Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas Webslingeroonies!!!

Why hello! Another Christmas morning has come and gone eh? Well what did i get? I recieved my new computer chair, some new jeans, socks, undies, a nice new Point Zero shirt, 3 nice shirt and tie combo's, the new Don Cherry Rock em Sock em (Like every Christmas since 1989-90!!!) Cheech and Chong BOBBLEHEADS!!! And the exact same gift back of Corona!!! I know have FOUR Corona mugs!!! Anybody wanna drink? This place is looking like a booze store! And everyone was happy with their gifts that i bought for them, my Mom has a new Tim Horton teapot and my Dad FINALLY has an Acadia Dad sweatshirt! My brothers are coming by in the afternoon with their family and then i can watch the little one's open their presents and watch the dogs loose their frickin minds in the process. I worked yesterday afternoon, what is it with Christmas shoppers anyways? Man i swear people would stab the person in back of them just to be first in line, back of the line or whatever the frick. Me? Did the shopping good n early this year, a little at every paycheck, that is the way to do it. Me and Dad watched the new American Pie movie entitled Bandcamp the other night, it was not veyr good at all, i can see why it went straight to video.
Well i got me Alice Cooper tickets the other day, i am right down in the front row! I will be able to see Alice's ol gulliotine up close and personal! Does he still tour with that thing?
Oh for the kids on Christmas, what exactly is the Gullotine?
The guillotine is a machine used for the mechanized application of capital punishment by decapitation. It consists of a tall upright frame from which is suspended a heavy trapezoidal blade (approx 40 kg). The blade is hauled to the top of the frame on a stout cord and held in place while the condemned has his/her head placed in a restraining bar. The cord is released and the heavy blade falls a distance of 2.3 m, severing the head. (Heights and weights are the French standards.) It takes its name from Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, a French doctor and member of the Revolutionary National Assembly, on whose suggestion it was introduced. Dr. Guillotin proposed the use of a mechanical device to carry out the death penalty. The descendants of Dr. Guillotin have since changed their surname because of the association with a method of execution. During the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution, as many as 20,000 people may have been executed. In France, executions by guillotine were also regarded as a public entertainment that attracted great crowds of spectators. The guillotine was established in the Place du Carroussel, on August 21, 1792, and remained there until May 7, 1793.
The guillotine was from then on the only legal execution method in France until the abolition of the death penalty in 1981, apart from certain crimes against the security of the state, which entailed execution by firing squad.
Beauty eh? I was thinking of getting a hotel room for the Cooper concert, maybe ..well shall have to see. Well i am thinking about going back to university again, maybe next year take a trip Stateside to Fort Kent, where i believe that you can still do an education degree in one year. It seems like a nice place, not too far from the New Brunswick border. Also i am heading back to the gym in the new year, possibly on the first week of January, i am sick of being around the 220 pound mark and only being 5'7, which really accents your weight, you see if you are 6'2 and weigh 220 pounds then people do not notice as much because there are more places for your weight to go.
Well i am opening at work all of this week, every day from 10-6..it will be tiring and monotonus, but that first payday on Janurary 6 or 7th should be nice and rewarding.
Anyways slingers, i be back with more soon!

PSSSSSSSSSSSST-- Cool Kiss documentary i found!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Ever-Popular Robert Reid Hawley!!!

Hello there bloogeroonies!!!



This will be my first time seeing Alice since 1990 when he was here with Great White...Oh by the way, the Coop's opening act will be Helix!!!! Man i wonder if lots of the old Eastern Passage boys will be out at the show? A possible EPJH reunion eh? First Motley Crue, now Alice Cooper! I bet when Crue almost sold out, this opened the doors for Cooper eh?
In other news, my Dad got his scan back last week and everything is a-ok! Finally some good news in time for Christmas eh?
The Turkey Burger in Cooksville, Nova Scotia is said to be closing its doors at the end of this month, i hope a new buyer comes forth really soon and buys this Nova Scotia treasure because let's face it, what would a trip to the South Shore of Nova Scotia be without going to the Turkey Burger?!?!?!?! And i have a dear close friend that confuses it with that other Nova Scotia landmark, the Chicken Burger out of Bedford, NS...how the hell does that happen?!?!?!?
I went Christmas shopping with Captain Redneck on my day off Saturday, i don't think he knows the first clue about shopping for kids...attention attention...this is what a normal 14 yr old wants ok...Daisy Duke posters and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calanders!!! Not D& D and nerdy BS...i swear some people shop for themselves for Christmas eh? Buying video games that they like, not paying attention to the person at hand. I bought Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke on DVD for $4.99...a steal! When are those two gonna put their stupid differences aside and reunite is beyond me...money in the bank if they do though! Sent out lots of Christmas cards this week, even to the old boys in the Passage, hope they remember me eh?
Too bad about the death of Phyllis Gretzky, Wayne's Mom passing away the other day, she really was the monarch of the Gretzky Family, esp after Walter had his health problems in the early 90s. Now many hockey fans are wondering when Wayne will return as coach of the Coyotes and as GM of Team Canada, give the man a break! He needs his time to mourn....
Well i am working Friday night in Middleton and then Saturday is Christmas Eve and then Sunday is the big day..what will i get? I remember in the 70s when we were getting kick ass toys like Mego Action Figures and AFRO GI Joes when my brother opened a present from one of my aunts and it was a frickin KEN DOLL!!! With a pink shirt, kaki pants and a COMB!?!?!?!?! What guy figure comes with a COMB?!?!?!? Hopefully one of my female cousins was sitting somewhere opening up a present wondering why in the hell does she have a GI JOE??!?!?!? It was hysterical although my brother was in tears...hehheheheheheheheheeh..by the way..miniture GI JOE's sucked...sorry kids of the 80s- 70s JOE's all the way!!!
Any who folks, gotta get me housework done eh?

PS- Some Classic Alice Cooper from 1972-73...PUBLIC ANIMAL #9!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I Was, I Will

Hello there ol bloggeroos! Well this is Old Man Robb again! What is a happening with me? Nothing really, no staff party this year for work, i feel kinda bummed about it even though it is no one's fault in general, i still do have Saturday off so i may just have to go do something with myself eh? We were thinking about going bowling for a staff party, but the alley closes at 10:00. What am i going to do with the booze i bought? I have a 24 of Keith's and a bottle of ol Jack Daniels! I guess i will become a closet boozer...wait a second..i already am! Egg nogg does taste great however with a little bit of Captain Morgan and Kuluha or however the hell it is spelled. Hate this weather cause i cannot go outside and i get stuck wtching crappy ol tv all day! I was in a class at Mount A when we discussed television shows and i could not name 10 shows on television! Watched the Bad News Bears remake with the folks the other night, it was ok..nowhere near the original with Walter Mattheau i am afraid and no where as un-PC that is for sure! Why do some people still act weird over things that happened in the early 90's? I think some people need a breath of fresh air or something, old before their time i am afraid. Me? I am old? Sure! Do i wanna be 30 something going on 19 forever? Who the hell doesn't wanna be that? I was at the vet the other day with my dog or one of my dogs i should say and they were about to end his manhood (poor little fella) and the vet said to my father something about being his age and having children so young..she thought i was 20!?!?!?!?!?!!! That silly Bullen is out in Calgary and said on his MSN that he was bored...yet there is a Hooters restuarant across the street from the hotel he is staying at...GET OVER THERE!!! Damn i wish we had this FOOSBALL table in res.........Being single again at Christmas...why does everyone make a big ol hairy whoppin deal about that? I am fine, no one to buy presents for that you know that they are not going to like anyways. I didn't know Chuck Norris was such a badass!!
Oh well anyways gang i have to get mobile, maybe take the dogs for a walk or something useful..have a good one!

PS- Classic Ramones with Dee Dee on lead vocals- Endless Vacation!!!

