Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Electroshock Teenage Freakshow

Well hell-O Webslingers of all matter of perversion! Man, a sad day indeedy, i had to return my craptop, so no pictures til i install hello n stuff on Dad's computer. I was glad that for once i am not going to have some monster bill from the useless support center, i few yrs ago i got dinged for like 63 bucks cause one of my wires had a tear in it....well then after returning it i ran into my now-former stats prof, maybe he will still be my stats prof...he figures that C is going to be had to achieve cause he has marked the first part of my examination and well... some things i have done good and some other things i have done ummm not so good... but the examination is not marked all the way through yet and that is a good thing. If i recieve a D+ i will try and do something about it, i mean let's actually sit and think about this for a second, there are times when a student makes a D+ and a prof does not think that they are ready to take it to the next level, you know go on and do Qualitative Methods and Seminar classes in sociology for example....but suprise suprise!!! Ol' Robbo actually has those credits, so recieving this is a way of me getting out finally from undergrad stuff, not going to the next level in a degree, it is the stumbling block, a ball and chain firmly fastened around my ankle....i need to be free of it so that i can pursue other avenues of interest.... I went to check on a few job opportunties, saw me former RA Gorgeous Glen down in the recruitment office today at U hall... he is leaving to teach in Korea, the lady i was supposed to see was unavailable today, i was told that there are quite a few other people trying out for this job, do they have better marks than me? Yes, unfortunately that they do...but do they love ACADIA as much as me despite my little nuisances about how things are done? I have many years of experience, not just form going there, but think back to before that, when me and the folks were visiting my brother waayyyyyy back in 1989, almost a full decade before my reign of terror in Tower began, i walked across the campus, bought a couple of posters from the Market and an Acadia T-Shirt from Cajuns, i was Acadia bound a decade early...sure there was other universities, i used to visit old high school chums at Howe Hall at Dalhousie on an almost weekly basis between 1991-93, back when i was confused...hell man i am still confused, but at least i have a BA and with some wishful thinking, i will have a Double Major!!! Take that Darth Vader and Bitch of the Baskervilles!!!! Those two and as well as dozens of unbelieving others who had no damn faith in me on the way up and down can take heed in some great AC/DC lyrics from their 1976 classic, "Rock & Roll Singer"
"Well you can stick your nine to five livin'
And your collar and your tie
And stick your moral standards'
Cause it's all a dirty lie
You can stick your golden handshake
And you can stick your silly rules
And all the other shit
That they teach to kids in school('Cause I ain't no fool)"
Ahh..were Bon and the boys great then? Seriously folks, i think i would make an awesome recruiter for Acadia becuase i do not fit the mold, i would be a Don Cherry of sorts, the barstool prophet. I have a friend who thinks that if i found an awesome straight man to do the Ron McLean bit, i so could have done a show called, "Campus Corner" a take-off on the legendary "Coach's Corner" (No hockey is bad...but no Coach's Corner?!?!!? DEATH!!!) They said i could have shot it at the Axe (I thinks the Vil would have been better) and it would have been a serious hit!!!! Well...life remains to be seen eh? I saw a lady today who was a major help to me back in 99 when Acadia threatened to boot my big ass out because of my oh not so glorious first yr (Thanx Moolah...) she was one of the very few, along with DR S, who actually believed in me and helped me learn how to actually do a paper, develop study skills and all the rest, anyways she feels that i would make a great ambassador for Acadia...wonder if she would put in a good word? So i went down to the Career Resources center in Kentville, where Harvey's used to be and i signed up there and had this really nice lady about to help me restructure me resume...only problem is that i forgot me resume at home (DOH!!) Anyways i promised to return at a later date and she told me that job postings were on the wall when lo and behold i found a posting for a Research Associate at the Annapolis Campus in Middleton! That folks is almost right across the street from where i live! I am so going there first thing in the morning! Well after i help with the further dismantling of my parents basement. We may be building another bedroom downstaris and taking even more borders from the community college. On one hand, it would be good having a job across the street, i could walk to work, Mom said she would help out as in not charging me an arm and all of my legs for R& B...but would i really grow as a person, ya know it would be same old, same old, being old like myself and living at my parents place in Middleton, after living at least part of the last oh seven years away from home at Acadia, MTA and this past season in my basement apartment. Anyways i was playing some 900 degrees of Robert Reid Hawley today as i visited of all places, the education building on campus....you need to have a B or better average either overall and or in your major, but it also depends on the number of applicants that are recieved. Maybe i'll get some Colt 45 and party with MR T!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........Oh well, gots a few days off and i am not working in G-Wood or at the store formerly known as Town & Country till the weekend, so i shall be back with more ol' Robbo updates as time permits...lates for now Webslingers!!!!!
Psst... aweseome Darlington song! "Pajama Party!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2005


