Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I cannot wait until July 22nd when the remake of The Bad News Bears hits theatres. Is it just Old Man Robb or is it scary how simular the new poster looks in comparison to the 1976 original? Or is it scary how Paramount DROPPED THE BALL on releasing a special edition of the original, if there can be a new and improved Dvd of the Longest Yard in order to cash in on the Adam Sandler remake, then could a two disk Dvd of the original Bears have been too much to ask for?...Then again...this is CASHAMOUNT we are talking about...ugh

Every Reason To

A top of the morning ol Webslingeroonies!!! Well the ol staff party was Sunday nite after work and it was fun indeedy! I did not get up there till about 11:45 Sunday night and my younger co-workers jumped into the van while it was still driving! I thought the deck on the house was going to collapse because there was about twenty or so ladies dancing on it to the Grease soundtrack....although i noticed they stopped dancing when Sandy by John Travolta came on, but were back in full swing in time for Sha-Na-Na! I cannot believe that i was the last one standing at 4:00 when i decided to go out and cook some hot dogs on the fire, only thing was that stupid ol' Robbo forgot to take the plastic wrappings off the ol weenies and i had a Drunken Master fit over eating plastic weenies. I ended up working Monday morning because my boss was too hungover to continue... things are going well between me and the girl, we talked on MSN last night for awhile, i guess i am one of those silly paranoid guys who always think after a great date that is it and therefore i always wait for the let down/ get lost phone call, e-mail or MSN message. It is a silly fear, but i have been in relationships with some real doozies over the years, so i guess i cannot blame one for being skeptical of others. Most of my fears about what may happen in this relationship are really fears that have been experienced in past relationships, and have nothing to do with this person, of whom i think a great deal of. Oh well whatever happens happens i guess. Went to New Minas and bought some CD-R's at Staples and was looking to get out of the parking lot there when a van drives by and lo and behold it is painted exactly like the frickin Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo! I guess quite a few people have noticed it lately, i so freaked out! Not Tom Cruise level freaked out (Isn't he cracking up lately?) Or Jeromy Roenick level of freak out either, personally most of today's hockey players are so bland and one cannot tell one apart from another, many see the NHL as being bland and yawn inducing with no hope of ever really breaking in America, it is just a regional game and many people should see that and players themselves should realize that their salaries cannot compete with those of Major League Baseball and the NFL. I will say that i was glad to see Roenick speaking his mind about the state of the game, maybe get a deal done...then can Bettman and company! As i read on a message board somewhere...

Nevermind Bob Goodenow just get rid of the idiot who put hockey in Carolina and so on...Get rid of the idiot who locked out the players...Get rid of the idiot who orchestrated this entire mess and now claims he has the only possible solution... The key to this puzzle?
Idiot = Bettman

I went to the Michelin Tire Plant yesterday in Waterville, well i have figured what the hell! None of the other jobs i have applied for are panning out and Michelin pays between a good fifteen to twenty dollars an hour, now i do know that the hours there are long and hard, you can be put on a twelve hour shift for like four days straight followed by three days off. Why am i interested all of a sudden? Well i need to pay back me student loan which has been bolstered a tiny bit by the arrival at the end of last week by another $2500.00 check from the government, but that is not enough to help pay back what adds up to a good $72,000 from all those years of university (Note: Thanks to four of these checks i have recived over the last three years, i owe roughly about $62,000 now, but that is still pretty stiff.) Anyways with the rate of pay that Michelin gives at the plant, it is hard to pass it up, so today i shall sit down and fill out their application to the best of my ability, hand it into the front gate and then hope for the best, or worse, but still the best. Hopefully a plan will come together of working there for a year, paying off as much student loan debt as possible while living home in Middleton for a year and then trying to get into the education program at Acadia. Many tell me to apply elsewhere, but Acadia is where i have done my best schooling, statistic courses aside. It is like how Luc Robitaille only plays good hockey for the LA Kings, but plays like crap everwhere else he has ever laced up his skates. Hulk Hogan wrestled the other night, maybe he can stay awhile, take on Ric Flair on PPV and the WWF can title the encounter "Age In The Cage!"
Dad went to the Annual Acadia Axemen Celebrity Dinner last night and he told me this morning when he got back that it was a good time and was puzzled as to why i always made fun of Wheelock Hall! Actually Wheelock always came through for the big dinners like Christmas, but most of the criticism comes from rotating the same food menus over and over again. Anyone for Tator-Tot Casserole? No?

