no bloggo! Well gang of millions, there will be no NHL season eh? It was cancelled today me peeps by that ol' wormslime Bettman, too bad he wouldn't have the press conference in Toronto or up in Montreal in front of all the canteen workers, ushers, zamboni drivers etc etc who are feeling the sting of this damn lockout and have families to look after and have bills to pay. What kind of fricking league is this anyways? Look, i'll tell you this right freaking now, there is no way that the NHL is every going to be over with the majority of sports fans in the United States of America....ever...listen Bettman, i know that is what you want, it is what you have been chasing with all of this senseless expansion into the southern states and the moving of teams from Winnipeg and from Quebec City...(along with Hartford, they probably just wanted to be rid of the old WHA teams...the only one left is the Oilers...) but listen to me pally...it is not going to work...just suck it up. Besides, should'nt there be a new comissioner by now? Maybe Wayne Gretzky as many others have suggested, or even Bobby Orr...someone who is a damn good spokesperson for the game, and what of the legends that we have left like Messier, Lemieux and Yzerman? Is this the way that fans envision them retiring? No! Thank someone that we in Wolville still have the #1 hockey team in the AUAA right now, the Acadia Axemen and that Halifax has the Mooseheads and so on, who is going to come back, well...i know i probably will put me head between me legs and jaunt back to the National HOLDING League once this stupidity ends...but in the meantime, we have some great hockey being played right now in the Maritimes....i do have a bone to pick with the old Chronically Horrid, still based since 1000 BC out of Hfx, their sports page last Sunday had a thumbs up for the attendance at the Acadia-SMU game last Friday night at the fabulous Forum, but i must digress with the article a tiny weenie bit... it did state the truth as in some nearly 3,000 people jammed into the Forum to see the game, but it was NOT, because of a sudden interest in hockey in Metro, not to diss anyone and with all due respect to Acadia's opponent...i am sorry, but they have been on top for a long, long, long time, and have kept the same attendance, nope right now the hockey hotspot is in Acadia and although i was pushing videos on Friday night and could not attend, alot of people i did know went and showed me alot of picys that were taken, and what did i see? A sea of red...Acadia red... and white... yes on the scoreboard SMU is hot, they along with Moncton are having a great season...but SMU and the Tigers never seem to get that fan support from their respective student bodies that is needed, in fact, Halifax never embraced hockey until the Mooseheads arrived in 1994, they never liked the AHL, i remember as a kid going to the home games of the Voyageurs, Oilers and Citadels and just looking out at seas of red, as in empty seats at the Metro Centre, but remember alot of those players did not want to really be here, they wanted to be in the NHL, not the AHL and fans in the community had a really hard time identifying with players and wanting to warm up to them, because a couple of good games later, or if there was an injury to a star on the big team, they would be gone...besides the Moose have done an exceptional job in the city of Halifax. Now earlier this season it was easier said than done to get a pair..or an entire row of Axemen tickets, but ever since we turned it on, it has been the proverbial "Jump on the bandwagon" approach from people...it comes from all areas of sport, case in point- the Calgary Flames in last yrs playoffs, i rest my case. I had me Qualitative Methods midterm...i went terrible, i was there right at the end and well...found some serious B***s and went to see me prof while we were still right in the classroom. He just looked at me and said, "Robb, you need help with this." We both agreed that there is somekind of hidden learning block when it comes to me and mathmatics and that i need to do extra work, alot of extra work if i am going to have a hope in hell of doing well on the last examination..hang in there with me webslingers and frick right off naysayers, i will prevail... I recieved my examination schedule and well...i am not done exams this year until the 23rd of April!!!! Are you ready for this one? It is a SATURDAY NIGHT EXAMINATION!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? Man oh man! How the hell did that happen? I think the minute that one is done, my class should serously head to the frickin AXE to unwind, lots of people still skipping that class, that one webslingers is seriously going to bite them straight in the damn A**, don't think this prof won't notice either, although i do think she serously needs to stop putting everything on ACME, people talk out loud in this class all the time as well, some just never learn ANYTHING i guess, i do feel pretty bad for skipping her class the other night, i skipped to study my soon to be ill fated Quanitative Methods mid-term..more like termination...oh well, past is past, can't do anything aboot it now eh?...............i still wanna hit Mount A in March, well it will prbably be on Acadian Lines as i do not trust the ol' Tracker in this kinda weather...sometime...i filled out papers for a new credit card, but it is only to be used in and only in EXTREME emergencies....perhaps going to visit the Harper boyz is an extreme