Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Me!!!

Hello there fellow Webheads...guess what? I forgot me frickin own ol bloggo anniversary!?!?!!?!? What the hell eh? The kid on the block with his head made of rock forgot that the 5th of October marked Robbblogs being exactly one year old!!! Well this is actually me first post all of October as i have been quite busy, i made contact with the offices of Education at Washington and well they are sending out more pamphlets and contact information...lemmie run this one by you slingers and tell ol man Robb whatcha think mmmmmmmk? Hows about i go to Washington next September win, lose or draw? Even if i am not accepted..here is the plan.. if i get accepted into their education program, then go...if not..go anyways, go to school there, raise my GPA to the point where they do take me! Then i can sit back like Hannibal Smith, gleam and tell the entire world, "I love it when a plan comes together!" I can live at my sister's, fulfill my dream of going to see the Huskies play, pick up my long-overdue to buy Huskies T-shirt to replace the one that i washed the Tracker with recently and the rest is swiss cheese please.
Well i went to see the hockey Axemen play on Wednesday night, well it was an exhibition game against Dalhousie as alot of regulars sat out as well it was the first night of NHL hockey on the tube so there was sparse attendance as well. Even the announcer sat out, still i gotta love the Axemen crowd at the arena, yelling stuff like, "Whatcha doing? Givin the guy a F'n kiss?" or "MY god, they didn't even dress the announcer!" Too bad there was no bar open at the arena, maybe they are saving that for homecoming which is this weekend i do believe at Acadia, which reminds me that i have to get back to old man Russell about what kinda activities are happening, if any i am only going to be present on Friday night at the Axemen game as they take on Dal and it is their regular season home opener, anyways i have to work both Saturday and Sunday, so no homecoming football for me. Anyways yeah, beer served at games would be good, not trying to turn into a big boozer or anything, just a cold old Keith's or something... hey i do have my Alumni card so maybe i can finally get into the beer tent this year! Oh wait..gots to work so there goes that idea. Stopped in at the Library Pub in Wolfville the other week, not a bad place, but man what the hell kinda price was that anyways, like $7 or something for a Heniken???? Good god man...that was after the game where we FINALLY beat SMU in football and the line-ups outside the Axe and Vil were ummmmm..staggering to say the very least. Still running into people who think they are all that and a bag of potato chips whenever i go to these things, give people some power or basically the job that i know in my heart that i know i could do just as well, but politics and the knowledge that i would never change enough to suit other people keeps me out, plus i am not rich which is always the invisible factor in everything, especially at the university level, however it was always at the professional job level as well. However i have applied and applied to Acadia as well as Mount A for jobs and there are those both friend and foe who tell me that maybe i am not good enough for one of those jobs, well i think i am good enough, maybe that is experience, maybe that is ego. However old Man Robb has never been that great of a crowd follower nor brownoser to even recieve an opportunity. However i have been making an unofficial career of proving my greatest critics wrong, it is karma, karma will bite people in the ass when they are not looking. I was told i was not good enough for radio and television broadcasting, however i had radio shows at two different college campuses in Atlantic Canada and both of them were ratings winners! Look at the records, it speaks for itself, i was told i was not good enough to graduate high school, to quit and look for a job, well i graduated high school and university- two times over in the latter case. I was told that i could not hold a job, well i have been holding the same one for the last ohhhh what is it now..ummm... nine summers? Why don't you have a girlfriend is the other question, ummm well i went out with a few real lulu's and i got turned off, now i have not turned to the other side, with all due respect guys, do what you want, but it is not for me.... when find the one, i will let you all know..she better be damned special... and appreciate me..someone please appreciate me for once, not how entertaining i can be or what i can do for you, like me for me. Whatta rant eh? Oh by the way...the Habs are 3 and 0 thus far this season... I wished i was home yesterday to watch the Axemen- STFX play in the muck down in Antigonish! Oh well what is done is done. Picked up the "Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior" Dvd on Friday...what a rip apart job done by WWE...must be fun to rip apart a wrestler who has not wrestled for you in over some nine years, Bobby Heenan was in fine form about the Warrior's name change, "What kinda idiot changes his name to Warrior? Maybe i should change mine to Weasel." And probably told the truth when he stated, "This is the one guy in this industry that nobody likes!" It was a good purchase. Well i must turn in for the night, worked 16 hrs this weekend in the miserable old rain and i have to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights...have a good one webslingeroonies!!!!

PS- Classic Misfits video- Skulls (Live early 80s)


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