Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Look To Your Orb For The Warning

Good late evening Webslingers! How the hell goes the battle? Well, it took some convincing but the Dunker by virtue of already having purchased tickets twisted me arm into going to see Star Wars: Episode III...well, i will admit that it was better than the other two messes that make up the newer Star Wars trilogy, but enough already ok Georgy ol boy? What is next? Anyways the final 30 or so minutes of the film with the wrap up ending with baby Luke being delivered to his aunt and uncle was good for the retro crowd...plus ol Anakin SkyKiller ended up being pretty Kentucky Fried eh? Anyways it was kinda fun minus the first ohhh 30 or some minutes, love the prices in New Minas at the theatre eh? What is it again ummm $2.50 for a pop and $3 something for popcorn? No wonder all the kind folks of the Valley bring their own grub to the theatre! Oh well what has been happening with our old buddy Robbo? Well i worked this weekend, broke the vacuum cleaner in our Middleton store...actually it has been on the road to ruin for quite some time, i also became quite upset with a little loser who was for some odd reason banging his umbrella on our racks, which contrary to what others may believe, actually do cost a fair bit of change, man i haven't seen a guy with an umbrilla in a long time...plus there was another guy that came in wearing a pink baseball cap surrounded by a mob of jailbait.. one of the faithful came out of the back and commented about what an ugly girl, the one with the pink baseball cap..OUCH!!!! Recently i have been making mixed CD's on my computer in my room...lotsa good stuff too! Like Ramones, Ataris, The Hanson Brothers, Chixdiggit, Beach Boys, No Means No, Flaming Lips...just a bunch of real good mixes for the Tracker, why all of these mixes all of a sudden? Well i have spied a CD player for the car for about $100 and while it does not play Mp3's, it does play mixed discs, that and i have continued my fetish of making Hockey Fight discs which are for my own personal usage...oh why oh why does the NHL keep shutting down the cool hockey fight sites? C'mon morons! Read the message boards on these sites and you will see the real fans of the game, the ones who have suffered through the last decade of the dreaded trap, decreased scoring, stupid and idiotic expansions into the United States where except for some cities, no one gives a RATS ASS about professional hockey!!!!?!?!?!?! Drop the instigator rule, decrease the size of goaltending equipment, eliminate the red line, drop a good 5-7 teams and maybe...and i do mean maybe you shall recieve some fans back to watch the game.... plus i am trying to convince Dad to purchase a video card for the computer so that i can go through the old recordable VHS and oh my dear god...BETA tapes that we have so that i can find and locate material that i want to save on disc like old hockey games and wrestling as well as old movies and television shows that i have not seen on video in any shape or form and then i can get rid of the old tapes because they are just taking up room in the spare bedroom in the basement... plus i am going to check into Ebay as Dad has a membership with them, but has never sold anything on there...actually the only things i have bought off Ebay has been a Jason X figure and a VHS tape containing 8 hrs of old school hockey fights!!! Anyways what i plan on doing is boxing up old movies that i have that i have re-purchased on DVD, stuff like the Friday The 13th series, A Nightmare on Elm Street , My Bloody Valentine (Maritime horror!!!) as well as about some ohhhhh 40 titles that i have taken the liberty of replacing the old pan and scan VHS with...i figured if i box them up and sell them as a package deal, then maybe i can get some bids on them, esp if i start the bids low and maybe throw some extra stuff in on top to maybe entice some interest.........Oh well, i was up to the mighty AcadiaU today with another resume, this time for the position of Archive Assistant... it looks good and it help in adding to my previously mentioned curriculum vitae, so that after i work for a couple of years (if one was to get said job first that is!) then i could possibly apply for the educational program at AcadiaU, i actually went into Cajuns for the first time this summer and there was a pretty girl working there, my kinda girl, pigtails (not that pigtails are a fetish...Princess Leia's hair...now that could be a fetish!!!!) and she was reading a novel, didn't catch the title, but it made her look like there was more to her than just looks..looks and intelligence, i mean intellivision...i mean yeah...intelligence- WHAT A CONCEPT!!! Call Les Blinn!!! (Editors Note- Where the hell is BLINN?!?!?!?!?!???) ... We finished wrecking..i mean redecorating our basement tomorrow in preparation for the upcoming year, my parents are already being beseiged with phone calls from students about the availability of the downstairs apartments, my brother got into it with me again about my textbooks and term papers, he thinks that i should either burn them or sell them.......HELLO MCFLY!!! HELLO!!! (Biff knocks on McFLy's head...fricking classic!!!) I need that stuff! Ummm lemmie see, yeah that other job at the library that i applied for, well ummmmmmm they required a termpaper as part of the application, a marked term paper that was at least an 80% or as they say an A- or an A...hello...some people just cannot think outside of the box huh? You don't know the box? Well i describe the box as the everyday situations that people find themselves in, like a girl i know that was dumped lately, she did not even know where Acadia was.. (I know...I know..i feel for her) anyways she had been with the same guy since high school and lo and behold she has discovered a whole new world out there...why is that? Becuase she came out of that invisiable box that she found herself in, a sheld that was blocking her path of discovery, like taking summer courses at Acadia (which she is now doing) she would never be doing this if she was still with this guy on the Road to Ruin (second Ramones reference this blog! Go team!)
Oh yeah... for people that were asking, the SUB's official hours for the summer are:

MONDAY: 8:00AM- 10:00PM
TUESDAY: 8:00AM-10:00PM
THURSDAY- 8:00AM- 1:00PM
FRIDAY- 8:00AM- 1:00PM
SATURDAY- 11:30AM- 1:00PM

Well tomorrow i am going to drop another resume off for a job right here in.............drum roll..........Alex Van Halen style.............Middleton! The Annapolis Valley Macdonald Museum. which is almost right across the street from my brother's house is looking to hire a Research assistant for the upcoming year, so the deadline is June 3rd, but i figure i can put on my best sportscoat and turtleneck, look all snazzy and stuff and go over and try to make somewhat of an impression, this way i could stay at home, not that i really want to, but it would help somewhat with the payment of my good money to our lovely government for their loans. Well payday is on Friday and my nephew from Darthmouth is coming for a visit, i was thinking of taking him to see "The Longest Yard" on Saturday afternoon, but i now understand that his father has Saturday off so there goes that...i want to ask my crush (boy do i sound grade 5 eh?) to go, but i dunno....after some of the revelations that i have made to her, even though she finds it somewhat "hot", i cannot see her going anywhere with me in fear that i am going to let out this crazy manwhore of a man that i have suddenly become...you know you just elave something bottled up all this time and eventually you are going to snap..ok now psycho killer style of anything like that, but you are eventually going to come out of your shell and start admitting stuff that you never thought that you would say and either you get a good reaction for this brave attempt...or you recieve contempt in a "Ohhhhh no! We're just friends!" or the everpopular "EWWWWWWWWWW!!!" as i usually seem to recieve... anyways i am going to go down to Tim's grab a coffee and then maybe do some MSN or something..thinking of pretty Miss whatsherface, here are some Atari lyrics with a ring of truth to them.....

"I.O.U. One Galaxy"

"Stars are out tonight
and you're the brightest one shining in my sky.
it's like every wish I ever made came true.
the day I woke up lying next to you.
will you be my best friend
if I offer you my heart?
'cause it's already yours.
we could hang out every night
and watch the sun go down.
as long as we could watch it rise again.
gave me a valentine.
it's these little things that stand the test of time.
I've saved the tickets from the shows that we've been to.
and a thousand other memories of you.
will you be my best friend
if I offer you my heart?
'cause it's already yours.
gave you this i.o.u. today.
it said good for one galaxy.
once I build my rocket to the stars.
we'll fly away just you and me."

Pssssssssst- Watch some classic NWA Wrestling action!!! Ric Flair Vs Terry Funk from the 1989 Great American Bash!!!


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