emergency.... In case you missed the SuperBowl and had to watch the crappy ol' Canadian feed, here are the Ads you probably missed out on, for me friends who love the local Wrestling scene and have been moaning, bitchin and complaining about a lack of a scene, welllllllll, the first EPCW card of the summer will be held on Wednesday, May 4th at the Kentville Arena!!!!! Now i won't have to listen to a full summer of "No f***ing wrestling!" Well boys, where were all of ya when we did have Real Action Wrestling and even Mainstream Wrestling coming to town and plying their trade in front of less than overwhelming crowds? I was one of the regular's, sitting in a ringside seat and drinking some seriously bad arena coffee...did i enjoy it? Every frickin minute!!! Hey, check out a mention on one of my old Maritime favorites, the legendary Leo Burke!!! .........Finished the book for my Revolution class, it concluded on facts like capitalism and how it evolved in the 19th Century in an era of industrial capitalism and how World War II's conclusion saw the export of capital from the advanced nations to the less than developed parts of the world. I started a little dictionary for myself with words like capitalism, imperialism, democracy, socialism, oligarchy (A form of government where most political power effectively rests with a small segment of society, typically the most powerful, whether it be by wealth, military, strength, ruthlessness or political influence) hegemony (The dominance of one group over other groups, with or without the threat of force, to the extent that, for instance, the domant party can dictate the terms of trade to its advantage; or more broadly, that cultural perspectives become skewered to favor the dominant groups.) mixed economy, Lassiez-faire etc etc etc.............. it is just a way of keeping meself sharp as the year is progressing and assignments are piling up, i finally havea topic for this class, a gentleman by the name of, Andre Gunder Frank...why did i pick him? Because his article was short (on Dependency in Latin America) and there were alot of articles by him available on ProQuest, the Acadia student researcher's best little buddy...next to JSTOR that is.... actually Mr Frank does have an official website.... it is not boring bland reading that is for damn sure.... Anyways i am off from ol Acadia for an entire week webslingers, gonna work at the store, do homework, hang out with the folks, watch some tv...maybe, the tube is kinda boring... ok, maybe except for some reruns...or something, anywho...well in the meantime and in-between time, that's all folks..lates!

Friday, February 11, 2005


Hello webslingers, hangers-on and whatever the hell else ya' all wanna call yer selves!?!?!?!?! Me father came home yesterday, he is way skinnier now, but in good spirits, i was weary when i saw him yesterday with his weightloss and all, but after supper he was in fine form, watching the Action Channel, shuffling through magazines and newspapers and just generally glad to be home, it was his b-day this week and the family will be together here on Saturday. Applying for jobs this week, found a real good one while rummaging through the Employment Center at Acadia, applied, re-worked me resume and when requested to do so, i spent three hrs yesterday writing a cover letter, i had not written a cover letter in a long time and it was hard trying to find words that would fit, i was told to give hard reasons, not just say that i am in it for the money...well...i wonder if alot of educational institutions are just in it for the money...it is funny, all the time i was ever at Acadia, living up in Tower and stuff, the office would notify me once in a while about dollars, the most they would ever say it, "You can't enter room draw!!!" Then i would go down, sign an extention agreement, go to room draw and no more would come of it, our front office is pretty good in comparison to others, need print-outs? Just tack it on your bill! One time i did not have enough for me books in my first full yr at Acadia, the front office gave me some credit until i was paid, which was that week so it worked out fine. Other people's front office, like at MTA...not so nice, i remember them phoning and phoning me some five times per day in November of last year, "Where is our money!??!?!" Where is it?" They threatened to take me out of classes, disconnect my phone, cut off my internet...and they said it in the rudest tones possible as well... then it was all worked out and then i went in and some pencil necked geek with an old school WWF Undertaker tie told me that i won't be back here next term unless i have money...blabber blabber blabber.... I am glad i wasn't back! Very glad! I made alot of good friends at Harper and in classes at MTA, but my god...the front office people do not make you feel welcome at all! I should have seen the writing on the wall when my very first tour of the university, my tour guide who could have passed for Martin Short's gayer younger brother became very cross when learning i was from Acadia and promptly told me that Acadia was the reason that all the exchange students were leaving...sad eh? It is like comparing restaurants- McDonalds has the better french fries and atmosphere, while Burger King has the better burgers- but have that reputation where you always think that a rat is going to run across the floor...back around 2000-01, me and my old Tower buddy Paul went there with me Father's old Tempo and used