Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Free Falling Divisions

Hellooooooooooooo webslingers and webslingettes!!!! Well, it is another weekend in good ol' good ol' (Ode to the Dunker!) Middleton!!!! Worked Thursday night and then yesterday i worked 10- 6:00 and recieved time and a half to boot! That will help with the rent n stuff... been working the midnight oil on me Andre Gunder Frank paper, which is on the underdevelopment of Latin America, in particular the time perod of 1965 to around 1972. I have been reading his older books and flipping through others- mostly the development of having underdevelopment, that participation in the world capitalist system engendered appared to politically opt out of the system and for socialism. Also i am looking at Frank's ethical concerns for justice and human rights. Fun stuff indeedy! I am finding Frank to be quite repetitive and i wonder about his sanity...oh well to each their own i guess. I found this awesome site making fun of comic book covers the other night, i always wondered how come Lois Lane and Jimmy Olson had their own comic books n stuff... love how Superman is such a A**hole to his friends on the covers, knew he always had ulterior motives... My old friend Craig from the Passage e-mailed me to wish me a happy b-day, belated of course, but it was all good. We are two people that could call one another up and start giggling nonstop for hrs...i remember one time my first year in Tower i called him up and we could not stop roaring about this guy we knew from elementary school who shoveled S*** for a living and we could not stop losing it for about 30 minutes, plus his parents still always send us the most hysterical Christmas cards every year.. i feel bad for blogging and doing this big assignment cause the folks are cleaning up the backyard, Mom told me to get inside and do my homework....they bought me a grad ring for me birthday, the thought is awesome, but i always wanted to design me own grad ring, plus it is bad luck to wear your grad ring before actual graduation... man it was busy yesterday, lots of people forgot it was Good Friday, they were asking me if the liquor store was opening later and stuff like that...all the stuff and more... jeesh... watched a Bernie Big Mac or whatever his name is movie last night, "Mr 3000", it was funny in places- man some of these athletes are complete A**holes eh? I remember when people were student athletes, i saw so many hockey players got absoltely smoked on the ice cause they turned to look at some skanky blonde while heading up the ice...completely caught in the trolley tracks... dummies... The stars of today's sports are spoiled, greedy, and money-hungry, there are exceptions to the rule..very few though- If the NHL Players Union does not get their ass in gear, they are going to lose everything, the replacement players will be out in full force next year, the NFL did it, Bettman the Bastard will do it was well- The game of hockey is a tough sell in the United States except for the established cities like Phily and Detroit- putting teams in places like Carolina and Atlanta? Dummies- Hamilton has had the Copps Coliseum sitting there how long? It is like Don Cherry said on one of the old Rock Em' Sock Em's- something like, "We put half the players in the NHL, We invented the game of hockey (In Windsor, NS!!!) and the Yankee-Doody Dandies are telling us that we can't have a franchise!!!!" Oh well, they will find out the hard way i guess... Anywho it is time for me to get a going on this Andre Gunder Frank stuff and then work at 6-11 in Middleton, then 10-6 in Greenwood tomorrow... lates!
Good lyrics- Chixdiggit- 20 Times (An ode to all lonely guys who like someone)
"Well she knew it was me, but she acted excited anyway
She said she's been doing stuff, but she waited by the phone all day
That's what her sister told me, she got one of those phones
She never called me, i tried 20 times to reach her
I got her mom on the phone, she said that she's still in the shower
Well this is what i told her, i'm tired of being alone
She knew i called 20 times, but it didn't faze her
It didn't freak her out and now i wanna see her
She knew i called 20 times, but she acted surprised anyway
I said i been doing stuff but i waited by the phone anyway
That's what her sister told me yeah...that's what her sister told me
She got one of those phones, and i'm tired of being alone."

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Hellllllllllloooo Webslingers, Webslingerettes and assorted Wormslime!!?!?!?!?!!!! Well, it has been awhile, not too too much happening, except that me trip back to the wild middle of nowhere that is Harper Hall at MTA is happening in eight days!!! I have the money for me tickey saved, i leave the Fundy Spray Motel at 9:15 on April 1st and i shall arrive at MTA or the Esso or whatever it was around 4 something in the afternoon, it shall be hot times in the Maritimes daddy! I am still in the middle of me Andre Gunder Frank paper, the speech of which i am to be giving on this coming Monday, i think i shall be chatted about underdevelopment in Latin America, past and present. Alot of the Frank books from the library are gone out, luckily for myself i took the liberty of spending an afternoon at the Vaughn aboot a month ago and colleecting all kinds of Frank information, both there and from scholarly journals and from online, well credible online sources. I recieved me assignment #2 back in Quanitative Methods yesterday, i scored a 7/10 on the assignment, not my finest hour, but it was math and i did not have to recieve much in the way of outside help in doing it, so my professor was glad to hear that n stuff. I passed in my take-home for Modern Theory on Monday and i was some glad to have it done, i got away with not doing a single Che question, which i bet everyone....well probably pretty much everyone else did Che, just like our major assignment, alot of people are presenting on Che, i remember when i took Canadian History a few yrs ago, we were allowed to pick any Canadian politican before 1980 and NO TRUDEAU!!!! I think we should have done that with Che, cause there are going to be so many of him and he is the easiest to find information on...just me opinion, what do i know, i am just a Professional Student...sigh..Monday we have a guest speaker for class and he had come all the way from Cuba, and this one guy in class broke the cardinal rule of guest speakers No #1..No matter how frickin borning a guy might be, and this guy was really good, answered questions about Cuba's educational system and about what is going to happen when Castro dies and stuff...this guy, after about the first 10 minutes of this poor guys speech, gets up, puts on his jacket and walks out, no excuse me or nothing, right in front of the poor guy speaking!!! What an ass!..If i was the prof, that would soooooooooo be the first paper that i took out of the pile...and i would crucify it with a wired iron brushno need of that bulls***!!!..Where are the Grease Trucks around here? I found an article about a student who went to Rutgers University in New Jersey who was short on change one night and wanted to eat, the rest is history as he had a sandwhich named after him called the, "Fat Darrell" ....probably another case of Sodexo- Marrirot not wanting us to have any fun or anything...try having a bake sale in res...try it...I for one, being of not slim body and a huge Appetite for Destruction would have made the Grease Trucks in Wolfville famous after another classic nite at the AXE..speaking of which, i finally found a list of events of going-ons at the AXE...hope this helps eh?