Hello o great webslingers and webslingerettes!!!! Well, that examination is done and done again and my comeback year at AcadiaU is ummm..complete for now..why for now? Well you never know what may happen, i worry about me quanitative methods mark, my math sucks and stuff, modern theory and sociology of education i am not very worried, actually our prof did us a favor as i was left under the impression that we were only going to recieve a few of the questions that she handed us and she turned around and gave us the entire thing...that was sweet...sad that i won't see a few of the girls from that class anymore, i wanted to say goodbye to Princess Leia, but i was done at 9:00 and i just wanted to leave and go back to my apartment. I recieved my final assignment back, i made 75% so that was ok. I don't think they are offering Soc of Education next year. Tomorrow i am heading to Useless Support to return my craptop, and then heading over to recuitment to inquire about a posting on the internet, seems they are looking for recruiters and if there is decent pay involved, well it would sure beat a full year off, sitting at home and peddling videos... Came home to Middleton today and since it is Spring cleaning, we were taking apart the basement, we threw out one of our couches that we have had since we lived in Edmonton in 1981-83!!!! Man alot of ex's and others have watched alot of ol' Robbo's Z- movies on that couch! Plus we chucked me aunt's old B&W Tv from like 1971 and my ol Tv that i had in both the Tower and at Harper Hall, it doesn't work so well anymore...memories to be left on the side of the road and picked off by bums on the street... we were watching the Canada-US match-up on TSN (We lost...damn!) and they were already starting to come around, picking at the garbage... i remember when me and Dad around a year ago were talking about me getting an apartment and we went to this place up in Wolfville... hysterical, the shingles were falling off the roof and on the site where the house was advertised, it promised parking as one of its features...still trying to figure out where the parking lot was, must have been the driveway of the neighbors across the street... this guy arrived, looking like Jim "The Anvil" Neinhart's long-lost cousin and he took us through a tour of the hehe house...remember the barber chair that i had my ex going with? Well, there was a frickin car seat right in the living room!!! The furniture was all picked off the side of the road and stuff..water was leaking in from the ceiling and he showed a closet, opened it up and all these wires were hanging there...a hysterical mess...anyways...i stayed in my current apartment... anywho i has to go to work for 6:00 so i have to walk the dogs, eat and go to the store formerly known as Town & Country...lates!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

"This first look at Superman Returns— due in theaters in June 2006 — shows that the skin-tight costume stretches over only the actor's muscles and frame, without the augmented armored pecs or abs of recent movie superheroes.Director Bryan Singer famously changed the fluorescent spandex suits of the X-Men into dark, leather-like uniforms for those movies — both of them smashes that sold more than $364 million in tickets. But on Superman Returns, he says, he wanted "something classic."" (From USA Today)
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Crazy State of Affairs

Good morning webslingers! Ol Robbo is here at the very dead and quiet SUB here on campus. Now ya might say, what the hell ya doin there this early in the morning? Well, gots me Sociology of Education examination tonight at 7:00-10:00 in Room 138 of the BAC and i am re-looking at the questions and stuff. Re-doing questions about how new technologies play a contradictory role in education and to give my opinion on something the bigwigs have dubbed "Edutainment" Now according to the mighty Wilkipedia, (Wilkipedia for those of you that don't know is like the best friend of any college/university student......and if it isn't...it darn well should be!) "Edutainment is a recently coined term, a portmanteau, that expresses the union between education and entertainment in a television program, game or website." the other question i am working on is the one on tuition fees and its relationship with the resulting decline in accessible post-secondary education. Tuition fees are increasing at the same time as employment opportunities are declining for young people, making it necessary for students to rely on family sources or borrowed funds to cover their educational costs. Higher tuition fees are closing the doors to post-secondary education for many qualified students. It has been suggested that there is a direct link between funding and accessibility. It is suspected that drop-out rates from Canadian post-secondary institutions are disturbingly high, largely due to the excessive financial burden that is placed on both students and their families. It is difficult for students from less privileged backgrounds to attend the post-secondary programs of their choice, or worse, they may restrict access all together. While tuition increases alone may not reduce accessibility to university because students have generally tended to be drawn from relatively privileged backgrounds, other barriers, such as the lack of services for non-traditional groups and those that are most in need of assistance, do restrict access. The elimination of financial barriers must be a national priority as not all qualifying Canadians will be given a fair change to participate in post-secondary education. The raising of university fees in Canada is affecting middle-income families in Canada. Post-secondary education provides benefits for individuals and society at large contributes to Canadian society at large, but is now at the stage of being cost-prohibitive for many. It is an issue of equity in having access to a post-secondary education. In the 1970s, the government was the primary principal behind post-secondary education. After 1985, after the conservative years, tuition fees shot up tremendously. The pros- The eight countries mentioned with no university fees, 8 countries- no fees- Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Wales and Scotland- a way of ensuring that financial barriers do not prevent qualified students from pursuing a degree.realize that educational access should be based on academic talent, not the wealth of the family, or the family name, a way of ensuring that financial barriers do not prevent qualified students from pursuing a degree. The cons- raising costs, only the United States and Japan pay more in tuition costs than do Canada. What are the implications of the findings/ arguments for which groups in society? The raising costs are making university cost-prohibitive for many middle income and blue-collar families. Only the upper class and the rich are going to be able to attend post-secondary institutions, even at the undergraduate level......whooooooooooooo! Was that a load of information on your senses or what? I think that would be a good question to ask and make it an opinion question, i think it would be interesting from a professors point of view to answer a question like that, because of all the varying opinions that would be mulling about the classroom as we are all from different backgrounds. Man i hear that Jet song all the time, i thought it was Oasis at first...man i am getting old and senile...then again my Mom asked me where i was going so early in the morning...after me studying for this examination the last ummm 4- 5 days in a row....i keep telling my Manager at the store that the barber shop next door has a car seat instead of a barder chair...she almost fell for it...almost...actually i saw something quite amusing but not amusing last night, these couple of little a**holes were in last night..ya know..loud and idiotic and stuff, took em bout 45 mnutes to pick something out...anyways two of them did the Hail Hitler salute... not cool... this old guy was there with VETERAN wrtten on his hat...man what a tongue lashing he gave them! Told em to go up to the Legion and do it...tell him how it turns out or go to the Vets ward...kids are pretty gutless nowadays...at least back it up or just do not let yourself engage in crap that you have no idea what your saying or expressing... It looks like Japan is off, they have already picked everyone and stuff...but now there is a mail out looking for recruiters for next yr here at Acadia, i shall have to go investigate and see what it is all about, i worked for recruitment on a volunteer level one year, i wanted to do it again this year, but i found that i did not have the time between my course load and working on the weekends, but i shall see what it all entails anyways...possibly on Monday when i have the day off....been listening to this song by this band called, "The Obsoletes" called, "I Wish It Never Came"...really nice for a slower song and one for the summer jeep collection.................. Man i wished i had last night off work, if so i would have ventured to Digby, well to Digby Regional High School actually, just to go see wrestling....featuring the legendary HONKYTONK MAN!!!!! The greatest WWF Intercontinental Champion of all time!!!!!!! I remember seeing Honky and the Macho Man face off at the Forum around 1988 and man, the booing from the crowd on Honky was a sight to behold! You know that you have done your job when you just come out to the ring, haven't said a peep and the fans are on their feet booing the living daylights out of you!!! Well...i was driving up this morning, passing through Kentville and there is was on a post right before passing the Edge... East Coast Pro Wrestling at the Kentville Arena on May 4th (A Wednesday!!!...so weird..usually it is a Friday or a Saturday...) Are the old days going to be back here in the Maritimes this summer? Another promotion? Man...to remember all those great summers of action in Kentville and Berwick as well as even earlier times at the Halifax Forum when the ol' Grand Prix would come with my heros Leo Burke and Killer Karl Krupp...well on May 4th it is a one-night tournament for the Maritime Cup...looks good, should be a rocking week with Motorhead , Lemmy and ECPW Wrestling at the same time.... Anyways i should be getting back to doing some good ol' studying and having some lunch...then studying, examination and then..ummmm go home...good day webslingers!!!!
PS- Watch some "Rock N Roll Radio" - Le classic de Ramones!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Genius! Leaping Lanny Poffo!!!!