the back of our hockey Axemen tickets (buy one Whopper, get another one free...) and honest to god, a buncha fries and other stuff went on the floor and they scooped it all back up for future usage... what do you tell budding university students? Go to Acadia if you want the better classrooms and learning experience from great profs, but expect to come accross a very large SNOT brigade in the student body, except for the good buddies you will make in res and in class etc etc...Go to MTA if you want a great party, lots of friends and friendly people generally everywhere! However...prepare for the classroom experience, i can speak for arts only...i guess the Science program is good... prepare for the classes to be under par, and for Darth Vader to be on the prowl... told ya webslingers, can't have it all! I went to a Dalhousie Seminar Wednesday night at Huggins Science Hall, actually it for for their 20 month MBA program, the presenters were really nice, there was a blonde there with an awesome smile that i was making googly eyes at...probably thought i was a stalker... i dunno if that particular program was my cup of tea, but it does produce alot of jobs and so i filed it away for future reference.... there was alot of good treats there though, they had those "Hello Dolly" squares that my friend Jamie always used to steal from Wheelock... ... sat in me buddy Lindy's Maritime History class the other day...only words to say...BORING...BORING...BORING... we sat and drew pictures and wrote stories like me and Dunker did back in the day... Some of the Tower boys were there, they asked why i do not visit as much anymore...well boys, i always seem to get the impression that you don't want me there...i dunno why.. a friend of mine said the other day its probably because you don't recieve any e-mails, messages, invitations to go up and that i why you don't visit as much... nobody likes to be somewhere and feel like they are a burden to other people...like having a crazy uncle that visits, everyone tolerates him, but breathe a sigh of relief when he leaves to go home to some Wild Turkey and passing out in his row boat somewhere inn the South Shore... i dunno, just don't feel wanted... i thinks i like to remember Tower for the times i had there, but it is not really my Tower anymore.... as much as Little Mike loves to still yell out, "TOWER KING!!!!!?!?!?!?!!" from atop the hill..............My Quanitative Methods midterm is on Tuesday night and i am just a fretting, what are the options here? I don't like math like Brett Hull does not like to backcheck, it is like i have stated a million zillion times until i was blue in the face, if i had wanted to take math, i would have taken business or something...it has no place in the arts. Why are arts students art students? Because they all hate the living F***ing sight of a math problem!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I have a couple of options though, a girl who i sent homework to says that if i am havivng problems with the material i can study with her on Monday night, the only problem is that i might have to skip Sociology of Education in order to do so....that may be the best option... Hopefully all will turn out well..Charley is finally marrying Camilla...ugh...damn Royals, ripping off the taxpayers of England...i know i am no Brad Pitt...but check out the poc of this couple?!?!?!?!?!.... yikes!!!! I finally...finally got me hands on the DVD of "Ramones RAW"!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!? I was at Wal-Mart of all places...chatting it up with the babe who always does all of the promotional stuff at the Axemen games, then i wandered into the audio/video section of the store, looked through the musical DVD's...sorry gang, but nobody is going to cough up $39.99 for "Saga, Styx or Lynryd Skynard 2004 tour DVD's"....anyways i was on me way out when i noticed it sitting out of the corner of my eye... Anywho, after driving home on Wednesday night and arriving in Middleton around 9, it was the quickest i ever flung a DVD out of the packaging and into the DVD player, it is basically a whole lotta cam footage taken by their 2nd drummer Marky Ramone during the last 10 yrs the band toured the world, there are alot of personal moments and bizarre ones as well, including their tour bus being attack in South America and being mobbed by fans in places like Japan, there is concert footage inter spliced with these moments and it was well worth the $19.99 i paid for it...there are alot of hidden eggs on the DVD that i have not found yet...however...the best part of the entire DVD...something that i would have paid $19.99 for it alone was in the bonus section, a forgotten concert called, "I Ramone" which was shot during the "End of the Century" tour of 1980-81 in Italy in a park behind the Vatican...where the pope lives!!!?!?!?!?! Guess he did not want to see the show... Anyways this concert had in the vaults of an Italian television station for two decades after its one time only broadcast on Italian television!?!?!?!?! It was shot on film, including backstage footage of the then-young Ramones! It was sad to see Joey with his ex girl Linda walking in the trailer out back, knowing that a year later she would leave him for Johnny and the Ramones would never ever be the same again..... Anywho, i have to work at 6:00 in Greenwood and i just has to get at me home work, so lay back, enjoy this vintage "Pointed Sticks MP3" i found and watch out for commies...lates!

