Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Enjoy the View

Hey gang! Wow close to ol Merry Xmas eh? Wonder if the ol gang from WK would remember Merry XXX Mass from back in the day? Never look at midgets the same way ever again... Well went out to see Rocky VI last night aka Rocky Balboa...it was suprisingly very well done, the theatre was packed and it was funny in a way cause you could hear people being impatient because they were running just one too many trailers and people were going, "C'mon!" amongst other words. They did have a trailer for Ghost Rider which was delayed till February from the summer. Anyways Rocky runs a restuarant and there is no Adrian, which i could see was choking up lots of people...i could feel a little bit of a lump there when Rocky sits at her gravestone or visits all the places where they first went on dates and they play them old Rocky cues..of course there was a great training montage and Rocky regains alot of his dignity. Just go see the film because this will probably be the last time Stallone at age 60 or however old he is has this character on screen. Until Rambo IV appears. Me and Blair went to Doolys in New Minas last night before the movie, it was funny cause we were flirting with the female bartender who thought Stallone was still hot...mmmmmmmmmmm k... So tomorrow is payday and i am going to pick up my Mom's present and some stocking stuffers and that is it for Xmass stuff.. what about today Old Man Robb? Well today is a day off, i dunno why cause i know i would have gladly worked the 10-6 shift. However all is good. So today i will wrap presents, take the doggies for their walk and probably go to the gym...sounds boring eh? Next week ol Tash is on vacation so i will be working lots of 10-6 shifts in her place..well someone has to work them...I cannot believe that now it is 18 days till Japan! So much has happened! I should do like my old pal Gorgeous Glen and write a year in review on Robbblogs! Man this time last month on this exact day i thought things were going to be different, but i was wrong...so wrong. I dunno why i am dwelling on that still...i think it is the time of year ya know, it is Xmass and not to sound like a broken record player, or in my friend Craig's case, a broken Mickey Mouse Record Player!!!! (probably listening to Accept!!!)LOL! No one wants to feel crappy on Christmas....but it is like seriously Robbie find your strength because you are going to a $30,000 or so a year job and you can't be being all silly. I actually had Mom at the computer yesterday afternoon to see Craig's webcam so she could see his kids. Mom has to learn to use the computer in order for us to save money while i am in Japan. I hope someone can show her the ropes cause i wanna save her alot of money in calls. I remember going to Mount A and i swear every night that phone rang, what is she gonna do with a 13 hr time difference? Have you ever heard of Japan's fascination with vending machines? Take a look at this!!!! Starting to get a bit nervous about going too, imagine the jetlag? Or stepping off that plane and wondering just where the heck am i? Too weird to even imagine eh? As i write this, my money transfers are taking place and American dollars are being converted into Japanese Yen. So much to learn in such a small amount of time, to be able to adjust to a new way of living. However at the end of the day i am still gonna be Robbie, i am going to be paying back my student loans the honest way and this is going to be good for my resume, where can it go? Who knows? Maybe after my loan is all well and paid off within two and a half years i will stay an extra year and gain more money and experience, maybe i will go corporate, try to get into Nova's corporate offices and come home and live in Toronto or maybe at one of their stateside locations. I guess the sky is the limit as they say, Mom says i have the world by the ass and i don't even know it. I guess i let little things get to me like i always do, turn little things into big things, make things worse than they already are. I think i am at peace with myself at the moment.

Well here is the Acadia Hockey Schedule for the rest of the year while i am in Japan.....

Fri. Jan. 5- Acadia @ UdeM 7pm
Sat. Jan. 6-Acadia @ UNB 7pm
Wed. Jan. 10- Dalhousie @ Acadia 7:30pm
Sat. Jan. 13- StFX @ Acadia 7:30pm
Fri. Jan. 19- UdeM @ Acadia 7:30pm
Sat. Jan. 20- UNB @ Acadia 7:30pm
Wed. Jan. 31- Acadia @ Dalhousie 7pm
Fri. Feb. 2- UPEI @ Acadia 7:30pm
Sat. Feb. 3- St. Thomas @ Acadia 7:30pm
Fri. Feb. 9- Acadia @ UPEI 7pm
Sat. Feb. 10- Acadia @ St. Thomas 7pm
Fri. Feb. 16- Saint Mary's @ Acadia 7:30pm
Sat. Feb. 17- Acadia @ StFX 7pm

Anyways folks i have to get off my ass, get showered, walk them doggies and get to the gym and be Rocky...i mean Robbie...or something like that..have a good one!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

All That I've Got

Hey bloggeronies! What is a happening? Well tonight is ROCKY BALBOA night! Yes i have been looking forward to this, leaving around 5ish and getting a bite to eat and then headed to the Empire for the 7:00 showing. So what else is new? Can you believe that in 19 days i am going to be in Japan? Right now we are awaiting my Visa papers/ Certificate of Eligibilty papers to come back from the Japanese Consolate in Montreal. They should be here via Priority Post in the next little bit. What is good about NOVA is that your rent money accordoing to the gentleman on the phone is taken directly out of your paycheck, leaving room for budgeting and other concerns, like paying back me student loans. Mom layed her offer out on the table again yesterday, but i declined, it is time for Old Man Robb to fly, to jet ya know..so many of my friends are married and have kids, and what have i done outside of my illustrious (insert laught track here) college career? No no i need this experience for the resume and some time out of NS. Yesterday me and Mom went to the bank and applied to have $2500 put into Yen, which is $256,855.86 in Yen. Not really much difference in the dollar eh? Found a NOVA student's website showing his time in Japan..check out the apartment! Mom and me ate at Subway again yesterday (I think she has a thing for toasted veggie subs) and she compared it to me going off to university for the first time, except on a larger grander scale and much much further away. I mean i won't be home till Christmas of 2007, so much much much can change in one year ya know, like Middleton finally getting some traffic lights downtown or something drastic like that. I found a piece here about the costs of products in Japan... How much does stuff cost?I dunno tough question, here we go: Starbucks coffee 300 yen ($2,87 American), Beer at an izakaya 400 yen ($3.38 American) Plate of curry rice 400 yen ($3,38 American), Ramen 400 yen ($3.38 American) Pair of shoes about 3500 yen ($29 Ameican) , Nice dinner (sushi, appetizer, dessert, 1 drink) 5000 yen ($42.00 American) Remember this stuff is all ballpark figures…..so take it with a grain of salt…. maybe i should be a stand up comedian, they seem to get in all the S*** these days!
My old buddy Craig from the Passage wrote to me yesterday and actually commented on here somewhere about some of our past exploits in the Passage back in the day (The 80s) When my Mom's hair turned purple and when we found Captain Redneck's collection of porn. Ahhhh the good ol days eh? Q-104 stickers and all! I should phone him some night and see if he is going to get the Twisted Sister Christmas Album!?!?!?!?!? Well our staff party was Friday night at Dooley's in Gwood. It was good times seeing the gang together, except the band playing was very out of key and friggin up tunes like "What I Like About You" and April Wine's Rock Myself To Sleep...and some dufus tried to pick up all of our staff and managed somehow not to get kicked out when he was cut off from the bar..what a maroon...Tash is still bugging me about me giving him the eye on you hand signal that Ben Stiller/ Robert DeNero gave one another in Meet The Parents. Me and Tash are working Christmas Eve again this year and we are going to follow in our tradition of playing the Beatles: Yellow Submarine which we only play on Christmas Eve every frickin year...ok ok ok...why the hell would you even play that? Well we know it will not rent on Christmas Eve and it always gets customers going "What the F***?!?!?!?!?!" My last day of working at the store formerly known as Andrew's will be on January 2nd. Weird eh? An end of an era. Now most of our customers know i am headed to Japan, you feel important, but it is like my Dad used to say, Son stick your hand in a pail of water, what do you come out with? That is how important you really are. Life will go on when i am gone to Japan, people will still rent movies, bitch about late fees and complain that the movies are in Widescreen and we don't have enough copies of some crappy independent film blah blah blah... was nagged into going to PJ's on Saturday night..whatta dive! There were five cougars dancing, one of whom tried to put her boa around my neck..and that was it. Draft was $1.50 but mostly i sat at the bar and stared at the Montreal game that was playing and left at 12. Watched the new American Pie V: The Naked Mile the other night, i liked it better than i liked Band Camp. It had two Stiflers and one of them had this awesome drinking heavyweight belt designed with crushed beer cans and beer caps...i so need one for my trophy room! Went to go see Casino Royale the other night and it took some getting used to seeing a blonde James Bondage, but it was an ok flick, nice to see a more gruff Bond for a change as you can see the change into classic James Bond throughout the film. So my nephew got caught drinking at school again, when will they ever learn eh? He is really embaressed as he was having a much better term this year than last years record setting year. Well life is ok, wish i heard from a certain someone but i think i can understand why that someone would not wanna talk to me. So what else is new? Well still going to the gym, was there a good 75 minutes yesterday and i am going again today after i am done taking the dogs for a walk. Awww getting payed Friday and then there is the weekend, well it will be time to finish off my shopping, pick up my Mom's gift and be done of shopping for another full calendar year...have a good one folks!
PS- Actually there was a part of Band Camp i liked and it is a song by a band called
Breaking Benjamin entitled Forget it, here are the lyrics...