When i was growing up and watching Grand-Prix Wrestling on ATV, i could not help but notice a high-flying grappler by the name of Leaping Lanny Poffo, very rare in them days to see ANYONE come off the top ropes, fast-forward a few yrs later and there is the exact same wrestler on WWF TV, except he lost every match i witnessed on Saturday mornings!...Although i remember him winning a match over Steve Lombardi at the Halifax Forum...then losing matches at the Forum to Danny Spivy, The Big Bossman etc etc... I remember he used to read poems and toss frisbees out to the crowd...always waited to see if one would come sailing back... time passes and all of a sudden Lanny is no more, instead he becomes this very "feminine" character by the name of "The Genius" well... at least i thought it was pretty hysterical, love the outfit eh? Looks like an Acadia Grad! Anyways thanks Lanny, you were entertaining.
PS- Lanny is in reality, Randy Savage's brother...weird eh?Posted by Hello

Welcome To The Last

Hello webslingers! Well well well...here in Middleton and studying for thy last examination for all time...or is it? It is going ok i guess, i have to work in a few hrs in G-Wood, should be an easy night of work, the cleaners are always in on Thursday nights, never understood why the bossman won't let them in after closing time, but i have never tried to understand any of the authority figures that have presided over me during my time in the workforce, actually my boss that i have now, well he's been my boss for like what eight summers? He is the best kinda boss there is, come in, collect the cash, say "How the hell are things?" and leave. I worked for the Pizza Nazi and he was always in me face, kinda like when i pumped gas the year after the abomination that was my year in Radio-Television, i had a boss who reminded me of the Canadian Earthquake and he always snarled and stuff, i remember when he laid me off i was happier than hell... so i am taking me notes with me tonight and tomorrow, what am i studying now? stuff like Community Schools and Market-Oriented Schools, Community Schools are usually in poorer areas of Canada, i think Aboriginal areas and involve the entire family unit, they include parenting classes, nutrition programs, family kitchens, laundry facilities and family support programs. Basically you can work, eat and sleep there, Community schools are housing less academically talented children and providing non-academic programming. Something i did not know and suprised me a little bit was that only 0.7 of all professors in Canada are Aboriginals. A little suprised i must say. Another question i am working on is one on edutainment. What is edutainment? It is the combination of entertainment with educational messages to help educate, inform and encourage behavioral change. The argument that presents itself is that computers represent a misappropriation of financial and intellectual resources in education and the pressure to incorporate technology overrides the content and the learning that needs to be taking place. Many Canadian schools cannot afford edutainment and then they have to face the prospect of losing students as there is the drive to compete in terms of technology- the difference between enrollment and dropouts, or kids going elsewhere for educational attainment. Sounds heavy eh? I think i shall be ok with this one as i am averaging around a 3.0 or better in this class. Wonder how long the barbershop next door is going to last at the store formerly known as Town & Country??!?!?!? Everything that has ever been our neighbor- A pottery store, a hockey card store etc etc has closed up shop...same as the building behind us, it has been a greasy spoon restuarant named "Swizzlies", a sub shoppe called, "Valley Subs" (Original eh?) and yep..a pottery store/arts and crafts, i think it was a tattoo parlor at one time... those two buildings are cursed i tell ya!!!! Maybe we need a "Mean Gene's Burgers!??!!" Man you know what i forgot to totally mention the other day? That i saw a totally hot babe at the Axe!?!?!?!?!? How could i? I went there to kill off a few minutes before heading to the Vil for our class celebration, went and ordered a draft and this brunette behind the counter was young stuff, but she had a killer smile and she is a History Major! My first degree at Acadiau! We chatted for aboot 25 minutes about prof and i was telling her what to expect in some of her classes and she really seemed appreciative of the effort i made to chat with her. Totally nice, that is what i like to see.
Anyways later on me webslingers!
PS- Killer song by the Ataris! "Your Boyfriend Sucks" (Appropriate title indeedy!)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I Smell An Agenda