The "New" ASU 2005-06 Posted by Hello
With me in charge, no pretty boys, no wondering where all your dollars and cents are going and besides, who would mess with this ASU? Just look at us! My Legion of Doom would reign supreme!!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Dream to Make Believe

Hello webslingers and wormslime...well it is another day here at good ol' Acadiau...actually Perkins, doing the mid-life crisis college thingy, handing out resumes and now procrastinating while drinking some good ol' brown crayon...i mean coffee. My father called me this morning, they took out some more of his tubes and he is having some movements...he wants to come home actually, told me he is starting to go stir crazy being up there in the hospital, i mean it is going on three weeks now. Time to get back to living, he was still making Speedo jokes about the summer due to his weight loss. I am just glad he is back to eating some soft foods- probably Jello and that kinda stuff. Classes are ok, a little sparsely attended though...the flu is going around, other than that people are just probably generally skipping...nothing like $12,000 a yr to skip eh weblingers? Saw a girl i thought was pretty with a rose...not Axl Rose (new G n R my A**!??!?!?) but a rose... well that scraps that eh? The same with the girl from Yarmouth a few yrs ago, she was with someone and i stopped talking to her...i guess i am a p****...or lonley...or both....take your pick. We learned somemore yesterday about neoliberalism, i actually had to get up in front of the class...well...nobody else volunteered to get up with the first chapter so i was up and stating about the popular resistance to capitalist development in Latin America by popular grassroots responses of peasants, guerrilla movements, and massive mobilization in the countryside. Basically protests against Americanization...familiar stuff eh? I picked up Ritchie Ramone from work and went grocery shopping with him and his girlfriend at Sobey's in New Minas...there was a lady there with a furry thing around her neck...it was huge and blue and i told Richie that it was the Cookie Monster...actually i remember us watching a Godzilla flick where we swore up and down that he looked like Cookie Monster... oh well...could always be worse eh? I had my Sociology of Education class last night...for the sparse attendance that was present, it was a decent lesson...a little long winded...but interesting none the less. We chatted about how some social capital is convertible- being from a family, at Acadia if you come from the Irving family, you will have respect, room to breathe. Just being born into a family will bring you social capital. It is sometimes up to us to get this social capital working for us. The fact remains in our society that some...well...actually quite a few kids get advantages that others do not, they hold the same human capital, but they have connections, more money- the class advantage- you can apply to more places, videos made to impress employers- you can achieve the upper hand through your economical background. The background...the thoughts that they want everyone to have is seen through red colored lenses, the dominant ideology of our culture must be questioned. What cultural messages are we sending? We are or tht we all should be heterosexual? That we should want to get married and success is defined by money..money...money- a nice house, a nice car.... everyone should want the same thinggs like a Hummer and a Plasma Widescreen Television (except for customers at the videostore obviously....) What different messages are there about life was told in high school? Why cannot we think of doing things differently? Why cannot I sing my essay or why cant students run the administration of the university or receive or at least ask to see a copy of your final examination? Well...i have seen the latest issue of our ever loving Ath... I am glad to see that everyone can finally see me point... it is an expensive popularity contest disguised under the name of "ASU"...or whatever the frick they call it nowadays... and that all should be very curious as to where their money, especially the blue collar sadness tour that seems to make up still a bit of the Acadia population...aka students like me! Frosh week is a $35000 expense? Well...wonder who is pocketing what around here? How's about that Copy Center cost? I do agree with the quotation, "I bet most of us don't even know where this place is!" Good job D********!?!?!?!?! Finally a good issue...although i think we should have devoted a whole issue worth just to it...see people don't like to talk, get involved with stuff... you know, speak out, go against the grain..why is that? We think it will backfire, that no one will listen and the status quo will remain...as in rich kids or the so-called beautiful people running the show as usual...just like high school back in the day...the elections where