PS Part 2- Check out Bill Gates and Napoleon Dynamite!!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Richard Pryor

One of the greatest stand up comedians in the world passed away on Saturday at the still-young age of 65. Pryor had been suffering from multiple sclerosis for nearly 20 years. I discovered Richard Pryor fairly early on, renting most of his movies on our old betamax while we lived in Eastern Passage from 1983 to 1990. I remember my friend Jason would always shout out, "My dick is on fire, just like Richard Pryor! In reference to when Pryor nearly burned himself to death while freebasing cocaine in 1980. Man i swear i would rent a Pryor movie a week at one stage, even silly stuff like "The Toy" and "Superman III" were favorites of mine, cause Pryor made them better. My brother took me to see "The Toy" and i wanted a "Wonderwheel" and Richard Pryor to come to my house to hang out just like that brat in the film. Rest in peace Brother Richard..and thanks for the laughs. Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 05, 2005

20 Days Til HO HO HO (And a bucket of Rum!!!!)

Hello there webslingeroonies! What have i been up to? Well Christmas shopping up the ying yang is Old Man Robert Reid Hawley The First! Actually if i ever marry i am so going the Foreman route and naming all the kids Robb #1, Robb #2, Robb #3, Robb #4 till all of the world is taken over by an abundance of brats all named Robert Reid Hawley. Just kidding! Well maybe not eh? Watched the new Dukes of Hazzard movie with my Dad on Friday night, it was pretty funny, people have to watch for the inneuendo about the rebel flag on top of the General Lee in the movie, a little fella came into work the other day and did not get the jokes aboot the Rebel Flag:

What is usually called "The Confederate Flag" or "The Confederate Battle Flag" (actually the Navy Jack as explained above) is still a widely-recognized symbol. The display of the flag is a controversial and very emotional issue, generally because of disagreement over exactly what it symbolizes. To many in the US South it is simply a symbol of regional pride and heritage. Others see it as a symbol of the institution of slavery which the Confederate government defended, or of the Jim Crow laws enforcing racial segregation in the Southern States for almost a century later.
The Confederate Battle Flag became a part of the Mississippi state flag in 1894, whereupon a strange series of events ensued. In 1906, the flag statutes were omitted by error from the new legal code of the state, leaving Mississippi without an official flag. The omission was not discovered until 1993, when a lawsuit filed by the NAACP regarding the flag was being reviewed by the Mississippi Supreme Court.
In 2000, the Governor of Mississippi Ronnie Musgrove issued an executive order making the flag official. After continued controversy, the decision was turned over to citizens of the state, who, on April 17, 2001, voted 2-1 to keep the Confederate Battle Flag emblem on the state flag [1]. Also at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) the Rebel Flag was very prevalent at the football games because the team's name, the Rebels. However, the administration banned sticks at football games in an attempt to rid the stadium of the flags, which they believed hampered them in recruiting black athletes and they also believed they were discriminatory and were bad for the public image of Ole Miss (which had already had its share of bad experiences with race relations, e.g., James Meredith). Though no longer seen in the stadium the Rebel Flag is very prevalent in the Grove, where students, fans, and alumni tailgate before the game.

Another interesting piece about the Flag that i found while surfing the net.

In the words of Floyd Cochran
"Everywhere I went in the racist movement the confederate flag was flown. Often times we hear or have been told that the confederate flag has to do with heritage. That it does - white privilege; a heritage that enslaved people and exploited people all in the name of white supremacy and the confederacy. Today in the 21st century, racist organizations know that marching and waving the swastika isn't cool. However waving the confederate flag is still acceptable to many. In many ways the confederate flag has become the 21st century version of the swastika. The swastika didn't start out as a racist symbol of evil. Its origins are as a symbol of peace and well-being. Over the years it became known and seen as a symbol of hate - like the confederate flag.
"At Aryan Nation I was taught that the confederate flag represented:
13 stars represented the 13 lost tribes of white Israel.
Red was purity of blood.
White was the color of our skin.
More history on the confederate flag
The Confederate Flag was used to give the Confederate soldiers a way to tell their ranks from those of the Union soldiers on the battlefield, where smoke routinely obscured the view of their fellows. After the war, the flag was adopted by the KKK and later by Racist Skinheads, American Nazi Party, Aryan Nation and other hate groups. The confederate flag is an internationally recognized symbol of racism and bigotry.

Heavy stuff huh?

Well what else is happening? Not too much, i watched the Vanier Cup after work and what i saw was a pretty hard fought battle between Laurier and the Saskchewan Huskies, i always feel bad when the cameras show the losers of the game on their bench bawling their eyes out, guys who are graduating and this being their final year and such. Plus where was the crowd control during this game? I hate sometimes seeing people rush on the field as i find it tarnishes the moment for the guys who earned the right to celebrate as in the players and it takes away from thier moment of triumph.
Don't you hate when people run off with the mouth? Someone i know is at it again, running their mouth. Then you wonder about that person, whom they are and how they have not yet come to realize that in the grand scheme of things that they are not all that and a friggin bag of potato chips. They do not realize that just becuase they have rode some coat tails to some degree of success they think they are the be all and end all. What's the problem? Is there some hidden jealousy there pally? Just remember the coattails you ride may someday realize that they are better off and then what will you be? Some of us want to work hard to make something of themselves and you possess talent, but do not want to go all the way in order to achieve. You are complacent and are now just along for the ride as i see it. Call me weird? Well...one ought to have a good long look in the mirror...hope it doesn't crack on ya.
Ranting Robbie today eh?
Anyways i have work to get ready for, more shopping to do so i shall go for now. Have a good one slingers!

6 eggs separated
2 cups sugar
1 1/2 quarts thick cream
1 1/4 Captain Morgan's Rum
Add cinnamon or nutmeg to taste
Beat egg yolks and sugar together until they are well blended.
Set that mixture aside, and beat the egg whites until stiff and add the cream followed by some harshly thrashed cream.
Dump all this into the yokes along with your choice of liquor. Then chill.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Motley Crue in Halifax: March 2nd at the Metro Centre!!!

OMG!!! A F'n decent concert is coming to Halifax!!! Tickets for this are going on sale December 3rd at 9:00 AM...too bad my sources do not say where to purchase tickets..i guess that dude's online petition to get the Crue here worked eh? Man i believe the year was 1983 when i was just a Little Old Man Robb (Maybe i was a "Young Man Robb"???) Anyways i remember being in my old junior high cafeteria at EPJH where people would bring ghettoblasters everyday and crank out metal all morning...kinda like a competition...i know, sounds silly. Anyways i remember hearing the Crue, along with Quiet Riot and Ratt and Robbo's metal years were good and on...they were started somewhat before that...but this is when it went kinda over the edge...no i did not wear studded braclets and biker hats (Them guys resembled Freddie Mercury more than metalheads) But i was ever faithful to loud music, buying up every tape, record and t-shirt i could find with my lawnmowing and allowence money. I am glad the Crue is finally coming here..it is at least 22 years overdue, but now it is happening..moralists beware! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Yeah...Old Man Robb is Here..

Hello there bloggos! What has Old Man Robb been up to? Well i took it upon myself to go check out some good ol'fashioned Maritime Wrestling last weekend in Canning at the old high school there, i believe it is now the community centre. It was fun, i never knew so many people could fit into such a small space eh? And it was being taped for a future showing on the new Fight Network! So how many days till Merry Ho ho? Exactly 25! But Old Man Robb is supposed to suck at math remember! Well i have the day off and i have accomplished absolutely nothing so far, took the dogs for a walk here in good ol Middleton..and that is about it! The hockey Axemen went 2 and o over the weekend and are now off until they go to play the Alberta Golden Bears in late Decemeber, maybe my brother will get me a t-shirt or something and it will arrive at the same time when my sister promised to get me a Washington Huskies t-shirt about three years ago. Finally rented the Trailer Park Boys Christmas dvd over the weekend, man i roared seeing Mr Lahey get trashed and putting a grocery bag on for a Santa beard! Plus when the boys used Lahey's Christmas decorations to help out with Bubbles bonfire. Well what a world eh? The ol Canadian government is literally falling apart, does Stephen Harper wear a wig? That so cannot be his real hair. Oh well..what is going to happen...lemmie think..i got it! Once again 30% of Canadians will cast their ballots and 100% of Canadians will complain about the outcome.....no matter who wins. I hear people talk and talk and talk.. If people will put down their donuts, come out of the coffee shop and actually go vote for a change, then maybe we shall see some progress, now if as per usual, people do not go out and vote, then they have absolutely no right to bitch, moan and drip about how hard done by they are or who is doing what to whom...oh well..had to vent that eh?
Anyways got to get moving, go have a shower, go for a walk and do something productive with me ol' day off...have a good one!

