Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

All You Need To Know About Robert Reid Hawley....and More....

"Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results."- George S. Patton

Hey hey!
Well gang what is a new after all this time? Well my stuff is sent to Acadia, they have everything they needed for my entry into the Bachelor of Education program. My transcripts from Mount Allison were late in arriving. I was up there for an appointment at the School of Education and they told me that a 2.5 is what they are looking for. Now my last two years at Acadia i had a 2.88 and a 2.44...however i did go to Mount Allison in 2003-04 and my transfer GPA to Acadia was a 2.77...so it remains to be seen if i will get in or not, i have all the experience they are looking for through my work with children in Japan, lots of volunteer experience with the handicapped though the work relatationship with Venus and Carleton Road Industries in Lawerencetown so it remains to be seen gang, the biggest opstacle in the way is going to be a lack of math and or science. What i have heard through the grapevine is that in the past some have been accepted that had neither, but had to take a summer course in order to make up for it when September rolls around. If it means getting into the Bachelor of Education programme at my alma mater, where i really wanna be anyways, then so be it. Well gang....last Sat i did make it up to the city to go see OZZY...OZzy F'n Osbourne...how was it? Well i dunno...i saw the main man...but yet i feel cheated, he played for some 90 minutes, but 15 of it was Zakk Wilde's gutair solo and a n other 10 was spent on some new slow song he sang with Sharon with him. That is 25/90 minutes and i wanted more...ya know...more oldies from the 80s, more Sabbath stuff...Monday Ozzy performed again, but the only differenc ein the set was that he performed War Pigs...met up with Craig and we went for a ride to the Passage, went to visit the old EPJH and went for a walk and photo op down to Joint Rock which anyone who ever lived in the Passage knows and or has a story or two aboot.... went to drop in on Criag's folks who i had not seen since Craig's wedding in September of 1996...some 11 years!!! We went to A&W where we saw my future wife Weezy, then over to our friend Richard's party, Rich showed us his gutair hero game and then to the concert, we missed the opener...saw Ozzy and then hit the Alehouse where we stayed for a bit, had some drinkies, roared at the empty vending machine, left thought we saw our grade 6-9 gym teacher walking in the middle of traffic, told some street performer witha beard ZZ Top would jizz themselves for to take lessons while he was butchering Crazy Train and then laughed all the way back home....it sounded like a grade 5 class coming home at some 3:00 in the morning....Twinkies...never think of them the same ever ever again..... Went to see Rambo IV the next day, best action flick so far of 2008...lots of violence as Rambo goes to Burma and blows the living shit out of everyhing...what was the bodycount? 300? I see Stallone has been offered a 2 picture deal...if he does sequels to the 2 R's.....Do we need a Rocky VII? Rambo V...ye sit can be done as other older action stars like Bruce Willis are doing good with stuff like Die Hard IV...but man..sometimes enough is enough...but i did get the Rambo Boxset and while i think there will be a new set with the fourth film, it was awesome to finally see the original ending for First Blood where the Colonel shoots Rambo...Went to see my little pocket sized pal and watched the WWE Royal Rumble at her place, it was fun...but man seeing Superfly Snuka and Roddy Piper when they are almost 60 is like...ummmmm...less said the better, John Cena won the Rumble in a complete suprise, but like does not Vince not see that the MSG crowd booed the shit out of Cena after his enterance? Or Rey Mysterio during his match with Edge? Vince is so out of touch with the wrestling landscape since buying WCW in 2001...and TNA is so busy trying to be WWE that they are not competition for them, almost like a piss pour 4th brand...my little buddy is actually laid up cause she re-hurt her back while walking her dog...hope all will be well..Well my Axemen whom i am probably going to go see on my night off on Friday have won 6 out of their last 7 games putting them ....gasp...almost in the run for a playoff spot...weird with the start to the season being so so bad and them with like some 12 new players this year... i haven't been to a game since November and i badly need to go see one. How's about my Habs? Not too too far behind the Sens now in the East...this is their best chance with the Maple Laughs in turmoil, although firing Ferguson Jr was a step in the right direction, no disrespect to Fergy Sr (RIP) but his track record as a GM was rather spotty as well, well the Leafs suck, Sabres suck, Bruins are ok and the Sens are injured...Habs chance is now! When i was at the Market the other day in Wolfville, Rick showed me an issue of Frank, the Maritime Enquirer and they did a nice 4 page spread on the Market....i loved reading about Rick's dislike of gangster rap..."Bodycount? I'll give ya a Bodycount!" LOL!!! Well i haven't said a word aboot it...but i will, the Gobblygooker is finally gone from the big A....good riddance...two strikes in four years...going to China when your faculty strikes? Only Nixon could go to China they say, it has been a reign of terror...maybe Ogglethorpe will come back?...no? However how did we go from 3900 students in 2003-04 to 2800 in 2007-08? A 24% drop in enrollment according to a site i saw...it does not take a genius to figure it out...a ridculous tuition rate (highest in Canada) wrongful dismissals and a high turnover rate in management...someone is making out like a bandit here and it sure as hell is not the students...the woman is gone, but i do agree that an audit should be done...something stinks..
Speaking of stinky...how's about those Patriots? HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH!!!! Man it always does my heart good to see an underdog make good and the Giants did just that, Manning steps out of the old man's shadow and Brady Bunch, Moss and the rest of the Pats go down! And what was with Bill Belichick leaving the field before the game frickin ended? Live with your team, die with your team brother....totally classless...hey Randy Moss should know something about abandoning the team with time left! First you guys spy on the rest of the NFL, then choke up after going 16-0 or whatever....Bobby Knight quit this week, i think Belichick should take a hint and join him.
Well im going to a fixed schedule at work, handed in an application for it last night, i am going to work Mon, Tue, Wed- have Thur & Friday off and work Sat and Sunday, this works so so so much better for me than working all week and then checking on Sat when as to when i am working in the coming week, i can organize, plan things better. Work is generally going good, there are some distractions that i will take care of i assure you of that, some times...some people just do not get it, they want you to just drop everything and do the opposite of what you are....not me, i have worked way too long and way too hard to give up my dream of becoming a teacher/ educator....giving it up to stay for the rest of my years in Greenwood/ Middleton? Thanks but no thanks is what i have to say on that subject, some people do not look at the big picture...some need to start to and others just have no frickin idea of what the fuck they are talking about. If my dream does not happen this year...it is back to being a beast in the East and that means going back to Japan and or maybe going to South Korea and teaching ESL there...then re-applying the next year, not just to Acadia, but again to Saint Thomas whom were having their own strike troubles this year as well....and finally in other news...i think someone finally has their shit together...finally....
Well that is the Robbie Rant for now...later!

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