you see their annoying faces plastered all over the frickin place for aboot a month in the SUB, BAC, Residence, the can...whereever the hell and it is always the same verbal dierrea...i am gonna change this, i am gonna lower your tuition...i am gonna...i am gonna....yeah... well..some do bring free coffee...more brown crayons for you to drink in the BAC...maybe i should run eh? I dunno..come back for like my 15th degree and run for president..i mean, what the hell have i got left to do at this university that i have not already done at this university? Ok...i havent been on the chess team or a D&D club... but really, i would run for pres..no financial crap or anything like that, and i would wear my best ripped jeans and Ramones t-shirt and tell everyone the truth..i would say "Hey scumbags, your getting ripped off by tuition, but who the hell isn't and well...lump it or leave it...by the way there will be all AU sporting events are licenced and there is a tailgating party this Saturday in the Arena parking lot...and i am personally vouching for ten FRAT HOUSES to open next to the ESSO...i mean Irving Center.my dear God...we will look and behave the way that a frickin UNIVERSITY should!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!..by the way...i can't change anything cause i am just a figurehead and i did it to socialize with chicks." Ok...in all seriousness that was not a serious speech for an election campaign...but the sooner that people cann see the truth in advertising and false advertising, then the better off we shall all be eh? by the way...the sexy girl i saw at career day is on the cover of the Ath...but it is creepy looking little old (and i do mean OLD) me and i shall not bother...one last word on the subject...if i did run for Pres...this would so be my campaign automobile!!??!?!?!?!?!?!!!!! Anyways the coffee is done and it is time for me to run, hand out more resumes, pick up Ritchie Ramone from work and then go to my favorite Quanitative Methods class...well...it is my only Quanitative Methods class...anyways kiddies, time to be scarce...lates!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Out There

Hello again faithful webslingers and wormslime!?!?!?!?! Well, it was a weekend...Father is still in the hospital and is being re-evaluated tomorrow. He is doing really well, out of bed and has regained color, but there is only one little kink and when that is worked out, then tomorrow may bring the pleasant news of when he is able to come home. I worked Friday, Sat and today and did lots of homework for Soc on Latin America and Neoliberalism. You, the readers are like me...what in the holy f*** is neoliberalism? It is in theory, is essentially about making trade between nations easier. It is about freer movement of goods, resources and enterprises in a bid to always find cheaper resources, to maximize profits and efficiency. Ya all get that? Remember that "Liberalism" can refer to political, economic, or even religious ideas and that "Neo" means we are talking about a new kind of liberalism. I need to contact one of my other prof's cause she said that she would put the new syllabus on ACME, well i was home some five days, count em..1-2-3-4-5...and no new syllabus!?!?!?!? What can you do when you live in a shoe eh? Well, Saturday i took me nephew on a field trip, we drove to Windsor to check out the Hockey Hall of Fame museum, but it was closed...weird as it did say it was open...there was a list on the door with phone numbers, but we had no time to pursue that avenue, so we just stared in the window for a good 10 minutes at all of the stuff and then went on a tour of Windsor...we went to the mall...it was a good half hr of me life that i will never have back again....boring, i think it consisted of a couple of dollar stores and some MET wanna be store...the old arcade they had was gone...it used to have a Guns and Roses Pinball Machine!!!! Not a Kiss one...but retro coolness all of the same...i remember the Axe had a Lethal Weapon pinball machine me first two yrs at Acadia, and an old friend of mine had a Gilligan's Island pinball machine at Howe Hall up at Dalhousie some eleven to twelve yrs ago. I remember me and my friend Barry were staying the night and we pressed a button on the back and played it for free all night! Scandelous! There was a cool store in Windsor the other day a little bit of the way down from the CLOSED H of F that had old hockey equipment, hats (including a very old school HARTFORD WHALERS ballhat....that is definitly one for next time....) and they had old VHS tapes for $4, so to me amazement, i found an old Bruce Lee documentary called, "Bruce Lee: The Legend" that i had not seen in yrs!!! It was even in the plastic wrapping too! A good documentary, a bit dated...but fun footage of Bruce and a movie i have always wanted to see called, "Duel to the Death" Man, the Snowball Formal was last night!?!?!?!?!? If i had only