PS- Go see the teaser for the upcoming Trailer Park Boys movie!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

I Am Back So Says I

Hey there bloggeroos! What is Old Man Robb up to? Well i have been spending some time at home, my Dad has not been feeling well and i am helping out a bit around the house. Yesterday i went up to the old alma mater as in ol' Acadiau and handing in a resume as well as filling out an application for a position with Sodexo Marriot working in administrative. Hope it goes ok. I walked around and chatted it up with people i knew, you know you have been in a spot a long time when the people at the bookstore, employment office and coffee house know you by name..ahhh Old Man Robert Hawley. Besides i promised my nephew that i would take him up to Wheelock some time to eat...hope the old school Tator Tot Casserole is on the menu!!!! Has a bit of a ring to it eh? Well tomorrow i am getting paid and heading out to get some Christmas shoppping done. As tempted as i am to grow the world's greatest mullet ever, i am getting my mop chopped tomorrow at 1:00 and probably heading tomorrow night up to see WWR wrestling in Canning...looks like it has the potential to be fun and it is being taped for a showing at a later date on the new Fight Channel here in Canada. Along with WWE 24/7 i so need these channels.. Thank god Jiri Fisher of the Red Wings was ok after collapsing on the bench a couple of nights ago, imagine what a public relations nightmare it would have been for the league if something tragic would have happened. Oh my working tonight, Saturday and Sunday...anyone want to trade places? Well i was going to go to the Axemen game on Saturday night, but i am going to spend time at home instead, the radio is a good substitute, it is good to see that ALL the games are being broadcast now, that year i spent in Mount A was depressing on the hockey front, except for the three times Old Man Russell picked me up and took me to Moncton to see the Wildcats, i saw no live hockey all year and then last year at Acadia, the games were not being broadcast on the internet at all, so there was no sitting in the library on the night of road games and being able to listen in while i finished up another successful (or semi-successful) term paper. I joined up with a new site called Gradfinder the other day, it is tempting to contact some of the people on there, peopple i haven't seen for a lifetime! Other people i would not give the time of day to if the damn place was buring down, yes Old Man Robb can hold a grudge sometimes, silly? yes...but the hate for some is still there... Hey! Motley Crue is coming to Hfx on March 3rd or something like that and tickets for the show are $61 Canadian!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?! Man i hope they get a sold out show! That way promoters will be tempted to bring in more old school metal acts to Hfx, man Motorhead rocked last year and it would be good to see some people like the re-formed Judas Priest head out this way or to see Alice Cooper make a return to metro, i wanna go see the Crue and maybe some of the old gang from the ol' Passage will be there eh? Anyways gang, gots to go..have a good one!

PS- See the new SUPERMAN trailer!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Christmas Breakfast Casserole

Hey Blogeroonies! Try this recipie for Christmas morning!

Make this a day ahead of time and just pop it into the oven the next morning

6 eggs
1 cup milk
6 oz. cheddar cheese grated
1-lb sausage crumbled
1 bag tator tots, frozen
1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon pepper
1/2 teaspoon mustard
Line an 8x8-inch baking dish with frozen tator tots.
Sprinkle tator tots with crumbled sausage.
Mix together eggs, milk, salt, pepper, and mustard.
Pour over meat and tator tots.
Top with grated cheddar cheese.
Refrigerate over night.
Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Serve hot.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Hey There!

Hello people! What have i been up to? Well family stuff, my Dad is getting out of the hospital, he was in over the weekend due to a lack of iron and the hospital decided to keep him overnight, visiting hours are at 11:00 this morning and hopefully he will be home this afternoon. It is the the time of year where you don't want to see this stuff happen, esp with X-mass right around the corner..what is it now? ummmm 33 days? Jeesh, so one wants to see the family around this time of year be good and somewhat healthy. What else is happening? Well the Football Axemen lost to the Laurier Golden Hawks on Saturday 31-10 up in Hfx at Huskie Stadium, so while there will be no trip for the Axemen to the Vanier Cup in Hamilton on December 3rd, we must at least be happy that we won the Atlantic for the first time since 1995 is it? Anyways congrats are in order, the hockey Axemen split their roadtrip and are back here on the weekend. I have not decided what i am doing this weekend with Friday night off, i can go see the Axemen play against SMU or go to wrestling in Canning...that's right Friday night wrestling in Canning, i will ask my nephew if he wants to go if he isn't too busy being in the hood this weekend. Anyways the Axemen do play STFX on Saturday night and i work till 6:00 so maybe i can make it out to that one. Dunker called and asked if i wanted to see a movie last night, but with Dad staying overnight in the hospital i decided agaisnt it...besides there really isn't much out that i wanna see right now anyways. On the video front, the Fantastic Four and Dukes of Hazzard are both coming out on the 6th of December so there are at least some dvd's that i am looking forward to, plus my Mom wants to know where she can find the newest Rock Em Sock Em Hockey Dvd hosted by Don Cherry...i think it has to be up to number 20 or something like that by now. I went to see the West Kings game last Tuesday only to be told that the game was cencelled because the team was in a tournament...would have been nice if they had left a message or something eh? Oh my, anyways the laundry is in and i have to go catch a shower, working the next two nights here in rocking Middleton .........whoooooooooo! Anyways have a good one!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Ain't No Fun Waiting Round to be a Millionaire

Hello webslingers! Well well..i could get used to this eh? The Axemen as football champs and the Habs at the top of the Eastern Conference! Well i must digress with something, this being Macleans Magazine and their rankings of the top universities in Canada. Well Acadia U is 3rd overall...again, now STFX is #1 as always, don't really have a problem with that as they seem to be #1 every year and the people were really nice to me when i was down there for the Beach Boys concert this summer, even though the guy working the ticket booth had no idea where the concert was being held..(hint..it was right behind the building) but once again, Mount Allison is #2, ahead of Acadia...now i have friends at Mount Allison, i made quite a few of them while living there in residence in 2003-04 and i really enjoyed my Friday and Saturday nights at CHMA rising "Assume The Position" back from the dead...(Take that Radio Acadia!...RIP) however while having fun in res, as a matter of fact one of my funnest years ever in res and the airwaves, ummmm...nope not really lots of fun there, lousy classes, an uncaring faculty, lack of services, no breakfest on the weekends till almost noon, no library open till 1:00 on the weekends, coffee shop that closed at 4 every day..ummmm...see once i left the res..things were not that awesome and so i am still left to wonder where this great rating came from...i hear the science department is pretty good, but i am not a scientist.

Wow...can Old Man Robb rant or what?

Did we win BIG at Football or what?

Is Superman really a dick?


In other news, i turned on the computer yesterday after work to find out WWE Superstar Eddie Guerrero was found dead of heart failure at his hotel room in Minneapolis...how many wrestling stars are going to die at very young ages until there is a full blown investigation into professional wrestling in the United States? It just seems lately, Hawk, Rick Rude, Curt Henning, The British Bulldog amongst others are all not with us anymore...why? I know it is sports entertainment, but c'mon now...the NHL, NFL, Major League Baseball and all kinds of other forums of entertainment do not have the problems that currently plague professional wrestling.
Oh well...they could be having Green Puppies?!?!?! Not much else happening, stayed home Friday during the day to help celebrate my Mom's b-day with some pizza from Greco and just basically hung out. I have tomorrow off, i am going up to Acadia to check in on some stuff, check the job bank...there is a West Kings game at 4:00 tomorrow, so i may stop by to check that out for old times sakes, there is a game in Kingston Friday night for sure, so i might possibly check that out seeing as i have Friday night off and stuff. I was thinking of taking next Friday off to go see the Axemen play SMU or i might just wait till Saturday night on the 26th and drive to Wolfville to witness the Axemen taking on STFX at 7:30... i dunno..there is wrestling in Canning on the 25th..a Friday, but i am not too sure what is happening yet schedule wise.

