Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time for TEN Questions w/ Old Man Robb

1)What's your goal? Ahhh...TESOL Certificate, but i am also looking at getting my CELTA once i am finished with my practicum...

2)Is it important to read alot? I think one should read alot..why? As stupid as it may sound to you, its good to keep up on things, read the paper everyday, know what is going on in your city or town, read something relevant.. reading can also be a good conversation starter. Conversation skills are a good thing to have..some have them..some don't have them...maybe when they don't have them its a sign to move on...

3)Last movie you watched? The Warriors of the Wasteland aka The New Barbarians...cool to see Fred Williamson..but omg did Italians watch any other movies between 1979-1985 besides The Warriors, Mad Max, The Road Warrior and Escape From New York??!!?!??

4)What day would you love to live again? My graduation day from Acadia U back in May of 2003...the family was there and it really felt like it was my day, it was retribution for all the bullshit that had been flung at me over the years, all those people..including people whom are supposed to be close to me saying stuff (Well behind my back and never to my face saying stuff) about how this is going to be another flop for Robb...some were just bad judges of talent, of character and it is nice to see them get egg on their face...especially on that afternoon when one of those so-called judges of talent could not even turn around and look at me...why? Is it that hard to admit you were wrong? Sometimes i have to pinch myself and say..wow..did that day really happen?

5)Do you act your age? When its called for...

6)Last CD you listened to? The Alice Cooper Show from 1977

7)Are you still in contact with any of your childhood friends? That is what Crackbook is for...

8)What's the worst relationship you've ever been in? Oh jeesh..where do i start? Ok i am not totally innocent here..but cmon i have seriously had some doozies in my time..there is a song, "Not Capable of Love" by the Ataris and some of the lyrics sum up how jaded i have become when it comes to relationship stuff...

Beneath the glow of this hanging moon

Lies a city still and cold
Our silhouettes walk hand in hand
The drunken jukebox serenade

We pretend we're so innocent
Cause no one ever likes to hurt
Girl,take off that silver dress
And expose your naked heart

I'm not capable of love
That kind of love
That I felt when I was twenty one
Cause I'm not capable of love
That kind of love
That I felt when I was twenty one
Take it back

So happy birthday darling
Watch those candles melt away
Not unlike those chandeliers
At the bar where we both etched our names
Who would have thought we'd fall so hard
Who would have thought we'd fall so fast
Optimistic children
Clinging tight to all we never had

I'm not capable of love
That kind of love
That I felt when I was twenty one
Cause I'm not capable of love
That kind of love
Girl, I wish that I could take it back
Take it back

You're the only one I want
I wish that I could take it back
Am I not capable of love
That kind of love
That I felt when I was twenty one

Cause I'd be lyin' if I said
You're not my biggest regret
girl I wish that I could take it back
Cause I'm not capable of love
That kind of love
That I felt when I was twenty one
Take it back

9)Where do you want to live? I would like to live in WolfVegas believe it or not...

10)What actor should play Old Man Robb in a movie? I think that Jack Black dude might be ok....but sometimes he is funny and other times i wanna smack him in the beak...


Monday, June 27, 2011

FINALLY!!!! RETRO Night at the Valley Drive-In!!!!

I honestly thought the drive-in would never give into the endless requests that me and other people were sending for the past few yrs to have a retro night...just one night to see how it would good..judging by the buzz im hearing, the word of mouth on Facebook and the rest..well it looks like Thursday night at the Valley Drive-in located in Coldbrook will have a good sized crowd on their hands...

The show starts at exactly 9:45 pm

And looky looky at what's playing...

A drumroll...

Hell in any language...two of the best flicks from the 70s...

Yes true believers...Smokey and Jaws..Burt, Jackie and Bruce The Shark for your entertainment pleasure!!! Wonder if they are going to be in original formats? As in reel to reel? 35 mm format? Viewmaster?!?! Whatever the case may be it shall be good times....Wonder what other kinds of promotions will be happening on Thursday night? I know its going to be $10 a carload which will rule the school...but wonder if maybe food will be 70s prices or perhaps some vintage trailers as well.....