1 medium onion, chopped
2 Tablespoons oil
1 pound ground beef
2 teaspoons chili powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 can (10 ¾ ounce) cream of mushroom soup
1/2 can of water1 pkg. frozen Tator Tots
1/2 cup grated cheddar cheese
Saute onion in oil. Add ground beef and brown. Stir in seasonings, and soup.Pour into greased casserole. Cover top with Tator Tots. Bake at 350 ยบ for 35 minutes.Sprinkle grated cheese over Tater Tots and bake 10 minutes.
Anyways i am off to have a shower, eat lunch and then fill out the Michelin thingy. Have a good one ol webslingeroos!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Bouncing Off the Walls

Hey ol Webslingeroonies!!! Well last nite was ...ummm.. pretty darn good, went to Wendy's, ate off the fabled 99 cent menu and went to see Land of The Dead at 7:10 at the Empire, Land of the Dead is one of the coolest sequels i have ever seen and the cameos ruled! The two dudes from Shawn of The Dead were in the film and the best of all was an appearance near the end of the flick was Tom Savini!!!! Savini was dressed as the character he played in Dawn of the Dead some 23 or so years ago!!!! It was awesome to watch the three guys in front of me who came dressed in Dawn of the Dead t-shirts hopping up and down at the appearance of the great Savini and the gore was top notch including one that involved a pierced navel OUCH!!! After the flick we went for a drive up to the Acadia campus which is creepy as ol hell in the summer time, Chase Court in particular looks like an abandoned castle with that gate yard. Then we went to the Lookoff and then for a ride in the Scooby van in the backroads of the Valley, trying to find Black Lake and a couple of other places, man those ol' backroads could use some serious signage i tell you. So what is the status of our relationship? Seeing each other long distance, just taking it day by day, just pals i guess. Although i did take another sort of panic attack last night, they only happen every now and then, i really should go see the doctor about it...
Well tonight is the staff party and because the Jeep is being worked on i shall be taking the Mystery Machine again, too bad i cannot go to the party till 11:00 tonight, but i am a looking forward to it, i have about 10 Keiths left, me and Dad talked this morning about how convienient it is in the States to just walk into a corner store and pick up some beer or wine and how silly it is that the do-gooders here oppose stuff like booze in stores or Sunday shopping for that matter. My brother tried to preach to the wrong choir about how he would hate to work Sundays, little did he realize i have been working Sundays for like ummm...the last nine years or so... nope no winning that arguement. So i am going to finish watching the remake of Assault on Precinct 13, have some supper and head to Greenwood and then PARTY TIME!!!! Have a good one Wenslingers!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