Long time Webslingers..Long Time...well, my quanitative examination is history, this was on Monday from 2-5 in the gym. Well...i needed to do really good to pass this examination, super good...i hope what i did do was enough to get me over the hump. It was tricky, i kept forgetting stupid things like the Mean, Mode and Median..stuff i need to remember! The simple stuff in the math world. Chi Square and stuff like Cramier's V...i dunno gang, i was there from 2:00 to about 4:38 when i finally finished up and handed it in...now i shall find out what kind of guy is my prof, he admitted stuff before like if you get a 58, you get a 58, if you get a 59, you get a 59... however he has also stated that if you are close, he shall see. Anyways he asked us to meet him down at the Vil at 5:30, pitcher's were on him, so that reeked of coolness n stuff. I just hope it is gonna be all cool and stuff.. me Sociology of Education examination is on Saturday night in BAC 138, it can't be too bad, she gave us the questions in advance and as a result i am stll here in me jammies on this lovely Middleton afternoon. They are good questions, asking for that over so popular critical analysis on almost every one of them, questions about are teachers accepted in communities (actually they are the most scrutinized people in the community) and other questions are good too, including one about new technologies and how they play a contradictory role in education. plus there is a question about the rising costs of tuition in Canadian universities. Tuiton fees are increasing at the same time as employment opportuities are declining for young people...as well as old men like myself...kids are having to rely more and more on their folks, sources from other members of the family and or borrow funds from somewhere else in order to cover their costs of going to university in the Maritimes as well as elsewhere. They will find out about tuition hikes in the next few yrs as many blue collar bums like me from the small remote areas won't be able to afford to go to places like Acadia, Dal and SMU, you are going to see more people at the community colleges taking trades and stuff, universities in the Maritimes are threatening to become member's only clubs, Ivy League Acadia...great... betcha our forefathers of AU back in 1838 would be rolling in their graves at the prospect eh? Education for everyone! Now it's ummm...education for everyone...if ya got the bucks!!! So..i have a new hero! This fellow named Johnny Lechner goes to the University of Wisconsin as their UW-Whitewater campus..well Mr Lechner is an undergrad who is in his...his...

12th year of university as an undergrad student

Hot damn it feels good to know that i am not the only professional student in the world!!! This guy has what..ummmmm...234 college credits under his belt, about 100 over what it is that you need in order to graduate. Only problem is that Mr Lechner is totally comfortable at UW-Whitewater...kinda like how i am for the most part totally comfy at Acadia U, future Ivy League status not included. Why would he want to stop? All the girls he could ever ever want, he is beyond popular, lives a great life, it involved in with all kinds of student activities and is now running for student council president, like he is not going to win? I can hear students chanting at the pep rally's now..."One More Year! One More Year!" I really admire this guy and those who laugh at guys like me and Mr Lechner, what are you doing with your lives? Nothing! Like the article says, your changing diapers, having trouble with mortgages or maybe your serving french fries at Hardee's or something like that. There is nothing at all wrong with being a professional student, Mr Lechner, i salute you!
Well, i spent the great majority of last night talking to a girl i know, onee that i have secretly kind liked for a spell now, she went on about all these guys that use her and stuff, it is funny, all these girls always chitty chat with me and all of this other fin stuff and more, thhey always talk about how guys are always screwing them over and yet here i am mr nice guy and they never see that, no...they would rather date some scumbag who treats them more as a property than as an actual human being. Ahh..women what can ya do eh? Well gang i have been thinking and thinking about next yr, what to do? Hopefully if my Quanitative prof has a sense of humor, i will now have my double major, what to do? Well...can't really get into education or a masters degree in Soc, not right now..the GPA is ...thanks to quanitative methods..ummm it is a 2.82...you need at least a 3.0 to even be considered by the stiffs...i mean people who make the decisions, i know i can talk, i know i can lead a lecture- what two different Acadia seminars- Historical seminar back in 2002-03 and my Soc seminar in Politics & Development, both times i made an A for my presentation, both times. They are letting kids in that are so not prepped to go in front of a classroom, back at Wasted Kings these young teachers came in and i waited to see if they were going to take the frickin marbles out of their mouths, same as some of the presentations that i have gone to see where it was a thesis defence and while they made a good case, well they better have after working on it so damned long, their actual presentation, speech usage, eye contact with the crowd..ummmm..sucked. Some people can hold a crowd within the palm of their hands, i believe that i am one of those people. Ok..ok...maybe that is ego talking and all of that other S*** but come on! Well, one of my other options is going to Japan...


