Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cheech and Chong will host the March 1 edition of WWE Raw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is gonna be so epic...


PS- I know its the old logo...but its the one i grew up with..i dunno..WWE doesn't have the same ring to it...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day...


Old Man Robb has started his weekend..well in the house...after Working For The Weekend..i am housebound and it looks like the opening of the frickin Empire Strikes Back out there!!! Was going to head out to see the WK game, but i was snowed in and well the game was cancelled..so there goes that...

However the week did go fast and there were some interesting developments in the land of Old Man Robert Reid Hawley i can assure you of that much...where to begin? Well ...

I made 100% on my Approaches to Second Language quiz...

Rewind and reread the above statement...

Old Man Robb made 100%...a first in my long and unusual university career...the world has ended...

Could it be that all is coming together? 84% on my first assignment? 100% on my quiz? Sure we are just really getting started and it is only January and there is alot of work left to do, but man oh man what a start it is! And it proves (So far anyways) that i can hang on this kind of an academic level, that i can do well at education courses. Remember i was turned down for enrollment in the education program at Acadia back in 2008-09? Well maybe it is only early, but it goes to show that i am not the twit everyone seems to think i am, i know appearances can be decieving...but i hope it is a great start...

And now the weirdness hits... the other night i thought i was going to have a stroke, until i was corrected by my prof that when you first submit your answers to a quiz online, you will get a message telling you that you have a mark of ZERO...I was sleepless the other night when i saw this and well rightfully so...and now comes even bigger news on the heels of this..now that i have completed all of the material for module one and two and im about to start module three...this part ends with a virtual classroom session...this means that i will have to get on a webcam and microphone with my teacher and participate in the class or go to Wolfville for a face-to-face class...OMG... nerves? YES...but has to be done, hopefully it will turn out well...

Me & friends at NOVA Kids in Ayase 2007

No Axemen home games this weekend as they are playing tonight at UPEI and Saturday against UNB who are still ranked #1 in the CIS..on Wednesday night the Axemen clinched a playoff birth with a 4-1 win over SMU and spoiling the debut of Mike Danton. A record-high crowd of over 3,000 people packed the Fabulous Forum in Hfx for the game...an interesting article appeared in the Chronicle the other day about attendance at games at both Dal and SMU...people are missing out on some great hockey right in their own backyard...it ticks me off to see empty seats at the Axemen games and here we are ranked #4 in the country!?!?!?! I see lots of the regulars out at the games and all i have to say is thank god the Axemen don't have to rely on student attendance... we would be joining the ranks of Mount A, UCCB (Or whatever its called now) and Memorial who no longer have men's hockey programs at their respective schools.

Another issue that i saw over on The CIS Blogs that both the Nipissing and Queen's hockey teams almost had a dust-up during the post game handshakes recently...now this brings up the old question, what if there was fighting allowed at the CIS level..i have heard quite a few people say that they think attendance figures would go up if people were told that they were going to see fights on a regular basis. Would it? Or would it turn off the regulars who see the game performed on its own merits, on its speed and ability. I am no angel, i love a good hockey scrap, i have a few old VHS tapes full of hockey fights and i loved seeing scrappers like Bob Probert, Joey Kocur, Chris Nilan, Jay Miller and others going at it. Im on the fence, while i like the scraps, do they have a place in the CIS? Jury's out...

Anyways Old Man Robb has some homework to do..so have a good one folks...enjoy the snow..ugh...

Hulk Hogan and The Wrestling Boot Band..

Don't say i didn't warn your ears...Brother...

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Ahhh the good ol days eh? First year of Acadia back in 1998 and lo and behold! We had two mealhalls to choose from! MacConnell Hall and Wheelock Hall...things have changed, but one thing was consistent...Old Man Robb knew that every now and then..we was gonna have some good ol downhome, lip smacking, maybe not 11 herbs and spices but who the hell is counting anyways? Yuppers ....Tator-Tot Casserole!!!!

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 40 minutes


2 lbs. ground beef
1/2 tsp. kosher salt
1/2 tsp. freshly-ground black pepper
1 10 oz. can cream of mushroom soup
1 cup sour cream (low fat is okay)
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese, divided
1 32 oz. package frozen tater tots


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Spray a 9 x 13 pan with cooking spray.

Brown ground beef. Season with salt and pepper, while browning. Drain.

