Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Robb Hawley 2011 Year in Review...

It's been a long time folks....

Posted this one earlier this evening on Facebook...enjoy...

Well how does one go aboot writing one of these thingies? Well you start back at the beginning of 2011...can any of you remember back that darn far? Well here goes nothing..hop on...

Don't fall off...

Well started the year by seeing Sue The Dinosaur, then an oldtimers hockey game in WolfVegas with Don Cherry's twin brother ron and Alexander Ovechkin's sister Alexandra, went to Ross Farms for the first time since Grade Primary, went to the Birthplace of Hockey in Windsor on Howard Dill's land...suck it up everyone hockey was born in NOVA SCOTIA! Met Brutus Beefcake and Billy Gunn and some dude dressed as the Ultimate Warrior in Canning of all places, saw Superman's telephone booth somewhere over the mountain with Barry and Michelle, saw Grease on stage in Annapolis Royal, saw the new Hall of Fame in Windsor located at Haliburton Home, tried the Double Down and lived, saw Justin reach his limit at the legendary Turkey Burger, they finally listened to me and had Retro Night at the Valley Drive-in, had visits to Rissers Beach, Crystal Falls and another Middleton car show, made it up to the Passage before Lloyds was gone for good :(... witnessed the biggest concert crowd in the history of the Annapolis Valley Ex for Trooper and saw the Dropkick Murphys at the Fabulous Forum in Hfx and met Ken Casey after the show, me, Barry and Michelle finally found the Hippy Houses, met and hung out with Randy and Lahey at Doolies and finally...OMG finally the Acadia Axemen Football team beat SMU and won the Jewett Trophy in front of a packed house at Raymond Field....

Oh ya and i got accepted to do my TESOL practicum at Acadia U this coming April....not bad for a dude who was told he was not going to last a year at Acadia back in 98....someone else said here comes another failure...hope they and some other people are eating crow right now...

I think Dad is watching over me still...miss ya big guy :)

It was the year of the dead dictator...good riddance Mommar, Kim-Jung and Osama...

The Habs took the Bruins to the limit in the playoffs and well suck this year so far...

Oh ya im going to see Deep Purple on the 5th of Feb...if this was 1972 everyone would think this was one cool development...

2012? Does the world end? What other bs is there? Does Hfx get some rocking concerts? Do i get my TESOL teaching licence? Do i stay in Canada? Does Hfx get to see of the Stones or Beach Boys 50th Anniversary tours? Will Axl and Slash fight on stage at the rock n roll hall of fame? Oh well only time shall tell...

Have a good 2012 folks...stay tuned...

PS- Old Man Robb promises to write more on Robbblogs...i promise... :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Deep Purple Canadian Tour Dates 2012!!!!

FINALLY a frickin ROCK show is coming to Halifax...to the Halifax Metro Centre...ladies and gentlemen...wormslime of all ages...frickin DEEP PURPLE is FINALLY booked to play Halifax...
Old Man Robb remembers around 1984 when Deep Purple reformed..however his first real Purple listening experience was borrowing his old pal Jason's "24 Carot Purple" album...yes kiddies i know i know..VINYL...that he had bought at Tracks and Paperbacks in Dartmouth...now how many of you rememember Tracks and Paperbacks and whatever happened to them?!?!?!? Ol Jay's record was kinda scratched up but what can you expect for being bought in the 99 cent section?!?!?!

Yes after listening and well thinking the band was pretty happening Old Man Robb remembers recieving "Perfect Strangers" for Christmas that year along with Helix, Ratt and Twisted Sister and well i think it was a cassette that was worn out by Old Man Robb...then realizing that Ian Gillan dude was the same dude that was in Sabbath the year before for the awesome Born Again album...i always heard that Gillan threw up when he saw the infamous baby devil cover of the Born Again album...and so Mr Ian Gillan finally comes to Halifax just like he should have back in 83 with the Sabs...i heard the story about the Stonehenge stage and about how it was too big for the Metro Centre and how it inspired the same story in "This is Spinal Tap"

Anywho come Saturday Old Man Robb shall be purchasing his Deep Purple tickets...can't wait..even the Newfys get to see themselves some Deep Purple...i kinda like that collage im posting below... ever wonder about all the Deep Purple/ Black Sabbath/ Dio/ Rainbow/ Whitesnake connections? Weird isn't it? Blackmore and Glover in Rainbow, Dio in Rainbow and Sabbath/ Gillan takes over for Dio with Sabbath/ Paice and Lord play with Coverndale in Whitesnake...Cozy Powell played with Sabbath/ Rainbow/ Whitesnake...it could go on and on and on....

