Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rocky Balboa Speech to his son

Rocky schools that Heroes kid


"When inspiration does not come to me, I go halfway to meet it."- Sigmund Freud

Hello folks! What is a happening in Old Man Robert Reid Hawley land? Well this past Sat my friends Barry and Michelle were married in Nictaux and i was glad to be there. From there we had the reception up in Port George and i was the MC for the evening, i didnt mess anything up too too bad, names or anything. It was a good time and there was lots of cold Keith's on hand. The other good news is that i was informed yesterday that Barry is gonna be a daddy and that brought smiles to everyone in the house. What else is a happening? Me and my new friend hung out on Sun nite, driving to Wolfville, parking the auto at Les Tower and going for a walk, then we went to Timmy's in Wolfville where we met the Sheik of Arabia (Long story) and then drove on home, oh and she enjoyed my April Wine mixed CD! What is a happening? Well a gentleman (You? A gentleman sir Robert Reid Hawley esquire?) never tells...HOwever it is nice to be around someone who does not have an agenda of their own, who does not shove things in your face, who does not try to change you, who is not moody or wha wha wha over every fuckin little thing, someone who truly seems to enjoy your company, someone who does not use you until they see something better etc etc....i guess im happy...Well i was informed of some news the other day that West Kings Hockey is planning a reunion for over the Christmas holidays and guess who might be the announcer for those games? Well right now it is a Facebook group with like 3 members..so who knows eh? Old time hockey seems to be back right now with the Islanders and Rangers having a donnybrook which included a goalie scrap and then Dean McAmmond of the Sens gets KO'd last night by some goon trying to make the Flyers. How long before this steriod bust makes its way to Vince McMahon? Our company from Cape Breton is gone home, the couple that came with my aunt and uncle wanted to take one of our dogs home...ummmmm yeah right, do you have $1500 buddy? I didn't think so....Work is going ok, i wish i was working dayshifts, i walk into work the other day and there is the first daytime shift happening, lots of major teeth gritting going on with Old Man Robb there i gotta tell ya folks. However it is the same old same old, what am i supposed to do? Shuddup and collect a check, that is what i am excepted to do, just follow the ol status quo and dont' say anything cause Robb you need this job, the student loan people are being assholes and bugging the crap out of ya and you still have this dream of making it back to school, of someday being the teacher that you know you are, not some programmed robot monkey that others want you to be, that is not teaching, that is just regurgitating a bunch of crap, just like in Japan, just like here in many of the places that you have worked. So my stuff from Acadia arrived yesterday in the mail, they haven't made up an application for 2008-09 yet, so they sent me the 2007-08 application for the School of Education at Acadia. In order to get into the education program at Acadia you must have the following done:

1) Application for Admission Form
2) $35 Processing Fee paid in Canadian Funds
3) Transcripts- Including TWO copies from every post secondary institution i have ever attended, EXCEPT Acadia University (Those should be lovely...MTA and Kingstec...well MTA wont' be too bad except for Darth Vader...K-Tech and the Bitch of the Baskervilles? Ugh!)
4) Supplementary Package: This includes:
a) Why Teaching Matters
b) Experience Profile
c) Academic/ Teacher Certification Requirements
d) Three References

Whew! Fort Kent's looks alot simpler...we shall see what happens eh?
Well the football Axemen had a nailbiter against McGill on the weekend eh? What was the score? 45-44...the minute i was out of Barry and Michelle's wedding, i was like JIMMY!!! Get the score! LOL! So we went to my place and of course the SMU game was on....typical EASTDINK! But the highlights scrolled across the bottom of the screen and i was happy to see them... and how about those Mount Allison Mounties?!?!?!?!?!?! They beat STFX, 25-13, for the second straight time after ending a 34-game losing streak against their conference rivals last season!?!?!?!?!? This weekend the Axemen are playing SMU on the new playing field at ol Raymond Field, but sadly i am working 12:00-8:00 on Sat, i really feel bad that i have to work 6:00-1:00 on Friday night cause that is me ol pal Jimmy's last night here and the gang is going to the Top Hat for wings and beers....a raincheck is what i am gonna have to take ol buddy. Actually i am going to ask work if i can take October 13th off so i can go watch the Axemen take on Bishop's during Acadia Homecoming, maybe ill take my new friend with me....hmmmm...dunno yet...maybe make my way to the Vil, who knows? Oh i do know the schedule for the Anvil:
Monday- Monday Night Football on the Big Screen
Tuesday- Beat The Clock
Wednesday- ?
Thursday- Ladies Night
Friday- WINGS
Saturday- DJ
Sunday- Varsity Night
cool eh?
Anywho i have to go, round up some supper and then i am picking up my new friend between 8:00-9:00 and we are going to come back here and watch movies, maybe some slasher flicks..Mother's Day, The Burning, Motel Hell...something.... anyways...have a good one!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Night Of The Living Robbblogs!!!