Monday- FAT Monday- Pizza, Football and a whole lotta' good times
Tuesday- Po' Student Night- No $$, No Problems - Free Pool from 7-10 pm
Wednesday- Wingin' and Swingin'- F'N Wing Night is back with a twist
Thursday- Thrilla Thursday- Wear clean underwear, you never know what can happen
Friday- Killer Carbs, Killer Moves!- Eat 'til you burst! Dance 'til you drop!
Saturday- Random Tandum Night- Week's over - Giver!
Monday- Pizza & Jug (Draft or Cocktail)- $16.00
Wednesday- Wings- $0.25
Friday- All you can eat Spaghetti- $3.99
Not the cheapest wings eh? What the hell happened to $0.10?!?!?!?! I wonder why the hrs of operation are now not till 4 in the afternoon? Too many drunks going to class or too many people eating at the Axe and not upstairs at Pizza Pizza and stuff... oh well...at least the hrs here are better than at the Pub at Mount A, they don't open till 8 at night, i razed the boys last yr saying they don't drink enough...silly ol Robbo...can't wait for the visit, to where people can remember how to party... sorry Acadia, too corporate for my tastes..i guess that it why i am too much of a fan of DIY- Do it Yourself, i dunno, just me...but it is like i have been blabbing about, university is going to become a member's only club...just a matter of time...I helped Princess Leia on Sunday night with her paper, her pronounciation and stuff...so pretty, obviously doesn't see me that way, but what the hell..i am old...what do i know anyways eh? ... the 7/10 on that assignment was the best part of Tuesday, Dad wasn't having a good day, comes with the territory, but not his best day and the fricking Suzuki decided to break down after my Sociology of Education class Monday night, i managed to start it again, then there was a bunch of old hags leaving Univversity Hall around 10ish and the damn thing broke down in front of the Tattletale Inn or whatever the frick it is called, luckily for me, a friend of my brothers had just finished playing oldtimers hockey and gave me a lift back to Kentville.... we took the Jeep back to Middleton yesterday, there were two screws loose in the alternator that i had put on in Sackville (Nova Scotia...not NB) do not ask.... me and Dad thought it was everything from the fanbelt to the battery... jeesh...i felt for my Soc of Education prof the other night, we have 60 people in class, 30 or so were there and after the break at 8:15...7...that is right...7 people were left in class...sad eh? I mean we pay what? 12 grand here, some hundred something a class and kids skip left and right, i did skip- back at Wasted Kings and in my initial run here at Acadia, but i paid the piper for doing so, low marks and stuff- do kids in high school that are coming here think profs care if they skip or not? NO they do not- i have spent countless blogs blabbing aboot it and ol Robbo shall say it again- get a college prep course or something in the high school curricula or the endless cycle shall keep continuing to go around and around and stuff.... besides the people that skipped missed a good conversation about student loans and tuition fees in Canada- ? The raising of fees in Canada is affecting middle-income families in Canada. Post-secondary education provides benefits for individuals and society at large contributes to Canadian society at large, but is now at the stage of being cost-prohibitive for many. It is an issue of equity in having access to a post-secondary education. In the 1970s, the government was the primary principal behind post-secondary education. After 1985, after the conservative years, tuition fees shot up tremendously. The pros of this is that the eight countries mentioned in the article with no university fees, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Wales and Scotland to name most of them, along with Cuba realize that educational access should be based on academic talent, not the wealth of the family, or the family name, a way of ensuring that financial barriers do not prevent qualified students from pursuing a degree. The cons of the article was out of all the rising costs, only the United States and Japan pay more in tuition costs than do Canada. What are the implications of the findings/ arguments for which groups in society? The raising costs are making university cost-prohibitive for many middle income and blue-collar families. Only the upper class and the rich are going to be able to attend post-secondary institutions, even at the undergraduate level. Do you have any criticisms/ concerns about the arguments made? Free education; is it worth anything anywhere outside of those countries? How come tuition went down in the 1970s? This is never mentioned, it is mentioned that public funding cuts to post-secondary education- passed onto students in the form of rapidly escalating costs in the early 90s. This was my response, not bed eh? Man i remember how bad i was my first yr here back in 1998-99, "Robert Hawley- What do you think of the Great Gadsby?" Man...was i a stupid ass back in the day or what??!?!?!? Anyhow...gots to go, class is starting in aboout half an hr and it is speeches time, then i am sitting in on Quanitative Methods at 4 and heading back to Middleton around 5:30 ish...lates!!!!
PS- Check out this bacon sandwhich!!!! YIKES!!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Trying To Find Balance...A Bender Will Save Us All

A good long time no chitty chat me webslingers and webslingerettes!!!! I am in the middle of writing me takehome examination for Modern Theory, it is hard stuff these take home examinations, it sounds harder that sitting down and writing an actual examination in class, but to have to only write 500 words for 4 questions, i mean these are questions whose answers could probably consume an entire book! Well, in between this i have been working in Middleton and in Greenwood, this is me big day off, last night was scary at the little store that could formerly known as Andrew and Town & Country- around 10:45 last night the power went out as i was putting our garbage in the back closet, our back windows are completely covered, so i immdietely locked the doors and closed the stores, no way was i having some goon in stuffing his pockets with our merchandise. So i locked up and went home, the power was back on around 11:20, so that was ok. I spent a good chunk of the other day at the Vaughn sitting in one of the private booths with a lady friend of mine procrastinating. Yes, one i have a crush on...but she doesn't really know it, or she does know it and just never addresses it.... watched her talk to guys on MSN, including friends of mine and watching her mockingly hitting on them, plus she does not think highly of her looks, even though she says that she does, via little smiley faces on MSN and stuff, i was fooling around, putting my arms around her and stuff, clutching her hands, we were holding hands walking out of the study area where the pop machines are in the BAC, well...she didn't run away anyways... i was a chicken though, she told one of my friends on MSN that she has never been kissed and i almost responded on MSN that i could fix that problem...but i was way too chickens*** to do anything about it i am afraid.... i finished my Assignment # 3 paper for Sociology of Education, it was entitiled, "The Politics of Teaching" and dealt with how many teachers have been left behind; they are victims often of budget constraints and they also do not feel valued. Before there were any teachers unions, teachers were treated even worse by superiors and by the educational hierarchy. It has been a struggle to be seen as a professional, teaching as a profession. Teachers deserve more status and recognition. It sounds good to me eh? ...hey Acadia/ Wolfville...get one of these franchises.....NOW!!!!! I swear if we did get one, i know certain people that would NEVER leave it... cereal...wow! Our prof gave us the outline for Assignment #4 that is due in April, i haven't looked at it yet, but i shall have to soon because the day will be here before we know it...i have to get a cracking on me assignment on Andre Gunder Frank, i present on the 30th of March and i have to have a 12 page paper to me Modern Social Theory prof on the 6th of April... I work tomorrow from 10-6 in Greenwood and then i has to head to the BAC...well actually i have to head to the Vaughn...i am meeting Princess Leia there!!! Well, she needs help with her assignment for Modern Social Theory and i she tells me that she is good with stats and stuff, so maybe we can have an arrangement where you scratch my back and i'll jump on yours...i mean...ummmmmmmm...boy i am an old horn dog...cute kid, but just a kid basically...just like my friend i was talking about above... man i feel so old! Found an awesome old commercial for old school WWF LJN action figures that i have not seen since like something like ummmm...1987, ahhhh to be a kid in the Passage again, sitting at friends houses, putting red nail polish on the figures faces to create the image of a 5-star blade job...screaming out ring introductions, making Hulk Hogan lose all the time and strapping the belt around Randy Savage or Roddy Piper....to be young again...Well kiddies...i was paid and headed down to Fundy Spray, it is not the Mid Valley where the Acadia Lines bus heads to now, i thought i could buy a ticket, but apparently you have to buy your ticket the day of your departure, which is at 9:15 on April 1st, so i opened an envelope, put $160 in there and put it in me sock drawer... why not the bank? Cause ol Robbo is like his other bruders...he gets money and burns it!!!! I know i would see something and BAM!!! Gots to have it! I was in Zellers the other day and BAM!!! I see the ECW Dvd in stock...for $34.00 ...almost kiddies....almost...... The Axemen lost to Moncton on Wednesday night...these things happen i guess, the Chronically Horrid stated that the Axemen are back the other day, but they are back as long as they are winning, we do have a lot of fairweather fans, it is not like the Maple Leafs...or Laughs as we used to fondly call them during The Dr Ballard yrs, they sucked big giant moose d*** and their fans used to still go see them, dunno why..frickin glutons for punishment i guess, and somebody still had the gonads to call them Canada's team..hello...1966...i know someone who stated that he likes both the Habs and the Maple Leafs...WHAT THE F***!?!?!?!? That is seriously swinging both ways folks...(Sorry to offend anyone...jeesh...) It is comparable to liking both the Red Sox and the Yankees...just can't happen... bastards....well I guess that the wormslime that always states the excretment that is the Maple Laughs as Canada's team don't visit the province of Quebec then..... but the Axemen are the talk of the town again, for now...but so would any of our other teams too, the football, basketball, chess team, potato sack racing team, any of them would be, all i am saying is that alot only want to be seen being supportive if we are winning, look at the Oilers when Peter Puck sold off all their good players, the fans didn't want to watch a stinky Mickey Mouse product and vanished, only to reappear when the team picked up a little and made the playoffs...only to lose to Dallas like what? ummm..every year? Next year shall tell the tale, i know i shall attend when i can... Well, i did recieve a response back about Radio Acadia, i wonder if we should ditch the name, all i associate with it is past false promises and utter bull**** even though i had a really educational learning experience back in 2000-01 with the original Assume The Position with good ol Jacko- where is Jacko? I would love to know! Time to call Mr Blinn.... anyhow, CHMA up at Mount A is good cause they have an outside, full time manager- an outside manager will not play favorites, hire all their friends who have all the talent of a bb shell in a boxcar, play your 30% new and Canadian content and watch your station grow, don't start to have delusions of grandur and crap like that...speaking of Canadian content, Sloan have once again made it to the top of Chart Magazine's critics' poll. Twice Removed was named the best Canadian album of all time. Smeared, One Chord to Another and Navy Blues also made the top 50, credit where credit is due.... oh well, it is that time i guess to start doing questions 3 and 4 of me take home, have some cake, open some presents and enjoy the rest of me day off, have a good one webslingers and don't forget to hoochie poochie!!! Lates!!!!
PS- I leave you with one my favorite's from last yrs, Assume The Position....
The Get-Up Kids- Mass Pike