I Am Mine

Good top of the morning webslingeroonies!!!! Well today is the day, i pick up my date at 4:00 and we'll have to see how things go, she was not on MSN or anything last night, so i have to assume that our date is still on, wouldn't that be the ultimate bummer if i drove all the way to her place, which is a good 45 minutes away from here and she said she could not go? We are heading to Wendy's where i took a girl to her prom way back in good ol 1993. Serously, i was that cheap of a date, but she was muttering something if i recall about how i took another girl, whom i really liked at the time to a fancy smancy place to eat for the prom (It was actually Eisner's Restuarant in Middleton which is just a skip and a jump from where i work) So i took her to Wendy's which has the best 99 cent menu ummmmmm ever! ...me and my ol pal Barry i swear went there like in 1993 in Coldbrook and ate everything off the menu just like the posted article...gutbuster....actually speaking of ol Barry me and him one summer (1995-96 to be exact!) went i swear (stop yer swearing old man!) to Legend's Lounge every Thursday night of the summer...well it did get lame after awhile, for me anyways cause it was the same old, same old....plus the Axe and Vil had better looking chicks... Oooops! Anyways my manager and co-workers found out just yesterday about an incident that happened at Legends during that summer...the infamous Legends balcony/ deck incident that made me the ridicule of alot of peoples jokes that summer...what was it all about...something being performed on me that maybe i should have taken to the bushes and how the movie, Dawn of the Dead got mixed up in it...now my innocence is gone amongst me co-workers...actually it was gone along time ago during our many staff parties, Christmas in particular for some odd and weird reason... oh well to be young again... I guess Grand Prix Wrestling is suspending operations...again... advertising boys...advertising...if i had not gone to Save-Easy in New Minas that night and seen the poster for the Berwick show, i would not have even known there was a show, but if done right with advertising and radio spots, it can be done, look at the May show at the Kentville Arena that drew over 800 fans, it can be done but not oif the people who will go do not know if there is a show taking place....our staff party is still taking place on Sunday night at my manager's cabin and it looks to be a doozy, i just like to know how in the hell she is going to be able to report to work in the morning...anyways after me shift tomorrow night at 11:00 i am heading out into the dark to find the party....... I sent off a resume to the library in Lawerencetown, it seems like they are looking for a manager and it called for competion of university on the ad, so i e-mailed my resume and curriculum vitae, all they can do is say no eh? What to do? Well i could always take my sister up on her offer and head to the University of Washington in Seattle and or stay here and continue to hand out resumes and keep up hope, i like helping out Mom and Dad, mowing the lawn and taking care of things because of Dad's long recovery process and the both of them are not getting any younger, well neither am i for that matter. Well i have secured the services of Mom's van for my big date tonight, why is Old Man Robb not taking the Jeep? Well...i wanna have some tunes for the date and the van contains the CD player, which plays MP3's as well... and i have made ALOT of mixed disk's, mostly punk, alternative 80s and 90s and three.........count em'..........three Beach Boys mixed disks with the first one being the golden oldies and Pet Sounds, the second covering the Brother Years of the 197os and the third is alot of solo stuff like Dennis Wilson's Pacific Ocean Blue album from 1977, which i consider to be one of the most underrated albums of the entire 1970s. Also our date consists of going to Walmart where she wants to pick up a microwave for her new apartment and of course to the movies at 7:10 to see George A Romero's Land of the Dead, which is getting good reviews all over the place, strange to see it out in the middle of the summer Hollyweird season, but sometimes that stuff happens... I guess Batman Begins is really good according to friends, but Warner spent so much on it that last weeks' total of some 75 million was bothersome and they are hoping for a big second weekend because they have to make the money back to pay for the production, keeping the movie from being a bomb. It is still the theatrical runs for movies that have to cut it in order to make a profit and to justify more sequels being made...well, i may be in the minority, but at least they did not cast Micheal Keaton as Batman, whom a certain ex of mine LOVES as Batman (he couldn't carry Adam West's jockstrap for cryin out loud!!!!) and keep Tim Burton away from that franchise! Man back in 92 i almost walked out on Batman Returns (which to me was worse that the atrocity known as Batman & Robin..aka the franchise killer) Anyways it is time for some zombie gutmunching tonight... then after the movie....nevermind
Man there were these two hysterical mountainese guys in the store last night, they were talking about there three others that had just left, a guy and two VOLUPTUOUS ladies and they were going on and on about how the guy said, "I don't know what to do tonight" and they responded with the same thing i said, "We would have known what to do back in the day!" oh well, i dunno about some of these guys, wasting precious time looking at movies while being out with some hot babes, i am not saying drain your bank accounts, but at least show the ladies a good time once in a blue moon. ....there was this little moron who showed up at our store around 4 in the afternoon yesterday who claimed that he could not open our door until my manager stormed to the door and literally almost knocked him ass over teakettle off our steps. Of course the little SOB had an audience with him in these two fourteen yr old girls, which again leads me to question the taste of many of these girls these days, are you easily amused? It is kids like this that turn seventeen and when their lard asses are in university they usually have them handed to them by frosh leaders and better yet in sorority houses....let's bring back sororities Acadia!!! (Did we ever have them in the 60s and 70s? Help i want to know!?!?!?!) I think girls now are under-entertained as most of the guys that they hang with are just well....kinda lame....
I really hope this date goes well, i remember last July that other date...the less said the better, but i will give some twisted advice, if you have not seen somebody in a long time and you used to be rather close to them online and in person...it may be a good idea to tell them that you have changed your religious beliefs and do not believe in having a good time anymore, not waiting till they have driven your ass all over the Nova Scotia countryside and wasted ALOT of money on you, now i have no beef with religious people, although i do wish when they have a belief that they would not try to put it on other people, esp those of us who do not go to church every Sunday and any of that, in other words do not try and force it upon other people. Anyways this made for some strange moments last summer...when the E-MAIL came, the one that i knew was so going to happen, i was pissed at first..then after awhile i was happy, i would not have to deal with someone like her, a user ever again. Now i know that i am going to meet other users in this lifetime, but i am glad to be rid of the likes of her.
Anyways it is time to get rid of the scruff on me face, shower and clip me nose hairs and stuff, put on my new dress shirt and shorts and do a little shopping before my big ol date at 4:00 this afternoon (4:30 in Newfoundland)...have a good one webslingeroos!!!!