Spread ground beef in the prepared baking dish. Whisk together soup and sour cream. Spread over ground beef in an even layer.

Sprinkle one cup of cheddar cheese over the soup layer.

Top with tater tots.

Bake 30 minutes. Sprinkle remaining cheese on top. Bake another 5-10 minutes until cheese is melted.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Duff McKagan - 10 Years

My favorite song off Duff's solo album "Believe in Me" from 1993..kind of a true song when i think of a certain person or two...or just one...maybe not even as long as waiting ten years.

It's been a long time since I've seen you, baby

Then you call came across my telephone

Said old friends are meeting

Will you come up maybe

I said I'll try to make it

You left me talking to a tone

Ten years didn't seem so long

Has it been that long, baby

Has it been that long since I've gone away

Many days and nights have passed since

I've seen you, mama

So many things have passed our eyes

A ring has come and gone from my finger, baby

I've stumbled, fallen down

and yes I've even cried

It's been ten years since I've seen you, baby

Since I've promised you the moon

It's been that long since I've whispered in your ear

Let's celebrate now that we're home

It's been a long time since I've seen you, yeah!

You're a memory from the past

That'll always last

But life goes on, but it's been so long...etc.

I think about the past, it's gone away so fast

I'm still the same human being

I've traveled many miles and all just the while

I've learned about the things I've seen

It's been ten years since I've seen you, baby

Since I've promised you the moon

It's been that long since I've whispered sweet in your ear

Let's celebrate now that we're home

It's been ten years since I've seen you, baby

Since I've promised you the moon

It's been that long since I've whispered in your ear

Maybe I'll call ya or just see ya soon

Monday, January 25, 2010

Why? Don't Ask....

Hello dudes n foxy mommas...well how are things? Myself? Im almost done Module Two of my course. How does that feel? Well its a Monday morning so don't ask me yet...but it is interesting talking about the different set-ups of the classroom. Talking about what is the best classroom arrangement. Basically this module is how you set up your classroom from beginning to end, classroom management. Teachers have to improve the classroom environment by motivating their students. What kind of obsticles that you face when it comes to your student numbers, school policies and even furniture in your classroom?

When i have taught overseas there have been a few classroom management issues that i have had to deal with. One problem i dealt with, especially in South Korea was that i worked for a language school, that being said many children were coming to the school at various times during the day after being at their regular schools all day. Many of the children were tired from being in class all day and some appeared disinterested and therefore liked to misbehave some in the classroom by speaking in their native language, laughing and entertaining some of the students, while being a distraction to the majority who wanted to learn english.

A strategy that seemed to work was to stop speaking in the class, the notion of eye contact is an important one. The teacher would make eye contact with the distractor and remain silent until the whole class stopped. Often times i would ask, "Is there something you would like to tell the class? Or share with us? Once the emphasis was on that paticular student, the misbehavior would stop. Very rarely did i have to speak to a student after the classroom time had ended.

Another issue is that of the student who is over-exuberant in the classroom. I taught quite a few students who did well in class and really enjoyed speaking. However it took time away from the other students, especially those who did not speak as much. So what i did was give every student a chance to speak equally. The best reward about having a student who was willing to speak was that they became a help to the teacher, especially when it came to group work and could help with the other students whom had some struggles or shy about speaking in the classroom.

Hope it is sounding good.

Well Friday night i went GLow Bowling for the first time in my life, had not been to the Greenwood Bowling Alley since like 1996...it was fun, went with some Store Formerly known as Andrew's alumni and it was a blast..i guess Saturday night's are Classic Rock nights..but the layout of the bowling alley was old school, the manager reminded me of John Davidson, formerly of HNIC and now the manager of the St Louis Blues.. its also licenced in there and had a neat assortment of video games...also Friday nights is pizza night...definitly going again some other time.

And Saturday night...yes cue the Bay City Rollers ...S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y was spent watching the Axemen take on STFX..Acadia was reeling a bit after an overtime loss to Dal on Friday night and came out and beat STFX 4-0 earning their first shut-out of the season. More importantly the game was a fund raiser for Haiti and they were selling tickets for an autographed Axemen jersey as well as an authentic Sidney Crosby Team Canada jersey. I hope they were able to raise lots of cash.