Call me an old student? I think my American counterpart has to be Johnny Lechner! Maybe i should forget life and go back to Acadia for a few more years just to catch Johnny's records eh? Mr Lechner has 242 credits...i have 150...i have lots of catching up to do ..92 credits to go!

Anyhow...that is all for now folks! Have a good one

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Acadia Axemen are your 2005-06 AUFC Football Champions! Yes folks, 9:00 yesterday morning i arrived at Acadia Arena with one goal in mind, to score a ticket for yesterday's championship game...people said i was nuts, no way was i going to get a ticket...blah blah blah..hah! Well i scored one and i never used it as i stood anyways and watched the Axemen stomp STFX 69-6 in front of about 3,000 people! It was good, i remember the last time was 1995 against STFX and i was there then too! Now the Axemen will not meet the Laurier Golden Hawks at the 2005 Uteck Bowl hosted by Atlantic University Sport at Huskie Stadium next week on Saturday, Nov. 19. The Hawks defeated the Western Mustangs 29-11 in the Yates Cup. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 07, 2005

I Think it is Monday Today

Hello webslingers and peeps from all the wonderful bounds of hell! Well what has been a happening? Well there is one momma of a football game between Acadia and STFX that is going to be taking place at Raymond Field this Saturday and Old Man Robb is going to be there be there be there! I promise i won't bring a megaphone either! They are cracking down on rowdy fans...funny because people used to bitch that we were some of the quietest fans in the league, now we cannot make any noise...weird...well it was due to the namecalling directed towards the STFX coach there a few weeks ago..well no name calling could be as bad as that in the original SlapShot!!! ...by the way i was at the last finals held at Raymond Field some ten years ago doing camera work while i was under the spell of the B***H of the Baskervilles...wasted years eh? I read a pretty scathing article on the Mount Allison football team by Sir Alex J the other day...hey what is it with all the recent Alex J stuff anyways? Well i did havea chance to go to the ABI, Atlantic Broadcasting Institute years ago, was accepted and everything, but declied and went a year later to K-Tech...a waste of time? What do you think? I dunno which would have been better or for worse, all in the past anyways eh? Anywho the article was nasty, talking about raising monies for the team, how come MTA doesn't raise more than $10,000 when SMU is raising more than $150,000 per year...smells kinda fishy eh? Me and Dad watched "Waking Up Wally: The Walter Gretzky" story last night on tv, it was really good, it was scary seeing how a stroke can really mess up a person, as in losing their memories. Man was i sick on Saturday, yet i managed to soldier on through an entire nine hour shift before coming home and doing my best Exorcist impression for everyone. So what am i up to this week? Well i work today, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. So no little time for anything, plus putting new brake pads on the Jeep and hey...i have tomorrow off! I may get back to the job hunt, i applied for those two jobs at Acadia and November 3rd was the cut-off date, so i may go back up tomorrow and borrow my parents van to do so...maybe put on my dress pants and dress shirt and make a wholehearted effort to at least look half-decent....i picked up the Beavis and Butthead boxset the other day...a tad disappointed i am because it is not a regular season one boxset, it is 40 of Mike Judge's favorite episodes and do to copyright issues, they only get to make fun of like 10 music videos...the parts where they would rip up videos by Duran Duran and others was one of my favorite parts of the entire show! Still it has where they pruned Mr Anderson's house, so that is good. Anyways i have to get ready cause i am going Christmas shopping this afternoon and then to work, have a good one slingers!

PS- Rock & Roll Radio with the Ramones!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

No Fun

Hey gang and peeps! Yes yes Old Man Robb is back and is loopier than ever! Well how are things? I have submitted electronically because i was told to do so two jobs to Acadia Alumni, will they pick Old Man Robb? Maybe...maybe not, one was a part time job and the other was a full blown, full time position...cannot see the full time one cause i don't think i fit the criteria, i am different, not a machine and that may go against me. There are people i would love to work with, and others that i could not see me being in the same room with for more than a good five minutes. I am glad that we beat STFX last weekend in football to host the finals for the first time since 1995, i was just reading the Daily News and ol' Alex J just ripped into both teams. STFX players were dancing on the Acadia logo in the middle of the field and that nearly erupted into a per six brawl from what i am told. And ol Alex J ripped Acadia fans a new one for some duragatory chants made at the STFX coach and his relatives. Now as a fan going to sporting event, i am used to seeing chants, at old West Kings games back in the early 90s, when the score was good and ran up the fans used to chant, "It's all your fault!" at the oppositions goaltender and people made an issue of that. However cutting down someone's personal life, that is just nasty. I remember hearing Craig Mactavish talk about an old playoff series with the Calgary Flames where one or two Flames players made remarks to him about his criminal conviction and imprisonment for vehicular homicide back in 1984-85. I went to see the Axemen play the Moncton Blue Eagles on Saturday night, Moncton was playing their first game since Sebastian Savage of the Blue Eagles was recently paralyzed in an incident against Acadia on Oct 22. The hometown Axemen fans gave the Blue Eagles a standing ovation and it was also nice to see the 1992-93 Axemen get inducted into the Acadia sports hall of fame, however the Blue Eagles just did not look into the game at all and we won easily by a score of 6-2. I left with a good five minutes left to play as it was hard to watch the Blue Eagles looking like they were just skating around and i do believe the Axemen really could have run up the score if they had really wanted to. I think it was in the Daily News or Chronically Horrid that the UPEI women's hockey team was recently beaten 21-0 by STFX and the column writer stated that STFX ran up the score in the third period...ummmmmmm the score was already 15-0 dude at the end of the second, i think the score had been run up! Well i went to the Greenwood Mall..i mean that place with like five dollar stores... yeah that is it and picked up a copy of the dvd, Ramones- The End of the Century...really good documentary about the group, man does Richie Ramone look different in that suit and tie...Tommy Ramone looks like Jerry Garcia or something like that..it expanded on the Johnny-Linda- Joey love triangle, for those who do not know...Johnny Ramone stole Joey's girlfriend away from him around 1980-81 and eventually married her, Joey's worst nightmare and he and Johnny basically never talked ever again..sad eh?According to the film, Joey never got over the heartache. And now the Ramones are more famous than ever, i mean when i got into the band big time around the mid to end of the 80s, my heavy metal loving Passage friends made fun of me...ummmm..did they see how some of their favorite bands looked? Don't stir the kettle black! Anyways this stuff was never leaked to fans, even though their was really no internet back then either. Had to work Halloween night, did have time to get dressed up in the Jason get-up and scare the daylights out of one of my co-workers, what i find is the saddest and well...makes me the most pissed off about Halloween is that i love seeing the little kids all dressed up, it really is for them, but to see teenagers that are not dressed up, wearing backwards baseball caps and baggy jeans on good people's doorsteps demanding candy? Little jerks, could lay the smackdown on some of them. To me that takes away from the fun and wonder of Halloween...at least my nephew got dressed up (As a PIMP!!! Who does he think he is? Huggy Bear?) Teenagers get caught at those ages like 14-16, they are not adult yets and places in town don't want them around because they all get painted with the same brush. Then again teenagers don't really help themselves by loitering around town, doing wheelies off our front steps..which leads straight out into traffic by the way! I guess i am being an armchair critic, but i don't remember loitering as much as teens do today, many just go to the mall, but to me our mall is boring as hell, i only go if i am going to buy something. I think it is just a lazy generation, facinated by crappy rap videos and video games, sadly many will go to university where people will laugh at them. I mean we did our fair share of laughing at new kids when they came to residence and thought they had all the answers about life, how to study, how to get ahead when none of them had ever pumped gas or stocked a shelf, or worked behind a counter in a store, or washed dishes or delivered pizzas for the Pizza Nazi amongst various other jobs, i used to deliver pizzas half the night and then go change uniforms and clean the local radio station at night! And i really wanted to get my post-secondary education, i worked for it! Can you imagine giving up all the weekends that i did to come home and work? I never went to a formal until my 4th year of university, i NEVER went to the Christmas/ Snowball formal cause i always had to work! No Christmas Dinner until my 3rd year of university either. Sheesh...kids huh? Just like my nephew went to a party instead of going to the game with me on Saturday night, instead of learning something from others, it is just an excuse to be lazy, can't even get the little bugger out of bed to rake leaves, instead i did it all myself...ahh it is the generation gap... we had to work for stuff, the internet, dvd's, video games- great gadgets and all, but things are so convienient now for kids and we are laughed at, us old men...well we shall all see whom gets the last laugh. I am thinking about taking in a West Kings game some time, i see that they need all the support they can get from the looks of the standings. They play Middleton right hre in town at the Middleton Arena on the night of the 12th at 7:30 so maybe when i am done with the Acadia-STFX game, which i took the day off to go watch, then i will come home and catch some old time high school hockey! Anyways then later...have a good one friends and foes!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Destination: No Where Near Here