Perhaps there will be more retro nights to come...perhaps...

Or perhaps...

Maybe some other places here in the good ol Annapolis Valley will start retro movie nights of their own....just a thought...

Can't wait till Thursday....

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Ataris- Road Signs and Rock Songs

postcards on the floor
but this pen can't write lonliness no more.
waking up all alone
on the opposite side of the coast.

I'm commited to insecurity and you.
and love is overated.
it leaves you devistated
heart ripped in two

roadside state of mind
boulevard of broken dreams washed out this
time after time I was lost and looking
but knew I'd never find
what is mine in a world that's so unkind.

and love is overated.
it leaves you devistated.
the only things I know are
road signs and rock songs and lonely hotel rooms.
but still I need you here, whats new?

it's 6am. las vegas doesn't look so cool
once the sun come up.
I draw the blinds and I dream of you.
I'm committed to all these memories of you.

and love is overated.
it leaves you devistated.
love is overrated.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Acadia Axemen Football Schedule 2011!!!!!

Here it is folks! What Old Man Robb has been waiting for months to see... GO AXEMEN GO!!!

Sat, September 3rd- Acadia Vs SMU @2:00pm
Sat, September 10th- Acadia VS STFX @ 2:00pm
Sat, September 17th- McGill Vs Acadia @ 2:00pm @ Raymond Field
Sat, September 24th- STFX Vs Acadia @ 7:00pm @ Raymond Field
Sat, October 1st- Acadia VS SMU @ 2:00pm
Sat, October 8th- Acadia VS Mount A @ 2:00pm
Sat, October 15th- Mount A Vs Acadia @ 2:00pm @ Raymond Field
Sat, October 22nd- SMU Vs Acadia @ 2:00pm @ Raymond Field
Sat, October 29th- Acadia Vs STFX @ 2:00pm

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Leatherface in Tatamagouche!!!!

I really really cannot believe it true believers...FINALLY a horror convention in the Maritimes...yes i know there is sc-fi conventions up in the ol city..but i've been waiting for a horror convention to hit here for eons!!! And who is the guest of honor for this particular convention?!!??! The one...the only...the original LEATHERFACE from the original (and only) Texas Chainsaw Massacre himself will be singing autographs, taking pictures and answering questions from fans..Mr Gunnar Hansen!!!! There will be films, vendors and all kinds of cool stuff happening at the Tatamagouche Grain Elevator on August 6th from 1-6 PM and i cannot wait to go...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Stubby

Old Man Robb is some forgetful today i tell you...must be all this fresh Valley air...anywho while i was out Saturday morning at the local recyclers (Where i got a fortune of a whole $3.55!!!) i noticed something that was kind of an institution in Canada...the "Stubby" beer bottle...

Now what is a stubby you ask Old Man Robb??!?! Let's consult Wikipedia...

Prior to 1961, Canadian beer was sold, and served, in two sizes, colloquially known as "quarts" and "pints," or "large" and "small." They were 22 and 12 Imperial fluid ounces (625 and 341 mL), respectively, whereas a true Imperial quart was 40 fluid ounces. Over the years, some provinces banned the sale of beer in the larger bottle. For example, in Ontario in the 1950s only the pint could be sold, but in Quebec both sizes were about equally common. In 1961, both sizes were replaced, nationwide, by the standardized bottle, equal in volume to the "small" and affectionately known as the "stubby."

Stubbies are a type of bottle which is shorter and with a slightly larger diameter than the now predominant longneck bottle. Starting in 1962 almost all beer in Canada was sold in stubbies until the beer companies chose to switch to the American-style longneck bottle, between 1982 and 1986. The last major label to be available in the stubby was Labatt's which switched to the longneck in the summer of 1986.

I also snapped a pic of some vintage cans for your viewing pleasure...including a Pabst Blue Ribbon can and an awesome Moosehead can...

Love the Pilsner stubby...always thought it was colorful and it also reminds me of Fubar and Fubar II...