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Jake "The Snake" Roberts
I do not know why, but there is an irony somewhere in that advertisement i am sure. Posted by Hello

Happy Birthday To Moi...The Guy Who Got a Headache and Accidentally Saved the World

A silly good morning to webslingers and webslingerettes...well today....ummmmmm sometime in the 70s....me Mama and Papa had a bouncing baby demon...i mean baby...well, hell with it, today is my birthday!!?!?!?!?! Well how do i celebrate my birthday here at Acadia? Well...by sitting at Perkins and having a morning coffee! Well, i did break out the George Foreman Grill this morning around 6:30 (Love George's kids names...George I, II and III...always threatening me Momma that i am gonna name me brats...if i ever have brats, Robb I, II and III...hehehehehehe) anywho i treated myself to a birthday breakfest of steak and eggs...and coffee!! Today is quite umm special ed...i mean special in many different ways, it marks exactly 16 days before me trip to MTA via the classic Acadian Lines route... and back to me one year stomping grounds of Harper Hall, Brother Grover is keeping a good secret webslingers, i am recieveing me pay on Friday and right away i am heading over to the Mid-Valley Motel, where i believe the bus still departs from...i better confirm that...anywho, i shall be pickin up me bus tickies from there and then playing the waiting game. Yesterday i recieved back me midterm for Sociology of Education and i scored a 76%, not my most glorious moment, me prof is holding office hrs tomorrow, so we are going to have a little chat aboot what exactly i did wrong, i cannot believe it eh? Me first yr i would have been estatic over such a mark and here i am bitchin, like Yoko Ono being left at the altar...dammit John that is what you should have done you crazy Brit!!?!!?!?!?!...then the Beatles would be roared at like the Beach Boys and the Rolling Stones are...playing the Casino in Halifax... i went to see the Beach Bums...i mean the Endless Summer Mike Love band...i mean the Beach Boys at Exhibition Park in Halifax during the summer of 2001-02... it was a fun show, but i remember a quote once that said,
"The Beach Boys without Wilsons is like water without waves"
By the way, i am listening to, "The Beach Boys In Concert 1973"...my favorite live album of all time next to the Ramones "It's Alive" from 1979 (It was not released in the US till 1995)
I remember the show because i was supposed to pick a friend of mine from the Passage, but my brother did not want to drive all the way over to the Passage (oh like it was so far...) Needlessly to say, i have not spoken to this friend ever since...i phoned once that year from Tower to say i was sorry, but his Father said he was rather displeased with me, i haven't bothered to phone since... i did sent a grad pic to his parents address in 2003, a way of saying sorry...(Yeah Robbo...like looking at your fricking mug is a good way of saying sorry....) so Thor...Jason...if you ever read... i am sorry about the Beach Boys fiasco of summer 2001-02... hopefully we can drink beers someday and reminace about how silly were all really were in the general scheme of things...
Man yesterday in modern theory class, the cute girl with the Princess Leia hair sat behind me and was in my discussion group, she tried to nominate me to be the speaker for our group, but the prof wasn't having it, i speak too much in class...aboot everything. It was a good class causse we talked about how Cuba has free education for everyone and the question of, is education really for everyone and what does the world really need- is it edducators or is it people workingg in the service industry? We also hit on the subject of people who go to university who work as much as one to three part time jobs while attending places of education such as Acadia University, these are the students who really want to earn it, some people, like i have stated before are here only cause of what their last name is, who their parents are..like the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase used to say..."MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!!" More power to all that do work- we become more and more dependent on work in order to have an education...Anyways, I walked her up the hill after class, she plays gutair and i asked her if she plays power cords...two strings ala Johnny Ramone...she laughed..cuteness personified, must have scared her off, she did not show up our night class...well, not really many people showed up for our night class and after break at 8:30 last night, alot of people did not bother coming back....if i was that prof, i would take a picture in my brain of all those skippers and not reward them with anything for the rest of the damned year!!!! They did miss an informative class on teachers and their plight in the educational system today in Canada, esp those who teach lower grades and the stereotypes that they must face, especially female teachers who are seen as being babysitters by many parents, there are debates over struggles over teaching as a profession has led to frustration and demoralization amongst teachers- many teachers do not feel valued and this feeling has not been aided by the continued cutbacks in education and we did touch on the hidden curriculum, which i remind people is the informal process and organization in the educational system, it is not written in the books, but everyone knows about it...sometimes i feel like i am a victim of both the hidden curriculum and the glass ceiling....Hey...i was once one of those skippers!!! Skipper!!!!! Gilligan!!!! Man...i am going nutty on me birthday eh? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah...me copy of Les Chiefs came in this weekend and i am waiting for my b-day gathering at the house to view it with the family on our 52 inch telly!!!..View trailer HERE!!!!! Me and Dunker went to the Axe last nite before my class, maybe that is why i was so attentive during class as i had one Rum and Coke and a DOUBLE Rum and Coke... i wish they used Appleton's Rum...but i am not going to bitch aboot a b-day drink... Dunker showed me picys of his trip to Guatamala...always Dunker and his trips, he was almost shot in Cuba a few yrs ago, propositioned by hookers in Mexico... he is the International Tower Man!!!! Sooooooooo...anyone watch WWE RAW last night and see the one night reunion of the ROCKERS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?????!!!!! Man...i was marking out badly!!! On the other hand, Jake"The Snake"Roberts looked terrible...i still remember me and Jason and the gang going outback of the Halifax Forum after a WWF card in February of 1988 and chasing wrestlers like Jim Duggan and the Ultimate Warrior in anticipation of getting their autographs, Jake the Snake came out, beer in hand and heading for his taxi and promptly turning us down for any autograph, we still cheered...that was so Jake The Snake...the drunk...i mean snake...we used to call a girl Jake the Snake...yikes...homely....So much homework to do! Tomorrow me Quanitative Assignment #2 has to be in by 4:00, i am picking up me Modern Theory take-home examination during class at 2:30...we have until Monday of next week to have that puppy done, we are having class in Carnegie Room 203- The Engineering Building, there is a special guest coming in from Cuba to talk about the impact of Che Guevara on Cuba, it should be interesting stuff. Well...this morning i was reading the Ath...i know, i myself like many McNutts feel that the paper is many times useless and does deny us good reporting on many occassions, however as i turned the pages while drinking me Perkins coffee, something on les page 8 suprised me...someone is trying to revive Radio Acadia??!?!?!?!?! ....again....Anyways i fired off an email to the student, person, whoever that is trying to get this project off the ground and i offered my services to help with the program, i mean i do have experience...K-Tech with the B**** of the Baskervilles in 1995-96, the original Radio Acadia in 2000-01 with Jacko, and at CHMA at MTA last yr in 2003-04, a little spread out over the yrs, but there is three yrs of experience there that the people behind the station can draw from, besides...it would be neat to be behind the scenes at the radio station in addition to being behind the microphone again... i gurantee, i get behind the mike and i tell as many as i can that i am behind that mic, the listeners will tune in...i can get the listeners...maybe not as many as i want, my shows have always had a strange kind of audience anyways, sort of an identification with the underdogs, the underappreciated, my shows have always been personal, playing my favorite bands and up and comers, sticking to Canadian content rules as much as possible, attracting attention from the good, bad and the ugly...maybe not always in that order though...showing the kids how its done, but they always get the attention cause their prettier, skinnier....damn hacks... credit where credit is do, before i beat on the brat with a baseball bat...
Soooooooo...it should be interesting to see exactly how many people show up to Quanitative Methods tonight eh? Seeing as it is Game FIVE of the AUHC Finals tonight in Wolfville at 7:30...i am considering asking me prof to at least put on the radio or webcast of the game while we work on our assignments in class, seeing as tonight is being designated as a workshop rather than a class, besides a good number of the team is in me class and they obviously will not be attending class tonight... it is just a thought.... anywho, i thinks i should go..get another cup of java and get cracking on some of these silly old assignments for these silly old classes, then home tomorrow or Thursday morning, working Thursday, Friday and Sunday...i have Saturday off and someonee who requested a date with me had a better be a paying attention... anyways webslingers/ webslingerettes i am off for now...lates!!!
PS...in the tradition of my Dead Tower Webpage circa 2000-01 and 2001-02, here are this summer's Beach Boys tour dates!!!!

March 18 -- Cocoa Beach, FL (Pier)*
March 19 -- Ocala, FL (Silver Springs, 3 p.m.)*
March 19 -- Clearwater, FL (Ruth Eckerd Hall, 8 p.m.)*
March 20 -- Boca Raton, FL (Mizner Amphitheatre)*
March 21 -- Sarasota, FL*
March 24 -- Torrington, CT (Warner Theater)*
March 25 -- Verona, NY (Turning Stone Casino)*
March 26 -- Englewood, NJ (PAC)*
April 30 -- Philadelphia, PA (Keswick Theater)*
May 1 -- Lancaster, PA (American Music Theater)*
May 21 -- Kansas City, MO (Ameristar Casino)*
May 22 -- South Bend, IN*
May 24 -- Dallas, TX (Adam's Mark Hotel)*
May 27-29 -- Bay St. Louis, MS (Casino Magic)*
June 2 -- Fresno, CA (Casino)*
June 3 -- Las Vegas, NV (Mandolay Bay)*
June 4 -- Laughlin, NV*
June 5 -- San Diego, CA (Humphery's)*
June 18 -- Branson, MO (Operation Homecoming)*
June 28 -- Chicago, IL (Ravinia)*
July 3 -- Cherokee, NC (Harrah's)*
July 15 -- Lansing, MI (Common Grounds)*
July 17 -- Bay City, MI (Fireworks Festival)*
July 20 -- Fond Du Lac, WI (County Fair)*
July 21 -- St. Charles, IL (Kane County Fair)*
July 22 -- Mahnomen, MN (Casino)*
July 24 -- Minneapolis, MN (Mystic Lake)*
July 30 -- Tokyo, Japan (Festival)*
Aug. 9 -- Bethlehem, PA (Festival)*
Aug. 12-13 -- Westbury, NY*
Aug. 18-19 -- Toronto, Ont. (Casino Rama)*
Aug. 21 -- Greenville, OH (Darke County Fair)*
Aug. 22 -- Wellington, OH (Lorain County Fair)*
Aug. 26 -- Cohasset, MA (South Shore Music)*
Aug. 27 -- Hyannis, MA*
Aug. 28 -- Washington, DC (Wolftrap)*
Sept. 2-4 -- Atlantic City, NJ (Caesars)*
Sept. 15-16 -- Tunica, MS (Horseshoe Bluesville)*
Sept. 17 -- Effingham, IL (Corvette Museum)*
Oct. 6 -- Manila, Phillipines (Arena)
Oct. 8 -- Hong Kong, China*