One of my new faves is Weezer's, Beverly Hills!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Beach Boys Posted by Hello
Just another reminder to everyone that the Beach Boys will be playing at the The Keating Millennium Centre on the campus of STFX in Antigonish on August 7th around 4:00 PM. Ohhhh and by the way, Rolling Stone Magazine recently named their album, Pet Sounds, the #2 album of all time. Anyways Old Man Robb shall be making the trek to see Mike Love and his mates and hopes to see some Tower alumni while he is there!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Pull The Pin

A good evening there Webslingeroos!!!! What is a happening? Well i have a new niece as of last Wednesday! Cool eh? Well kid your one of our family so get ready for a fun ride! Took my precious nephew to see the revitilized Grand Prix Wrestling on Saturday at the Berwick Arena, you know what? It was a heck of a lot funner than the ECPW Show that took place in Kentville this past May, even though it only had five matches, it seemed like it was a tight show and the audience got their money worth....plus there was the Cuban Assassin #2!!!!! Whom is supposidly the real life son of the original Cuban Assassin!!!! There is some new wrestling group called Pro Wrestling United and they are going to be running shows on:

Tuesday, July 19th Trenton Community Rink Trenton Belltime 7:30...doors open at 6:30 Wednesday, July 20th Halifax Forum MPC Halifax, Belltime 7:30...doors open at 6:30 Thursday, July 21st Berwick Arena Berwick, Nova Scotia Belltime 7:30...doors open at 6:30

A Thursday show in Berwick? Blasphemy!!! Talk about breaking with tradition!!!! However there is a bigger announcement...

Matt Hardy

How the hell did they pull that off? Anyways seeing shall be believing...

By the way...what the hell kinda Wrestling is THIS????!?!?!?!?!?

Well this weekend is shaping up to be a good one, on Saturday....Old Man Robb has a date!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! With u know who... Anyways i am picking her up in the afternoon, taking her to supper in New Minas (Where should we eat? Maybe...just maybe....this shall help...) and then we are going to see a movie, probably an early show before going crusin in the Jeep...she loves crusin in the Jeep (Which was successfully safety checked today!!!) What movie are going to go see? Well if the Empire in New Minas gets it, the latest gore-a-thon from George A Romero... Land of the Dead!!!!
Dunno what we are doing after the movie, but like i have said before and it falls on deaf ears usually, who cares as it is none of nobody's business but our own...a true little gentleman will never tell.

Buy the way...check out the world's worst Half-Time Show!!!

Me and the family took Dad out for Father's Day, we went to eat at the G-Wood mall at the Chinese restuarant that is in the mall...there are two Chinese resturants in the mall, confusing eh? It is good to see Dad starting to become Dad again as it has been a long haul this past winter... My nephew ate too much and we all so thought he was going to ralph on the way home, they didn't have any of their little mini oranges out this time... and they have the hardest ice cream in the world!!!! I thought we were going to have to get a frickin shovel to get that stuff out!!!! Man it was nice to eat at the mall on a Sunday without having to look at like a zillion people loitering around and doing nothing but taking up space...i only go to the mall nowadays if there is something that i want like clothes or a book or a DVD, sometimes i will stop in and grab a Timmy's if i am on the way to work, why don't i go to the mall? Well i have better things to do than loiter, even people that i know that are in their 30s go there to just hang out, drink coffee and hang out...why? Oh and for someone near and dear to me, this is a borrowed, but yet effective definition of the term loitering:

What is Loitering?
Loitering is defined as lingering or “hanging around” in a public place. The key to loitering is lingering with no purpose for being there. A common example is when high school students “hang out” in front of the local liquor store. Many states have local ordinances against loitering. As a result, the police have the power to arrest people for loitering.
See? Anyways, get a life, go to school, stay in school...but loitering is for skids...

