Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Alice Cooper at the Halifax Metro Centre May 3rd @ 8:00PM!!!!!!

I found this awesome promo photo the other day from 1986 promoting both Alice's Contrictor album and Friday The 13th Part VI!!!! Both sit in my respective CD/ DVD collection to this day and i had previously purchased both on cassette/ vhs...funny how time goes by eh? Anyways i so hope to have a fun ol trip back in time on Wednesday night!!!Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Zipper Catches Skin

Hey there bloggeronies! How the hell is everyone? Well i have been applying and applying for jobs..to no avail, but still giving it the old try, the other day i applied for a job at STFX in Human Resources, wait and see i guess and there is a job listed on a site called http://www.workforstudents.com/ that i got out of the back of the paper the other day, so we shall see how that goes...STFX wouldn't be so bad, i would get to join some 3rd Floor Alumni like that crazy Bullen and Old Man Russell... Funny how all of a sudden the Nova Scotia government is lipping off about students leaving NS for greater pastures elsewhere...well genius all of the good students are leaving because there are no jobs for us! And the old fogeys that have the jobs are sure as hell not going to step aside to let someone a little younger, a little better and a little faster take their frickin position away from them now are they? That is why during interviews alot of us do not get jobs because the person interviewing is nervous that this new kid is going to suprass them...and why not? I am not going to stay in good ol NS forever if i cannot get a job that is somewhat related to my degree...help others? Well i have been doing that..volunteer jobs? Been there, done it...you have to get experience to have experience and i think i am past my due, i deserve my moment. Education is a right, not a privilege, soon very soon the universities of the Maritimes are going to be a Richie Rich club, only the richest and best off students are going to get a chance to go and recieve a post-secondary education. Now should i go out to Alberta? Why should i have to break my back at an oil field? I owe the government over $30,000...now true that i could have it paid back hella quick via working the rigs, but then what? I am done, back home in NS and still no related job to what i want...sucks eh? It is the lack of jobs that send us away fellas, do something about that instead of bitchin..we do have the highest tuition rates in the country as well...something about that too ok? Well..saw the Rocket movie Sunday night at the Empire in New Minas. A very well done pic that will no doubt find some space on Robbo's DVD shelf. I found the movie reminded me alot of Rocky (Can't wait for Part VI!!!) in that it shows Richard becoming a symbol for the working class of Quebec in the late 40s and throughout the 1950s. Maurice Richard had to overcome so many challenges and obstacles. He was the greatest hockey player of his era, but yet unfairly treated and was even cheated in his scoring titles. I saw him when i was small, he was the referee for a Habs oldtimers game at the fabulous Forum in Halifax circa 1980, after the game i went with my family to a restaurant called Champs in Dartmouth (and that restaurant was like gone the next year!) Anyways i was very nervous and approached the Rocket, who turned and looked at me with that famous glare of his, put his arm around me and gave me his autograph...wow eh?..oh if you check a link back i included the famous short "The Sweater" The Hockey Sweater by Roch Carrier, is typically Canadian. It defines our national icons and, at the same time, highlights the universal notions of rivalry and camaraderie, cultural duality - anglophone and francophone - and common traits...i watched it as a kid and again when i attended Mount Allison in my Canadian Sports class...and yes i do believe that the Canadian flag should have been at half mast for our fallen soldiers in Afghanistan..jeesh, is the government becoming that insensitive? . So what do ya all think of the playoffs? The Habs lost to the refereeing ...i mean Hurricanes last night.....what the hell is that on their jersey's anyways? Something a 3 yr old drew with an Etch a Sketch?!?!?!?!?!, the Oilers may be pulling the upset of the playoffs over the Old Wings...i mean Red Wings...and Ottawa can go up tonight over Tampa Bay, see the Chara- Lecavalier fight? Chara could have killed him, but let up. I can only imagine the riot if he had unloaded on poor Vinny. So the Alice Cooper concert (W/ Special Guests Canada's HELIX!!) will be in town at the Halifax Metro Centre on Wednesday, May 3rd...less than a week away..awesome! Maybe i'll snag a t-shirt, depends on the ol price, plus i have parking to worry about as well..oh my oh my... Anyways folks i am working at 6:00 at the store formerly known as Andrew's and i am prepping pork chops for supper...have a good one!!!

