Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Get To Know Me/ Questions of the Day.....

Lately i've been filling out these "Get To Know Me/ Question of the Day " thingies on Facebook...here are quite a few of them combined for whoever's enjoyment...

What state do you live in?: I Live in Canada silly...

Do you like the state you live in?:  It has it moments
What other states or countries have you lived in?: Japan and South Korea

Are you still searching for the perfect person for you?:  Im searching...not seeing..but searching...hell im not even really looking...
Jelly Belly flavor?: Those black ones are pretty good...
Thing about someone in your family?: Never a dull moment...
Beverage? Colt 45

Food you would take on a picnic? KFC, coleslaw, macaroni salad, tater-tot casserole, beans and weiners, Colt 45 and some Namino bars for dessert....what woman could resist?

Had a one night stand? Shhhhhhhhhh....
Said WTF to someone? Many many times...
Been bummed out because your inbox was empty? Only when waiting for something...
Your favorite pet's name: Gizzy & Maggie
The breed of dog you own or have owned?: Shitzu, Dashound, Valley bull

One thing you've always wanted to do?: Many many things...
the best Halloween costume you've ever had?: Jason Voorhees....first time in 86...

the longest you've ever been in the car at one time?: Those family trips to the States...last one way back in 92 was a blast.
If you were stranded on a tropical island, what three things would you want with you?:  Me, Heather Locklear and some Colt 45...
Have you ever wanted to be on Survivor?:  They sang Eye of the Tiger...

If you could swim in any liquid what would it be?: Dr Pepper
dated a relative by accident?:  Where do you people come up with this shit?
ever stayed awake for more than 24 hours?: Yes...dummy thing to do
Are you single, engaged or married?: NONE, NONE and NONE
How old are you?:  Too old...38
What is your body type?: Plump
Do you tan?: I Burn
What is something you insist on when looking for a partner?: Can you put up with me?
Will you always have feelings for your first love?: Who?
Have you found the love of your life?: Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......
Cake? DQ Ice Cream Cake
NFL team? Minnesota Vikings

slept outside without a tent?:  I think it was called passed out
slid across the room on your socks?:  I tried to dance like Tom Cruise in Risky Business...shhhhhhhhhhhh

witnessed a crime?: Yes...HAmilton being robbed of their NHL team
the worst thing you've ever eaten?: Something in S Korea im sure
What cartoon character are you most like?: Mr Magoo...im getting old

Would you rather take pictures or be in pictures?: Take
Are you a beach, country or city person?: Beach Baby Beach Baby Gimmie Your Hand....
climbed a tree as an adult?:  Yes
ever seen Niagara Falls?:  Yes...in 1976..holy frick im old!
Do people mispronounce your name often?:  Holly as in Buddy..or Spark Plug Bob Holly
Do you usually smell really good?: Sure do! Right Guard and Irish Spring baby!
What is your current relationship status?:  VERY VERY VERY SINGLE
How often do you talk to your parents?:  Talk to Momma all the time, would love to chat with Dad

What sibling are you closest to?:  None really
place to swim?:  Crystal Falls
thought you saw a ghost?:  Yes
not gone to work because you were hung over?:  Nope...i went
used a computer at the library?:  Yes here in Middleton
the longest you've ever gone without sex?: Too Long...
the longest you've gone single?:  Years and Years...
Do you like seafood? Yes
taken a bath this morning? Yes
Been on a date recently? NO
Do you wish you were taller?: Sometimes....
Do you wish you weighed less?: yeah
Are you the oldest, youngest or middle child?:  Youngest...
Do you have brothers, sisters or both?:  All
Do you like to cuddle?:  Im very cuddly...like a Muppet

TV Channel?:  TSN
Radio Station?:  They all suck nowadays...good song, then crappy song...
felt insignificant?:  from time to time...
gotten an indecent proposal?:  on Hooker Hill

been to a wedding that you believed would never last?:  Yeah....a few
been in a wedding?:  Yeah...that too
your middle name?: Reid
something that always cheers you up when you are down?:  A few Keiths...a good road trip...chat to a few friends

