Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Bob Probert RIP

It took a few days to sink into this one...i guess we take life for granted and think we indestructable sometimes.. some of us fight demons whether it be booze, drugs or what have you and sometimes we overcome these things and get on with life, we find something to strive for, a goal so to speak... Bob Probert fought many demons in his lifetime, like me we both lost a Father at a fairly young age. Mr Probert became known to me in my teens as the guy who protected Stevie Y and the rest of the Red Wings along with Joey Kocur. Kocur and Probie became known as The Bruse Brothers and well shook fear into the rest of the NHL.
Oldtimers like to tell me about people having the "Flyers Flu" before facing Philedelphia...i wonder what they had before facing the Red Wings in the mid 80s to 90s? Probert's fights lived on in the first wave of Don Cherry's Rock em Sock em videos that me and friends used to watch and wear out on VHS along with various homemade fight compilations...bouts with Craig Coxe, Domi, the marathon with McSorely, Troy Crowder...lots of scraps...i remember seeing Probie knock out Dave Semenko and i thought...who the hell has ever done that?!?!?!!?

Probert also had a good heart..made alot of donations to charity, visited the troops overseas and participated in fund raisers such as NHL Oldtimers and golf tournaments, one of my regrets is that i did not get up to see him play for the Oldtimers when they came in Hfx in Jan/Feb...Probert showed that you can rise above your mistakes and become a better person in this life, a complete family man and a class act...RIP Mr Probert and thank you for the memories...

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