The Newest of the New...

Ok webslingers and assorted wormslime..here it is just as Old Man Robb promised...an update on what has been a happening in Old Man Robb land...

So...i have my tickets for Dropkick Murphys at the Forum, went to Hampton Beach, found the oddest house in the world in Hampton, went to the church of the Expulsion of the Acadians, tried deep fried dill pickles (they were ok) the Double Down (ummmm not that awesome) and a trip to the Turkey Burger in New Germany and watched my friend Justin eat a Stepladder Burger...went to the Northville Farm Heritage Centre, Haliburton House (the New Hockey Hall of Fame exhibit was not ready...) Fort Anne, the Annapolis Royal Generating Station (Which is the only tidal generating station in North America), Racers Rec Room in Lakeview (Which is only open for private functions..  too bad) and the annual Middleton Car Show...phew...

All done that for now...


The frickin riots in Vancouver...

I mean WTF?!?!? I hope these people that caused this mess realize they have ruined everything that Canada achieved at the 2010 Winter Olympics. People are saying oh these people are not true fans, hooligans etc etc...however i saw a lot of blue jerseys on the news looting, fighting and stealing shit from the stores as well...cars set on fire, people bloodies and beaten on the streets...to see this crap all over CNN and other news outlets...its embaressing as a hockey fan and as a proud Canadian and Maritimer to see shit flung at us by the media for what happened out there in Vancouver...the Canucks lost to the Bruins...that's it...that is all..they lost..how many other teams have lost game seven before? Lots...heartbreaking? Yes...but to go rip the shit out of your city makes one wonder....

Speaking of the Canucks...what happened? I never in my life have witnessed a team looking so unmotivated for a game seven in my entire life...the Bruins and i cannot believe im writing this as a lifelong Habs fan, deserved to win that game! What happened to the Sedins? The invisable twins is more like it..and i hope Luongo is not going to ask for a raise anytime soon...sure he was great at the Olympics..but he had a frickin all star team playing in front of him at the Olympics, not the Canucks...

Who should have played nets?


Oh well the season is over for now...

Have a good one folks!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Even More Questions with Old Man Robb

Hey there true believers...well its been a little while since Old Man Robb did this..so buckle up and start reading...

1)What do you want to do for a career and why?
I want to be an ESL teacher right here in good ol Canada after completing my TESOL program through Open Acadia..completing my final course and then doing my practicum..hopefully in January. Last thing i want to do is go back overseas and teach for another bunch of profiteers...

2)Why does a round pizza come in a square box?
Im not too sure..but that was one of the cool things about Greco Pizza when i was a kid..their pizza's were all square..set them apart from everyone else..remember the ad's on the telly in the 80s? If your not eating Greco Pizza, who's eating your corners?

3)What favourite food puts you in a good mood?
Axemen Subs up at Joe's in WolfVegas!

4)Cassettes or 8-tracks?
8-Tracks and those wonderful noises they made when they changed programs..ka-klunk...ka-klunk

5)What's your middle name?

6)What was the last thing you ate?
Beans and Weiners...homemade..none of that Puritan stuff...

7)What is the last CD you listened to?
Black Sabbath's Live Evil...i've owned it on Cassette, CD and Vinyl...a kid in the Passage gave me his vinyl..like WTF?!?!? Who gives away a Sabbath album?!?!?!

8)Define success
Doing the best at what it is that you like to do...
9)What do you do in your free time?
Complete my plans for world domination...i want the world and i want it now...im gonna take it anyhow..maybe play some mailbox baseball..kiddin

10)What is something you wish you could change?
Bring Dad back...honestly...

11)What is your favourite time of the year?
Axemen football season...Can't wait for September!!!

12)Why doesn't McDonald's sell hotdogs?
I looked this up...McDonald's has never sold hot dogs in America. CEO Ray Kroc famously prohibited the company from selling hot dogs, regardless of potential demand, as he regarded them as unhygienic in his 1977 autobiography. However they were sold in the UK and the Skydome in Toronto sold McDonalds HotDogs until 1999...they are still sold in Japan...