Do you twitter?: I had it .....it sucked
Do you have a facebook account?:  We are on one
Do you forward jokes via email?: No and people who do need a kick in the junk
Do you have a library card?:  Yes i do
ever opened up something from your fridge and didn't know what it was?: Gizzy & Maggie's food
ever been on a boat?: Yes
ever been cow tipping?:  Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....
Are you a giver or taker?:  Depends what we are giving or taking
Are you usually grumpy?:  Sometimes in the morning...this coffee is helping though
Does a long term commitment make you feel trapped?:  Im free as can be right now...and i LOVE IT!
hangout?: The Vil for a cold beer before some college football..speaking of which that is today!

sexual position?: Wouldnt you like to know!
dessert?:  Namino Bars!
pair of pajamas?:  My red and blue flannel jammies
changed clothes in a car?:  Yes....
ridden a mechanical bull?:  I want to...
yelled at your television?:  The Habs make me lose my voice!
the most annoying sport?: Andy Clay said it best..."Golf is like watching flies fuck."
your least favorite meal?:  Some of that Korean stuff i had last year
your bedtime?:  Anytime...
Any new and exciting news you'd like to share?: Axemen football tonight @ 7:00!

What did you want to be when you were little?: Lots of things- rock star, hockey player, pro wrestler...i ended up being a S*** disturber! LOL
ever kissed a picture?:  Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
ever felt pathetic?: Oh i few times...
ever given a homeless person money?: Yes during a pub crawl
ever compared a recent photo of yourself to an old one?:  Damn i've gotten handsome...lol

ever peed somewhere other than a toilet?:  All the time!
have a piggy bank?: Montreal Canadiens piggybank

get in trouble for talking a lot?: Back in the day
know anyone that says exactly what they think?: Yes
tip well at restaurants?: If the service warrants it
What is something you'd like to do that you haven't done in awhile?: Teach
the month that is busiest for you?: September
the worst present a woman could give her mother in law?: Me
the worst present you've ever gotten?: My brother got a Ken doll for Christmas...pretty funny
Do you hate your ex? If so, why?: Which one? Too many reasons....
Are you a virgin?: I wish sometimes...
What is your marital status?: VERY single
No matter how hard I try I can't....: be normal.
At least once a week I....: apply for another teaching job
traffic ticket?: 1995
drivers license?: 1991
thing you do in the morning?: Brush my teeth
Last time you bought a computer?: 2006...time again soon
time you were at the grocery store?: Needs last night
time you hugged someone?: Just gave Gizzy n Maggie a hug...does that count?
Age?: 38 and counting

Gender?: Male
Race?: Whitey
School or job?: JOB
Middle Name?: Reid
Have you Ever met someone with a really weird name? If so, what was it?: Bill Gilligan...but we never met
shaved your head?: buzzcut in summer of 1995
Do you have to wear a uniform every day?: NO
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?: Quite a few
toothpaste?: Crest
deodorant?: Right Guard
soap?: Irish Spring
Have you Ever been shot or stabbed?: A few have wanted me to...
been at the wrong place at the wrong time?: Hooker Hill
literally peed yourself laughing?: Almost...
floated down a river in an inner tube?: Yes
Do you take your dog for walks?: All the time...as a matter of fact in a few minutes...

ever go to the store and only get what you went for?: Sometimes no...
go on vacation once a year?: I try
go out of town a lot?: Japan...S Korea

own more than one car?: I wish
What is the exact time right now?: 11:06 AM
going to happen in one hour?: I will be showered...have some lunch..working at 2:00
something fun you did today?: Woke up
something you have to do before the end of the day?: Work
shampoo or conditioner?: Shampoo
spend or save?: Both!
cash or credit?: Cold hard cash
I'm so glad this weekend I got to.....: Go watch the Axemen lose in the dark. :(
I can't wait for....: My next teaching assignment
I totally love....: Kraft Dinner
what is the first name of the person you miss the most?: Colin (Dad)
what is the first black object you see when you look around?: Stapler
first thought when you see a police officer?: What did i do?
Last song you heard on the radio?: Thin Lizzy- The Boys Are BAck in Town
time you changed clothes?: Last night
time you washed your hair?: Yesterday...gonna again in a few minutes
food you ate?: Pizza slice last night
food you prepared?: Made pizza yesterday...Chef Robb!
Have you Ever been a manager somewhere?: YEs
been to a nude beach?: I should....
been in a wedding?: YEs
Do you sing in the car?: Always..."Jessie is a friend....yeah i know he's been a good friend of mine..but lately something changing..blab blab blab.."