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell

Helllllllllllloooooo Mr and Mrs or Miss Webslingers and Webslingerettes!!!! I am halfway done me report for quanitative methods- oh man this stuff to a non-mathmatical/ statistical, dyed in the wool arts student with over 160 credits at the university level to his name (check the record book folks) is hard ol stuff indeedy! Standard Deviation, box plots, steam and leaf...ugh! It seems like a frickin foreign language... well the Aigles Blue have the Axemen on the ropes eh? Well i am working tonight in Middleton, but believe me our old pocket sized, retro RCA radio is headed down with me and the store formerly known as Andrew's will be filled with the sounds of Axemen hockey and hopefully a victory. Where is the darn storm we were supposed to get, it is frickin cold as ol hell out right now, had the doggies out for a walk, refilled the Jeep and making progress on homework...man o man... anyone remember me chatting about that cutie at Mount A and the Turkey Burger? Well, it is actually in Cookville, not New Germany...but close anyways and no it is not the Chicken Burger in Bedford, not matter what a certain ex of mine thinks (She has never had a Big Mac.... blasphemy!!) Anyways yesterdays Chronically Horrid...well it usually is the Chronically Horrid, the Daily News always has the later hockey scores and stuff..nuff said bout that eh? Anyways their food critic has FINALLY gone to the Turkey Burger...read here...
Actually i am going to have people scream blasphemy at me for this one but...i have only been to the Chicken Burger once, and damn...it was not what i expected at all, for $2.99 for what i was thinking was going to be an out of this world chickenburger...i was not impressed, but i am no critic, just some professional college student, so what the hell do i know eh? Speaking of papers, i see the Ath has its yearly backwards issue, but the ego-strokin, front page dead center of the campus D*****bag made me almost hurl chunks in the Texico...i mean Irving Genesis Planet the other day....and yes Senior Bullen, i think we should play detective and call Yarmouth, i double dog, triple dare you...remember one phonecall....and les mystery is solved.....man i have next Sat off!!!!! However i am saving money for me trip to Les Harper Hall of Mount Allison, so i may not do too much, i'll probably be working on my paper on Andre Gunder Frank as i am presenting it to the class on the 30th of this month....that is a Wednesday for the generationally impaired..... It is funny, when i mentioned Alice Cooper's restaurant the other day and i thought to myself, is there a Don Cherry's Grapevine restuarant anywhere in Nova Scotia, last year i made the trip up to Moncton with the folks to go pay respects to Grapes entrepreneurial monster when i thought, man imagine one of these in the Valley...gots to try the nachos...good stuff indeedy... i have always found the following quote from Don's bestselling book, "Grapes: A Vintage View of Hockey"

“I died on May 10, 1979; at 11:10 p.m. to be exact. Two shots killed me. The first, which left me critically wounded, was fired by Guy Lafleur. The one that wiped me out came from the stick of Yvon Lambert. Had I survived these attacks I have no doubt that I would still be coach of the Boston Bruins today and, quite likely, governor of Massachusetts.”

My Dad still thinks that Montreal had the referees in their backpockets till this day....
Anywho i was going to ask someone if they wanted to go on our date on the 18th, but she is short on cash right now and absolutely will not accept me paying her way to the movies or for dinner or anything...love a strong woman...If only i was as smooth as Billy Dee Williams...damn...I heard a rumor that if Motorhead .. (Cover of Ace of Spades is by Jon Cougar Concentration Camp!!?!?!?!?!?!....Love that name!!!) does well in Halifax, that more old-school metal may be on the way.... wonder if they are looking into signing the PRIEST?!?!?!?!?!
Anywho...i has to go, do some more of this sad attempt at doing math, get ready for work...well already ready, been wearing me uniform since 10:00 this morning...ohhhh...i have to bring me badly panned and scanned copy of Shogun Assassin starring, "The greatest tag-team in the history of mass slaughter", to work today (view the COOLEST TRAILER IN THE WORLD ....here...) , a former co-worker of mine has yet to see it, along with King Frat, the Party Animal, Screwballs...sigh....the classics... Anyways in the mean time and in between time....lates!!!
PS- Ten Foot Pole- Kicked out of Kindergarden!!!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Ron Jeremy

Posted by Hello Is there a more well-known porno star in the entire world than Ron Jeremy? I remember my second year at Acadia when the Tower 3rd Floor window was adorned with the famous words, "Ron Jeremy is Robb's Dad!!!" Which was promptly taken down by out overbearing RA, but its legend lived on, At age 48, Ron Jeremy's adult film and mainstream roles have earned him a loyal legion of fans worldwide (wonder if Acadia can contact him? He does stand-up comedies and gives lectures throughout the country) Ron has achieved a level of celebrity unsurpassed in the history of pornography.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

A Fist Full of Revolution

"Hope is a state of mind, not of the world. Hope, in this deep and powerful sense, is not the same as joy that things are going well, or willingness to invest in enterprises that are obviously heading for success, but rather an ability to work for something because it is good."
--Vaclav Havel