Recently Old Man Robb recieved an e-mail from a lady representing the AEON Corporation of Japan and it was asking if i would like to go back overseas and teach english in Japan...AEON has been around for a long time and has some 300 branch schools all across Japan which on one hand would be an interesting chance to see some more of Japan which is something i really didn't do the first time i was there and i think that when i went to South Korea i recified that a little by taking so many pictures and going to places on almost everyday i had off...i really wanted to experience the culture which is something i regret about Japan, the only drawbacks i have about AEON is that working for an english company the first time around in Japan left a bad taste in my mouth about how things work over there, and i think like NOVA you have to pay your own way over...and besides im in the middle of my education courses and i do not want to bungle those up just to go back overseas and have the same kind of bad experience that i did before..its hard to fly like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys...or at least i was the last time...

The countdown is on...it is now officially 10 days before GnR in Halifax!!!!

Oh i almost forgot i was going to post these awhile ago and with so much on the go go go recently i have put them on the backburner, but anyways here are some pics from a mindless day off i believe back at the end of December start of January, i hope you enjoy them. Went to Hall's Harbour Mountain and snapped a few pics as well as coming across a couple of abandoned places as well as a closed museum (The Charles McDonald Concrete House Museum/ Art Gallery) and a little house/ shack made out of bingo balls?!?!?!?!

Well folks i have some more studying to do...have a good one!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Black Samurai (1977)

Acadia Axemen help Haiti

This Saturday night's hockey game will be home to the Axemen Hockey team's effort to collect donations for the Canadian Red Cross to provide humanitarian relief to the victims of the recent earth quake in Haiti. Several Axemen and community volunteers will spearhead the effort this Saturday Night as the StFX X-Men visit Acadia beginning at 7pm at the Acadia Arena. Included in the collection will be the chance to win a team autographed jersey.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mr Robert Reid Hawley.. Esquire...

Hello folks....well what is new in Old Man Robb land? Well i got my first marks back for my course Education 4673- Teaching English as a Second Language and lo and behold i made 84%!!!! A-!!! Well well well after 4 + years of not being a student it is DAMN good to know that i can still perform at an academic level...i was expecting maybe a B- or C+ because i have to admit i am a bit rusty..but an A- is fine with me...now i am on Module 2 which is focusing on Classroom Management and  Dealing with questions on questions like what classroom problems have you observed  in language classes? How did the instructor deal with them?  My response was What i witnessed in language classes are students who like to entertain other students. They would entertain some students while proving to be a distraction to others who were wanting to learn. The instructor would simply stop talking and stare at the disturber. Other students would take note of this and stop as well. If the problem student does not have an audience to entertain, then the problem usually stops and the class can resume.

Other parts of the new chapter is about motivation in the classroom and about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Motivation can be a serious problem with classroom learning if you have students who do wish to be there and are only there if they are told to be there. There are more issues that just student indifference, there can be problems with a lack of resources for the teacher in the classroom, which was something that i experienced while teaching overseas, particularly in South Korea. Teachers have to improve the classroom environment by motivating their students. Intrinsic motivation comes from inside, what is benificial for students themselves. Extrinsic motivation are rewards, students whom are competitive. With intrinsic motivation your students know the benifits of learning a new language. Other students can be reminded of the benifits, that there are opportunities that learning the language brings. There are jobs like being an interpreter, tourism jobs. Students can be extrincally motivated with rewards for homework being done, tests. Sometimes however rewards can take over and damage the learning process, student will get competitive and try to win at games and the simplest tasks in the classroom.