It's a crime you let it happen to me
Nevermind, I'll let it happen to you
Out of mind, forget it there's nothing to lose
But my mind and all the things I wanted
Everytime I get it
I throw it away
It's a sign, I get it, I wanna stay
By the time I lose it
I'm not afraid
I'm alive but I can Surely fake it
How can I believe when this cloud hangs over me
You're the part of me that I don't wanna see
Forget it
There's a place I see you follow me
Just a taste of all that might come to be
I'm alone but holding breath you can breathe
To question every answer counted
Just fade away
Please let me stay
Caught in your way
Forget it
It's a crime you let it happen to me
Out of mind, I love it, easy to please
Nevermind, forget it, just memories
On a page inside a spiral notebook
Just fade away
Please let me stay
Caught in your way
I can live forever here
Forget it
How can I believe when this cloud hangs over me
You're a part of me that I don't wanna see
I can live forever here

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tomorrow is ROCKY BALBOA!!!!

Posted by Picasa Just having another ROCKY moment...kinda like waiting for Christmas or something eh? Or even tomorrow's trip to New Minas! Click the above pic for another awesome ROCKY memory from ROCKY IV!!!!!!!!!!! And with keeping with yesterday's soundtrack tradiation here are they lyrics to "Hearts on Fire" by John Cafferty!!!

Silence in the darkness creeps into your soul
Envy moves the light of self control
The gate that holds you captive has the door
Burnin' with determination to even up the score
Heart's on fire, strong desire, rages deep within
Heart's on fire, fever's risin', high
The moment of truth draws near
Time will not allow you to stay still, no
Silence breaks the heart and bends the will
Defense is guilty passions out of control
Rules and regulations have no meaning any more
Heart's on fire, strong desire, rages deep within
Heart's on fire, fever's risin', high
Right up till the end
The moment of truth is here

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Posted by Picasa Well actually it is a pic from good ol Rocky IV posted above, but i have the day off on Wednesday and well this is something i have been looking forward to for a long long long time! To get in the mood here are the awesome lyrics to "No Easy Way Out" by Robert Tepper (Who the F*** is Robert Tepper since 85?...but click pic for the just as awesome video! ) If you are any kind of man, you are going to see this on Wednesday, if you are not you might as well stay home, eat chocolates and whine to someone who cares, anyways enjoy the video and the lyrics.

"We're not indestructible, better get that straight
I think it's unbelievable how you give into the hands of fate
Some things are worth fighting for, some feelings never die
I'm not askin' for another chance
I just wanna know why
There's no easy way out there's no shortcut home
There's no easy way out givin' in can't be wrong
I don't wanna pacify you
I don't wanna drag you down
But I'm feelin like a prisoner like a stranger in a no named town
I see all the angry faces afraid that could be you and me
Talkin about what might have been
I'm thinkin about what I used to be
There's no easy way out there's no shortcut home
Ther's no easy way out givin in can't be wrong
We can shed this skin
We can know how we feel inside
Instead of goin down an endless road not knowin if we're dead or alive
Some things are worth fightin for, some feelings never die
I'm not askin for another chance I just wanna know why
Theres no easy way out there's no shortcut home
There's no easy way out givin in givin in can't be wrong no
There's no easy way out there's no shortcut home
There's no easy no easy no easy way out

Friday, December 15, 2006

Target Me

Hey gang

What is a happening? Well not too too much except tonight is the night of the Store Formerly known as Andrew's staff party!!! Didn't have one last year and it is starting at 9:00 at Doolies in Gwood tonight. Cannot wait! Even Ol Tash is going and my old buddy Shelly!!! And i have tomorrow off to sleep it off. I have a couple of invites to do stuff tomorrow, one is to go to Legends in Coldbrook and one is to go to PJ's Lounge in Middleton of all frickin places. Dunno if i will go to either. Both of them always play all that repetitive dance music crap, we talking lowest common denomenator shit. So i sent all of my stuff to the Japanese Consolate in Japan via Priority Post and today i had to send them a blank envelope of all things so they can send my Visa and all the rest of my stuff back to me. I recieved info from Nova Japan yesterday about my arrival at Narita Airport on January 10th about how i have to show my passport, collect my luggage, go through customs. Nova made a tentative plan for my journey which includes departing the airport via bus and going to my apartment. There will be a representative from Nova with me for most if not all of the duration of my arrival. The apartment in which i will be living is entitled Lions Mansion Yatsuka Ekimae and i will have two male roomates so no Three's Company happening here folks! My rent per month is 65,000 Yen which is according to the Currency Converter is approx $636.88 Canadian.
So i had a date last Saturday with a fellow ESL teacher who is going back to Korea in January. It was ok, like i said i dunno how into the dating scene i am right now, but it was fun to peel out of Middleton for a bit and go somewhere else for awhile.
Christmas is in 10 days and it is starting to get to my Mother, we are going to celebrate it up at my brothers in Kentville this year, there are some people who i would really love to kick in the ass who just keep voicing and voicing their opinions and i wish they would really keep them to themselves if they have nothing better to say. As a matter of fact i am sick of sooky people as well who always have people fawning over them, like who the fuck are they are what the fuck have they ever done? Wha Wha Wha is what they do and people pay fucking attention to them!
Unfuckingbelivable! What have i ever done? I have earned everything i have ever thrived to do, suffer a little set back? Get back up. Did i let some previous problems slow me down? Yes i did to an extent, what did i do? I got a boost and got the frig back up! Did i accomplish what i wanted? Yes i graduated high school and no one said i could, i graduated Acadia and no one said i could, i am going to Japan and i know there are people snickering in the corner and those who want me to fail, am i? Maybe..maybe not but if i do not last in Japan, i will bounce back. That is the difference right there i am afraid boys and girls....

That Old Man Robb can rant eh?

Took Mom to Subway today in Greenwood and treated her to lunch as a family we are trying stay chin up about everything, be as upbeat as possible. Mom doesn't like that i am leaving, but what choice do i really have in the matter? I have to start my career, i have to pay back my student loan, Mom told me not to worry about that part of it tht we would pay for it, but what the hell does that really accomplish in the end? I would still be at the Store Formerly Known as Andrew's and still in Middleton with two degrees and nothing at all to show for it.
Actually i think i should be given a medal of honor for last Friday, i departed good and early and bought everyone's Christmas present, the only person i have yet to buy for is my Mother and i have her gift on reserve. I remember leaving Middleton and it was only raining, came out of the mall in NewMinas and it was like the snowstorm from hell! So i hope everyone appreciates their
presents even more! I thought i saw those AT-AT things from the Empire Strikes Back were going to start walking across the parking lot in New Minas! I got off the 101 in Aylesford and drank a Needs coffee of all things and it took me a good hour to get from Aylesford to Middleton!!! I remember Tash asked if i needed a Tim Hortons coffee, i told her we should go to the Capital instead and drink 5 or 6 Keiths!
I am really glad to be back in touch with my old pal Gorgeous Glen who was my RA in Tower during 2002-03! He has his own blog and he says he is very entertained with what i have provided in mine. Glad to see ya again old buddy!
Well Kimberley left for home today for the Xmas Holidays, her BF was here at 9:00 this morning. I was glad that i was able to get my Xmas gift to get yesterday while she was home, i really hope that she likes it as she says she is not opening it till Christmas Day. Do i wish things were different? Of course i do, but they are not and slowly i have to accept that. Time is irreplaceable and not coming back...I'll miss seeing her over the holidays.
Well what else is a happening? Well how's about this coming Wednesday? What the hell is happening Wednesday? Cue the music..........drumroll.......... ROCKY BALBOA OPENS IN NEW MINAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And me and Blair are going to be there! Still going to the gym here in town and now i am down to around 210/ 209 pounds...a few years ago i hovered around the 240 pound mark, would love to be below the 200 pound mark before i depart for Japan. Now that would kick all kinds of ass! Again so weird leaving my Mom behind with everyone else...i really wanted the Hollywood ending you know what i mean? But instead i get the Old Man Robb ending, but that is ok because that is the way it is supposed to be, going on and on and on all alone and hopefully finally making my mark, I'm sick of being caught in yesterday.
it's my time so everyone else should kind of step out of the way.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Unopened Letter to the World

Hey gang

Well i am back..sort of

Dealing with it, it sucks sometimes especially when you really care about someone, someone who you love being around. But we chatted lots last night, i think we are gonna get along a-ok. These things just take time. Last thing i wanted to do was go to Japan and have things between me and Kimberly be terrible.

