Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

And Then...

Hey there webslingers! How are things today? Well after lunch here i am going to be calling about that teaching English job on the base here at CFB Greenwood, they are looking for French language instructors as well, but it is the English that i am after, their ad in the paper was pretty unclear if they wanted both or seperate. So last night my old buddy Grover contacted me from Mount A, still living in Harper and wanting to know when i am coming for my yearly visit. I told him i have to wait on whether or not i make a trip stateside to Maine to go visit those campuses, if me and the folks go, depending whether or not they feel up to it, then maybe there is a chance, this time take the Tracker and go, rather than driving on the Acadian Lines again. He told me Homecoming was not fun at all this year, that is too bad..i was always too hammered to remember Homecoming back in the day! HAHAHA...we shall have to wait and see what happens, Grove said if we did do it again, we would do the same routine and not tell a soul...better suprise that way. Oh yeah Dalhousie is having an open house on the 14th of October (A Wednesday) Maybe i should book that day off to go up and have a look at what they have to offer to interested students...could be interesting and informative..funny that my Mom would try to discourage me from visiting them, but wants to go to Maine to look at universities as well as push me out the door to Seattle to go to the University of Washington...only Maritimers huh? Oh yeah Dal is providing free refreshments and lunches to all of those who register for open house... Actually i was asked if i would be attending Acadia's Homecoming weekend at all, again it is a have to wait and see situation there as well, see if i can get time off work n stuff. Well the critics are at it again, blasting the ol AUFC for their scheduling while the Quebec teams were whomping us...well all four Maritime based university football teams last weekend. They seem to have this idea that the CFL is going to come here, but Hfx doesn't really like to support things, let alone their university and football teams...they never supported anything until the Mooseheads came to town in the mid 90s and that is because it was actually affordable...never did Hfx support the AHL, oh they would the first season or so, like when the Citidells were here their first season in 1988-89, people were going, then as the seasons went on, fan support dwindled, plus the do-gooders were plain idiots sticking that Metro Centre dab smack in the middle of Hfx with no parking and it is a pain in the ass to get in and out of...should have stuck the thing in Burnside before the industrial park was expanded...lotsa parking and concessions. If we do get a CFL team, that is the area to build with lots of room for renovations and expansion. Oh yeah, the Axemen got blamed for the lowly attendance up in Hfx for the SMU-Laval game...jeesh...but the article did leave me with a genuine question...one of those old questions that has bothered me for years, like whose bright idea it was to close the Axe on Sundays when they could draw the Sunday afternoon and night football crowd... what does the AUFC have against having the teams playing on Sunday? I have seen Hockey Axemen games on Sunday afternoons and stuff, but never football? It would take care of some of these scheduling arguments that many have right now. 3,000 fans to watch football is not going to draw the attention of the CFL...

Nothing like listening to the Ramones during rainy weather eh?

Went to return my library books the other day and i took out some new ones, including a book by the title of "The Unofficial Guide: The Best & Worst of Hockey Firsts" by Don Weeks....it has alot of stuff i knew about and other bits of trivia i did not...here are some samples.

1) Last team to put player names on uniforms:
Answer: The Toronto Maple Leafs, 1978-79
In February 1978, the NHL passed a rule that teams must put their players names on the backs of both home and road jerseys. But tight-wad Leafs owner Harold Ballard did not want to put names on the Leafs home attire as he felt it would hurt program sales. Ballard was able to resist the change until he following season, due to a contract with the manufactuer of the Leafs program that stipulated no names on the backs of home jerseys in 1977-78.

2) The first hockey game to draw 70,000 fans:
Answer: Michigan State Vs Michigan, October 6, 2001
The largest crowd ever assembled for a hockey game convened at Spartan Stadium, where an artificial rink was set on the football stadium field in front of 74, 554 fans. The Michigan State Spartans and the Michigan Wolverines played to a 3-3 tie. The game broke the previous attendance record of 55,000, which was set on an outdoor rink in Moscow when the USSR hosted Sweden at the 1957 World Championships.

Imagine the hockey Axemen playing an outdoor game at Raymond Field? Awesome

Anyways peeps..think i am going to relax n watch Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave....that is all for now! Have a good one!

PS..Relax and watch Quintin Tarintino's Star Wars!!!

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