You heard me right, i could go teach in Japan...well...somewhere near Japan (great late Beach Boys song) and that could help me pay back some of this great debt i have incurred at Ivy...i mean Acadia and then i could come back and then apply to go into education, or whatever. I really do not and i stress it...i do NOT want to sit in Middleton for all of 2005-06, bored out of my skull and being one of those former students that i always make fun of...who knows? Maybe i'll contact Johnny Lechner, be his new pal. We could be the Can-Am Connection of university students, live on PPV... or imagine, "Robb Hawley Goes to Japan, Like The Bad News Bears!" Ok...that was lamer than lame

Anywho, it is time to grab some supper, then back in the books, work in G-Wood Thursday night and in Middleton Friday, go write this thing, ace it (yeahhhhhhhhhhh right!) and start the summer of lust..or whatever...have a good one true believers!

PS- Love this tune i found by this punk band called, The Manges called, "Blame Game"

Monday, April 11, 2005

The "ORANGE" Oscar The Grouch!!!!!!

Being a child of the 70s (as well as 80s and 90s...on and on) I have fond memories of Seasame Street, recieving Ernie as well as Seasame Street Fisher Price People as well as a copy of "Seasame Street Live" (Live on vinyl!!!!..man me and my friend Jason..aka Thor had a ball with that one, i remember when the characters on the album would introduce themselves to the audience of screaming kids on the album while we booooooooooooooed them unmercilessly..."Hi I'm Bob...Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!) as well as my dear Nanny buying me an Oscar The Grouch puppet from a place called, "South Shore Sales" in Lunenburg, actually that place rocked! It has an abundence of GI Joe Action figures (complete with 70s afros and beards!!!) Anyways one memory i cannot get out of me head is that of Oscar The Grouch being orange and Gordon having a huge honkin fro!!!! It tortured me for yrs...well not exactly tortured...but you get the general idea...one day me and my friend Craig from the Passage went into the now-defunct Tracks and Paperbacks in Dartmouth and right in the 99 cent rack was a badly-damaged Seasame Street album from 1969!!!!! And now the nightmare could be revealed! The source of many near fights on the playground was in our scummy little hands!!! We finally dispelled the rumors about Oscar's original color....as well as Gordon's "Blackbelt Jones" look... too bad we didn't buy the Sweet Daddy Siki (Grand Prix Wrestling legend) album that was in the bin as well...oh well... the SS album did have some classics, like the dude who fell down the steps (10 Coconut Cream Pies!!!! Whoooooaaa!!!!) and some dude who sounded like the Pizza Nazi (5 Coconuts..1-2-3-4-5!!!!) ahhhhhhhhhhh...to be young again...wonder if that album is out on CD? Five coconuts indeed!!!!Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Mute Points