Something i was taken to task about by one of the other students on the messageboard was the concept of Art-Craft Approaches in the classroom and how does it work while teaching foreign students? Well I found when i was teaching in South Korea that there were limited resources for the teachers. Making copies was limited, alot of times i even had to go out and buy materials for the classroom out of my own pocket. I personalized the classroom, every day i started out by asking each individual student how they were, what did they do last night? I would demonstrate this by writing "What Did You Do?" on the whiteboard and brainstorm with the class. I found it brought a personal level into the classroom. I was showing interest in the students and what they did outside of the classroom. The students were relaxed, from there we would do a homework check and then into the classroom lesson. Now the lessons were all pre-planned for me as in the textbook, but i would use alot of my own techniques, alot of group work and everyone getting a chance to speak to avoid repetition, the younger children liked singing and alot of games, the older students were interested in speaking and group work. Different strategies were used around the workbook to make the class interesting for the students.
I have to say im quite disgusted with scammers are trying to exploit the situation in Haiti...what the hell is wrong with people? People from all over are trying to help out and now there are scumbags setting up websties asking for $$$ from people. Trying to solicit whether it be e-mail, letters, phone calls or hell even showing up at your door! There are always people trying to profit from tragedy, there have always been dishonest people and there always will be. I am no saint, but to steal from this is just inhumane. Of course now we got the French accusing the Americans of taking over Haiti.. Didn't the Americans save their asses in World War II?!?!?! The ones who do the least are always the ones who criticize the most eh?
So what else is new? Well i gots people lipping off about me behind my back...what is new eh? A friend of mine was told the other night to stay away from me and that i was TROUBLE?!?!?!?! Excuse me? Sometimes you just have to consider the source on these things i think. Here i am...38, sure i do not have the job of my dreams..yet. However i worked hard for what i got, i graduated high school at least, went to university, got out and saw the world and now i am back and doing something that NO ONE said i could do and that is do courses at the EDUCATION level...what the fuck have you ever done man? That's it..go smoke or snort something else..steal from and sponge off the goodwill people and now listen to me carefully, this is something my Dad used to say to me...he would say "Robbie stick your hand in a pail of water, what do you got when you pull it out? NOTHING..." Some people should just not talk...

Well what is on tap for the weekend? Well tonight i finish up my 5th straight night of work and then it is onto the weekend..might be going Glow Bowling on Friday night...yes yes Old Man Robb has NEVER been Glow Bowling...im missing out eh? The bowling alley in Greenwood has it and i haven't been there since at least like 1996...should be fun.. of course the Axemen are in action Saturday night against Dal and i would like to go to that as well. The Axemen lost a close one to # 1 ranked UNB on Saturday and are looking to rebound.

Of course i have to give my hats off to the Capitol Lounge & Grill here in town as i went to their first ever breakfest brunch on Sunday and they are going to be having this brunch every Sunday from 11:00-2:00... damn good stuff i must say, everything you could ask for was on the menu- Scambled egg, Eggs Benny, Pancakes, French Toast,Sausage, Ham, bacon,Homefries, Fruit Salad, Toast ,Orange Juice and lots of coffee and i had 2 or so refills.. good stuff.

Would love to go to see UCW Wrestling on the 30th in Timberlea of all places at the Firehall..however i got GnR coming up on the 4th of Feb and that would be two trips..budget budget budget my man..would love to see them run a show in Middleton, we got the NSCC gym across the street and they could easily run a card there im sure of it. Make it a fundraiser for a good cause and advertise it and the people would show. Would be nice to get up there and meet Brutus Beefcake, but i don't think it will be happening...however never count Old Man Robb out for being spontanious... :)

Anyways folks..that is all for now..have a good one!

Black Sabbath-Symptom of the Universe

Just ordered this on DVD...used to own it as "Black Sabbath- Never Say Die" on BETA...rented it as a kid in the Passage and thought it was awesome seeing Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill just before Ozzy left, or was fired, depending on who is talking.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Everything Counts..Sometimes..

Well dudes n foxy ladies how goes it? Well it is Saturday and Old Man Robb is home and into the books..onto Module Two of my book, actually have to skip ahead and read Chapter Four, it is only nine pages, but should be good stuff. I have yet to recieve my marks for Module One..but i think i put alot of thought into answering the questions. One of my introductory questions asked what experiences i had with learning another language and my response went something like this:

In my time as a student i learned French and Spanish. My teachers used methodological teaching methods. They used pre-determined methods of teaching. I found the teachers just used tried and true methods that worked best for them, that were suited for classroom usage. My teachers mostly just taught straight out of the classroom textbooks and did not allow for much innovation in the classroom. I did not feel confidence to use my new found language in day to day situatuions outside of the classroom. The methods used were effective in that the students did their assignments and homework, but as students we did not learn outside of the classroom syllubus.