So how is everyone? I have a BIG announcement! Last Thursday afternoon i recieved an e-mail from the NOVA office in Toronto and it read like this:

Dear Mr. Hawley,

Nova Group is happy to inform you that as the Certificate of Eligibility process is underway, your departure date has been determined. Please read the following outline carefully as it contains important information regarding your flight arrangements and the next steps in the process of preparing to work in Japan with Nova Group. A reservation has been made for you on the Group flight as follows

Departing Canada on: 1/9/2007
Arriving in Japan on: 1/10/2007 at Narita International Airport, Tokyo

While it is not imperative that you arrive on the group flight, it is recommended. Teachers arriving on the group flight are met at the airport by Nova Foreign Personnel staff. Nova Group covers onward travel and luggage delivery costs and the Nova Staff will assist you to your apartment in Japan. If you prefer to make your own flight arrangements, you must first contact the Toronto recruiting staff before confirming any details. Please also be aware teachers not arriving on the group flight are not met and all expenses incurred are the teacher’s responsibility. Any alternative arrangements to arrive Japan must still be made for the arrival date and airport as indicated above.

Heavy eh? Looking forward to it.
Well went to go see Guns and Roses the other night in Halifax, it was fun as a friend of mine got me a backstage pass. I did not meet GnR, but i saw the Trews, the Suicide Girls (Who were ummmm...s0mething else...i am never gonna look at a riding crop the same one ever again.. ) and the Trailer Park Boys were around as well. It was a fun show, a local back whom i cannot remember the name of opened the show, The Suicide Girls did their thing, which was funny because a lady by me bitched and bitched because she had her kid with her, i told her but you let him listen to Guns N Roses!?!?!?!?!!? GnR took the stage at 11:30 and proceeded to rock the house down playing lots of oldies. It bothered me for a second hearing November Rain, but i was pretty caught up in the excitement of see GnR...well sort of GnR and the Trailer Park Boys joined them for a reendition of Liquor and Whores...lots of fun and I did not get back in good ol Middleton till 4:00 in the morning. Ran into my Old Buddy Bullen the other day at Mount Saint Vincent, it was nice that we sat dpown and chatted for awhile about stuff, well old times in the good ol Tower. It is funny when the topics get onto people that we have no recollection of whatever the hell happened to them. I also made a sidetrip to Eastern Passage and checked out all kinds of ol stuff, drove by our old house and saw my old Q104 stickers still in the window as well as the shed Dad built still standing tall in the backyard. Yes the Axemen lost to Laval, i have not heard the end of it either, of well always next year.
Well i have a doctors appointment for 3:30 this afternoon, went to outpatients the other day and they really didn't do anything for me. So i have an appointment with my doctor this afternoon. I think i have a case of Bronchitis (I am not a smoker!) What is Bronchitis?

Bronchitis is an obstructive pulmonary disorder characterized by inflammation of the bronchi of the lungs. It is common in habitual tobacco smokers and residents of polluted cities. Like many disorders, bronchitis can be acute (short-term), or chronic (long-lasting). Chronic bronchitis is defined clinically as a persistent cough that produces sputum matter that is coughed up from the respiratory tract, for at least three months in two consecutive years the period can be longer but may not be.Chronic bronchitis is predominantly caused by smoking, and has also been linked to pneumoconiosis, excessive alcohol consumption and exposure to cold and draught.
Yep..wanna get rid of this one!
So i have been going back to the gym here in Middleton, i am going to pick up a student pass aka a monthly pass so i can go work out, i have dropped 6 pounds and i would like my body to look a little better. Although i hear there is an urban legend that Japanese women like bigger men. Dunno about that one...
Anyways, i am going to have my shower, feed the doggies, go downtown, go to my appointment and then go to work. I am going to grab a copy of Superman Returns and Clerks 2 from work, hopefully someone who i still think is really cool will wanna watch them with me.

Have a good one folks!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Hey bloggeronies

It had to happen sooner or later i guess, me and Kimberly broke up yesterday. It really sucks. Why? She had her reasons. All day yesterday i avoided coming home because i could so sense that things are different, even right now as i am typing this and she dumped me yesterday. I guess i am not cut out for this boyfriend business. Only once have i ever been the dumper in all the relationships i have ever had. I dunno... just really sucks to be me right now rambling on and on and on and on like i always do with my longwinded old blogs. What was the first thing i did last night afterwards? Went to Blair's place and we got hammered, but that doesn't change anything as i woke up this morning at 7 and i felt just like yesterday, unwelcome and cold. Sometimes i wonder if i am cut out for this world for it is always the same old stuff year after year, again i dunno. I am out of this frickin province in less than six weeks according to schedule so that like i have said before will be cool to some people. I care but i don't but yet i do. Oh well i will blog again when i feel like it.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The World Is Full Of Boredom

Hey there bloggeronies! Long time eh? Well what has Old Man Robb been up to? Waiting for an answer from Nova Japan, i am to wait till the week of the 20th to the 25th and if i have yet to hear anything to give them a dingle. Well it was a weekend. What did i do? I purchased the new Sloan album, Never Hear The End of It. I like it lots, a friend of mine found it too self-indulgent and thought it was one of their worst albums, but lots of people want all bands to sound the same on every album and do not want to see experimentation. I also picked up the DVd of the 1980 cult classic Mother's Day from work...it is different and definitly not everyone's cup of tea, but i have liked it ever since we rented it on beta back in the g0od ol 80s, i always got a charge out of the two killers in the movie along with their demented mother who is a sight to behold with her crossed-eyes, neckbrace and train-wreck fashion sense. I went to see some Acadia basketball on Friday night, a double header with the girls/ guys which Acadia narrowly lost in the men's game to SMU. I worked all day Saturday and Sunday for a combined 16 hrs. It was a quiet ol house on both those days for i drove Kimberly to Kentville on Friday afternoon so that she could catch a ride home. I picked her up last night and we are going to go see SAw 3 tomorrow night at the Zedex. I like her lots, but i know that i drive her up the wall. It will be weird once i am gone to Japan. Somedays i know i am like i do not wanna leave family, friends, the dogs and Kimberly behind here in NS, but other days i find i become moody behind my smile and i just wish i was gone and out of site for awhile. Some people say that they know me but how can they when they don’t know me at all?!?!?!? Somedays i feel that i do hard work and it is just not appreciated by anyone, especially people who think i am just some kind of rejected goof, but soon i will be gone and in a different time zone and they can go fuck themselves. Never thought i would see the day where the Archies are lipsynicing the SEX PISTOLS?!?!?!?!!?!?!?! Yeah Saturday was strange, being home and sitting in Dad's chair and watching Hockey Night in Canada. Watched the Habs lose to the Leafs and i felt like that little brat in that cartoon The Hockey Sweater. How's about those football Axemen!?!?!?!?!? I was at work so i missed it, but they are off to Laval where they will face a tough team. Well my old Jeep is history as it sold yesterday, what was funny is that someone else thought it was their's??!?!? Just like they think alot of other stuff around here is their's for some odd weird and wonderful reason. Come to think of it i did enjoy the quiet around here for most of the weekend, although i missed a certain person and thought it was very quiet without some other people around, there was a certain person that i don't think i would have missed at all this past weekend. My advice to that one person is GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!! Now that i have all that out of my system, i wanna burger like THIS!!! Need to bun off some energy, wonder if it is time to join the gym again? I like food though, it is like JAck Black said to the kid in School of Rock, "I Like To Eat" However maybe i should join, ware myself out a bit. Hey last week i showed Kimberly Blackbelt Jones and the Party Animal and lived to tell the tale! What a double-feature!!! Oh yeah..less than a week to go and on Monday i get to see...................... GUN's N' F'N Roses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait! Anyways folks that is all for now, have a good one!

PS- Goober Patrol: Easy Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Robert Reid Hawley FAQ!!!

I figured it was only a matter of time before i did this....


The dreaded....

The Robert Reid Hawely FAQ!!!
Oh and for the dummies...FAQ is an acronym for Frequently Asked Questions. It is also sometimes used as the singular Frequently Asked Question (Although when was the last time you heard only one question?). Some have called it Frequently Answered Questions as well. This isn't necessarily correct, but it isn't necessarily wrong either. It effectively has the same meaning. A compilation of Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers) is referred to as a FAQ list or FAQ article. Sometimes the term FAQ itself is used to refer to the article - as an example, I refer to this article as a FAQ about FAQs. The term FAQ has a meaning of its own that could almost qualify it as a word of its own. Sometimes, FAQs are full of answers.