Oh ya...the tour including Halifax is as follows...

Feb. 2: St. John’s, NL at Mile One Centre
Feb. 3: Corner Brook, NL at Pepsi Centre
Feb. 5: Halifax, NS at Halifax Metro Centre
Feb. 6: Moncton, NB at The Centre
Feb. 8: Ottawa, ON at Civic Centre Theatre
Feb. 9: Kingston, ON at K-Rock Centre
Feb. 11: London, ON at RBC Theatre at the John Labatt Centre
Feb. 12: Toronto, ON at Massey Hall
Feb. 13: Hamilton, ON at Hamilton Place
Feb. 15: Winnipeg, MB at RBC Theatre at MTS Centre
Feb. 16: Regina, SK at Brandt Centre
Feb. 17: Saskatoon, SK at TCU Place
Feb. 19: Calgary, AB at Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
Feb. 21: Edmonton, AB at Rexall Place
Feb. 23: Prince George, BC at CN Centre
Feb. 25: Victoria, BC at Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre
Feb. 26: Vancouver, BC at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Have a good one folks!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Spam Burgers Recipie

Believe it or not webslingers i used to make these things while i was teaching in South Korea...now now you might or might not believe Old Man Robb on this one...but Spam in S Korea is popular with rice and well i remember going into the supermarker in Pyeongtaek where i lived and there it could be bought as a gift set..a luxury item..i had the parents of one of my students present me with a Spam gift basket..Spam outranks many other North American imports in S Korea  It all started whenSpam was introduced to Korea during the Korean War (1950-1953) by American soldiers that were serving over there ...the Korean War had created wide-spread hunger and military importation of food items like Spam was a great relief to the Korean people and Spam was a popular food item in S Korea just took off from there..... in places like Hawaii you can get Spam for breakfast in places like Burger King and Raunchy Ron's... in Hawaii it is referred to as "Hawaiian Steak"...that is the popularity of Spam in Hawaii...crazyness eh?

Anywho...here is the recipie for Spam Burgers...

  • 1 (12 ounce) container SPAM
  • 4 hard-cooked eggs
  • 4 ounces Cheddar cheese, cubed
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 3 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • 6 slices bacon, cut in half
  • 6 hamburger buns
  •             Preheat your oven's broiler.                                  
  • Combine the lunch meat, eggs, cheese and onion in a food processor, or run them through a grinder.
  • Once everything is minced, stir in enough of the mayonnaise to hold it together.
  • Spoon equal amounts of the mixture onto open buns, and place two pieces of bacon on top of each one.               
  • Broil a few inches from the heat for 5 to 8 minutes, or until the bacon is crisp.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Robb's Hangover Cure

When Tylenol just doesn't cut it for ya then the best cure for a hangover is good ol McDonalds . Curing a hangover at McDonalds is the best kind of McDonalds (a close second is drunk McDonalds, but if you’re reading this you probably already know that). Do your absolute best to wake up before they stop serving those delicious breakfast sandwiches. Have an Egg McMuffin...however you might wanna stay away from the McGridle...

Ignore your queasy stomach; what it really wants is the greasiest-most-carbtastic meal on the menu. There’s little to no work on your part — this grease bomb will ease your suffering. It covers the carbs and protein needed to clear your head and get back to work.

...all the salt and stuff...However i must ask...Is it the grease that makes the hangover disappear? Oh nevermind and just trust me on this one, it really does work.

Whatever happened to ol Uncle O'Grimacey anyways?

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Loney Bowl- Acadia Vs SMU...

I haven't had much to say lately...dammit that is not like Old Man Robb eh? Anywho i've been keeping quiet on one of my favorite subjects- Acadia Axemen Football..why? Well i have not been wanting to jinx things for the Axemen by me babbling and babbling on and on aboot them...however it is like Christmas this coming Saturday..the Axemen are hosting SMU in the Loney Bowl...no no not SMU hosting us or STFX or whatever...us hosting them...