PSssssssssssssssst- The Clash: Rock The Casbah!! (My old buddy Craig will love this one!!)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Grand Prix Wrestling & Mainstream Wrestling Tour Dates!!!!

Grand Prix Wrestling:

May 25th - Georgetown PEI
May 26th - Souris PEI
May 27th - O'Leary PEI
May 28th - Sackville NB
May 29th - Springhill NS
May 30th - Cocagne NB
May 31st - Neguac NB
June 1st - Woodstock NB
June 2nd - Lameque NB
June 3rd - Petit Rocher NB
June 4th - Minto NB
June 5th - Baie St Anne NB
June 6th - Truro NS (not confirmed yet)
June 7th - Bridgewater NS (not confirmed yet)
June 8th - Berwick NS (not confirmed yet)

Mainstream Wrestling:

Friday, April 21 - Berwick, NS, Berwick Arena
Saturday, April 22 - Digby, NS, Digby Arena
Sunday, April 23 - Yarmouth, NS, Mariner's Center Arena
Monday, April 24 - Lunenburg, NS, Lunenburg War Memorial Arena
Tuesday, April 25 - Halifax, NS, Halifax Forum MPC
Thursday, April 27 - TBA
Friday, April 28 - Trenton, NS, Trenton Community Rink
Saturday, April 29 - Eskasoni, CB, Sarah Denny Cultural Center
Sunday, April 30 - North Sydney, NS, North Sydney Forum
Tuesday, May 2 - Port aux Basques, NL, Bruce II Sports Center
Thursday, May 4 - Bay Roberts, NL, Bay Arena
Saturday, May 6 - Marystown, NL, Marystown Arena
Sunday, May 7 - Clarenville, NL, Clarenville Stadium
Monday, May 8 - Bonavista, NL, Cabot Stadium
Tuesday, May 9 - Grand Falls-Windsor, NL, Joe Byrne Memorial Arena
Wednesday, May 10 - Gander, NL, Gander Community Centre
Thursday, May 11 - Deer Lake, NL, Hodder Memorial Center
Friday, May 12 - St. Anthony, NL, St. Anthony Olympia
Saturday, May 13 - Stephenville, NL, Stephenville Dome
Saturday, May 20 - Bathurst, NB, T.C. Irving Regional Center
Monday, May 22 - Fredericton, NB, The Coliseum
Wednesday, May 24 - Bridgewater, NS
Thursday, May 25 - Barrington Passage, NS, Barrington Arena
Friday, May 26 - Yarmouth, NS, Mariners Center
Saturday, May 27 - Digby, NS, Digby Arena
Monday, May 29 - Halifax, NS, Halifax Forum MPC
Friday, June 9 - Windsor, NS, Windsor Community Center

Monday, April 17, 2006

A Side Wins

Hey there slingers! Well what is Old Man Robb up to? Well tomorrow i am handing in my resume for a job at The Annapolis Valley Museum here in town as they are looking for a Libarian/ Curatorial Assistant who would do some historical research, assist with administration and publicity and work with exhibits and collections. I sent in my application for Youth Business Service Coordinator at the Acadia Centre for Small Business and Entrepreneurship the other day, so now it is a game of see what happens. Can Old Man Robb get past the "Glass Ceiling" it is something that usually happens, i remember getting passed up for jobs before, but often times i am told it is a lack of experience, but i feel that there are other elements that are taken to task. Many times it is looks, style over substance. I remember having someone phone me to ask if i would attend a seminar for their university and he could not even string together two coherent sentences, but he probably is a Tom Cruise clone that someone hired, probably someone that never even went to their university. No wonder everyone heads for Alberta eh? It seems like many ex-university students go to work on the oil rigs knowing that their loans will be paid back quicker in that hard, nasty fashion because they are unable to obtain work in their chosen field that they spent 4-5 yrs learning in the various universities throughout the Maritimes. Sad eh? Too bad i have to work this weekend as wrestling is coming to the legendary Berwick Arena on Friday night. I saw the advertisements all over the place in Kentville on Saturday. I don't know many of the performers, but they are advertising Spiderman to be there on Saturday night?!?!?!??! Weird eh? So Horton High School is trying to get a Football team? Awesome, even though it would be in the NSSAF, wouldn't it be awesome to see a Valley league? Think about it, imagine the Middleton-West Kings rivalry to be decided on the field? A Friday night game, it would be packed..i mean the Valley is a football hungry place, people would go see the Axemen play on Saturdays and have their own team in their town to root for on fridays. Think of the tailgating parties (something i never see during Axemen games...why? ) Don't believe me? Pull a Longest Yard and whip a team together for an exhibtion game, hype the living hell out of it and watch the crowd come to see what all the hoopla is about. It would turn heads i imagine.
Oh! I copied down this crazy recipie the other day.....