Here is my very own

1) What is your full name? My name is Robert Reid Hawley. Sometimes i am known as
Old Man Robb, Robbo, Robbie, Robert (My Mother calls me that most often) as well as countless other names..some nice, some not so nice.

2) Where were you born? Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
3) When? Ask theroberthawleyexperience@hotmail.com
4) Do you have any siblings? Two brothers, one sister.
5) Where do you live? Middleton, Nova Scotia..soon to be Tokyo, Japan sometime in January of 2007.
6) Do you have any pets? Yes..2 Shitzu's names Gizzy and Maggie, they are Father and Daughter and they are ages 5 and 2.
7) Do you have nieces and nephews? A few..5 nieces, 1 nephew.
8) Where did you graduate from high school? West Kings District High School in 1992-93.
9) Where did you go to University? Acadia University
10) Did you graduate? Yes in 2002-03 and again in 2004-05
11) Didn't you go to Mount Allison University? Yes in 2003-04
12) Didn't you go to Cole Harbour District High School? Yes in 1988-89
13) Didn't you go to Kingstec Community College? Yes in 1995-96
14) What jobs have you done? Oh brother...
a) Smitty's Pancake House: May 1989-August 1989
b) Cole Harbour Place: July 1989- Febuary 1990
c) Bragg Communications: July 1991-September 1996
d) Kingston Arena: September 1991-September 1996
e) Mama Sofia Pizzeria: September 1993- January 1995
f) Ultramar: September 1996-March 1997
g) Pharmasave: March 1997- July 1997
h) The Store Formerly Known as Andrews: June 1997- NOW
15) Why the long dragged out high school career? Man i learned shit...esp in CHDHS, i still think teachers waste too much time on seeing who is trying to skip and who is in the hallway and not enough time prepping kids for post-secondary education.
16) Why only one year at Kingstec? Morons don't know talent, proved wrong later.
17) Why only one year at Mount Allison? Again another place where teaching was for the birds, liked living there though. Missed the stuff i was used to at Acadia like the library open late, the nightlife and not having to wait till 11:30 to eat breakfest on Saturdays and Sundays.
18) Where did you live at Acadia? Crowell Tower from 1998-2003. The Tower is now closed as of 2006-07 and is probably targeted for termination :(
19) Where did you live at Mount Allison? Harper Hall
20) Why are you going to Japan? No one here is smart enough to give me a job or they are worried i am going to take their job. Let's just say i am a wee bit bitter. They say you need experience to have experience, so here i go!
21) Who is your favorite hockey team? The Montreal Canadiens and the Acadia Axemen
22) Didn't you have a College Radio Show? Yes, it was called "Assume The Position" and it was named after a comment in the movie, "National Lampoon's Animal House" Me and a friend named Ghislan debuted the show on Radio Acadia in 2000-01. However TED McGINLEY
screwed it up and as a result the station was off the air before the end of 2001-02. However at CHMA at Mount Allison in 2003-04 the show was revived as a single man show starring me and drew really good ratings. I would love to revive it one day...
23) What are you favorite movies? B horror movies, comedies and action. Maybe a drama once in a blue moon. Love old school slashers like Friday The 13th, Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
24) Who is your favorite band? Tie- The Beach Boys and the Ramones- my favorite kind of music is punk, rock, old school metal and some oldies.
25) Do you hate country music? With a passion.
26) Any other hates? Ketchup on eggs and Kraft Dinner..seriously i have to leave the room. Tuna and processed cheese..yuck! White guys who think they are black, bums, people who loiter where i work, people who talk a good game and do shit in life, lazyness.
27) Who is your super duper coolest friend in this whole wide world? Kimberly..nothing sweeter!
28) Any others? Lots of friends everywhere! Hard to keep up with everyone!
29) Favorite beer? Keith's, Colt 45 is a sentimental favorite
30) Most inspirational person? My Dad...i miss him very much.
31) Fav TV Shows? Lots in the 70s and 80s- loved Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider, Dallas, A-Team. Of Course Sat morning stuff, Sat morning WWF and HNIC- today is all reality shows and CRAP
32) Do you hate rap? AS bad as country
33) A typical Robb morning? Wake up, make coffee, read the news on the computer, wake Kimberly, read the newspaper, walk the dogs, do errands and then work.
34) Do you love Acadia sports? Absolutely? Win or lose i am there if i can make it.
35) Favorite Hockey Player? Guy Lafleur, would have loved to have been alive to see Bobby Orr in his prime.
36) You met Wayne Gretzky? Yes, me and my brother waited a good hour for him to emerge from the back of the Northlands Coliseum in 1982 after a game between the Edmonton Oilers and the Colorado Rockies. Wayne had a mullet and a fur coat and was a really nice guy.
37) Your first rock concert? Alice Cooper..sometime in the 80s
38) Why can't you usually keep a GF? Their fault, not mine...JK! I think some bad match-ups, some bad choices in women, but now i am happy, my first GF in awhile and i like her lots!
39) Best family trip ever? Coming back from Edmonton to Nova Scotia and driving through the States in the summer of 1983. Everyone was there and got along.
40) Worst moments? Losing Dad was up there, ummm..whenever i lost a dog. As a kid i did not understand that they aged 7 yrs every birthday..silly me. I did have a best buddy i did everything with and then one day we stopped hanging out and i seemed to never forgive him for it and what made it worse is that no one else saw the bad in it but me. Silly stuff, maybe someday i write emo songs about it...LOL..my 2nd year at WK was terrible due to me being hurt by something stupid that was my fault as i realized later that what bugged me was pretty worthless.
41) Best moments? Hanging with Dad, doing family stuff like going on trips, hockey games, even a family trip to the Flea Market was an adventure back in the day. Ummm..graduating from Acadia was an awesome moment as i did not attend my high school graduation, my old junior high school in Eastern Passage stopped doing graduation my year. So it was my first and someone who said i was untalented was there right almost in the front row!!! And when i was returning my grad robe there was another person walking up the road from back in the WK days who said i was talentless..well well well. Another moment would be getting my marks when i returned to Acadia in 2004-05 and realizing when you have good teaching, you will do well. Lots of good memories, friends. Lots of good times in Tower as well.
42) What was the name of your old junior high school? Eastern Passage Junior High, i attended it from 1983-84 and finished it in 1987-88. The building is now an elementary school. I was kind of a nerd. Like other schools i attended, the potential was there for an academic breakout, my Dad always thought the potential was there, but no one believed it, esp me and well...lots of my teachers. I became shy, but yet the class clown at the same time. I always liked a good quip, comment or doing something silly. I think kids today have no imagination, yet back in the day we had no satellite tv, no advanced video games, internet and computer stuff and had to make do and make our own fun. We used our imagination and that was the difference. By the way i still think i was elected class president in the 8th grade for a joke.
43) You were always involved in school weren't ya? Well i could never stand still. High School saw me in the school play, school choir, winter carnaval committee, school mascot (I was a lion) yearbook committee, statistican, i taped the hockey and basketball games, i was the PA announcer at the hockey games, i was in drama, the outdoors club, business club and i played lacrosse and was on the wrestling team, i stopped playing hockey at the end of grade 9 when i realized...ummmm...i sucked.
44) University involvement? Ummmm...radio show, floor representative on student council, tour guide, history club, sociology club, the beer club (A real promotion by Molson in 2001..honest) to name but a few....
45) Why did you take 2005 off? To look after Dad. To relax i mean i have been in school all of my life with the exception of a combined 7 years! And i wanted to work on my future, i mulled offers from other schools including Fort Kent and a few others.
46) How is your Mom? Good..awesome
47) What is your future? Go to Japan, pay off student loan and eventually return to prove to people i can work, possibly take their job and to hang out with Kimberly.
48) Why is your blog so big! I can talk alot and i have lots to talk about!
49) Ok...worst movie ever? Zombie Lake..never finished it..and i have tried!
50) Why so many questions? I can talk...and blog!