Me parents are gone out tonight to see Charlie Pride of all people up at Acadia...U hall gets them all eh? Tommy Hunter, Charlie Pride, Stompin Tom....maybe we should have something for the under-80 crowd as well...maybe Tommy Chong is starting his college tours again but we didn't get the Beach Boys did we? Oh well...to dream those summer dreams...Endless Summer dreams....
Oh and on the thoughts of any Cheech & Chong Reunion Movies? Well i found this sad tidbit today...
What about a Cheech & Chong reunion movie? The first script was rejected, Chong said. He submitted a second script that needs a little more work. But Cheech isn't as onboard as Chong thought he'd be. Cheech separated himself from the whole Cheech & Chong thing years ago.
"He doesn't want to be that character," Chong said. "Well, I don't know how you can do a Cheech & Chong movie without Cheech & Chong." But Chong figured it out. He wrote in a Cheech Jr., who carries half the movie. Cheech will appear in the movie, too. Just don't expect a lot from him. "Cheech really got ruined in that Don Johnson thing," Chong said, referring to the TV series "Nash Bridges," which starred Johnson and Marin. "He really got an attitude playing a cop. And, he's still got that attitude. When we first met, he was a hippie. Now he's the opposite."
Man...i wish those two could get along! Up in Smoke rents so much that our Middleton store had to go out and purchase the DVD when the VHS finally died (We may have to purchase the others, i get at least 10 Cheech & Chong requests a weekend!)
Poor Saddam Hussein is supposedly a nice guy according to American guards, they describe him as talkative and as having a fetish for Doritos, not to downplay any of the rotten crap he pulled while in charge of Iraq, but in reality ol Georgy Jr is just finishing off what his father could not do, the utter destruction of Iraq, i mean look at the place now! Not to mention the staggering amount of American military personnel that has been lost, what is the number now? Over 1700 or something in that neighbourhood? From the sounds of that article maybe Saddam could make something interesting out of one of my pet hates, A Saddam Reality Show! Now people would fall out of their jockstraps to watch that puppy!!!!
Ohhhh!!! I wish i could so be in Idaho of all places on June 24th and 25th...why? Just look at this?!?!?!
Well i am working on Friday night in Middleton and Sunday in Greenwood and then after work at 11:00 it is up to the shore for the 2005-06 edition of our staff party at my manager's cabin this time. Last year we went to the shore, had a bonfire and well...we got looped and made fun of everything as well as ourselves, i loved making fun of one of my co-workers Anthony, who is now a radio dj out somewhere in Alberta, when he first came to work for us back in 2000-01, he was a white boy who thought he was black, ballhat on sideways, baggy pants that looked like he took a dump in them, always had a basketball jersey on and bling bling and always entered the store in Greenwood going, "Yo Robbo!!! What's up! What's up! What's up!!! Anyways he was embaressed at last years party because i brought this all up and on the drunken way home i rapped like Anthony as i kept making up lyrics and screaming , "BOYZ!!!!" Anyways the rest of the staff this year says that they are not drinking till i am off work (Like i believe that one!) and i think it shall be good times indeedy...glad i am spending the night as there is ALOT of beer out in the garage waiting to be consumed on Sunday night....
Anyways, i am done the lawn and trimmed the hedges, took the doggies for a walk and washed the Jeep, i am done for the day and i have the ol house to me self...PARTY!!!! HAHAHAHAhahahah Anyways, lates!!!!

PS...Rock Rock...Rock & Roll High School!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Now Is The Reason

Hellllllllllooooo O Webslingers and Webslingerettes!?!?!?!?!?! What a wild world eh? Well i did have that job interview and well...i didn't get it, but i did recieve some valuable information if one ...say me...would like to continue his education, in the next year i have to do some volunteer work, why? Because in the case of not having the oh so awesome marks that others have, having done alot of volunteer work will make it appear that i can work with younger people and be a good influence and stuff, so therefore i recived a list of names and numbers and i am to get to work on that. Now... could one see me coaching minor hockey? I wanted the job at my old high school years ago...no Bull**** here, i was actually considered at one time, i didn't get it due to ...drumroll...lack of experience (you need it in order to have it, but that protest usually falls on deaf ears...) and that fact that they did not want a GOON squad on the ice, that i would want 18 Robbos out there with the intention of hurting the opposition (well it is ...ummmm HOCKEY...not table tennis) Anyways that is an option...

Option II...

My sister, who lives in Seattle, Washington called on Friday..nothing unusual until i mentioned that i could use a new Washington Huskies T-shirt since the one that i bought in 1995-96 when Everett's Sporting Goods in Greenwood closed down..damn it was a good store, there were two of them in Kentville and in Greenwood and damn they had good retro sports stuff, Starter caps and stuff..oh well... ANYWAYS... We got a chatting and she said that maybe i should come to Washington to further my education... i would have a place to stay... WEll... wouldn't that be a feather in the old hat eh? University of Washington and Robbo? The American Tour 2005-06?
Well if i could get in that is, if it were just plain old undergrad stuff, then yes i would definitly be in seeing as there is one course that is so painstakenly missing...you know who you are! Do not hide!!! Anywho what i want is education and their deadline was in March to be considered for submission, however i took the liberty of talking to someone in a high position of power who i have gone to for advice over and over again during the years and he told me that if i was to look on the webpage it does state that all late applicants are looked at and considered and plus i was told to apply anyways, what do i have to lose? More hair? (I am starting to receede... i had my hair cut at Gene's on Friday and i think it is going the way of Shatner)

Enough crazy talk for now....