White Castle Breakfest Casserole:
OMG.. there isn't even a catagory for this.. it has to be right up there as the Queen of White Trash Cooking....
10 frozen White Castle hamburgers
1 lb mild cheddar cheese, shredded
6 eggs, beaten
1 1/2 cups skim milk
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
2 tablespoons mild green chilies, chopped
8 servings Change size or US/metric
Change to: servings US Metric
1 hour 5 minutes 20 mins prep

1) Seperate hamburgers& pickles from bun tops and botoms.
2) Spray a 9x13 baking dish with nonstick cooking spray.
3) Line entire pan, coming up halfway on the sides of the pan with the bottoms and tops of the buns.
4) Chop and crumble the hamburger,and sprinkle over the buns evenly.
5) Sprinkle with the cheese.
6) Combine eggs,milk,salt andpepper,green chilies. (I would throw in a shot or two of tabasco sauce).
7) Pour this mixture over the cheese.
8) Cover and chill overnight.
9) Remove from refrigerator 15 minutes before baking.
10) Bake for 40 minues or until set, uncovered in a preheated 350° oven.
Garnish with a sprinkle of paprika and the pickles.


I have tomorrow off and besides going to drop off my resume and visit the employment centre at Acadia, i may go sneak in a showing of Scary Movie IV at the Empire in New Minas..amazing how they can sell Popcorn, hot dogs and other stuff for those inflated prices eh? I swear that is where they make their money off the suckers who stuff their faces with it. The best part for me is still the arcade with the retro Pac Man game there....I wish they had a Space Invaders game to go with it! I did pick up one of my favorite guilty pleasures the other night on DVD being Halloween III from 1982, a movie that gets crapped on all the time because Micheal Myers is not in it besides a couple of cameos on television within the movie. Has to be seen to be believed to tell you the truth. Actually the movie does have one hell of a wild moment near its end...anyways folks i have to hit the hay, so have a good one!

PS- The Dead Milkmen- STUART!!!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Far Gone

Hey slingers! How are things on this good ol Good Friday? Well i am working at 4 this afternoon at the store formerly known as Andrew's. Not really much to do today. Went to see Benchwarmers the other night in New Minas, it was funny, of course the critics jumped all over this one, loved David Spade's haircut! Of course he worked in a videostore! Jon Heder is a breakout star and it was funny seeing Kitt from Knight Rider (When is that one being remade?) and the Batmobile from the 60s Batman! Our relatives from Cape Breton arrived on Wednesday and are staying the course of the weekend. What is it with people shopping for Easter? All i ever used to get was a chocolate bunny and that was it! I went shopping yesterday and bought myself an Adidas tracksuit (now i can rap with my nephew...RIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggght..cold day in hell!) and a Winnepeg Jets hat at Sports Swappers who has all their ballhats half-price. The drive-in located in Coldbrook is opening on May 5th, hope they can pair movies up better this summer, i mean horror movies with horror movies, action with action, comedy with comedy. It is probably beyond their control as to what they can do and when. Lots of memories from that place, playing shadows on the screen (Godzilla is my favorite to do!) and goofing around. NHL playoffs are starting soon, hopefully my Habs will do well...ha! Playoff time is fun, it is always strange to see teams that did good all season go poof! and be gone in the first round eh? My meeting in Lawerencetown went well the other day, not quite what i expected, but not too shabby though.
Anyways slingers i am over and out! Have a good one!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

200th POST!!!!