Monday, November 06, 2006


Hey bloggeronies! What is a happening? Long time eh? Well what have i been up to? Well well well... i spent most of the weekend with the NHL Legends of Hockey! I was at work on Saturday and my brother called me and told me he was in a bit of a pickle because he needed a driver to get these guys to the arena, so i left the store formerly known as Andrew's and went to the Slumber Party Massacre Inn (Or whatever it is called) and escorted these guys to the arena. From then we drove to a fellow's house who had one of the largest collections of hockey stuff i had ever seen! He even had dolls of the Hanson Brothers from Slapshot..the greatest hockey movie ever frickin made!!! From there we went back to Wolfville and to the Anvil!!! Yes Old Man Robb escorted Chris Nilan and Dave Schultz to one of my favorite old stomping grounds! We stayed, had a couple of pops and left. A friend of mine thought i had guys from the mob with me and i had to tell him...ummm no, told him who they were and he so did not believe me! Went to the Axemen- UPEI game Saturday night and man that was one of the most boring hockey games i had ever seen in that arena! Looked like everyone was skating in mud! Yesterday's Legends Vs The Axemen game was cool, then i got to drive The Hammer to the airport which was fun as well as getting to meet guys like Butch Goring, Rick Middleton, Dale Hawerchcuk and Dennis Vial. The Axemen football team won it's semi-final game against Mount A, well i guess it was a closer game then anyone anticipated and now the finals are going to be the Axemen Vs SMU. I wish i could go, but i have to work on Saturday. I do think however that i am going to go to the basketball game Vs SMU at 8:00 Friday night.
I really missed my buddy Kimberly on Saturday/ Sunday...nothing is as cool as hanging with someone who makes ya feel awesome.
Well not too long till Frickn GUNS N ROSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is it? 14 more days!!!!
MY old buddy Bullen sent me some pics the other day...not really all too sure why, but of someone i used to hang with a bit and we had a falling out, conrats to her. However it is not someone i really wanna talk to. Forgive and forget? Sure i forgive..forget? Never never never, oh i think our wires got crossed somewhere and alot of confusion, but i have better things to think about nowadays and other stuff of much more importance that to fret over some stupid old memory. Besides i have my super duper coolest friend in the world and that is all i need!!!
I finally heard back from Nova Japan on November 1st, all is going well with my application and they will be determining departure dates within the next 3-4 weeks and they promised to e-mail me with the details once the departure times are set. So the week of the 19th to the 25th hopefully they will message me with the details. Am i nervous? Sure i am! I am going to be in a totally different culture, it is a small time Valley boy going to a HUGE City, going to be living with people i have never met in a small apartment and teaching a whole different culture English! So i am nervous, but i am proud i guess that i went out and did something and recieved thise opportunity in the first place. I mean if people sit around on their ass all damn day then opportunities as well as life is going to pass them by, sorry but that is the frickin truth. You cannot bitch, wine and moan about yout placement in life and just be all talk, talk, talk the people who get stuff are the people who go out and work for it. Would i have gotten the chance to go to Japan by sitting on my fat ass? Fuck no! I had to work at it, make phone calls, inquries, get a passport done, have a background check done, get needles. All kinds of stuff. I now have to go shopping and buy some suits and ties and get that done so i can look good while i am there. And remember i have to be there 6 months or so before i can have my first vacation and come home for 10-12 days.
And i will miss my super duper buddy.
Martin Scorsese's version of Sesame Street...rocks!!!
So Saddam is gonna hang huh? Just in time for the election too! This is so Bush, the oil industry puppet can reinforce his case for the war in Iraq, something that like some 60% of all Americans are all against. So silly, and so turning into another Vietnam. Saddam hanging does not solve the challenges that the Americans face in Iraq, according to the Associated Press as of
November 4th, 2006, at least 2,828 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003. The British military has reported 120 deaths; Italy, 33; Ukraine, 18; Poland, 17; Bulgaria, 13; Spain, 11; Denmark, six; El Salvador, five; Slovakia, three; Estonia, Netherlands, Thailand, two each; and Australia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Romania, one death each.
Such a friggin waste if you ask me.
Maybe John Kerry should give more speeches...
"You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq,"
Ouch! Inspirational stuff!
Anywho i have stuff to do, laundry and then working at 6:00...have a good one!

PS- L7: Shitlist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Wait it Out...

Hey there bloggeronies! What is a happening? Well not too too much. Tomorrow i am going to phone Nova Japan and see what the big scoop is, my last contact with them was the start of September and they said processing on my enterance to Japan would take 6-8 weeks. So six weeks is almost up and i am going to check in and see what is happening. There are those who are jumping with joy at seeing me depart...sucks to be them eh? My life is changing so rapidly. I'm not sure what I wanna be... but, I understand I've still got a lot to learn. So else is happening? Well my super duper coolest friend in the world went home yesterday and comes back today i guess. Hope she had a good time home as i think about her all of the time. So i went out last night and watched the hockey Axemen lose their 5th in a row, this time to Moncton. They are taking quite a bit of time to gel as a new team so hopefully they will get it together soon. I picked up my ticket for the oldtimers game next Sunday! It will be awesome seeing The Hammer and Knuckles and BAttlin Billy playing for the same team, wish Dad was here and going with me as i am sure it will be fun times. I wish i was going to the Axemen-Mounties football playoff game on SAturday, but i have to work...oh well... Halloween is on Tuesday night and i will actually be home! I used to so love Halloween, even as we lived in the Passage the ol Voorhees costume would come out and i alwasy had a blast, what is funny that i revived an updated version of that old Jason costume for my days at Acadia and at Mount Allison. Fun times eh? Who would steal a statue of Dennis the Frickin Menace?!?!?!?!?!? It was probably a frat and the pics will be online soon... I worked for the first time in ages in Greenwood yesterday..fun, loved working with the girls but man are some customers ever annoying eh? I think if i was rich i would issue everyone a widescreen television so that they could see why widescreen is so damned awesome and why full screen SUCKS BIG TIME!!! Maybe what i really need is some Deep-Fried Coca Cola?!?!??!What a storm here last night...was one wild ol ride home from Wolfville lemmie tell ya! I am thinking the feud of the year just might be Micheal J Fox Vs Rush Limbaugh!!! All Fox wanted to do was arge Missouri voters to support stem cell research in an ad for Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Claire McCaskill. Limbaugh is under seige from people mad at him, heard one person refer to him as RASH LIMPDICK!!! HAahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahhaah!!!!!Actually here is an awesome National Lampoon list i found on the net the other day...

"What To Expect From College, According To National Lampoon Movies"
-The president of the student government will have actual power.
-Famous bands will often show up and play at random house parties.
-The dean is evil, as is his wormy assistant
.-There’s a black guy. One black guy. And guess what? He’s your buddy.
-Failing a class has absolutely no consequences.
-Your dorm room will have the following amenities: a private bedroom, a balcony, a hot tub, naked women and enough room to move around.
-An Indian kid with a funny accent will make your acquaintance and, eventually, help you out of a jam.-
You’ll never see, or hear from, your parents. The same goes for your friends from home.
-Your roommate’s younger sister will be super hot, totally into you, but way off limits.
-RA? What RA? Feel free to spark up that huge bong sitting in plain sight on your coffee table!
-One frat on campus will be exclusively for rich assholes, all of whom hate you and your ragamuffin friends.
-The only girl you really like will be dating either the captain of the football team, a staunch young republican or the president of the above mentioned fraternity.
-At some point you're going to have make a grand gesture in front of the entire school to save your frat and win back the heart of the girl who has mistaken you for an asshole thanks to a series of comic mishaps.
-You’ll win in the end. And then there will be a big party.

Good one eh?Anyways folks that is all for now, i am gonna go out in this messy ol weather and work 12-6 at the store formerly known as Andrew's and hopefully see the coolest friend in the world when i come home tonight! Have a good one!

PS- The Clash: London Calling (Live) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Scots Skins...Not Quite, But i Think This is Close

Crispy Potato Skins

Top these crispy deep-fried potato skins with shredded cheese and chopped cooked bacon.

