Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Twenty Silly Questions for Old Man Robb

Isn't Disney World just a people's trap operated by a mouse? I've never been to Disney..my Grandmother went and brought me back a mug...but Disney has ALWAYS bothered me...i always thought they sucked next to the Looney Tunes characters..very annoying characters, Family values"? Because the characters are cute and happy? Because of the incessant and pointless singing in every fucking movie? Or maybe because nothing ever goes wrong in the Disney universe, and it's comforting for irresponsible parents to know that they can avoid spending time with their kids by putting on a video, and saving a few bucks on a babysitter at the same time. I can't stand Disney. The theme park blows, the channels blow, and above all, their movies blow...nuff said...just getting started..
    What is Satan's last name? Gary Bettman...if there was ever someone who should be fired it is Buttman...he put the NHL through two lockouts, has ruined the game with crappy rules, let Quebec City and Winnipeg leave, he cannot get it through his head that hockey in places like Phoenix is not working, he wants hockey to work in the Southern States and it just doesn't...Atlanta has lost a team for the second time...wake up get rid of this guy...
    Why can't donuts be square? Because someone wanted to make them round when they were invented? Yes there are square donuts...isn't a Dutchie round? Apple Fritter?
    The largest attendance for an event at the Halifax Forum was? The largest audience for an event held at the Forum was reportedly close to 8,600 people, at the first live World Wrestling Federation show in Halifax, on July 18, 1987, which featured a main event match between then-WWF champion Hulk Hogan and Randy "Macho Man" Savage.... Old Man Robb was there.
    What concert at the Halifax Metro Centre sold out in nine minutes? In December 2007, an Ozzy Osbourne concert sold out in nine minutes, setting a box office ticket record for the Metro Centre....demand was so high that they had to add a second concert...oh ya that sold out
    Only three Acadia Axeman have ever skated in the NHL, which one lasted the longest?  The only Axemen hockey player to ever really make it in the NHL was defenceman Chris Kotsopoulos who spent the 1977-78 season with the Axemen before turning pro in the IHL and eventually joining the New York Rangers. Kotsopoulos also spent time with the Hartford Whalers, Maple Laughs and the Red Wings.
    What do many people in Japan eat at Christmas time? People in Japan head in the zillions to KFC to pick up their Christmas Chicken Dinner...many Japanese make their reservations for their Christmas Dinner months ahead of time. There are line-ups down the street to pick up the Christmas order. It's popularity can be traced back to forty years ago when foreigners would eat at KFC because they could not find a whole turkey or chicken anywhere, KFC Japan noticed and started offering Christmas Dinner's in 1974. As a result of KFC's advertising, many Japanese believe that North Americans celebrate Christmas with a chicken dinner instead of the traditional ham or turkey.
    Who was Canada's longest reigning prime minister? William Lyon Mackenzie King ruled from 1921 to 1948 with some gaps in the middle due to long naps, although he was almost entirely awake during World War II. He stayed in office longer than any other Canadian leader due to the fact that he was so noncommittal on absolutely everything that people couldn't figure out why not to vote for him. King also had an obsession with is dead Mother, going so far as to including a shrine to her in his Ottawa estate, and frequently attempted to contact her from the "other side". Most historians describe this as queasy creepy, but given the level of batfuck-insanity evident in generally everything King did, they pass it off as "not really anything people didn't already assume was going on". The Canadian people of the time considered it a loveable quirk from a man who was seen as "entertainingly bizarre".
    Will Halifax get a football/ outdoor stadium? When Halifax council gets their shit together... then again Moncton did it so that means we have to do it...
    What distinction did AC/DC's Back in Black album receive? Back in Black has sold 49 million copies worldwide to date, making it the third highest-selling album of all time, as well as the best selling album by a hard rock/ heavy metal act.
    What once popular Farmer's Dairy drink was discontinued in 2010? Beep Fruit Drink was discontinued due to failing sales. I remember when i was in elementary school in the Passage and how we had a choice for lunch- milk or Beep with Beep winning out every time for Young Man Robb..RIP Beep
    Who won the Jewett Trophy this year? The Axemen silly! Although i must agree with something that i read recently that* I think it is ridiculous that AUS is the ONLY conference where the host team does not actually host the game every year. Essentially this game was played on neutral ground and had little crowd support. 3500 at Raymond Field in Wolfville is a lot different than 3500 at the new 16,000 seat stadium located at the University of Moncton...
    What is Old Man Robb's favourite calendar? My 2012-13 Maxim Calendar!
    Should Halifax get a Hard Rock Cafe? I think it needs to right outside the Halifax Metro Centre...imagine going to or coming from a concert and being able to relax, drink or eat amongst all of that rock memorabilia? I mean even South Korea had a Hard Rock Cafe and they don't really have much of a case of the rock n rolls...
    What is Old Man Robb doing this May? My TESOL Practicum at Acadia U...can't wait!

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