Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Can't Get There From Here

Hey there Webslingeronies! Well today was kinda a day...just that a day, i went for my interview at 11:00 this morning, well my interviewer had to go to Halifax on short notice and so my interview has been rescheduled for Thursday at 11:00 in the morning. Oh well, such is life eh? Last night i worked in Greenwood and it was rather uneventful as well, still i wonder about certain things, some of these girls i see dating guys nowadays look so damned bored, maybe it is cause of bf's bringing them into places like our store and making them wait around why the usually prickish bf finds something that he wants to watch, then i got to listen to an older couple argue about how they are not going to get to go to see the Rolling Stones in Moncton, it was weird to hear this lady harp on her hubby as her hubby will not go now that Santana is not part of the opening act, so he sold their tickets to friends leaving his wife ummmmmmmmm...furious! I would have taken the tickys off his hands ASAP as that silly someone wants to see the Stones and i would accomodate her, except i dunno...think i was used last week? Who cares eh? I am just an old man, people laugh at an old man but then the old man laughs and knows better. I do feel like a big rat at work lately though cause i am starting to do stuff that i used to get after co-workers for, i am bitching about co-workers, i mean for the ol minimum wage some of us feel not that compelled to give at least our better effort, but lately co-workers aren't doing simple tasks like calling late movies, putting the garbage out etc etc, i bitch about it, but it is looked at as Old Robbo looking out for himself, wanting the hours and the cash for himself and not looking at the betterment of the store itself. I dunno...it is so time for me to not work there anymore, but yet none of the places that i am looking at for employment seem to want to hire and it is the same excuses over and over again, lack of experience and it is like i stated several blogs ago, i feel there are two problems in hiring- one is that the person who hires you stands to lose his or hers position and or respect at work if you do a crappy job and the second is that you may be the one who cuts into their work hours and if you are a superior worker, than you may just take over their position completely and they are then left out in the cold. It has happened before, life is one large popularity contest and that counts for anywhere- people just do not like to be upstaged- look at the Boston Bruins back when they hired Don Cherry as their head coach in 1974-75, Harry Sinden was livid because Cherry with his awesomely checkered suits and wild post-game interviews as well as his popularity with the press because person numero uno in Boston and ol Harry was left in the cold, no longer did the reporters and press people flock to Harry for a quote or an interview, instead people lined up outside of Cherry's office in the hopes of a Cherry rant- when Harry had the chance to get rid of Cherry after the Bruins controversial loss to the Habs in the Semi-Finals of the 1978-79 NHL Playoffs he did without hesitation. However because of his increased notoriety, Cherry went on to even greater fame as a TV commentator, the moral of the story is that Harry opened the door for Cherry and now Cherry is way more famous than Harry and that is wild because for all of his fame and fortune, Cherry was never able to lead the Bruins to the Stanley Cup, Harry did twice and also led Team Canada to its famous win over the USSR in the 1972 Hockey Summit Series between Canada and the USSR . Oh well...i am better today than i was the other day as far as the girl thing goes, i was giving thoughts to dumping her off my MSN, why? Because she seems like she is brushing the other day off, you know, sweeping it under the carpet, closing the drapes sort of a thing. We shall have to see....are there more fishes out there in the sea? Yes! Do any of these so-called fishes want ol Robbo? NO! Can i hear it again? NO! Oh well.... Anywho i am going to go grab a Timmy's and maybe watch some tube and hit the hay early cause i am tired...later ol Webslingers!!!

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