Anyways me and that GIRL still are talking...and talking...and talking... nothing much, but she is in the process of moving and wants me to come by for a visit once she is good and settled in duing July. I dunno...me and her have been friends like since forever and i do not want to ruin that, but there is this crazy attraction on my part and i really want to see her again...i sound like i am about to start writing Harlequin novels or some S*** like that...i think if things were different, if she was pursuing more education at Acadia or something like that i would just grin and bear it and ask her out...what is there to lose? Oh well...lust...
Me and Dunker went to see The Longest Yard the other night, it was funny- typical Adam Sandler and YES Chris Rock did go the way of the original caretaker in Burt Reynolds still superior 1974 movie... it was cool to see guys like Steve Austin and Brian Bosworth in the film as well as others and what a suprise to hear AC/DC's "If You Want Blood...You Got It!" During the final football game. I liked the poster in the lobby for the remake of The Bad News Bears, it looks errily simular to the original 1976 movie starring Walter Mattheau. I did visit Blockbuster before the movie and i purchased Arnold's "Conan The Barbarian" from 1982 on DVD for $6.99...this, not Terminator was the movie that broke Arnold in North America... I have worked some the last few nights in Middleton, this week i work Wednesday night in Greenwood and then i am back for two shifts in Middleton this weekend- Saturday morning and on Sunday night. Hopefully my nephew is coming for a visit this weekend- i'll take him to Berwick on Saturday night to go see Grand Prix Wrestling, it may not be the old days of Leo Burke and the boys, but i believe it will be fun nonetheless. I have seen quite a bit of the ECW "One Night Stand" PPV that took place on Sunday night, it is pretty cool as to what segments i have seen and it was FUN!!! Something WWE has not been ever since the purchase of WCW and ECW back in 2001..now the product is somewhat watered down and there is WAY TOO MUCH TRIPLE H!!!!!! Say in real sports, if we knew that the New York Yankees were going to win the World Series every year, would any one of us except the old tired and true diehard Yankee fans watch??!?!?!?!? Honestly? No we would not and the WWE has yet to realize this about Vince's favorite son in law.... How the mighty have fallen eh? Mike Tyson can't beat some ham and egger from New Zeland and this whole Micheal Jackson fiasco, even though the little bastard is probably guilty as old sin. In the case of Tyson i almost feel for the crazy looney...i mean what is Mike to do with himself if he cannot beat guys that he put away with ease in the mid 80s???? He cannot speak so doing advertisements is out, acting is kinda out even though Hulk Hogan continues to land acting jobs and well you cannot really stick him on color commentary on HBO or anything because god only knows what is going to come out of his mouth, about wanting to eat somebody's children or something. I dunno...maybe Mike can disappear like George Foreman did and come back, selling grills and stuff...the Mike Tyson Grill...imagine the ads? As for little Micheal Jackson, congrats! However i think your career is in ruins... Another case i am afraid where money and prestige can buy your way into and out of everything that comes along. An aquaintance of mine said the other night about this whole going to the States thing to continue my education about how if i were rich and my family were either benefactors or related to someone famous and we donated money to medical research that was going on at the school or better yet, give a grand or 10 to the sports teams that i would be into any program i wanted to be into hook line and sinker, Micheal Jackson bought himself out of an 18 year prison term, where i am sure he would have become someone's B****...he may be free but now this is the third time..unlike he, i can acutally look at myself in the mirror and believe that i am honest (somewhat)
Anyways i have done the lawn today, finished washing the Jeep and now i am going to go for a walk...have a good one Webslingers!!!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Can't Get There From Here