Well Web-O-Slingers! How the hell r ya on a les terrible Thursday???!?!?!?!? Well, came home in some most miserable weather yesterday, just like Tuesday after class, i thought i was gonna croak coming home Thursday, branches falling everywhere, got home to the apartment and the power was out so i hads to light some candles just so i wouldn't break me neck (Although some of the wormslime i imagine would get off on that...morons) Yesterday i was bitched out by a guy in an 18 wheeler on the way to AU, i was over the white line needed for his momma jamma truck to get through, man wasn't life better before the lights or what? Then i gets to class and a couple of arty farty goth oh-look at me i am cooler than Tab Cola people were chatting it up aboot how campus tours are putting kids in Tower and what a rotten thing this was, that there was gonna be a bad impression left on these kids- lighten the frick up! If anything else it will teach the future ones that if they can live in Dr Crowell's mansion of residence since 1971 (and co-ed since 1991) , then they can live anywhere on this campus, hell..forbid that some kids may have a good time or something... i dunno, weird feeling aboot the ol' Tower for senior Robbo this year folkies, i thought i was gonna have some fun times in the Tower, but it is a case of "Yeah your back here, nice to see ya, ya don't live in the palace no more so ...ummmmmm...well...nice seeing ya!" Way to treat your elders, those who came before ya gang... ok, so i am probably a classic loser, a dirty old man, my name should really be Bluto or Pondo Sinatra or something (definitly not Studley...) the classic college loser... but isn't it funny that the place i left behind, the place where i lived for one year and bitched and moaned to anyone that would give me the days of the week, time of the second about Acadia this and Acadia that, wants me to come back and visit and yet the place where i lived for a good five years and not only that, i honored that place, worshipped it, defended it in a duel to the death against fellow students, former students, relatives of said students..parents, brothers, sisters, grandmothers, grandfathers, Granny Clampett, Grandma Jimmy Jack Jericho with the wooden leg, aunts, uncles...even me own relatives, parents and siblings- "Why do you live there?" "That S***hole??!?!?!" I had a lady who worked at a bank, whose daughter only lived there for two weeks that referred to it as "That DAMN Tower!!! , friends and idiots associated with those other people..i loved the Tower and i defended its heavyweight title, its pride towards others as if it were my own...I can still hear Little Mike yelling "Tower King!!!! Tower King!!!!" ...but when your gone...the door hits your ass on the way out.... sure only a few live there from before, but it is a tragic game of death of how soon we forget, or would like to forget..but that is my rant and i sadly have to stick to it...maybe residences should begin an alumni assocation, a hall of fame of sorts, maybe once a year have the old gag on a weekend, one that is not Homecoming and or stuff like that, even though i love Homecoming, it would be fun to have a seperate weekend for people to converge at Tower, go on a Wolfville Pubcrawl, bring our old floor awards with us to remember, make t-shirts to mark the occasion and poke fun at one another and then wake up with a big ol' honkin hangover like the old days and head to Wheelock for breaky, then go home and do it again the next year...just an idea.... Harper Hall was good to me, sure there were things that drove me crazy, some people didn't know when to give it up with certain things and some of MTA's habits were strange to me, like coffee shops that closed at 4:00, a mealhall that wasn't open till 11:00 on the weekends, along with a weekend library that did not open till 1:00... but dammit, the people were real, girls didn't fear me...they didn't think that i was Freddy or Jason reborn or Kobe or some freaking monster, i felt respected by my peers and wanted. That last night in Harper last April, i felt like the boys did not want me to take off and come back to Acadia, where i felt like home...but i had to go, the academia for me at the Mount, not for others, but for ME was lacking and not what i felt was promised, people like ol' Darth didn't help matters and stuff... but the times i had, the girls were great, CHMA was AWESOME!!! Ok, so i didn't win one of their awards at the end of the yr, but i took it in stride...actually i was told my show RULED FRICKIN ANTARCTICA...(and no Assume The Position is not DEAD!!!! It ruled on Radio Acadia in 2000-01 before amateurish student politicans ended it and i had to kill my creation in its CHMA incarnation because of the move back to Acadia for 2004-05...so one day...without warning...Assume The Position will rise again, the secret's in hand, with phonied up papers and counterfeit plans You never will understand, Assume The Postion is not dead, just resting and ready to pounce once more!!!! Plus Harper last year did stuff- out went this stupid, cornball, cheesy 1950s BULLSHIT...yes folks i swore on my blog...BULLSHIT of not being able to walk around MY res with a FRICKIN beer, at Harper, i was given free reign to walk with my 40 as much as i frickin wanted to!!!!! And here is my feelings on the subject... it is my res, i paid a zillion dollars to live there and if i want to walk around with my beer, that that should be my privilege and my right, especially after a zillion hrs of classes and homework, i mean how many lame RA's would come up to me and warn me...i remember this complete and utter disgrace of an RA that was there my last yr in Tower, words could not describe the contempt i felt for this individual that would take people's beer on them...come on man...lame lame lame... ugh frickin Brainy Smurf wannabe, but i can see why they turned me down for an RA job...twice... cause it would have been ROBBO 3:16 or something like that...but hey, getting back on track, Harper was fun and organized, we had floor hats, trips all the time, just simple stuff like trips to the bowling alley and Dooley's and ladies and scumbags may i need announce me next PPV again...

April 1, 2005

Harper Hall, Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick

To stop me from appearing, there had better be one HELLACIOUS snowstorm, icestorm, firestorm or 100,000 Playboy Bunnies jumping me to prevent this from happening.

And i still love Tower, i always will.... but don't bury your recent past just cause their old and stuff...

Well, me Axemen lost to Moncton last night, giving the Blue Eagles a 2-1 lead in the series, the series i believe is resuming Sat night in Moncton and i will be working at the Middleton store, so i will be able to sneak in a radio at work and listen in, i guess i am just gonna hope for the best with this one. I am working all weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday...haven't decided when to head back- probably Monday. I still have to do me assignment for Qualitative Methods, whatever this blockage is in the head, i have to find a way to get rid of it, maybe some girl should come flash me or something..i dunno. Actually i may just have a date in a week or so, a close friend, (one that i think is hot as old helll though...SHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!) She wants to go out for dinner and a movie...and i don't mean watching TBS or Spike or whatever the frick they call it now.... i feel bad though, i kinda lied to her, she wants to go see the Ring 2 and guess what oh what Webslingers and Webslingerettes? I have never seen The Ring...i have to now in order to have a frickin clue as to what the hell is transpiring in the sequel...speaking or remakes...does anyone think the remake of the Bad News Bears is gonna be rocking or sacrilege? The official website is now up with a trailer included, judge for yourself here...........
Actually it is not the biggest movie bombshell of the week..click here.................

So....................did you take all of that in?

Quentin Tarantino Vs Jason Voorhees

Holy F***ing S***!!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I don't wanna jump the gun, jump the shark or anything but lets all mark the hell out right now!!! Can you imagine how bloody this is gonna be? Please do not let this be a remake or any body hopping Jason Goes to hell Bull*** or Jason in space or being Freddy's B**** or any of that...Quentin...i know you can make Jason scary again, get Kane Hodder back and make movie history.....

Anywho, it is after 11 and i has to hit the sack, bed that is...not Sackville, i don't hit that for another 21 days or so...
till then my Peeps...lates!!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

MOTORHEAD...LEMMY LEMMY LEMMY!!!!!! Is going to be in Halifax at the Halifax Civic Center on Monday, May 2nd and i believe it is starting around 8:00...i thinks...man the legendary Ace of Spades haven't been to Hali since coming here with Alice Cooper waaaaaaay back in like 1988. I have the night off and i am wearing me best Motorhead England shirt...i shall not be a hard man to find, but as Lemmy would say, "Sometimes The Chase, Is Better Than The Catch." Posted by Hello

