Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The ABC's of Robert Reid Hawley...

These are the ABC's about me....

1- Available: Maybe
2- Age: 39
3- Annoyance: Cell phones, texting, smoking, women smoking, country music, rap music, generally music that sucks
4- Animal: Gizzy and Maggie

5- Beer: Colt 45..if its good and cold.....warm Colt= death...Keith's for sure..
6- Believe in God: Who?
7- Best Friend: Lots of good friends.
8- Best Black Sabbath Album: Born Again..needs to be on CD in North America..badly
9- Best feeling(s): When i finally finish my ESL and have that certificate in my little hands...
10- Blind or Deaf: Im starting to wonder if i am a bit deaf..maybe selective hearing..
11- Best weather: Fall..college football season
12- Been in Love: Maybe..maybe not
13- Been on stage: During Scaryokee
14- Believe in Magic: Sure do..just add alcohol..she looked like Heather Locklear after Nine Corona's...
15- Believe in Santa: Does he believe in me?

16- Candy: Bridge Mixture
17- Color: Black
18- Chocolate/Vanilla: I like them swirl ice creams used to get at Mic Mac Mall
19- Chinese/Mexican: Taco Bell
20- Cake or pie: Poontang Pie
21- Continent to visit: Visited Asia...it was ok..
22- Cheese: Provalone...wanna go to Philly and get a REAL steak n cheese..heard they use Cheese Whiz

23- Day or Night: Night time is the right time
24- Dance in the rain?: Just like John Travolta

25- Eyes: Green
26- Everyone's got: A mouth...some should shut theirs...
27- Ever failed a class? Yeah..stats...then a year later Acadia brings in the Math Center..just like how i had to repeat grade 12 at WK and they bring in the semister system ONE year later...its like life is a cruel prank on Old Man Robb...

28- Full name: Robert Reid Hawley..esquire
29- Flower: Guy Lafleur
30- First thoughts waking up: I want to go back to bed...
31- Frank or Reticent?: I read Frank Magazine at the grocery store if it is a big line-up..

32- Greatest Fears: Getting old..ahh shit
33- Goals: To have my teaching certification
34- Gum: Chew it in the car
35- Get along with your parents?: Most of the time..miss Dad alot though  :(
36- Good luck charm: My good looks...lol

37- Hair Color: Blonde
38- Height: 5'9
39- Happy: I think so
40- Holiday: Halloween
41- How do you want to die: Peacefully

42- Ice Cream: Rocky Road is pretty good
43- Instrument: Guitar love playing in Musicstop..

44- Jewelry: My grad ring till some skid stole it
45- Job: I've had many...some really sucked..

46- Kids: WTF?
47- Kick boxing or karate: Jean Claude Trans-Am
48- Keep a journal?: Im writing in it...right now

49- Love: Mike Love...Not War...
50- Letter: R
51- Laughed so hard you cried: Everytime i worked for the Pizza Nazi

52- Milk flavor: White
53- Movies: B flicks..action, horror, comedy
54- Motion sickness?: Once after a boat tour in Lunenburg
55- McD’s or BK: Wendys

56- Number: 666: The Number of the Beast..great album

57- One wish: That damn teaching certificate by June...will celebrate...

58- Perfect Pizza: Donair Pizza
59- Pepsi/Coke: Cherry Coke

60- Quail: Huh? Dan Quayle? Spell Potato...

61- Reason to cry: Listening to Barry Manilow...that makes me so sick i cry...same with country music
62- Reality T.V: They all suck
63- Radio Station: C98 is pretty good..the one from Saint John, NB
64- Roll your tongue in a circle?: Cmon now
65- Ring size: Dunno...boot size is 10...should be stuck in some punk's rear end...for stealing my grad ring

66- Song: Listening to Alice Cooper's DADA Album right now...so underrated..
67- Shoe size: 10
68- Salad Dressing: Cesar
69 -Sushi: Tried it in Japan...take it or leave it
70- Slept outside: Not lately
71- Smoked?: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..its a loser thing to do
72- Sing well? Based on opinion
73- Sing In the shower?: Was singing "Bark at the Moon" in the shower yesterday...sing in the car too...
74- Strawberries/Blueberries: Hmmm...cannnot decide

75- Tattoos?: I should
76- Time for bed: Never
77- Thunderstorms: I don't mind...Gizzy hates them though

78- Unpredictable: uhmmmmm yeah


79- Vacation spot: Montreal...someday..Look what you did to the FORUM!?!?!?!?!??!!!! It's a frickin mall now...nothing is sacred...nothing...

80- Weakness: Colt 45...sports..good tunes..
81- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: None...im quite unique
82- Who makes you laugh the most: Mr Montalban
83- Worst feeling: Not doing anything
84- Wanted to be a model: Could you imagine?
85- Where do we go when we die?: Heaven or hell...great Sabbath album
86- Worst Weather?: June or July

87- X-Rays: Yeah...i wish i had those see thru x-ray glasses they advirtised in comics as a kid...
88- Ex's: Not going there...

89-Year it is now?: 2010
90-Yellow: LA Kings...got an old school t-shirt

91- Zoo animal: Gizzy and Maggie

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