"It is never too late to be what you might have been."- George Eliot

Hey folks! What is a happening? Well tomorrow is the big day as i am the MC for my old pal Barry's wedding. Nervous? Nope! Used to speaking in front of the ol big crowds and besides this should be fun eh? Becoming the wedding king between this one and Sir Bullen's wedding coming up in May which shall include some other 3rd Floor Alumni i hopes. Went to Barry's stag party at the Top Hat last Saturday, aka The Touque, aka The Flopper aka All kinds of shit you never heard of! LOL! It was fun! Was going to draw a 9 aka the artist dude from Seasme Street/ Mr Bentley from the Jeffersons on Mean Gene's head but me old pal Mike simply put a Lego tattoo on there as well, as for Barry....yup he got pretty smashed and had a painful ol night..kinda like myself after the last Venus staff party, around the 6th -7th Keiths i remembered the A&W that i had with the gang from work and cut meself off, we did not need to see me and Barry in a competition of duelling buckets. How is work? Well i am in the middle of a five night stand, i have worked every night this week 6:00-1:00 in the morning, it has been a long ol week, nothing like pretending you have duck tape on your mouth eh? It reminds me alot like NOVA, where it is don't have any input, just read the script and do as your told mmmmmmmmmmmk? Remember Old Man Robb, it is just one year out of your life and that the good stuff is awaiting you around the corner. Speaking of the good stuff i recieved a phone call from Fort Kent on Monday! What did they have to say? Well we took care of some preliminary stuff, i need to have two subjects and my history and sociology qualify me, as a matter of fact i am overqualified cause the nice gentleman on the phone asked me if i had 60 college credits to my name and i replied i have almost 150 which lead him to go, "WHOAH"! LOL! So what i need are transcripts from both Acadia and from Mount Allison, the application from the online Fort Kent website, a $40 processing fee paid in US funds and i need to do something that is called a Praxis Test, which is a test of the basic reading, writing and math skills and this has to be done in Halifax and costs roughly around $200... Am i in? Well not yet...a shoo-in..dunno..am i gonna try? HELL YEAH!!! So me and my friend hung out last Sunday and we went for a spin up to Aylesford Lake which is really nice in Fall, no one is there to bother you and then we went to Tim Horny's in Greenwood and sat and chitty chatted. So what is a happening? Well we get along good and that is all one can really ask for eh? My friend likes the Leafs and i am the dyed-in-the-wool Habs lover..so we can work around that. hahahahahaha!!! We are going to hang out probably on Sunday night....by the way, my friend loves the mixed CD-R's!!!!!!!!!!!! So my beloved Axemen lost this past Saturday to STFX and MTA was hammered by SMU...i hope we can get it together, we tied the game and went ahead and then lost. I really wanna make it to Homecoming this year, i shall try to get the time off. Actually i am going to start cutting back on my eating habits a wee bit starting this coming week i thinks. I had to acquire new dress pants for the wedding tomorrow and i did not like the look of my waistline, the last time i had a major diet/ weight loss was the summer of 2003-04 where i lost over 30 pounds, mind you i put lots of that back on, but i have the feeling that i could darn well lose it again if i really wanted to, you can do anything if you put your mind to it, remember gang that winners never quit and quitters never win and shortcuts in the long run dont really pay off, i have known people who have tried to cut corners, and what are they going to be left with? In the end they will be left with shit on a frickin stick...really man go back and think about it, a second thought can last forever, trust me i know all aboot it. I came home, brooded most of the summer, now i have steady employment till next year, see what that is? People tried to change me man, they just couldn't make me become someone im not..a frickin clone/drone...recovering from a self-deserved defeat is called getting back on your feet! And don't listen to other people's bullshit! People love to hear themselves talk, i must...im here on this nutty blog for like what...three frickin years now? Hmmm..what's a good one..lemmie see, i was kicked out of Japan...ummm hello i left! NOVA fired me...ummm if they fired me, why would they call me three times since i came home? Just like the dumbass who said i flopped at Mount A...check it out as i have said before dude...student in good standing, my marks are about to be acquired by Fort Kent and if they were so fricking bad, don't ya think i would try and get out of giving the marks to them? And i still get mail from them! If one can see through bullshit, then they can forge their own path. ......whew! Ranting Robb!!!!
Anywho, i have got to get started on supper, working 6:00-1:00, then being Robb MC, then hanging out with my friend Sunday and then who knows? Have a good one!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday The 14th

"Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them -- a desire, a dream, a vision."- Muhammad Ali

Hey gang! What is happening? Well first week at the new job is almost in the books, how did i do? Well ok, training went ok, no bumps or bruses yet i believe. Tonight i work from 5:00-10:00, a short shift, but it ok. I got 2 paychecks- my last one from the Land of the Rising Sun, that is Japan to all of you not in the know, and one from the Store Formerly Known as Andrews, so it was a good day financially. Today i also contacted both Acadia and Fort Kent to send me some information on their education programs, well Old Man Robb you very well could have just taken it off the internet, however Ol Momma likes to see it the old fashioned way, so i asked for things to be mailed out. Man my Axemen barely got past Mount A last weekend up at Huskie Stadium, of course i was stuck watching the SMU Vs STFX game on Eastdink, i mean Eastlink, what the hell do we have to do eh? Defending Atlantic Champs, who badly want to go for the threepeat and hell we can't even get the first game of the year over SMU? HELLO! Who is #1 now? And don't gimmie any bullshit about national rankings this and that and this and that, dont wanna hear it. The Axemen are on the road tomorrow and playing the X-Men at STFX Oland Stadium, now this game is on EASTDINK...Well whatelse is new in Old Man Robb land? Well i still have yet to recieve a work schedule from my new job and therefore the jury is out on if or not i can attend Barry's stag party tomorrow night at the Top Hat or the Flopper or whatever the hell ya wanna call it. It should be a doozy of a time, stag parties if nothing else are usually pretty memorable. Of course i can so see me now getting a lift home. Well last Friday night i went over to a NEW friends place, we had some laughs, watched MY BLoody Valentine, the coolest movie ever to be made in Sydney Mines and made plans to hang out again, i made my NEW friend a Mix CD-R with lots of old school metal in it, including some Sabbath, Iron Maiden, KISS, AC/DC etc etc...lots of cool stuff and i included the lyrics as well! Aient that super cool of me? I love the lyrics for Iron Maiden-Iron Maiden:

"Won't you come into my room, I wanna show you all my wares.
I just want to see your blood, I just want to stand and stare.
See the blood begin to flow as it falls upon the floor.
Iron Maiden can't be faught, Iron Maiden can't be sought.
Oh Well, wherever, Wherever you are
Iron Maiden's gonna get you, No matter how far.
See the blood flow watching it shed Up above my head.
Iron Maiden wants you for dead."

Headbanging yet? Oh by the way, me and my NEW friend have an unconfirmed Tim Horny's date coming up...perhaps on Sunday. Well i have to go walk me doggies and get ready for me big shift tonight! Have a good one!

Friday, September 07, 2007

How To Take a Shower in a Dorm...

I saw this one and it laughed...made me think of the ol daze..although i never had a college roomate....

7:00 A.M.: Alarm to wake up for 8:00 A.M. class
7:05 A.M.: Hit snooze button again.
7:10 A.M.: Hit snooze button again.
7:30 A.M.: Roommate throws granola bar at your face because you’ve been sleeping through your alarm for twenty minutes.
7:31 A.M.: Walk to shower after successfully hiding erection in waistband.
7:32 A.M.: Walk back to room for shampoo.
7:33 A.M.: Get undressed in shower.
7:34 A.M.: Get dressed, walk back to room for towel.
7:40 A.M.: Actual shower done. Fake sneeze several times. Listen for “Bless you.”
7:40 A.M. and 12 seconds: Masturbate.
7:42 A.M.: Sound of other shower stall turning on. Stop masturbating.
7:45 A.M.: Several sneezes heard.
7:45 A.M. and 9 seconds: Loud moaning and utterances of “Oh yeah” from other stall.
7:45 A.M. and 24 seconds: Loudly clear throat.
7:46 A.M.: Moaning continues. Shower officially over. Towel off as loudly as possible.
7:47 A.M.: Open curtain to discover strangely religious autistic kid was making sounds as part of normal praying/toweling off process.
7:47 A.M. and 1 second: Feel bad.
7:48 A.M.: Return to room. Roommate already gone for 8:00 A.M. class.
7:48 A.M. and 1 second: Masturbate.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fall Semester