13)Drive-in or Move Theatre?
Oh the drive-in for sure...but nowadays the Drive-in shows the same stuff as the movie theatre...oh well profit where you can i guess..

14)Are you kinky?
She's a very kinky girl...the kind you don't take home to mother...

15)Do you play video games nowadays?
Nahh...if i had the time and extra $$$ i would probably buy a Wii or one of them..i have friends that have a Wii and it just sits and collects dust..why bother? Oh the good old days of my Atari 2600...

By the way i never got to play the TCM Atari 2600 game till 1996 in Blockhouse during another marathon at Bragg Communications..it was banned all over the place due to i guess violence in the game back in the early 80s...copies of the darn thing used to or still does go for big bucks on Ebay..esp in the original packaging....one of those urban legends..but ummmmm boy...whatta crappy game! Fun..but crappy..

16)Why do you make so much fun of the Maple Leafs?

Cause its easy...they are forcefed to the rest of Canada via the CBC instead of say a good game with my Habs... im always hearing about their last Cup in 67...which was the last time they played in the finals.. they haven't even played the Habs in the playoffs since 1978!!! Its like the Maple Leaf fans have no frickin idea wtf they are doing by buying tickets to games, buying merchandise and supporting that team...the Leafs don't care about winning...all they care about is asses in seats...want change? Protest/ stop caring...let their management see some empty seats...it would cause a meltdown in TO...

17)Do you like ketchup?
It had to be Heniz...accept no imitations

18)What did you dream about last night?
I dreamed that i was having a dream about what i was dreaming about...hopefully Monday night :)

19)What is your morning routine?
Wake up..shower...coffee at home some breakfast..walk the dogs...walk to work w/ my MP3 player..walk past work..grab some Timmys...

20)What are you going to do right now?
Finish watching Gymkata and go to bed...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Where's Randy Savage

Imagine Macho in detention? Emilio and Anthony Micheal would be cowering in a corner the whole movie while Molly made eyes at Macho...oooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh dig it...imagine Macho and Principal Vernon? Priceless..oooh yeahhhh..don't know how well that storage closet scene would go with Macho though...

I think Macho is awesomness personified..but have any of you out there in blog land ever notice the simularities between the posters for the Breakfast Club and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2?!?!? The Breakfast Club poster came first back in 1985, TCM Part 2 a year later...and all these years Old Man Robb never never made the connection..must be something in the Valley air...

Of course if you totally combined the two..well that would be coolness as well..perhaps throw in Macho Man playing Bender and life would be at a level of awesomness that nothing could match...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Big Boss/ Fists of Fury Killcount!!!

Ahh the memories of our Betamax...ya ya ya all you good people and wormslime are probably wondering WTF is Old Man Robb talking aboot now...well Beta was all the rage in the early 80s and arguably was a better format than VHS was..however some what killed the Betamax format was the underlying fact that a regular old Betamax cassette lasted oh about an hour/ two hours or so..you couldnt record a full lengh movie on the thing or get two movies on the same cassette and well VHS you could get up to oh six hours of recording time..perfect for recording movies/ tv shows back in the day...of course both formats would be made obsolete by digital technology...plus on both formats for the most part we watched some pretty horrid pan and scan transfers of movies...

Ok...lost track...yes after my first batch of movie rentals, which included the Cannonball Run, Shogun Assassin and some other goodies, i remember wanting to watch flicks with that Bruce Lee dude..esp after seeing him in all of his glory in Enter The Dragon at the Sackville Drive-in, back when you could sneak a movie on as a second feature some seven/ eight years after its original theatrical run... i remember Fists of Fury (aka The Big Boss) quite well...very well on repeated Betamax rentals...i do have a soft spot i must admit for the inept dubbing and the scene where Bruce drinks and gets trashed..that and when Bruce smacks some thug through the factory wal, leaving a hole that perfectly matches the shape of his body (Think Looney Tunes)...ahhh good times...

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