Hey there Webslingeronies! Well today was kinda a day...just that a day, i went for my interview at 11:00 this morning, well my interviewer had to go to Halifax on short notice and so my interview has been rescheduled for Thursday at 11:00 in the morning. Oh well, such is life eh? Last night i worked in Greenwood and it was rather uneventful as well, still i wonder about certain things, some of these girls i see dating guys nowadays look so damned bored, maybe it is cause of bf's bringing them into places like our store and making them wait around why the usually prickish bf finds something that he wants to watch, then i got to listen to an older couple argue about how they are not going to get to go to see the Rolling Stones in Moncton, it was weird to hear this lady harp on her hubby as her hubby will not go now that Santana is not part of the opening act, so he sold their tickets to friends leaving his wife ummmmmmmmm...furious! I would have taken the tickys off his hands ASAP as that silly someone wants to see the Stones and i would accomodate her, except i dunno...think i was used last week? Who cares eh? I am just an old man, people laugh at an old man but then the old man laughs and knows better. I do feel like a big rat at work lately though cause i am starting to do stuff that i used to get after co-workers for, i am bitching about co-workers, i mean for the ol minimum wage some of us feel not that compelled to give at least our better effort, but lately co-workers aren't doing simple tasks like calling late movies, putting the garbage out etc etc, i bitch about it, but it is looked at as Old Robbo looking out for himself, wanting the hours and the cash for himself and not looking at the betterment of the store itself. I dunno...it is so time for me to not work there anymore, but yet none of the places that i am looking at for employment seem to want to hire and it is the same excuses over and over again, lack of experience and it is like i stated several blogs ago, i feel there are two problems in hiring- one is that the person who hires you stands to lose his or hers position and or respect at work if you do a crappy job and the second is that you may be the one who cuts into their work hours and if you are a superior worker, than you may just take over their position completely and they are then left out in the cold. It has happened before, life is one large popularity contest and that counts for anywhere- people just do not like to be upstaged- look at the Boston Bruins back when they hired Don Cherry as their head coach in 1974-75, Harry Sinden was livid because Cherry with his awesomely checkered suits and wild post-game interviews as well as his popularity with the press because person numero uno in Boston and ol Harry was left in the cold, no longer did the reporters and press people flock to Harry for a quote or an interview, instead people lined up outside of Cherry's office in the hopes of a Cherry rant- when Harry had the chance to get rid of Cherry after the Bruins controversial loss to the Habs in the Semi-Finals of the 1978-79 NHL Playoffs he did without hesitation. However because of his increased notoriety, Cherry went on to even greater fame as a TV commentator, the moral of the story is that Harry opened the door for Cherry and now Cherry is way more famous than Harry and that is wild because for all of his fame and fortune, Cherry was never able to lead the Bruins to the Stanley Cup, Harry did twice and also led Team Canada to its famous win over the USSR in the 1972 Hockey Summit Series between Canada and the USSR . Oh well...i am better today than i was the other day as far as the girl thing goes, i was giving thoughts to dumping her off my MSN, why? Because she seems like she is brushing the other day off, you know, sweeping it under the carpet, closing the drapes sort of a thing. We shall have to see....are there more fishes out there in the sea? Yes! Do any of these so-called fishes want ol Robbo? NO! Can i hear it again? NO! Oh well.... Anywho i am going to go grab a Timmy's and maybe watch some tube and hit the hay early cause i am tired...later ol Webslingers!!!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

I found Bullen!!!!
If i visit Antigonish in August, i can guarantee this is where i will find one (or maybe more!) of our more infamous Tower alumni... Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 04, 2005

My Aim is True

Good mid dog day afternoon webslingeroos! This job hunting is cutting down on my blogging eh? Well...something happened..i mean it happened, i went to visit that someone who i happen to care alot for and ...ummmm..stuff happened, i knew however that it was too good to be true and last night on MSN she gave me the usual about how she is moving and does not want to hop into something right now, the usual stuff. It seems like i get this same e-mail from a different girl at least once a year after something awesome happening, at least this one seemed to come from the heart, unlike last year when it happened and i felt really used. Should i feel used for what happened on Thursday? Alot of other guys may, but i dunno..it felt like it was going to happen, like the fact that i suck entireally at math, i knew a bad mark in stats was going to happen, just like a strike in professional hockey, things were just turning the page due to having an ESPN deal nice and in place, then BANG! Something happens, like a bad mark ruining a cinderella year at university...you would think life was like professional wrestling, that the bad stuff that happens does so because it is supposed to, i don't think i will ever find that someone, my destiny is to be single, now one of my dear aunts who died some 23 years ago around the early 80s, she was never married, too independent said everyone. I dunno, i guesss i am too different, too moody, too much too me to be attached or with someone, who knows? Maybe it is for the best cause she is heading off to a different university up in Halifax, i am way too old and there is the distance thing, the biggest nail that can put into a relationship. Thursday was nice while it lasted though, i met her father who told me that i am one of the rare people that he likes and he stated while staring at me straight in the face that his list of people that he likes is rather thin. So i guess that is a good thing. It was fun, we had lunch and watched "Sleepaway Camp" and the original, imitated but not quite duplicated "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and then we ummm..yeah like ihave said to many a floormate in res, if you really like someone, a true gentleman never tells... oh well... thought i will say that walking in the moonlight with someone by the old Tim Horton's in Windsor down by the waterfront is pretty cool, except for the riff raff that was hanging around and probably destroying property.

