Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Raining Out....

Hello there folks...how is Old Man Robb this weekend? Well Friday night i attended the Axemen Vs SMU and volia! We lost... 4-1...The Axemen were just not into it and SMU played well...lots of rough stuff and trash talking out on the ice...Mike Danton was in the midde of alot of the scrums and i was wondering what kind of stuff was said to him on the ice... anyways Game 3 goes Monday night at the fabulous Forum in Halifax....

Today is probably going to set an audience record for a hockey game in Canada in 2002 some 10.6 Canadians tuned in to see Team Canada hand Team USA there ass 5-2.....this is for bragging rights...hope Luongo is starting for Team Canada...they were damn lucky to hang on to their win on Friday night against Slovakia.

I wish people would leave the Canadian women's hockey team alone about their post-game celebration after being the USA the other night...so they wanted to celebrate with a few cigars and brews? I mean worse things have happened with Stanley Cup parties..just like the media eh? Ready to sensationalize everything that they can get their mitts on...if this was the men's team..would we be talking about this at all? Hayley Wickenheiser talking about this as a double standard, "When we see a Stanley Cup winner, we see them spraying champagne all over the dressing room, you see 18-year-old kids there and nobody says a thing."

I do have to say that i like the local support for the Olympics...nice to see some acknowledgement eh? Especially from one of my favorite stores of all time, The Market in Wolfville and the old homestead WK out in Auburn...

Here are the tour dates for Alice Cooper/ Rob Zombie so far...please please include Halifax...love the pic below and yes i am looking forward to Slash's solo album as well...

Apr. 26 - Winnipeg, MB - MTS Centre

Apr. 27 - Saskatoon, SK - Credit Union

Apr. 28 - Edmonton, AB- Rexall Place

Apr. 29 - Calgary, AB - Corral

May 01 - Vancouver, BC - Pacific Coliseum

May 02 - Kennewick, WA - Toyota Center

May 04 - Casper, WY - Casper Events Center
Myself? I have to work today, its going to be tough with Team Canada Vs Team USA on...definitly will be a tough one.. i have to finally finish up my lesson plan for my education course..with pictures and all the other classroom materials that i would have if i was teaching a classroom. Going onto chapter 5 now, at the halfway point, but it will be worth it for finally have that TESL certification...
Anyways folks...have a good one!

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