Hey hey slingers! What the hell is a happening?!??!? Well i have been a busy boy, i applied to a new position at Acadia called, Youth Business Service Coordinator at the Acadia Centre for Small Business & Entrepreneurship. Hopefully it will go well. The deadline is Friday and then they will be calling be people up. Tomorrow is the big meeting in Lawerencetown and however tonight i will be going to see the current #2 movie in North America, The Benchwarmers. Critics will be eating this one alive, but it will be good to see Jon Heder on the big screen again. The Job Resource Centre at the Middleton NSCC is offering resume seminars this month, i was thinking of going and touching up the ol resume. This recipie looks nasty, but i bet if i was tanked on the old Colt 45, it would rule! Did anyone catch the Canada-Russia 2 part flick on CBC? Man that ol Bobby Clarke sure wielded his stick like a machete. I was upset that they portrayed Alan Eagelson as a hero, knowing that he ripped off so many good players. Hey there are two NHL exhibition games coming this September, too bad they cost like $130 dollars and you gotta buy the tickets as a package, hope some singles become available soon! The ol Herald still keeps giving the Extreme Combat card in Halaifax free publicity i see, crazy eh? Some 3,000 tickets sold and not a lick of advertising paid for! Hey i have Saturday off! Anyways i am off...have a good one!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Never Had No One Ever

Hey slingers! Its been awhile eh? Well i made the trek to Hfx to see the Juno Cup on Friday! It was fun as there were some 3,500 fans at the Fabulous Forum of Halifax! Awesome to see Paul Coffey (Who could probably still play! If Chelios can play in Detroit...than Paul could play somewhere) Kirk Muller, Russ Courtnall, Mark Napier (What happened to his 1982 mullet?) and of course lots of the Trailer Park Boys including Randy coaching the whole game with his shirt off ...in the cold old Forum too! Imagine if it was the ol Bowles Arena?!?!?! By the way, the oldtimers won 12-11... Watched Wrestlemania 22 here at the ol house on Sunday (At a cost of $49.99!?!?!??!) No bars around seemed to be showing it and that is weird cause Wrestlemania always filled the bars! I wished Bret Hart would have shown up at the event (he was there for the Hall of Fame) it was an ok Wrestlemania, but not as fun as the old days when it would be held on the big screen at the Forum and the place would actually be filled to watch it! The Habs and Bruins play tonight, i am working at the store formerly known as Andrew's tonight, so i will only get to see the 3rd period. Hey wanna watch Scarface in like a minute? Watch this video..awesome! It had me on the floor roaring the other night... Do i ever love this new channel we have called the Fight Network...all kinds of UFC style stuff, wrestling (including ROH!) and boxing...Dad really likes it... I have not seen one advertisement for the MMA card at the Forum, yet word of mouth from all the do gooders in the paper complaining have sold the event some 3,000 tickets so far...now that is the best kind of advertising eh? I wish city council would find themselves something better to do than whine and bitch about something money making coming to town, hate it when people try to dictate what others should watch..like the MPAA when they cracked down on horror flicks in the early 80s and when the PMRC declared war on heavy metal around 1985 or so, let people decide what they wish to hear or view ok guys? Now am i saying that a 10 yr old can watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Hell no! Or should a 5 yr old be listening to Black Sabbath? NO! Good parenting is what is needed there, many people use the television as a babysitter instead of spending time with their children. Be careful with the example that you set as a parent (realize that as a parent, you set an example). Children learn many of their values and ideas from their parents.. I mean we had fun for hours playing road hockey and simple pleasures like fishing, flying a kite... simple stuff..lawn darts, lawn bowling. Oh i dunno.... maybe people are too damn lazy for their own good. What can you do eh? Anyways i am going to take the dogs for a walk and work at 6:00...have a good one!

Psssssst...The Misfits- SCREAM!
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