Hello there! Well, next week is examinations and ol' Robbo is kinda well...against the ropes, not all hope is lost...but it does not look that darned good...i cannot even put 2 and 2 together and i need too cause this exam is next Monday (imagine if it was tomorrow? NERVOUS SHAKEDOWN!!!...great AC/DC tune by the way...) ...oh yeah it is my Quanitative Methods examination i am talking about, my Soc of Education should be fine, she is giving us the questions...man the stupid thoughts in me head about the quanitative exam, i was even thinking of going over to Huggins, where the math dept is and begging for help, i emailed one of the girls from class, but i recieved no response...prob thinks i am a creep of something of that nature. Me Momma and i were arguing about this stupid exam at around 7 this morning...why people don't leave me alone in the morning i'll never ever know... am i wearing a friggin sign or something? Anyways she started in on me...i should have held back, but i didn't and i left the house around 8ish...did some math, then the stupid Dell (Man i long for the days of the ol IBM at Acadia...so sweet) gave out on me in the Vaughn...went for a drive, to Hantsport where i thought i was going to die last year...they have no gas station and i had to drive to a reservation a good 5-10 minutes up the road to get gas...i was kinda weary lemmie tell ya... wanted to see a girl i know, but in the midst of calling her, my cell phone died (damn things never work when ya want em to...like the dell) so i came back here, figured out one of the parts of the formula needed to do me questions (yeah!) and then proceeded to watch me computer crash and burn again (pieces of S***!!!! Honest to God!!!) So i came down here to useless...i mean user support and now it is fine again...for the moment...so i worked a good 17 hrs this weekend, split between Middleton and Greenwood, raked up what was left of the leaves and twigs in the yard, and procrastinated when i should have been a studying, now i am gonna end up cramming for this thing on next Monday and then the old nerves will hit and ill bungle this thing... man to be one credit short of a double major...one credit!!! Now to become a laughing stock, population me...what is it? Am i phobic? Did i have any bad experiences with math teachers? Did i ever have any good math teachers? Well there was a bad one in junior high, the kids used to call him Oscar The Grouch... all he ever did was snarl and stuff when you got questions wrong, then at Waste Kings i had a slew of real winners, well...lethal Larry was pretty cool, i also had Cheech Martin's older brother ...well he wasn't really Cheech's older brother, just imagine Cheech with a spare tire around the middle and you'll get the picture... anyways i just wasn't into the math and i don't know what it is, like kids that don't like raisons and liver and stuff like that... at Kingstec where i wasted a year of my life when i could have been here or elsewhere, i don't remember doing any stats, mater of fact i remember two years ago my brother nagging and nagging me to go to the Kingstec reunion and stuff, first off i was just settling into another school (MTA) and second of all, why would i go back? The B**** of the Baskervilles hated me from the start, never let up, should have been told off...or worse and people, well i don't really talk to anyone i went to school with, we were all good friends at the time, but when my brother inquired about me, they referred to me as the "Class Clown" and was always fooling around and stuff, so yeah...you can see why i was not keen on going to the reunion..i was and still am an Acadia Grad...something nobody can ever take away from me, the name is there, Class of 2002-03 and i am right, you cannot erase history and i was overjoyed that by the biggest fluke in the world that the B**** of the Baskervilles was there to see it happen, and tried during the meet and greet afterwards not to recognize me, but you knew i was there though i know you don't believe and don't want to believe that someone whom you gave the thumbs down to could bounce back from a trip to hell...actually 1996-97 really SUCKED for me...i was a gas jockey and a drug store worker, i was depressed...well more pissed off at the world than depressed and i felt life was passing me by, the best thing that ever happened is when i went to see someone who helped me get accepted at Acadia wayyyyy back in the fall of 1997 and he is still here today (Thanks you sir...you know who you are!) I had something i had never really had before as in a steady job and i felt accepted at Acadia, Moolah's and other assorted Wormslime aside... yeah math...thank someone that i didn't have to do any when i earned me history degree... i dunno...i think that i am still in the mindset of why do i have to take this? And why is it not sticking? I missed one class this semester....one class! And i made up for it by going to class that Wednesday... how did i get this way over something like this i'll never know... i remember failing Cheech's math class and having to repeat Grade 12...maybe that is it... phobia of problems of the past arrising again, it is like having a crush on someone...you don't want to say anything cause you think that everyone is going to say NO...maybe i should go over to Huggins... find some geeky cute math chick and THROW myself at her to see if that would work in helping me remembering steps to math acquasions... well just think, i flop this and that seals the door on any masters in Soc down the road...the door is pretty closed anyways, they only want the best of the best (or beast) for those masters degrees... but you know what? I have witnessed alot of presentations in classes this year and some of the kids who have the school smarts, the ones who can communicate their thoughts on paper...well when they are in front of a classroom they prove that their best talent in with their pen...or in Acadia's case, their Dell... no speaking skills, yet i usually do well with public speaking, really well... all i am saying is that sometimes those who would make really good instructors sometimes get left out in the freezing cold and those who can communicate well with thoughts on paper get in, and then people wonder why the new professor/ lecturer really SUCKS and nobody attends etc etc..well, it is NOT all about the marks sometimes, and really good profs get let go and slip through the cracks. What is funny is in cases when they go somewhere else and become famous and then the place that let him go tries to take the credit... Wayne Gretzky really did well for himself, but legend has it that the people of Brantford, according to one of my old hockey books, really gave him a hard time in the rinks while he was raising up through the junior hockey ranks, then they want to take credit for his fame... Wayne doesn't make a stink about it because he is classy, but there are others who would have told a town that called him a "puckhog and show-off" where the hell to go... sex and travel... Anyways, i has to get Assignment #3 done for my quanitative class, get something to eat and then call it a day, i am bushed and need to relax somewhat...lates!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Mad Magazine Presents: Up The Academy

One of my favorite guilty pleasures from when i was barely a teen growing up in Eastern Passage was this gem released by Warner in the mid 80's. It was about misfit kids vs. superstrict teacher in a superstrict school (a military academy) who come out on top. What gives it pizazz is its take-no-prisoners attitude as far as the jokes are concerned. Quite a backstory to the film as well, i guess Mad Magazine wanted to compete with the success of National Lampoon's Animal House, so they wrote this classic..well actually it was one of the most un-PC comedies i had ever seen and the kids who bought Mad actually couldn't get into see it cause of the dreaded R rating it recieved...Mad was embaressed over the film and wanted all references to Mad Magazine and Alfred E Neuman excised from the film when it was released to video and paid Warner Bros $30,000 to do so...except Warner had to refund the money when they found out the film had been released to Canada and overseas with all references intact. I wonder if this is the reason why this is not out on DVD? Actor Rob Lieberman, who was one of the best parts of the film as Major Vaughn Liceman had his name removed from the credits and all advertising due to embaressment brought forth from the film. Personally, i think it is a rocking film, has an awesome soundtrack from the Stooges, Blondie, Sammy Hagar, Boomtown Rats, Cheap Trick and this band called, "Blow-Up" who had these two songs, "Kickin Up a Fuss" and "Beat The Devil" (I wanna find those two songs!!! HELP!!!) that led to lots of rewinds...along with most of actress Stacy Nelkin's scenes..(whatever happened to her..whatta hottie!!!) Anywho...hope there is no legal mess between Mad Magazine and Warner Bros and they can put this out on DVD ASAP!!!! Posted by Hello

Less Than Zero

The day after tomorrow is the third day of the rest of your life. -- George Carlin (Sometimes a Little Brain Damage Can Help, 1984)