care what people think of you?: Sometimes...
What is the best thing about your mom?: Her unpredictability
the best thing about your dad?: His sense of understanding
the silliest thing you've ever done in public?: MANY THINGS
french fries or tator tots?: "Hey Napoleon..gimmie some of your tots"
scary movie or comedy?: VEry scary!
The last time I moved was....: Moved home from S Korea in June
My favorite show on tv right now is...: NONE
Last DVD you bought?: WWE's The Best of Saturday Night's Main Event

last movie you saw in a theater?: Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day
last thing you downloaded?: Ramones- Ramonesmania 2

last place you drove to?: Work
last time you laughed so hard your side hurt?: Friday night at Barry's

Do you smoke?: HEll No!

Did you go to college?: HEll YES!
What college do you or did you go to?: Acadia University/ Mount Allison University
What was/is your major?: History/ Sociology
Favorite College Sport?: Acadia Axemen football baby!

Professional Sport?: Hockey
Soup?: Campbell's Mushroom
Breakfast food?: Those Tim Horton Bfest sandwhiches
Do you have a common name?: YEs

What month is your birthday in?: March
What day of the week were you born?...: 15th
Where are you from?: The Passage

Do you still live in the city you were born in?: No
Favorite ice cream flavor?: Death by Chocolate
side order?: A&W onion rings
way to have a burger?: BBQ
Have you Ever worn your pajamas out of your house?: All the time walking the dogs
tried to write a book?: I would need a decade
borrowed a book from the library?: Yes
gotten super glue all over your fingers?: Now i WAnna Sniff Some Glue- Awesome Ramones tune!

Do you love someone but they don't love you?: Shhhhhhhhhhhhh
feel that you give more of yourself than you should?: YEs i do sometimes
fall asleep the moment your head hits the pillow?: yes
ever sleep in too late?: I have
What is your worst habit?: BEing myself
something you hope people think of you?: Im entertaining
your favorite kind of wine?: ick..rancid shit
McDonalds or Burger King?: BK all the way
Love or Lust?: Bring on the lust baby
Concert or Play?: If its a good concert...if its country, rap, Bon Jovi, Pickledick or Nicklebeck or whatever they are called or Celine Dijon im bring a bag of frickin rocks to throw!
Have you ever used an online dating service?: Yeah...shhhhhhhhhhhhhh
The color that looks best on me is...: Back in Black
My favorite pie is....: Poontang Pie
The last time I threw up it was because...: Had a quesy stomach in S Korea....lasted awhile but when i got home it was gone...go figure...
Who bought your first car?: Dad and me went splits on a 1986 Acadia Chevette in 1992

What did you do with your first paycheck?: Blew it buying tapes and metal t-shirts at the Penhorn MAll
What is the first thing you do when you get home?: Take off my sneakers
When was the last time you ate seafood?: Ate some at Boondocks in the Passage in early September
When was the last time you put gas in your car?: Monday
When was the last time you argued with someone?: Me and Momma have pointless ones all of the time...usually forget them like an hour later...LOL
Is your hair curly or straight?: Beatle Bowl
How many kids do you have?: ZERO
Would you like 8 kids?: What... the hell is this? Eight is Enough? Think im Dick Van Patten or something?

Favorite source of entertainment?: Just being myself....entertaining enough
Have you Ever dressed sexy for your spouse?: I dress sexy all the frickin time!
What is the next vehicle you'd like to own?: JEEP
likely to happen tonight at 7pm?: Be stuck at work....
different about your life now from a year ago?: Was teaching at this time last year....mind you for a bunch of banditos...but teaching
something you'd like to change about your life?: Wanna get teaching again....
Scooby Doo or Shaggy?: Shags....its so rude the way Scoobs snatches food from him...if it were me the damn mutt would be finding out what the five fingers say to the face...SLAP!
Movie Theater or DVD?: Drive in
How did you meet your current love?: Colt 45? We met at the Wolfville NSLC

For lunch today I want a.....: Salad and slice of McCain's Pizza
tattoo?: The Plane! The Plane!

time you saw a professional sports game?: Well saw an Axemen hockey exhibition game Sat night...we beat Dal 7-1, damn place was empty...big party on campus Sat night..wondered why no one was there...

Last time you were in a Walmart?: A couple of months ago...
time you ate chocolate?: A few nights ago i had a DQ Blizzard...new one w/ lots of cookies...good stuff

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