known....the one major Acadia activity that i have never attended is the Snowball Formal! Seriously...i have never went... I even know who i would have asked, a friend of mine...whom has a bit of an identity crisis, but i think she is really pretty...she is hard on her looks and stuff...dunno why... Anyways the advertising was terrible...just me opinion here folks...but it was only this week that i found out when the Snowball was, and i was not going to run around trying to get someone to fill in for me in Middleton at T&C while i snuck off to the dance...typical Acadia advertising eh? I had me nephew in to look at the set-up for the dance at the SUB on Saturday...he was impressed that the size of the SUB was bigger than his entire high school...it was hysterical driving...he is going through a silly stage at his 12yrs where is a white kid who thinks he is black...wearing gold chains and stuff...W*****...anyways he wanted to know why i did not play any rap (CRAP) music in the track...first off, the driver is in charge of the stereo in the car... second...no RAP de le S*** is coming out of my speakers...i see enough of those morons and i do not use the term loosely MORONS while i am helplessly handcuffed to work driving around, spoliers on the back, dad's old stereo speakers in the trunk, shocks just a going...MORONS...plus i told me nephew that Rappers have to be the biggest hypocrites ever...why do i say that? Well...when i mistakingly turn MTV on the dish and see another CRAP video, it is hard to believe that life is hard in the hood when the singer is driving a $100,000 dollar car, wearing a fur coat and enough gold to make MR T wince... Watched the Super Bowl tonight, a good game as it was no blow-out...too bad i could not have seen any of those commericals!?!?!?!?! Good job Cdn feed assclowns!?!?!??! The Hockey Axemen had a win and a tie this weekend...but think aboot this...in the playoffs for the first time in what?...FOUR YEARS!!! This could be the yr...gotta wait and see eh? I wish i didn't have to work Friday, i would boot it to the mecca in HFX...the fabulous Forum and watch SMU Vs Acadia...i think it wil be a good one, a revenge game for Friday's loss...anyhow cool cats and sexy momma's...i am off to bed as it is back to Wolfville and classes tomorrow and then the cycle beigns again...classes, and home and hopefully good news from HFX....lates!!!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

EPJH- Eastern Passage Junior High in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia was where attended junior high school from September of 1983 to June of 1988. Posted by Hello

Kicks to Try

Hello there all ya out & aboot in webslinging land! Well, what a day good ol' Monday was eh? I went to visit me Father who is presently still hostpitalized, he was in good spirits despite being under alot of medication, he was up and walking with the IV in, so that was a good sign, with the help of a nurse, but nonetheless, still it was encouraging to see. I stayed for about a good 45 minutes, but he was very dopey from all of his medication that conversation was at a standstill. Me accelerator decided to quit on me Monday, i had set my alarm and had risen from bed at exactly 6:05 in the morning, showered, took care of the mutts and was out the door by 6:40 and the frickin Tracker would not turn over, just dead...woke my brother up, who figured it was the battery, he boosted me, i got to Windsor, decided i needed more gas, again...the Jeep would not start, got all the way to Sackville (NS that is...) where there is a good 8-10 garages and had the Jeep looked at...well...it cost me a good $349 dollars!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?! I was PISSED...why pissed? Becuase peeps, i had myself on a track..what is a track? Ya know, around $500 in the bank to kill off March's and April's rent with money from me paychecks from the store filling in the rest, now it is back to Guerilla warfare crap...this much from this check, this much from that check....ugggghhhhhhh!?!?!?!?!? And my brother said i was taken for a ride by this shop, however, while not being the world's upmost authority on the automobile, or in my case..Suzuki Trackers, i still know an accelerator with a hole i could put me foot through... Well..now me trip to Harper Hall is definitly on hold as i am going to have to e-mail Sir Grover again with another plan, i could ask Mom to pay April and then work it off from me pays in April, but i am kinda shy to ask n stuff...anyways i relived me childhood by visiting Eastern Passage when i was done seeing Dad, i grew up in the Passage and it has changed dramatically since i was a child, the wharf there is magnificent looking, it is as if one day someone woke up and smelled the tourist industry or something like that, i never would have thought i would see the day where the Passage had TWO Tim Horton's...not just one...but TWO!!! I drove by a few old