Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Friday, March 02, 2012

Don Cherry- Coach's Corner Drinking Game

Coach’s Corner Drinking Game:

  • Drink if Ron comments on Don Cherry’s wardrobe. 

  • Take a shot if Don Cherry uses the desk as a piano.
  • Drink when Ron corrects Don.
  • Drink if Don Cherry uses ‘Beauty’ .
  • Drink if Don Cherry cuts Ron Maclean off.
  • Drink if Don Cherry tells the kids what to do.
  • Take a shot when Don Cherry gives the thumbs up. 

  • Take two shots if Don Cherry is wearing some kind of hat.

  • Drink if Don shows a clip
  • Drink if he gets mad and complains to Ron about how little time is remaining
  • Drink if Don mentions/gushes over the Bruins

  • Drink if Don mentions the Troops of Canada

  • 1 Drink if MacLean introduces Cherry as "Donald S. Cherry"
  • 2 Drinks if Cherry calls the Sedins "The Sundin Twins"

  • 1 Drink if Cherry mispronounces a player's name during Coach's Corner
  • 2 Drinks if you are unable to describe the color of Cherry's jacket

  • 1 Drink if Cherry mentions wobblepops
  • Drink if Don mentions Bobby Orr

    Yuppers..this game should get ya plenty loaded on a Saturday night...right Ron?

     Oh ya...don't forget to watch part 2 of the Don Cherry Story Sunday night on CBC...

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