Some good advice for guys, if things do not turn out the way that you expect them to, try and stay away from listening to the Ataris, driving around and listening to some of their tunes will makes you feel even worse, even though the news that you recieved was quite expected....i remember last January when someone told em that they did not wish to converse with me anymore i played, "Summerwind Was Always Our Song" on CHMA ....ALOT!

Summerwind Was Always Our Song- The Ataris

These break-up songs make sense again
And i really wish they didn't.
Sinatra's singing summer wind
And i'm thinking of the night we met.
Just one last time
Can i hear you say?
"You're my little boyI never want you to go away"
Where are you?
Please believe in me.
I'm not hanging up the phone'til i hear you say,
"I love you.I need you near."
Just give me one last chance
And i'll never let you down again.
Oh and what i wouldn't give
Just to kiss your lips again
To hold your hand next to my heart
And wake up with you in our apartment.
Just one last time
Can i call you my sweetheart?
My best friend?
Why do all good things come to an end.

Well on Monday i have an appointment for a possible job at 11:00 in the morning, this time it is different as it is an old aquantince and someone who i have done alot of volunteer work for in the past. Hopefully things will go well, if not, then it is back to the ol drawing board once again. Ol Dunker landed the job at the Windsor Historical Society that i had applied for, we may go see the Longest Yard this week. I did recive an e-mail from one of the jobs that i applied for that the position has been filled and that i can go and get back my term paper that i handed them before they shread it...way to treat them unsuccessful job applicants guys! We'll just shread your life's work for not successfully meeting our requirements, these employers, many of them say the same stuff, that you have to have experience, but what if no one is willing to give you that experience? What are they afraid of? Well looking bad to their superiors is one distinct possibility, the other one is that they are sometimes afriad and this happens alot be it in high school, university or elsewhere, what people are afraid of is someone coming in and stealing their thunder, you know hiring that one hungry individual who is going to take their spot, be it someday in the future or near future, that is why when things happen like approacing one doucebag of a newspaper editor with a can't miss story that he gives some lame excuse not to take your story, why is that? Because they do not want to share the spotlight with others who may just be telling them the truth, he had the chance to have an article that may just be picked up by Macleans, a person who had attended two of the top three universities in not just the Maritimes, but in all of Canada as according to Macleans Magazine, but no that was not to because of someone's stupid asskissing agenda, one that means kissing the ass of those who do not necessarily need their asses kissed, but probably kicked... send them out to work for a day at the gas station or stocking shelves or being behind a counter for hours at a time instead of having mommy and daddy passing the buck and getting one is known as a free ride. Then again we do live in a society whom deems that Karla Homolka should be a free woman, i remember when the do good'ers in my poly sci class my first year of university all screamed fowl and bloody murder at me for having the gall to write about capital punishment in Canada and how it should return, there are two facts that American's have discovered about capital punishment over the years...
Here are two stark, unpleasant facts.....
(1) Most death row inmates are guilty.
(2) Many of the inmates in group #1 will falsely protest their innocence.
It is time for Canada to put away the Paul Bernardo's and Karla Homolka's of the world, many said to me that it will do nothing to ease the pain of the families that have lost their loved ones do to these two sickos, but do they really deserve to live? Think of all the gooddamn taxes we are paying to keep these weirdos locked up? We all deserve better.
Well it is a weird world, at least Deep Throat (Not the famous porn movie we watched at my brother's bachlor party) finally fessed up.For those who are not familiar with what i am talking about, Deep Throat is the pseudonym that was given to a secret source who leaked information about the involvement of U.S. President Richard Nixon's administration in the events that came to be known as the Watergate scandal. It was crazyness as it was all the rage on the American news for like a week straight now, it is funny how some people do not let things go eh? Anyways i am working at 5:00 in Middleton at the store formerly known as Town & Country and tomorrow night in Greenwood before my big meeting on Monday at 11...have a good one webslingers.....

PS- More Ataris for all the lonley souls out there- Summer Wind Was Always Our Song
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