4 large baking potatoes, scrubbed
oil for deep frying
sour cream mixed with chives, optional
shredded cheese, optional
cooked bacon, crumbled, optional

Prick potatoes in several places with a fork; bake in a 400° oven until tender, about 1 hour.
Remove, cool slightly, and cut in halves lengthwise.
Scoop out potatoes and refrigerate for another meal or casserole topping.
Cut skins in half again.
Heat oil in a deep fryer to 375°.
Place potato skins in deep fryer basket; lower into oil and deep fry for about 2 to 3 minutes, or until skins are browned and crisp.
Transfer potato skins to paper towels to drain.
Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Serve with sour cream and chives, if desired, or top with cheese and place under the broiler to melt.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wake Up the Voiceless

Hey there bloggeronies! What is a happening? Well i actually have two days off in a row! Score! What else? Well last Thursday i went to the Zedex in Greenwood to go see the newest movie from the Rock entitled Gridiron Gang and well there were ummmm three people in the entire movie theatre! It was a good flick, your typical sports flick where team sucks, gets good, faces adversity and wins it all in the end. Funny how the team was beating one another up at the start of the film and high fiving and buddy buddy about 30-40 minutes in. Me and the world's coolest woman went up to me old stomping grounds of Acadia University on Saturday so she could go visit an old pal of her's at Eaton House. Weird to see Eaton House looking so ummmm..nice! And Co-ed to boot..well both Eaton and Chipman are co-ed now. We went and ate at Joe's where i devoured some Scot's Skins!!! (ROCK ON!) and while walking back up it was so weird to see Tower all dark and closed up, how many Saturday's did parties and stuff happen there eh? As my father would have said, now it looks like a spare dick at a wedding..(Never knew that one..) Oh i think i will ask my Super Duper rockin friend if she wants to go see Saw 3 which i believe is out this weekend. Well all of the Axemen teams lost on the weekend with the hockey Axemen on a now three game losing streak! Weird eh? However The Mount Allison Mounties football squad is now on a two game winning streak!?!?!?!?!!? Their first since 1999-00!!!! They are now tied for second place. So today i purchased some tickets for an oldtimers game happening at Acadia Arena on November 5th! NHL oldtimers include Billy Smith, Dave "The Hammer" Schultz and one of my favorite Habs of all time, Chris "Knuckles" Nilan! Sounds like good times eh? Actuially there was a major announcement just the other day on the AUFC Football Playoffs...

"Atlantic University Sport has announced the following decision on the balance of the 2006 regular season schedule and playoff format. all four teams will qualify for the playoffs and StFX, Saint Mary's and Mount Allison will play a seven game regular season schedule. Acadia will finish in first place and will host the 4th place team in one semifinal while the 2nd place team will host the 3rd place team in the other semifinal, both to be played on Saturday, November 4th."Adversity due to a breakout of the Norwalk virus at Mount Allison and StFX brought about the need to make difficult decisions related to completing the 2006 football schedule," said Mr. Phil Currie, Executive Director of Atlantic University Sport. "I would like to thank the four football athletic directors, our sport chair, Mr. Kevin Dickie and our office staff for participating in a very positive way towards a manageable solution to this problem. This decision was difficult because whichever direction it went there were potentially some members more affected then others. Fortunately, we have sport administrators who understand the importance of student welfare and cooperation in times of extreme difficulty."

Wow! Everyone is in!

Well the 6-8 weeks i had to wait to hear back from Nova Japan is almost up and as of next week if i do not hear anything i am going to call their offices on Monday. Every wonder about some places? I see Acadia U scrambling to save face with enrollment being down as i see more jobs were just cut. And they recently stated that they wanna cut out the laptop programmes as that is what drove tuition up in the first place. Heck Tower being closed is a symbol of the plight right now because a few years ago in 2000-01 there was a waiting list of some 300 people that just wanted to get into residence and only 27 wanted to live in Tower in 2006-07? People give me the BS of another residence opening as the downfall, no man it is because of the ridiculous tuition, sure Tower is a pit, but maybe there be people there if not for the tuition hikes. I sometimes wonder about their hiring practices in the first place. I saw something just the other week that made my blood boil and i would dearly love just to hear that particular person explain themselves, why i think Acadia has Jumped The Shark as they like to say and this particular individual is their own personal TED McGINLEY as everything it gets its hands on eventually dies a slow and painful death soon or a little while after ol Ted is done with it. Sigh.
Anywho folks, i am off to shower and walk the doggies..have a good one!

PS- The Damned: New Rose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Guns N' Roses North American Tour Dates 2006-07!!!!!!!!!!!!

10/20/06 Jacksonville, FL Vets Memorial Arena
10/22/06 Nashville, TN Gaylord Entertainment Center
10/24/06 Sunrise, FL BankAtlantic Center
10/25/06 St. Petersburg, FL St. Pete Times Forum
10/27/06 Estero, FL Germain Arena
10/29/06 San Juan, Puerto Rico Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum
11/02/06 Greensboro, NC Greensboro Coliseum
11/03/06 Huntington, WV Big Sandy Superstore Arena
11/05/06 East Rutherford, NJ Continental Airlines Arena
11/06/06 Portland, ME Cumber County Civic Center
11/08/06 Worcester, MA Worcester Centrum
11/10/06 New York, NY Madison Square Garden
11/13/06 Baltimore, MD 1st Mariner
11/15/06 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre
11/17/06 Ottawa, ON Scotiabank
11/18/06 Quebec Colisee Pepsi
11/20/06 Halifax, NS Halifax Metro Centre
11/24/06 Cleveland, OH Quicken Loans Arena
11/25/06 Auburn Hills, MI The Palace of Auburn Hills
11/27/06 Chicago, IL Allstate Arena
11/29/06 Milwaukee, WI Bradley Center
12/01/06 Ames, IA Hilton Coliseum
12/02/06 Minneapolis, MN Target Center
12/04/06 Winnipeg, MB MTS Centre
12/06/06 Calgary, AB Pengrowth Saddledome
12/07/06 Edmonton, AB Rexall Place
12/10/06 Everett, WA Everett Events Center
12/11/06 Portland, OR Rose Garden
12/13/06 Fresno, CA Save Mart Center
12/15/06 Oakland, CA Oakland Coliseum
12/17/06 Universal City, CA Gibson Amphitheatre
12/19/06 Universal City, CA Gibson Amphitheatre
01/10/07 Sacramento, CA ARCO Arena
01/11/07 Bakersfield, CA Rabobank Arena
01/13/07 Reno, NV Reno Events Ctr
01/16/07 San Diego, CA iPayOne Center

Monday, October 16, 2006

Take Time And Find

Hello there bloggeronies how the hell are ya? Well last Friday night me and the coolest grooviest friend the world has ever produced went to go see Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning at the Empire in New Minas. I actually liked it better than the 2003 remake, it amped up the red stuff, more victims and it was neat to see how Leatherface came to be, well there was a nasty part near the beginning which has to do with that very subject. ick... There was a trailer for another gorror flick ..well another remake/sequel entitled Night of the Living Dead 3-D..looks bad, but i have to see just for the cheese factor! Love how the webpage says George A Romero is not affiliated in any wasy with this new film...at least they are honest eh? What else is a happening? Well the hockey Axemen lost two straight on their first roadtrip of the year but the Football Axemen trounced STFX 23-1 on Saturday at Raymond Field. Of Course i was working at the store formerly known as Andrew's, so sadly i could not be there. However this coming Saturday night the hockey Axemen are playing STFX at 7:30 and i am 99% sure i am going to be there. I will take my nephew if he remembers this time. Oh what to do eh? Sometime i am going to recieve an answer about Japan and i will have made my mind up to go. The offer from Fort Kent is nice and all. I dunno sometimes. Am i happy? Yes i am for the most part..sure there are certain things that make me wanna freak the hell out sometimes, but for the most part i am good...i think. I have someone i really care about and it makes me wanna stay, even though i know i have to go. I have family here and all of that good and wonderful stuff...but i have to start my career, even if it means going zillions and zillions of miles away. I am sure that there are those people who do not mind at all that i am leaving..but they can all go fuck themselves....OOOOPS!!!! Robert Reid Hawley and that language!
Hey...beware of the Bollywood BEATLES!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Well Sunday shopping has hit the Valley and suprise suprise there are those who still do not know about it! Man it is only a buck, but picking up the newspaper is not really all that difficult..jeesh...and no the frickin Enquier does not count. So what about that Norwalk-type virus that hit Mount Allison over the weekend? Man that was crazy, led to the game between MTA and SMU being cancelled and having to be re-scheduled over the next few weeks, if they cannot reschedule, i say let all four teams in the playoffs and take it from there.

1) What exactly is a Norwalk-type virus? Norwalk virus infection is an intestinal illness that often occurs in outbreaks.

2) What is the infectious agent that causes Norwalk virus infection? Norwalk virus infection is caused by the Norwalk virus. The virus was first identified in 1972 after an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness in Norwalk, Ohio. Later, other viruses with similar features were described and called Norwalk-like viruses. These have since been classified as members of the calicivirus family.

3) Where is Norwalk virus found? Norwalk and Norwalk-like viruses are found worldwide. Humans are the only known hosts. The viruses are passed in the stool of infected persons.

4) How do people get Norwalk virus infection? People get Norwalk virus infection by swallowing food or water that has been contaminated with stool from an infected person. Outbreaks in the United States are often linked to eating raw shellfish, especially oysters and clams. Shellfish become contaminated via stool from sick food handlers or from raw sewage dumped overboard by recreational and/or commercial boaters. Contaminated water, ice, eggs, salad ingredients, and ready-to-eat foods are other sources of infection.