Hey all those out in bloggo land! It is Old Man Robb here with another edition of Robbblogs! Well now i was up to the old homestead as in Acadia University right dab smack in the middle of good ol good ol Wolfville (ode to the Dunker!) and i went to see a few people here and there, esp an old advisor of mine who sent me straight up to the employment office at Acadia, where i seen something that could be my job, something so perfect, so right...yeah...
Well anyways i went to Workopolis and applied from there, it is the sort of job where i had to provide my resume, a cover letter and my unofficial transcript...yikes...esp on the unofficial transcript part, but the secretary was really nice so maybe that is a good thing eh? I visited up at the history dept and saw a few familiar faces, man am i just getting that damn old or are the kids getting younger? As i made my way around the campus i noticed some faces of people i liked saying hi to and others...well they can just go to hell as far as i am concerned, damn brownnosers, sure i would go get help from profs and others when i had a problem, but to do it 24/7? Brownosing helps people step on other people, step on toes, but to me it is a problem that puts other more deserving people down. If a person has looks or something, than they can get ahead of other, more deserving people who actually had to work for what they achieved. It is something that is ruining the moral fabric of doing business in North America today as we speak. I question those very people, how do you live with yourself? All they care about is the cash value, but do they care about the prestige? Are they prepared to work for what they now have?
A definition i found on the net of brownnosing:

Brownnosing can best be described as the implication that servility is equivalent to kissing the hinder parts of the person from whom advancement is sought.

Nuff said

Anyways i think it went well

I work Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this week, it is going to be so strange going to see the Axemen game on Saturday, it will be the first Moncton Blue Eagles game since the unfortunate incident last Saturday and reports say that the team is really shook up, they cancelled their game against Dalhousie this week. It shall be an emotional night. The Associated Alumni of Acadia keeps sending me notices that they want biographical information to be included in their Associated Alumni of Acadia University Directory, i know some info for them......


Well i have tonight off and i have to go back over to the Middleton Library to return me books, but first how's about some more random trivia?

1) The First Player to be penalized 400 Penalty Minutes in One Season:
Answer: David Shultz, Philedelphia, 1974-75
Schultz's fans at the Philadelphia Spectrum wore Nazi helmets, which was rather fitting as he was the closest thing to a war criminal that the NHL ever produced. The Hammer pounded out 472 ugly minutes in 1974-75, a record that looks as far out of reach as Wayne Gretzky's 93 goal season.

Betcha the author won't call the Hammer a war criminal to his face! The Broad Street Bullies would have his ass!

Anyone see the Trudeau movie the other night? I was asked the other day about what was one of his most memorable moments in office and so after going through some textbooks, this is what i found.

"Resentment against francophone militancy reached new heights during the October Crisis, which erupted in the fall of 1970. On October 5, 1970, James Cross, the British trade commissioner in Montreal was kidnapped by members of the FLQ- the Front de liberation du Quebec. Five days later on October 10, 1970, Pierre Laporte, the Quebec minister of labor and immigration was abducted by another cell of the FLQ.
Since 1963, the militant FLQ had carried out over 200 violent crimes, including several bombings that resulted in the death of people. The most serious attack was a blast at the Montreal Stock Exchange on February 13, 1969, which had injured 27 people. FLQ members also had stolen several tons of dynamite from military and industrial sites. After many of these acts, they warned the public that more attacks were to come through their official communication organ, known as La Cognée. The FLQ funded their activities with bank robberies.
By 1970, 23 members of the FLQ were in jail, including four members convicted of murder. On February 26, 1970, two men in a panel truck were arrested in Montreal when they were discovered to be in possession of a sawed-off shotgun and a communiqué announcing the kidnapping of the Israeli consul. One of them was a man named Jacques Lanctôt. In June, police raided a home in the small community of Prévost north of Montreal in the Laurentian mountains and found firearms, ammunition, 300 pounds (136 kg) of dynamite, detonators, and the draft of a ransom note to be used in the kidnapping of the American consul.
By daring to seize a represenative of the British Crown and a Liberal cabinet minister, the FLQ was hitting at the heart of the establishment.
When asked how far he was willing to go to stop the FLQ, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau stated, "Just watch me". Three days later he invoked the War Measures Act at the request of the Premier of Quebec, Robert Bourassa, and the Mayor of Montreal, Jean Drapeau. At the time, opinion polls in Quebec and the rest of Canada showed overwhelming support for the War Measures Act. Politician and future Parti Quebecois Premier René Levesque wrote that he agreed it was necessary under the circumstances. Since then, however, the government's use of the War Measures Act in peacetime has been a subject of debate in Canada as it gives police sweeping powers of arrest and detention.
Simultaneously, under provisions quite separate from the War Measures Act and much more commonly used, the Solicitor-General of Quebec requisitioned the deployment of the military from the Chief of the Defence Staff in accordance with the National Defence Act. Troops from Quebec bases and elsewhere in the country were dispatched, under the direction of the Sûreté du Québec (Quebec's provincial police force), to guard vulnerable points as well as prominent individuals at risk. This freed the police to pursue more proactive tasks in dealing with the crisis.
Outside Quebec, mainly in the Ottawa area, the federal government deployed troops under its own authority to guard federal offices and employees. The combination of the increased powers of arrest granted by the War Measures Act and the military deployment requisitioned and controlled by the government of Québec, gave every appearance that martial law had been imposed. A significant difference, however, is that the military remained in a support role to the civil authorities (in this case, Quebec authorities) and never had a judicial role. Nevertheless, the sight of tanks on the lawns of the federal parliament was disconcerting to many Canadians.
Once the War Measures Act was in place, arrangements were made for all detainees to see legal counsel. In addition, the Quebec Ombudsman, Louis Marceau, was instructed to hear complaints of detainees and the Quebec Government agreed to pay damages to any person unjustly arrested. On February 3, 1971, John Turner, Minister of Justice of Canada, reported that 497 persons had been arrested under the War Measures Act, of whom 435 had already been released. The other 62 were charged, of which 32 were crimes of such seriousness that a Quebec Superior Court judge refused them bail.
Pierre Laporte was eventually found murdered by his captors while James Cross was freed after 60 days as a result of negotiations with the kidnappers who requested exile to Cuba rather than face trial in Quebec. The cell members responsible for Laporte were arrested and charged with kidnapping and murder.
Ironically, the use of the act to detain over 450 people, most of whom were never charged with any offence, became another example for Quebec nationalists of the injustice imposed by an English-dominated Parliament. In reality, all the francophone members of Parliament voted for the War Measured Act. The sixteen MPs who voted against it- fifteen Democrats and one Conservative- were all anglophones.
This incident proved to be the most serious terrorist attack on Canadian soil in modern times and the response by the federal and provincial governments still sparks controversy. However, at the time, opinion polls showed overwhelming support in Quebec for the War Measures Act. A few critics (most notably Tommy Douglas and the New Democratic Party) believed that Prime Minister Trudeau was being excessive in using the War Measures Act to suspend civil liberties and that the precedent set by this incident was dangerous.