Hello peeps! What is a happening in Old Man Robert Reid Hawley land? Well Monday i start work! Well my training is what i start, i got the position yesterday. Not gonna reveal it yet, something else for the resume? Yes it is. Now i am glad i have something to do this year before it is back to Acadia or to Fort Kent in Maine. This does however put egg on someone's face...you..your such a hider you know that? I was going to be a "Lifer" eh? Life time video clerk? I guess ya havent noticed i went to school, graduated, university..graduated..twice, had a tour of duty in Japan..some people are the real boy in the plastic bubble and you are a prime example of that my man. What else is a happening? Well this past Saturday was Welcome Week 2007 at Acadia and yours truly was on hand as a representative of Acadia Alumni, collecting a free t-shirt to go with the other 33 Acadia t-shirts, to welcome the new kids to the re-opened, strong but fair, bold but yet beautiful Crowell Tower, or as they referred to it as Cutten Tower. It was fun, nice to see parents from Middleton and their look of shock and horror, or should i say shock and awe when i was there, they thought i did nothing else but work in the store formerly known as Andrews..............WRONG! It was too bad i had to cut it short and come home to work from 1-11:00 at the store formerly known as Andrew's, where at 10 at night for the first time ever, i fell asleep while on the job....ahhh good times. I still get people, well i had alot of people mistake me for an Acadia employee on Saturday, i wish...the ball is in their court, they have the resume which was professionally done and it is their call whether they call me or not ok? Like i have said before people sometimes don't like to give chances and Dad used to say it too, nobody wants to hire someone whose ass might be sitting in their seat next year, call it unfair, it is the truth. Man 10-12 WWE employees suspended for being on the juice! Congress is calling Vinnie Mac and they want a piece of the WWE pie. So Friday night i headed over to the Zedex, yes i still call it the Zedex even though the ol Zedex is good and buried and gone for good to go see Halloween or i should say Rob Zombie's Halloween, sadly the movie was not there yet and i had to sit through Hairspray from 7-9:00...not my cupa tea, but it was weird seeing John Travolta dressed as a broad and married to Christopher Walken. Finally Halloween started and well....it was interesting. It was neat how Zombie made the movie his own, it should have been called Halloween The 13th going by the body count. I cannot believe some stuff like killing off Dr Loomis, or i was wondering what kind of WWE-steroid distribution plan they have in the looney bin and or where Micheal learned to drive an 18 wheeler and how he knew where to find his baby sister and or where her adopted parents live and i was roaring "shut up" at Danny Trejio when his character kept talking to Micheal after Myers thought he killed him. It was cool to see all the horror cameos like the mom from the original Hills Have Eyes, Pete from the original Dawn of the Dead and everyone from House of 1000 Corpses/ Devil's Rejects. Good flick and last night i downloaded the workprint with the different ending and ex footage..very cool....so what is on for the weekend? Was going to go to the Axemen's football home opener Vs Mount A on Saturday, but Raymond Field is not finished yet and so the game is being played at Huskie Stadium at 12:30 Saturday afternoon. I was hoping it would be televised, but no go there either. So i might be heading to the drive-in in Coldbrook with a friend on either Sat or Sunday, already saw the Simpsons. i thought it was an under-developed flick with little to no originality, not different from the tv show. I did catch an article about the AUAA in the paper the other day about wanting to expand the product, when i was working Saturday more people were talking about watching NCAA Football on the tube than catching a game in their area, well a game that is now moved to Huskie Stadium, but that is besides the point. And off topic...did anyone catch, well in my case i caught the highlights of one of college football's greatest upsets when Appalachain State smeared, embarrassed, humiliated, and put Michigan State in her place when Appalachian State beat Michigan (ranked #5)in the Labor Day weekend 2007 game, .Never before had a Division I-AA team beat a ranked opponent and Appalachian State did it before more than 107,000 hostile fans in Michigan. Anyways back to the local sports secen..anywho there is never an advirtisement outside of those in the know, or close to Wolfville..and for years they never ever had to, the stands were full from students and alumni and therefore people that live 40 minutes away like in Middleton and never stepped foot on that campus in their lives despite being football and hockey fans have no reason to go to the games because they had no idea in hell that there were even games taking place. Now they are doing what i said they should have been doing ages ago and trying to sell the sports product to people outside of the Acadia loophole. If you have a product, you gotta sell it and you got to get out there on the firing lines and make sure people know when games are, where they are and what kind of product they are going to be witnessing on the field, or on the ice. I think some hockey exhibition games wouldnt hurt either, i remember a few yrs ago Kingston Arena was jammed to see an Acadia Axemen hockey exhibition game...do it again! BErwick, Digby, Yarmouth and LET PEOPLE KNOW!!!!! Not too hard boys...jeesh! What to do? Well i walked the doggies, dropped Momma off at 10:00 am, designed a resume for a friend, listened to some friends soap opera aboot their life and Facebooked a bit, now it is time to go downtown for a bit, load up the MP3 player...got some old school rock in there, like Ted Nugent's Instensities in 1o Cities and KISS Alive in their entirety on there...so have a good one folks!!!
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