5) Who is at risk for Norwalk virus infection? Anyone can get Norwalk virus infection, but it may be more common in adults and older children.

6) What are the signs and symptoms of Norwalk virus infection?
-Stomach cramps
Severe illness or hospitalization is uncommon. Infected persons usually recover in 2 to 3 days without serious or long-term health effects.

7) How soon after exposure do symptoms appear? Symptoms usually appear in 1 to 2 days after swallowing contaminated food or water.

8) How is Norwalk virus infection diagnosed? Laboratory diagnosis is difficult. Diagnosis is often based on the combination of symptoms and the short time of illness.

9) What is the treatment for Norwalk virus infection?
No specific treatment is available. Persons who are severely dehydrated might need rehydration therapy.

10) How common is Norwalk virus infection? Norwalk and Norwalk-like viruses are increasingly being recognized as leading causes of foodborne disease in the United States. However, since no routine diagnostic test is available, the true prevalence is not known. Norwalk and Norwalk-like viruses have been linked to outbreaks of intestinal illness on cruise ships and in communities, camps, schools, institutions, and families. Many oyster-related outbreaks of intestinal illness linked to Norwalk-like viruses have been reported in Louisiana, Florida, Maryland, and other states where oyster harvesting is common. In 1993, 73 people in Louisiana and about 130 others in the United States who ate oysters from Louisiana became ill. A malfunctioning sewage system was the cause of an outbreak in 1996. An outbreak in 1997 was linked to sewage from oyster-harvesting boats.

11) How can Norwalk virus be prevented?
- Wash hands with soap and warm water after toilet visits and before preparing or eating food.
- Cook all shellfish thoroughly before eating.
- Wash raw vegetables before eating.
- Dispose of sewage in a sanitary manner.
- Food handlers with symptoms of Norwalk-like illness should not prepare or touch food.

There! Thought that would help out some. Anywho i am going to go relax and then work at 6 in the metropolis of downtown Middleton..have a good one!

Pssssssssst- Buzzcocks: Everybody's Happy Nowadays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Another Way I Could Do It

Hey there bloggeronies! Happy bird day to everyone. What is a happening? Well lemmie tell you something right now.............



The 34 game losing streak is finally over with a 24-18 win over STFX on Saturday!!! Well i had SAturday off and i went to the Acadia game and we lost a close one to SMU 24-21, we are still in first place so no worries...yet. Then i stayed in the area after the game and i went to go see the Trailer Park Boys movie at 7 at the Empire in New Minas, it was almost sold out and it was like no other movies mattered to other people on Saturday. It was hysterical, i laughed out loud when i saw Ricky playing 8-tracks in his car, esp April Wine. I so freaked out during the wedding scene when i heard HEavy Metal Love by Helix!!! All in all a good flick and different from the tv show, but yet the same as many felt they were watching a 2 hour episode of the show. Then i came home from New Minas in time to see the Habs beat the Leafs in a shootout!!!! Could life be any more wicked ass??!?!?!
Could be worse...i could be that house wrecking, womanizing Tie Domi!!!
I have to get a case of Bud Light...they have NHL retro hats in them!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super Duper Awesomeness!!!!
Today is a cool day..........my coolest, awesomest most super duper friend is heading home to Middleton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And i promised to take her to go see Texas Chainsaw MAssacre: The Beginning on Friday night! Which will actually be a Friday The 13th!!!!!!!!!!! We chatted on the phone for 3 hours last night, it is fun chatting back and forth, picking on one another which is actually one of the coolest parts of our friendship. I feel very free around her, like i can express myself without fear of embaressment. We are so different in many aspects, but yet have so much in common, bizarre eh? I very much like being around her, at peace. Sure she doesn't wanna go see Beerfest or Jackass 2 and hates my singing and dancing and my Ringo Starr ramblings, but when i see her i know i will get giddy like a little brat....
Anywho, i have to ditch the tracksuit and get dressed, working at 5 today at the store formerly known as Andrew's and gonna eat some Turkey before i leave...have a good one!!!

PS- The Dead Milkmen: Punk Rock Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Appeals For Insertion

Hey there bloggeronies! What is a happening? Well the weekend is upon us and well i am working tonight...boooooooooooooooooooooo! My coolest rockingest friend is gone home for the weekend till like Monday..how will i cope? Oh well we do have lots o fun hanging out n stuff, we wnet up to the shore the other night over in Port George and took the doggies with us, see no one misses out! It was nice, the water was in over the rocks ...ahhhh..nice stuff and we both suffered from a heavy does of the flu this week too as well...but i do believe that everyone in town has it as well... We watched the new Adam Sandler movie Click which was pretty good as well as the original, Han Shoots First Star Wars on DVD...all in all a good week, except for the flu stuff.
Waiting for my stuff from Japan to arrive, it takes 6-8 weeks to process and they started the process on September 6th, so either around the week of the 15th to the 21st or the start of November i should be hearing at least something from them. If i do not get that final approval, which everyone says i will, but i am the eternal pessimist i know i know, i will then get in touch with Fort Kent down in Maine and throw in the towel and go there and do education. I already didscussed this with some of my former professors and they said that they would write letters of recommendation if this was to be the case. Tomorrow i am going to the mall and going to the travel agency to see about flights to Japan in case i do get the final approval. Nice to know how much i will be paying for my flight. I guess years ago the sponsoring companty did pay students ways over to Japan and to other cities and alot of the time it blew up in their face because students skipped off on them, used it as a tool to visit Japan and basically an excuse for a paid vacation. So i am going to sit back and wait and see what happens with it.
Check out the Indian interpretation of Thriller!?!?!?!?!?
Tomorrow is the big game at Acadia, i am now going alone as my nephew forgot all about the game and is instead heading to see his family in Dartmouth. My Mom talked about it with me this morning. It is kinda sad, i wish i would see some of my old drive in the kid. I had none back in those days, but i picked up alot of drive as my post-secondary career went on and on and on. To the point where nothing else was good to me anymore, when i got a C+ my first year i was happy as a pig in S***, but by my last year and into my second degree, it was like a slap in the face, it meant more nights in the library, striving and playing way over my head with the single goal of being near the top. I would love to see some of that installed in him...will it? Who knows?
So we are going to have Sunaday Shopping in NS eh? Well about frickin time! Now get that LC open because there are dollars to be made! Of course the do-gooders will be out in full force protesting, Captain Redneck was already protesting, he protested to me once and i responded Son you are preaching to the wrong choir! I liked getting Sunday shifts, esp being full time in school and needing that extra buck for a book or going to do research of grabbing that extra beer...
So my GST check came today and so did my Guns N Frickin Roses tickets!!!! I thought my brother had ordered two extra, turns out they were for other family members that are going. Can't wait to see Axl and Roses...should be fun times!
Anyways gang that is all for now...have a good one!

PS- Descendents: I'm Not a Loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Perhaps I Should Do Just That...Happy Almost 2nd Anniversary Robbblogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Hey!
Well how is everyone? Just fine and peachy? Well it is almost the 2nd anniversary of Robbblogs!!?!?!?!?! How the hell did that happen eh? Alot has happened since that first ever post that was written at Perkins within the SUB at Acadia University. At that particular point in time i wanted something, redemption..why redemption? Because BF...i mean Darth Vader had grossly misgraded me as had JM..aka The Bitch of the Baskervilles did some years earlier, they had not just done that, they had also underestimated me..well well well a few years later and with a big FAT major in my hand i am packaged and ready to be headed for Japan to teach ESL to those who need it...also in the last two years i lost my Father who was my mentor and guiding light, i miss you everyday Dad and i hope that i do you proud.

What else is a happening? Well on Saturday i aquired some Guns N Roses tickets!!! Well..one ticket up in the nosebleed section. Friends are making comments that it is really Axl and Roses and of course Captain Redneck said that they are a one hit wonder...yeah yeah right, one of the best selling bands of all time a one hit wonder? Go play your frickin banjo ya silly redneck!

Ok...once and for all...here is a good definition of redneck that i found...

