Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Seasick, Yet Still Docked

Hey there webslingers! Long time..no blog..So what is up? Well the Axemen are done for this season, they lost to Lakehead on Friday and are headed home tomorrow. Should they have a victory parade in Wolfville? Absolutely! A reward for a season well done.. they are going to lose a few regulars, but i imagine recruitment will start ASAP. So i was up at ol Acadia the other day to chat with my former mentor about possibly taking library tech through NSCC and i went down to the employment centre at Acadia and i found a job opportunity titled: Entry-Level Caseworkers "At-Risk" Youth which are available in Central and Western Massachusetts and the South Coastal area on the Massachusetts-Rhode Island border. It carries a salary of $24,000 + per year, there is housing assistance to help you find a place and it carries a $1000.00 relocation bonus! I am going to call tomorrow and see what is going on with this position as there are going to be face to face interviews scheduled for Eastern Provinces such as Fredricton and Halifax. I have to find out because it sounds too good to pass up, having working experience and dual citizenship. So MMA (mixed martial arts) is coming to Halifax with a card in May at the Halifax Forum. Basically it is UFC style fights (which a customer tried to tell me were staged...riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight) And ol Alex J as well as every newspaper writer in Hfx has been giving them all the free publicity they could ever hope for! Man if you don't want people to know, do not tell people all about it, because now people that did not know or had no interest in knowing will now go check it out. Alex J said it is one sporting event he will not be checking out...who cares! Now lots of people are going to be at the famous Forum thanks to him and his contemporaries free advertising. At speaking of the old Forum, i shall be there this Friday watching the Juno Cup and getting some autographs. i really wanna see Paul Coffey and to see if he still has some of that old magic. I was thinking of going to New Minas tonight to see Stay Alive at the Empire, but i feel pooped and a friend wants to call me at 9:00...so i shall stay home, maybe during the week i'll see if Dunker wants to go check it out...looks bad... I love going to the Empire and playing their old video games like Mrs Pacman, Lethal Enforcers (which i used to play all the time when Acadia had an arcade in the SUB...yes as late as 2000-01 we had an arcade!!!!) and there is a Star Wars videogame there that i swear is from the 80s... a friend has asked me to make him a couple of mixed discs tonight...of COUNTRY MUSIC...UUUUUuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Besides Rap, there is no species of music alive that i HATE more.....I guess it was my steady diet of punk, punk and more punk and metal, metal and more metal and pure ol fashioned rock n roll growing up... sigh

I stole this comment about Country music from a website...

Country music is the most retarded thing anyone does in the world. first of all, its always about how sad the guy is that his girlfriend left him. well maybe if you didnt spend your entire life on such shitty music, she would still be going out with you DUMBASS. instead of going "oh yeah i got screwed cuz i have bad luck and god doesnt like me and my dog bites me and my momma fights me" (or some other bad rhyme like that), maybe you could blame it on the fact that YOU SUCK AND YOU SPEND ALL YOUR TIME WRITING MUSIC ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU SUCK (AND IT DOESNT SOUND VERY GOOD EITHER). and then the fashion sense. all country music stars wear cowboy hats and boots. excuse me, but you dont ride around in the desert with a horse, you have no need to protect your face and neck from the sun, so TAKE OFF THE FUCKIN COWBOY HAT AND BOOTS. YOU LIVE IN HOLLYWOOD. you wearing cowboy hats and boots in hollywood would be like if i wore a scuba diving suit in the desert. IT MAKES NO SENSE, IT JUST MAKES YOU LOOK GAY. now if there was a country singer with a baseball hat and sneakers and a machine gun and he sang about how he flies around in space and shoots aliens and dogs and shit, THAT WOULD BE GOOD MUSIC. oh and then theres the fake country music, like shania twain. this is the most retarded thing ive ever heard of. not only do they choose to label themselves under the worst genre of music in the world, BUT THEY ARENT EVEN THAT GENRE. WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!? while your doing that, why dont you run for president under the nazi party. its the same concept. and also, garth brooks. what the fuck kind of name is that. it reminds me of something that you are supposed to piss on.

Well ...ummmm...ok

Hey the Habs beat the Leafs last night! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Someone near and dear (well...not that near and dear) to me said a few years ago that he likes both the Habs and the Leafs..How the hell is that possible?!?!?!?! I told this to a friend and he told me that was like swinging both ways. Have to like one or the other, can't be liking both now...
Oh well that is all for me tonight folks...have a good one!

PS- Cheap Trick: Surrender ...Now that i own "Mad Magazine Presents: Up The Academy" on DVD...i cannot get this song out of me head!

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