friends houses, ya know...too shy to go and talk and stuff, then looking outside at their houses from the Jeep wondering if i should go up to the door and knock and stuff, i have one old friend who i haven't seen in yrs and i was right outside his house on Monday, across the street from his house is the Lions Club, i remember this specifically because we used to call it the "Laverne Club" after the girl (i think she was a girl...kinda looked guyish to me) on Laverne and Shirly, the one who wore the "L" on her shirt...i know it was Laverne...long day... I sent him a grad pic a few yrs ago, always wondered if he recieved it kinda stuff... Just didn't have the B***S to go and knock... oh well....i ate at a restuarant on the dock, i cannot remember the name of it, but it has a big mama jama shark on the front entry way, it looks like the fake ol shark from Jaws the Revenge, it was an expensive ol place ($9.99 for fish and chips!!?!?!??! $9.99!?!?!?!?!?) but it was goo, ok i just looked it up...the place is called, "Boondocks"...then i went to Mic Mac and went to the book store besides Futureshop and bought " On The Road With the Ramones" by their old road manager Monte A Melnick, who is also at times known as the "5th Ramone" it was a good read, always wondered what really happened to Richie Ramone and the reason for the riff between Johnny and Joey (Johnny stole Joey's girlfriend Linda..according to CJ Ramone, she was the one that Joey wrote all of the song's about. "She's The One", "The KKK Took My Baby Away" CJ also summed up the band near the end of the book when he proclaimed that, "That's the case with the Ramones. As Long as there's frustriated teenagers who are looking to find something they can relate to that will piss their parents off, the Ramones are going to have an audience." I could not have said it any better me self. Well...classes were uneventful this week..Monday night was a total snoredoozer, i remember getting back into Wolfville around 5:30, a good hr and a half before class, i was so damn beat tired that i went to me precious AXE and had a good ol Double rum and Coke...it was white rum (much prefer Black) but class was a ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz.... three hrs of nothing but boredom, the prof tries, but there is just no ...i dunno...ummph to the class at all. It was like, same old..same old... with stuff like Functionalist Theories- Spencer, Durkheim and Talcott Parsons and how Functionalist theory emphasizes the idea that schools are a key ingredient to social stability and the social order...The interpretive analysis/ interactionalist perspective (This is rooted in the theory of Max Weber: 1864-1920) it emphasizes the meanings and interactions and Verstehen- Weber’s German word for understanding, and Conflict theory, which is defined as any theory, or collection of theories, which emphasize the role of Conflict (especially between groups and classes) in human societies. It was just same old, same old... our first mini paper is due next week, but i handed mine in last night. I have one girl who is in everyone of my classes, super cute and says hi to me all the time, but i saw her a few weeks ago at Wal-Mart with her boyfriend...it was not meant to be...wait! It is Robert Reid Hawley speaking here...it is never meant to be! Ugh! Well Qualitative Methods was no better with that SSPS utter BULL****!!! I did see miss WAl-Mart hottie in the Useless Support while i was there, man she has a nice smile..ummmmmmmmmm ok lust man, actually me and the Dunker had lunch at Perkins and the Gypsy walked by alot, she is a girl who is always at Perkins and is quite ummmm..lovely to say the least, "A worthwhile VIXEN according to Dunker... the only worthwhile class of the week was today's class where we spoke about Socialism...and , I picked up Sir Richard the other day and he invited me in for some of his DQ birthday cake and some Chef Boyardee Pizza that his girlfriend made.. then we watched Death Wish 3, one of the greatest movies that we ever watched on 3rd floor Crowell Tower....Bronson should have been president! i could hear it now, "Those Russian Sons of B****S!!?!?!?! oh yeah, back to Soc, we talked about Latin America...again... for those who do not know, Social is the word encompassing everything, transformation has to be about the movement towards greater choice for the vast majorities of people, for all those in particular who are oppressed and are exploited. See! That is not too hard eh? Anyways i was going to go see me Axemen beat the tar out of SPEW...i mean SMU, but i decided to come home and take care of the house while my Mother was up visiting me Father in Halifax, well gang, it looks like a weekend of work on Friday, Sat and Sunday, wishing i was at the game as we are now tied for 2nd place overall, but however i shall do homework and peddle videos! Go team! 1-2-3-4 Lates!
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