In modern usage, redneck predominantly refers to a particular stereotype of whites from the Southern United States. The word can be used either as a pejorative or as a matter of pride, depending on context.The redneck stereotype:The term redneck is seen by some people to be both racist and classist, as it is was originally used to describe a person of pale skin that has been sunburned doing outdoor work or field work, and disproportionately applies to the poor. Today, a redneck is a stereotypical southern United States socially conservative, fiscally liberal, rural, working class white person with northern European ancestry.
The popular etymology says that the term derives from such individuals having a red neck caused by working outdoors in the sunlight over the course of their lifetime. The effect of decades of direct sunlight on the exposed skin of the back of the neck not only reddens fair skin, but renders it leathery and tough, and typically very wrinkled by late middle age. Another popular theory stems from the use of red bandanas tied around the neck to signify union affiliation during the violent clashes between United Mine Workers and owners between 1910 and 1920.
Some historians claim that the term redneck originated in 17th century Virginia, when indentured servants were sunburnt while tending plantation crops.
A redneck is usually typified in popular culture by a straight male with a beer belly that consumes cheap American beer such as Busch or Miller by the case (Pabst Blue Ribbon in more traditional settings) as well as Jack Daniel's. They are generally distrustful or dislike anyone not like them or the government. The stereotypical redneck lives in a trailer, and drives an old, large, beat-up pickup truck with a gun rack in the rear window. He generally wears a stained, sleeveless t-shirt, blue jeans, and a trucker hat.
Their hair is generally worn in the mullet style, and they favor long sideburns. Personal hygiene is a lost concept with the stereotypical redneck, and what teeth they have left generally show the complete anthology of the stages of dental caries. Their favorite activities include hunting, shooting at road signs and lights, professional wrestling, NASCAR, monster truck rallies, car engine repair, collecting junked cars and large appliances on their lawns, having way too many children and dogs, participating in domestic disturbances, and waiting around for their welfare checks. Country and Southern Rock bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd figure in as their preferred genre of music.
Stereotypical redneck females have similar characteristics and interests on a feminine scale. They are most often seen barefoot, pregnant and wear Daisy Duke shorts with stiletto heels.

Good one eh?

Of course this Saturday the Axemen are playing SMU this weekend at Acadia and me and my nephew are heading up to see the game. Hopefully an Acadia victory will put them back in the top 10 rankings (Currently they are #12 in the country) After the game we are thinking of going to go see either Trailer Park Boys: The Movie or Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning...one of the two anyways. I did have someone this weekend ask me what is wrong with kids with their thongs and wearing stocking caps in Fall weather...i told them to get out of the 1950s and join us in this century whenever it is good for them. Me and my nephew got into a sounboard war the other night using Ebaum's World...the Arnold Schwarzenegger board is still my fav while he seemed to like the Stifler board, anyways my Mother had company and wanted to hear where all the noise was originating, i told her to sneak up on my nephew who didn't know anyone had entered the room..she snuck over to him and he let out the most girly scream i had ever heard!!!!! HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHI have the portable tv ready for Thursday night at work for the first Hockey Night in Canada of the season!!!! Actually i bought a bunch of CD Jewel cases today at the dollar store because i am making some new mixes for the drive up to the football game on Saturday. Lots of metal ...old school stuff like Iron Maiden and
Judas Priest..maybe some Ratt..who knows? Of course because i criticized my nephew's flannel jacket the Captain is now calling me Sir Robert of Acadia..kind of got a ring to it eh?
I spent the weekend with that special person of unholy coolness..we watched some movies and generally hung around. Lots of golden oldies we watched like Friday The 13th and Dawn of the Dead as well as the new Bettie Page movie. Lots of fun! I will miss her this weekend when she goes home for Thanksgiving...she likes Keith's so some weekend we are going to have a case or two..hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! She must be the coolest awesomest woman in the world when she can survive a viewing of frickin METALSTORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She had a cold the other day so i took care of her with lots of Celebrity Jeopardy!!!!!!!
So is Acadia going to drop the Acadia Advantage program? The program that put us on the map is also one that drove tuition through the frickin roof!!! There are eleven other universities in the Maritimes and as well as other universities, colleges and those at the community college level that are vying for the dollars and cents of young people. Having a tuition of $8,062, which is double the Canadian average is not very appealing to Joe and Mary Blue Collar who cannot afford to send junior to Acadia. Drop the program now, ignore the do gooders and listen to yourself. This week for the first time ever i sent to the mail here in good ol Middleton and i recieved a letter from Acadia Alumni asking for money, something they never ever did before, especially when it states about how enrollment is down. At least someone is being honest and coming forward with the facts. Yes i have good memories of my Laptop, from my first year when i didn't know how to even use the fricking thing to the very end and the 2nd end in
2004-05...but it may now become another relic of the past, something else to put on display in the Watson Kirkconnel room or somewhere...oh well they say you can't fight progress, but you also can't fight failing enrollment levels either...
Anyways gang that is all for now..have a good one!

PS- The Misfits: Where Eagles Dare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Difference

Hey bloggeronies!!! What is a happening? What is happening in the world of Old Man Robb?

A drum roll please......................

GUNS N' F'N ROSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!??!

Guns N' Roses are coming to the Halifax Metro Centre on Monday, November 20th at 8 PM and tickets are going on sale this coming Saturday at 9 am!!!! Am i going? Hell yeah! Christmas comes early for Old Man Robb this year...will Axl be on his best behavior? No? Neither will Old Man Robb!!! Awesome..just awesome!
Well what else is a happening? My Mother purchased a new book for me titled simply, "Japan" and it is the be all, end all guide to living in Japan, for example advice on how to eat in a Japanese restaurant...

"When you eat at a resturant in Japan, you will be greeted with a hearty 'irasshaimase!' (Welcome!). In all but the most casual places the waiter will next ask you
'Nan-mei sama?' (How many people?). Answer with your fingers, which is what the Japanese do. You will then be lead to your table, a place at the counter or a tatami room.
At this point you will be given an oshibori (a hot towel), a cup of tea and a menu. The oshibori is for wiping your hands and face. When you are done with it, just roll it up and leave it next to your place. Now comes the hard part: ordering. If you don't read Japanese you can use the romanised translations in the book to help you, or direct the waiter's attention to the Japanese script. If this does not work there are two phrases that can help you:
'O-susume wa nan desu ka?' (What do you recommend?) and 'O-makase shimasu' (Please decide for me). If you are still having problems, you can try pointing at other diners food or, if the restuarant has them, dragging the waiter outside to point at the food models in the window.
When you are finished eating, you can signal for the bill by crossing one index finger opver the other to form the sigjn of an X. This is the standard sign for 'cheque please'. You can also say
'O-kanjo kudasai'. Remember there is no tipping in Japan and tea is always free of charge. Usually you will be given a bill to take to the cashier at the front of the restaurant. At more upmarket places, the host of the party will discreetly excuse him or herself to pay before the group leaves. Unlike some places in the West, one does not leave cash on the table as way of payment. Only the bigger and more international places take credit cards, so cash is always the surer option.
When leaving, it is polite to say to the restuarant staff, 'Gochiso-sama deshita' which means 'It was a real feast'

Wow!!! Heavy stuff indeedy!

Well i am still hanging out with my coolest new friend. I think she is getting used to me. I imagine i probably get on her nerves alot of the time, you know me...mr permently happy. Well maybe i am not happy all of the time..well i am most of it. Lots of girls i used to see didn't seem to like having a happy go-lucky guy around, they were probably all closet-emo cases. Actually the worst kind of ladies i ever dated were single child's. Why? Well most of them were spoiled rotten by their parents and wanted the world on a silver platter. Most of them also wanted my wallet to be like their parents and be a bottomless pit. I like my newest friend alot...tough when i am going so far far away and finding someone that makes me smile so much eh? Tomorrow i have an appointment at Scotiabank at 2:00 to see about me possibly getting a VISA card...good stuff! Well every team in the AUAA lost this weekend to football squads from Quebec. I have not been hearing the end of it all week especially since Acadia dropped out of the top ten standings. All four Atlantic teams will get a shot for revenge at their Quebec counterparts on October 21st. I am going on Friday to pick up tickets for Acadia VS SMU on October 7th. I will take my nephew with me again, i will have to get higer seats so that his little midget self can see the game. I was on campus at Acadia yesterday getting some pointers about Japanses culture and also making the rounds and visiting with old friends and some of my old professors, many of whom were supportive on my going to Japan and i was encouraged to see as many sites as humanly possible while i am there, i am currently planning to stay more than one year there, but i am taking the attitude of staying one so that i will inspire myself to see everything, to always be active and not be a hermit. An old friend of mine from Mount A is going here now and remembered me from living in Harper..actually she screamed when she saw me. Went to see another old friend of mine yesterday. I am no shrink, but i really hate to see people sad and i always feel powerless to help some of them. Captain Redneck had one of his fits yesterday, calling me a whore endless times in front of someone i care about. There is funny, and then there is overdoing it to the point of being annoying and in need of being told to F off. So i have another Friday off....hint hint hint...
What to do? Well i am working at the store formerly known as Andrew's at 6, so i am going to walk the doggies and wait it out...have a good one!

PS- Richard Hell & The Voidoids: Love Comes in Spurts!!!!!!!!!!
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