Heavy stuff eh?

Anyways here is the home hockey schedule for my alma mater West Kings! This is so alumni will stop asking me when games are

Tuesday, November 15th 4:00- CK Vs West Kings
Friday, November 18th 7:30- NKEC Vs West Kings
Friday, November 25th 7:30- AHS Vs West Kings
Friday, December 9th 7:30- BRHS Vs West Kings
Friday, December 16th 7:30- MRHS Vs West Kings
Tuesday, January 10th 4:00- MRHS Vs West Kings
Friday, January 20th 7:30- MRHS Vs West Kings
Friday, January 27th 7:30- CK Vs West Kings
Friday, February 17th 7:30 HHS Vs West Kings

Anyways Webslingeroonies this is Old Man Robb over and out!!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Things Happen All The Time

Hey there webslingeroonies! Long time eh? Well i have been a busy little Maritimer, fighting off the wormslime known as student loans, working working working and doing all sorts of stuff. Went to Hfx last Wednesday and had interviews at Mount St Vincent, Dalhousie and SMU, as well as dropping stuff off at Kingstec of all places, acutally the new front enterance at K-tech looks really good, time to be out of the 1970s and into at least 2000, however as i walked further through the building, past the new enterance it seemed like a demented trip back into time...back to 1995, even thought the decor screams 1975-76, old lockers and classrooms, i peaked in and thought, good friends...even though some said things about me..always about me, not to my face eh? Some people... some good memories marred by one cold callus moron whom did not see true talent when it was presented right in front of its face...ugh... anyways, i did have a stroll around the city, saw an awesome Jason Voorhees bust at one of the comic book stores downtown, however they wanted $69 dollars for it, when i could get it off Ebay for at least half that if i really wanted it that damned bad...new rumor is out that Jason Vs Freddy Vs Micheal Myers (From Halloween) are going to team up in a new sequel...believe it when i see it... Pigged out that day too, ate at Pizza Corner in Hfx and in Sackville i had Mary Brown's, which i had not aten since we lived in Edmonton back in like 1983, i'll wait another 20 yrs on that one ok? Some sad news about the Axemen game the other night, i guess one of the Blue Eagles was really hurt on Sat night as i listened on the radio. Hope he is ok, he had to be stretchered off the ice. Strange about McGill and their hazing incidents that has cancelled the whole football season. Can you imagine what their fans are like right now? Probably besides themselves! What about the players not involved? Scouts and people from the pros who were going to attend, i imagine there are some very nasty people there right now. Hazing is getting a bad name, look at the Windsor Spitfires this week, their head coach is suspended for 40 games, that is pretty stiff as well... they say that hazing is supposed to draw a team closer together, but i dunno...i figured it would do more psychological damage to a player and isolate them alltogether more than anything else it could possibly do. An old friend of mine Craig wrote to me on my MSN Hotmail and gave me the lowdown on all that is happening in the ol Passage, we haven't chatted for over a year, i figured i probably would be grating his nerves if i was bugging him all the time, you know..too much Robb can be a bad thing...i have the knack to get on people's nerves really damn quick...i should have taken a spin over the the Passage on Wednesday of last week, but i did not... a few doors that i would love to knock on, you know...people you have not seen in a long time, you wonder if they will open you with welcome arms, or give ya a smack on the nose... i just don't know sometimes... So i have a meeting at Acadia tomorrow at 10:30 in the morning. Meeting with an old friend who can give me a boost in the right direction about something that Old Man Robb is pursuing right now, gonna remain tight lipped on this one folks ok? Oh i will probably be up at Acadia again on Saturday as we are taking on The Blue Eagles at Acadia Arena, hopefully i will have more news about that player by then, hope for the best. Anyways i am going to go get ready for work and chitty chat again soon enough... lates!

PS- For ol' Craigger, an ol video from the olden days- The Clash: Rock The Casbah!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

This Business is Killing Me

Hey Yo (Rocky Balboa style) Weblingeroonies! Well just watched the Habs lose to Toronto on the telly...i know Habs fans..live to fight another day! Man do the ol Habs fans boo ol' daddy's boy Lindros or what? Well he deserves it for refusing to play for the Nordiques (Or No Dicks as Dick Irvin Jr used to pronounce) Well i did get some awesome news today! My old friend Barry is getting married next summer and asked me to be one of the three that stands for him at the altar! I was shocked as we really had not hung around in years, what times we used to have! Going to bars, driving around, going to bad movies with the express intent of ripping the poor picture apart, just mocking everything in plain sight! What times! We grew apart over time, he met girls, hung out with other people while i went to Acadia and did other stuff, i am touched and quite a bit shocked that he would remember me, that he would think of me that much to let me stand for him...weird eh? Took me nephew to the Axemen hockey game last night against Dal, we won 3-2..but Dal's goalie played exception, the Axemen fired like some 45 shots his way and he made 42 saves. Saw alot of familiar faces last night, many very welcome and others, well could care less if i saw their faces or not...u know all who u are u buncha wormslime..no one can stay smarmy forever and what comes around goes around. However i was again honored as my old pal Corey came up to me and wanted me to sit with him and a buncha Tower kids, i had my nephew with me and really my time had passed as far as Tower goes...i know maybe three people there now...but it is funny, still invited to Tower stuff some three years after living there... it is different i guess with Harper, i love Acadia, frown on my academic Mount A experience, but yet really for the most part loved residence life there...so laid back, being able to walk around with your beer good and open and no Dudley Do-Right idiotic RA telling u to put it in a foamy and or even worse...take your hard-earned booze away, i saw it happen once with one particular RA and man..guy always deserved a good ol tumble down the Tower steps..would have loved to have been the Tower legend that did it! Well the student loan people are after me now, got the letter of doom the other day, so i have to apply for interest relief...wish somebody would hire me as i am getting back on the resume warpath... my Dad hit it on the proverbial head the other day, he stroked my ego somewhat by saying, "You know why someone like up there at one of those cushy desk jobs won't hire you son? Cause your the guy that will be sitting in their chair given a year and a chance to show your stuff, cause you are a go-getter!" I will admit when i do have focus, have a clear track of what it is that i do want, then i do not stop...look at me and the store! I open at 10:00 and i am there at 9:20 getting ready for my day, making sure everything is just right, what kinda boss would not want that? Someone who would not want applecarts upset that is what they do not want, the status quo to take a severe kick in the ass! Ranting lunatic that is what i am becoming eh? Well i see that SMU has carried on its winning ways at football with a victory over STFX last night in Halifax. Today we beat Mount A, i had to work so Dad watched the game, man i do feel bad for the Mounties, someday soon they can get it together. I was going to go to the Mainstream Wrestling show next Friday in Windsor at the Community Center...then i read something that changed my mind, seems the promoter of the company will not take the students of a fellow wrestler who trains them due to bad blood between the two... jeesh anything to not make some money eh? Oh well i might go out with some of the girls from work next weekend on Friday, we all have not been out for a drink since the summer so maybe we shall relax for one sooner than later, besides it is good to see people outside of work, let down the old hair..drink a kegger..just kidding! See the news James Bondage? i mean Bond? Dude looking dirt thin...like a corpse or something! Oh well, some people have been quick to knock, but lets see the guy in action before we bury him deeper than that Geore whats-his-name guy that replaced Connery as Bond and they had to bring Bond back before this hack drove the series into the grave...we had one guy who came into work saying that he is not going to watch the new Dukes of Hazzard movie because the Dukes have beards...whatever (i used to think all guys from the South had beards...too many older siblings southern rock records) actually the movie did a good job of making fun of the Dukes, something alot of people got pissy with,...again...whatever... then again some whino tried to tell me one day that the new Bond was going to be a woman..who the B***ch of the Baskervilles?!?!?!?! Oh yeah almost forgot you! Sorry to hear your gone...don't let the door hit yer ass on the way out honey bunny!
Oh for my old buddy Eli up at Mount A..the trailer to the movie he always borrowed the most...next to Shogun Assassin...The PARTY ANIMAL!!!!
Anyways i am gonna go watch the Oilers-Flames game, finish off the rest of my Appleton Rum and rest up...have a good one Slingers!