Yes folks this is big news...to Old Man Robb

The Axemen are coming off their best season since 1986-87 where they also went 7-1...SMU is chasing their fifth straight AUS Football Championship and would love to spoil the party by doing it at Raymond Field on Saturday...

Need i remind everyone that the home team is 9-0 in the title game...that is a long streak... i want to see the Axemen keep that streak going...they need to get rid of this mindset of we can't beat SMU..that is nonsense..we can beat SMU...we lost one game this season and it was to SMU but guess what..we also just SMU just two short weeks ago and that has to be a confidence builder right then and there...

It is our time...our game and now is the chance to put SMU's Loney Bowl streak to an end...

"Stand up and cheer
Stand up and cheer for old Acadia!
For today, we raise...The red and blue above the rest,
Our teams are fighting, and they're out to win the fray
We've got the steam! BOOM BOOM!
We've got the team! BOOM BOOM!
For this is old Acadia's day!"


Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Ataris- You Need a Hug

maybe you should work for "sick of it all"
or get a job with the l.a.p.d.
did someone switch your ritalin with ephedrine?
Just don't take your fucking problems out on me.

I'd buy you a little fuzzy bunny
I'd put you on my x-mas card list
if you'd promise not to take your job so seriously
and realize you don't have to be so pissed.

life ain't all that bad. life ain't all that bad.
even if henry rollins is your dad.
life ain't all that bad. life ain't all that bad.
buck up little camper, don't be sad.

maybe you could go hunting with ted nugent
and see how many animals you could kill.
I'd pay all of my friends just to hang out with you
and take you out to sizzler for a meal.

I'd take you to my favorite karoke bar
and you sing "let the sunshine in".
you could stomp my ass into oblivion
but that doesn't mean I'll put up with your shit.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some Questions for Sir Robert Reid Hawley...

Stole some of these off a friends Facebook....

Have you ever drank soda in a glass bottle? The only way it should be drank...

Is there anything in your past that you'd like to try again?  Hmmm..what if i had not taken Dad's advice..i was given the opportunity to be the manager of my old high school hockey team in 1993 and Dad's advice was that i should work and save some $$$ for school instead..so i took Dad's advice..mind you the school i saved for was not the school i should have gone to in the first place, but better days were ahead...just curious to see who it would have been if i had taken that manager's job...

Do you keep your friends close, but your enemies closer? That is the best advice JR Ewing ever gave.

Have you ever been a vegetarian? Im a meat and potatoes man all the way baby

Do hobos frighten you? Loved Hobo With a Shotgun

Do you like to watch wrestling? Sure did back in the day...too silly now..might take a random glance if im out in the mancave with the flicker...rather go to a live wrestling show myself..

Your favorite energy drink? A large triple-triple from Tim Horny's

Do you think your life story would make a great movie? Hmmm... and who would play me? No no..Mr John Belushi is passed on...but maybe i did live out the real life Animal House...humble beginnings..class clown..job after job...goes to university and not given a chance..goes overseas..comes back and comes this close to being a licensed teacher at the age of 40 while actually working and actually EARNING my way to it...who plays me?

Aren't Crocs the ugliest shoes ever made? I dated someone who wore Crocs...doomed from the get-go..

Name two tv shows that you loved as a kid?  Rocket Robin Hood and Spiderman!

Any more questions?

Hockey Night in Canada (From Uncyclopedia)

Found this this evening by accident while surfing the web...here are some excripts courtesy of Uncyclopedia which is according to Wikipedia "a satirical website that makes fun of Wikipedia"

Here is the entry on ....Hockey Night in Canada...

Hockey Night in Canada aka Hockey Night in Toronto(COTU) is the Canadian equivalent of what in other countries is known as "Saturday evening." Every Hockey Night from October until April, Canadians sit glued to their television sets watching the double comedy act known as Don Cherry and straight man Ron MacLean, interspersed with 20-minute intermissions known as ice hockey. Hockey Night becomes every second evening in the spring, during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Translation to American: Monday Night Football

The Hockey Night in Canada theme song, typically performed by a tape-recorded brass fanfare while graphics, credits, and not-so-subtle advertising rolls down the T.V. screen, is the most recognized of Canada's national anthems (the others being O Canada and God Save the Great One). While O Canada is played before thousands of spectators half-mouthing those words they remember, and dozens of sniffling, spitting and otherwise distracted hockey players , the Hockey Night in Canada theme is played before millions of beer-belching, T.V. dinner-munching fans - most of whom prefer the theme because it's catchier than O Canada, and because there are no words to feel one should be singing patriotically while embarrassed to be heard over anyone else.