What is your personal philosophy of teaching? My philosophy is to introduce new language students to a new way of thinking, to learn a different language. Teaching is viewed as driven by teachers attempts to bring together theory and practice. Developing a statement of your approach and take on your own teaching philosophy, like all components of a teaching portfolio , is an active learning experience as well as a presentation of an image of effective teaching. Teachers should make information understandable and applicable to students. A teacher must have an intense passion for teaching. An effective teacher also has the will and the ability to show emotion, realizing that genuine emotions not only reveal his or her character, but are also an effective and personal means of communication.

Heavy eh? Module Two/ Chapter Four will be read today...

Me and Brother Blair hit up Wolfville last night, went to the Vil, to the Store with no Name and to the Axemen's game vs UPEI, the Axemen won 2-1 in a real nailbiter. People who stayed away missed a good one. Tonight they are playing UNB, the #1 team in the CIS as of right now. The store with no name was pretty cool, Blair said he could have stayed there for hours looking at all of the random stuff.. be bought some vinyl including Belinda Carlisle and the Stray Cats!?!?!?!? Meanwhile i am no better as i purchased ...drum roll...American Ninja 4

As for the Vil...i have always wanted to know the story of the "Vilmobile" that is situated out back behind the Anvil...it has been there ever since i first went to Acadia U back in 1998..what is the story? Did it drive around Wolfville at one time? Is it for sale?

Gotta weigh in on the Mike Danton situation. As some of you already know, Danton is going to be playing for SMU..is it right? Danton did serve his time for conspiracy to commit murder, as in he was in on an attempt to kill his former agent back in 2004. What does this say about the recruitment policies of the CIS? This is getting all kinds of national publicity for the CIS..but is it a negative? Many of the do-gooders are jumping all over this one and it was the #1 topic amongst the fans at the Axemen game last night. Ticked me off a bit because of people babbling about on and on about this and not about more positivies like what a great run the Axemen have had winning some nine-ten straight game. It is very commendable to see SMU giving someone a second chance....let's just wait and see what happens.

Now lets share a well to me a feel-good story that will get no publicity out of the confines of Acadia Arena but what i liked to see is that after a hard fought hockey game that the Axemen took out the time to have an after-game autograph/ photograph session with their fans on the ice at Acadia Arena. It reminds one that there are still role model athletes who like to embrace their fanbase, sure i bitch about attendance at the games even though we are presently ranked #4 in the CIS...but it was a really nice moment to see the players giving back to the fans.

Well that is all for now folks...have a good one!

Friday, January 15, 2010

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

One of my favorite songs by The Ataris...it rings true, well except for the me being in love part which i think is virtually impossible.. burned once too many times folks i thinks.. but there are still those or certain individuals out there whom i wonder about sometimes..i know im rotten to the core or i can be when it comes to feelings, but how does a person get that way? Im happy with life right now, but still i take moments to reflect...this is one of those moments..enjoy the song.

Got out of bed today
I'm in love, what can I say?
I'm really happy to be
somewhere with someone who makes me happy
I took the bus downtown.
All day long I walked around.
I looked at all the sights
And thought about how lucky I am now.
I was sick of being down
So I gave it all away.
2000 miles from all I know.
So much better off today.
I'm still waiting for the world
To come crashing down ahead.
And I'm still waiting for someone to call me up and tell me "You're dead."
Sometimes I wonder what was going through your head.
Hey, I don't know, But I won't go there again.
You make me smile so wide
When I look into your eyes
And when you're not around
You know you're somewhere stuck inside my mind.
I was sick of being down
So I gave it all away.
2000 miles from all I know.
So much better off today.
And I'm still waiting for the world
To come crashing down ahead.
And I'm still waiting for someon to call me up and tell me "You're dead."
Sometimes I wonder what was going through your head.
Hey I don't know,
But, I won't go there again
No I won't go there again.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BLACK BELT JONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today my copy of the Urban Action Pack containing Blackbelt Jones, Black Samson, Hot Potato and Three The Hard Way arrived at the Store Formerly Known as Andrew's! Whatta time to be a fan of 70s and 80s grindhouse/ B cinema..Jim Kelly fans rejoyce! I thought i was happy enough the other month with the arrival of Screwballs! Now all i need is Up The Creek!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter Splinter..

