Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Save Me from Me

Hey there people! Well yesterday was my trip up to Kingstec for my "Test Drive" it was interesting to say the least, lots of babes there! But seriously it is a hard course with what i am told is alot of assignments and they do try to weed people out after the first term because there are some who are just not cut out for this line of work. We spent time learning about terms like, Chaos Theory and other addictions terms. Is it for Robb? I do not know, then again i was sitting in on a class that is seven months into its year and people stressed out because they are going out on work placement in a week or so. So i will think about it... It was a bit of a blast from the past as i encountered my two radio/ television instructors from all those years ago (1995-96) man it is so good to see the B***h gone, that last graduating class from Kingstec has got it so good. Too bad it did not happen some ten years ago, i wonder how many awesome potential careers she ruined just by being the moron she is? And how many are not in the industry today because of her doing? However i had my ever so sweetest revenge during my Acadia graduation in 2003 with my buddy having a good ol front row seat for the proceedings...hahahahahahaha! I must say the new addition to the building is really good and i like the new cafeteria as well.
Hey! The Axemen can wrap up their best of five series against UNB tonight! I will have my trusty radio down to work with me. I was thinking of maybe tomorrow night heading up to Kentville and watching the Valley Wildcats playoff game there, see! I am having live hockey withdrawls!...withdrawls call for LOUD music!!!! The local drugstore was held up last night! I briefly worked there in 1996 before gaining my current place of employment. (I think i have worked in Middleton the longest!) Me and my mother were driving back from the hospital and i had never seen so many cop cars in Middleton..like ever! Well my b-day is in eight big ol days! I am a year older, but not wiser and i need to find something to do for next September, nothing left to do at Acadia and i know if i applied for education i would get laughed out the ol door, so maybe Kingstec is looking right now as the best option of the bunch. Hey St Patrick's Day is right after my b-day, i wonder if the Axe still makes green beer for the occasion? Actually the holy grail for Old Man Robb of all things St Patty's day had to be McDonalds infamous SHAMROCK SHAKES!!!! MMMMMMMMMmmm..would love to taste some of that good ol minty goodness!!! I took the liberty of borrowing this from a website i found...
To get you through these confusing times, we’ve included a recipe for a homemade Shamrock Shake.
In a blender, mix:2 cups vanilla ice cream
1 1/4 cups milk
1/4 teaspoon mint extract
8 drops green food coloring
Blend until smooth, pour into glasses and dream of a day when Shamrock Shakes are available year ‘round!
Anyways folks that is all for now, i have to shave, shower, walk the doggies and see where the day takes me (to work at 6:00!) have a good one!

PS- Dead Kennedys- I Fought The LAW!!

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