The sportscasters include a Foster Hewitt wannabe (in some cases old enough to be Hewitt himself), doing the play-by-play and a "colour man." The play-by-play announcer explains what is happening on the ice: for example, if a player takes a shot, the announcer says "he shoots"; and if a goalie makes a save, he says "the goalie makes a save." This improves the observer's understanding of the game. The colour man provides commentary such as relevant statistics (e.g., "Chuck Norris kills his Haters 63% of the time - 74% of the time that hater is Swedish").
Translation of Foster Hewitt to American: Howard Cosell
Note to Americans: Hockey Night in Canada does NOT provide a blue, electronically-enhanced disk around the puck for easy reference; nor does it highlight slapshots with a red streak to enhance excitement for those who do not appreciate the game. You just have to learn to follow the play. It's a black dot on a white surface, geez.

One might notice, during the course of the game, numerous fans screaming at the players and referees as if anyone but the poor people in front of them could hear them anyway. One might also notice, in homes and public establishments where games are shown on T.V., numerous fans screaming at the players and referees. The purpose of such verbal outbursts is to assist the players and officials: if someone shouts "Get the puck! GET THE PUCK!" at the screen, they are attempting to assist the player from a distance of several hundred kilometres. Likewise, if they shout "YOU CALL THAT A PENALTY? DIVE!!! DIVE!!!" they are letting the referee understand their displeasure, with the sincere belief that the ref will not make such a foolish error again. It should also be noted that fans everywhere show a comraderie in their shared disdain for officials, particularly the blatant bias of the refs in always favouring the team one does not support.


Although dazzled by brilliant passes, amazing shots, and what players get away with behind the play, most fans are eager for the first period to end so they can watch Canada's favourite comedy duo in Coach's Corner.

Don Cherry is the most loved/hated man in Canada. He wears the most eye-catching/averting suits and makes the most outrageous/rage-provoking, humourous/banal comments. He was recently named the seventh greatest Canadian of all time, ahead of lesser-talented public figures such as Margaret Atwood, Oscar Peterson, and Emily Carr. He is particularly popular in Quebec, where fans are so outraged by his inflammatory remarks that the ratings of Coach's Corner are higher than anywhere else in the country. Don tends to think what he says on the program actually has an effect on the players. ex. "Jason Spezza, Jason Spezza, what a kid, I tell him to put the puck on the net and he'll score. See here, watch this. Is it playing? allright now watch this, Spezza shoots the puck and it goes in the net, atta boy Jason, I tell him to shoot the puck and he does and what do you know he scores."

Ron MacLean serves as Cherry's Handler. If anyone wonders how a redneck loudmouth such as Cherry can be so popular, they might want to look at the brains behind the braun. Without MacLean's subtle responses and cool punecdotes, Cherry would either have become a loathed sergeant-major letting off steam near the Kandahar front, or a grocery store supervisor once again lamenting the condition of the squashed raisin bread.

Kelly Hrudey is MacLean's sidekick when Coach's Corner is finished. Hrudey is famous for being that goalie who cost Gretzky's King's to lose the Stanley Cup to Patrick Roy's Quebec Separatists.

There is no Ron MacLean fan club, but he knows he has masses of soft-spoken supporters ready to speak out should he wish another raise.

  • A crossbar is not a drinking establishment where men dress like women and vice versa.
  • A perfect pass is not when she responds positively to "do you come here often." Nor is the score.
  • A bodycheck is neither what happens when you enter prison nor when you're watching a beauty pageant.
  • A dive is not the bar down the street.
  • Do not attempt to get the crease out of your pants.
  • You do not post messages on the boards.
  • The red light signifies a goal, nothing more.
  • Some of the men wear pads. Get over it.
  • Degree of curvature refers to the blade of the stick. The hockey stick.
Translation to American: When you get to third base, you're standing in a baseball field. Nothing more.

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