Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

It Could Be.......

"There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something."-
Henry Ford

Hey folks! What is happening in Old Man Robb land? Well Acadia is happening, well no happening yet, but am i close? No cigar? Well yesterday i was up for a meeting at the School of Education and it went ok, there is one thing missing from my application, now wait there are two things, namely science and math. I have history/ arts and english covered, but they need 6-9 hrs of math/ science. What is Robbocop to do? Well they do make exemptions in certain circumstances, is this a special circumstance? Well one thing that one can do if accepted is take summer courses in math/ science. The other solution is to not be accepted this year and then have a follow-up session on what went wrong in the application process...could be marks, couold be a lack of this and of that. I have good volunteer experiences, i have worked with children from my experience in Japan with NOVA, including two days a week being in charge of kids schools in Ayase and Nisheri. I have worked with the handicapped, as a matter of fact even though i have rarely mentioned it, i worked with a handicapped man at the store formerly known as Andrew's since 2004 and i wrote reports every week on his progress to his former employers down in Lawerencetown, and my three letters of recommendation came from highly reputable sources in the Acadia University community. The marks are the only things that are probably going to not help as i was never an A list student. What to do? Go back to Japan with Aeon whom recently accepted my letter on "Why I Want To Live in Japan?" and the promise of a single apartment? Well it would be a year of teaching kids, something to put on the application for next year, then you run into the same math/ science problem, and no sociology to them is not seen as a science, although at other universities/ colleges sociology is seen as a science. One solution that brought forth an arguement with my Mother yesterday was for me to go back and take some sciences/math courses, maybe start in easy with a summer course and i am not talking big time courses here, just basics to help me get those nine hours. Mom of course was negative about it, (What's new? LOL!) and i would go full time like i was planning to with the school of education and here is the kicker...live on campus...in maybe a place like Raymond House where it is a res for seniors...ahhhh so much to think about eh? However i did do a letter for "Why Teaching Matters to Me." Here is a sample....

"Teaching matters because as educators we are the key to others success,
it is a satisfying feeling seeing others benifit because of the wisdom upon
you were able to give them. It is benificial that we teach children not just
skills in the areas of reading and writing, but also life skills, how to get
along with other people regardless of race, age and social background. What
matters to myself is that children have a role model, a teacher who excells at
what they do and can communicate that wisdom and transfer it to them.
What makes a good teacher? Someone whom can listen, communicate with
others, is open to new ideas and technologies. As the world changes, so does
teaching, the subject matter and new skills. As educators of the leaders of
tomorrow we are taking care of young people and shaping what they must know
for the day will come where they are taking care of us, the educators.
Inspiration and the will to learn are goals not easily achieved, not everyone
can communicate with others and that as well must be accepted.
With hope i can become an educator and be able to share the knowledge i
have acquired through my learnings at the first and secondary levels of
education and in my travels in this world, knowing someone has learned from me
is a goal and an honor that cannot be eclipsed, sharing knowledge and learning
from one another is something that earns respect among your students and
fellow peers, that is why teaching others matters to me."

Ok...maybe not Pulitzer/ Nobel Peace Prize material...but it is a start.
What else is happening? Oh hanging with my Little buddy a bit, not so much in the past little bit, went to her place for a potluck supper a few weeks ago, it was fun. It was the same day as the Penguins playing the Sabres in the outdoor game. We then came back here and watched Rocky, the first one. Due to working lots, i have not seen as much as her as i would have liked to, i wanted to go to the Axemen game tonight against UPEI, but due to the weather and the lack of a ride, i don't think that may be possible. Work is ok, there are complications of sorts happening, some stuff that Robb should have a better handle on, but i think in time things will work themselves out eventually. I did go see my old student advisor the other day in Wolfville, he wanted to know about my times in Japan, why NOVA went out, what i am doing now and we put together a great new resume and cover letter for me. Went to go see Alien Vs Predator 2 the other day, not too bad..better than the first team up between the two, loved seeing the Alien on modern day earth for the first time and it was a throw back to the first Predator w/ Arnold, esp in the scenes in the woods. So can you believe that in a week i will be going to go see the prince of Darkness himself? OZZY F'n Osbourne? It looks like i am going to be at Craig's for the night and then come home on that Sunday. I hope we go take a tour of the Passage. That would be good times...by the way i am now the moderator for a group on Facebook called "80s Metal"...it is cheesy, but fun. Anyhow that is all for now from Robbland...have a great one!
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