Fields of Agony

Good mid-afternoon thy webslingers and webslingerettes!!! How the hell are ya? Well, this is me first trip to the Esso ...i mean Irving Centre since aboot October, it is kinda quiet here n stuff today, needs a coffee shop and a printer, if it were to procure them two items, i would come around here more often. I remember when they first built it, the boyz from the oldschool Tower 3rd Floor thought the outside looked like the Genesis Planet From Sex Trek...I mean Star Trek III...actually Sex Trek was a porno movie that me and the gang from West Kings watched all the time in grade twelve.... Randy West and Randy Spears were in it..Captain Quirk, Mr Sperm, UWhora, Dr McJoy and Semen Bob...those were the characters...no lies, couldn't even make stuff like this up...actually i used to crack right the hell up at the part in STIII when Shatner fell on his ass on the bridge of the Enterprise and started bellowing "KLINGON BASTARDS KILLED MY SON!!!!!!" Overacting by a wild toupee-wearing Canadian at its best!!! I remember i spent a whole summer in high school going to random places..falling on me ass and yelling "KLINGON BASTARDS KILLED MY SON!!!!!". Well i had me midterm in Sociology of Edcuation last night, she only asked three of the six questions, i knew to be prepared for that one, one of the questions, The Dual Character of Formal Education was tricky..but i thinks i did ok, the Dual Character is a characteristic of educational research, it has a tendency to concentrate on the details of life within schools or the expectations that are placed on schooling through external social pressures and organizations, plus we got our papers on Chapter 3 back, i made a 7.5/10...i wished it was more, but i guess when you are used to getting good marks...something that never seemed to happen at Kingstec and at West Kings (Waste Kings as some used to say) I think it is all in the teaching sometimes too, i mean look at The Mount's Darth Vader...who the hell wants to go to his F***ing class???!?!?!?! Treat your students like human beings, not just as something that is paying your salary, and the work will show. Anyways...oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (old school Macho Man Savage style!!!) after the midterm, which only took about an hour to write, we did a debate- the last time i was in a debate was when i took The Study of History a few yrs ago and i remember our team winning, well...it was rememberable for me because the prof who moderated the debate has a rep as a real hard ass so i never bothered taking any of his courses n stuff, i remember making a 8.5/10 on the debate and he wrote on the comments, "This guy is surpisingly good!" ummmm excuse me Moses? Suprisingly???? Whoa there fella...who died and made you Queen? And i do not mean good ol' Freddie Mercury either... people are just too quick to judge other people i think, they judge them by looks, features, are they big or small or in the case of academia, do they suck up enough, brownnose...you can get ahead in the game of academia without sucking up...i remember this one prof, he had this geek who looked like Eugene from Grease following him around everywhere, i always hoped this prof, who was mighty high on him oldself, would not stop short casue this geek would have gone so far up his ol' arse he would have known what he had eaten for breakfest!!! Anyhow, back to the topic of last night we did a debate on whether or not schools should have extracurricular activities or not and i prepped on Saturday and Sunday on the side of against having extracurricular activities and lo and behold, i finished me midterm last night only to find out that i was on the "For" side of the extracurricular debate...JEEsh!!!! I had searched JSTOR and ProQuest high and lo for material on the against side.. and believe me bucko it was a hard ol find!!! but i found a few, mostly from the teachers strike that occured in Ontario around 2000-01... I told the prof and she told me to hand it in anyways, you were to recieve a bonus of five points on the term if you participated in the debates and handed something in, so hopefully that will help in the quest to keep me average around a 3.0.... Anyways i found a great paragraph about old schooling....

“The old schools offered a no-frills education with heavy emphasis on reading and writing. There were no extracurricular activities, no sports, no video equipment, and no distractions. Materials used in class were simple and basic: slateboards, chalk, paper, quill pens, ink, pencils, and a few textbooks. Getting an education was a demanding process, but the rewards could be tremendous. And the students were highly motivated. Their ages ranged from 7 to middle-aged adults. Hungry for an education, they helped each other learn. The teachers were dedicated and enthusiastic. Everyone communicated in sign language. Nobody worried about linguistic politics or the purity of their signing. If they didn’t have a sign for a word, they invented one. Today’s schools may not be able to recreate the ambience of the old schools (a futile proposition), but they can rededicate themselves to the task of encouraging and developing literacy skills.”

Moore, Matthew and Linda Levitan 2003, “For Hearing People Only” New York, Deaf Life Press

Well...i thought it was a good paragraph...oh yeah for today's big news...

April 1, 2005...

It is happening....

Robert Reid Hawley is returning to Harper Hall at Mount Allison University in Sackville, NB....

Why? Well people (according to me old buddy Grover...) are asking about me and Grover says that everyone misses me... So i talked to Dad (Who is putting on weight and doing great by the way) and we both think that i need a vacation, i mean here i am, i am not getting any younger, i work EVERY weekend about 20 hrs, i have some 10 hours of class a week, alot of extra time is put into doing homework and so what does ol Robbo need? A Freaking vacation...Holiday Roooooooooooooooooad (from EVERY Vacation movie) I couple of nights out at the Pub, partying in Harper, i mean i will then be able to come home on the 3rd of April and then it is a good two or so full weeks before examinations and then i will be re-charged and good and ready to make some good ol A plus plus pluses!!! hahahahahahaha good one Robbo!!!
You know what webslingers? One of the cutest girls in class talked to me last night! I blogged about her awhile ago, she has a man and everything, but that smile...see slingers, it only takes only a few things for me to notice a girl, some manners...real ladylike and BANG! You have my devoted attention! She only learned to speak English a few yrs ago, but she has my attention everytime she speaks it...i remember she had Princess Leia hair one day (original Star Wars...with doughnuts look) only she could pull it off that look...her friend is pretty hot too, but she skips class alot, she had an Oscar the Grouch shirt on... i was wanting to start a conversation with her about how my friend Craig, who i grew up with in the Passage (was freaked out at the Halifax Forum during the first WWF card there in 1987....found out legendary jobber Tiger Chung Lee wore glasses...found some hysterical humor in that...) anywho, ol Craigger gave me his old Seasame Street record that was manufactured in aboot 1969-70, from about the first year Seasme Street was on the air, it featured Gordon with a big ol honkin afro, a buncha strange muppets too! Esp the Oscar The Grouch who was colored ORANGE!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!! Speaking of foxy ladies, i cannot wait to get back to Mount A and talk to a few that i left behind, there was one in particular that i used to talk to all of the time while i was doing laundry, she had (or still has probably) a boyfriend, but she was really pleasant to talk to, i remember she was a South Shore girl cause i asked her where she was from and i asked her if she ever goes to the TURKEY BURGER in New Germany!?!?!?!?! She said it was a date and that was aboot the last time that i ever talked to her, she was on the Harper website last year, but none of last years picys are there now, i am going to ask brother Grover when i get there if he still has last yrs site saved, i don't wanna do anything to her relationship, i mean her b-friend seemed like a really nice guy, but i would just like to say hi to her, i remember having a bit of a thing for her, which is terrible especially when they have what is seemingly a nice boyfriend, i remember sitting on CHMA and thinking of girls like her when i played one of my favorite songs from last year, Nada Surf's "Inside of Love"...like the girl from me night class, all it takes is a bit of niceness and you will have me attracted...remember that ladies... Anywho, i have to go, do a bit of reading on this Paulo Friere fella for tomorrow's class, actually he was one of the first recognized educational thinkers who fully recognized the relationship amongst politics, education, imperialism and liberation...remember all of that? Ok...i am off now, lates!!!
PS- Here is the correct Alice Cooper link from the other day

Sunday, March 06, 2005

When It Isn't What It Should Be...

