Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Almost time.....

"We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible."- Vince Lombardi

     Hello peeps...yes yes the wait is almost over...Monday @ 2:30 PM...what it is i cannot reveal because well i don't want to jinx it......Old Man Robb is kinda superstitious about these sort of things and i don't want to well get all ahead of myself, make big announcements and then if they do not come true, end up sitting there looking like a tool...in this world there are talkers, lots of talkers who said what theyare going to do and then they do not go through with it . Basically i do not want to be an armchair quarterback like many people out there who talk a good game, but that is all they do! Talk talk talk about this and that...about how they can change the world or how they can do this better than this and if i did this i could do a better job than so and so can.

     Now sit back and think about that for one second. If they can do better...why not get off their asses and show us how they can? This is what others fear, people get a good position of power and they do not like a challenge. My Dad used to say it to me all the time believe it or not, that people do not like to be challenged, that the person giving you the interview and taking your resume and checking out your character is sure to take that resume in the next room and put it through the ol paper shredder because they have made you out to be the dude who is going to take their job someday. Many people given good positions become complacent in those positions, this is where they are self-satisfied with their position, situation and or merits and are often unaware of other things going on around them, they become very smug.

   Defnition of smug- Contentedly confident of one's ability, irritatingly pleased with oneself, superiority, or correctness; complacent.

    So on Monday...things change for Old Man Robb...fingers are crossed that i get the go-ahead, it is a goal i want to achieve, i decided i was sick and tired of being short-changed, why not choose my own path, my destination? Make something happen? Why play armchair quarterback if i do not have to? Its my desire, my intention to achieve this goal. So many in this life take so many shortcuts, they babble on and on about the hand that life has dealt them. This goal for me is very attainable and in the end will be so worth it. Will it be easy? Hell no! Will the ends justify the means? Hell yes! The sleeping giant is now awake and hungry again, no not for Hungry Man dinners either, but yet for something that can make me smile and feel at peace with myself.

     Definition of Goal orientation- Goal orientation is often seen as an aspect of an individual's motivation. An individual's goal orientation describes the goals that they choose and the methods used to pursue those goals. How do you get motivated? The final step towards motivation is to take action.

     Your never too old to stop learning, those who have yet to learn have not yet begun to live...why go through life like a lump of crap? Especially when you have it all in front of you and are too blinded by outide influences to take advantage of it? Me? Im breaking out of this self-imposed exhile i have been in for these last few years and i want to get back to go back to the beginning, what worked before? Because going by on instincts, while a great trait to have is going nowhere...now lets have something to back that instinct up so that i myself can reach that next level, that is what i want to achieve and on Monday, that is what is going to happen..and if it doesn't happen Monday, then it will happen soon enough.

     So Monday it is...back where i belong, sort of...its been a long road the last few years since leaving home..well not home in the traditional sense, but home in an away from home sort of way. Am i risking losing everything in the pursuit of impossible goals? What is there to lose? If one does not try than what has one really gained? Life in the real world has been scary...i've done the overseas thing and i have worked for some people with less than dubious character, i've lost the greatest influence in my life whom i still miss everyday, i've had to think for myself and sometimes that is so hard facing so many odds all alone without having that person to turn to and ask for his widsom and knowledge, always thinking and thinking..what would he do...

WWDD- What would Dad do? I think i know what he would say, what he always said, go for it, do your best and do not worry about what others think. Do what is best for you and even if it turns out not to be the best, at least you have given your best.

I am the author of my next moment...it is what must be done....

Welcome home Robb...sort of.....it's been awhile...

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