Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

More Get to Know Me...

Probably my favorite thing to do on that Facebook...not a fan of many applications...but i like this one...

Basic Info

What is the name of the street you lived on as a child?: Shearwater somewhere...

Do you wish you had more siblings?: Oh jeesh no...


Hobby?: Being myself...its tough...

Weather?: Fall

Have you Ever

seen a taping of a tv show?: WWF Raw in 2003..

played a sport for a team?: Yes..hockey, lacrosse, wrestling team

tried out for American Idol?: Whatta crappy show...

Do you

have a particular talent that could make you famous?: I should be on SNL...

have a bad habit that you can't get rid of?: Being myself...

What is

the strangest pet you've ever owned?: Gizzy

your usual night time attire consist of?: T-shirt and pajama pants

something that has made you sick to your stomach?: Tuna...can't stand it...


Beach or Mountains?: Beach baby

Captian Crunch or Cheerios?: Honey Nut Cheerios


I wish I had....: Dad back

My most comfortable outfit is....: This t-shirt and pajama pants- Motorhead t shirt and jammie pants...


time you were let down?: No Santa Claus?

celebrity crush?: Daisy Duke


time you sat in a quiet room alone?: Right now...

time you took a shower?: Yesterday...gonna go shower soon

time you took a bubble bath?: Awhile ago...better get some Mr Bubble...

Hair Color?: Blonde...brownish

Eye Color?: Green

Do you wear jewelry?: Wear my Acadia ring once in awhile...

Do you get your nails done?: ?

Favorites musician?: Quite a few actually......

place to hike?: Cape Split

outdoor activity?: Tailgating

thing to do on a rainy day?: Curl up with a cup of coffee and a good book...or watch a good ol B Movie classic from the archives...

Have You Ever

told someone you loved them just to shut them up?: Gizzy n Maggie

been in a lighthouse?: Yes...

seen a bear in the wild?: Yes...

peeked down a woman's shirt while she was bent over?: :D

grabbed someone's butt in public?: I did it once to get ahead in line at the Axe...man the dude besides me got some smack!

What is the one state or city you'd love to visit?: New York City would be fun, i was in New York State when i was really young.

the closest object to you besides your computer?: My Axemen coffee mug

something that turns you on the most?: A pretty lady who can talk and laugh with me...i know that sounds weird...

the most annoying sound in the world?: Country & Western Music...rap too...


Do you always make sure you look nice before leaving the house?: At least presentable....

Do you shave every day?: or at least every second

Are you glad it's fall?: Its Winter silly...

Do you like anchovies on your pizza?: I tried it...stunk up the room

Have You...

ever felt let down?: Yes...some that i've done my darnest to help have made me feel let down.

ever skipped school without your parents knowing?: Oh yeah

done something that you hated but you had to anyway?: Oh yeah...some of the jobs i've had over the years...OMG...terrible...
Do you color your hair?: Its aging...got a shade of grey...

How big is your bed?: Big enough baby

How many blankets do you sleep with?: a few

Favorites ice cream?: Death by Chocolate

... fruit?: Bananas

website?: http://robbblogs.blogspot.com//

Have you Ever owned a pet snake?: Think i am? Jake The Snake? Alice Cooper?

drank so much that you peed on something you shouldn't?: Yes....

had poison ivy?: Wasn't that a movie with the little girl from ET?

felt like you fell in love way too fast?: Oh shuddup...

Do you have a celebrity crush on someone?: Phobe Cates...Fast Times...Private School...VA VA VOOM!

listen to country music?: Like Bobby The Brain says there are two kinds of music i HATE...Country & Western

watch the news nightly?: CNN

What is your idea of a perfect date?: Bowling, wing night, horror double feature, football

your bedtime?: Anytime

This/That steak or shrimp?: Steak


Do you keep sentimental things?: Some things

Would you let your partner go to a strip club without you?: Go and don't come back

If your partner ended up in jail, would you bail them out?: No...if i had one...answer is no

Finish...This weekend I went to....: Last weekend i went to an Axemen game...9 game winning streak!

If I could change something about myself it would be...: My mind sometimes

I miss....: Dad

I never leave my house without first....: locking the door

First pet you had that died?: Chester...RIP

huge mistake you've made as an adult?: Not staying at Acadia...leaving in 2005

time you walked in on someone having sex?: shhhhhhhhh

time you were in the hospital?: Tonsils out..1975

Last time you lost something important?: Lost my MP3 player in Japan...

time you were in a library?: A few months ago...

time you went to the doctor?: A few months ago too...


Do you shave your arms or chest?: I look like Magilla Gorilla...

What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use?: Head & Shoulders...