Heloooooooooooooooooo! Webslingers big and small! Well...how is everyone? Me, tired...extra old and extra bitter.... finishing the final of the three day homestand tonight in Middleton, working from 6- 10, jut a wee little short shift, nothing to be excited at all aboot...Got me midterm tomorrow night at 7:00, am i worried? A little bit, but the prof gave us the questions beforehand, so it is not simple, but in reality we have had since last Monday night to find the answers to her questions, so it is a straight- ahead manner of go in, take the midterm, and then regurgitate the answers back on the paper..sounds easy in theory eh? Well, it is a lot of remembering and i have been down the basement since aboot Thursday trying to piece everything together in one good package, remembering stuff like cultural capital, pedagogy, critical and feminist pedagogy, the privitization of schooling and about five other definitions/ questions that are on the midterm study guide, so gang there is alot to remember by 7 tomorrow night, plus i have been so busy with this that i still have to complete me extra math homework to show me quanitative prof and my 40 pages about more Che stuff for my other soc class... crazyness...anywho, guess who the hell is coming to Halifax on May 2nd at the Civic Arena adjacent to the fabulous Halifax Forum? The legendary MOTORHEAD!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? Lemmy!!! Lemmy!!!! Lemmy!!!! First time they have been here since opening for Alice Cooper (I didn't know he had a restuarant!?!?!?!? Franchise this Alice!!!!) back in 1988!!!!! I already have the day booked off and i am so going!!! The ticket prices have yet to be annouced, along with who's opening... (who is it gonna be? Helix? Ratt??!?!?!?!) Motorhead is one of very few bands that both punk rockers and metalheads can agree on. It's got the speed, heaviness, grit, humor--it's just pure, in your damn face, unfiltered 100% rock 'n' roll greatness...man the albums- tapes, CD's and even vinyl i have owned by this band- Motorhead (self-titled) No Remorse, March or Die, 1916 (My favorite) Overkill... ok...i have to remember i have a midterm tomorrow and stuff... Well, last night after work i came home and hooked up the webcast of the Axemen game from Moncton, well, the picy on the computer must have been on delay as it was not in sync with the english broadcast of the game on the radio...yeah, we lost- happens to the best of em, and this series is nowhere near finished yet bucko, lemmie assure you of that, the next game is happening on Wednesday, wish i could be there but there are other concerns like homework and stuff that i have to attend to that will probably bar any chance of me making it up to the game. ...was lookign for something in the basement this week and i came across a box from my first year at Acadia, it was a box of Christmas presents from my ex ex ex Moron..i mean girlfriend, she gave me presents one yr that consisted of fuzzy hancuffs, a book to a better sensual massage, Wonder Woman pez, fuzzy dice...yeah...me too...whatta winner eh? What was i thinking?!?!?!?!?!?! Man, i feel broke as old frickin hell this week due to that alternator fiasco back awhile ago so i made over $200 on me check, but most of it had to go to rent n stuff... auughh...anywho, i has to get back to me studies so i shall check out for now brown cow and perhaps blog in awhile....lates!
More Lyrics
Ataris- Fast Times at Dropout High (Great Song)
"Alone at last.
just nostalgia and i
We were sure to have a blast.
For you it was just another sunday
In a small indiana town
I went by the place where you and iWrote our names in wet cement
And for a moment remembered how it felt
To have no one understand that there's this dream
And they're not part of it. how soon we do forget.
The house was gone but the piano lingers on
And so does the fire that burned it to the ground.
You can take away all of my rights to see the day
But you can't take away my love for the day.T
hen there's the time that you took me aside
And said i was not your only son
Childhood is so fucked up.
I never had any closer friends
Than the ones i had when i was young.
Alone again just you and i
Nostalgia wave goodbye.
I think it's time for me to go."

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Better By You ...Better Than Me

Hello Hello Hello ol Webslingers and webslingerettes!!!?!?!?!?! What is a happening? Well, there was kinda a bright ending to yesterday, i recieved me first assignment back from my Sociology of Education class and i scored an 80%...only worth 10% of the overall term, but i was just glad to score some sort of decent mark from yesterday. I am sitting in Huggins of all places today, just a little change of pace i guess, something to get the ol' creative juices going i guess. Well, since all is well at home and stuff for now the next big event is me birthday!!! Well...i am rather old and stuff now..but i thinks i may be asking for a bus ticket to go see the boys up at Harper for me b-day, that would not be until...well...April Fools Day...of all the darned days eh? I chatted with me ol buddy Grover and he said the boys miss me..awwwwww... but also he has yet to tell them of any prospective visits, now that i know Dad is feeling ok, i think that is what i shall pursue as a present. I actually have an additional math assignment to do for Quanitative Methods as i am sitting in on a spare Quanitative class tomorrow, i thinks when i pick Richie up at 4:30 today i shall be asking for some additional mathmatic help as well, he is a math wiz.. (So he says) In addition, me Sociology of Education midterm is on Monday of next week...wait a second dudes and foxy ladies...its March? Holy s***!!!! I didn't even realize it!!! Our prof was good in that she gave us the questions for the midterm, there is no multiple choice, which is maybe not a bad thing overall... Then after the exam we are doing a class debate, last night she let us go early to go work on the debate at 8:50 and lo and behold, not one person from our group showed up at the danged library!!!! People people! Anyways it looks like it shall be ok, last night we talked more about learning in the school system in North America and we defined words like Streaming- where students are placed into different programs, based on their perceived aptitude and their ability of needs. Justification for streaming- it is not a hidden process, students of different backgrounds can be taught more efficiently and effectively when separated from children with different (unequal) learning abilities. Actually streaming labels alot of students- streaming is also based on race, class and gender- plus silencing- the quieting down of particular issues in the classroom- the age old curriculum- A) The lives, interests and experiences of particular students are ignored by the schooling content and process. Women and minorities are made out to be secondary characters as well....also there was a word that is popping up in all of me classes this semister- Hegemony, as coined by Antonio Gramsci, an Italian revolutionary Marxist, this Gramsci argued that members of the powerful (owning) class use ideological/ cultural domination to engineer/ manufacture a consensus of the massesSchools are hegemonic, in that they promote these dominant cultural forms, but they never encourage any critical thinking. Now with university, we can have alot of critical thinking and imaginative thought, but at what price? This fella from the University of Colorado- this Ward Churchill fella- has he been fired? Someone told me yesterday that he had been canned, however i cannot find anything at all on the Intenet about it. Who is Ward Churchill? Well, around January this professor of Ethnic Studies became noteworthy after stating that the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks were justified and those who died in the World Trade Center were not innocent victims.. then this Churchill went on to describe the World Trade Center victims as "little Eichmanns," a reference to Adolph Eichmann, who carried out Hitler's plan to exterminate Europe's Jews during World War II, Eichmann was caught and brought to trial in 1961, it was weird cause he was stationed during the trial in a bulletproof glass booth. To borrow a little piece from the article published on February 9, 2005 by the Denver Post, "On Tuesday night, Churchill again emphasized that he was not blaming everyone in the towers for U.S. policies.
"No I did not call a bunch of food service workers, janitors, children, firefighters and random passers-by little Eichmanns," he said. "The reference is to a technical core of empire - the technicians of empire ... obviously I was not talking about these people."............yeah buddy... however the damage is already done and now they are appealing this guy's tenure- this tenure system- it has been said by many before, mostly in hushed tones, once someone has their darned foot in the door, awarded tenure, they now have the right to become lazy, even useless and there is not a darned thing anyone can do about it...i have always dreamed of becoming a professor- i guess my math skills will probably put the stomp to that...but even if i did possess these skills, what would i become? There are many out there (Darth Vader) who do not even deserve this tenure, yet they get it- it harkens back to the day of the dinosaur, wake up and drink your Kool-Aid people! Guys like this Churchill give academia a bad name and there is much in the way of recent litigation that is raising eyebrows everywhere, if he has been canned over these comments, then there is going to be one hell of a messy courtbattle with CNN coverage like you will not believe... ahh, whatta rant eh? Anywho i have to get back to work, pick up Richie from work, pick his brain for some math help and then do ummmmmm...whatever...Lates!!!
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