PS- classic Ramones from the 80s- Bonzo Goes To Bitburg (My Brain is Hanging Upside Down)

PS Part II- What is that song about? In May of 1985, U.S. President Ronald Reagan visits the Bitburg cemetery, site of Waffen-SS graves, in West Germany at the behest of Chancellor Helmut Kohl. The visit touches off an international controversy, inciting worldwide protests because 49 of Adolf Hitler's dreaded Waffen SS troops are buried there.

PS Part III- Bonzo Goes To Bitburg lyrics:

(Dee Dee Ramone/ Jean Beauvoir)
You've got to pick up the pieces
C'mon, sort your trash
You better pull yourself back together
Maybe you've got too much cash
Better call, call the law
When you gonna turn yourself in?
Yeah...You're a politician
Don't become one of Hitler's children
Bonzo goes to bitburg then goes out for a cup of tea
As I watched it on TV somehow it really bothered me
Drank in all the bars in town for an extended foreign policy
Pick up the pieces
My brain is hanging upside down I need something to slow me down
My brain is hanging upside down I need something to slow me down
Shouldn't wish you happiness, wish her the very best
Fifty thousand dollar dress
Shaking hands with your highness
See through you like cellophane
You watch the world complain, but you do it anyway
Who am I, am I to say
Bonzo goes to bitburg then goes out for a cup of tea
As I watched it on TV somehow it really bothered me
Drank in all the bars in town for an extended foreign policy
Pick up the pieces
My brain is hanging upside down I need something to slow me down
My brain is hanging upside down I need something to slow me down
If there's one thing that makes me sick
It's when someone tries to hide behind politics
I wish that time could go by fast
Somehow they manage to make it last
My brain is hanging upside down
I need something to slow me down

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bobby Hull of the Winnipeg Jets

Today while bored i was reading more of my NHL trivia book entitled, "The Unofficial Guide to the Best and Worse of Hockey Firsts" by Don Weekes & Kerry Banks..on page 90, a trivia question went something like this:

The Only Team To Go Winless in 30 Consecutive Games, One Season:
Answer: Winnipeg Jets from October 18th to December 20th, 1980
The NHL was a reality check for the Winnipeg Jets after dominating the rival WHA. In their second NHL season, the Jets won only nine games and suffered the longest winless streak ever, losing 23 and tying 7 in a nine week ride of desperation.

Oh my how soon they forget eh? Or is it something that they wanna forget?
What the hell am i talking about? Quote this from the above passage:
"The NHL was a reality check for the Winnipeg Jets after dominating the rival WHA."
Ummm hell authors, yup these are two marks for the NHL, happy to make such a foolish statement, now for those of you who were born too late or have been busy eating Granny Goose Potato Chips, the WHA merged with the NHL in 1979-80, ending a seven year war between the two rival leagues, but there was a catch to Edmonton, Hartford, Quebec and Winnipeg joining the NHL..ah ha! A player dispersal draft which meant the four new teams could only protect four players each, all of their players were to go back to their former NHL teams that drafted them.
What a crock of shit
This ruined any dreams of inter-league play, something fans had been dreaming about for the final few years of the WHA existance
The NHL saved its ass
The last thing it wanted was the talented, three-time WHA champs to upset the Habs or Islanders in the finals to take home the Stanley Cup, the NHL had spent seven yrs telling everyone how the WHA sucked, how it was inferior to the NHL
I guess if it was not for the WHA, we would never have seen the birth of the careers of superstars like Gretzky and Messier
And the excitement the Oilers would bring us in becoming the five-time Stanley Cup Champions during the 1980s
And we wonder why the NHL is so backwards, such decisions make the league look bush
And two authors who should think before they talk
But who does that? Nuff saidPosted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

And All I Hear Is Rain

Hey there webslingeroonies!!! How goes the battle? Well it is still pouring here in good ol Middleton Nova Scotia where we don't welcome jailbirds like Windsor does (Sorry Dunker!) Well i have been recieving more stuff from interested universities like...drumroll... a invitation to go to an open house at the University of Maine at Presque Isle on Monday, November 14, 2005. They must like me, they even sent me a brocure for "Should I Live in a Residence Hall?" Which comes complete with a pic of some floormates chowing down on some pizza and a pic of some students with a moose head..well at least it looks like they know how to party down there eh? And the University of Southern Maine sent me an invite to an information session at their USM College of Education and Human Development. It all looks rather interesting and good, although Washington seems to be the forerunner as of right now.
Well the regular season for university hockey is starting up tomorrow night, so it looks like i will be taking the ol portable radio to work to listen to Acadia take on SMU at the famous Forum in Halifax, wish i had the night off so that i could go, but oh well. Friday night will see the homeopener for the hockey Axemen and i plan to be there, i asked my nephew if he wanted to go, but he may be going back to the city for the weekend, or so he says. I told him that if he goes i will also treat him to supper, maybe go to Joe's Food Emporium right on the main drag in Wolfville, i remember the guys in Tower ordered Scott's Skins from Joe's every Monday night while watching WWF RAW, they also used to have something called an "Old English Sub" as well as i believe an "Axemen's Sub" I think he would be most impressed, lots of memories there..including the time way back in 1990-91 that my family attended an NHL oldtimers game at Acadia Arena and Billy Smith, Terry O'Reilly, Steve Shutt and Reggie Leach were amongst the NHL greats playing and they all were at Joe's that night. Lots of autographs, which i all still have to this day. Last night i downloaded "Shogun Assassin" an old sword flick that was released in North America in 1980, but was actually two old Japanese films re-edited together and dubbed over. This film is the very essence of a revenge flick. A lot of this film was inspiration for Quentin Tarantino in the making of Kill Bill. In Vol. 1, there is a lot of over the top blood squirting when a limb is hacked off. That comes from this movie, probablly the most violent in the genre. If you watch Kill Bill Vol. 2 , you will notice not only the mention of this movie, but the The Bride and her daughter actually watch it.I found it in Sackville while attending Mount A and it was a real hit with everyone on my floor, including my old buddy Eli who must have borrowed it some 1000 times and everyone wanted to watch it. We would recite the dialouge every few seconds, "We are the Masters of Death" or "Soooooooooooooo..we have a reunion" classic stuff indeedy....
Anyways gang, i am going to get showered, get dressed, head out to the library to return me books and then veg a little..oh yeah..and go to work! Lates!

PS- Cool song by the Manges- Summer's Gone!!!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Me!!!

