Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, December 31, 2007

Holy Robbblogs Batman!!!!!

A"It is idle to dread what you cannot avoid"- Publius Syrus

Hey gang! What is a new? Well its been awhile eh? How are things shaping up in Robbieland? Well another Merry XXXmass is over and well it was the second one without Dad which is something that always brings down the proceedings a wee bit eh? Woke up around 9ish, went to one brothers and then the other and then came home. I got some fun stuff besides the usual clothes, i got Don Cherry 900 on DVD and the Rocky I-VI DVD set, the reknowned book, "Searching for Bobby Orr" and a Scarface coffee mug! What else is new? Oh im working working working...maybe not for the weekend, but lots anyways. Now Old Man Robb..what about next year? What is happening? Remember that Fort Kent is out due to the cost of going. Well i have some 15-16 days to submit my application to St Thomas which is the cheapest out of all options in which i could continue my education...what do you need to go to St Thomas and take your Bachelor of Education? You need.....

1) A completed application form for admission to the university;
2) A completed supplementary BEd application form;
3) A non-refundable application fee of $35;
4) A letter in which you discuss your interest in becoming a teacher, your teaching preference (elementary, middle/secondary or second-language French), your reasons for applying to the program, any formal or informal teaching experience you may have had, and any skills or qualities you have that should be considered in assessing your application; (Guidelines for Letter of Intent)
5) Three letters of reference which assess your suitability for the teaching profession in terms of &your personal qualities and your ability to work with young people
6) Yourofficial transcripts of marks from all post-secondary institutions you have attended (if you're currently enroled in university, please ensure that a transcript of your mid-year grades reaches the admissions office by January 15th and that you make arrangements to have your final transcript of marks forwarded after graduation).

Now Then again it was suggested by Momma that why not say fuck it and go to Acadia for the next two years, face it is the place where Old Man Robb does do good and other places like Mount A and Kingstec were just not as hot as the days of Acadia U, plus it will be the tenth year anniversary in September of when i was first there. Well there is another offer boys and girls, it is a trip back to Japan...Japan Old Man Robb? Didn't your last school go under? Didn't you leave there when you felt your company didn't give a rats ass about their employees and would leave them swimming with the fishes? Well it is a different company called Aeon and the one bonus would be that you get your OWN apartment! No more squabbling with roomates over watching a movie at 9 at night or waking up at 7 in the morning to make coffee...but, me myself and Old Man Robb!!! They are having a seminar on February 2nd and i think i am taking the day off to check it out, you have to contact their main branch in Toronto in order to attend the seminar.... To go back woould be something, there is stuff i did not get to do due to working lots of hours and spending money like a tool, it was like my first year of Acadia all over again where i spent money and spent and spent and had nothing to really show for it... well except for the souvinears i brought home... but i never got to see Mount Fuji and or attend a baseball game at the Tokyo Dome, well i did see both from the Tokyo Metro Building where you could go to the 85th or something like zat floor and watch...not the same as going though... Ever watch someone make a complete ass of themselves by being totally oblivious as to something going on right in front of their face? Man someone i know is..what a fool/tool Is something that frickin worth it? It is not love, it is called lust...there is a difference you know, if you want to give something of yourself, pass it on to someone else i know whom is lost and has no direction for piss sakes, i know i procrastinate and see some things slide me by, believe if you don't get hurt you'll never gain, i know from personal experience.. but man all that time of waiting? Was it worth it at all? I don't think so.....by the way the Axemen resume play Friday night at UPEI, the same night of the belated Venus staff party, i can't go though because i am working till 1 in the morning. Well i did go to Bad News Blair's Xmass party at Doolies 2 weeks ago, he was the designated driver and couldn't drink! hahahahahahaha!!! He was flustered cause i became quite hammered and was being hit on all over the place! LOL! And plus i kept saying to him.."Your sober!" i gave him a VHS copy of Rough Cut with Big Burt for xmas and he got revenge by giving me a copy of "Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave!" So i was hanging out with my little pocket sized buddy, we don't see each other much due to me working lots and lots, we exchanged gifts- she gave me a watch and i gave her some Axemen stuff, a Maple Laughs touque and a can of Tim Horny's hot chocolate. She was here on Fri night and we watched American Pie VI: Beta House and Hatchet. Beta House was not as good as the Naked Mile, but it was funny to still see Eugene Levy, Christopher (Shooter) McDonald and a cameo by Wee Man! Plus more Stifler family members than you could shake a stick at! Hatchet starred Kane (JAson) Hodder as a psycho named Victor Crowley and it was a throwback to the slashers from the 80s with Hodder again doing the Jason sleeping bag death scene, well a little gorier this time....fun times. I made it up to WolfVegas for my final bit of Christmas shopping, which included getting a Black Sabbath t-shirt at the Market which reminds me that yes...OZZY is in some 26 or so days...getting giddy Old Man Robb is to see the Ozzman in action at long last, too bad Robb Zombie is not coming, but i will live i thinks. Oh what to do today eh? I have my Colt 45 upstairs so i have today and tomorrow off, so it is time for some reflections (No...im not going to Reflections for New Years....) and good thoughts...have a good one!

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