Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Subject...Robert Reid Hawley

What is a happening bloggeronies? Well a letter from Acadia U arrived the other day and like being flirted with my the prom queen it was just a letter stating that they had recieved my application for admission to the Bachelor of Education program and now that the appropriate documentation is now in the right hands, they can now proceed and it will take a few weeks. How is Robb feeling? Well relieved that they now have everything...stressed because they have everything and well...wondering what is next...do they take me? Do i get to go back to where i really wanna be? Get back to where i once belonged? Or do they say no? Do i pick up stakes and head back overseas? Also back to where i once belonged? I am not going to work in Greenwood for the rest of my life that is for certain...What else is new...well the hammer fell on something else that was effecting Robb...am i happy? Well i feel i can breathe...i made a mistake, something i have done quite a bit of during the last few years and now i feel relieved (there is that word...relief again!) i feel free...at the expense of another, im sorry that i did that...but there was no way that it would have ever worked...believe me. So what else is happening? Well i have to eat some crow because lo and behold the Axemen made it into the playoffs! They beat SMU Friday night in OT and lost to UNB on Saturday, tonight they are playing in Moncton and Friday night they are playing back at Acadia Arena...i want to go, but i already had plans for Friday night and i believe that tickets will be hard to come across...another one of my beef's im afraid...if anyone can see my pics on Facebook they will see lots of pics of earlier this season of the Axemen playing STFX and Moncton and guess what you will see....take a guess...lots of empty and i mean EMPTY seats...no what we have here again folks is what Sir Robbocop likes to call jumping on the bandwagon, the worst kind of sports fan there is....they didn't go all season, staying home in the ol easychair, and being a armchair quarterback and babbling on and on and on about how bad the team was...but did they go to any of the games? HELL NO! Its just something that irks me...because they win a few and the Arena is the place to be, cause they are fans? No! It is cause they want to be seen at the game cheering on the home team and pushing fans out of the way for the chance to get a t-shirt or a party horn or whatever and saying i had faith the whole time! BULLSHIT!!!! What else is happening? How's about Floyd Mayweather showing up at WWF's No Way Out and legitimately breaking the Big Show's nose? The match has been signed for Wrestlemania, was it staged? Yes and no...they were probably supposed to have a confrontation, just that i don't think Floyd was supposed to break his beak...Big Show looked mighty pissed off afterwards i gotta admit....why do boxers come out with like a posse of 30 guys anyways? Anyone see the Habs come back and down the Rangers 6-5 last night? What a team! 4 in a row, aiming for 5 and now Gainey is taking aim at the trade deadline...whom is coming to Montreal? Hossa? Sundin? Tanguay? Who is leaving? Ryder? One of the young talents? Gainey...just do not break up a team that is winning and is tied with Ottawa ok? Found a job ad for Becoming a Parliamentary Guide at the Parliament of Canada, the only drawback to that is that you must be billingual and in school...well if i was accepted into Acadia, then there is that...maybe i would have to break out my French For Dummies book! LOL! Anyone else see the 9-11 Conspiracy hecklers who seem to have targeted Billy Clinton? Well i don't know about this whole conspiracy stuff, it seems to get people talking, but do you remember when the movie JFK came out? There were JFK conspiracies up the ying-yang, saying the Cubans (Where good ol Castro is finally stepping down after 49 yrs) where in on it and the Russans were in on it, the CIA was in on it, FBI was in on it, you name it....they were in on it. Was 9-11 an inside job just to start an oil war in the Middle East? Just so Bush JR could finish what his daddy started in 1990-91? That the Two Towers fell due to a controlled demolition and that other plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was shot down by American jet fighters? I don't know...people just like to chat/ talk...maybe Clinton was right when approached by hecklers at a State Dinner in October when he remarked, "How Dare You?" to a heckler's comment about 9-11 being an inside job. Anyways i gotta get showered and walk me doggies, tomorrow i have off and it looks to be a most interesting day i gotta say....later peeps!

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