Well well well thank you Blogger! Me system had a breakdown, a post ready to go and it did not save...well thank you for killing off half me morning trying to get it back...thanks for nothing that is...well webslingers now that i am done ranting and raving, examinations are upon us once again! I am writing on Monday, April 18th- Sociology 2006 BO 2:00- 5:00 and on Saturday, April 23rd- Sociology 3613 X2 7:00- 10:00. I need at least a 20/30 to make a C in Quanitative Methods...why oh why did i have to take this AVERAGE KILLER of a course?!?!?!?!?! Am i ever going to use it? There is one big universal monster that will rear its ugly head in some form or another to most college students at some time during their college careers... Having nothing to do with Colt 45 or Milwaukee's Best beer, this beast is better known as Time-Management. Hold on! Wait just a second before you turn off the radio dial and go crying to your roommate something about how old Robb sounds just like your parents and professors. Yes, I know you've probably heard this before from the adults in your life whose advice you habitually tune out the second the words escape their 50-something-year-old lips. But hopefully you won't use the same deaf ear to listen to me that you usually reserve for "adults" who "don't know what they're talking about."I cannot do these papers like everyone else does at the last minute, priorities people, it is called priorities. The quick summary of what I am trying my hardest to get across is that there is no one "hardest part" about college; but figure out how to budget your time and everything else should be smooth sailing - except of course for, midterms, finals, relationship problems, hangovers, and the occasional nervous breakdown you'll suffer when a computer virus erases a paper you're finishing the night before it's due. Well..at least the last day of classes is on the 14th and i am done on the 23rd... how come others like the recently visited MTA are done classes? Ok...ok..how come every other university known to man is done classes but good ol Acadia U...some days i think is should be renamed Labotomy U a la the yet to be on DVD "Up The Creek!!!" ...........classic .........classic....I am the head speaker for my Sociology of Education class next Monday, we are doing dress codes in schools- well if we have a dress code, we won't have all these white kids who think they are black, girls with cleavage hanging out everywhere and skirts so short that girls will have to shave and more people will become one in the same, no longer will people be unpopular cause their parents shop for their school clothes at K-Mart.....and when i mean the girls shaving... i didn't mean their legs.......and yes i do like lots of cleavage and short skirts...i am a man.... but if we implement dress codes, that means that individuality and the right for a person to be themselves is taken away, all in the same, it is getting the education that counts in the end right? Ran into an old friend of mine at the Axe, we laughed about the old days of Crowell Tower and he roared when i told him that MTA had computer labs... man why am i here today? I had a Burger King B'fest (uggghhhh...why Old Man Robb...why!?!?!) and yesterday i was having a cranial cramp or something, took off in the Jeep and drove to New Minas, almost impulse bought the new Ramones DVD Rocumentary called, "End of the Century" and today i am going to a class where i am done all my work, including the dreaded Andre Gunder Frank paper and then sitting in on an extra Qunitative Methods class as i do every Wednesday afternoon...and besides it is aweseome outside! Anyhow i has to warm up me lunch..BEEF A RONI!! and do something productive ...lates!!!
PS- I finally figured out a mystery.........how to make McDonald's Big Mac Sauce!!!!
1/2 cup of Mayonnaise
2 tablespoons French Dressing
4 tablespoons sweet pickle relish
1 tablespoon minced white onion
1 teaspoon white vingar
1 teaspoon sugar
1/8 teaspoon salt
1) Combine all ingredients in a small bowl, stir well
2) Place sauce in a covered container and put in fridge for a few hrs or overnight so that the flavors blend, stir a couple of times as it chills
Makes about 3/4 cup.

