Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Pull The Pin

A good evening there Webslingeroos!!!! What is a happening? Well i have a new niece as of last Wednesday! Cool eh? Well kid your one of our family so get ready for a fun ride! Took my precious nephew to see the revitilized Grand Prix Wrestling on Saturday at the Berwick Arena, you know what? It was a heck of a lot funner than the ECPW Show that took place in Kentville this past May, even though it only had five matches, it seemed like it was a tight show and the audience got their money worth....plus there was the Cuban Assassin #2!!!!! Whom is supposidly the real life son of the original Cuban Assassin!!!! There is some new wrestling group called Pro Wrestling United and they are going to be running shows on:

Tuesday, July 19th Trenton Community Rink Trenton Belltime 7:30...doors open at 6:30 Wednesday, July 20th Halifax Forum MPC Halifax, Belltime 7:30...doors open at 6:30 Thursday, July 21st Berwick Arena Berwick, Nova Scotia Belltime 7:30...doors open at 6:30

A Thursday show in Berwick? Blasphemy!!! Talk about breaking with tradition!!!! However there is a bigger announcement...

Matt Hardy

How the hell did they pull that off? Anyways seeing shall be believing...

By the way...what the hell kinda Wrestling is THIS????!?!?!?!?!?

Well this weekend is shaping up to be a good one, on Saturday....Old Man Robb has a date!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! With u know who... Anyways i am picking her up in the afternoon, taking her to supper in New Minas (Where should we eat? Maybe...just maybe....this shall help...) and then we are going to see a movie, probably an early show before going crusin in the Jeep...she loves crusin in the Jeep (Which was successfully safety checked today!!!) What movie are going to go see? Well if the Empire in New Minas gets it, the latest gore-a-thon from George A Romero... Land of the Dead!!!!
Dunno what we are doing after the movie, but like i have said before and it falls on deaf ears usually, who cares as it is none of nobody's business but our own...a true little gentleman will never tell.

Buy the way...check out the world's worst Half-Time Show!!!

Me and the family took Dad out for Father's Day, we went to eat at the G-Wood mall at the Chinese restuarant that is in the mall...there are two Chinese resturants in the mall, confusing eh? It is good to see Dad starting to become Dad again as it has been a long haul this past winter... My nephew ate too much and we all so thought he was going to ralph on the way home, they didn't have any of their little mini oranges out this time... and they have the hardest ice cream in the world!!!! I thought we were going to have to get a frickin shovel to get that stuff out!!!! Man it was nice to eat at the mall on a Sunday without having to look at like a zillion people loitering around and doing nothing but taking up space...i only go to the mall nowadays if there is something that i want like clothes or a book or a DVD, sometimes i will stop in and grab a Timmy's if i am on the way to work, why don't i go to the mall? Well i have better things to do than loiter, even people that i know that are in their 30s go there to just hang out, drink coffee and hang out...why? Oh and for someone near and dear to me, this is a borrowed, but yet effective definition of the term loitering:

What is Loitering?
Loitering is defined as lingering or “hanging around” in a public place. The key to loitering is lingering with no purpose for being there. A common example is when high school students “hang out” in front of the local liquor store. Many states have local ordinances against loitering. As a result, the police have the power to arrest people for loitering.
See? Anyways, get a life, go to school, stay in school...but loitering is for skids...

Me parents are gone out tonight to see Charlie Pride of all people up at Acadia...U hall gets them all eh? Tommy Hunter, Charlie Pride, Stompin Tom....maybe we should have something for the under-80 crowd as well...maybe Tommy Chong is starting his college tours again but we didn't get the Beach Boys did we? Oh well...to dream those summer dreams...Endless Summer dreams....
Oh and on the thoughts of any Cheech & Chong Reunion Movies? Well i found this sad tidbit today...
What about a Cheech & Chong reunion movie? The first script was rejected, Chong said. He submitted a second script that needs a little more work. But Cheech isn't as onboard as Chong thought he'd be. Cheech separated himself from the whole Cheech & Chong thing years ago.
"He doesn't want to be that character," Chong said. "Well, I don't know how you can do a Cheech & Chong movie without Cheech & Chong." But Chong figured it out. He wrote in a Cheech Jr., who carries half the movie. Cheech will appear in the movie, too. Just don't expect a lot from him. "Cheech really got ruined in that Don Johnson thing," Chong said, referring to the TV series "Nash Bridges," which starred Johnson and Marin. "He really got an attitude playing a cop. And, he's still got that attitude. When we first met, he was a hippie. Now he's the opposite."
Man...i wish those two could get along! Up in Smoke rents so much that our Middleton store had to go out and purchase the DVD when the VHS finally died (We may have to purchase the others, i get at least 10 Cheech & Chong requests a weekend!)
Poor Saddam Hussein is supposedly a nice guy according to American guards, they describe him as talkative and as having a fetish for Doritos, not to downplay any of the rotten crap he pulled while in charge of Iraq, but in reality ol Georgy Jr is just finishing off what his father could not do, the utter destruction of Iraq, i mean look at the place now! Not to mention the staggering amount of American military personnel that has been lost, what is the number now? Over 1700 or something in that neighbourhood? From the sounds of that article maybe Saddam could make something interesting out of one of my pet hates, A Saddam Reality Show! Now people would fall out of their jockstraps to watch that puppy!!!!
Ohhhh!!! I wish i could so be in Idaho of all places on June 24th and 25th...why? Just look at this?!?!?!
Well i am working on Friday night in Middleton and Sunday in Greenwood and then after work at 11:00 it is up to the shore for the 2005-06 edition of our staff party at my manager's cabin this time. Last year we went to the shore, had a bonfire and well...we got looped and made fun of everything as well as ourselves, i loved making fun of one of my co-workers Anthony, who is now a radio dj out somewhere in Alberta, when he first came to work for us back in 2000-01, he was a white boy who thought he was black, ballhat on sideways, baggy pants that looked like he took a dump in them, always had a basketball jersey on and bling bling and always entered the store in Greenwood going, "Yo Robbo!!! What's up! What's up! What's up!!! Anyways he was embaressed at last years party because i brought this all up and on the drunken way home i rapped like Anthony as i kept making up lyrics and screaming , "BOYZ!!!!" Anyways the rest of the staff this year says that they are not drinking till i am off work (Like i believe that one!) and i think it shall be good times indeedy...glad i am spending the night as there is ALOT of beer out in the garage waiting to be consumed on Sunday night....
Anyways, i am done the lawn and trimmed the hedges, took the doggies for a walk and washed the Jeep, i am done for the day and i have the ol house to me self...PARTY!!!! HAHAHAHAhahahah Anyways, lates!!!!

PS...Rock Rock...Rock & Roll High School!!!!

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