Are you a neat freak?: Im a SUPER FREAK...


Have you ever written a poem for your spouse?: Deep Thoughts...by Robert Reid Hawley.............

Favorite Sandwich shop?: Subway

topping for a bagel?: Peanut Butter

hotel chain?: The Stardust in Bedford...

Have You Ever

Have you ever been in a situation where you weren't sure if you were seducing or being seduced?: All the time!

Have you ever been to a bar and stayed until closing?: Yeah...

Have you ever worn a cape?: All the time...


What makes you who you are?: Just being me

Are you an old fart?: Kinda...

What were your favorite things to do in the yard as a kid?: Freeze that rink...time for the Canadian pastime...its not curling...

Do you take naps?: Power naps

Have You...

have you ever felt like someone was holding you back?: At times yes...

ever forwarded a chain email?: Only morons do that

eaten an entire bag of chips at one time?: Partly...thank god for chip clips

Describe your hair style...: The Beatle bowl

What color was your hair as a child?: Same as now...

Describe your relationship in one word.: Non-existant..

Favorite place to buy clothes?: Various...

Have You Ever

had something really important to you stolen?: Yes...

had a sinus infection?: Yeah

dipped your french fries in your milkshake?: What?

been on tv or a radio show?: During my work placement for radio & tv in 1995 me n Jonathon Crouse hosted a Christmas Marathon...it rocked!

chased an ice cream truck?: As a kid...the Dickie Dee dude...

What is

a website that you go to every single day?: Facebook

the most important material item you own?: Grad ring...gift from Mom & Dad

one food you never eat?: Carrots...don't like them...


If you could own a wild animal, regardless of size, which one would you want?: What was her name again?

What crosses your mind when you look at pictures of yourself as a child?: What a brat

Do you know someone in the military?: GI Joe

What does your name mean?: Good time

Have You...

ever had sex on a water bed?: Shhhhhhhhh

ever had a dream that you didn't want to wake up from?: Oh yeah

ever looked up your family tree?: Looked way up the tree...Mongo fell out of it...

ever seen a UFO?: Robert showed me his Spaceship plans once...don't know if work has commenced on his spaceship or not...

ever had to do an intervention on someone you love?: Yeah...lose the zero..get with a hero.. :)

What is your gender?: Extra-Testical

Where is your hometown?: Middleton

Are you in that town now?: yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Wallpaper on your computer?: Habs

Have You Ever

gone s...kinny dipping?: shhhhhhhhhhhhhh

been caught doing something you weren't supposed to?: Always

been called a tease?: Big teaser

been dumped?: of course...weren't they silly?

What is

What is your height?: 5'8

What is the nastiest habit someone could have?: smoke

What is your bedtime?: Anytime


How many countries have you visited?: Four

Have You...

made a prank call?: Always

eaten breakfast for dinner?: Yes

ever slapped someone?: What did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP!

Gender?: All MAN baby

Age?: Old

How many states have you lived in?: None

Are you the oldest, youngest or middle child?: Middle


Why would someone fall in love with you?:... Cause im lovable...

How often do you speak to your dad?: I wish i could


color?: Black

sandwich?: Subway

kind of cookie?: Maple leaf cookies...thems are good

kind of pie?: Poontang

Have You Ever paid for something with all change?: Tim Hortons

What is

your usual breakfast like?: Coffee, bagel, some yogurt

something you are obsessed with?: My education


What inspires you?: People saying i can't do something

Can you touch your nose with your tongue?: Who do ya think i am? Gene Simmons?

Have You...

watched the same movie over and over?: Slapshot, Shogun Assassin

thought about Christmas yet?: Stop playing that damn music!!!

picked out your Halloween costume?: Halloween is over dude...
Do you towel dry your hair or use a hair dryer?: Towel

Do watch sports?: Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

What is your hobby?: Being myself

Do you read books?: Dirty books...

What magazine ...subscriptions do you have?: Sports Illustrated


Does religion matter when choosing a mate?: It shouldn't


kind of birthday cake?: Ice Cream from DQ

brand of shoes?: Nike

game system?: Atari 2600

Have You Ever

known anyone that was in a mental institution?: Me

taken a cooking class?: Home Ec

wanted to be a doctor?: They call me Dr Love
What is

your favorite part of September?: Axemen Football Season


Are baseball games fun?: As long as the Yankees win

Do you own a CD by the Beatles?: Let It Be...a few others

Do you use your portable CD player a lot?: not since i got an MP3 player

Have You...

ever seen a used pair of underwear for sale?: At Frenchys

been to Chuck E Cheese as an adult?: Never been to one...any good?


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