Monday, April 04, 2005

All The Way Home

Hello Webslingers and webslingeretts!!! Long time, no Robbblog!!! Well me trip to MTA, back to the luxurious temple known as Harper Hall finally took place this weekend! Friday i got on les bus at Fundy Spray in Middleton, where i was charged a non-student fee...actually i thinks they just wanted to sell me the ticket and get me out the door ASAP..dunno why...but it was a long ol haul, some 7 and a half hrs to get there around 4:30 ish, me pally's Grover and Fraser were there to greet me and we were in route to the LC and down via taxi to Harper...people were tripping right out, it was like the second coming of the Beatles...or Reo Speedwagon...or something... We had a blast, went and saw almost everyone..well everyone who counted from last yr and Friday night i went to a fashion show at some new bar there called Paddy-O's, i was intoxicated and asked the guys when the strippers were going to start to disrobe...they even had a pole there and everything!!! I found out Striker's Sports Bar and Dave's Snack Show in good ol' downtown Sackville (or Bagtown as the radio station referred to it) were now out of business...well..why pay $3 for a burger when you can go up the road to Wendy's or Raunchy Ronnie's and have one for less? Striker's i liked alot, the owner had a local man do paintings of NHL legends like Gordie Howe and Doug Gilmour and i liked the homely feel it had...anyways i passed out at Harper at 11:00...yes folks not a misprint...11:00.... i am getting OLD!!!! No LOD here...if i was in a tag team it would be the OLD...spent the night at Grove's and slept in...till 6:30 in the morning...suprisingly i was not sick...just hung over as hell!!! I spent Sat morning doing homework, eating fast food...right now i am SICK of fast food...first thing i did when i gots home in Middleton on Sunday night was have a home cooked ham and veggies meal...so good... Anyhow, we watched some NCAA Final Four Action and ate at the annual Harper Hall cookout...it was good times and then went inside for some $1 drinks, it was so good seeing the ol' gang, my Momma asked why don't i halt the visit and go later, but with Residence life you never know when the last time you are going to see people in one place altogether, it could be the last time, you just never know these little details...i mean ..some girl may find me hot, or not...saw a girl i had a crush on last year, a blondie...only problem was a close friend had a crush on her first, creating a sort of competition...not really, he was way more accessible than i was, he watched the same sort of telly shows as she did, reality shows and all that crap...wanna get girls to come to your room? Watch reality shows, i am more of the Ramones of the college crowd, people seem to like it, but do not really know what it is...Ramones and the Misfits are two of those bands that alot of people seem to own a t-shirt of...but cannot name more than 5 of their songs...real fans eh? Anyways she is off to start a new life after graduation and me friend was really kinda down about it...felt bad for em... I wanted to find this one girl sooooooooooooooo bad the entire weekend, i saw her b-friend...not that i have anything against him, probably been dating her for god knows how long and hopefully treats her well...i asked the boys about her, but they were no help. All i know is she was an art girl and was really nice to me everytime i saw her, i just wanted to say hi.... I did see this one girl in Harper, probably a youngin..and she had a few ex pounds, but she had this really sweet smile, i said hi to her on Sat in the middle of a drunken stupor and she smiled at me at the BBQ and in the lobby (hint Robbo hint hint) Well...probably just being nice...ya know..kids and stuff, ok...i now know why me and Grover were co-winner's of Harper's DOM Award last year (Dirty Old Man) Went to the Pub Sat night, but it was kinda i dunno...boring and stuff, maybe i needed to get sloshed to have a better time...i dunno... i was having more fun hanging out in Harper, eating Greco Party Pizza.. ie..off the subject but.. What the hell happened to the Greco in Wolfville?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!!? I mean, how the hell can a pizza place close in a college town? Oh well, as per usual Old Man Robbo does not know the whole story and is talking out of his A**........ Anyways i woke up on Sunday and left the cozy confines of Harper for the long ol' haul home that Acadian Lines promised...Grover for two days was asking me to get him a McGriddle...next yr dude..i shall arrive and deliver a McGriddle... the entire gang..or what is left of the gang is moving to the basement in Harper and another friend of mine is going to be their RA, i shall visit again probably in September and or October, seeing how things go...man what a long ol bus ride... I think Acadian Lines should spring for at least some benches to put where people have to wait for the bus...i miscalculated and ended up waiting an extra hr for the bus and the people inside the gas station were like looking at me as if i had come in to rob them blind, there were seniors out there waiting for the bus and stuff, leaning on walkers... poor people... something that they should look into anyways... I did me speech last week on Andre Gunder Frank's Dependency Theory for Modern Soc and handed in me term paper on the very same subject today... it went ok...the speech did anyways with me discussing that The Dependency Theory is a worldview suggesting that the wealthy nations of the world need a peripheral group of poorer states to remain wealthy. The system of dependency was said to be created with the industrial revolution and the expansion of European empires around the world due to their superior power and wealth.
These poor nations provide natural resources, cheap labor, and markets to the wealthy nations, without which they could not have the standard of living they enjoy and any attempt by the dependent nations to resist the influences of dependency will result in economic sanctions and/or military invasion and control. Sound good eh? having quite a lengthy Q & A session with me fellow classmates after the speech...besides i was wearing me Johnny Cash shirt for the speech...The term paper i have been working on is well...a piece of S***... honest to god, it is crap... i have references, but none where they should be, it looks like something that was done at the last minute, well...in actual fact i have worked on it since February off and on.. and believe it i worked on it during the trip... So i am all done all me papers for the year- i hand in my Sociology of Education paper tonight on "Children of the Market" It was a paper based on an article about how television and other forms of mass media have blurred the lines between childhood and adulthood. This is said to lead to confusion, children will want to be older than their years allow them to be. The general consensus states that childhood is seen as a waste of time, that it swallows up resources that could be placed into other agendas, like education and its costs. Then next week we have a debate in class and then we are done till examinations...my only assignment left is one for Quanitative Methods on SSPS...lovely stuff lemmie tell ya...one night i did up me marks for the term and i am running about a 2.8 and then when i take out the good ol' Quanitative Methods it is about a 3.2.......... UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Nottta Rush!!!!
Anyways i am kinda sad i missed Wrestlemania last night, the Hulkster was there and beat up the two guys posing as being from Afghanastan and stuff, plus HHH lost, which is not a bad thing as he only holds his spot by being married to the bosses daughter. i missed the outdoors game that took place in Hamilton over the weekend, man...imagine seeing Probert, McSorely, Bertuzzi and others on the ice at the same time?!?!?!?!? Bettman be damned (Get lost outta hockey ya damn pansy...jeesh) I am not just going to go see Motorhead, but man...CFL action in town, hopefully Hfx gets a franchise outta this, and pleeeeeeeeese build a stadium, not downtown Hfx where it would be squeegee boy hell and not near the North End...they should put out near Exhibition Park with LOTS and LOTS of parking...parking near the Metro Centre?!?!?!? Forgettaboutit!!!! More parking at the frickin Forum for poopsakes!!! Always petrified of getting mugged n stuff...anyways i gots a class at 7, hopefully people are still there after 8:15 tonight...anyways..lates!!!!!
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