Hello there fellow Webheads...guess what? I forgot me frickin own ol bloggo anniversary!?!?!!?!? What the hell eh? The kid on the block with his head made of rock forgot that the 5th of October marked Robbblogs being exactly one year old!!! Well this is actually me first post all of October as i have been quite busy, i made contact with the offices of Education at Washington and well they are sending out more pamphlets and contact information...lemmie run this one by you slingers and tell ol man Robb whatcha think mmmmmmmk? Hows about i go to Washington next September win, lose or draw? Even if i am not accepted..here is the plan.. if i get accepted into their education program, then go...if not..go anyways, go to school there, raise my GPA to the point where they do take me! Then i can sit back like Hannibal Smith, gleam and tell the entire world, "I love it when a plan comes together!" I can live at my sister's, fulfill my dream of going to see the Huskies play, pick up my long-overdue to buy Huskies T-shirt to replace the one that i washed the Tracker with recently and the rest is swiss cheese please.
Well i went to see the hockey Axemen play on Wednesday night, well it was an exhibition game against Dalhousie as alot of regulars sat out as well it was the first night of NHL hockey on the tube so there was sparse attendance as well. Even the announcer sat out, still i gotta love the Axemen crowd at the arena, yelling stuff like, "Whatcha doing? Givin the guy a F'n kiss?" or "MY god, they didn't even dress the announcer!" Too bad there was no bar open at the arena, maybe they are saving that for homecoming which is this weekend i do believe at Acadia, which reminds me that i have to get back to old man Russell about what kinda activities are happening, if any i am only going to be present on Friday night at the Axemen game as they take on Dal and it is their regular season home opener, anyways i have to work both Saturday and Sunday, so no homecoming football for me. Anyways yeah, beer served at games would be good, not trying to turn into a big boozer or anything, just a cold old Keith's or something... hey i do have my Alumni card so maybe i can finally get into the beer tent this year! Oh wait..gots to work so there goes that idea. Stopped in at the Library Pub in Wolfville the other week, not a bad place, but man what the hell kinda price was that anyways, like $7 or something for a Heniken???? Good god man...that was after the game where we FINALLY beat SMU in football and the line-ups outside the Axe and Vil were ummmmm..staggering to say the very least. Still running into people who think they are all that and a bag of potato chips whenever i go to these things, give people some power or basically the job that i know in my heart that i know i could do just as well, but politics and the knowledge that i would never change enough to suit other people keeps me out, plus i am not rich which is always the invisible factor in everything, especially at the university level, however it was always at the professional job level as well. However i have applied and applied to Acadia as well as Mount A for jobs and there are those both friend and foe who tell me that maybe i am not good enough for one of those jobs, well i think i am good enough, maybe that is experience, maybe that is ego. However old Man Robb has never been that great of a crowd follower nor brownoser to even recieve an opportunity. However i have been making an unofficial career of proving my greatest critics wrong, it is karma, karma will bite people in the ass when they are not looking. I was told i was not good enough for radio and television broadcasting, however i had radio shows at two different college campuses in Atlantic Canada and both of them were ratings winners! Look at the records, it speaks for itself, i was told i was not good enough to graduate high school, to quit and look for a job, well i graduated high school and university- two times over in the latter case. I was told that i could not hold a job, well i have been holding the same one for the last ohhhh what is it now..ummm... nine summers? Why don't you have a girlfriend is the other question, ummm well i went out with a few real lulu's and i got turned off, now i have not turned to the other side, with all due respect guys, do what you want, but it is not for me.... when find the one, i will let you all know..she better be damned special... and appreciate me..someone please appreciate me for once, not how entertaining i can be or what i can do for you, like me for me. Whatta rant eh? Oh by the way...the Habs are 3 and 0 thus far this season... I wished i was home yesterday to watch the Axemen- STFX play in the muck down in Antigonish! Oh well what is done is done. Picked up the "Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior" Dvd on Friday...what a rip apart job done by WWE...must be fun to rip apart a wrestler who has not wrestled for you in over some nine years, Bobby Heenan was in fine form about the Warrior's name change, "What kinda idiot changes his name to Warrior? Maybe i should change mine to Weasel." And probably told the truth when he stated, "This is the one guy in this industry that nobody likes!" It was a good purchase. Well i must turn in for the night, worked 16 hrs this weekend in the miserable old rain and i have to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights...have a good one webslingeroonies!!!!

PS- Classic Misfits video- Skulls (Live early 80s)

Thursday, September 29, 2005

And Then...

Hey there webslingers! How are things today? Well after lunch here i am going to be calling about that teaching English job on the base here at CFB Greenwood, they are looking for French language instructors as well, but it is the English that i am after, their ad in the paper was pretty unclear if they wanted both or seperate. So last night my old buddy Grover contacted me from Mount A, still living in Harper and wanting to know when i am coming for my yearly visit. I told him i have to wait on whether or not i make a trip stateside to Maine to go visit those campuses, if me and the folks go, depending whether or not they feel up to it, then maybe there is a chance, this time take the Tracker and go, rather than driving on the Acadian Lines again. He told me Homecoming was not fun at all this year, that is too bad..i was always too hammered to remember Homecoming back in the day! HAHAHA...we shall have to wait and see what happens, Grove said if we did do it again, we would do the same routine and not tell a soul...better suprise that way. Oh yeah Dalhousie is having an open house on the 14th of October (A Wednesday) Maybe i should book that day off to go up and have a look at what they have to offer to interested students...could be interesting and informative..funny that my Mom would try to discourage me from visiting them, but wants to go to Maine to look at universities as well as push me out the door to Seattle to go to the University of Washington...only Maritimers huh? Oh yeah Dal is providing free refreshments and lunches to all of those who register for open house... Actually i was asked if i would be attending Acadia's Homecoming weekend at all, again it is a have to wait and see situation there as well, see if i can get time off work n stuff. Well the critics are at it again, blasting the ol AUFC for their scheduling while the Quebec teams were whomping us...well all four Maritime based university football teams last weekend. They seem to have this idea that the CFL is going to come here, but Hfx doesn't really like to support things, let alone their university and football teams...they never supported anything until the Mooseheads came to town in the mid 90s and that is because it was actually affordable...never did Hfx support the AHL, oh they would the first season or so, like when the Citidells were here their first season in 1988-89, people were going, then as the seasons went on, fan support dwindled, plus the do-gooders were plain idiots sticking that Metro Centre dab smack in the middle of Hfx with no parking and it is a pain in the ass to get in and out of...should have stuck the thing in Burnside before the industrial park was expanded...lotsa parking and concessions. If we do get a CFL team, that is the area to build with lots of room for renovations and expansion. Oh yeah, the Axemen got blamed for the lowly attendance up in Hfx for the SMU-Laval game...jeesh...but the article did leave me with a genuine question...one of those old questions that has bothered me for years, like whose bright idea it was to close the Axe on Sundays when they could draw the Sunday afternoon and night football crowd... what does the AUFC have against having the teams playing on Sunday? I have seen Hockey Axemen games on Sunday afternoons and stuff, but never football? It would take care of some of these scheduling arguments that many have right now. 3,000 fans to watch football is not going to draw the attention of the CFL...

Nothing like listening to the Ramones during rainy weather eh?

Went to return my library books the other day and i took out some new ones, including a book by the title of "The Unofficial Guide: The Best & Worst of Hockey Firsts" by Don Weeks....it has alot of stuff i knew about and other bits of trivia i did not...here are some samples.

1) Last team to put player names on uniforms:
Answer: The Toronto Maple Leafs, 1978-79
In February 1978, the NHL passed a rule that teams must put their players names on the backs of both home and road jerseys. But tight-wad Leafs owner Harold Ballard did not want to put names on the Leafs home attire as he felt it would hurt program sales. Ballard was able to resist the change until he following season, due to a contract with the manufactuer of the Leafs program that stipulated no names on the backs of home jerseys in 1977-78.

2) The first hockey game to draw 70,000 fans:
Answer: Michigan State Vs Michigan, October 6, 2001
The largest crowd ever assembled for a hockey game convened at Spartan Stadium, where an artificial rink was set on the football stadium field in front of 74, 554 fans. The Michigan State Spartans and the Michigan Wolverines played to a 3-3 tie. The game broke the previous attendance record of 55,000, which was set on an outdoor rink in Moscow when the USSR hosted Sweden at the 1957 World Championships.

Imagine the hockey Axemen playing an outdoor game at Raymond Field? Awesome

Anyways peeps..think i am going to relax n watch Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave....that is all for now! Have a good one!

PS..Relax and watch Quintin Tarintino's Star Wars!!!
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