     Hey there folks and foxy ladies! Well what is happening in Old Man Robb's realm of reality? Where do i frickin start?!?!?! Well im finally facing fears ladies and gents..i've finally started my course, Education 4673: Teaching English as a Second Language...what fear? Lots! I mean the last time Old Man Robb was in a university classroom was May of 2005...that is a long time ago folks! As of today that was  4 years and 7 months ago...almost five years since i had any academic involvement with an academic institution. Sure i have been a representative for Acadia Alumni during Welcome Week for three consecutive years...actually i want to do more for Acadia Alumni as this Friday is the deadline for the the position of Executive Director of Alumni Affairs for Acadia University..will they take me? Well im imagining i may not be the best person for the job, but i gurantee i would be the hardest working..i would make sure everyone on that campus would know who i was and not just some suit tucked away in an office somewhere.

And how is my course going? Well i just finished my first online question asking about which teaching approach, or approaches, would be most suitable for your classroom..and here is my response that i submitted.

My teaching journey has taken me to two distinct places, Japan and South Korea. Most of my teaching experience comes from teaching young children and adults. Although there were some difficult times adapting to a different culture, i learned many things along the way that helped in my teaching. So begs the question, what approach or approaches work with a group of students?

An approach that stands out is the concept of art-craft approaches. With art-craft approaches there isn't a general method of teaching. The teachers in the classroom are allowed to develop a teaching approach that lets them be themselves. Teachers can assess the needs of their students and can see what works well with a particular group of students. They can change the dynamics of the classroom to fit individual needs. What works well with some students does not work with others.

What works the best with an art-craft approach to classroom teaching is that there isn't one defining method, but rather the combination of several different ideas. Teachers can discover beyond the classroom and textbooks what works. What might work on paper does not necessarily work in the classroom. However, what does not work well with one group of learners can be discarded, but yet retrieved for another group. Art-craft approaches allows for innovation in the classroom and for teaching beginning their career personally i believe it to be an approach worth trying.

Im trying folks..im really trying here to do my best..and isn't really that all you can honestly do? I have been answering my questions online and that is out of the way, so now i have to post my own question to the site and then do a quiz and i am all finished module one on the website and onto module two. There are always going to be things in life that are hard to take, things we do not want to face and eventually have to. Sometimes we imagine fear in advance, that fear of the unknown..what the hell is going to happen to me? Stuff like that.. How do we deal with these weird frickin situations? It is ironic how sometimes things you do fear happen to you and sometimes they do not..like it was a bad dream...sometimes it pays not to think too much....

It was definitly a fun Friday though..got to go see the Axemen stretch their winning streak to nine games in one of the best played college games i saw this year against SMU. SMU lead, the Axemen caught up tied it and then won the game in OT..it was a better crowd at the game than usual as well. Sadly the Axemen's winning streak was snapped Saturday night against STFX... oh well cannot win them all eh...i will be checking out more action this Friday night in Wolfville against UPEI

I think the used store with no name in Wolfville is growing on me as well...almost bought this one for a friend...

Of course it was topped off with a trip to Dooley's in New Minas to watch Dressed2Kill...a tribute to KISS..great show..was funny as the minute i walked in the door i saw a drunken dude by himself doing the frickin robot! Always at least one in ever bar eh? D2K was good as usual, would love to see some rarities get played like something off "Music From The Elder" but however then ou get the usual people who wouldn't know what they were playing and all that good stuff..too bad eh? Criminally under-rated album and the only KISS album that is not at least certified gold.

However the guys with D2K were cool enough to pose for this awesome snapshot with me after the show..

Note Old Man Robb wearing the Black Sabbath Tour 1978 t-shirt? Well i remember this awesome line from PCU..

Droz: "What's this? You're wearing the shirt of the band you're going to see? Don't be that guy."

Of course i cannot forget that i subjected my old pal Barry and his wife to this 1983 classic a few weeks ago..

I almost forgot to mention it...i didn't really wanna remember it..but i must babble about Team Canada's loss to Team USA at the World Juniors. Was a complete heartbreaker eh? Team USA up by a few goals, Canada mounts a furious comeback only to lose in OT. We slowly realize that hockey is not OUR game anymore...actually that happened a long time ago with the 1972 Canada-Russia series and Team USA winning at Lake Placid in 1980..we've won how many of the last World Juniors? However, what would have happened if the Junior NHL players are released for the World Juniors and allowed to play? I think it is a case of woulda shoulda coulda...Team USA won and now we can look forward to next year's World Junior's being held in Buffalo..

Anyways folks that is all for now...chat at ya next time...
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